Daklakht's History

ADAM: here's the story as I've pieced it together from various sources

(All dates are educated guesses.)

(1930's ?)

Daklakht seems to have been born about 70-80 years ago somewhere in Northern 
British Columbia, perhaps near the Alaskan border.  He lived alone with his 
mother, who had chosen no mate, in the most primitive version of life as 
a Bigfoot.
(1940's ?)

When he was barely adolescent Daklakh and two local friends were snooping 
around a Nokhso logging camp to watch the big machines at work.  Young Daklakh 
was fascinated with forbidden skesk.  The three young squatches were 
spotted and four hunters went after them.  One of the boys was shot in the 
head and killed.  Sobbing and afraid, the other two boys had to carry his body 
because it was forbidden to allow it to fall into the hands of the Nokhsoli,
which slowed down their escape.

They had to run the wrong way and found themselves on a flat tundra with no 
place to hide.  The hunters were evidently bushy-bearded hard-drinking mountain-
men who were as attuned to the wilderness as Nokhons, the boys couldn't shake 
them off their trail. 

Those men also had powerful rifles, noisekillers, accurate from horizon to horizon.  
Daklakht was next to be shot, a bullet passed through his leg, fortunately 
missing any bones, but slowing them down even more.  He was very afraid, of 
course, those men seemed like devils to him.  The boys tried to be invisible, 
but those mountain men could not be fooled, since they could still smell the 

The boys split up, the unwounded one still carrying the dead body of their 
fallen friend, Daklakh crawling across the tundra on his belly to avoid being 
seen.  He made it to the mountains and home to his mother.  But the other boy 
never returned.

Daklakh waited two days while his mother treated his wound, then set out to 
find his friend.  He went to the logging camp and there he saw the bodies of 
both his friends displayed as trophies on some wooden slabs in the middle of 
the camp.  He resolved to steal them back.

Daklakh waited until night, but observed that a guard was hiding in a building 
with a view of the bodies, a rifle sticking out the window.  He understood that 
they were waiting for him to come after the bodies.  These men seemed to know 
about Nokhon customs.  

Daklakh didn't know what to do.  Physical confrontation with the Nokhsoli was 
forbidden, it always lead to reprisals by an army of warriors armed with 
noisekillers . Nor had physical violence even occurred to him, he was a good 
boy, well-instructed in Atli by the local wandering Dwayarat.  But he was 
offended by these hairless little men and decided to outsmart them.

Thinking outside the box he had been born into, he did what no squatch may do: 
used skesk, the camp being full of it.  In the middle of the night he 
quietly pushed a wagon to where the bodies were, keeping it between the window 
with the waiting noisekiller and himself.  Whoever was on guard was asleep, 
so he put his friends in the wagon and quietly rolled them out of camp.  Then 
he took them, one over each shoulder, and ran up into the mountains and safety.

He took the bodies to his mother's bakhl and hid them out among the trees.  
An Elder came to see them next day and declared that a Sha-haka must cremate 
them.  The Sha-haka was new, his fire made a little smoke. 

The same four hunters arrived the day after.  Daklakht smelled them coming, so 
they didn't get him, but his mother was not paying attention and they shot her.  
Another trophy.  Then they got drunk in her bakhl and were laughing into the 

Daklakh watched in grief from the forest, seething with hate for those Nokhsos, 
but still not ready to commit violence.  But one of the hunters saw him and 
took aim with his noisekiller, a big smile on his ugly face.  Daklakh didn't 
care what happened; he was not going to run.  He applied the vision-shifting 
technique he had learned as a boy and it worked: the expert hunter fired and 
missed.  So Daklakht started walking toward him.  The hunter had to reload 
after six shots and by then Daklakht was upon him.  He didn't know what to do 
next, but the hunter made it easy for him by swinging his rifle at Daklakh's 
face, starting the violence.  The next thing he knew, Daklakht was holding the 
bloody pieces of what had been the hunter.

