Chapter 71:     Afterparty

MELLY writes--

I've been trying to write this chapter while that night is still fresh in 
my mind, but I've been trying for ten days now, only to erase it and start 
over again and again.  By now I have learned that I don't have to worry 
about forgetting what happened; it's the NOT forgetting that bothers me. 

Art has offered to write it instead because he thinks it's too traumatic 
for me, and yes, it is, but I'm really the only eyewitness.  Besides, I 
NEED to write it out, call it therapy.  Everybody wants me to get some REAL 
therapy, but I can't really tell a shrink what happened, can I? He/she would 
think I was crazy.  

Hell, I AM crazy!  Schizophrenic manic-depressive would be a step up from 
where I am right now: I can't tell the difference between Love and Hate any 
more, constantly overdosing on both feelings at once. I mean, I don't NEED 
this!  I've got responsibilities, crucial decisions to make about vast 
amounts of money and legal arrangements concerning our Secret Project.  I 
need to be logical and decisive; an Iron Lady. Thank God for Liss, if she 
wasn't carrying me emotionally...

See? getting ahead of myself already.  Well, screw it, I'm just going to 
push on through and finish writing it this time: WYSIWYG.

Okay, focusing: this chapter is about the evening after our big concert at 
the Paramount Northwest on July 26th. It had been SUCH a success, we were 
all so happy.  

And horny, even more than usual, because all the way through that concert, 
while we were whipping the crowd up into the erotic levels of audience 
participation with our oh-so magic music, none of us were immune to it 
ourselves.  All of us; Addy, Pokey, Liss and me, the guys in Chrome Pie, the 
roadies, TV crew, everybody was as hot and horny as they could get.  I was 
so high, so sweaty and ready by the time it ended that I really thought I 
might just have to do something about it.

And afterwards, you should have SEEN the scene backstage!  What a party!  
Everyone laughing and fast-talking, flirting, dancing, touching.  It was 
like we were all stoned or drunk, but oddly enough for a rock-star party, 
nobody seemed to be drinking excessively or taking drugs--okay, a few did, 
but mostly everybody was high enough on the musical experience.  

Everyone was so open, passions were right up front.  I mean the place was 
a swirl of emotions, mostly positive, some negative.  And when two guys 
almost did get into a fight, Addy went over to them and just FROWNED, he 
didn't even have to say anything.  It was pretty funny the way they almost 
rolled over like two naughty puppies, big huge fuzzy Addy leaning over them 
something like King Kong.  For a second you could see that they were pretty 
scared, but then we all laughed, even them.  

It must have been something like one of Addy's moonlight squatch orgies, 
you know, the shy°ma-smell, the pumping hormones.  And there were lots of 
healthy young bodies to grab.  Groupies really do exist, I found out.  At 
least there were sure a lot of young girls trying to get backstage to us, 
and nobody was stopping them.  It was crazy, a genuine bacchanalia.  

Now I don't mean to brag, but the two Absolutely Most Popular Girls there 
weren't the groupies at all, but Liss and me.  My god, were the guys coming 
on--even Scott Richter and guitar god Miguel deSanto!  Hey, I coulda screwed 
TWO famous rock stars at once!  I may have even considered it.  Everybody 
flirted madly, it was great fun.  I have to admit I was really turned on and 
wanted it bad--well hey, just like everybody else.  And Gol, was Liss 
shameless, or what?  Pokey was getting lots of attention too. 

I know: I was supposed to be faithful to the squatch I loved. And Liss too, 
which has to sound weird; especially since neither of us was getting properly 
laid by Addy.  But we'd been kidding each other about just that while all 
tangled together in the van on our way into Seattle.  Liss started by saying: 
"You know I love you, Freakfoot--and you too, Pokey--but I may have to do 
all the guys in Chrome Pie tonight. Need some Rock Stars in my collection."  
Then she and I began comparing notes on how cool it would be to screw Scott 
Richter, the gorgeous lead singer, although guitarist Miguel deSanto might 
be just as satisfactory.  So I said to Addy, "Hey, you get to screw all 
those squatch girls at the Kha-rat, maybe it's our turn tonight."  And he 
says, "Well, that's fair enough.  Kha-rat rules tonight, then?"  Pokey, who 
was driving, liked the idea too: "Cool, I can finally bang both of the girls 
in my band!"  Ha ha ha, all in innocent fun.  Addy saying, "Of course, that 
also means that I'll be obligated to y°ramma each and every..." Liss and 
I attacked, tickling him before he could say the rest, everybody giggling. 

