Chapter 95:     Consummations

MELLY telling events of Saturday, the 6th of September--

So Addy was finally free from that damned promise and what did I do?  I 
made a promise of my own that was just as bad, hurt his feelings nasty as 
I could and made a dramatic exit.  I should have made love to him right 
there on the spot, in front of everyone, in celebration of being free to 
become the couple we've always wanted to be.  I didn't WANT to say those 
things, but I couldn't help it.  Some sick rage just took over me.  Again, 
like it does every time I see him.

So I went back to our room- his room, actually--and fell apart.  Now that 
I wasn't looking at him I was all the way back in love with him and sorry 
for mistreating him so badly.  I was crying my eyes out when Liss came in 
to try to pick up the pieces.  

God, Liss had to be tired of me being like this. I mean, this was HER love 
life too, we shared Addy and now he was free to consummate our weird 3-way
relationship, but I was screwing it all up for both of us.  I felt like I 
was going crazy.

But she was still being patient with me.  Irritated but patient.  We went 
through all the same old discussions about how none of this was really 
Addy's fault, and how I couldn't expect to have a normal gray-flannel suit 
relationship with Adam Leroy Forest and why was I going hot and cold on him 
again and again, none of it was making any kind of sense, and how I should 
seriously see a shrink pretty soon.

And then it hit me: the solution.  It was crazy too, but made sense under 
the conditions.  I only hated him when I SAW him.  When I couldn't SEE him 
I loved him.  I needed to have him make love with me in the dark.  That's 
right, since he could service me now at last, we should do it--as long as 
I couldn't see him.  Maybe that would break this spell over me.  

"THAT's your solution?" Liss asked me, sounding pretty skeptical.

"I have to do SOMETHING!"

"Well, then TRY it!"

I grabbed my cell phone and punched out Addy's number.  He usually took it 
with him out to the camp.  "Yes, Mel, what is it?"  He did not sound eager 
to talk to me and I could hardly blame him.

But I did blame him, just the sound of his voice pissed me off so bad that 
all I could do was sputter a few incoherent insults and hang up. Then break 
into more tears.  

"So much for that plan," Liss commented.

"I guess it's the shrink," I said, pretty sure I was bonkers now.  

"Mel, there's something I've got to say about this."  But she looked 
reluctant to say it, so I knew what it was.  I decided to spare her the 

"I know, Liss.  You love him as much as I do, but you're not crazy.  So now 
that his dirty old promise is null and void, YOU could make love with him 
and the only thing holding you back is me.  Go to him." 

She looked grateful for a second, but then shook her head and said, "No, 
I can't just do that, Mel, we share our problem as a threesome.  Adam's 
promise may be fixed but now you're broken and I won't abandon you.  

"And anyway," she went on, "Freakfoot has a voice in all this: he knows 
what's going on, he knows where I am.  It's just that...if he does call me 
I'll want to take him up on it.  Just thought I should tell you."

"That's fair, Liss, you do that, got my blessing."

"Good.  But for now it's you and me," she said, climbing into bed with me.  
She held me while I cried.  He never called, so I held her while she cried 
and we got through the night.

