the movie script



POV: We are above, looking down upon a monolithic 
slab of black volcanic stone lying flat upon the 
earth, 3x2x1 format, about 8 feet long.  The sides 
are rough and jagged raw-hardened lava, but the 
surface is perfectly flat and glossy, appearing to 
have been melted.  Upon the face of it we can see 
the bas-relief image of a classic horned devil.  

It looks both ancient and new.  We hear OFF-CAMERA 
VOICES commenting about it, the ON-CAMERA image 
presenting a tour of the inscriptions on the stone, 
as well as TITLE and CREDITS rolling by 

				JUNKY (OC)
		Hey, this is really cool,
		man.  I've never been to 	
		a Satanic Ceremony before.
		And with a real live Coven.  

				JOCK (OC)
		But first you're gonna have 
		to take a hit of this to 
		put you in the right vibe.

Their SHADOWS pass over the slab.

				JUNKY (OC)
		Hey, I'm always ready to get 
		high, man.  It's what I DO! 
		Hey, what IS this weird 
		rock, anyway?

		This is the "Hell Slab". 
		According to Our Warlock, 
		this stone is the portal 
		from Hell for the Devil 
		Malignan, also known as 
		"the Bloody Red One".  
		You can see his image 
		embossed into the surface 

				JUNKY (OC)
		The Devil Malignan?  Cool 
		name. Ugly fucker.
			(smoking joint) 

		Oh, ugly indeed.  Last 
		sighted, as far as we know, 
		in the Ukraine, 1969.  
		Seems a small town was 
		wiped off the map, along 
		with everyone in it.  

		Actually, most of the Red 
		One's history is unknown, 
		since very few witnesses 
		survive to report any 

		There are drawings that 
		resemble this one found 
		in Ancient Babylon.  The 
		earliest actual sighting 
		of him known to historians 
		of arcane lore was during 
		the siege and destruction 
		of Carthage in 146 BC.  

		He has reportedly been 
		summoned up from Hell 
		several times since then, 
		usually to serve as a 
		secret weapon.  Such as 
		by Morgan leFey against 
		Merlin and the Knights of 

		And it is said that the 
		Nazis had turned him loose 
		on the beach at Normandy 
		in WWII, but that he also 
		went wild and killed just 
		as many Nazis as anyone 

				JUNKY (OC)
		Cool. (smoking)  But hey, 
		you guys don't really 
		believe you're gonna 
		conjure up a real devil, 
		do you? Come on, I mean...

		Oh ho ho, not actually, of 
		course. It's all symbolic.

		Naw, man. Just an old myth, 
		you know. 

		... I mean, that's too far 
		out even for ME.  And I 'm 
		into some pretty weird shit, 
		man.  But Symbolic, yeah, 
		that's okay.  Whatever 
		expands your mind, man-- 
		that's what it's all about. 
		You guys don't want any?

			(afraid), thank you.

		Naw, man, we're already 
		flying, just letting you 
		catch up.

		Catchin' up, catchin' up.  
		Whew, this is some HEAVY 
		shit! In fact, what's IN 
		this joint?  It's pretty...  
		man, I gotta sit down...
			(comes into view, 
			unsteadily sits on 	
		...hey... I thought a Coven 
		was supposed to be thirteen?  
		Aren't we... One... too... 
			(passes out)

JUNKY falls into the picture, collapsing back upon 
the Ceremonial Slab.

THE HELL-SLAB.  The 2 nearest MEN are standing 
over JUNKY sprawled out on the Hell-Slab. 11 other 
COVEN MEMBERS farther back are gathering for the 
ceremony, putting on robes.

			(calling to the others)
		Okay, our sacrificial lamb 
		is ready for slaughtering.

			(approaches nervously)
		Is he...?

		Just stoned right now, we 
		needed him alive.  

		Oh my God, we're really 
		going to do this, aren't 

		Please do not call upon 	
		"God" just now.  

CUT TO: CU WARLOCK, a big stern-looking man, face 
mostly hidden by beard and hood.  He is watching 
the last molten light of the sun vanishing, 
waiting for the exact moment to begin.

		I still don't quite under-
		stand what I'm supposed to 
		be doing with this... cup.

			(turning to look at 
			her, irritated) 
		It's a consecrated Chalice, 
		not a "cup".  You simply 
		hold it between you and 
		the Red One, to protect 
		yourself from his lust.

