Chapter 100:     After Words

MELLY tells--
Oh Art, you can be such a fuddy-duddy when it comes to reporting the juicy 
pornographic details that make this document fun to read.  Although you 
have managed to abandon every last shred of dignity and prudery over the 
last couple of days, but then haven't we all?

The Kha-rat was almost too intense--but not quite.  It was definitely the 
most exciting social event I've ever attended, My God!  But the last two 
days of dwindling shy°ma-power have also been very special.  Nicely 
erotic, but not out-of-your-head lust, we could actually TALK to whoever 
we were with; appreciate the intimacy we were sharing.  

Actually though, I think you're right about a Who-Did-Who report being 
kind of pointless when it should be enough to say everybody did everybody 
and let it go at that without embarrassing anyone.  But of course, that's 
not my style.

Besides, I have SUCH a clear conscience because I didn't do my Dad, thank 
God.  Not that it would have been so bad, he IS an attractive man (even 
more so last night) and when I saw how happily he went to it, girl after 
girl, I couldn't help almost wanting to make him happy too.  Truth is I 
may have even begged a little, but luckily that promise of Addy's DOES 
WORK, as I should know.  

My poor Daddy wanted me too--did and didn't, couldn't help it--but it was 
no go.  Now, after the shy°ma has cleared, I'm glad we couldn't do 
it, but at the time...

Dad and I were both pretty frenzied when we bumped into each other, right 
in the middle of a swarm of people screwing like crazy all around us. I'd 
already been with just about every guy once and was working my way around 
for seconds--for the anthropological record, yes, there were some moments 
of intense sexual satisfaction but they were short-lived with all the 
shy°ma in the air--and I think it was the same for Dad.  We each laughed 
about how debauched the other looked, shared an innocent little hug on the 
way by...and kind of got stuck, couldn't let go.

Luckily, Addy came along between encounters to tease Dad just a bit, his 
tiny revenge for all the years of nasty celibacy Dad had caused us, "Hey 
Doug, I'll bet that by now you've figured out just how half-assed that 
promise really was." 

"You mean the idiotic stipulation never to FUCK instead of never to feel 
DESIRE?  Yeah, pretty sloppy.  But hey, I was drunk out of my mind at the 
time, what d'ya expect?"  Then he laughed, "But it's only fair, I deserve 
this--" and with a heroic effort Dad pushed me into Addy's arms, "here, 
you fuck her for me."

We all laughed at that and then Addy did.  I think Dad watched us having 
each other for a little while and I may have heard him say, "Bless you 
kids," but I was too into Addy by then to be paying attention to anyone 
else.  Although later I did vaguely notice Dad calling, "Oh, Lissandra..?" 

So I got through that Night of Sin without violating that one particular 
Judeo-Christian taboo of incest, although you can put a check-mark next 
to all the other taboos on your list.  No wait, that's not true-- another 
anthropological note: there were no perversions of any kind going on, it 
was only good clean sex, sharing and togetherness, offering and taking, 
everyone just so beautiful in that moonlight.  A religious experience.

But sex wasn't even the important part of the Kha-rat, all that physical 
and emotional arousal is really just a way to get us all into the magic of 
the Vision together.  You could achieve the same result with torture and 
pain, according to Magga's witchcraft lessons, but sex is more of a 

Anyway, it worked; we all shared that Vision of Adam's mother Mayala.  If 
she was a ghost or some kind of collective memory, I don't know, but we 
all got to meet her and she had some personal message for each of us, even 
me and Liss.  She knew who I was and asked me to take good care of her son, 
then gave me some special instructions about squatch women's magic, which 
I may not repeat here or anywhere else.  My god, she was angelic!

There is a question about how REAL any of that was-- Art has a slightly 
different version to tell, how he woke up and he saw us all sleeping --but 
if all the rest of us experienced the same thing, it has to be some kind 
of reality, doesn't it?  

