Chapter 33:     Attacks

MELLY writes---

Art wants me to tell what happened in the guest house because I was
there when Peter shot Addy, the closest eyewitness.  And I do want
to tell, but need to note that I'd been heavily drugged and all my 
perceptions were totally confused at the time.  So if I tell exactly 
what I experienced, it's going to be the psychedelic version of 
whatever really did happen.

When Peter and I went out to the guest house, I had one glass of 
champagne from a bottle he'd brought along and that was it-- ten 
minutes later I was stoned out of my mind.  I don't drink much, 
but I'd had champagne before and really wasn't expecting to be
blotto on one glass.  

I wasn't thinking straight after that, so I didn't even figure out
why the champagne was so intoxicating, although I do remember
wondering why anyone would drink something that made them feel 
like I did then--it was supposed to be fun, but wasn't.  I was 
hallucinating, pretty much incapable of functioning, paranoid and
paralyzed.  Of course, I was right to wonder why, later we found 
out that it wasn't just champagne: it had been heavily laced with
three different kinds of psychedelic drugs.  

The phone calls, guest house, champagne, me: all part of Peter's 
premeditated plan to murder Addy.

Earlier that evening I'd told Peter that I had decided this was to
be our last date, for a while at least.  I wanted time to think 
things over without either him or Addy bugging me.  

Peter said he'd respect my decision, but insisted that we were 
still a couple this last evening and talked me into coming out to
that party at Big George's place.  I'd never been there, although 
who hasn't heard about Big George's wild parties?  And since we 
were on our last date anyway, I was interested in checking out 
such a notorious scene at least once in my life.

It was wild all right, so loud and so many people that we couldn't
even talk.  After half an hour I'd had enough, but Peter said he 
had the key to a little guest house in back, where we could make 
love at least one last time, just the two of us, it would be so 
cozy and nice.  

He sounded so reasonable and the cozy part sounded all right.  He
really wanted his "goodbye date" and I wanted to end our affair on 
a friendly note, since I was feeling a little guilty about dumping 
poor Peter. 

The champagne was part of his little goodbye ceremony. Peter drank
some of it too, he had to be almost as stoned as I was and when 
the drugs started to take effect, he started raving about Adam: 
about Adam's sick jealousy and the terrible things Adam had 
secretly done to him, things Adam had said, threats Adam had made.
Hs said that I didn't know what a monster Adam was because he always 
behaved around me, but when I wasn't looking the real Adam came 
out--Peter had seen the real Adam, he told me. 

He sounded so convincing and I was so malleable by then, that I 
began to believe him, began to feel afraid of Adam, which confused 
me because I knew better.

We had taken off our clothes, but Peter wouldn't get into sex 
right away, like he was waiting for something.  Usually he was so
eager to get it in and get off, so that was strange.  

I gave up thinking, just laid back on the bed and watched paisley 
patterns on the ceiling.  Peter's cell phone seemed busy, calls in
and out, arrangements being made, although I was too buzzed to 
follow conversations. 

Then Peter suddenly gave me the cell phone and said, "It's Adam, 
he wants to talk to you."

I was too surprised and confused to know what to say to Adam, or 
why I should even want to talk to him while I was in bed with 
Peter, so I ended up mumbling something meaningless.

Just then Peter began to spank me--and I mean HARD!  It hurt, I 
jumped and dropped the telephone, forgetting about it as Peter 
kept on spanking my bare butt until I was really in pain, really 
mad, and finally afraid of him.  And then he began to-- well, I 
guess it wasn't exactly rape, I HAD agreed to-- you know --but it 
felt like rape.  It was certainly desperate sex and I never got 
the chance to say "No". So I just let him, to stop him from hitting 
me, for this one last time and be done with it all.  I was too zonked
to resist anyway.

Then Peter stopped screwing and said, "Look, Melly, I told you so!
He's here, spying on us!"  Sounded like something he'd rehearsed.

I was lying on my back and had to look upside down to see Adam 
outside the window, looking in at me and Peter doing it. 