Now we see that WARLOCK and BLONDE are standing 
apart from the others.  The girl is wearing a 
white robe, she is quite pretty, blonde, maybe 18 
years old.  She is holding The Chalice.

		Oooo-- protect me from 
		that horny devil.

		Don't be facetious, it 
		symbolizes the sacred 
		vessel, as you represent 
		the holy virgin.

		Yeah, right.  I'm so holy.
	 	Just do it, it's quite 
		important.  The sun is 
		almost down, go take your 
		place now, we're about to 

POV changes as camera descends to reveal the SUNSET, 
seen through the trees.  

We see a coven of 13 COVEN MEMBERS dressed in red 
robes stand around the polished stone slab, getting 
ready for a ceremony.  JUNKY is still lying 
unconscious on the slab.  

CU WARLOCK, silhouette from behind watching the 
sun wink out on the horizon, he turns to us, nods, 

		The sun has set.  
		Walpurgisnacht has begun. 

The 12 others in the COVEN, 6 men and 6 women, 
light the torches they've been holding ready.  
BLONDE has no torch, she is holding The Chalice 
before her with both hands.  

THE CHALICE appears to be made of translucent 
white porcelain, but we don't get a good look 
at it just yet.

		We now call forth The 
		Bloody Red One up from the 
		Fires of Hell, to become 
		manifest among us on Earth 
		Level, and to perform a 
		task for us. 

		Prepare the Sacrifice.

We see that JUNKY has been stripped naked, still 
lying unconscious.  The COVEN surrounds the stone: 
A torch at the head, alternating man/woman, 6 on 
each side, WARLOCK at the foot.  The 6 MEN of the 
COVEN each get a grip on JUNKY and spread him out 
face down on the Hell Slab. 


WARLOCK unsheathes a large KNIFE, holds it up to 
show all, grabs JUNKY's hair, lifts his head and 
cuts the man's throat with one neat swipe. 

MOUSEY turns her head away, almost throwing up, but 
does not protest in any way.

JUNKY awakens just enough to gargle and whimper a 
little, then is silent. BLOOD runs over the surface 
of the Hell Slab.  WARLOCK steps back and waits.


The slab trembles. The surface becomes a BRIGHT 
RED, melts into a liquid, like quicksilver, 
shimmying with energy from below.  JUNKY's body 
begins to SINK into the viscous mass.  Then is 
suddenly VIOLENTLY SUCKED DOWN under the surface 
and is gone.

A moment later the surface begins to SWIRL, forms 
a whirlpool that opens enough to catch a glimpse 
noises come up from there.

CU ACADEMIC and MOUSY, looking very amazed-- and 

		Oh my God-- oops, I mean 
		--By Satan!  This is really 

			(also whispering) 
		 I didn't really believe it...

		Rise, Red One, rise!

Up out of the swirling volcanic soup, MALIGNAN the 
Red One rises. And as he does, the viscous red-hot 
lava within the slab BECOMES him, so that he takes
FORM as he rises.  When he is complete the lava is 
gone and what remains of the slab is a blackened 
hollow shell, so thin that it shatters into a fine 
powder when he steps out, and the Hell Slab itself  
no longer exists.