It was certainly real for Addy, he felt that he had actually met his 
biological mother, she blessed him and let him know how proud she was of 
her Orator Negotiator Rock Star son.  He hasn't really talked about it yet, 
but there must have been some kind of closure for him.

Too bad Art missed that, although he ended up with his own secret Vision, 
so maybe it was supposed to work out that way.  "There are no accidents," 
as Dad says, or wait, wasn't it no coincidences?  Whatever.

More anthropology: as for boffing Bigfoots, that was surprisingly easy. No 
pain, anyway, lots of orgasms.  They may have been used to shy°ma and 
Kha-rat orgies, but we Nokhso chicks were just SO exotically erotic for 
them that they fell all over themselves to be gentle and sweet.  They were 
also so turned on that they came in 10 seconds. Addy was the only squatch 
with any kind of staying power.  My kind of guy.  At last.

But enough is enough and too much is even more so.  I had to get away from 
the crowd the next morning.  While most of the squatches were still going 
at it for the next two days it takes for the shy°ma to finally 
fizzle out, most of us "humans" went back to the house to get away from 
the smell and the unscratchable itch of non-stop desire.  

I prefer being faithful to the man I love (Kha-rats don't count as being 
unfaithful, that was always Addy's excuse), so I'm looking forward to our 
lives getting back to normal, relationship-wise: Art with Elaine; Pokey 
with Maki; Addy with me and...  

It's going to be interesting to work out just what "normal" is for Addy 
and me.. and Liss.. and Magga.. and Masnia.  The fact that now Addy and I 
can finally "fuck" is just about the only thing that makes us a normal 
couple.  But we girls have already discussed how to make it work: it might 
be kind of demanding on Addy, but he's obviously ABSURDLY potent 
so I'm sure he won't mind putting in the extra effort if it keeps all four 
of his wives happy.  

And about my squatch co-wives: looks like they are going to be as important 
to the rest of my life as Addy has been to the first part.  What I'm learning 
from Magga--how to be a sorceress, My God!  I told her how I believed in 
Addy's Vision and she told me: "These men let their Visions make themselves 
feel important, they almost never wonder what Our Vision is about," and then 
she showed me.  Holy shit!  But mum's the word on that for now.  And cute 
little Masnia is already well on her way to conquering the world.  Even Liss 
is becoming a witch now.  There is POWER in this little harem of Addy's.  

I felt a bit inadequate about being "First Woman" for this group of magical 
super-chicks until they explained to me that I was to be their sorceress of 
skesk and all the magical computerized complexities of Nokhso civilization.  
So I might just end up ruling the world too.

I have determined that at some point I'll allow myself a human lover to give 
me children, which Addy never can.  But that's a faraway future plan, I'm 
wayyy too in love with him right now to deal with any other man on an honest 
level.  Besides, it would have to be someone who can accept the weird 
conditions of our little (but growing) society and I haven't met any guy 
like that yet.  

For now I'm actually satisfied with my love life, maybe for the first time 
ever and that's a better thrill than shy°ma can ever give me.