Of course, we didn't know at that time how erotically exciting  our concert 
was going to be.  But the concept of a "moral night-off" had been put into 
the back of our minds, you know, another set of rules just this once and 
we were all in that kind of mood.

But it was wasted on me: I was horny enough but the only guy I really, 
actually, honestly, desperately wanted to do it with was Addy; probably 
the only guy there I couldn't screw right on the spot.  His old promise 
to my Dad wouldn't go away.

It's just that Groupies were moving in on him too.  Suddenly he was Mr. 
Desirable, their brand new rock-god, so there were all these pretty young 
women raging to strap him on.  That disoriented me: I mean, here I'd been 
pretending for years that my feelings for Addy were NOT sexual, because he 
was a squatch, right? --that old brother-sister routine of ours to avoid 
scandal and shame in the churches of Monroe and among the faithful readers 
of the National Inquisitor.  But now all these newcomer chicks were hot and 
ready to scandalize with him--them instead of ME!

All right, I was overreacting.  Most of the girls backed off a step once 
they got too close to him, swallowed hard when they saw exactly how hugely 
humongously massive Adam Leroy Forest really was.  Seeing him on stage was 
one thing; they fell for his voice and personality, but when actually 
pressed up against his thigh they got scared.  I saw some of them even 
looking at his crotch--which was bulging, all right--and then they just 
complemented his music profusely, excused themselves, and went on to the 
other musicians, roadies, someone human.  

So I didn't really feel threatened until that really BIG black woman came 
up to Addy, Kathleen whatever, I knew she meant business.  She started 
talking to him very directly and intensely, I could see that from across 
the room.  This woman was interested and was NOT going to be scared off! 
She was way bigger than any other woman there, maybe even large enough to 
take Addy on and make it work.  I saw her check out his crotch too, almost 
licking her lips like a porno star.  Okay, now I'm just being nasty, she 
actually looked like a nice dignified lady.

I moved closer through the crowd, the better to overhear them.  Just in 
time to hear her politely introduce herself and before she got around to 
asking Addy if he'd like to go somewhere more comfortable where they could 
talk, get to know each other (screw all night)...well, that might have 
been nice for Addy.  I sympathized with both of them, in a way.  

I could certainly relate to where Kathleen was coming from. Here was this 
really good-looking afro woman somewhere in her mid-30's, HOT body, nice 
clothes--I mean, this girl had style and was beautiful in a super-exotic 
way.  But she was HUGE, way over 6' tall and muscular too, she'd just HAD 
to scare off all normal guys!  But to Addy she was just bite-size and that 
must have turned her on.  Sure, I could relate.

But like I said, emotions were running right on the surface, and suddenly 
I was totally jealous.  I mean, serious white-hot jealous!  No, I mean 
homicidal HATE!!  It was awful, I'm ashamed of myself.  

I thought I'd felt everything a girl could feel about Addy over the years, 
but never jealousy like that.  Sure, I'd been kind of miffed about him 
having orgies with all those squatch women, but that was forgivable, sort 
of his cultural duty anyway and none of them were really competition to me 
at all.

But this time, when I saw that he actually seemed INTERESTED in a HUMAN 
woman, like me...only much BIGGER than me and who might be much better 
equipped to take him on than me...  Actually, cover her with hair instead 
of black skin and she could probably have passed for a female sasquatch.
The worst was that Addy couldn't EVER even HAVE sex with me, but with her 
he COULD!  No promise to her dad to stop him.  The only thing in the way 
was...well, me.

I surprised myself with the nastiness of that jealousy; it wasn't like me 
at all.  It wasn't even fair: a second before I'd been contemplating 
spending the night with either Scott Richter or Miguel deSanto--or both 
of them, if I could get away with it--thinking why not have a little fun?  
I mean, since Addy wasn't going to service me anyway.