Introducing our villain: MALIGNAN a genuine Devil. And he looks like one; besides the usual horns, tail, beady black evil-looking eyes, he's also glistening with BLOOD oozing from naked flesh because he has NO SKIN. But he's not a heavyweight --tall but quite thin, a ridiculous blood-dripping cartoon stick-figure-- although prodigiously male. He looks hungry, and is still eating the last scraps of JUNKY, greedily gobbling on the bloody femur held in his hand. MALIGNAN looks around, orienting himself to this new world, hardly intimidated by it or the COVEN. His demeanor is confident, aggressive... and malignant, he enjoys doing harm. MOUSY Look, he's all red-- with BLOOD! SEXY (whispering to JOCK) THAT's it? It's so... (squeaky voice) ...SCRAWNY! JOCK (louder) Yeah, wasn't he supposed to be bigger and stronger? The Red One, hearing, sends them a sinister smile, responding in perfect English: MALIGNAN Oh I shall become large enough to satisfy you all: the flesh of those I consume becomes my own flesh. You can watch me grow in size and mass and strength... at least until you too are eaten. They freeze before his gaze, believing his words. ACADEMIC It speaks... uhh ... English! MALIGNAN (giving him an evil, hungry look) That's because I just ate an American. (burps) And when I consume you I'll know every- thing you know too. WARLOCK (bellowing a hearty welcome) Ave Satanas! The Red One has risen! The Prince of Darkness has given us a tool to do his work! ENTIRE COVEN (being nervously enthusiastic) Ave! Hail! BLONDE Oooo, gross, is that really BLOOD dripping? MALIGNAN Idiots, I am neither your tool nor your slave. I am incarnate once again for the first time in many years, and probably for this one night only, so I shall not waste it by serving your wants, but my own. I lust for virgins. I hunger for flesh. It is you who shall serve ME! (evil smile) And feed me... The COVEN are afraid now, they all look to the WARLOCK, who seems unperturbed. WARLOCK Not so fast, Red One, there is a matter of Our Contract. You would not be Corporeal on Earthlevel at all had we not raised you out of Hell to perform a task for us. We have sacrificed a man to you. Now you must honor the terms of Contract. MALIGNAN Not so fast yourself, Warlock, to seal the Contract you must first give me a virgin to ravish! I lust for virgins even more than I hunger for flesh! (sniffs the air) But damn, no virgins here! Serve me one! She is to be young and beautiful and innocent-- and I want her NOW! WARLOCK Ah, but we do have a virgin for you, Red One. (he points at BLONDE) BLONDE (alarmed now) No, wait, I don't want to... WARLOCK (sternly to her) Just do what I told you to do. BLONDE nervously holds The Chalice up between her breasts, hoping it can protect her. MALIGNAN What is this? (sniffs again) She is NOT a virgin. WARLOCK (surprised) Of course she is! MALIGNAN (viciously) You think you can fool me? I will EAT you for such arrogance! WARLOCK (to her) You swore to me that you were a virgin-- you SHOWED me! BLONDE Well, I WAS... until last night. (she glances over to JOCK, who rolls his eyes away in nervous embarrassment) WARLOCK (enraged) You foolish little bitch! Do you know what you've done? MALIGNAN (amusedly intrigued) Ah? Then you really have NO virgin to give me? MALIGNAN looks the COVEN WOMEN over once more. They are afraid. SEXY I'm not a virgin! I'm not! MOUSEY Not me either! Not me! MALIGNAN (pleased but wicked smile) Then we have no contract. I am a free agent. WARLOCK Wait! We can find you a virgin! MALIGNAN Oh, I'm not helpless. I'll just go find one myself. But first I'm going to consume you all... NOBODY MOVES! Ę MOUSY (trying to turn away and leave) Oh, I can't look away from his eyes... Oh, I can't move at ALL! They are all frozen in place, unable to escape as MALIGNAN walks among them, sniffing here now and then. He comes to the BLONDE, who is very afraid now, and he stops in front of her. BLONDE No... Help me, Warlock! WARLOCK It's your own fault, you slut. MALIGNAN (wicked smile) That's all right, my dear. I can still use you. Come here. Afraid, she comes toward him as commanded, unable to resist, but still holding The Chalice between her and him, which he ignores. MALIGNAN studies her up close. MALIGNAN You're quite fresh, probably nice and tasty. He sniffs her, not shy to poke his face against her bosom, MALIGNAN touches her in a seemingly affectionate way. BLONDE manages to lift The Chalice up so that his hand just grazes it. There is a SPARK and a HISS upon contact, black smoke curdles up, MALIGNAN jumps back as if burned. He rubs his wrist, but does not seem especially angry, more respectful. MALIGNAN Oh, one of those authentic religious relics, eh? That one's actually got a