Chapter 94:     Shy°ma!

ART reports events of Friday, 5 September---

The Full Moon was approaching and there was no way for our little society 
of Nokhons and Nokhsos to ignore it, we all knew what had to happen.  Nor 
did we wish to avoid it, for although it was an intimidating concept, we 
all felt a thrill of excitement about the coming Kha-rat to take place in 
the Mother Meadow.

Some of us wanted to witness it from a distance, but others wanted to get 
right into the middle of it all: the sex orgy, the shy°ma, the communal 
vision.  As an anthropologist, Melly felt it was her calling, her duty to 
immerse herself in the Nokhon culture, and this was the core of it.  Doug, 
as the zany philosopher he had always wanted to become when he grew up, 
proclaimed it His Destiny.  The rest of us were casually interested, but 
rather anxious about the potential danger of being harmed in a Sasquatch 

Adam was against any of us attending.  He had tried to convince the other 
squatches to go somewhere else to hold the Kha-rat, but they were not 
cooperating with him any more than we were.

So then he tried to scare us off with a dire warning: "If you come anywhere 
near the Kha-rat you couldn't help but be affected by the shy°ma!" 

"Well, duh," Doug said, "my erection has been counting on that ever since 
I heard of it."

"So has Art's," Elaine announced with great amusement.  

Lissandra, biting her lip very prettily, said, "We just wanna WATCH!"

"Yeah, and maybe beat off just a little," Pokey had to be funny.

"It won't work," Adam warned, "you'll get sucked in.  Look, I know you guys 
are thinking of shy°ma as some kind of recreational drug, maybe like Viagra; 
gets you horny, go on all night, yayy!  I know that sounds like fun, but 
imagine a really bad overdose of Viagra.  Times ten.  I don't even know if 
human hearts can take that kind of stimulation.

"You also need to be aware that you simply do NOT reject anyone's sexual 
advances at a Kha-rat. In other words, you will each be expected to have 
sex with all the big hairy squatches.."

"Hooray, maybe I'll finally meet a squatch who can get it up," Melly said 
bitterly, at least it did not sound like a very friendly joke. 

"'re all making fun of this," Adam said, graciously in Melly's case, 
"but I'm serious about the danger.  I don't really believe my fellow Nokhons 
would be so clumsy as to SQUASH you little twerps, but accidents can happen.  
And even if you do survive them--you'll just end up rutting with each other.  
I mean, do you really want that to happen?"

Nobody had an answer ready.  Someone giggled, Lissandra, I think.

Finally Maki, our shy new girl managed to say, "No.  We don't.. I mean, I 
don't.  You're all very nice people and everything, but I think group sex 
would be too much too soon for me."  She hesitated, then asked, "What about 
you, Pokey?"

Pokey looked put on the spot, stole a guilty glance at Lissandra and said, 

I was about to say something quite responsible about how Adam was right, 
but Doug beat me to it.

"Look, Adam, we all know that you're right about this.  I admit that just 
the possibility of me actually getting to screw every lovely woman here 
turns me on (hey, Elaine, good times again?).  So I can't help thinking how 
much FUN that would be, morality be damned.  And I'm quite sure this group 
of people could survive a little orgy, hell; we all love each other anyway. 
(Even you Maki, you're new but cute as Hell.)  
"But of course, the scary part for me is what happens between me and Melly.  
I mean, I really don't want to sexually abuse my daughter, no matter how 
horny I get."

Melly didn't even comment, just looked embarrassed. 

Elaine spoke up: "I feel the same way about Adam, not because he's a 
squatch, but because he's my son.  I don't want that to happen."

"That's just it, folks," Adam closed his case, "if you go to the Kha-rat 
together, it probably will happen.  Morality be damned indeed."

