Chapter Seven:     Girl Talk

Chrome Squatch Concert Tour USA

ALL WOMEN with the Concert Tour have gathered to drink coffee (or beer) and discuss the impending kha-rat, recorded Tuesday morning, June 30--

MELLY: Hi everybody. I thought all we female-types should get together and discuss the up-and-cumming kha-rat to help clarify just what we'd be getting into and what to expect.

SUNNY: "Up-and-cumming", that's cute. Ha ha ha.

MELLY: Some of you haven't decided if you want to particpate or not, which is fine, better to say so now and make plans to be somewhere else before the shyøma starts to flow, because you won't be able to change your mind once the smell hits you. I'm assuming that by now you've all read the Document and have a pretty good idea of what shyøma does and what a kha-rat is.

MARCIE: I'm just here for the beer. I really can't see myself at a dick party. Yuuk!

BUNNY: Oh, I can, it sounds absolutely teriffic. Can't hardly wait.

MARCIE: Really? What are you going to do if a real male chauvenist pig-- like for instance, BennyJoe --hits on you?

BUNNY: Hmmm... I could just say no, I guess.

MARCIE: But nobody says that at a kha-rat. Because they're all too horny. Haven't you read the doc?

BUNNY: Oh yeah. Then I don't know yet, guess we'll see how horny I get.

SUNNY: Bunny, how is Lee taking your decision? He did seem to be bothered about the idea of you being unfaithful to him.

BUNNY: Oh, he's coming around-- I think --mainly he really wouldn't mind getting to have sex with all you girls. Although I mentioned that to him and he pretended he'd never even thought about it. Lee can be a bit puiritanical sometimes.

LISS: Rilly. I've caught him looking at my ass-- just like everybody else.

MARCIE: Oh we're ALL intersted in your generous yet perky ass, Lissandra dear.

MELLY: I have to second that. It IS one of my very favorite asses.

MARCIE: I suspected that. Tell me, do you and Liss ever do girl on girl?

MELLY: Sure, a little, it's fun, especially since we do love each other anyway. But we both need a rather substantial dick in on it to make it real.

LISS: Rilly. Substantial. Freakfoot sized.

MARCIE: Well, maybe we could try...

LISS & MELLY: We're just not gay, Marcie. Sorry.

MARCIE: Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying.

MELLY: And we don't, that is, blame anyone for wanting what they happen to want.

LISS: Rilly. For example, Mel and I both want to share a wookie. Go figure.

BUNNY: Yeah, I'm still finding that kinda weird. I mean, Adam's beautiful-- gorgeous, actually --and I'm kind of used to all that hair now, looks good short-clipped. But still he's just so HUMONGOUSLY humongous.

MELLY: You get used to that too. I don't even think of him as especially large any more-- maybe because I've met even bigger Nokhons.

LISS: Rilly, like Dannat the Sha-haka medicine guy, who's got to be over 9 feet tall, guessing 700 pounds. Freakfoot's just a measly little 8 foot 3 and 535 pounds. Practically a twerp.

MELLY: Okay, let's establish how many want to be in on the kha-rat. Of course all of us in S&F have done it several times and we'll do it again... that is. I suppose. Maki, how about you and Pokey? Sometimes you do seem kind of ambiguous about yet another orgy.

MAKI: Yes, but I think Pokey has a hankering try out Sunny and Bunny and I love my man, gotta give him what he wants.

BUNNY: Oooo, what makes you think he wants that?

MAKI: He told me so. When I told him I'd like to do Scott Richter.

SUNNY: Well, Scott might not be with us. He's talking about flying to LA to visit wife and kids. Doesn't want to cheat on Shirley.

MAKI: Oh, bummer. --But no. it's good that he's faithful, I guess. Well, how about Charlie Madison?

BUNNY: He's talking about going to see Anne in Indianapolis. Charlie's in love, you know.

MELLY: Good for him. So how about Old Man Ewan? Does he want in on it?

SUNNY: He hasn't said yet, but I imagine he'd just love to get to plow all us sexy young beauties in a row.