hefty charge, probably blessed by a Pope or something. MALIGNAN moves toward the girl again, she raises The Chalice as a defense, but he slaps it out of her hands. There is a quick little spark and a wisp of smoke, but if it hurts he ignores it. The Chalice goes flying out of sight into the night, landing with a clatter in the dark. And then MALIGNAN moves in to eat BLONDE. SFX: when MALIGNAN'S mouth opens to eat people, it gets much bigger, expanding to bite 3 times normal volume, his teeth too, bristling in pointed rows. To accommodate that distortion, his face is scrunched up to his horns and his head tips back. He's an eating machine. We see the horrified faces of the COVEN, rather than what the devil is doing to her, but we hear her screaming, and the sounds of bones crunching and flesh ripping, until the screaming suddenly stops. MOUSY Oh God, it's REALLY eating her! Run.. run! ACADEMIC I can't! Can't move! SEXY Neither can I! Help me! CU MALIGNAN greedily eating bloody gobs of human meat, obviously enjoying it, gorging it into his mouth, eating fast, blood squirting all over, licking his fingers. Grunting like a pig, he's a disgusting slob. The COVEN is quite upset now, everyone wants to run away. But no one can. MALIGNAN Mmmm, she was a nice girl. Okay, next? ARROGANT (complaining to WARLOCK) Hey, what is this anyway? This wasn't our deal, this devil is supposed to work for us tonight-to kill who we tell it to kill. MALIGNAN The deal is that I am out OF control, and am instead IN control. Come here, I'll show you. MALIGNAN stands where he is, and ARROGANT begins to walk toward him, obviously against his will. He is struggling, but comes directly to the devil anyway. ARROGANT (afraid now) No.. no, please! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you.. don't hurt me, please! MALIGNAN Oh I can hardly be offended by you, or any human, you're just food. Give me your hand. ARROGANT presents his hand to MALIGNAN, who opens his mouth to accept it. There is a twitch as the man to tries to ward the teeth away, but his hand passes in to the elbow and... ARROGANT N-n-no! Please! I'll pay you! No.. MALIGNAN takes the entire arm in one bite. Blood spurts. The man screams. The WARLOCK evidently knew this would happen, he is prepared. He touches a MEDALLION that hangs around his neck, which sparkles once, then he is the only one who can move. He calmly backs away, slowly, out of the torchlight. Then turns and slips into the darkness. ACADEMIC It's got some kind of hypnotic power, holding us here! JOCK Hey, look, the Warlock's gone! He's just left us here! MOUSY Warlock, save us! Help! EXT. DEEPER IN THE WOODS - NIGHT. We follow the WARLOCK, walking briskly. He looks back at the torch-lit scene receding through the trees, now at a safe distance away. He can hear the COVEN crying out behind him as he walks briskly through the forest, but does not seemed to be concerned about them. Nor does he appear to be worried about his own safety. In fact, he takes a moment to pick up The Chalice from where it had landed. Then he simply sits on a stump and waits, listening to the screams. DYKE(O.C:) (from afar) No, not me... yaaaa (crunch) WARLOCK checks his watch. More screams out in the dark. Then he is satisfied and walks through the forest at a brisk pace. To where a dark station wagon is parked beside a road. He gets in and drives off, using no headlights. EXT. LATER, SAME CLEARING - SAME NIGHT. We see an overview of MALIGNAN in the clearing, strewn with the clothing of his victims, although no bodies remain. One of the COVEN remains alive, still frozen in place, waiting for him to consume her. The devil has grown much bigger now. CU SEXY, who is shaking and shuddering. She is wet with sweat and tears, almost out of her mind now. MALIGNAN (O.C.) (voice much more powerful) So who's scrawny now? Still feel like laughing at the Red One? She shakes her head, the only thing she can move, unable to speak MALIGNAN (O.C.) Look at me! This is what I become when I consume the flesh of men. I now contain the physical strength and mass of 12 mortals. I'm magnificent, am I not? She nods her head obediently. POV: OVERVIEW First now we clearly see what MALIGNAN has become: he is at least seven feet tall, body thick with hard bulging muscle, tail now heavy and powerful. He parades before SEXY to show off. MALIGNAN But I want MORE, of course! More strength, more mass. A devil is never satisfied. He moves up very close to her, stinking of sulfur and oozing blood, she closes her eyes and almost vomits, but cannot step away. MALIGNAN rips off her robe, then the clothes underneath, leaving her naked. MALIGNAN You look good too. That's why I saved you till last. (he sniffs at her, arms, hair) Too