POKEY brags-- Yeah, I want to make a comment too. I know, you're probably thinking Old Poke is going to brag about how, "That was a far-out party, man, I scored more chicks in one night than the whole rest of my life, I had...(and here I'd list every woman I had, one after another)!" Well, fooled you. Oh sure, the sex was great (thanks girls, I'll call) but what I really want to address is that Vision we all shared, which was the whole POINT of the Kha-rat. We've been debating how real it was. Did we really see the ghost of Adam's mother? Does Art's version of things mean we were only dreaming? As an Indian I get to say, "What you mean ONLY dreaming, White Man?" Yes, we were only dreaming-- but it was the SAME FUCKING DREAM. Okay, if we're talking about some kind of telepathic experience here, White Man's Scientists will have to start looking for some provable data. But when we talk about Dream Visions, a Red Man like myself rubs his hands in satisfaction and says, "Told ya so!" The Dream World IS real, inhabited with spirits, Mayala is one of them! I know several Shamans who have gone on Dream Trails to find Truths that just can't be found in the White Men's World. I've tried to go on the Dream Trail myself--years ago, to cure my alcoholism--but never had the discipline or power of concentration it takes. Mayala told me that now I do. She asked Dambaraggan to teach me how and he said he would. Just to make sure it wasn't my private fantasy I checked with the big guy today and he confirmed that he was now my dwayarat, my guru, because Mayala had asked him to be. So do you think I'm about to question that?
LISSANDRA totally relates-- What is this? You guys are going on about the Kha-rat but nobody's admitting who they banged, like it would be politically incorrect or something. Okay, I suppose it could be kinda "scandalous" if word got out to anyone outside our little group of friends and lovers (like maybe the tabloids), but I've always prided myself on being something of a bad girl and it would do wonders for my rep. But rilly, I'd been being too good a girl for totally too long, living in that semi-polygamous but obscenely celibate relationship with Mel and Freakfoot. How did I ever come to that sorry situation, I who had once been Champion Evil Bitch of Monroe High School??? Probably because I rilly had to consider restructuring my lifestyle about the time Big George and his wannabe motorcycle goons decided that I could be their favorite 'ho to pass around at gang-bangs. But to fall in love with a wookie and his girl friend who couldn't have sex and partake in their long-suffering abstinence? That was a solution? What was I thinking? Whatever, this week I'm on a roll: Freakfoot finally got over his celibacy and did both me and Mel right and I've just totally done six human guys and eight buck wookies at a Kha-rat! Being bad has never been so good! Tho it did seem kind of weird to be making love with Peter Sinsley again, we'd never been that good a couple anyway and then he became everybody's worst enemy. But when I saw how sorry he was about all the shit he'd done and how bad he needed me to comfort him I just couldn't let him down, neither could Mel and then everything seemed to be all right somehow. Course it was even weirder doing his father too, but hey, it was a Kha-rat, shy°ma, go with the flow. Still, I'm glad Big George and Gang weren't at our party--I would probably have done them too, even though I'd rilly rather NOT. We gotta be careful with this shy°ma stuff. Banging wookies, by the way, was amazingly un-weird, it seemed so natural. Well natch, it's their shy°ma, which is 100% organic, no artificial additives there except us Nokhsos. Also because I've been in love with one of them for a while and he broke me in real good just a few days before the Kha-rat. Nothing was too big for me after that. Besides, Dagrolyt WAS so cute, desperate to do me but afraid of hurting me. I had to rough him up a little to get any power out of him. But we worked it out and he taught me a Sha-haka trick for lots of quick efficient climaxes, kinda fun. Can't wait to try it out on Freakfoot. Of course, it was special fun being with guys I'd already had the hots for, like Doug. I've always liked Mel's dad, he's the kind of sexy older man every innocent young maiden should try at least once. So I tried him about 15 times in the last three days. Actually, I'd probably have sampled him even without shy°ma if I hadn't been stuck being so damn faithful to Mel and Freakfoot. Oh yes and Art (don't worry Art Old Fart, I won't get too raunchy, I'll respect your silly shyness about what we put in this document). I know he was bugged about The Dirty Old Man syndrome in regard to Mel and me. I like to think we put his fears to rest by proving that we were both just as dirty/loving as him. Besides, neither he nor Doug are old at all compared to Uncle Wallace and holy shit did that wise old man know how to make