Friday, the 5th of September So we knew that the shy°ma would be coming on soon, we'd talked about it, wondered what it was like, counting the days to the Full Moon. And still it caught us by surprise, coming a day earlier than expected. The Full Moon was due Monday night, the 8th of September, the women should start flowing about three days before then, Saturday the 6th, after which they were to keep away from the house until their shy°ma dissipated, usually about a day and a half later. Adam told us that it would make everyone so horny that they wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything but sex, so we could forget about the language school during that time. But while that might sound like fun to humans, to Nokhons it was a ritual of discipline and contemplation of their Atli, since they must endure celibacy for those three days before the Ma-ml°t-klys. So on Friday the 5th we were especially active at teaching and learning language and culture, knowing we'd have to shut down for almost a week. Everyone was involved, to some greater or lesser degree, ending up gathered at the terrace at lunchtime. Lunch was a feature of Nokhso culture that the squatches had definitely come to appreciate. Elaine and Magga were making a large cauldron of lentil soup, which had become a favorite among Nokhons. Yes, Magga was learning to cook. Masnia, however, would rather explore the universe of Music than eat, so she asked if she could use our "stee-rio" in the living room. She had taken to using headphones so as not to rattle the entire house playing at the volume levels she preferred. Masnia was quite studious in her approach to music, being now halfway through our collection of classical recordings. She put on the Deutsche Grammophon edition of Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream, adjusted her headphones, laid flat out on the sofa with eyes closed and was gone from this level of existence for a while. Maybe it was the music, or simply because she's the youngest female squatch, but her shy°ma began to flow without her knowing it. She had the house to herself, we were all outside on or around the terrace, so no one noticed the smell until Lissandra went into the house to finish a project in the office. A few minutes later she came out, topless, t-shirt in hand and her shock of black hair more wild and electro-zapped than usual. "Hey, does anyone want to have sex with me? Cause I kinda need it right now!" She looked like a desperate woman. "Lissandra, are you all RIGHT?" Elaine called. Lissandra seemed to abruptly realize that she was misbehaving, covered up her breasts with sudden modesty (even though she'd been brazenly sunbathing them on the terrace all summer) and announced: "Ohmygod, I think that was SHYěMA I just smelled!" and pointed into the house. Elaine, Pokey and I were nearest so we all rushed in to see if it was true. Maybe not the smartest move, but we were curious, all having heard of shy°ma but having never experienced it. Well, we got to. There was a sweet-meat smell inside the house, rather pleasant, which we traced to the living room, where Masnia was lying on the sofa listening to music, headphones on, eyes closed, in a world of her own. "It's coming from her!" we all agreed. "Man-o-man, does she smell GOOD!" Pokey remarked. "So do you, Pokey," Lissandra remarked and sniffed his neck. Pokey couldn't help responding and sniffed back, pulling her in closer. As if anyone could get closer than we already were, the four of us gathered in a tight cluster framed by the doorway between the hall and the living room. But we were all shuffling closer anyway, couldn't help it. I was hypnotized by Lissandra's dark beauty--well, I always have been, but had never allowed myself to react before. Now it seemed necessary to. I was ready to move in and start sniffing myself, reaching for the one free boob Pokey wasn't holding, when Elaine caught me from behind. She spun me around to see that she had also thrown off her blouse and I was reminded about being married to some woman I loved. That had temporarily slipped my mind, but I happily grabbed her breasts instead and sniffed her. Not out of moral duty to my wife, but because she was the quickest and easiest way to having sex. She was aggressively peeling off my clothes, but with just enough modesty remaining to say: "Maybe we should go to our bedroom, Art!" "But the smell is here," Lissandra grunted as she and Pokey were gliding to the floor, already naked. "You' right," Elaine gasped, "screw it, here's just fine!" And down we went, almost tangled up with Pokey and Lissandra, who were already copulating enthusiastically. We caught up fast. It must sound as if we were out of our minds, but we weren't, not really. Each of us was aware of who we were with and what we were doing and glad to be doing it, believe me. We were all sharing a perfect desire to make love, unhindered by practicality or morality. This had to be honored and explored, this was beyond sex, this