ART writes--

Almost 20 years ago we, being Art and Elaine Forest, became 
adoptive parents to a baby sasquatch, whom we named Adam Leroy 
Forest.  You've probably heard of him, he's been in the media 
a lot: the news, the National Geographic and Discovery Channel 
television documentaries, People Magazine, to name a few.  He has 
since grown up to be a remarkable young man.  

But now we don't know where he is--or even if he's alive.  A 
disastrous event has occurred, whether tragic or magic not yet 
determined, but as for now Adam is Missing In Action.  

Although we cannot help worrying about our son, we BELIEVE that
he is alive, especially since there is as yet no proof of his 
death.  And more than that, we who know him share a feeling that
he might actually be upon a rather incredible adventure... 

We can only wait, although the waiting is intolerable.  So we have
to DO something for him, to pass this time.  Therefore I, and 
others here, will tell you the story of a sasquatch we have all 
known and loved, from his arrival up to the present, in the belief
that this is not a eulogy, but rather

Book One
of the story
Adam out of Eden

Chapter 1

Adam out of Eden