a girl tingle! BTW, Mel said there are no perversions at a Kha-rat, but the squatches did act pretty surprised when she and I started doing girl sex with each other--we were turned on, couldn't help it--only to have Maki and then Masnia jump in. Squatches don't do that, at least not at a Kha-rat, so that might have seemed perverted to them. But the men only reacted by jabbing stiff dicks into our pulsating pile of female flesh and it all went hetero again. Guess I'd better not bring my mother to one of these things, she'd be scandalized by such disrespect for lesbianism. But, like Mel sez, "nuff's nuff", I had to get out of there before wearing out some pretty delicate and valuable parts. Half way back to the house, away from the smell, I finally realized how tired and sore I was and then began to have a reaction I hadn't expected: guilt. For reverting to my bad girl ways maybe, I mean it made no sense--I'd been to a Kha-rat, screwed everybody like you're supposed to--when in Rome, y'know! I hadn't done anything wrong, but it felt like I had, so bad that I had to collapse into the grass and cry for a while, all alone, poor little me. Pokey and Maki came along, they'd had enough too and were going to continue their detoured trip to Spokane. They asked what was wrong but I couldn't explain because I didn't know. I was afraid Pokey was going to want to have more sex with me right there on the grass and I knew it was uncool to say No. But they just talked to me, Maki held me, they were just being my friends, reminding me that there was more to human relationships than mindless rutting. They got me back to the house where Mel took over. Hot coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, way better than sex. In fact, once I decided never ever to have sex again I felt much better. That lasted until Freakfoot showed up at lunchtime and I started crying again, so he had to comfort me. We talked and found out I was afraid that he couldn't love me any more now that he knew what a slut I rilly was. He said, Hey, I've always liked that about you, Liss, took me upstairs and made love to me--not the shy°ma kind, but the real stuff--and told me again and again how he loved loved loved me. Maybe he hypnotized me, I don't know or care, he did it so nicely that I felt nothing but happy to be one of his four women. Crazy, I know, but I was cool with it. It's also rilly cool that we can do this again next Full Moon!
DOUG expounds-- Ah, thanks for the kind words, Lissandra, "sexy older man" indeed. And thanks for all the extra attention, very charitable of you to offer that I could "pretend you were Melly", even though I never took you up on it. How could I? Your own eyes and face and body were simply too overwhelmingly enjoyable to allow me to wish I was with anyone else. At least, at the time we were screwing. Two minutes later I felt the same way about Masnia. Then Elaine, even Sarah whom I hardly know, I simply fell in love with every woman I fell into. Not that I'm complaining, it was a glorious experience and I'm sure it was the same for us all. But we were with a very nice crowd of people, what if some really horrible people showed up? Such as Big George, as you noted. Does shy°ma totally disable any sense of discrimination between those we love and those we do not even like? So Lissandra, you were dead-on correct about how "we gotta be careful with this shy°ma stuff." I can foresee some potentially dire effects for the world of Modern Man if shy°ma ever becomes part of the popular culture-- and it WILL, believe me, we can't keep it secret once other Nokhontli around the world start joining our civilization. Pokey said he didn't think the Nokhontli would suffer the same tragic fate as the Native American Indians because Nokhons won't become addicted to alcohol. I think he's right about that: it won't be them who gets hooked, but US! Shy°ma might be even more problematical for us than alcohol ever was to the Indians. Our society is already sexually fixated and enslaved by easy entertainment, so imagine it's reaction to unlimited guiltless sex, endless potency, absolute ecstasy. Instant gratification has always been popular with the bored, pleasure-seeking masses. Sex sells, there will be money in it! And can you then imagine the conniption-fit "Moral America" is going to have when they find out that the Nokhontli have orgies every Full Moon? That neither adultery nor incest is forbidden by them? That the social codes intended to protect humans from unwanted pregnancies and VD epidemics are ignored by them? There are those who would gladly wage a war to protect the innocent from their concept of immorality. Listen to me, I sound like an Old Testament Patriarch saying sooth, predicting doom and destruction. What do I know? Well, I do know how dangerous people can be when they fervently believe they are doing the right thing: I'm a perfect example. I truly feared Adam and Melly ever becoming