"Oh no," I thought, "it's all true!  Whatever Peter told me..."  

But at the same time I was thinking, oh no Poor Addy, he shouldn't
have to see this!  I went into panic, but more from shame than 
fear.  I looked away, covered my face and cringed towards Peter, who 
started thrusting into me again like a sex maniac.  

"Look out!  He's going to attack us!" Peter shouted and even then
it sounded false and theatrical.  Then, still in me, he reached 
under the bed to get something that lay handy on the floor.  And 
up came a very large pistol in his hand.  

It was the same one he'd brought along for target practice earlier 
that day, his dad's .44 Magnum.  The one he had shown to everyone, 
and let others at the party shoot too, so that there would be 
nothing suspicious about him just happening to have that loaded 
pistol ready at hand.

Peter raised the pistol, took aim, but then hesitated, looked 
disappointed.  I looked over in time to see that Adam had turned 
his back to us and was already leaving.  

"No, you bastard!  Get back here!  Come on, attack us!"

I guess he didn't dare just shoot Adam in the back, so he started 
slapping me again.  Oh, if I had only not been so stupid, if I'd 
just let him hit me and NOT cried out: "Addy!  Help!" 

That was all Peter needed.  His plan worked.  Addy simply had to 
come to my rescue.  

The door exploded into a psychedelic spray of colorful wood chips, 
Addy coming through.  Peter was up and doing an elegant dance step 
over to face the door, aiming for where Addy would be.  It all 
seemed so choreographed.  Rehearsed.

All this is in slow motion for me: finally I realized what was 
actually happening here, what Peter was going to do.  I could see
the smug smile on Peter's lips as he was pulling on the trigger.  
I started to reach up--but in slow motion, like I said--to shove 
the pistol aside, but it was too late, the pistol went off with a 
big loud BOOM and I could actually see a hole punching into Adam's 
chest and how he was shoved backwards by the impact.  He fell 
outside and out of sight.

Peter wanted to shoot again, but now I knew what I had to do and 
ripped at his arm.  He shook me loose, punched me in the face and
started to get up to see where Adam had fallen, to finish him off.  

But I wasn't giving up, I managed a good solid kick at his nuts, 
which Peter deflected, almost ignoring me.  So I bit him on the 
leg, which he couldn't ignore and he rammed me with a knee to my 
ribs, knocking all the air out of my lungs, putting me out of the 
fight.  I remember thinking, o yeah, he's a karate expert!  He 
finished turning back to the window, raising the pistol again, 
ready to fire another shot into Adam.

But he had been delayed just enough.  The room became shadowed by
something REALLY BIG, I even felt a wind like the wall of air
before a locomotive approaching at full speed.

This part was not in slow motion: what happened next was streaking
speed lines, big movements at high speed.  Like in a Manga comic 
book.  I was seeing stars anyway, but among them I also saw Adam 
leaning half into the room, filling it up with his size, reaching 
far enough that his big speed-blurred fist rammed Peter square in 
the chest, a clean fast blow with all of Adam's strength and weight 
behind it.  

I heard a sudden smacking crunching wheezing rupturing sound.  
Ghastly, horrible and yet somehow...totally satisfactory.

More streaking effects: red teardrops spraying out of Peter's mouth,
and him blurring backwards across the room, hitting the wall so 
hard that he was embedded in the sheet rock and stuck there, 
plaster chips spraying everywhere.  

And then all motion, slow or fast, just stopped.  That was the end
of the fight.  There was nobody standing, not even Addy.  I was 

I started collecting myself, despite the drug.  I saw that Peter 
was unconscious, maybe dead, but I couldn't waste any time or 
sympathy on him just then, crawled to the doorway and looked out,
screaming "Addy, where are you?"  

Addy was gone, but his blood was smeared all over the grass and 
the ground, lots of it.

I started crying hysterically and couldn't stop, even after they 
came and took me away.

Chapter 34

Adam out of Eden