Chapter Ten:     Conversations On Day After

Chrome Squatch Concert Tour USA

Third Person Singular Present Tense informing events of Saturday, the 4th of July --

The sun comes up, some people are sleeping, naked and tangled together, but there are also quite a few die-hard-ons still striving for some more orgasms. A nice sunny day, there are Fourth of July celebrations going on somewhere else in America, but here on the edge of the Primeval Forest, the calender date means less than the phases of the moon.

There is still shyøma in the air, but the effect is feeble compared to the power it wielded last night at full blast. This is nicer for lovers who want to feel more than only raw lust for their fellow fuckee, not so savage, not so desperate the need to cum with major gushes again and again. This is just cozy sex time.

One has to be near Magga or Masnia, who has slept outside with everyone circled around them, to maintain a high level of sexual arousal and some were still going for it, although most celebrants are pretty much tuckered and fuckered out after all that strenuously orgasmic activity.


C: "So what do you think, Scott? Are we going to do this ever again?"

S: "Shit, I don't know, Charlie, it's almost impossible to say NO. But we don't yet know how smart it is to be making a habit of it."

C: "Yeah, kinda reminds me of the not-so-good old drug days. Cocaine, hash, speed: fun but debilitating. Good thing we got away from all that shit, why take on a new monkey?"

S: "Exactly. Although this event actually seemed pretty safe in comparison, no bad after-effects so far."

C: "So far. Hey Scott, is it really okay that I had sex with Shirley?"

S: "Yeah, sure, bro. We knew that was supposed to happen."

C: "I mean many many times? And I liked it better each time?"

S: "Well, she's always been really nice to have sex with. By the way, I also had your brand-new girl friend Anne many many times as well. Really enjoyed talking with her as we screwed and screwed and screwed. Is that okay?"

C: "Yeah, man, of course. It's what we signed up for."

S: "Anyway, I liked Anne a lot: keep this one."

C: "I plan to. Or hope to, if this shyøma adventure doesn't freak her out."


C: "So hey dude, can we swap wives on a regular basis now?"

S: "Ha ha haa... I don't know yet... dude. . Maybe. Maybe not. Too soon to tell. Besides, a lot depends on how Shirley feels about all this."

C: "Yeah, same for me. And Anne."

S: "And then there's Adam: he controls all this. He may decide it's not really good for us puny humans, in which case it's over. It's a Nokhon thing and we don't know any other Nokhons."

C: "Right. It's not like we can go out and score a nickel bag of shyøma from some street corner down by the high school."


C: "Hey, Scott, I don't know if I should say this..."

S: "Yeah go ahead, I think I know anyway"

C: "Shirley, man."

S: "Yeaah, Charlie, you love her too. But how could you not? We've all been like family for years."

C: "But I don't love her without you, man. Shit, I guess I'm saying..."

S: "That you love me too, yeah, yeah, old news. You've told me before, you silly guy. And back at you."

C: "I saw you with Anne-- yes, some of those many many times --looks like you got along pretty well."

S: "Oh she's a beaut. I can see why you like her."

C: "Actually, I love her."

S: "Of course you do, I could see by how you made love with her that it was deep stuff."

C: "Looked like you loved her too, while you were doing her."

S: "Yeah, but maybe it's just the shyøma, bro."

C: "Maybe, but I sure did enjoy it. Not just our own ladies, but all the others too: nailed Melly and Lissandra at last-- and both at once; My Gawd!"

S: "Yez, and even those Nokhon girls. How extremely exotic-erotically nice they are!"

C: "Hey man, that could be a song."

S: "WOW! Hey Charlie, just remembered that I came up with a new song yesterday. While we were waiting for the party to officially get to begin, me prodding Shirley's belly button with my overeager shyøma super-stiffie, both of us Horny as Hell... hmmm... which is both title and hook, I've just now realized."

C: "An exotic-erotic Scott Richter hit song? Hey, we could use one of those-- if it's any good."

S: "Maybe my best song ever. Or worst, hard to tell on shyøma. If I can just remember it..."


Benny Joe and Marcie are still grinding together, insatiable for each other, cumming again and again, long after there is no more cum to be pumped, just dry heaves now, but still overwhelming ecstasy for them both.

"I don't want this to end," Marcie is saying. "Do you think we'll go back to normal when the shyøma wears off?"

"This IS normal for us now, baybee. It's more than just sex, this is True Love!"

"Yeah, you say that while your dick is still throbbing inside me, but what happens when it can't throb anymore?"

"Then we'll just have to wait until tonight and start fresh all over again."