I saw Addy giving Kathleen the once over: her big boobs, broad hips, solid 
black chick butt, maybe even calculating just how much prodding she could 
take.  Why didn't I just say: "Aw go on, Addy, have some fun?"  If he 
couldn't have sex with me anyway, what right did I have to object?

But I stepped in between them anyway and took Addy's hand demonstratively. 
I may have actually said something nasty like, "He's MINE, bitch!"  Okay, 
I was the bitch and now regret that I acted that way, Kathleen was most 
likely an okay girl, but I couldn't help it.  Some WIFELY instinct took 
over: Addy was MY guy, ALWAYS been MINE, and THIS night of all nights he 
was ESPECIALLY mine.

Addy reacted exactly as he should, my big darling.  He scooped me up in 
his arms and cradled me like a baby, hugging me sweetly.  Everyone could 
see us, it was a public statement we had never quite dared to make before--
us as a couple.  The big woman, Kathleen, looked up at me with sad eyes, 
but when Addy nuzzled my cheek she looked down and turned away without 
making a scene.  I suddenly felt bad for her and muttered a tiny "sorry" 
but she was out of earshot by then, on her way out of the backstage area.
(Kathleen, if you ever happen to read this, I apologize.)

Meanwhile, Addy was just as turned on as everyone else, so he carried me 
to a more private place, behind a stage curtain where we began kissing 
and rubbing, him still holding me in his arms.  It just kept getting more 
intense, more passionate, until we were both had to come up for air.

We hadn't done that in a long time, not alone just the two of us.  Our 
greed for each other was always tempered because we usually included Liss 
in our lovemaking.

Hmmm.  Maybe I should say something about that.  I mean, everybody knows 
by now that we had become a "threesome", sleeping together and cuddling,
although still celibate because of Addy's same old promise.  Yes, Liss was 
also "doing without dick", although my original plan had been that she 
could finally give my man what he couldn't have with me.  That must seem 
like a crazy plan, but even crazier that we should ALL THREE end up 
frustrated. It's just that we weren't; we took good care of each other, 
loving-wise, even without any forbidden fuckery the relationship worked 
very nicely.  

The truth is that before Liss our sex life had been too sad to bear; Addy 
and I have always felt a LOT of desire for each other, but we could never-
never-ever-ever consummate it and wanting to never went away.  Early on we 
used to give each other orgasms, but not the way we wanted to and since 
neither of us were into sexual perversions we just sort of avoided getting 
worked up, like an old worn-out married couple.  Liss was exactly what we 
needed--suddenly it was fun to go to bed again.  Besides, Addy is so BIG 
that I appreciated the help: we each had 250-pounds of boy friend to take 
care of.  One on each side, or sometimes both on top of him.  Neither Liss 
nor I are gay, but we do love each other and have nothing against some nice 
intimate contact. So it worked, normally we were good. 

But this one night was something else.  I felt greedy, not about to share 
my desire with anyone else, not even Liss.  And man, did it hit us!  It 
was like when we'd been teen-agers all over again, driven crazy by our 
pheromones, the same old full blast lust.  Only now supercharged by all 
that magic music we had just made together, all that haka flowing, high-
octane fuel for passion.  Whew!

But as always, we got just so high--and then clunk!--hit that same old 
ceiling, where we can't go higher because we can't finalize the thing. 
Only this time it seemed even worse, we were both becoming frantic, right 
there behind that curtain, over the top horny for each other.

We knew we had to stop.  But IT wouldn't stop, the energy we had let 
flow a little was a raging river now.  I tingled all over, my skin, my 
sexual innards.  Addy was the same, we were both shaking and rattling 
and ready to roll.

"Oh, Addy, I just wish we could really make love, tonight of all nights."

"Jeez, me too, Mell!  But..."

"Yeah, I know, same old shit."  

We tried to calm down and go back to the backstage crowd, but there was 
no calming down to be had for us, I think that only made it worse.  There 
we were among all those horny people having gobs of fun doing whatever 
they wanted: dancing, kissing, caressing, getting a room somewhere.  Some 
Groupies were beginning to dance topless, one all the way naked.  Not 
quite an orgy yet, but heading there.  

