Chapter Thirteen:     Aftermaths

Chrome Squatch Concert Tour USA

VARIOUS PARTICIPANTS reporting emotional reactions to kha-rat experience
formulated while in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, the 6th of July--

MIGUEL deSANTO reflecting on some moral issues

Holas, amigos. Miguel aqui.It's a nice sunny morning here in Nashville, early enough that the city is just beginning to hum with traffic and business and the various bugs and birds that live here. The three camper busses and one equipment truck of our convoy are clustered in this RV campground near the river, nothing going on yet, since we'll be staying here for another day and there's no hurry.

We did our Nashville concert last night, and that turned into an all-night session with other local musicians, some of them as famous as me. Beers, some tequila, weed, other heftier drugs I let pass by, it got almost as extreme as our feroz 3-day orgy in the woods of the National Forest. Now is the aftermath of all that, our bodies, brains & balls need to cool down. Maybe even reflect upon the moral impact of what we've shared as a group of animals in heat.

Mierda, I always get so philosophical after overindulging in just about everything.

Right now I'm sitting alone in a camping chair beside the S&F bus, got my Spanish guitar beside me, but I've not yet begun to play a note, allowing myself-- and others --a sweet moment of paz y silencio. It was a long night last night, actualmente, I haven't been to bed yet, so it's still last night for me. Everybody else is sleeping in, nobody moving around here.

I'm yearning to practice my two-hand-tapping guitar technique, a new way to play guitar. Adam and I have been learning it together. I've been playing guitar since I was four years old (30 años pasados), one of those child prodigies, but there hasn't been much progress or change for years now. But I don't want to wake up all the happily sleeping people here. There's a park down by the river, I should just go down there and not bother anyone.

But then I see a motion. The Roadie bus is parked in the next grassy slot across from our bus, the door swings open and Sunny, the beautiful young redhead roadie, comes out carrying a plastic bucket full of glasses and dishes to wash in the campground facilities.

Me gusta Sunny, es muy hermosa. She and I also finally had mucho sexo together during the kha-rat so I feel we must be pretty good amigos by now. She's wearing skimpy short-shorts and a flimsy bikini top, which would normally be sexy enough to give me a boner, but we'd just spent a 3-day orgy together stark naked and follando como conejitos , so it was almost a disappointment to see her wearing anything at all. Sunny looks really good naked. Okay, pues, she looks good now too.

But then, so do all the other girls in our convoy. I think to myself; Crecer, hombre! it's been days since you can use shyøma as an excuse for being so horny all the time.

So I say, "Hola, Sunny, no sabía que podías hablar español."

"Uhh... what?" She says, obviously not understanding me.

"I just said that I didn't know you could speak so much Spanish, like you did at the mating ceremony."

"Oh, that. Well, I couldn't before having all that sex with you, so I guess it sort of rubbed off into me," she says with a naughty smile. Then she frowns, "But it seems I've forgotten it all now."

"Parece que sí," I say.

"Actualmente,", she says back, "I understood that, so it's not all gone."

"I could fuck you some more for a linguistic update."

That's me being gallant. Actualmente, it was supposed to be a joke, not really trying to flirt. Sometimes I just do that; latin lover syndrome, tu sabes. Immediately I felt conflicted: shouldn't I be faithful to... to all my girls? My 4 --sometimes 5-- regular lovers?

"...I'm kind of busy right now,.." Sunny says, rescuing me from myself.

Good, what a relief, I think, shrugging, "Oh, that's okay."

Realmente, I don't want to be bugging Sunny for sex. She and I had gotten into a lot of very nice fuck sessions with each other at the orgy, but so had everybody else around us too. Besides, from my other 4-5 regular lovers there's almost always at least one ready for a roll prontissimo so I'm hardly ever really desperate for sex any more. Verdadamente, I'm not even horny so soon after that kha-rat, I can easily go without getting laid for a few more days. That's me bragging. And maybe lying.

"...but later on tonight?" She says with a big happy smile and a cute sparkle in her green eyes.

So automatically I say, "Sí como no, muchacha!"

She looks confused, "Did you just say no or yes?"

"I said yes yes oh boy yes!

