Chapter 29:     Moral Qualms

Melly writes--

I wasn't really ready to go off and get myself deflowered with 
Peter or anyone.  My love affair with Addy was not over, it was 
just dormant.  We had tried to keep it as neutral as possible for 
the school year.  But we were together a lot studying for final 
exams, two diligent university students helping each other out, 
studying into the wee hours of the dawn. 

Sometimes we forgot to be innocent, oh well.  Actually, Adam and I
entertained ourselves endlessly with our sexual situation: it was 
tragicomic, melodramatic and absurd.  It also brought us even closer 
together, trying to outsmart our fate.

"Maybe it's just as well," Addy once said, "I'm afraid my Thing
may be too big for you anyway, might even hurt you."  Adam had 
been self conscious about that for years.

"No it's not," I assured him, he wasn't getting out of it that
easy, "oh, it's big all right, but not THAT big.  I mean, there
are probably quote-normal-unquote guys with whangers as big as
yours... I think."  

"I doubt that."

"Delusions of grandeur.  Hey, let's measure it."

"Aw, nah."

But I was already into it, got a tape measure from Elaine's sewing

"Look, Mell, let's not get started.  We'll both just get horny."

"Hey, it's Mamma Melly here, and I've seen that silly old thing 
lotsa times.  Besides, this is science."

"No it's not, this is sexual titillation."

"Okay, so live a little.  Look, I know you can't DO IT with me, so
relax, you're safe.  But if you're actually worried about your hot
dog being too big, then I want to help.  So let's see: gimmee that
foot long weenie."

"It's NOT a foot long!"

"Prove it."

Adam was such a pushover.  I took it out even as it got big, 
bigger, and Wow, so I measured it, gave it a little kiss, and
tried to tuck it back in, but he had to take care of that himself.

No, I'm not going to tell the world his dimensions, let the poor 
boy have some privacy.  But impressive, sure; prodigious, indeed.
I could understand that he was worried.

"Now let's check out the competition on Internet."  Addy has a 
computer in his room although its mostly me who uses it.

Once online I typed "dildo" into Fast Search and we got a list of 
web-sites selling them.  I clicked into "Big Strap-on Dongs" and 
read off some specifications.

"Let's see, hmmm, the KONG model is 9x2, here's one 10x2. Oooo, 
SUPER COCK, 10x2.  Hey, the OHGOD model is 13x3!" I clicked on
that to get a picture.  "Aw, it's cheating, that's with the 
balls...shaft about 10 inches, not bad, though.  Says here molded
directly from Bruce's erect manhood.  Addy, you've got nothing to
worry about, people pay money to imitate something even bigger 
than you."

"Doesn't that one say 18 inches?"  Addy can't read words but he
recognizes numbers well enough.

"Oh, the GIANT SUPER DOOPER DOUBLE DONG, 2-way for two girls...I

"Hmmm, there's a weird world out there."

"Oh, I don't know, maybe I should buy myself one of these SUPER
STUD models, I could practice until you're ready for me."

"Very funny."

"Or...I know: let's mold you!"

We kept it light, still sexy, but light.

But not always.  Every so often we slipped into an erotic game
that would have us both sweating and gasping and crying with
frustration that we couldn't have each other completely.  

One day I said, "Addy, I want to get you laid.  I know you can't
with me, could with someone else."

"I really don't want to go to a hooker, Mell.  Not while I love

"There IS another girl you've...loved, or at least been interested
in: Lissandra Cunnings." 

Adam had to laugh. "Fine plan, Mell. I'm ready, send her in, whee!"

"I'm serious.  I've been working on it."

"Come on, Mell, Lissandra HATES me, I make her SICK!  I don't think
she'd quite go for it."

"I've been warming her up to the idea.  And she doesn't hate you 
at all, she just likes to tease you.  Actually, she thinks you're 
kind of interesting."

Adam just stared at me in disbelief.

"So what about you?" Melly asked, "Interested?"

"Jeez, Mell, are you my pimp or what?"


No definite answer at that point.  Addy can't say anything untrue,
so when he doesn't want to admit something, he just says nothing.