Liss was dancing salsa between Scott and Miguel, wiggling against them 
both, it seemed obvious she was going to end up with one of them that 
night (or both), they were rock stars, after all.  Pokey had a pretty & 
petit Asian chick on his knee and was drinking a coke instead of fifty 
beers, so he was probably going to do all right too.  Even Art and Elaine 
were out there dancing semi-passionately together, but they were old and 
married so no big deal (kidding!).

It seemed that the only ones NOT about to get laid were Addy and me.

We tried to accept our situation, really, even managed to stop touching for a while. Although what we really wanted to do was drive home to our big outdoors balcony bed at home, where we could get naked and REALLY make out. Which was fair enough, it was 1:45 in the morning by then. But the party was heading over to the Omega Hotel, where Chrome Pie was staying and neither Liss nor Pokey were willing to leave yet, having just WAY too much fun. We couldn't just leave them stranded in Seattle. But we were too desperate to wait any more and ended up on the roof of the Paramount Building, outside under the night sky where we could be alone. And naked. Ignoring the scenic panorama of Seattle By Night, all I could focus on was Addy's beautiful horny face glowing in the city light. And the smell of his musk, now that we out in the fresh air and away from all other distractions. And he was getting just as killed by my own smell, my personal version of Shy°ma. I'd always liked that when we were younger, amazed by the knowledge that I literally had this big wonderful guy by the balls, because he was hooked on how I smelled. Being pretty didn't matter, being nice was okay but unnecessary, all I had to do was smell like I do and he was mine. Pretty neat. But then he'd always get control of himself and maintain his cool. But not this time, he lost his cool at last. Of course, I was ruthless, I admit it. He fell for my smell, so I sat on his face. Works great, he was convulsing. Then he took me up in his hands, lifting me light as a fairy princess to deliver my crotch to his nostrils, I was flying. We'd played all these games before, so we both knew what the other liked. We simply ravished each other, rubbing, feeling, smelling, kissing, tasting. Everything but the forbidden fuck. I was overdosing on desire--and I mean this was not the normal stuff, this was haka-charged magical energy, I was already having orgasms. The sex I wanted was not physical, it was way beyond that, but had to take the physical route to finally reach satisfaction. Those were the rules. "Addy, we can't go on like this for the rest of our lives: I need you to break that promise." "I CAN'T, Mell! You know how it works, it's Orator magic, it's in my DNA." "You've been controlling magic like a Sha-haka all evening long. You MUST have the power to beat the promise of a 13-year-old kid!" And then I said something I'm not proud of: "Addy, if you love me you'll do it for me!" "Jeez, Mell, you KNOW I love you!" "THEN PROVE IT!" He fretted, really put on the spot, but finally he surrendered to me. Our eyes locked in, neither of us breathing for a long time. Finally we both nodded. This was it. We knew what to do, we'd discussed the best way to handle this so many times during innumerable sessions of relentless horniness. He didn't want to hurt me any more than I wanted to get hurt, his weight and strength could easily be dangerous for me. He laid back, his gigantic erection pointing up. And up and up. Okay, I'm over-dramatizing. It's not that I'm getting off on the porno of this--believe me, what happened next is not going to be fun for me to tell-- I'm probably just stalling to keep from going there. I crawled up over Addy's giant fuzzy chest and shimmied backwards down over his body, until I arrived where my--ahem--womanhood was being prodded by his stallion-like tool. Damn, maybe I should rewrite that line, it's pretty corny. But no, I've done too many rewrites, I'm sticking to my WYSIWYG plan. We stayed that way frozen in time, quivering or something. Neither of us daring to push that little bit more it would take to overcome the miniscule friction of sticky skin before we could slide on into the slippery wet part and do the deed. Addy had his promise to deal with and I had to worry if I was roomy enough for him to fit inside me. "I DO love you Mell," he said and shuddered just enough to barely nudge into the warm juiciness of me. But that was it. One almost-penetration is what I got: Addy's erection just vanished, wilted away. I mean, completely deflated, flaccid, gone. Yes, just like that, the glorious long-awaited moment was over. "Addy? Uh...what's happening?" "Uh, I don't know, Mell. Damn!" He sounded surprised. "Did you...uh...come?" "No, I just...lost it." "Has this ever happened to you before? You know, with