was a feral drive that could not--must not--be ignored. It went fast, maybe only seconds, there was no thought of prolonging the act, no artistry to practice. Straight to orgasm. But that didn't mean it was over, because another orgasm was already on its way. I could hear Pokey and Lissandra climaxing and I thought, great, now we can swap... In the middle of all this, Maki came rushing into the house, "Did someone say shy°ma? ..oh EEEK!" She was shocked to see four naked people having vigorous sex on the floor. Doubly shocked when she saw, "POKEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Pokey managed to look up from his work, "Hey Maki, you can be next!" not about to stop having Lissandra until he was done. Lissandra sent Maki a shy little wave. "Stop fucking my boy friend, you bitch!" Maki shouted indignantly. "Just a sec," Lissandra gasped back, "gotta finish this, almost there, then you him..." "Never fucking mind!" Maki shrilled with vast scorn, "I don't want him any more!" She turned to storm out of the house, perhaps never to return, but by then she had inhaled enough shy°ma to affect her too. Maki spun around to look at the clump of pumping bodies, hesitated, then hurriedly stripped off her clothes. "Me too," she said, sliding down into their embrace. Our embrace, everybody caressing everyone else. Then Doug and Melly came into the house together. Almost tripping over the five of us, there wasn't much room left on the hallway floor. "Hey, what IS this?" Doug exclaimed, then laughed at the absurdity of what he saw: bottoms bobbing. "Ohmygod, is that smell what I think it is?" Melly asked. "Holy moley, that must be shy°ma!" "Uh...Dad, you know how we were wondering if shy°ma makes humans feel horny?" Melly's question had to be rhetorical, but Doug answered anyway, "Certainly looks like it does.. oh wow, FEELS like it does!" "Yeah, as you say, wow..." The only reason I paid any attention to them was that another desirable woman had arrived, although Elaine and I had spent ourselves on each other and I was focusing on Lissandra, now that Pokey was servicing Maki.. You probably know that I am not reporting all this detail just to titillate or boast about what fun I was having (would I do that?), but to convey an idea of the power that smell had over us all. None of us were about to... "STOP!" That was Adam's powerful voice at full volume, delivered with all the impact an Orator can deliver. We did stop, everyone frozen in each their own inelegant position. "Doug and Melly, I don't think you really want to go any farther with that," Adam warned them. "Hunh, what?" Doug mumbled. "Yes we do," Melly insisted, then angry, "so leave us alone, Adam!" I finally looked up to see what was going on outside of my own groping distance. "Oops," I said, and so did my fellow gropers. Doug and his daughter were still standing, but tangled in an erotic embrace, him behind, her arched hard back against him. Her t-shirt had been yanked up to expose her nipples, one of which Doug had in a gentle pinch. Melly's shorts had fallen down around her ankles, her white cotton undies stretched out of shape by Doug's other hand stuffed deep down inside, where he also had a firm grip on her crotch and at least one finger hooked into something wet. It took a second for them to realize what they were doing and how stoned on shy°ma they must be. Then Melly wiggled free, gave Doug a friendly little pat on his erection and moved away from him. "Oh well," she said, with a wicked little smile, "we almost got away with it, huh Dad?" and went directly out of the house, away from the smell. And away from Adam: Melly had noticed that he too had a shy°ma-erection, probably specifically for her, which apparently offended her. Doug looked absolutely shocked. All he could say was, "Oh no, ohhh nooo.." and run his fingers through his hair, doing his own version of King Lear, "..almost? Did I really almost..?" He too staggered out the door and was gone. We on the floor were still all piled up upon each other. Finally Lissandra had enough presence of mind to break free, even though it wasn't easy. At least she gave me an apologetic kiss, "Maybe next time, old man." Then kissed Elaine too, passionately, perhaps in apology for almost making her husband unfaithful, but Elaine only kissed her back just as passionately. Pokey and Maki were recharged and getting back into it, the smell was still going on. I was ready for more of Elaine and she was settling comfortably in. None of us were satisfied yet! Adam sniffed the air, followed the smell to Masnia in the living room. He said something in Nokhontli, but Masnia didn't react until he touched her on the oh-so-cute knee (yes, I'd been considering her next), oblivious to everything but the music. She took off her headphones and paid attention to what he was saying to her. Something about shy°ma. She looked surprised, sniffed the air, did an "Ooops," hopping up out of the sofa. Masnia came to us looking embarrassed and