"Good. Can we do it in your bus? It might be more cozy than mine."

"It's a date!" I say, without thinking about the logistics of all this.

Sunny goes off to wash dishes, happy she's going to get laid later on. And me? What the fuck am I doing? I really don't need another girl to service, I'm swamped as it is. Okay, maybe not terribly swamped, I'm still enjoying the attentions of the 4-5 girls I've got, not counting kha-rats, and I don't want to be unfaithful to... any of them. So is it fair of me to add Sunny to my list? I don't need to conquer her-- or has she conquered me? I did jump muy rapidamente when she offered.

But she's so young and I don't want to hurt her. Nor do I want to be that macho cabrón who disrespects women. Sure, she's beautiful and nice to me, and of course I do LIKE sex with her-- but I LOVE sex with Mel and Liss. Yeah, okay, and the other three. But if I spread myself even thinner loverboy-wise, do I deserve any of them?

Still, once you've been to a kha-rat with someone the morality of all this gets pretty vague. I'm not about to ruin some innocent child-girl's life, we've already been exaggeratedly intimate. Now she's made an offer and I can choose to accept or... or what? Reject her? I sure don't feel like doing that to her, since I really do appreciate the offer.

Hey, I'm just bullshitting myself. If Sunny comes here and slides into my bed, I will automatically slide into her, unable to resist that lovely poontang.

SCOTT & SHIRLEY phone exchange

Hi, Honey.

Yeah, hi Babe. How's it going in LaLaLand?

Oh, life is getting back to normal over here in sunny California. The kids didn't even destroy the house while I was away, I think they're actually becoming responsible human beings.

Our kids? Are you sure there wasn't a mix-up when we picked them up at the hospital?

Nine-eleven years ago? Naw, Billy looks too much like you. But Sandi... could be one of those mailmen's, who knows?

So you've survived your descent into the pit of shame and fornication?

Oh, I LOVED the fornication, but the shame hasn't showed up yet, I'm glad to say.

I'm glad too. But I sure do miss fornicating with you now.

Well, you could always tap... no, never mind.

Don't worry, there's no fornicating going on here these days. Everyone's burned out. Even me.

Probably not everyone. How's it going with BJ and Marcie? Has he betrayed her yet?

Or her him? Naw, they seem to be... well...happy!

Now that's weird!

Yup. He's moved in with her, into the truck.

The two of them in that little truck cabin?

It's not that little and it's a lot more private than his bunk-bed in our musician's bus. He also helps her drive the truck on long hauls-- although the distances between concert venues over here aren't ever very far.

And how's Charlie?

Aha! I knew it: you really liked fornicating with him, didn't you?

I admit it, I did. He's a good friend you have. You must love him too.

Yeah, I do. And I'm glad you finally fornicated with him, weird as that may sound.

Me too --I've always loved Charlie a bit, you know.

Yeah, I knew that.

His girlfriend Anne and I became friends at the kha-rat. We've been in contact since we got back.

Does that mean we get to do foursomes someday?

Oh, I think so. You know I'm glad I went to that orgy with you. I actually feel less jealous about you being on tour with all those beautiful women now that I've seen you.


...yes, fornicating with them. And me. I could tell that you like them but you love me.

Yes I do. But I still wish...right now...

Next Full Moon. I'll come again. And cum and cum...

Okay, now you're just making me horny. So-- how's it going with Billy's baseball career?


How many kha-rats have we been to, Pokey?

Oh, from September last year and it's July, we did miss the last one in June, so it must be nine. Why? Are you having moral qualms about them again?

Not "qualms" exactly, but... do you think we should just keep on doing them? Well, it's pretty hard for me to stop while I'm teaching Nokhons English. I'm sort of stuck in the culture. Besides, I like the sex. And so do you, Maki Yoshido.

Well, yes, of course I do. But we can always make love with Liss and Mel, Adam and Miguel-- or anyone else we want, we don't even need shyøma for that --but do we really want to be in a big crowd every time? I'm not really interested in fucking guys who I'm not in love with; like Benny Joe or Old Man Ewan or Freddy-- not that any of them were so bad, it felt right at the moment and seemed to mean something to them.

Didn't you enjoy it?