bad you're not a virgin, I would have enjoyed ravaging you. SEXY (finally speaks in last-chance fear) Oh, y-you c-can ravage me anyway, please do. Just don't eat m-m-me... MALIGNAN Sorry, I can only ravage virgins, them's the rules. A shame, really, you have such a nice body. SEXY Oh, I-I-I am a virgin! I lied before! MALIGNAN Ha ha, nice try. But you don't smell like one. It's the smell of purity and innocence that turns me on. You smell like you've been a bad girl all your life- which I have to admire and respect, being a devil myself. At least you'll taste good. SEXY Please! I'll do anything-- I'll ravage you, if you want. I'm an expert at pleasing men, I can make your time here very good, or.. You're a stranger here, I can be your guide! MALIGNAN Aw, that's very nice of you, but don't worry about me, I can take care of myself. And I've learned everything about this part of the world from all of those brains I've just eaten, so I know my way around, more or less. SEXY I can help you find a virgin! MALIGNAN (as if interested) Oh, do you know one? Has to be pubescent, by the way, otherwise no smell- only good for eating. SEXY Uh...sure, of course. MALIGNAN You'd do that for me? Sacrifice one of your own kind? SEXY I'd sacrifice my own sister to stay alive. MALIGNAN Oh, you ARE evil, I like that! I wish you were a virgin! And you have wonderful breasts. (he puts his face to them) I like breasts. SEXY screams as he eats them. We only see it from behind him, don't want to dwell on this stuff, do we? MALIGNAN Oh, don't fret so much, girl, being consumed is actually a far better fate than being ravaged by a devil. You die either way, but the virgin's soul is mine to take back to Hell and ravage again and again for eternity. She screams on as he continues to eat her up, then falls silent. After a little more munching and crunching, MALIGNAN turns to face us, licking his fingers, belching. No trace of the woman remains. MALIGNAN Ahhh. She tasted good, for a bad girl. Quality pain. (then he looks at us and soliloquizes) Well, I've only got tonight, so I'd better go live it to the fullest. Eat some more flesh, yea verily, become even stronger, all the better to kill and destroy, for those are my joys. And yea, slake my lust- gotta find me some virgins somewhere. MALIGNAN walks from the clearing to where the COVEN had parked their cars. There are 6 cars: among them a Mercedes Benz convertible, a Cadillac, a large SUV, and a classic open Ferrari roadster. MALIGNAN studies them with wonder. He caresses the lines of a the Mercedes, feeling the metal and glass. MALIGNAN Cars have certainly changed since I was last incarnate. It's amazing just what those stupid mortals are capable of-- making devices as wonderful as this machine. It's beautiful. He fondles the windscreen of the Mercedes, squeezing, testing. The glass crunches, his hand creates a spider web of cracks, and with an easy jerk, he rips the entire windscreen off the car and casts it into the windscreen of the SUV, smashing that one too. He lifts the Mercedes by the front bumper, tipping it up on the back wheels. Then he levers it up onto his shoulder and is bearing the full weight. He throws the Mercedes at the Cadillac. They smash together, glass spraying, metal crumpling. He then tips and tosses the SUV into the pile. Rips a fuel tank free and squashes it, spraying gasoline over the cars. MALIGNAN (CONT) What joy! --the wanton destruction of beautiful and worthy things. It is true vandalism, the best kind. He approaches the Ferrari, but stops, admiring the lines of the gleaming red roadster. MALIGNAN (CONT) No, not this one. It's like a virgin. I will accept it, and use it. MALIGNAN turns back to the other cars and continues his little game of destruction. Again and again, smashing the cars, tearing doors off, ripping out upholstery. Sparks are generated, fire blossoms, until the carnage is total. MALIGNAN steps back, quite gratified, if not satisfied. MALIGNAN (CONT) That was fun. But these machines were heavy. I need more strength. More flesh. He goes to the Ferrari, smells it, then goes to the clearing and finds the clothes of the owner by smell, ARROGANT, and takes the keys out of a pocket. Moments later MALIGNAN is speeding away in the Ferrari. It's a tight fit, he's actually too big, bulging up over the open roadster. MALIGNAN (CONT) This is great! Speed, power, what a terrific way to find more victims. I can't complain, those Devil worshippers have served me rather well: life, food, and transportation. Thanks guys. (shifting gears, wound out full speed) Now to get me some more delicious and delectable people to eat. And then some wonderfully innocent young female to ravage. Oh where, oh where can I find...