The other three of them were shooting now, one bullet even grazed his arm, but 
otherwise they all missed and went down under the fists of the young squatch.  
It was so easy, he learned, they were flimsy and weak, all it took was a single 
blow and their heads exploded. This was not done in rage, but deliberately, 
calmly, because it needed to be done.  Afterward he felt neither joy nor 

He took all four bodies up on his shoulders and was on his way back to the 
logging camp, where he intended to put them on display so that the evil little 
Nokhsos would understand.  If the other Nokhsos gave him any trouble he would 
simply kill them all.  

Fortunately, he was stopped along the way by the local Elder.  "Are you crazy?" 
the Elder asked, "they will send White Men with weapons.  We've seen what those 
White Devils have done to the Red Men, all that keeps us safe is that they 
aren't sure that we exist!"

Daklakh was put in the hands of the Alutna, to be punished for his crime of murder. But the Alutna agents judged that what he had done was fair, saying "Those Nokhso shits only got what they deserved." They respected Daklakh. So they arranged for his "punishment" to be exile--far away to Aket, where they knew of an Alutna-Jii with ambitions who required an agent of special talents. Daklakh did not see himself as having any useful talent, but was more than willing to leave now that he had neither friends nor mother. He was escorted to Aket by the only female Alutna he had ever met, named Ma-ralla. She was five times his age but preferred young males anyway, so they had a nice journey. Ma-ralla offered young Daklakh instructions in sex and Alutna procedures, discovering that he had a natural talent for both. Ma-ralla had been Sha-haka-ma long before becoming Alutna, so she was versed in genetic testing and in their sex-play discovered that Daklakht tasted of a recessive trait that had almost vanished from the Nokhontli people: The Warrior breed. It took them four months to walk from Alaska to the Cascades in Washington State. Nokhons don't have much regard for schedules and they were having too much sex to hurry. Ma-ralla was also very proficient at secret Alutna fighting techniques, as a female cop she probably had to be, and she enjoyed teaching the best student she had ever met. By the time they did arrive at Aket, Ma-ralla could introduce a very well-versed and trained Alutna potential to Dastardat, the current Alutna-Jii. Daklakh was surprised when he finally met the grand master of the Alutna, since Ma-ralla had described him as the most powerful Nokhon in all the land and the best Chief-of-Police Aket had ever had. An inspiration to all his agents, their perfect example of moral and duty. That was her Alutna-Jii fantasy. The actual Dastardat was an ugly little gnome, not taller than a Nokhso (about 6", bigger than Napoleon, but kinda teensy for a male squatch). His face was misshapen and dotted with warts, head/body hair unkempt, thick, matted and shaggy. Except for his diminutive size, that Bigfoot looked exactly like any avid reader of the National Inquisitor would have expected: ugly, brutal, monkeylike. Daklakh felt repulsed by his new boss, but politely said nothing about that. What he did say was that he was grateful to have been invited to Aket and given this chance to become an Alutna. Dastardat, who has since become Elder Da-starda-hat of the Ultimate Nine at Shamballah, was very interested in Daklakh, having heard of the adventure with four Nokhso hunters. Dastardat needed a capable agent to handle some special assignments. Daklakh felt that any Nokhon could have handled those small weak hunters, but Dastardat told him, "Yes, anyone could--but most Nokhons never actually DO. You are unique, my pretty boy." That boy went through the usual ceremonies and Endurings to earn his adult name of Daklakht, was made Alutna and given a route around the Cascades which he would patrol like any new agent until he was needed for a special assignment. He enjoyed having a purpose and authority, and most of the people he governed were polite and well-mannered. It was then he met Dannat, who was only about 90 years old at that time, newly become the local Elder, and they cooperated well. It was rare that he had to be a tough cop, but when necessary he was quite capable of it. It had not taken Daklakht long to realize that his supreme supervisor, Dastardat, was hardly the paragon of justice he was supposed to be. The Alutna-Jii of Aket was morally corrupt and greedy for power, his primary ambition being domination of others. But since Daklakht was rarely in Aket those days he could simply be the kind of Alutna he believed in: honest, helpful. It was on a seldom visit to Aket that he first came into conflict with his boss. There had been a meeting of Alutna, featuring instructions