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Hi, Folx


I've just posted a little article in NEW STUFF, about our son Mads' career as chef and the new restaurant he's involved with downtown (uptown?) Copenhagen. So there's finally some movement on this web site again: I've even removed 2018's Christmas E-card, now that it's August. No hurries, no worries.

I'm still working on the ADAM INTO BABYLON novel (sequel to ADAM OUT OF EDEN, which you can find here). But I'm not ready to post that yet, so the website gets ignored for a while. Not much I can do about that. Well, maybe work harder and faster, but I'm definitely too lazy to do that.

Marianne and I will be leaving for our annual month-long camping tour of Europe in about two weeks, so I guess I'l post some pictures and reportage about that when we get back. So far the plan is to explore a few German towns we've never visited before (Weimar, Erfurt, Jena, for example) and a village in the Austrian Alps named Schladming (of all things). Then south to either Croatia or Italy; final destination still open. Ah, the joy of living in a VW van!

Later, Ron

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