lovers. Not for racist or moralistic reasons, I wasn't out to save her from a "fate worse than death", but Death Itself. I really thought she'd just explode if he ever stuck his big weenie into her. And look how wrong I was! At the Kha-rat she gladly took on Adam's and seven other really big squatch weenies, happily smiling all the while. She never even said "Ow!" What a girl! You might say I misjudged the danger that time. What I did to protect my daughter from her 13-year-old Bigfoot boyfriend was no less than criminal, but I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. Even though I wasn't. I used to tell other people to look at the Big Picture, but I'm just as blind to it as anyone else. I may fool others into thinking I'm a genius but too often discover that the fool is me. Some force does seem to be leading us somewhere, maybe we should just follow along. Maybe there's already nothing we can do to stop it. Melly is contemplating a theory that shy°ma might be why the Nokhontli have no war or crime, why they are gentle, non-materialistic, in harmony with nature. I don't have enough faith in our own Nokhso-human nature to imagine that we can suddenly all Be Nice, as the Atli commands. But hey, the Sinsley men were considered Bad Guys, now we're all friends? Although I think we'll have to see how that works out. Is the upgrade to the Christian Doctrine "Y°ramma your Enemies and Peace on Earth"?
ELAINE reflects-- I was so afraid of going to the Kha-rat, but now I'm glad I did. Which is good, since it's not the kind of experience you can ignore later. Frankly, there was really nothing bad or embarrassing about it, we were temporarily wild creatures of Nature, free from all moralistic inhibitions. I definitely enjoyed it then and feel absolutely no shame about any of it afterward, so no damage was done to me. Or to any other, I hope. That's not to say that I am unchanged, nor my relationship to all others involved. I'm sure each of us has another perception of one another than we had before and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I doubt that Pokey is going to act so formally with me anymore. Doug and I have revived old feelings from when he and Sally and Art and I were a tantric foursome, which I've sometimes missed as much as I still miss Sally. And it's been truly wonderful to re-experience my dear old husband Art as my favorite sex- god, believe me! As for Adam... but no, I'm going to keep that sweet secret to myself. And as for all the others I so enthusiastically gave my body and my emotions to, no comment. I agree with Art about keeping it private. No, wait--there is one sexy scene with my son I'm willing to share: I finally got a wild ride on his back all the way up to Candy Bar Hilltop! This was the day after after the Kha-rat and had nothing to do with sex or shy°ma--although I HAD to be naked, of course; I wasn't about to cheat myself of the full experience. It was fantastic, just as Melly has described, THRUST through the forest on her/our beloved monster. I was hanging on for dear life, but it was just so terrifying and wonderful to sense the colossal muscular power of my little boy at full speed. But although the physical aspect of that Kha-rat takes up so much of our attention, it was the experience of the Vision that has affected me most profoundly. That justifies everything and yes, I will attend the next Kha-rat and offer my body and my sex all over again just to achieve that level of consciousness one more time. We've since been discussing whether or not the manifestation of Mayala, Adam's Nokhon mother, was real or not. For me, she was. We held hands, I could FEEL her, we shared a love for Dadamet that united us as sisters, almost as beloved on a non-sexual level, which was in such STARK contrast to the energy of the Kha-rat that it seemed to be Holy. She said some things to me that I may not pass on, but which shall guide me through some hard times which lie ahead. Do I believe the experience was real? Ask Pokey if he believes in his Dream Vision; he and I share a conviction. Now the smell of sex is gone and we're almost back to normal (thank God!), all our inhibitions are taking over again. That's definitely for the best, we can't all just keep falling into bed with whoever's handy. Besides, there's work to be done and uncontrollable sexual desire is such a distraction. Of course, a Kha-rat is a special situation and although we all threw ourselves into it wholeheartedly, nobody really WANTS that level of non- stop DESIRE to go on and on, it would just grind us all to pieces. However, it can be wonderful to feel such desire every now and then. That's really what life is all about. It just needs to be in balance.