squatch girls?" "No, never. O jeez, Mel, I really want to y°ramma you!" "What can I do to help? Suck, twirl?" "I don't know. You couldn't turn me on more than I am already!" He sounded very frustrated. "Is it because you're afraid you'll hurt me?" "I don't think so; you were in control of that. I wasn't worried, I was liberated, excited-- and then it all turned off." "Is it your promise, maybe?" "I guess. Seems I really CAN'T do it with you." He sounded so sad... or angry? "Oh Addy, don't give up. We'll keep trying..." "But ooohh, I don't feel so.." Suddenly he rolled out from under me and turned face-down to vomit. Or dry-heave, luckily he hadn't been eating or drinking at the party, still too full of magical haka. But there was no magic left just now, that's for sure. At least not Addy's, but someone else's magic was happening full-blast, as we discovered. Black magic. We had checked to make sure there was no one else with us up on that rooftop before taking our clothes off, we did have that much modesty left. And it was easy enough to do, the roof was flat, nothing to hide behind, okay strip! But, someTHING was there. You can just imagine how surprised I was to see a Sasquatch coming across the roof towards us. I mean, right there in downtown Seattle and all. I didn't really freak out or anything, being more or less used to squatches by now, so my logical reaction was to wonder: "Hey, what's Dagrolyt doing here?" But all my logic exploded when I realized it WASN'T Dagrolyt, but some OTHER squatch! Did I freak out much then? Well, yeah., HE was bigger than either Addy or Dagrolyt and moved so smooth and swift through the city-light that I just KNEW he had to be a Sha-haka, a shaman. Also because he had one of their shoulder-bags, so I did have a clue. And then somehow I knew exactly WHICH Sha-haka he was: this had to be Addy's "Adversary" named Daklakht, the "Alutna-Jii" from Aket or Shamballah or wherever. I couldn't move or anything, was like deep-frozen. Not that I really felt so frightened, per se, just that I couldn't move or scream or take my eyes off him as he approached. He was hypnotic, magnificent, like "Wow!" to see. I think he had me in a spell, some kind of Sha-haka voodoo. He stepped over me and went to Addy, started speaking to him in Nokhontli. I was still frozen stiff so could only overhear Addy responding. I've learned a bit of vocabulary, not enough to follow what was being said, but could easily hear that Addy was not happy to see the guy. I know that khask means BADNESS and means SHIT. Addy tried to sing The Sound of Music and I could suddenly move again, turned to see the two of them wrestling around on the asphalt roof. But Daklakht was obviously more skilled, zip, he was sitting on Addy's back and holding him down, pressing three fingers to his neck. Addy gagged, his song stopped. Then the bigger Bigfoot stood up and straddled Addy, definitely posing as a conqueror; Master above, Slave beneath. He spoke what seemed to be commands. Addy wasn't saying anything, just ragged noises like he'd lost his voice. And then he started crying and sobbing. Just what was that bad squatch doing to my poor Addy? It was pretty scary. I had never before felt afraid with Addy nearby, I mean he's usually bigger and stronger than anyone or anything. But this was different. At least his Adversary wasn't hitting or beating him up, he seemed happy just to bully Addy with words. I didn't get an impression that Daklakht was really EVIL or CRUEL, more that he acted like a really strict cop-- which is what he actually IS out there in Squatchland, I suppose. Daklakht kept giving Addy some kind of instructions and then pointed at me, saying something that definitely sounded unkind. Addy cried like an animal in pain. Then his Adversary was done with him and left. Daklakht walked past me without a glance my way, I was obviously nothing to him--thank God! Then he vaulted over the side of the building and was gone. It was just like in a Batman movie or something: jumping off a four-story building like it meant nothing. I wondered if he'd just committed suicide, but when I got up and looked there was no body below. I turned to check on Addy--who was suddenly right there behind me--and my god, I couldn't recognize him; he was someone else. Oh, he looked the same physically, no Wolfman-movie transformation, but his eyes were not Addy's. They looked brutally stupid. And even worse, he was slobbering: drool and snot were dripping from his face, pretty disgusting. Yuk! "Addy, are you all right? What did he do to you?" I was talking as if to Addy, but already knew it wasn't him anymore. To prove that theory, he just grunted. Then growled like a mean dog. I understood this male creature was a frightening stranger, charged with dangerous negativity. For the first time in my life, I was afraid of Adam Leroy Forest. And