concerning tighter control of Atli violations, skesk trafficking, after which Dastardat asked Daklakht to hang around for some private discussion. That ended with Dastardat trying to yøramma Daklakht up the butt and being pinned against the cave wall, straight-armed and strangled by a very offended Daklakht. They both excused the incident, mumbling about some sort of misunderstanding, but were each wary of the other after that. At least Daklakht's butt was never assaulted again. (1950's ?) Years passed before he was given a special assignment. The first involved a berserker, a Nokhon who had spoken out against a decision of the Nine Ultimate Elders, then had gone insane. He was running around and attacking anyone he met. Daklakht was sent to bring him in, Dead or Alive. He was easy enough to find and defeat, but when Daklakht tried to bring the raving man to Aket alive, he was ordered to kill him. He refused, saying that the man had obviously been inflicted with a Syssk, and could easily be saved. But Dastardat had that man put astray in the caverns and suspended Daklakht from duty. But Daklakht had other allies at Aket, Ma-ralla sponsored him, so he was accepted for Sha-haka studies, specializing in the discipline of Authority and the dark magics of Syssk-generation and psychic domination. Once again he showed a talent for it and the moral not to misuse it. Eventually he was ready to study under the absolute master of the discipline-- none other than Dastardat himself. It was an awkward situation: they had to establish a telepathic link, the pupil must allow the teacher to enter his mind, but they mistrusted and disliked one another (Nokhons don't allow themselves to say "hated"). However, Dastardat still believed that Daklakht could become his most valuable special agent ever and was willing to reinstate him as Alutna, especially if he was capable of psychic warfare against an opponent. Daklakht was aware that telepathy with Dastardat would be dangerous, knew that the wicked Alutna-Jii would attempt to dominate him completely, but decided that he was the stronger of the two and could defy him. He was dedicated to learning the technique and had to take the chance. It paid off: Dastardat could not break through his defenses and Daklakht became the new Greatest Master of Psychic Combat. Dastardat seemed content with having such an agent among the ranks of his Alutna and graciously treated Daklakht with respect, even a certain friendliness. But the talents of a super agent were hardly required for everyday Alutna duties, although handy to have for emergencies, so Daklakht went back to his normal routines, which he enjoyed anyway. Meanwhile, the Elder Sha-haka-mas in charge of fertility and population determined that Daklakht was a genetically superb specimen and began to assign him breeding duties around the land, so he was once again required to travel to the places he had before patrolled as Alutna, now to do his genetic duty for the Nokhon race. This was hardly random, breedings were group efforts arranged to coincide with Full Moons, several males were to spend a private Kha-rat with one chosen female and do their best to impregnate her over four days, while the Sha-haka-mas would blend the genetic mix with their special magic. Sometimes it was enjoyable duty, but generally most males preferred to be at a real Kha-rat and yøramma with many women instead of just one, for whom they had to wait their turn. (1960's ?) Among the children bred in that process were Dagrolyt, born in the Cascades near Mount Baker, followed by Dabronat by the same mother 2 years later. Just how much of Daklakht's genetics they actually share is unknowable, there are too many other males in the mix. Which is why the whole Biological Father relationship is so vague and usually ignored. But yes, I discovered that the three of us are "brothers", slightly, by some who-knows-how-much percent. Dagrolyt and Dabronat had a good family life, their mother lived with a Danat who was fair to her boys. They were good kids, but adventurous rascals, and Daklakht watched them growing up thinking they were much like himself as a boy. They both strived to become Sha-haka, diligently studying Atli, but Dabronat was caught trafficking in skesk several times and was denied permission to study at Aket, while his brother Dagrolyt went on to become Sha-haka. But all that comes later. (1970's) Intrigues in the High White Mountains, which we call the Himalayas, were happening 50 years ago as well as today; there were political rumblings in the Nokhon Nation that resulted in severe conflicts between Daklakht and Dastardat, who was still the current Alutna-Jii of Aket at that time. They became nothing less than enemies, Daklakht having once accused his chief of corruption, misuse of power and possibly murder, since that man