I had resolved to find myself a psychiatrist the very next morning, but it was Saturday, so I'd have to wait until Monday. The next best option was to immerse myself in work instead of self-pity, but I had no stomach for it. And then I realized that it was time to dedicate myself to Anthropology. Once I had the idea of doing my anthropology dissertation about shy°ma it had expanded into a study of Nokhon women themselves and how their sexual system was, in fact, the major difference between their species and ours. Otherwise, squatches are just bigger and hairier humans, but their shy°ma is unique and effects their society's entire culture, especially their concept of what we would call morality. And it was all going on right next to me, or had been until Addy had them move further out into the woods to get the smell of shy°ma away from the house. People were getting too horny to function or be interested in anything but sex. But I wanted to find them, even if it was going to make me horny and frustrated. I'm used to that anyway. Addy would be out there, but I resolved to behave politely to him. Like a sister, ignoring the change in our relationship. It hardly mattered that he was now free to make love with me, since I was obviously incapable of taking him up on it. I'd just have to accept that the frustration was probably going to continue for a while. I would also accept that he'd be spending his love life with his two squatch lovers instead of me--or even Liss. At least I knew he wasn't having sex with them either right now since it was forbidden for two more days, until the Full Moon orgy. Actually, it was the Nokhon women that I intended to visit, to interview them as best I could with my half-assed Nokhontli vocabulary and the little bit of English they had learned by now. I wanted to find out what shy°ma was, understand how their reproduction cycle worked, how they controlled genetics and prevented pregnancy. There was no sign of them in the Mother Meadow, so I kept going up the hill hoping I could find them. Normally it could be pretty hopeless to find any Bigfoot hiding in the woods, but Addy had taught me a bird-call they use to announce themselves. But it was Adam who finally came out to me. "What are you doing here? You know I'm trying to protect all you people from the shy°ma." So much for warm greetings. "I do not WISH to be protected from it," I snapped back, already angry at him, although trying not to lose my temper, "in fact, I'm here to study it. I'm planning on researching shy°ma and how it affects Nokhon culture. I'm an anthropologist just like you, remember?" I was braced for a just as belligerent response that would really set me off, hoping to control myself by just not looking at him. But he answered politely instead and I could hear that he respected my intentions. After all, we had studied anthropology together for years. "Okay, come on then. But I think you'll get all the shy°ma you can stand." He led me through the woods, along the little creek, and soon I could smell the women. By the time we came into a little clearing where the two other squatch guys were hanging out it was already making me pretty horny. Addy's muscular butt was looking good as I followed him, even though I kept feeling angrier as I watched, then had to look away for awhile. I had always been sexually attracted to Addy, his being a Bigfoot had never been an issue for me, so I guess it's no surprise that I could lust for other Bigfoot boys as well under the influence of shy°ma. And I did! Dabababet and Daworget stood up to greet me with a happy "Kha, Ma-elli-a!" bobbing both prodigious erections and smiling heads enthusiastically. God, they looked scrumptious! I was aroused enough by now to be flattered that they were pointing their hard-ons right at me, but resolved to be a good anthropologist and behave properly according to their culture. I knew they had to be celibate for two more days, so did not do what my itch was insisting upon. I wanted to...never mind, you know what shy°ma does to people. I controlled myself, just like they had to, but it wasn't easy. "So what do you guys DO out here when it's like this?" I asked Addy without looking at him, "Beat off all day?" "No. Just the opposite," he says, "we're practicing control over our sexual energies, building up charges for some magic. It's something like Kundalini or Tantric yoga." "Does it actually work?" "Sometimes. But as you can see, your female presence is causing us all to leak out some of our charge, so we're not perfect at it yet." They were dripping all right, almost ejaculating, more flattery for me. "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to mess up your session." "Don't worry, lets us measure our limits. Later the women will join us anyway so that we can meditate upon their