rightly so. He grabbed my arm and threw me down, so that I ended up with my bare butt on the cold asphalt floor. I tried to get up, but he pushed me back down with one of his bigfoot big feet and held me there. He squatted down over me, actually leering at my bare body, then touched me differently than he'd ever done before, sniffing, going straight for the sex parts. Not lovingly at all, like I was meat to play with. He also drooled all over me. I only let him because now I was terrified. "Ow, stop that, you're hurting me. Stop, Addy!" He ignored my words. Grabbed me by the hips with those big hands. I saw that his erection had swollen back up to full bloom. I knew what was coming and dreaded it. Yes, I'd wanted Addy's big thing for years, but this was some other monster's big thing and I was totally threatened by the size and attitude of it. This was not the way I wanted to have or be had by a big hairy slobbering male squatch. "No! I don't want to..." But he wasn't listening, he was horny and rolled me onto my back, moved over me--right into position for slipping it to me. With him on top. "What are you doing?--not like this, you'll hurt me--you're too heavy, too strong..." Without a word he began prodding my pussy, which had dried up and shut down from fear. I tried to resist, but talk about futile. His weight crushed down on my legs and belly and chest, I couldn't breathe, went into panic. Screamed. There must have been a tiny spark of Addy's own mentality in there, because at least he paused to snot into his hand and make his penis wet before sliding it up into me, whump. That wasn't so bad, it was slippery and just fit--snug but not reaming me. But his WEIGHT! And when he started THRUSTING...I expected my bones to break, my stomach to split. There was nothing I could do to stop him, couldn't even scream, my lungs squashed flat. I could only fight for tiny gasps of air and try to endure this. The fear was just as bad as the pain and the pain was totally bad. He was damaging me, maybe seriously. All I could do was hope he came quickly--before I died. Actually, this was no totally unexpected scenario. I'd always known I'd be taking a chance when I did finally have sex with Addy. There was no way of ignoring his size, his weight, his strength, his humongous dick, and most of all his unknown squatch nature. If he was really aroused and just had to plunder me vigorously, like any normal man would, I might break-- even die. I'd known that danger, but just had to have him anyway. He was my Great Love, we scoffed at racial differences, we were in love despite those problems. Had to have him. But now I'd had enough. I wanted to stop, too bad if he hadn't come yet. But I'd been shouting, "Stop, stop! You're killing me!" and he wasn't stopping. I couldn't tell if he didn't hear me or just didn't care, he was an animal in rut. Meanwhile, I had a funny little thought: All this was exactly what my Dad had predicted and tried to save me from. Maybe I should get around to forgiving him now...if I survive this. I think I was really about to die when I managed one last little puff with the final bit of air in my squashed lungs, to croak out a feeble little melody. You know the one: "...the Hills...aRe...alive..." It was his mantra and it worked. Addy gasped as if startled and stopped moving. Then he seemed to understand enough to quickly lift his weight up off me so that I could breathe at last and drag in a desperately needed charge of air. But he held that position, like he couldn't move one way or another. I couldn't even see his face, I was stunned blind by all the pounding and lack of air. I tried to wiggle out from under him, but I was still pinned and he was still plugged in with a rock-hard dakh, everything locked into place. I was hooked, so to speak. But he finally said something, confusedly, his voice a ruined rasp, "Mell? Is that you?" He sounded scared, obviously just discovering what he'd been doing to me. But he'd returned to save me after all. "Addy? Are you YOU?" I managed to squeak back. "Yes..I...are you all right?" "I don't know yet. Can't feel my body." "Oh jeez, Mell, I'm sorry! I'm not in control..." "I know, your Adversary..." He grunted stupidly and pressed himself deeper into me, not hard yet, but primed for much more. "Mell, keep singing!" "...sound of music..." I continued and he relaxed again. Just in time too, he'd been charging up for a good solid thrust. "Addy, please get off of me!" "I..I CAN'T, Mell...I'm just way too...HORNY! Oh God, I'm sorry." Then desperately: "SING, Mel!" We were trapped like that, he couldn't break free but I could stop him by singing his mantra. It was a kind of "Checkmating". Hmm, there I go again, getting cute. Stop that, Mell, this is serious! I found how just how serious it was. As long as I would sing or hum that melody he could talk to me, otherwise