"Really? You think you'll still want me this much? I mean, this is crazy, but I love it."

"Oh baybee, this is permanent for me! Okay, maybe not this particular erection, but something a lot like it will come back by tonight, I promise you!"

"Oh JB, I love you!"

"And I love you too, baybee!"


Four weary-looking roadies are taking a break-- perhaps because they are totally wiped out --leaning up against their bus, parked in a grassy clearing in the Shawnee National Forest. Their campsite is littered with the spent bodies of their fellow orgy participants, sleeping or still-humping couples. Magga, their kha-rat hostess, lies asleep on the grass close nearby.

OSMOND "Smells like the shyøma's almost all used up, just a whiff left. Damn, I wanted to bone Lissandra at least one more time.

GENE: "And all the rest of the muh'fuggin babes as well?"

DON: "I don't think I'm up to much more boning. it's a miracle my cock isn't frayed raw."

FREDDY: "Mine too. But I'm assuming the shyøma extra-lubricates the girls. Sorta like a super power. My thingy should also be in tatters but it only wants more. Yup, I got a super-powered thingy."

GENE: "Damn, Freddy, why can't you just call it your muh'fuggin COCK?"

FREDDY: "I just don't like to be that crude."

DON: "Hey, Osmond, Lissandra's over there, but she's with Pokey... and looking kinda busy just now."

FREDDY "Pokey's boning Liss? Aha, so cute little Maki might just be up for grabs. I'd love to boink that sweet young thing a few dozen more times before this is all over."

DON: "Actually, I see that they're all three over there, Maki too. Together. Yez yez, threesome, going at it. "

GENE: "But hey, Osmond man, you could always just cut in and ask for the next dance. This IS a fucking orgy, y’know... or it was until you sissy-muh'fuggers started giving up."

OSMOND: "Yeah but... but they're too far away from here where Magga's shyøma-smell is, I won't be able to keep my thingy stiff all the way over to there, I've already squirted out all the cum I had."

GENE: "Pokey doesn't seem to be having any muh'fuggin problem with potency. In fact, now the bastard's alternating those luscious ladies stroke for stroke."

OSMOND: "Yeah, well, those three do that a lot."

GENE: "How do you know that?"

OSMOND: "I read it in the document. Says so. From their very first kha-rat. Maki suddenly discovers she's bi. For Pokey, herself and Lissandra all together."

GENE: "Yeah, man, big surprise."

FREDDY: "Hmmm! They seem to be rather proficient at being a threesome, I mean, look at that! I guess practice does make..."

GENE: "Perfect! Yeah, great move!" DON: (cheers) "Shee-itt, go Pokey. go!"

GENE: "Yeah, man, show us what you got, muh'fuggah!"

FREDDY:Yes, boink them angelic beauties! Just wish I could do it some more..."

OSMOND: "Hey, Freddy, if you need more power, just get closer to Magga sleeping there. Breathe in the smell, she's still kinda ripe. Mmmmm."

FREDDY: " Oh yesss, she is. Mmmmm. Hey, now I can do it some more!"

GENE: "In fact you could just fuck Big Mama Magga herself, right here. From behind. She won't mind. She's asleep and probably won't even notice."

FREDDY: "Like the R. Crumb cartoon? Hmmm. I dunno, that seems kinda impolite and I don't want to offend her. Do you even know how strong these squatch chicks are?"

OSMOND: "Yeah, well, she IS asleep..."

MAGGA: "Skog. No, Magga not a-sleep.." (eyes still closed)

OSMOND: "Oooops!"

FREDDY: "Yes, oops. Sorry if we woke you, Magga."

MAGGA: "Is okay. I have duty to kha-rat, must yøramma if needed. You want fucky fucky again, Freddy?"

She opens her groggy eyes and then closes them again, resting. It's been a long five days and she's been the Sha-haka-ma hostess.

FREDDY: "Oh, that would be very nice. If you don't mind..."

MAGGA: "No, wait. Better you yøramma Masnia, she like you little bit special." (she shouts in Nokhontli) "Kha Masnia, Freddy yoto yøramma. Wo-sba kl'sba!"

MASNIA: shouting from afar) "Ra, ma Magga, ha wo kl'sba!"

Masnia comes running through the forest like a young gazelle, springing into the clearing where those guys are. Incredibly graceful, outrageously sleek and beautiful, the perfect fantasy babe for a superhero comic book nerd.

MASNIA: "Hi Freddy, you need a fuck?"

FREDDY: (flustered) "Uh... yy..uh, well..."