maratli. So their shy°ma will be at a much higher concentration than you're experiencing now: that's REALLY a test!" "Where are the women?" "Sequestered right now. They have their own magic to practice, usually tuned towards women's needs or problems. We men are not allowed to participate in those rituals." "Oh yeah, Magga mentioned that to me. Practically invited me to join them." "She's counting on it, at some point. But you'll need to be accustomed to much higher levels of shy°ma before you could tolerate being there." "Well, if I'm going to come to the Kha-rat..." "You're NOT coming to the Kha-rat! I forbid it!" That made me look at him. And hiss, "You're not my master and can't forbid me shit, Adam!" "Listen, Mell, I can actually resist RAPING you, since you demanded that, but you'd still have to y°ramma THEM!" He waved his hand at Dabababet and Daworget, who were looking down at me with obvious desire in their eyes. But horny as I was, I just looked right back, didn't scare me a bit. "Well, they look like nice guys." Dabababet smiled dreamy-eyed. He liked me, I could tell. I racked my brain for Nokhontli words and announced to everyone there, "Ha ya wo Kha-rat ahatli, ma-ml°t-klys!" Which was supposed to mean, "I want to come to your Kha-rat, Full Moon Night." They seemed to understand, they smiled and said, Khara, Kha-rat! In fact, Dabababet got very excited, touched my breast, then his, saying, "Khara, Ma-elli-a, ahat ha y°ramma?" which I understood as: "Cool, Melly, you and me fucky-fucky?" Just to piss Adam off I smiled, bobbed my head, wiggled my eyebrows and said, "Ra, ra, hahatli y°ramma!" You see, I CAN speak fluent Nokhontli. Adam spoke in a commanding tone, obviously saying that in NO WAY was I going to be allowed to join the Kha-rat, but his friends were on my side. Once again Adam got outvoted. The guys were pleased and excited that I would be at their orgy. Dababet promised to y°ramma me very gently and was really looking forward to having his dakh inside such a golden beauty as me. Or something like that. So I, being out-of-my-head with lust at that time, asked to feel how hard his dakh was (slightly smaller than Addy's so no problem). I gave it a little squeeze just for fun and Dabababet giggled. Squirted a little jizz too. So Daworget wanted the same. Addy finally got angry, "Damn it, Mell..." etc. I liked that, got angry back and we shouted at each other like we've never done before. I said some really abusive things I certainly didn't mean and he gave up. He couldn't abuse me, not even verbally. The other two squatches began to be upset, they're not used to nastiness, so they tried to calm us down. Adam became calm at once but I wanted to hurt him for...actually, I didn't know what for, I was just feeling mean as hell. I knew I was being a bitch, but it was beyond my control. I was already sorry, but couldn't say it. Should have found that shrink yesterday. Just to spite Adam I turned to the guys and asked, "Don't you want to see my marat?" They understood the word for "pussy" and said, Ra, ra! So I stripped naked to give them a look, while Addy was practically covering his eyes in shame. They were quite interested and got up close for a good view. I heard them say "ehm" lots of times, "little, tiny", but that only seemed to make them more interested. I guess American guys would say "tight". When I looked after Adam, to get myself another charge of rage, he was gone. He'd just walked off into the woods. So my rage vanished, poof, just like that. But I was still out of my mind with unquenched desire, started begging those two guys to y°ramma me, even though I knew they weren't allowed to. Not professional cultural anthropology at all. Addy came back. He couldn't abandon me in that state, said he'd be taking me home. I refused, ready to claw his eyes out if he tried to carry me away by force. Instead he started to cry. I started to laugh, not a nice laugh, it didn't even sound like me. Actually, he only wept a few tears and then spoke to the other two men in a determined way. Addy had evidently accepted that I was coming to the Kha- rat no matter what, so he concentrated on making sure that I wasn't going to be squashed by any overeager squatches. He actually demonstrated to the others the best way to y°ramma me if they were going to be on top. He pretended I was under him, balancing his weight on hands and elbows and simulated having me. It was how he had done it that night on the roof of the Paramount in Seattle, which had allowed him to come without killing me. It might have been nice then if he hadn't been that slobbering monster who had already scared and hurt me so bad. But I was too aroused now to dwell on that, just wishing someone would actually screw me instead of pretending. His friends were amused, just by context I could pick up