his voice was gone. Daklakht had taken it away. Then he told me what else his Adversary had done to him. "He has re-infected me with his Syssk again and commanded me to go PUNISH the man who murdered my mother!" "Peter's father, Felix Sinsley? Why?" "He failed at getting me disgraced by Nokhon society, so now I think he wants me to commit murder here so that I can never be accepted as a Negotiator by humans!" "But you won't do that?" "Shit, I wouldn't do THIS either!" he said, grinding a little deeper into me, losing control again. My singing was also getting weaker, this could not go on. "Addy, What are we going to do?" "You sing, I need to be able to think straight for a minute." So I did, softly like a melody as not to disturb his thought process. For a moment it felt as if we were the most together we had ever been in our lives. And we were: he needed me to save him, I needed to be saved from him, we were a team--who also happened to be stuck in a fuck. Finally he said: "I HAVE TO attack Sinsley, got absolutely no choice about any of this. So I need you to warn the Sinsleys. I'll be running to Monroe because I'm not allowed to use any skesk-technology as an Alutna assassin, so that'll give you a couple of hours." "All right...but how do we get out of this little...fix?" "I was commanded to do this, so I'm afraid you'll have to let me finish...uh... fucking you. I have to ejaculate inside you, no choice about that either." "Addy, I'm scared you'll kill ME." "I know, so keep singing so that I can control myself. I promise to be gentle as I can." "The promise of an Orator... all right, go ahead." "There's something else: It may be that I'm NOT an Orator any more, I've broken a promise." "Oh no! And that's MY fault, I made you do it!" "We were agreed, it had to happen sometime." So we screwed as gently as he could until he came, which didn't take so long since he'd already been so worked up. I'm certainly not going to say it was wonderful, but at least when he released himself inside me it was over. Still horrible tho. I kept humming as best I could while he got off me and hurried to get away from me, Batmanning over the side of the building the same way Daklakht had gone. Just before he lost his voice again he did manage to say, "You know what to do. I love you," and was gone. I just lay there naked on the cold asphalt roof for a while, not sure how bad I was hurt, afraid to find out. I tried to roll over but could not even do that. Every muscle screamed, I was sore everywhere and although nothing actually seemed to be broken, I just couldn't get up. So I cried like a helpless girl for a while, that always works. My cell phone was in the pile of clothes I had shed, but I couldn't get up to cross the roof. I got mad at myself and tried harder to get up, that didn't work so I got madder, cursing Addy for having hurt me. But it was fear that finally got me on my feet: remembering that Addy was on his way into town to kill Felix Sinsley. Truth is, I hardly cared about the victim at all, what scared me was that my beloved Addy was going to become a murderer. Then I'd really lose him forever. That's when I got up, wasn't easy but I managed to get my cell phone and call for help. My first plan was to warn the Sinsleys. I'd been to their house back when dating Peter, but had never encoded their telephone number. I tried information but only learned that they were unlisted. I had wiped Peter's number from my cell phone long ago but could still remember it. Tried that, but it was discontinued; of course, he was in a psycho ward somewhere. I tried Art and Elaine and got no answer. What did that leave me? The Police? Tell them that Addy was going to murder a human, but please don't shoot him? They had shown zero restraint last time, when he was innocent, what would they do when he was really trying to be guilty? No Police. I decided I had to drive to Monroe myself but couldn't even walk. It was 3:00 in the morning but I assumed the party was still going on at some hotel. I punched Liss' number first but she wasn't picking up, so I tried Pokey. He took the call, "Hey, Melly, whasshup?" I could hear immediately that he'd been drinking, which was supposed to NOT happen. I wondered how deep into the bottle he was and if he could be of any use to me at all. "Pokey, I'm hurt! I need help FAST!" He snapped into focus and responded coherently, evidently not quite drunk yet. He said he'd get Liss and they'd come to rescue me quick as possible. We arranged that I'd try to crawl down to the ground floor and meet them. On my long painful way down the stairs I had time to wonder about Pokey: he must have begun drinking about a half an hour before, at the same time that Adam and I had broken his promise together. So now Pokey's magic Orator-promise was evidently invalid too. How weird was that?

Chapter 72

Adam out of Eden