apologetic, saying, "Sorry, sorry, I go now!" Up close her smell was even more wonderful. The four of us cried out, "No, no, don't go!" Devoid of all dignity, we may have clutched at her legs. But Adam pointed to the door, she obeyed and was gone. The smell with her. The desire passed away amazingly fast, from full-blast to a hollow echo. I suppose that I had used up a week's worth of erections, because there was nothing left and we could just as well pack up and go home. The four of us looked at each other, wondering if we should feel ashamed or what, then ended up laughing and hugging. We finally noticed Adam regarding us with an apologetic look. "Sorry about that. Masnia's teen-aged hormones set her off earlier than expected..." Then he too had to laugh. "It looks like I got here just in time to save you all from a fate worse than death." "Yeah, thanks a lot," I mock-grumbled. But Elaine said seriously, "For Doug and Melly, I think you might have."
Poor Masnia was exiled off to Camp, away from the house and her beloved stee-rio and pee-anno lessons, but at least she had her MP3 player which had been downloaded with a few gigabytes of new music, so she could survive. Magga and Mazaha did not smell of shy°ma yet, but would any time soon, so all three women went together. Daworget and Dabababet chose to accompany them, so all the squatches were away for the next few days, including Adam most of the time. They had plans to go foraging for some REAL food anyway, thistles and reeds, since sometimes the food at the house was almost TOO tasty for their simple palates. Of course, the Nokhons discussed the coming Kha-rat, due in three nights. Especially because some of the Nokhsos wished to participate and it had to be decided if that was appropriate. This would not be the first time that humans had done so, it was mentioned in the Atli, but none of them had ever personally experienced such a thing before. Here is a synopsis of those discussions as told to me by Adam. Adam was the Nokon most concerned with the consequences of having a full- blown Kha-rat in proximity of Nokhsos. "The Kha-rat is one of the major differences between us and them," he had told them, "we are naturally driven to have a monthly orgy, but the Nokhsos are not. Our women's shy°ma would certainly tempt them to join in on the fun, but that could be catastrophic for them, especially in large groups." "Don't they like sex?" Mazaha asked. "Oh sure, but sex can cause much suffering for them if they are not cautious about it. We don't spread fatal infections or become accidentally pregnant, they do. And that's just among themselves, put them in Kha-Rat with lusty Nokhons ready to y°ramma anything that moves and they could easily be crushed." "They are pretty puny," Daworget admitted, "but I'd be careful. I'd really like to y°ramma the cute golden-haired girl Ma-elli-a." Adam just rolled his eyes without bothering to protest. "Yes, so would I, but I'm not going to. And neither is anyone else, it could kill her." "No," Masnia said, "Ma-elli-a can take it. She's got a good solid marat, I can tell." "I'd like to try the mature one, Ma-elain-a," Dabababet fantasized, "very gently and slowly..." "Ra, ra, I know, they're all wonderful women! And that's why I don't want them to get HURT." "What about the men?" Masnia asked, "can we have them?" "Oh, they must have very tiny dakhs," Mazaha assumed, "it's probably not worth bothering." "I don't know," Masnia imagined, "I'd sort of like to y°ramma the one called Doug, he's cute and he seemed to want me even before the shy°ma began to smell..." "Enough!" Adam shouted, "I'm trying to tell you that we should just go away from here until the shy°ma passes..." "But we want to have our Kha-Rat here!" Masnia insisted. The others agreed. "Not with Nokhsos," Adam insisted, "we can simply trek out to another ml°noli and have it there." "But this is our new home," Magga protested, "we must celebrate that here." "Ra, the Mother's Meadow is the right place," Masnia insisted, "I knew that first time I saw it, very magical." "Ra, it was here your mother Mayala died for all this, Dadamet," Magga reminded him. Adam Leroy Forest discovered that he was not actually "King of the Forest" as his name proclaimed, but was subject to their little democracy and all the others voted to remain. There was nothing he could do about it.