INT. ANGELA'S ROOM - NIGHT CU PETER, obviously a nice young man, about 20, handsome, sympathetic--nothing like those people we've met up to now. However, he finishes the devil's last sentence: PETER ...a VIRGIN? I didn't think there were any left. CU ANGELA's beautiful--in fact angelic-- face. Fluffy blonde hair, no makeup, perfect skin. First impression: innocent, sexy, smart, and quite passionate at this moment. ANGELA Well, don't act like it's a mortal sin or something. I can't help it, it's just worked out that way. I mean, it doesn't have to be a permanent condition, does it? Sure hope not, anyway. We see the entire room, the two of them sitting on her bed, facing each other. This is ANGELA's student apartment in a big old wooden house in college town Bellingham, Washington. It's compact but cozy, bed/sofa, table & 1 chair, bookshelf full of textbooks, a laptop, an old beat-up TV set. Organic lifestyle, nothing expensive. We can sense that they are just getting acquainted, but are not shy of each other, and that they are already in love, even if they don't know it yet. PETER No, I hope it's not permanent too, Angela. In fact, maybe we could do something to fix it. (he moves toward her) ANGELA Peter, I'm counting on you. (she moves in too, raises her arms to embrace and kiss him) INT. SAME ROOM, SAME EVENING - SLIGHTLY LATER. ANGELA and PETER are lying naked on her rumpled bed, but they do not look satisfied. He is lying on his side with back to her, she lying behind, head propped up on a elbow, other hand touching PETER's back in a soothing motion. Looks like the classic sexual fiasco. ANGELA It's okay, Peter, don't feel bad. It's me, I know it is. Actually this was way better than with any guy before-- I finally got naked and into bed with a man! Wowee! PETER Really? You are THAT much a virgin? ANGELA It's like guys think I'm a nun or something, a Holy Virgin, whom they have been given the sacred mission to protect from a Fate Worse Than Death. That's why I'm still a virgin--not because I want to be-- there's something about me that guys just can't...uh...(shrugs) ..fuck. PETER Oh, I DO want to... uh... yeah ok, fuck you, Angela. I REALLY WANT to. But.. but it also feels somehow like I SHOULDN'T. ANGELA I know you want me, I can tell. And I want you to have me, touch me, make love, everything PETER God, I'm sorry, Angela. ANGELA Oh Peter, you don't have to say that. PETER Sorry-- oh shit. I'm just embarrassed, I guess. ANGELA Listen Peter, I.. I like you too.. oh, who am I kidding? I've been absolutely in love with you ever since I first saw you in our Comparative Religions class. PETER turns to face her. PETER Yeah, me too. Love at first sight. I felt it hit us both, pretty miraculous. ANGELA Then we both felt it! (smiles) Pretty neat, huh? PETER Yeah. Too bad I can't...uh.. Now facing each other, ANGELA slides up against PETER, takes his hand and puts it on her butt. ANGELA We can keep trying. But listen, I think you're the nicest boy I ever met, and even if there can't ever be any sex...well, I'd still like to be your girl friend. If that's all right? PETER Oh hey, Angela, as far as I'm concerned, you already ARE my girl friend. And I'm not about to give up trying to score here. Maybe if we just relax about it, it'll fix itself. It's probably psychological. You say it's been the same with other guys? ANGELA Well, there have only been a couple of innocent flirts ... but yes. It's like there's a curse on me or something. PETER Yeah, it's pretty odd, all right. But it helps to know that it's not just me. Well, I've got to go to the campus library. My Psych term paper is due at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. ANGELA Oh. Too bad. I was hoping you could spend the night. PETER Maybe I can come back later tonight. Bye! ANGELA 'Nite, Peter. EXT. OUTSIDE THE BUILDING - NIGHT PETER hops on his motor scooter and waves goodnight to ANGELA in a window on the 2nd floor, then zips off and away. INT. ANGELA'S ROOM - NIGHT. ANGELA is now wearing a bathrobe. She sits alone at her desk with a thick textbook open, papers everywhere, but she isn't looking at them, she's dreamily staring off into space. Then she looks directly at US to say what's on her mind. ANGELA (soliloquy) Will he come back tonight? Will he EVER come back? Oh, I hope so. Or will Peter end up like the others? As if there really WERE any others, but this time I'm really in LOVE. Actually, I don't mind being a virgin, now that I've found the guy I want to give my first time to. But I sure would like it to be soon. EXT. OWL