that they were saying, "Oh come on, Man, we already KNOW how to screw!" But Addy never had any inhibitions when it came to protecting me and he said something that got the others to take him seriously. They were reminded that he loved me. All of this just made me angrier. The slobbering monster was inside my head, the horniness just gave it more power, I could feel the last vestiges of any control I had slipping away...and then I attacked Addy. Pretty smart move: I'm 110 pounds, Addy's 500+, but I knew he wouldn't hurt me, so it wasn't exactly a suicide mission. It wasn't thought out at all, just a mindless urge. Fingernails and teeth were my weapons. Addy easily caught my hands and when our skin touched I felt a painful ZAP, like static electricity. I screamed, horrible and shrill, hysterically trying to yank my hands free. I felt like a trapped animal. Meanwhile Addy grunted and froze, holding on and gawking at me, mouth wide open in stupid astonishment. "Jeez Mell," he shouted, "you've been infected by a Syssk!" I suddenly knew it was true: because the slobbering monster was me now.
ADAM adding a note-- The instant I touched Melly's skin I could sense the Syssk. I hadn't been in physical contact with her since the night of the concert in Seattle, six weeks before. But I should have figured it out earlier, from her behavior. It's just that a Syssk does not compute in the Nokhso world, so it had never occurred to me. How could she have become a victim of Nokhon sorcery? Once I'd asked that question the answer bit me in the ass: because she was with ME that night! I had RAPED her while possessed by the Syssk! She and I have always had an extremely powerful emotional bond, to the point of telepathic, so there had been a transfer! I had infected her! No wonder she hated the sight of me, that's how a Syssk is programmed. No wonder she acts crazy around me, just as I did that same night. None of this was her fault, it was all mine--even though I'd been unaware of it. But now I had to do something about it. Melly needed a Sha-haka, I wasn't experienced enough to exorcise a Syssk. Fortunately, my very own Magga was a brand-new Sha-haka-ma, hopefully well- trained, so I took Melly to her. Melly protested, to say the very least, so I had to overpower her. Which I really don't like to do to Nokhsos and especially not her. I ran, not because time was a critical factor but because Melly was so strenuously wild and savage that I was afraid she was going to hurt herself, maybe even have a heart attack. I was worried that the concentrated shy°ma-effect of three women had to be too much for Melly to endure, since they were almost at full potency now. I wasn't allowed to go near them anyway, so I was planning to stop a distance away and call for Magga to come alone. But she was already waiting for me, having heard Melly's screams and curses. I told her what I suspected and had to hold Melly still while Magga looked into her eyes and smelled out her aura. "Ra, it's a minor syssk and I can sense that the energy signature is a blend of yours and Daklakht's--and Dastardat's." She also came to the conclusion that I had infected Melly by y°ramma when Daklakht had made me go berserk. "What can we do?" I asked, upset at seeing Melly so out of control. "You can do nothing, Dadamet, she is only acting like this because you are here. This particular syssk is antagonistic only to your haka. If you leave she will be fine, then she and I can exorcise the syssk." "Can you do that?" "Easily, this is only a shadow of the original spell, which I know well. It's typical of Daklakht's and I've studied under him at Aket, as you know." "Hmm. I thought you were just lying under him." "The sexual training he offered me was necessary to the magical process. Besides, he was quite good at it and I enjoyed it, you should take notes sometime. Now go, I will heal our First Woman and then you can finally y°ramma her as you've always wished to." I'd already told Magga and Masnia about the curse of My Old Promise and that I was finally freed from it just yesterday. They had both been glad that now the five of us could all become a happy family. I had only wished. I tried to explain to Melly that Magga could help her but she kept shouting obscenities and curses at me and I finally gave up after I found myself about to shout the same crap back at her. She frazzled my nerves. I had offered to stay and translate between her and Magga, but it was obviously me who couldn't communicate with Melly. There was nothing else I could do for them, it was arranged that I stay away until notified, so I left her with Magga and the girls and got my ass out of there.