Of course I did, a lot. But mostly because the shyøma makes it so wonderful. But do we really NEED to have such an extreme experience every Full Moon?

But what about the magic? Are you dropping Women's Ways?

No no! I don't want to stop us from going to kha-rats-- at all --I'd rather they just be with people we love, that's all.

Well, we're on this concert tour right now, which determines who we're stuck with. A temporary condition at worst. Later we'll be...

Yeah, you're right. This tour will be ending in less than two months. We'll be home with Art and Elaine, Dabronat and Malasna. That's what I really want.

And you shall have it, my little Japanese squaw, you shall have it.

MIGUEL deSANTO part 2 of reflecting on some moral issues

So I did the only smart thing I could do: I talked about it with Melly and Lissandra. They were still in bed after that long night. , naked in the same bed. Adam had gone off with Magga and Masnia to some park, so I had them to myself. But nobody was horny yet, just two days after the kha-rat, so we did not need to have sex. Okay, a little bit of sex happened anyway, none of us could resist. Sort of a little poke in passing. A couple of pokes, actually.

But that made it easier for me to tell them that I had made a sex-date with Sunny, for here in the S&F bus. But I wanted to make sure they didn't feel that I was being untrue to them.

Lissandra said, "Well, hey man, you ARE being untrue to us, no way around it, you dirty rat." Liss kids a lot.

"Yeah, guess I am. Sorry, just can't help it." I can grovel sometimes.

Melly: "And just a minute ago you were untrue to ME. when you did Liss here."

"Yeah, rilly, and untrue to ME when you did Mel."

"But that's not being untrue, that's just our standard threesome routine. I love you both!"

"Face it: you love every woman you get to stick your dick into."

"Oh, I know, I'm so greedy." Groveling again.

"Rilly. Good thing that's what we love about you, Miguel," Lissandra said with a grin.

Melly: "Yeah, our dependable dick guy. Have a nice time with Sunny."

Later she said, "Besides, it IS pretty confusing to figure out the morals of faithfulness under these conditions. For example, I'd kinda like to have more of Scott Ricther, but I won't (at least not until the next kha-rat and then all bets are off) because he's married to Shirley and she asked me not to.

"So is she coming to the next kha-at," I asked, "to protect her interests?"

"She's considering it. Anne too, if you wondered."

I had wondered: they both had been maravillosas at the kha-rat, so I've been looking forward to fucking them both again.

GENE SMITH realizes how greedy he is

Hey, motherfuckers, So we're back to the daily grind after grinding our way through a Bigfoot Mating Ceremony. And ooo-eee, what a grind it was. Never been to a better party. And best of all, I finally got Sunny, the main chick I really wanted. Nor was I disappointed, she was a nympho on fire! And so was I, man I was cool. And hard? Goddam!

Oh,yeah, I had all the other chicks too, not like I was not gonna pass on any of that sweet stuff. It felt like every one of them ho's were all made of prime quality grade-A female flesh. And motivated? Ssheee-iiittt!

Only down part of it all is that we don't get to keep them that way; when the shyøma dies out so does the romance. I'd sure like to tap Sunny some more, but she's kinda shy about it now. Adam told us not to plague the girls for more sex after the kha-rat (unless they want it too), or we'll just piss them off. Everyone can get all greedy again next kha-rat-- er --unless you make enemies of them in between. What he means is "Cool It If You Want More, Mothafugga". Unless you really get a connection. Like Benny Joe and Marcie: looks like they fell in love and are still bangin' away like bunnies. Weird, man, That means they only want each other, instead of gobbling the whole smorgasbord. That's never been BJ's style. Hell, BJ ain't never had no style. And Marcie, she was this rabid lezzie, who now craves dick. Lo & behold, a miracle, halleluyah!


The orgy is over and now we're back to on the job in Nashville. I like Nashville, we've been here before. Maybe I liked the orgy better, but I guess enough is enough.

I was afraid that we'd go back to normal when the shyøma stopped flowing, and-- luckily-- we did. Almost. The non-stop sex went away, which is maybe a good thing, 'cause it sure took up all our time over those days. I don't really need that much sex, we couldn't do anything else. Not complaining, mind you, all the girls were nice to me even though I'm fat, and especially Masnia.