The thing is, Peter kept calling me. He was really after me, getting a little desperate as time went along. I couldn't bring myself to be unfaithful to Addy, so I didn't go out with Peter. Then again, I didn't tell Peter to go away, nor did I tell Addy about him either. I just let it ride. That's probably why I flirted with the idea of getting Liss and Addy together, so that I could then mess around with Peter with a clean conscience. I sure wanted to, mess around I mean. I wanted SOMETHING to happen, a change in this miserable stalemate. No, wait, I'm making it sound like I knew what I was doing, like I was planning things. But really I didn't, wasn't, couldn't. The conversations I had with Peter were all on the phone, I really didn't trust myself to meet him anywhere yet. But that was fine anyway, because there were some things Peter and I had to discuss before I got too close to him. Like Addy. "Addy...?" Peter faked, as if he couldn't quite remember just who Adam Leroy Forest was, "oh yeah, your pet Wookie? ha ha! You still defending that freak?" "Adam's my best friend, and you can bet your ass I'll defend him against you or anyone who hurts him or calls him names..." "Hey-y-y, hold it. Peace! I didn't mean anything by that. Hey, I call everybody names! Look, I know I was... a jerk when I was younger and I guess I did kind of pick on Adam back then, but I was just a stupid kid. I had zero Social Consciousness and sure, I was a bigot, I admit it. But since then I've learned that we're all brothers under the skin...or fur, I guess, in Adam's case." "What a noble speech," I said, with just the teeniest trace of sarcasm, "I guess it must be okay to let you have my body now." "Yeah, okay, so I'm laying it on a bit thick, but it's more or less how I do feel. I'm not saying I suddenly love the guy or anything, hey, I hardly even know him. Haven't spoken with him in years. "But I do assume that Adam's grown up like the rest of us-- only probably even more so-- he must be as big as hell by now. I'll bet it's hard being the only bigfoot in the world living among the Hairless Chihuahua People-- isn't that he calls us? see? he calls people names too. Anyway, I wish him the best of luck. So if you see Adam, say Hi for me. And tell him no hard feelings on my side." Peter knew what to say, he was a sweet talker. Every time I said "good night" instead of "okay, let's go out tonight", I regretted it.
Finally something had to happen. Just after graduation Peter called me and invited me to a Chrome Pie concert in Seattle and I said "Yes". I told Addy on the phone, since we weren't seeing so much of each other that summer. "You're going to the concert with PETER SINSLEY?" I could hear that Adam was upset. "Well, yeah. He invited me, and I like Chrome Pie, so I'm going. Are you jealous?" I asked, "We agreed that..." "Yeah, yeah--he's just someone I don't care much for, that's all." "Okay, I can understand that, he really treated you like shit when you were younger. But just like all of us, he grew up. You might even like him now. He said he'd like to get to know you again to let bygones be bygones, but he thinks you hate him." "Well, he's right." "Addy, that's not like you! You've always been so open and generous." Adam was quiet for a moment. "Look, I don't like to bear grudges, so I'll try not to. But I don't trust that guy, be careful of him." "Do you trust me?" I asked. "To do what?" he answered, "be faithful to me? It's not even fair of me to expect that of you, considering. do whatever is right for yourself, Mell."
My date with Peter: he arrived at the Wielson house promptly at 5:00, his freshly-washed red Corvette sparkling, himself too. Peter was dressed casually but nice, sports jacket, white shirt, no tie, pressed trousers, shined shoes. A charming and good-looking young man who easily impressed the targeted girl's father Doug Wielson with forthright and manly manners. Peter and Dad had a conversation about cars, went out to look at the Corvette, kicked the tires I guess, traded a few jokes. Man stuff. Dad was sold; this was HU-MAN stuff, no squatch stuff here. For a moment I almost balked at how eager Dad was to get me into any relationship with someone other than Addy. But then I figured that he was charmed by Peter, just like I was, because Peter was a pretty charming guy. So I let it go at that. From there to Seattle was a high-speed run in a red Corvette with the top down. Peter wanted to impress me with his Supercar, and really, I couldn't help but be thrilled, it was fast and fun. A little scary at 155 mph, but definitely exciting. By the time we got to the Black Angus restaurant in Bellevue we were both bouncing with nervous energy and ravenously hungry. I would have been content to eat a hamburger or a taco, but Peter ordered prime rib for us both. There was a waitress and table- cloths, there were soft lights, there was good food and a floor show and there was even Romance. I couldn't help but think how I never came to a place like this with Addy; he was too big, too famous, it was too much trouble. It was also nice to be with a good-looking young man, who in turn made me look good instead of tiny. And it was fun to be out with someone I hadn't been a sister to all my life, there was at least some mystery to whoever this Peter guy might be. I saw our reflections on glass and had to raise my eyebrows at how nice a couple we looked, me so blond and beautiful (screw false modesty, I was!), he so cool and rugged. Peter was nice, much more charismatic than any boy I had ever dated before, more like a real live grown up man. When we got to Seattle there was an incredibly long line around the Paramount, the Chrome Pie Concert was sold out, so I held a place in line while Peter parked the Corvette. The concert hall was full of marijuana smoke and the music was high too. God, I love Chrome Pie! People were dancing in their seats, it was a wild party. I had a great time, the most fun I had had since... the only thing I could compare it to was a wild ride on Addy's back. Of course Peter kissed me on the first date, then took me to his place and fucked me all night long, just as he'd promised. It was pretty good too, I had to admit.

Chapter 30

Adam out of Eden