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April Fool's Day 2020, but it's not a joke being in the middle (if we're lucky) of this world-wide Coronavirus pandemic. It's a weird, cold & lonely scene out there in the empty streets of Copenhagen-- and everywhere else too, it seems. Normally if there's a disaster somewhere, one can become a refugee and go somewhere else to find a better life. This time there's nowhere else to go, it's the whole damn planet.

As an American living in Denmark I am almost embarrassed about how much better off I am here than I would be back in the USA, Land of the (medical) Fee. Especially since if I went "home" now I would probably end up being Homeless. And then there's that oh-so destructive President, but that can change (we hope).

But living here we haven't suffered as so many people have: both Marianne and I are feeling healthy enough for our ages; no personal acquaintences or family members have yet been afflicted by covid-19; and nobody I know has died. But we're not through this yet, everything could change with a sneeze. Lucky for us Danish Society seems to be handling the situation rather well with social distancing, so tshat nobody is in a panic and most people are being cooperative. Marianne and I, as retired folk with pensions, don't have to worry about losing our jobs, and living in Denmark we are free of the sceptre of ruination by uncontrollable medical expenses, such as not-so-lucky Americans commonly suffer. That really needs to change too.

Enough of death & doom by plague, this 3R Bulletin is to announce that I have finally traded out my Christmas E-Card 2019 for a wonderful new drawing to be found on NEW STUFF: a jigsaw puzzle portrait of the happy-go-lucky lifestyle of some Sasquatches and their human friends.

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Originally Posted 4 February 1998,
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