I wondered why she didn't mind me being overweight and she said, "You remind me of my big fat older boyfriend, a Nokhon professor who teaches the art of oration at the university in Aket. He's a lot older and fatter than you." So she considers me young and skinny!

Some of the guys are having a hard time without all that sex now, I'd say they got addicted and now they're suffering from withdrawal. I won't name names, if they want to tell everybody about it they can write their own page. The women are mostly choosing to be asexual for a while now. Understandable, the traffic had been pretty intense for at least two days, lots of friction on those delicate girl parts.

I'm lucky that Masnia likes me and isn't tired of sex-- those Nokhon women are tougher than humans. Way tougher than me, that's for sure. She's told me that she likes making love with Adam best, but he's busy with so many "wives" that she sometimes could use a little extra boinking on the side-- and that gets to be me, ooo laa laa.

Once a day is fine for me, in fact, it's really great! Besides, it feels sweet to be sort-of in love. I just never thought it would be with a superhuman bigfoot babe. It's like a super-hero comic book story come true and I get to be the sidekick. Man, how cool is that?

OSMOND BURNETT discovers Relativity

Shit, no more orgy until next Full Moon. It's hard, but not hopeless, just gotta keep reminding myself of that. I had a real good time, shit, an amazingly good time. I finally got to plunder my favorite girl, Lissandra, lots of times, again and again. I was worried she'd get tired of me pestering her, but she was nice and generous to me every time I came back for more sex with her. Guess about 8-10 times.

I had the other girls too, all 8 of 'em, lots of times. It's hard to say who was best: Melly’s so blonde and beautiful, complementing how Lissandra is so dark and sassy. Maki was exotic-- but then so were Masnia and Magga, maybe even more so. Sunny was fun-derful! Even Marcie was doing a good job of being sexy for us guys, which she's never been into before—or at least she did, until BJ stole her away. Scott's wife, Shirley and Charlie's new girl Anne were perfect MILFs. I got me no complaints whatsoever!

I just hope I was good enough for them, all those women all deserve a good high-quality fucking, done with lots of power and stamina. But nobody was going limp on them, that shyøma-smell is a lot better than Viagra. I'd never been more rock-solid and energetic in my life, man, I was fantastic! You shooda been there!

But now we're back to the everyday humdrum. Which is maybe a funny thing to say about being on a concert tour with a famous rock & roll band, but like that professor-guy Einstein says, "everything is relative". (whatever that means). Anyway, we're still in Nashville now, back to work since the ladies are not offering their goodies this week or the next, we roadies are back on our own for a while.

But then I did something that was maybe kinda dumb: told Lissandra that I was in love with her. I couldn't help it, we were fucking so nice and it just sorta blurted out all by itself. She was nice about it, said she'd already figured that out by the way I was making love to her. Said she was enjoying it and, somehow, took me in a little deeper.

But then she had to say that she was "rilly" in love with Adam-- which was no surprise, everybody knows that, even me.

So later on, I watched when she was having sex with Adam. I didn't have to sneak-peek or anything; they were doing it on the grass right in front of everyone. In fact, everyone was watching them; it was so... well... just so beautiful. It was obvious that they were both in love and that no other guy there could have given her a better fuck. I wasn't jealous or envious, just glad for them both.

But it was a Bigfoot mating ceremony so they came and moved on to the next lovers. I hurried and got to Lissandra same time as Freddy. He was polite and allowed me to go first, since he knows I have a thing for her. Like I think every guy on this tour does.

MIGUEL deSANTO part 3 of reflecting on some moral issues

Later that evening, while most of the others went into town to enjoy Nashville, Sunny and I met at the S&F bus to enjoy each other. We went to bed early, not shooting for a quickie but a real workout. We also spent a while talking between fucks.

"I think you really do love Melly, so why aren't you faithful to her?" she asked me.

"Oh, I love Lissdandra just as much. And you've seen how we love: it's totally scattered. Being technically faithful to any one of them is to reject the others and none of us is willing to do that.

"So it's a mess?"

"No, it's great! I've never been so happy. But if you want to be part of this you'll have to learn how not be jealous..."