We puny little humans had an informal meeting of our own after the shy°ma incident, sitting around the terrace, no more squatches to teach that day. Doug was half-traumatized by how near he had come to committing incest with Melly. We all tried to comfort him with the fact that it was only "almost", that it hadn't actually been consummated. All agreed that he couldn't help it, it was the shy°ma, we'd all fallen under the spell, etc. But he insisted upon wallowing in shame. "I'm going to say it like it is," Doug continued his relentless confession, "I was out of control. I had THIS..." holding up the classic third finger "...where a father's fingers are not supposed to be...I'm so sorry, Melody Anne." "It's all right, Dad, you didn't hurt me," Melly shrugged and smiled, "actually you were making me feel pretty good." "Oh yes, me too, under those conditions, but it doesn't feel so good now. The thing is, I couldn't stop myself, and nobody else was stopping me..." "The shy°ma got to us too," Elaine said, "we were busy." "Point is: I was well on my way to forcing sex on my own daughter!" "Come on, Dad, you didn't force anyone. I was willing-- no, I wanted it BAAD." "And that makes it better?" I suppose everyone was having similar considerations about the incident, and about the moral dilemmas we could be facing if we did attend the Kha-rat. Elaine and I certainly did. "That Art and I had sex on the floor in plain sight of everyone I can live with, it WAS fun," Elaine admitted, "but I was going to take on Pokey next and I have to say I'm glad that didn't happen." She looked over at him, "Not because I don't love you, Pokey, it just seems improper." Pokey was tempted to say something funny or cool but his girl friend Maki was almost sitting on him to stake her claim. "Good thing too, Pokey's in trouble enough," she said, with a nasty look at Lissandra, "he still hasn't apologized for being unfaithful to me." "That's because you're demanding that I say I'm SORRY for...for finally getting close to Liss," Pokey protested, "but I'm NOT. I love you Maki and it's still you and me, babe, but I'd have to lie to say that I regret what happened." Lissandra sent him a shy smile, "Yeah, it was nice, Poke, I don't regret it either." Then to Maki she said, "And come on, Maki, you were there, you know we were all swept away. You'd probably have screwed Art next if Adam hadn't come along." "No I wouldn't!" Maki said, protesting a little too much, "He's way too OLD for..." She covered her face in embarrassment, "...oh, sorry, Art, I didn't really mean to say that." "It's okay, Maki, you can make it up to me next time," I couldn't resist saying that just to tease her. But Maki's words struck home, not because I had lusted for her, but the entire older-man younger-woman syndrome. The relationship I had with Lissandra and Melly was as fatherly friend, not Dirty Old Man. I can't say I never had any erotic feelings for those two beautifully nubile healthy young girls--I'd have to have been gay or dead not to--but I had always behaved properly with them. Until today, when I'd been on my way to climbing right into Lissandra. And Melly next. Then Masnia. And if Maki was still lying around, I'd definitely have shown her that I wasn't as OLD as she thought! I should have been glad, like Elaine, that I had not violated my moral responsibility as a decent man. But couldn't help regretting that I hadn't at least possessed painfully beautiful Lissandra when she had been so near. And the feeling was not going away. I love Elaine and had always been faithful, I'd been a respectable school teacher who never persued his pretty students, that was how I'd always intended it to be. But this little episode with shy°ma taught me that I didn't have a Chinaman's chance of maintaining that innocence at a Kha-rat. I'd fuck'em all fast as I could and I didn't want to do that...not really. So I was morally bound to avoid shy°ma around them, but personally yearned to experience the Kha-rat. With them. And of course, we all felt the same way about this.
Adam came to us from his similar meeting with the other squatches, who were settled into their Refugee Camp for the next 4-5 days. We discussed what we should do concerning the teaching program. "Nothing to do but wait for the Kha-rat to be over with," he told us, "my fellow squatches will be contemplating Atli for the next three days anyway." "Not sex?" Pokey asked. "The point is to rise above that." "Hey, Pokey, you were rising too," Lissandra mentioned. "You didn't seem so affected by it, Add...Adam." Melly had spoken to him in an almost civil manner, although she was looking down as she did so, avoiding any eye contact. "Except for one cute little boner earlier today," Lissandra recalled. "I'm used to it. And really, what you got today was a sweet little whiff from only ONE young woman just beginning to flow. In three days it'll be a LOT stronger--and from all three women. THAT will affect me--but I'll still be in control. You get horny but you don't lose your mind." "Then why did I end up finger-fucking my own daughter?" Doug wanted to know. "Relax, Dad, nothing really happened anyway. We touched, is all." "Well, we can't do that again!" "Don't worry," Adam said, "it won't happen again as long as you all stay away from shy°ma." "Stay away? I wouldn't miss the Kha-rat for anything!" Doug insisted. "Nor will I," Melly announced, "I have to go." "What? No you're not," Doug insisted, "We can't BOTH go, that's OUT!" "Then you're out, but I'm going. I'm an anthropology major doing my PhD dissertation about squatch women, their reproduction cycle, shy°ma, all that. I REALLY do have to