TAVERN - NIGHT. We see the OWL TAVERN once again, from across the road. It looks like a fun place, the music still playing, the lights still happy and gay, definitely rocking. Then from a distance we can hear a high- revving Ferrari engine approaching at very high speed. The Ferrari flashes past, traveling at about 180 mph. We hear the screech of tires under heavy braking, revving noises, grunching into reverse gear. MALIGNAN backs the Ferrari back into view and stops before the OWL TAVERN. He sniffs the air, likes what he smells, smiles. P.O.V. behind MALIGNAN, pushing the door open to look inside. We see that the interior of the tavern is softly lit with warm colors, a giant beer bottle hangs over the bar, which has a big mirror running full-length behind it. Besides the BARTENDER, there are 5 men and 5 women customers, all having a good time. GUY #1 Omigawd, lookit that guy- he's all BLOODY! GIRL #A Oh, yuck! Or wait, that must be some kind of costume he's wear... GIRL #B EEEEEK! GUY #2 Run! Run! It's the DEVIL! MALIGNAN Ah. Music to my ears. GUY #3 Oh shit, let's get outta here! MALIGNAN (soliloquy) Young females, but (sniff sniff) no virgins. Too bad. MALIGNAN caresses GIRL #1's face in a fond gesture. She is frozen with fear, unable to move away. In fact, no one in the room can move. GIRL #A Leave me alone...o please no... GIRL #D I'm scared. GUY #5 I want to run...but I can't move. MALIGNAN takes GIRL #A in an easy embrace, then bites her arm. No gentle bite, blood spurts, and he swallows a big chunk of meat. She SCREAMS in pain, but still cannot resist. MALIGNAN becomes excited, snorts and gobbles her up in a most greedy and disgusting frenzy of feeding. GUY #4 Shitshitshit, stop him! He's killing-- he's EATING her! BUCK I can't move, not a finger, damn! Damn! EXT. VIEW OF OWL TAVERN - NIGHT. Screams and shouts, crashing sounds. SHOTS, more screams. A window shatters and one man, BUCK, comes sprawling out of it, landing hard on the ground. He gets up and runs away from the building as fast as he can. At a safe distance, he stops for a moment to look back for any others. BUCK I made it! But the others, why aren't they coming? Shit! All I can do for them is get the police! I don't dare hang around, not even for my car! (he is slapping his pockets after his cell phone as he runs, realizes) Damn, my phone's in my jacket. I'll have to use the pay phone at the Grange. EXT. PAY PHONE BOOTH - NIGHT. A bleak and deserted rural corner, nobody else around. BUCK (shouting into the phone) No, I'm not drunk, I'm not crazy--YES, I'm hysterical! There is a DEVIL loose in the Owl Tavern-- Damnit, listen; just go there--but take big guns, BIG. It laughed off Tony's shotgun--yes, of course you heard a shot, that was Tony --who is dead now.. Look, just go there, ARMED! Decide for yourself who's crazy! BUCK leaves the Phone Booth, looking back toward the tavern, then briskly heads the other way. BUCK (hysterical, talking to himself) There, I called for help, I did what I could, but I'm not going back there for anything. In fact this is still too close, I'd better put some miles... (he sees headlights approaching from behind) ...a car! Maybe I can hitch a ride! The open Ferrari pulls up, stopping neatly beside BUCK, who recognizes the driver, and freezes with his hitchhiking thumb up and the other hand covering his mouth to control a scream. The driver is MALIGNAN, of course. MALIGNAN (friendly) Hi. Thought I'd find you here. EXT. WRECKAGE OF THE OWL TAVERN - NIGHT The building has been demolished, totally split apart and lying in a pile of rubble. Several smashed and twisted cars have been scattered around the ruin, lying on sides and backs. Two SHERIFF's CARS are in the parking lot, blue lights blinking in the night. The SHERIFF and 2 DEPUTIES are studying the wreckage, they look bewildered and nervous DEPUTY #1 (shotgun ready) Well Sheriff, no bodies anywhere, but blood everywhere... SHERIFF Crud, look at this place! What did all this, the Hulk? DEPUTY #2 Our caller insisted it was a Devil. Maybe it was. SHERIFF Yeah a Devil strong as a bulldozer, Right? I can't buy it. Looks for tracks again. INT. ANGELA'S ROOM - NIGHT ANGELA has fallen asleep studying at her desk, but is awakened by the radio news. RADIO ...and according to Whatcom County Sheriff's authorities, an anonymous call for help was received this evening, claiming that "a Devil" was killing people in the Owl Tavern outside the town of Alder. Responding to the call, the sheriffs arrived upon a scene of such devastation that not only was the tavern