MASNIA: Oh,Freddy, you're always so shy. C'mon, I'll take good care of you. There's a blanket for us to yøramma on."

FREDDY: "Uh... uh ..okay, yeah... (finally resolved, standing tall) Yes! Perfect. Excuse me, guys."

OSMOND: "Yeah sure, Freddy, knock yourself out, man."

DON: “Oh, but Magga dear..?"

MAGGA: "You guys want too? Okay, one at a time. Or all at once, is okay too. I close eyes, just lay here, is okay?"

ALL: (simultaneously) "IS OKAY, Magga!"

DON: (climbing aboard) "Very much okay. And thank you, Magga, you're a peach."

GENE: "Hey man, I thought you were all fuckered out?

DON: "Yeah, well, what the hell, she's right here, smell and all."

GENE: "Nice that she's such a conscientious hostess, or maybe she just likes getting plowed."

DON:"Hell, we ALL like getting plowed when this magic smell-spell hits us. But hey, I'm grateful for her friendly extra service."

FREDDY: (merrily boinking Masnia) "Speaking of magic, what did you guys think about Adam's little magic trick?"

GENE: "Oh, that little flickering flame? That depends on if it was really there or not."

FREDDY: "Well, we can't call it spectacular but it might just be impossible."

DON: (pausing with Magga) "Yeah, looks simple unless you actually think about it: seems to be a normal candle flame floating in front of him-- only there ain't no candle, no electricity, no mirror, no heat, no flashlight, no fireworks. In fact, no flame, just a tiny illusion of light that doesn’t really exist, but fools our blindness enough that we can somehow navigate around an actually pitch black forest full of trees and stumps and bushes without crashing into them face first."

OSMOND:"Well, it's just a parlor trick-- an optical illusion. Gotta be."

DON: "As I understood it, Adam generated that illusion out of nothing, no props, no tools. Maybe just brain power. I'd call that magic, wouldn't you?"

FREDDY: "Oh, it's just an old Jedi mind trick. Oops! I'm...I'm..c-cu-cum..." (he cums, Masnia smiles, duty well done)

DON: "Well yeah, same thing, more or less." (then focusing in on Magga, he cums too)

MASNIA: "Hey guys, how are you liking the kha-rat so far?

ALL: "Pretty good so far."   "Yeah, pretty fucking cool, babe."   "Same time next full moon?"


Adam and Melly lie upon a blanket under the night sky full of stars and an enormous moon: The Ma-Mløt-Klys. It's a wonderful evening, warm and still. They are in the middle of making love, as they have been on and off for the last two days, although not always with each other.

The orgy has been as an orgy should be: twenty people rolling around on blankets or grass having communal sex with everybody present. But these two have stolen a few fucks for just themselves, because beyond the ferocious sexual gratification, intense physical togetherness makes them happy.

If you simply must know: Adam's big engorged dakh is squeezed well up inside Melly's wonderfully soft and juicy marat, moving slow and easy (he has to be careful with a human woman, and he is), they don't stop churning, but carry on their conversation at the same time. Yes, they're multitasking. (And this was your porn hit, hope you enjoyed it.)

"Looks like our kha-rat is going well," Adam says, "no freak-outs as of yet anyway."

"Yes," Melly responds, even through an intense non-stop orgasm, "and the whole band seems to be into it, no shyness or jealousies or hidden resentments that could have goine volatil in such an intimate situation. Seems that everybody likes/loves each other."

"And apparently the whole crowd is okay with humping all their co-workers with vim and vigor, all having fun."

"And so am I, right now. But about you: have you fallen in love with Sunny yet?"

"Oh, she's wonderful!" Adam assures her. "Completely open to loving and being loved. And a lot of fun to fuck, so excited and enthusiastic and ready to try anything. How about you?"

"Oh, I've had the guys I wanted to score: Scott and Charlie mainly. And even Benny Joe wasn't so bad-- in fact he now seems to be in love with Marcie and is acting like a completely different man. He's even nice! And polite and affectionate-- to everybody, not just Marcie. Even Liss enjoyed having intimacies with him and they've been almost enemies at times."

"Wow, BJ being nice!" Adam marveled. "Whooda thunk it?"

"So can you stop worrying about this kha-rat becoming a disaster?"

"Hey, I wasn't half as worried as Magga was; she takes her Sha-haka-ma duties quite seriously. She's just concerned that my NokhSo friends are having a good time."

"Sure, hostess of the party and all that," Melly nodded, "Well, I'd say she's doing great, this kha-rat is working!" "Masnia too, although she has the advantage of being much more comfortable in the NokhSo culture than Magga, language and all. Magga doesn't really like human civilization very much, she's a pretty critical about all the crap that goes along with it."