ART summarizes--- I never meant to confuse everybody with my own version of the Vision of Mayala. I agree with Pokey that my perception does not invalidate anyone else's reality, just as I must believe in my own. I was not given instructions, as some were, but an insight which I expect to find useful in out future dealings with the Government...which I may not say more about just now. But all right, everybody survived the Kha-rat, even me. One is tempted to describe it as having been fun, but it ended up being far more than that. For the Sinsleys it was life-changing. Mayala ostensibly gave Felix orders to join and assist us in our Nokhon Nation Project and it seems he has every intention of following through. Peter has also decided to dedicate his life to doing good works for the Nokhons and becoming Adam's new Best Friend. I'm still not sure how I feel about them becoming part of our little society after so many years of animosity, but we may have to live with it. It seems to be a God Has Spoken kind of thing. Adam and Melly have both accepted the situation with a caveat emptor that those guys are going to have to prove themselves before we can fully trust them. Sarah wants to join us as well and is easier to accept into the fold since she has never been an enemy. She is evidently an experienced hospital nurse, which could be useful when we have humans to deal with. Besides, we all really like her, although shy°ma intimacy may not be the most valid test of a person's true nature. Or is it? We've just sent off our champions, Dagrolyt, Daklakht and Dawalasat, like Jedi Knights to take on the Evil Empire. One might wonder if Old Uncle Wallace is really up to such a mission at his age (110+?), but after seeing him in action at a Kha-rat I have no concerns about his frailty or energy. Adam gave Uncle Wallace a cell phone to put in his shoulder bag along with other Sha-haka trickery, so that they can keep in touch with us. Wallace was too old-school to know how to use one but he's the only English speaker, so Adam had to instruct him in how to turn it on--and warned him only to do so when they should use it, to avoid having their location traced by...well, who knows? There have been no headlines on TV or in the tabloids, so apparently our Kha-rat went unnoticed by the media watchdogs even though we are often subject to photo-journalists hiding in our woods, occasional small airplanes and helicopters passing overhead and probably secret satellite surveillance. Uncle Wallace said that Nokhon magic has always been capable of confounding high-tech skesk and we had five Sha-hakas among us at the time. There will be future Kha-rats, so I suppose at some point word will get out. We'll deal with that when it happens. All quiet on the Western Front for now. Oh, by the way: our NN project has been awarded a fairly large strip of land upon which to establish a Nokhon Nation Contact Office. It is only a few miles from our Hacienda and offers unbroken forest all the way up into the Cascade Mountains, so that squatches can move freely in and out that way. That land included several small lakes, of typical Northwest type; mushy bottom, tangled fallen trees and brambly bush making access difficult. One of them is perfect for another project we had in mind, so we contacted Dave the Hippy Mailman as well as other regulars from the old Naked Lake crowd, and are organizing the "Naked Lake Again" movement. This time for both squatches and humans. There are many volunteers, of both races, to build a new dock.
MASNIA wants, translated by Adam-- Dadamet has explained to me about this "Document" you of his family have been composing over many years. It is such a fascinating concept: words and stories alive inside your "computer screen"; one of the many wonders I keep discovering among you Nokhsos. We Nokhontli do not keep our personal histories, we have only The Atli, which is sacred and may not be altered or enhanced by anyone's interpretation or talent. So nobody composes anything. A shame for my culture. He showed me the leaf-clumps you call "books" with all the tiny squiggles that somehow indicate "words" even though you cannot hear but only see them. He told me that some Books were very old, words from men and women long gone but still telling us their histories, their thoughts and ideas made permanent. Dadamet told me that this Document could also become such a Book if he "printed it out". So I told him I wanted to contribute to the Document, be a part of it. He told me I already was part of it, my name appears many times, but I wanted to say something myself, as have my new sisters Ma-elli-a and Ma-lissandra. So here I am, saying something. But perhaps I am too vain: how could such a young girl as myself offer any message that deserves to be eternal? Ah yes, of course: Dadamet, I love you and the life you have opened for me, although you so often warn me about the dangers and the bad in this Nokhso world of skesk and all those wicked temptations out there just lurking to ensnare such an innocent little girl like me. But what Nokhon is not already aware of that? Even more than loving you do I respect how you are trying to merge our two worlds in the hope of making both of them better, taking the good and discarding the bad. You are as bold and brave as my father, who even now travels off to do battle with forces of evil threatening Nokhon and Nokhso alike. You each serve in your own way and so shall I. I want to change our worlds. And as Dadamet is so fond of telling you all, "Masnia always gets what she wants."
