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Hi, Folx


Okay, I've FINALLY finished a new project to post here on my website: a 16-page comic-book episode about Our Favorite Bigfoot, Adam Leroy Forest, whom you all know as star & hero of ADAM OUT OF EDEN (novel, e-book on Amazon), which is "soon" to be accompanied by a sequel. (Actually, the whole original story is also here, for free)

Sometimes a long while goes by between postings of any new stuff on this website (hmmm, maybe it's about time to trade out December's Christmas E-Card), mostly because I've been working on some big projects that simply take years to finish. Presently my biggest effort being the novel ADAM INTO BABYLON: a continuation of that Bigfoot-raised-by-humans story, focusing on the ramifications of Sasquatches joining our society, considering that they use magic instead of technology and have a very different morality.

That sequel is not yet completed, but just for fun, I've written & drawn Chapter 37 (circa) into comix format to be inobtrusively tucked between the pages of text, which I'll present here as a sampler of Adam's story.

These are the first comix pages I've produced in years (MOTHER INSTINCT, published in 1999) and I could feel how rusty I'd gotten at the medium: story flow, proportions, perspectives; everything took more effort, restarts galore. Oh, I still do drawings now & then, for local events & celebrations, and at least one of those Christmas cards every year, but those have only been one-off illustrations, not sequences of pages telling a story. I hope they're readable.

So go to NEW STUFF and check it out.

Later, Ron

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