"Thing is:" Melly asserts, "Magga's right. But the Nokhon culture is also too rigid."

"I agree, that's why we're introducing shyøma to the world, hopefully to balance out both cultures."

Their eyes locked together in a loving gaze, their gonads locked together in a cosmic embrace, they have a well-deserved romantic moment. (Editor's note: Adam and Melly have loved each other since they were both three years old, but have only been sexual partners for little over a year now.

A Bigfoot male and a human female can be sexually compatible, but that demands control and compromise, or the human female could not endure the mating. Adam and Melly have developed their own techniques for mutual joy and satisfaction and are quite avid lovers, usually several times a day.)

They remain quivering but otherwise still for a few minutes, relishing the intensity of their mutual orgasm, both bodies taut as bowstrings. Then they relax with a "whoosh" and their successful intercourse is over.

"That was magical," Melly says, now standing up, "even in a kha-rat where I've been screwing 15 other guys non-stop for a day and a half. I just fucking love you, Addy. You're my guy."

"And you're my True Love, Mel."

"One of them, anyway. Which I find weirdly satisfactory because I love all my co-wives too."

"Good thing, you being First Wife and all."

"Ohhh yeah. It's a strange and non-boring un-traditional life we live, Adam Leroy Forest, semi-husband of mine." Melly laughs and clicks with her tongue, sniffs the air. Okay, back to work.

"Hey Pokey, got a minute for me?" she calls.


"So hi, Old Man Ewan, how's it bloody going after that bloody night of bloody debauchery?"

"Bloody hell, missy, it was... an experience."

"Yeah, for me too. I liked being with you, by the way."

"Uh, yeah... I gotta apologize, missy, that wasn't very decent of me to.. to.. well, y'know: a man my age 'n all..."

"What are you talking about, Ewan? I enjoyed what happened between us. It was really quite special."

"Well, thank' y miss, but you're so young and I'm so..."

"Okay, you're NOT going to call me Innocent, are you? I fucked everybody at least four times each and I really got off on it. You too, so there's nothing to apologize for."

"Okay, okay, I'm glad you can take it that way. I promise I won't be pestering you for..."

"Ewan! Stop. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed YOU. So if you'd like to have sex with me again sometimes-- not every night, seems I've now got other...boy friends --but once in a while, I'll be glad to fuck you. Is that okay?"

"Well,..hah!... that's pretty bloody wonderful, missy. I'd give you my spiel about irresponsible sex breaking up so many bands, but you've already heard that and I've shown that I don't have any more will power against a proffered pussy than any younger bloke."

"This wasn't irresponsible sex, this was miraculous! Do you really wish that you had passed me up?"

(pause) "Never, Missy, and I won't next time neither. If there's a next time, if the band don't bloody explode first."

"Don't worry, Ewan, this band loves itself. I made certain. And we'll have a next time, you and me, I'm sure."


"Hey, hi...uh...Shirley."

"Yes, hi, Anne. What a night, eh?"

"Yep. I wouldn't call it a disappointment."

"No, it was fantastic. Did you enjoy my husband?"

"I did, actually. About five times, I think."

"Then we're even, I'm sure I plundered your boy friend at least that many times. He was great."

"Yeah, he really is. I kind of love him."

"Oh good, I can understand that-- I've always been half in love with Charlie myself, him being Scott's best friend and close to the family. This was the first time I've ever gotten so close to-- that is, fucked --him. And I'm glad he has you in his life now."

"Yep, me too. And well, I've always been a fan of Scott Richter, the singer/songwriter celebrity of Chrome Pie-- adored him, really --so I got kind of greedy last night. I must say I was not disappointed in any way, he's a lovely person and a... a..."

"Go ahead and say it."

"..-a great fuck. On shyøma-power at least."

"Well, he's always been a pretty good fuck normally, but last night he really WAS Great! I had him a few times myself. And everybody else too, that was fun. Very liberating."

"No kidding! Er... what did you think of... Adam, by the way?"

"Oh My God, he... I... I LOVE him! And talk about GREAT..."

"Yep, yep as in GREAT BIG DICK?"

"...yeah, well that too, but I was thinking more of his person than his superhuman body (and yes, it IS very sexy, dick included), but his intelligence, his empathy... I mean, he's actually GODLIKE!"

"Oh yes yes, I agree. Lucky Melly and Lissandra. And both his Nokhon wives too."

"And last night; Lucky Us!"

"Yep, no shit, Shirley!"

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