MELLY: Of course he would and who could blame him? But it could be he has moral qualms and would rather do the right thing...I mean it was HIS dictate to discourage romantic indulgences that could break up the band.

SUNNY:Yeah,.. especially with ME ...(considering) ... Nnnyaaah, he'll definitely want to be in on it. And me, I assume.

MELLY: Want in-on you? Oh yeah, I'd assume that too.

MARCIE: Aww, but he's too old; who'd want to have sex with him,?

MELLY: Oh, we ALL will. Shyøma is very democratic. You'll see.

BUNNY: What about Benny Joe? We all know he'll just plain INSIST.

MARCIE: Are you kidding? He is THE ultimate misogynist jerk! Avoid him!

BUNNY: (shrugs) Yeah, he's a scum bag, all right, but he's got an okay body.

MARCIE: Yeah, sure, but containing a deviant SOUL from Hell! Perversion personified.

MELLY: Yes well, we might just have to live with it. No one gets rejected at a kha-rat. (unconcerned) So which of YOU are coming? Sunny?

SUNNY: Oh, I WANT to, but I'm kinda scared. I mean is this going to ruin normal sex for me? Will this be so fantastic that I'll never be satisfied without shyøma?

LISS: Naw. It probably won't even be the very best sex in your life, or at least I hope not. But it will be the most game-changeing.

MELLY: Yes, it's a roller coaster ride with cosmic consequences, but you learn stuff-- like female magic. Call it witchcraft.

MASNIA: Excuse. I must tell a truth. For many Nokhon males it does spoil their... what you call "love life". They only want shyøma-sex because it is so easy, they don't have to win a woman. Or deserve her.

MAGGA: Ra, they get-- how you say? --lazy. Cum too easy.

MARCIE: Well, hah! That's pretty much the same for all males everywhere. One thing I've learned from my limited experience is that giving a man sex offers no guarantee that he's going to be nice to you. There are so many assholes out there. Also men who can't perform very well and tend to get mean about it. Guys just like BJ.

LISS: So you have been with some men before you went gay?

MARCIE: Just enough to have learned my lesson.

MAKI: Maybe so, but MY favorite sex is still with Pokey, even without shyøma, I still love him crazy much anyway. But I also like to have fun with Mike and sometimes even Adam, and... (she looks at Liss)

LISS: --yes, and me, Maki my dear.

MAKI: ...and yes, lovely Lissandra, our favorite threesome partner. But I don't feel guilty about any of it, which is so cool. We've become a family of shared husbands and wives. And that's because of shyøma and the kha-rats.

MARCIE: You do realize it sounds like you're all in a cult?

LISS: Not rilly. It's more a collective love affair for all of us. A cult would be much less fun.

BUNNY: I know I've asked before, but how can Adam not be too big for a little human woman? And Maki, you'e so petite and dainty! I mean, just his body weight alone-- and I'm pretty sure he must have a really HUGE dick.

MAKI: Oh, it's big all right, but it fits very nicely. I think you'll like it. Don't worry, he never hurts us.

MELLY: Actually, neither do any of the other male squatches at a kha-rat. They really enjoy having us relatively tiny fairy-tale females along for the ride, they consider us really exotic and fun to fuck, so they're wonderfully careful not to squash our outsides with their big feet, nor blood-batter our insides with gone-amok penises.

BUNNY: You mentioned that all four of you "wives" have sex with Adam at least twice a day each. How much of your day do you guys actually spend on sex?

LISS: Not that much, rilly. I'm usually perfectly satisfied after a nice 10 minutes. Or a 3 minute meet and greet, it varies. Then maybe another quicky a few hours later. Major orgasms every time, pretty much guarenteed. And maybe a final mounting just before we go to sleep.

SUNNY: All four at once?

LISS: Sometimes, just for fun.

MAKI: (pointing a finger up: one more) Sometimes five. Tee hee.

BUNNY: Isn't that kind of... impersonal?

MELLY: Never. Because he always looks YOU directly in your eyes to let you know that you're going to cum now. And you do; major event category.

LISS: And then he just looks so happy that he could do that for us. So we do our best to keep him happy.

MELLY: Yes, and again in the morning, 6-7 minutes will do me: major orgasm again, enough for the moment. Besides we have other things to do.