MELLY continues-- From Addy's description it sounds like I was out of my mind when he dumped me off with Magga, but I wasn't. Yes, I was enraged at HIM and yes, I may have been frothing at the mouth and screaming nasty things, but I could still THINK. As soon as he was gone I was my normal, sweet, cheerful, horny self. Okay, not really: I'd been dragged out into the deep woods and abandoned stark naked, left in custody of this giant hairy woman I could barely communicate with. And oh yes, she REALLY STANK of shy°ma. This smell was a quantum leap from that sweet erotic perfume Masnia had hit us with the day before. Magga was more mature--meaning riper--and it was a day closer to maximum potency. This smell did not make me horny, it made me sick. I gagged and threw up, couldn't stop retching. I had to get away from the smell, turned to run but only staggered and fell down. So I tried to crawl, but Magga scooped me up and took me to where Masnia was waiting. Now there were TWO women, the smell twice as strong. It was unbearable, all my senses were shorting out; I went into spasms, then panic. I remembered what Addy had said about 10 times Viagra and potential heart-attacks. Thought I just might DIE; then he'd be sorry! But Masnia had a handful of cute little blue flowers and she made me eat them, which I've since learned is a natural antidote against shy°ma overdose. They traditionally use them for children who don't yet have any resistance built up against the physiological effects of what is essentially a nerve gas. Just a minute: I need to be careful what I say about things I learned out in those woods that day. For example, I may not identify those little blue flowers (if they even ARE blue?), that's one of their secrets--and they have many. Because I suddenly found myself inside the secret world of Nokhon Womankind, where organic magic is performed, healings are done, birth is controlled, children are gene-spliced. That's right; I was initiated into a coven of Witches. But I didn't understand any of that at first. Actually, I was afraid, thought they were holding me prisoner, since they wouldn't let me run away. None of us had enough common language to discuss very much, polite phrases were useless here. It was down to YES! NO! STOP! Once I had eaten the flowers I felt better, calmed down and then got horny again--I mean, REALLY horny. If there had been any men around I would have jumped them, I'm sure--human, squatch, either would do. But there were only us girls and I wasn't that kind of horny. Mazaha came to join us, so we were three squatch chicks and me. The smell got stronger but I kind of liked it now, began to enjoy the horniness. I became intensely aware of my vagina, uterus, cervix, breasts, every female function in by body was throbbing with energy. It felt good, but also very very frustrating that they were not being stimulated by something male. I understood that Magga was going to try to exorcise my Syssk, but had no idea how she planned to do that. I remember Addy had used up his "Sound of Music" mantra to undo his demon, but I had no mantra. Magga tried to explain what she wanted me to do but I just couldn't get it. She reached down to slide a finger into her vagina and held her wet finger up for me to see, then touched her tongue to it, tasting it. That seemed weird enough, but then she motioned for me to taste it too. I almost backed away, but remembered what anthropology is all about and did as she had. Bracing myself for another shy°ma overdose, I got a Big surprise. It took a few seconds to hit my brain, but then worked relatively fast. I became confused, as if I had taken some kind of psychotropic drug, but what I saw next was not a hallucination. It was a drastic shift in perspective. I was looking at myself through Magga's eyes. I saw the amazed look on my own face even as I expressed it, like looking in a mirror but with the image not reversed. I comprehended how I looked to her: tiny, frail, too alien to be considered either ugly or beautiful, except for my fascinating golden hair. I could feel that she almost liked me; it was just that Dadamet.... Then it was over. It only lasted a second, but I knew what it was and that it had been real: Telepathy. That psychic connection Addy had referred to a few times. I also knew what she wanted me to do to make the Syssk go away. So I went with them to the secret spot in the woods where they'd been sequestered, Mazaha waiting for us. Three nokhon and one Nokhso women, triangle, center. Just like the men, we were to use our sexual charge to work a magic. But I'm not going to say more about that experience, I've sort of taken a vow not to. Kind of a shame, me being an anthropologist and all, but I just can't betray my new sisters. The only one I can tell is Liss, because she's going to be one of us too. Maybe Elaine eventually. But no MEN, not even Addy. But I may say that by sundown my Syssk was gone and I had a completely new perspective of magic. The demonic possession had been no challenge for Magga, who let me know that it had not been an actual Syssk but an energy-shadow of the one that had infected Addy, which is why it had reacted so negatively to him alone. I'd been completely drunk on shy°ma from morn to dusk, maintaining a constant state of absolute sexual arousal without relief for at least seven hours. That's one way to achieve transcendental enlightenment. I think that happened for me, but can't define it. All I know is that after that day I could speak Nokhontli much more fluently, hand signs and all.