"Oh, I'm not. I don't mean to be a complication. I'm not out to be cheating the others of their share of the love."

We get busy grinding pelvises again and so don't speak for a while. When I can breathe again I ask her, "So was this more fun in our bus?"

"Yes, all the guys in my bus would like for me to fuck them all the time now. And watch as they take turns. It's embarrassing."

"So what's the difference here?"

"The difference is that I want to fuck You, but not Everybody."

"Well, that's flattering, for me, I guess."

"Not so fast-- I want you --and Adam."

I had to laugh.. "So Adam has the same problem that you do?"

"That all the women want to have sex with him? I guess so, although his size probably scares some of them off. They'll be afraid that his dick could be too big for them to take in."

"Yeah, just like you were. Seems you got over it."

"Oh, I'm definitely not over it,” she insisted, “Gotta have more."

"(gulp) So do I still have a chance with you`?"

"Hey, you'll do for now. C'mon..."

"Uhm, well, I just came and we're not on shyøma today. We'll have to wait a little while."

"Yeah, that's what you guys all say."

"Well,. maybe you should go visit Adam, he's superhuman."

"He's busy with his squatch girls. And I'm shy, or else I would."

"Well, none of us can be having sex all the time."

"Hmmpf! I can. At least... I want to... need to... (she breaks into tears; sniff, sob)

"Hey, Sunny, are you okay?"

(sniffle) "Oh yeah, I'm okay. I guess. It's just that I really got off on that kha-rat, let myself go sex crazy,.. Maybe a little too crazy. I guess now I’m a nymphomaniac!" She cried. I held and kissed her, in a brotherly way. While naked, of course, so ended up boning her some more anyway. But gently, still trying not to be that macho cabrón. So she had another royal orgasm and so did I.

"And now, it's all I want to do; fuck fuck fuck."

"You poor thing."

"Oh, I dunno, I came pretty good this time." (chuckles)

"Okay... at least there's that."

"Yeah, the sex is GREAT, way better than ever before in my life. It's just the in-between time that I can't stand. I don't know what to do about it. Do you think that will go away?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's only been a few days since the kha-rat, maybe...."

Then it occurred to me that I actually did know what to do about it: "Sunny, you need to talk to Magga and Masnia-- they do women's-way magic, this is right up their alley. Magga is the shaman but Masnia speaks much better English-- and Spanish almost as good as I do, that little putana."

"You call her little? She's well over six feet tall."

"She's little for a squatch. And she's cute, therefore..."

"Yeah, yeah, actually I don't know either of them very well. Could you sort of..."

"Sure. I fuck them all the time, we're tight. I can introduce you to them right now."

"Oh no, it's the middle of the night. We can't bother them now."

"They don't sleep by the clock. Besides, they've probably overheard us talking anyway, even though they usually sleep somewhere outside of the bus when it's not cruising down the road. They can hear much better than us. Let's see--" I raised my voice just a little, "Oh Masnia?"

We listened. Heard nothing, but I felt the bus take on some weight, Then a bunch more weight, tipping the entire bus a bit. That had to be Magga, who weighs over 300 pounds. Then their pretty faces popped through the curtains of our tiny bedroom. They didn't look sleepy at all.

Masnia said,"Hola, Miguel, pudimos escuchar que Sunny tiene un problema..." She likes to practice Spanish with me. And Magga said "Kha-ra, Damiguelt," because she knew I spoke a second language so she might as well just talk to me in Nokhontli, right?

I didn't bother explaining the situation, they already understood it. I was asked to leave because women's ways is forbidden magic knowledge to all us pinché males. So I left the bus to them, went over to the musician's bus, where los muchachos were playing songs again. I finally got to practice the guitar tapping techniques I'd been wanting to when the day started.

It was about 10:00 pm when I came back to the S&F bus, Sunny and the Nokhon chics were gone, but Mel and Liss were resting in the big bed, so I joined them. No, we didn't have sex, what kinda guy do you think I am? Although Masnia showed up a bit later, told me that Sunny was better now, which made me glad, so I invited her to my own bunk-bed.