go." "I FORBID you to go to the Kha-rat!" Both Doug and Adam shouted in perfect unison. "Nobody's forbidding me to do anything! I'm an adult, this is my field of expertise. Live with it, guys." "But if we're BOTH there in all that shy°ma-smell," Doug protested, "It's already been proven that I couldn't resist the temptation for Miss Melody Anne Wielson." "I probably wouldn't be able to resist you either, Mister Douglas Wielson. So what? It's only sex, might even be fun." Doug rolled his eyes, "What, do you WANT us to commit incest?" "No, I don't. At least not here and now, but I AM going to the Kha-rat, and if you do too...well, I guess we'll just have to deal with it," she shrugged, "Unless you can get Adam to sell you his old..." she froze, stunned by what she'd been about to say. Everyone froze. Big Aha! moment. Doug dashed a palm against his head. "My God, how could I be so stupid as to not think of that? Years ago!" We all knew what he meant, because not one of us had thought of it before now, even though we knew that Adam could "sell" a promise and then it was no longer his. "Oh, I HAVE thought of it," Adam said to Doug, "but I've been too afraid of getting my hopes up and having it not work. Besides, I needed to find a clever way to trick you into it." "So you brought a whole Kha-rat to me. Clever indeed! Is there any chance that it will work?" "I don't know. That promise was never intended to be transferred to another user. Then again, it was never my own formulation either." "No, it was my very own drunken words. I say we try it, right now. If only to release you from that curse I put upon you." "What, you're going to cancel Addy's promise?" Melly squawked, suddenly enraged, "Well, don't bother! It doesn't matter anymore, I don't want to... not with HIM!" Adam looked at Melly in surprise, we all did, "But Melly..." he began. "Don't BUT MELLY me!" Her voice became more hateful, more shrill, "You're the worst boy friend in the world! Unfaithful Rapist!" Then she turned and walked away muttering angry little squeaks. We all looked at each other with raised eyebrows, but no one was willing to go talk sense into her just then.
It was a simple ceremony. We were all witness to it. Adam walked around the lawn, looking for the proper place of power a shaman recognizes, alignment with sun, mountains, four winds, etc. He squatted and signaled Doug to stand before him, their eyes on the same level. "Usually I need to carefully define a promise to be transferred, but you have already defined that one. Can you remember the words?" "They've been burned in my memory for years," Doug said through gritted teeth, tears now running down his cheeks. Adam was surprised at the anguish he saw, then his eyes misted up as well. I looked over at Elaine, yes, tears. Pokey, Lissandra, yes. Melly nowhere in sight, but then I couldn't see so well myself. Doug began to recite in a voice full of shame, "I promise..." Adam stopped him, "No, I have to say them to work the magic." Doug nodded, dreading to hear what came next. Adam spoke, but in a voice that shocked us all, sounding exactly as Adam had at twelve years old. "I promise never...ever to...FUCK...Melly!" Elaine started sobbing, Melly too, suddenly right behind her. I toughed it out. Doug couldn't. Thankfully, Adam continued in his real voice, "This was the sacred promise of an Orator, inviolable and eternal." He looked Doug in the eyes and offered his hand. "And now I hereby transfer that promise to you, Doug Wielson: do you accept this vow?" Doug grabbed Adam's hand like a desperate man, pressing it to his bosom and croaking, "Yes, yes, yes, I accept. I accep... OH GOD!" I remembered that there had been a ZAP during Pokey's ceremony, evidently some kind of sign that the magic had worked. But this zap was a real walloper, perhaps because of all the years of pain the promise had caused. Both Adam and Doug were staggered by it. "Then it is done," Adam announced when he got his breath back, "that is now YOUR promise, Doug Wielson, which you can never break." Then he put his hand on Doug's head and pulled him in a close embrace, "Thank you, man." When they separated Doug went back into the house to sit down, shaky both physically and emotionally. The rest of us couldn't help turning to see Adam and Melly looking at one another, wondering what they were going to do now. One would assume that they would rush off to be together. But instead Melly spoke in a voice so hateful and cruel that it hurt all of us who heard it: "Well! So we'll be at a Kha-rat together and now you think you'll get to FUCK me at last. Well, forget that! "Now it's MY turn to do the forbidding, Adam Leroy Forest: I FORBID you to ever TOUCH me at that Kha-rat-- even if I BEG you to--or it will be RAPE!" She turned away, "Just like last time!" Melly walked back into the house. Lissandra sent Adam a sympathetic look, then followed Melly. Adam shrugged and walked alone back to the Nokhon camp out in the meadow.

Chapter 95

Adam out of Eden