The girls took me back to join the men just before the sun went down. It had been a good day, we chattered and giggled. Yes, me too, I felt good. Tired but good. And really happy for the first time in a long time. My curse had been lifted, Addy's curse had been lifted, and I was walking toward him now. I had big plans for tonight. I also had new sisters. Magga, Masnia and I were glad to be family. Even Mazaha and I had finally gotten on the same wave length. They all thought I was quite brave to attend a Nokhon Kha-rat, me being so tiny and delicate. I admired them for braving Nokhso civilization, which had to be overwhelming. Overwhelming like the new concepts in my head: from all of Addy's recorded descriptions of his encounters with shy°ma I had understood that it caused some kind of primal mating urge, turning everybody into mindless animals in heat. Yes, it did seem like that, I certainly wanted to shag every male available. But not women, there was no lesbian urge at all, although I did find myself feeling intense nonsexual affection for them. For my human sisters too, Liss and Elaine. Sisters Unite! And under all that raw craving for indiscriminate sex with anything sporting an erection, I felt that same intense affection for each individual man, a very open and tolerant acceptance of who they were. And I hadn't even gotten laid yet, just an "oops-almost" with Dad. It made me wonder if Nokhon society has no war and very little violence simply because squatches are lovers, not fighters. All because of shy°ma? We met the men at the "camp" as the sun sank because Elaine had arranged a little snack of tapas for us all. Elaine wasn't there, she was avoiding the shy°ma, but Addy was waiting for me. We smiled at each other. Godogod, was that nice! Up to that moment I wasn't actually certain how it was going to be between Addy and me: Magga said she had erased my ssysk, but I'd never noticed it except for getting so pissed off whenever I saw Addy, which could easily have been because I really did have SO MANY good solid reasons to be angry. But he looked different now. Whatever had been broken had been fixed. For over a month I had felt like I was going crazy: seeing the love of my life as too big, too hairy, too untrue, too ugly, everything wrong about him. Now he looked right again. The closer I got the more I fell in love, the more dizzying my joy, the more accepted the absurdity of being one of four women loving a Bigfoot, the more raging my LUST for his big hairy bod (okay, I was feeling that for the other guys too!). In other words: I was just as crazy as before, but in a way I wanted to be. No, we didn't run to each other: we sauntered taking our time, each enjoying the approaching nearness of the other. But once we arrived, yes, he swept me up, I plastered myself onto him and we both just held on, not able to say words because we were both crying too much. For having hurt each other, for being so happy, for whatever. We both started to say, "I'm sorry I've been..." but then laughed because neither of us were feeling SORRY about anything at all. "So how do you feel now?" he finally asked me. "Wanna fuck?" He laughed, "Well, yes I do, but I'm stuck waiting for the Kha-rat. Squatch rules, you know." "That's their culture, not yours or mine," I said. "I know, but I need to be a good example for them. I'm asking them to follow Nokhso rules too." Then Addy was commanded to translate all sorts of girl-talk between me and my new sisters, poor guy. He took it very well, glad to because we girls were having fun. Finally I'd had enough of shy°ma for one day, even if I was going to research it. Besides, the feeling of constant sexual frustration became too heavy to bear, I'd had enough of that to last a lifetime. I asked Addy to walk me home and he was happy to. The smell dissipated as we passed through the woods, a cool fresh breeze cleared my head, all that unsatisfied sexual itchiness passed out of my female parts. After we had gone half a mile my flame of desire sputtered and went out completely. What a relief! "Addy, now that we can--you know--I was going to try and jump you, but I don't think I've got any jumping left in me today. I'm all hornied out!" "That's normal shy°ma-letdown, Mel. We