LISS: Yeah, but there can sometimes be some pretty wicked competition to see who mounts Freakfoot first before we have to share his very big, very solid, very dependable erection...

MELLY: (eyes closed) Ah yes, yes, Addy's dakh.

BUNNY: Hey, you gals are just getting silly now.

LISS:...yeah, his great big wonderful dakh... We can usually grind out a bunch of orgasms pretty quick, so that everyone gets happy.

MELLY: Hmm, oh yeah; maybe I should mention that Addy looks and smells unbelievably sexy; he's got his own brand of shyøma cooking-- a musklike scent that really does it for me.

LISS: Yeah rilly, and me too. So we're way more than just somewhat aroused, we are turned on to the sexual max.

SUNNY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, go on. Tee hee hee.

MARCIE: So Adam doesn't do anything? Just lies there with this super hard-on and lets his slave girls service him?"

MELLY: Adam is considerate and gentle. Sometimes almost too much, so that I have to MAKE him lie still so I can just (becomes excited) impale my quivering marat on his prodigious dakh and cum like crazy !!!

LISS: Okay, okay, Mel; down girl, down.

MELLY: (playing the part) Grunt. Yeah, whew!

MARCIE: Poor Adam doesn't get to keep many delicately intimate secrets, does he?

MAKI: You mean like the AooE Document? Well, he did that to himself.

BUNNY: So does poor Adam get anything out of all these quickies? Does he even come?

LISS: My god yes, he gushes. He's rilly gotta be the most virile guy you'll ever meet.

MELLY: Yeah, he likes it and he gets it, so don't fret for him.

SUNNY: I'm more concerned about fretting for MYSELF. At the moment I'm not even considering having sex with a Bigfoot-- even though I feel that Adam is a very loveable guy. But if I do go to this kha-rat, there will be all the regular human guys in our convoy-- Don, Gene, Mike, Pokey, Lee... wow, it feels so weird talking about me having sex with them... I mean Freddy? BJ? EWAN?

MELLY: Yeah, eleven human guys, if they all come.

SUNNY: Yeah, all them. You probably know how guys can sometimes get too horny. Will shyøma make them violent? Drive them sex-crazy?

MELLY: You've read the document. We've never experienced that.

SUNNY: Yeah, good. I mean, you girls are used to this. You don't even worry about a gigantic Bigfoot getting too horny.

MELLY: Hah! Ohhh well, that depends... (big smile)

LISS: ...on how many we are at the time.

MELLY: And especially if Magga and/or Masnia are with us. They can take the full brunt of a crazy-horny Bigfoot in rut, so that Addy can really let loose. It's inspiring to watch-- slightly frightening --but inspiring.

MAGGA: Is good for me too. I like.

LISS: Oh, yes, she rilly does! Obviously!

MASNIA: And also me. I like our lives together, all of us.

SUNNY: So is there a plan for how we do this kha-rat thing? Uh, I mean, if I decide to.

MELLY: A first draft plan. We need to be away from people for about 5 days; 2 days before and 2 after the full moon to avoid shyøma affecting innocent bystanders. We have no commitments during that period, our last concert will be in Saint Louis, Missouri and the next, after the full moon, is in Nashville, Tennesee. That will put us passing the Shawnee National Forest in the state of Illinois, where there are large areas of roadless wilderness. We can go camping there for a few days.

LISS: By the way, girls, there have been over 300 "Bigfoot" sightings in that area over the years. And if there are any Nokhons about, they'll certainly also be having a kha-rat under the full moon. It's a universal Nokhon tradition.

MAGGA: Maybe we meet new Nokhon friends. Much yøramma.

BUNNY: Hey, I know that word. From the Document.

SUNNY: But won't there be lots of campers and trekkers there? I mean, it IS summer vacation time.

LISS: We'll be sneaky. Magga is our resident master of that.

BUNNY: Hey, you know, I read this almost-very-same conversation in the Document. Near the end, when Adam's family are debating if they dare go to their first kha-rat.

LISS: Rilly. And you remember how that ended? We ALL went and got laid and none of us ever regretted it even once.

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