Dastardat had thrown into the caverns never came out again. Which is why The Nine Ultimate Elders commanded Daklakht to come to Shamballah and work for them as special Alutna agent, they knew of his conflict with Dastardat and considered him an ally against the corrupt Alutna-Jii. He was not allowed four leisurely months to make that journey, but less than one. Half-way around the world on foot, he had to run, swim the Bering Strait, climb the Himalayas, but he made it three weeks. Evidently the Elder's little test to make certain they had a genuine super agent. There was a problem on the edge of the Gobi Desert, where a group of renegade Nokhons were causing trouble. They were trading with the Red Chinese and it seemed that their leader, Dazzee-tat, was willing to lead Chinese troops into Shamballah in return for weapons and technology. When Daklakht confronted Dazzee-tat he found himself up against another Warrior. They fought to the death, Daklakht won. Then he was commanded to kill the Chinese officer who had been negotiating with Dazzee-tat, to assure that no Nokhso could find secret Shamballah. He almost refused, but when he realized that the officer was making plans to invade the Nokhon city, he finished the job. After that Daklakht was recognized as the man who solved problems.
Meanwhile, my mother to-be Mayala seems to have been born somewhere near Bluff Creek, California, where the famous (but fake) Patterson Bigfoot movie was filmed in 1967. Folk tell me she was about the same age as I am now (21) when she gave birth to me. She migrated north along the Cascades with her mother, who may still be living although I haven't been able to locate her. (1980's ?) After adolescence, Mayala studied to become Sha-haka-ma, sometimes at Aket, where she became best friends with Malasna, who was already friends with those wild & crazy brothers, Dagrolyt and Dabronat. Meanwhile, in a secret Yeti temple city hidden somewhere in Tibet, the Ultimate Nine Elders of Shamballah had become increasingly concerned about the inevitable destruction of all nature by Nokhso Civilization. They formulated a Negotiator Project, to breed a special ambassador between races who might talk the crazy Nokhsos into not destroying the world. The wisest Sha-hakas had calculated the optimal genetic mix they would need and had waited for the right combinations to show up. It was determined that Mayala would be a perfect hostess; they selected four males to breed with her. One of them was Daklakht. During his years of service for the Nine Ultimate Elders of Shamballah, Daklakht had often been sent on missions to Nokhon enclaves scattered over the planet. On his way back from a year among the Mapinguary in the Amazon jungle he found himself ordered to return to the Cascades for a breeding assignment. A breeding ceremony is a special event, since the Nokhontli rarely have children. Between living long lives and keeping their population at a minimum, not all females are allowed to have a child, although those with special genetic traits are commanded to. It's all controlled by a special committee of Elders and Sha-haka-mas. Many years could pass between breedings and then several women would be bred simultaneously, to allow the few children born to have some playmates to grow up with. Mayala's breeding, however, was solitary: as if her child--me--would have no use for any Nokhon playmates. Perhaps because I was deliberately manufactured for export to the Nokhsoli as part of the Negotiator Project. There were other unusual aspects about my conception, such as Mayala being so much younger than normal, only in her early 20's at the time. Mature mothers are preferred, at least in their 30's and 40's, since squatches don't age as fast as humans. I've learned that Mayala had not chosen to be a mother at all, she'd been happily busy studying to be Sha-haka-ma, but was commanded to report for breeding by the Ultimate Nine Elders of Shamballah, orders from the top. (1990's) That breeding ceremony took place where Mastinta's school for girls is now. Young Mastinta herself even took part in the proceedings, although as an initiate since she had not yet finished her own studies to become the lady witch doctor we know and love today. Evidently a conception is a complex operation, there were just as many assistants as there were subjects doing the actual breeding: 5 and 5. They all convened on the wooded hilltop, this was to take place in Nature, under the open sky, Full Moon above. It was an exclusive Kha-rat, timed for the Nokhon fertility cycle, of course, while female shyøma is peaking. There were four males, Daklakht among them. I was surprised to learn that another of my progenitors was a very young and cocky Dazlask (the anti-social krønoke I'd met while he was in exile). And delighted to learn that one of them was