But Masnia had a date with Freddy, which surprised me. Fat nerd Freddy over me; Miguel deSanto, cool guitar hero? Shock to my fragile debaucher's ego. I tell you. Plus I had to sleep alone. Ah but okay pués, I needed the sleep anyway.

BENNY JOE THADDON ponders the meaning of love/lust

Okay, it's been a coupla days since the big orgy and there ain't no more shyøma going round, so a guy's gotta work with things being normal again horniness-wise. I got pretty carried away by the whole scene, but most carried away by Marcie's... I was gonna say boobs or twat or some sex-oriented chunk of her, but it was really just Marcie the wonderful woman that knocked me out.

Man, it's so weird, the bitch I was least interested in, the half-plain lesbo dyke, she's the one I fell for. I figured Melly or Lissandra would be the hottest fucks around-- and maybe they are, it was very NICE to finally spear those too- pretty- for-their- own- good- bitches. But they hit me with their sex-magic and suddenly I had to deal with my own assholeness instead of their fuckableness.

I don't MEAN to be an asshole, it's just the most entertaining, so I fall for it every time.

My perception of everything changed: I suddenly respected women. Appreciated them for WHOM they are and what they do. Hell, suddenly I LOVED them ALL. I'd never really felt that before. Oh, sure, I've been in outrageous LUST with some sweet young chick for a night, or obsessed by a perfect set of tits, or batshit-crazy for an especially cozy pussy, but mostly I never saw women as real live people. They were just sluts, cunts, bitches, and receptacles for my jizz, that's all. If you think that's a pretty shitty viewpoint, I can only agree with you, but I was stuck with it.

Then they went and dumped Marcie on me. She was DIVINE, magical, and once we got our gonads plugged-in together we were US! A whole new critter, let me tell you. That was just as weird for her as it was for me: she more or less HATED men. And especially ME!

When Marcie and I connected (=fucked nonstop for three days) I went kinda off the deep end and assured her-- promised her --that this was One True Love and a permanent condition, that I'd love her forever and all that shit. She'd been afraid that it was just the shyøma talking and that once it wore off we'd go back to being our real selves-- nasty, selfish, asocial, which could be either one of us. Okay, so it's worn off by now. How do we feel?

Nasty, selfish, asocial. Hey, we're all right!

It's just that now we're that way TOGETHER. I've moved into the cab of her truck, it's big enough for two, if you're in love. And we are, so far. Yeah, pretty weird.

MIGUEL deSANTO part 4 of reflecting on some moral issues

Later the next day I looked for Sunny. Found her doing chores by the Roadie bus. She was smiling and perky like her normal self. I asked how she was feeling.

"Not horny, and it's great."

"Oh, then you're not going to offer me a thank-you fuck?"

"Not right now. Maybe not for awhile. I like you, Mike, so I'll probably feel like it again at some point, but for now I'm going to practice a little restraint. You're busy enough anyway with the 5 wives you share with Adam."

"Okay, but I'm still willing to share YOU with Adam, eventualmente."

"Eventualmente, tal vez. It's a date."

Hombre, quería follarla en ese momento!

E-MAIL from ANNE EVANS to the band

Hi, everyone in Chrome Squatch:

This is just a letter to say thanks for all the nice sex. I really loved it and I came to love all of you in each your own way. Don't get me wrong, I still love Charlie most of all, that's pretty easy to keep straight. But among the things I love about Charlie is the world he lives in and the friends makes music with.

Shyøma can be pretty overwhelming, it blows apart all your established moral structures, the entire concept of being sexually faithful to one person gets drop-kicked into a field goal and you have to start from scratch how you determine right from wrong. Who owns who, how free you dare to be. And then you throw in telepathy, so that while you're just having some friendly fucks with everyone you are also in touch with their minds, their true selves. That can be scary. or wonderful. For me, with you people, it was the latter.

I felt something special from each one of you, some reason to like you beyond the favor you were doing my pussy at the moment, a whole lot of mini love affairs. I won't go through a list, but if you recall me coming back 6 or 7 times for another encounter with you, you can be assured I was a satisfied customer.

Thank you all, love you all.

(Yes, Charlie, I'd guess it was about 20 times for you and me. Well, we're just getting started, I hope.)

Chapter 15

the Adam out of Eden series