can make love later on sometime. No hurry." "Wow, this is the guy who's desired me all his life? No hurry?" "Hey, I've been in a cloud of shy°ma all day too, you know. Besides, I'm just so thrilled to see you smiling again that it's probably better than sex would ever be." "Probably," I agreed, "Who needs it anyway? We've done fine for years without any..." And then it hit me: "Oh shit, I've set myself up for a squatch gang bang! What was I thinking? I can't do that!" "I thought you might have second thoughts once you weren't drunk on shy°ma," he said, but whether he was relieved or disappointed I couldn't tell. "Gol, what a SLUT I must be, how embarrassing!" "Why? You certainly haven't violated any squatch sense of morality. In fact, you behaved like a true anthropologist." "Yeah? I promised those guys that I know. They'll lose faith in me when I don't deliver." "I'll explain it to them. They know what shy°ma does." "A true anthropologist would follow through, no matter how scary. And I really believe that I should experience a Kha-rat. Hey, maybe I could come and just be celibate?" "You already know what the shy°ma will do to your resolve once you smell it." "I could wear a gas mask?" We both had to laugh at that idea. "You do know that to reject anyone's sexual advances at a Kha-rat...well, it's just not done. That would be an unforgivable insult, really bad anthropological technique." "What should I do, Addy?" "Come to the Kha-rat. Y°ramma everyone, consider it a test of womanhood. Don't worry, you'll survive. Then you and I can be equal partners doing field anthropology in Nokhon culture, just as we've planned all our lives." I stood for a frozen moment, wondering if he was crazy or speaking words of wisdom from one of his Visions. Then realized that I had just been given an ultimate vote of confidence from a Sha-haka Orator incapable of speaking untruths. "Addy, take me for a run." "I thought you were all hornied out." "Oh, I AM! This isn't desire, this is romance. I'm not all loved out." He hesitated, "But you know what will happen anyway." "I'm counting on it. I don't want our first time to be in a crowd." "Neither do I, but the Full Moon..." "Addy, you've made them accept that you are a Man of Two Worlds, now accept it yourself. Look where we are." I pointed to the house just now in sight ahead of us, then back to the forest we had just come from. "No squatches here because we've just entered the American Sector. We're in the Nokhso world now, MY world. I don't have shy°ma and we don't have to wait for Full Moons here in Melly-land." "You know, that's right," he said as if he had just realized where he was. He knelt beside me so that I could climb up on his shoulders and away we went. Just like the Good Old Days, whizzing through the trees on my pet Monster, away from everything and everyone else, hair whipping in the wind-stream, I was five years old again--no, three, when I first fell in love with my "Lil Squatch". All the way up to our favorite hilltop with the great scenic view and the grassy carpet. We cuddled there, content just to be happy together. We didn't need to have sex at all, since we knew that we COULD someday. But. "Jeez, Mell, you smell good. You've got your own brand of shy°ma." "I can tell, Addy. Your dakh is back." He picked me up by my bottom and put my crotch to his nose so that he could smell me better. Then he stood up and let me slowly slide own his chest towards a Fate Better Than Death. "Addy, I'm a little scared," I had to admit. "You know I'll be careful." "Not of that, silly! It's just--how can we be sure that we really are free of that shitty old Promise?" Addy didn't bother with an unnecessary verbal answer as I slid all the way down to where I belonged.
I know I've never been discreet about me and Addy in this document, but I think I'll skip the intimate erotic details this time. Sure, we had sex at last, are you happy? So were we, but that's all I'm going to say about it. Private. ... ...nahh, I can't really do that, can I? Here I go, bragging about what a dedicated anthropologist I am, planning to do a dissertation on the cultural ramifications of shy°ma and Nokhon sexuality-- and then refuse to report on my very own sexual encounter with a Bigfoot just because I'm emotionally involved with him. I mean, how many "human" women have ever boffed a Bigfoot? So I guess it won't do just to say that "it was nice". Well, it was: nice and safe. We reverted to that same old Tantric Yoga trick we had discovered way back when we were adolescents, always planning to really have sex some day without me getting squashed. Adam flat on his back, me riding his erection, none of his 500 pounds on me. We already knew that he could just fit--snugly--into me, so never mind the "It Was SO Big" report. I had the Fairy Princess orgasm, very