no other than the Great Fat Dambaraggan Himself, my good friend and dwayarat. Must be from him I inherited my Orator abilities. The fourth father seems to have been a Sha-haka from some far away mlønoli, whom I've never met. These were to be my "fathers" by a magical blending of their genes and chromosomes. There was only one target female: Mayala, my mother to be. The conception was to be orchestrated by a Sha-haka-ma and her four initiates. Mayala had never met any of these men before. Although she was certainly accustomed to orgiastic Kha-rat sex, sometimes with strangers in the crowd, this was different because she had been prepared for fertility by witch-magic, so she may have been less than enthusiastic, or even afraid. But the shyøma was flowing anyway, which is very hard to resist, for either women or men. The four males took turns to yøramma her again and again, filling her up with as much sperm as they could ejaculate, then the witches took her off and did whatever it is they do to get the intended genetic mix and effect a perfectly controlled fertilization. One of the female initiates had the duty of entertaining those shyøma-crazed males to keep them around until they were certain that pregnancy had been achieved and then they all could join in the orgy for the rest of the night. Except for Mayala, who was now off-limits. Jeez, it all sounds so heartless when I tell it like that. I wish I could say that my mother conceived me while making wonderful love with a man who made her happy. Fortunately, I can. Daklakht had seen how young she was, how unhappy and--he tells me--how beautiful. He took her as nicely as he could and although she might not have fallen in love with him at that time, he did fall for her. From what everyone tells me, my mother did seem to be an exceptionally nice yøramma. The two younger men were more frenzied, hot to get their rocks off, although by then so was she. Dambaraggan was much more gentle with her, fortunately, considering how big and heavy he is (I could have been born flat as a pancake). The next day, ceremony and job done, all participants went their various ways, except for Daklakht, who remained to visit with Mayala. She had to go back to Aket to finish a course in healing, so he accompanied her. Already pregnant, her shyøma had vanished (seems that's what happens) but Daklakht desired her anyway and she found herself responding to that. However she was not to yøramma for several weeks, so they had to refrain from making love for a while. They talked instead and a romance developed. Daklakht was staying at Alutna Headquarters in Aket. He was supposed to return to Shamballah eventually but had no specific assignment at the time and simply found busy work to keep himself at Aket so that he could visit Mayala every day. Sex is prohibited for initiates at Aket, but not for Alutna, who are allowed to keep a "personal assistant". Once finished with her studies, Mayala was expected to leave Aket, but moved into his assigned chamber at Headquarters to serve him. They became a couple. But babies and children are not permitted inside Aket for several reasons, mainly because a child should be in touch with Nature, not living underground. Mayala had to move out before the birth was due. Daklakht took on routine patrol duties outside Aket and they found a cozy little valley to live in-- the same ken where Dagrolyt's bakhl is now! When he was on his rounds Mayala was alone, but she had some friends in the area around her. Their nearest neighbors were the Sha-haka Dannat and his woman Malla, who would look in on Mayala in his capacity as healer. Not that Mayala was sick or crippled simply because she was pregnant, she often hiked over to visit her best friend Malasna at the woman's magic school not far away. Malasna had met Dabronat by then, as well as his older brother Dagrolyt. Those guys were always skirting around the rules, playing with skesk, violating Atli and yet getting away with it, the rascals. As mentioned before, they had been given a battered old Nokhso cassette player (a truly evil example of skesk at its worst) by that mysterious little old white man trader they called Dawalas. It had only the one tape of the Sound of Music inside. They became tired of it but Mayala couldn't get enough of the title song and somehow learned to sing the first verse before the batteries died and it no longer worked. (Or would she have learned all the other songs too? Jeez, my magical mantra could have ended up being Do Re Mi or Edelweis!) I like most squatches, they're generally good people who adhere to the Number One Atli doctrine of Ø'ø'e'rah, translated "Be Nice." But there's one fussy old fart I have never been able to like, Dafnat, who spoke out against me when I first arrived among the Nokhontli and continues to do so to this day. Typical