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Hi, Folx


Time to post this year's Santa Claus E-card, which I finished just in time. Check it out on the NEW STUFF page. Or ALL of the Santa E-cards in the COMIX/CARTOON GALLERY.

Actually, there really is no "just in time", the E-card is just something I do to keep my own creative wheels churning and put a little drama into my life at least once a year: if I don't make it exactly before the "Christmas deadline" probably nobody would notice. But it's always a personal challenge to come up with onr more cute idea that might even be funny (this card being the 23rd), sometimes they work out pretty good, sometimes... oh well. I'm still not sure about this one. But it was a big production and a couple day's almost-hard work, so that must count for something. To someone somewhere.

As usual, I'm also working on lots of other stuff, but all of which tends to go rather slow, probably because I have no deadlines to meet. I admit it, I spend too much time doing research (or watching Netflix), but hey I AM retired and I don't really HAVE to do anything. It's just that I WANT to be creative and produce a whole buncha art & shit. So we'll see what happens, right?

Later, Ron

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