emotional, my dreams come true, wept for joy, etc. Great for me, maybe not so much for Addy, but he loved me and wanted me to have that. But all "that" did was make me greedy. Besides, I might as well have been screwing Prince Charming: there was nothing especially Bigfoot about the footprint he was putting on my pussy. I know that "human" guys like to grind, use their strength, push on through to the other side. Yes, I'm an expert because I've been with five of them, four "boyfriends" and a one-night stand I really should rather have done without (okay, so I haven't been reporting everything). So I rolled over on my back and told him: "Addy, I need to know how much pounding I'm going to have to take at a Kha-rat. Fuck me harder." "I don't want to hurt you, Mell." "I can take a little bit of hurting, so come on." There was no argument, he was so ready. But still careful, using that weight- balance technique he had shown the other two squatches, gentle but deliberate prodding. It was wonderful, Řber-passionate, we were both gasping like crazy now--and yet still within the category of "human", no more impressive than any big, strong, really virile man (white, black, whatever) could pull off. The Anthropologist in me wanted some authentic field work. "I can take more, Addy." "Jeez, Mell, are you running on shy°ma now?" "We don't need shy°ma, this is you and me. Come on, SQUATCH me!" So I got the pounding I deserved. No human man could have delivered a y°ramma like that. It got pretty scary, but I hung on, it was hard to breathe, but I survived, it hurt but then I came and came and came and so did he. Now THAT felt the way fucking a fucking Bigfoot should! Afterwards we had to check to make sure I wasn't actually damaged, I was so numb I couldn't tell. But he had evidently still been just a little bit careful, because nothing was broken or bleeding, just stiff and sore. "Gol, and that was only ONE squatch! Maybe I should bring a big fluffy mattress to the Kha-rat tomorrow night." "That's probably a good idea," Addy said, without even trying to talk me out of it. My durability had obviously impressed him.
He ran us back down the hill, took me to the house, all the way upstairs to his room and laid me on the big fluffy bed. Which was good because I probably couldn't have climbed the stairs anyway. I was all used up. "So are we a couple again?" Adam asked, actually unsure of himself. Well, we had been pretty far apart. "Hmmm, I don't know," I dithered, not about to miss a chance to tease him a little, "Can we really call us a couple? Let's see, we've got: Adam and Melly..Lissandra..Magga..Masnia..and maybe whatsername, Mazaha?" "Hey, she's not one of mine," Addy said in utter innocence. "Oh, well, that's not so many women then, only--ha ha ha--four. Then yes, we are a couple: a BIG couple!" "But you are..." "Number One Wife, I know. Don't worry, Addy, I'll never stop loving you. We'll work it out." "You're not afraid of the Slobbering Monster any more?" "That wasn't you. And even so, he didn't cripple me or anything. Pretty disgusting creep, though, I hope never to see him again." "I promise..." he started to say... "STOP!" I insisted, "No more promises from you!" We arranged that he would return later and spend the night with me. Then he went downstairs to make some phone calls. All I wanted to do was collapse. I got a well-deserved hour to myself before Liss came upstairs. She had been in Monroe with Art and Elaine. They had ended up in a tavern with my dad and discussed the wisdom of partaking in the Kha-rat. Dad was decided, just like me, the others wanted to but were still unsure. Liss asked, "How did your shy°ma research go? Do you still think there's a publishable dissertation in it for you?" I told her the whole story, concluding with Addy and me finally getting laid. "Halleluyah, Mel! At last!" she said, looking kind of wistful-like. "He'll be coming back to sleep in his own bed tonight," I said. "Oh, well good, I'll just stay in the other room so you guys can have some privacy." "No. I'll sleep in the other room, you guys get the privacy. Addy's idea, so you don't have to beg or anything." "Rilly?" The look on her face! Happy! "You deserve it, Liss. Besides, I'm beat. No more sex for me until...well, maybe tomorrow morning, if you guys can take a break by then." We all ate dinner together, just like the big happy family we were. Art and Elaine asked how our day had been so we told them. A cheer went up. I went to bed early and simply passed out, I never heard what went on in Addy's room, honest. But in the early hours, just before dawn, Liss came in and climbed into bed with me, kissed me awake. "Hey, come in and sleep with us. We finally got around to missing you." So I joined them. We all fell asleep again.. eventually.

Chapter 96

Adam out of Eden