of most religious fanatics, he ignores the religion's message but loves to enforce the rules. Seems he was just as fussy twenty years back, because it was he who blew the whistle on Mayala and her friends, reporting them to the Alutna. He insisted that they be arrested and punished, preferably severely. The local Alutna agent was Daklakht, so he arrived planning to arrest those two troublemaking brothers again, but discovered that his own woman was implicated. Since he simply would not arrest Mayala he finagled to let them all go on some minor technicality. When Dafnat protested, Daklakht threatened him with various other Alutna technicalities and scared him off. For a short while, Daklakht was very angry with Mayala for putting him in that position, but he got over it because he loved her and they finally could laugh about it together. Although he never did like that she would often sing that "accursed Nokhso myøsik" she had learned. But for Mayala, it was the only song she knew and she wanted to teach it to her child before she forgot it. Because even then, she knew that her baby was going to be delivered to the Nokhsos; that had already been arranged. It was a Nokhso song and would somehow prepare little Dadameh for that alien Nokhso world. Was my mother sad about that arrangement? I don't know, but suspect that some kind of Sha-haka mind control may have been used on her. The Alutna-Jii at that time was Dastardat and we all know that he was a master of those arts. And that he was ruthless, corrupt and definitely The Bad Guy in this story. For example, just before Mayala was to give birth it was Dastardat who commanded Daklakht to return to Shamballah for a new assignment. Whether to get him out of the way or just to be MEAN, I can't say, but he was gone for two years, until after Mayala took me to the Nokhsos. If Daklakht had been at with Mayala that day at the Mother's Meadow, things would probably have turned out differently. Especially for Felix Sinsley. But maybe Art too, who knows? So Daklakht had to abandon his true love just before she gave birth, one could write a heart-rending romance about that, I suppose. But at least Mayala wasn't completely alone, her older sister Mawa came north to stay with her. Mastinta also came to Mayala to assist with the birth, just in case, although it's rare that a Nokhon woman ever needs help. And finally--POP!--I was born. I had two years among the Nokhontli with my mother, of which I can only remember vague details. Bred to be an Orator, I remember sounds best, words that had been spoken around me, even though I was too young to understand what was being said. Which is a funny way to remember things, pulling a sound intact out of my childhood memories and finally deciphering it now that I'm an adult. But although I may try to piece it together later, this is not my story.
Daklakht was deep in the Himalayan Mountains when my mother died. Dastardat sent a telepathic message for him to report back to Aket as soon as possible, although without mentioning that Mayala had perished. So Daklakht was happy to run half way around the world, believing he would be reunited with his beloved Mayala and their child. Dastardat made quite certain that Mayala's death was to be kept a secret until Daklakht had personally reported to him in Aket. It was a carefully prepared attack: Dastardat sprang that cruel surprise on the unsuspecting Daklakht the moment they were face to face. Grief is one of the most effective ways to weaken an opponent's will and resolve-- and it worked. Then Dastardat bombarded Daklakht with a psychic copy of himself, an especially-honed ssysk that enslaved him. From then on Dastardat owned a super agent who thought exactly like himself; who agreed with his every decision and must faithfully obey his every telepathic command. This was all part of Dastardat's perverse plan to dominate everyone and everything. Over the years he had planted other psychic slaves in various positions of power throughout the Nokhon Nation around the planet. Now he was ready to travel to Shamballah and steal the position of an Elder of the Ultimate Nine: a death had been arranged to make that possible. But before leaving Aket and changing his name to Da-starda-hat, he had to assign a new Alutna-Jii to take command of his Alutna. He had been preparing Ma-ralla- hata, she was also his, but Daklakht was more powerful in every way. So for the last 20 years Daklakht has been the governing Alutna-Jii of the area you know as West Coast North America, from Mexico to Alaska. He is respected for being diligent, but feared for being sometimes unfair because of the instructions he occasionally receives from the other side of the world. He's still himself, hardly a zombie, but often finds himself preferring to handle a situation exactly the way his good friend, mentor