ADAM speaks-- If this Document we've been keeping were a novel, this would be the perfect place for the Happy Ending. Everybody's happy right now, anyway. I'm tempted to say especially me, but the feeling seems to be spread fairly to everyone involved. Wheee! Of course, in real life there are no happy endings unless you die smiling, and we're not about to do that just yet, we've got too much work to do and too many problems to solve. This moment is actually a Happy Beginning. For some of our visitors this is a turning point: Dabronat and Malasna will be staying with us. Partly because of Masnia, of course, but actually they had always been at odds with the rules of Nokhon society, living their own alternative lifestyle. They had always been interested in skesk, in learning forbidden things, playing with fire, so to speak. They were already mentally acclimated. With Dagrolyt leaving for an indeterminate time, his two women, Misma and Myr°lla will stay with us until he returns. They also happen to be very good friends with Malasna, her man being their man's brother, so it's all one bigger and better and even happier family. Dambaraggan is excited about our proposed project to produce a complete audio recording of the entire Atli. He claims to know the whole text, which not even Dagrolyt has learned yet and he'd certainly be better than me at doing it properly. It might take years to record, but there's no hurry, even Nokhons only learn it a bit at a time. He's also agreed to teach Nokhontli to anthropologists at the IPR Center, on and off between his Aket teaching duties, so he is a very satisfied World's Greatest Orator, the big fat ham. Masnia is also happy he'll be around, those two have a funny little thing going on. Some of our friends would be returning to their own bakhl, Old Dannat and his two women had duties as healers, but they'll return for other Kha- rats, since they now considered this to be their favorite ml°noli. So no one is saying ""Ta'ash," for keeps. Dabababet, Daworget and Mahaza also want to return to Aket to finish their studies, now that things have calmed down again. I have a feeling that only Dabababet will come back, the other two have never quite fallen for the temptations of Nokhsoland as he has. Dabababet actually wants to go all the way into the Nokhso world: get a job, buy a car and travel around the States. The "job" is with an indie movie producer who's interested in the concept and is ready to finance and film the trip. Even Dagrolyt, Daklakht and Old Wallace are happy about going off to war against the Ultimate Nine Elders of Shamballah in the Himalaya Mountains. There's no denying that Da-starda-hat will be a dangerous opponent, but they are each eager to confront him and end his corrupt and murderous regime. They have allies awaiting them, discontent has been festering among the Nokhontli for years, so there is a good chance of success. Besides, what an adventure! I was almost envious, but they were right: I have a job to do here and I'm exactly the right man to do it, backed up by friends and family and the media machine of an entire planet. But if they ever call for help... As has been pointed out, this Nohon Nation project we've set in motion can lead to some world-changing consequences, we can expect some adamant resistance from both Nokhontli and Western Civilizations. We'd like to establish a world without the evils of greedy materialism and ruthless war, but it's pretty unlikely that we can. We know that there's no way we can keep shy°ma a secret for very long and once word does get out there are going to be some moral-boggling social repercussions for the American Way of Life-- and everywhere else, for that matter. This may get messy and sure, it's kind of scary. But the world's already a mess and needs to be changed. We seem to have been given the job. Maybe I should just shut up about That Vision of mine, but others are having similar Visions too and there seem to be connections all the way down the line. I mean, mine just keeps coming TRUE, how can I ignore that? But we can worry about all that stuff later, right now I want to wallow in this Happy Ending. I mean, just my love-life, WOW! I'm in love with and am loved by four very special women: The Love of My Life, My Dark Mistress, My Artistic Soul-Mate and My Very Own Personal Sorceress. Oh yeah and I'm a world-famous Rock Star now. Brag, brag, brag, I know. Sorry...NOT! Me, the hopeless Freakfoot back in High School. I'll just bet a squatch with my kind of luck can handle any problem that comes along.

Okay, done here, folks