and master Da-starda-hat would do. However, he has also received orders that he would or could not obey. Three times has Da-starda-hat commanded Daklakht to be his hit-man for a political purpose. One of those assignments resulted in the assassination of another renegade agent in opposition to Da-starda-hat (and who was just as ruthless). He was killed in hand-to-hand combat, of course, Daklakht can't use skesk-weapons. But the other two targets presented ethical problems for him because they seemed to be innocent and were afraid to fight. One was a man, whom Daklakht exiled, the other a woman, whom he simply released instead of killing her. Then he had to bear the wrath of his cruel master for a long time, who commanded him to harm himself. (2000's ?) Even as Alutna-Jii, Daklakht was required to perform his genetic duty occasionally and the Sha-hak-mas had a very special assignment for him: he was to father a child as the only male, his genetics not blended with others. This would be Masnia, of course. He was amazed and delighted to learn that the mother-to-be was Malasna, whom he knew well. She'd been Mayala's best friend, remember? Rather than have her come to him in Aket, he went to her. For Daklakht that visit was almost like having Mayala back in his life for a while, they talked about her a lot. He felt like friends with Malasna and her man Dabronat, they laughed together about all those times he had hassled the two brothers for their various small sins and then had to let them go that time Mayala was guilty too. Dagrolyt came by, now a successful Sha-haka instead of a punk kid. Conceiving a child with beautiful Malasna was like making love, wonderful and holy. They have all remained friends ever since. When Masnia was born, Daklakht was invited to visit. Once again, he fell in love. Fatherhood may be generally ignored by Nokhon custom, but he could never ignore his very own little Masnia. Nor could Dastardat, who all the way from far Shamballah was quite interested in keeping an eye on this very special child, obviously bred for some purpose quite important to those secretive, conniving Sha-haka-mas. "Those witches and their accursed Visions!" Okay, I don't know if he actually said that, but it seems like something a villain would say and it's always nice to slip a little piece of characterization in the middle of all this historical reportage. (2010's) An Alutna-Jii may be the single most authoritative individual within the walls of Aket, but even he is subject to orders of The Three Elders. Dastardat had tried for years to establish his dominance over at least two of the three Elders, without success. He did manage to get Ma-ralla-hata placed among them, but when the Three Elders link up their minds to temporarily become a 3=1 consciousness, the political orientation of any one Elder is not enough to guarantee what decisions will come out of the mix. Ma-ralla-hata was loyal to him, besides being one of the Three Elders she was second in command of the Alutna. When Daklakht was away to another mlønoli she was acting Chief of Police, she was perfect. But when her personality became absorbed by the group, it was she who swayed. Dastardat would have to replace one more Elder to maintain power in Aket. He considered the presence of Elder Da-tobor-hat being to his advantage (that tall, thin Elder who reminds me of Mr. Spok from Star Trek), since he could always be swayed by logic rather than personal emotions. So the problem was old Da-nama-hat, who was his sworn enemy anyway. Dastardat had attempted to get rid of Da-nama-hat at least four times over the eighty years they had been at odds with one another, but the old Nokhon was too wise to outsmart and too beloved to simply murder. The worst for Dastardat was that whenever the Three Elders convened, their common wisdom usually supported Da-nama-hat's convictions. Daklakht had always been on friendly terms with the grandfatherly old guru, but that ended after Dastardat had infected him with that copy of his own cruel personality. Da-nama-hat recognized who was speaking out of Daklakht's mouth and became an ardent advocate against many unfair policies Dastardat/Daklakht attempted to enforce. But in Shamballah and other parts of the Nokhon Nation thing were falling into place for Da-starda-hat, even as the Negotiator Project was falling out of favor among the Ultimate Nine Elders. Da-starda-hat had been busy putting his own Elders into place, the balance of power was shifting towards him. Although he still had to be patient, deaths had to seem natural or accidental. And now, the destined Negotiator Himself--I guess that's me, the Chosen One-- finally returns to the Nohontli. Only he's been un-chosen. He also brought his guitar along, which is forbidden skesk. We'll see what happens next.

Chapter 60

Adam out of Eden