leveled flat, but several smashed cars were lying on top of it as if they had been thrown there. However, there seems to be no witnesses to the incident: no wounded, no survivors, no bodies. Several people are reported missing who may have been at the Owl Tavern tonight. The Sheriff's Department is requesting anyone with any information to call them ... ANGELA ...oh, fell asleep. And now monsters at midnight. (she turns off the radio, stands, stretches, yawns) Got to go to bed... alone. Peter never did come back. She removes the robe, is wearing a simple white cotton summer nightgown, which we will be seeing a lot of. It's not overtly sexy, but bare arms and legs are sexy enough with a body like ANGELA's. She gets into bed, fluffing up her pillows with a disgruntled slam. ANGELA (CONT) He probably never will come back. Men don't seem to be able to take my... my innocence. Angela doesn't drink, smoke-- and she certainly doesn't screw. Peter was embarrassed. What a shame. He was really my type-- if I ever get to have a type. She lays her head on the pillow, closes her eyes, a tear runs down her cheek, then she has turned off the light and the room is dark. ANGELA Oh well, someday my prince will come... hmmmm... Behind the silhouette of ANGELA'S head we can see the bedroom window. Out of the night one set of headlights is coming nearer, as well as the sheet- ripping sound of a Ferrari being wound out in high gear. EXT. ROAD AT EDGE OF TOWN - NIGHT. We see MALIGNAN'S Ferrari racing up the street, flashing past ANGELA'S apartment house at 150 mph. MALIGNAN (CU) ...Love this speed... (abruptly turns his head, sniffing the air, an amazed expression) ... hey, there's a virgin back there! At last! Tally ho! MALIGNAN expertly throws the Ferrari into a spin that turns the car 180 degrees, to drive back. It looks good, but goes wrong: both back tires blowout and the slide goes out of control. The Ferrari is already past the last house on the road, now into a wooded patch. The car shoots off the road sideways, crashing through a railing and continuing down a slope, then rolling among trees and bushes. With huge violence the car smashes sideways into a large tree, folding double, spraying parts and glass. It finally stops upside down and is still. No one could have survived that crash, and for a moment it seems that the devil MALIGNAN is finished. But then the car lurches, rending sound of metal, and MALIGNAN comes up out of the wreckage, quite unharmed. He is easily bending and ripping metal to get himself free of the grip of the dead machine. One free he trudges back up the slope to the road. MALIGNAN One would almost think some "force" was trying to prevent me from reaching her. An intriguing concept. He is having trouble walking on soft earth, he is so heavy now that he sinks in with each step. Maybe I've eaten too much. Fine, now I can turn my attention to satisfying my rampant lust. (SNIFFS) Only one virgin... oh well, perhaps I can make her last until the dawn. (he sniffs her scent again, closes his eyes in appreciation) Ahh, she smells like a sweet one: beautiful, young and healthy, pure of mind and body, ripe and ready. Innocent. Perfect for me. INT. ANGELA'S BEDROOM - DARK ANGELA suddenly opens her eyes, looking anxious. ANGELA Danger? Maybe I was having a nightmare. My heart is pounding. EXT/INT. FRONT DOOR OF APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHT MALIGNAN approaches the building on foot. Sniffs the air to catch the scent. MALIGNAN Upstairs, in the far room. I shall get her. He walks to the door, puts his hand up to push it, and the door is splintered open. But when he attempts to ascend the stairs they too are splintered, unable to bear his weight. INT. ANGELA'S BEDROOM - NIGHT ANGELA sits up abruptly, clutching her blankets to her chest, afraid of the loud noise she has just heard. ANGELA Oh! What was THAT? INT. DOWNSTAIRS MALIGNAN (studying crushed stair boards) It seems I cannot ascend. (he looks up, a red light glows around his head) So I must instead bring her down to me with psychic domination. INT. ANGELA'S BEDROOM ANGELA I feel... (she is compelled to get up and look out the window) ...oh. POV WINDOW LOOKING DOWN AT STREET: Instead of the devil MALIGNAN we see a handsome young man, naked, perfect masculine body, who is waving up to ANGELA. ANGELA (CU) (her eyes go wide, she gasps... then smiles) Wow, what a handsome and sexy man! Makes me feel horny... I guess. Should I go down to him? MALIGNAN (calling up to her) Sweet virgin, I have come to make a woman of you. I offer you the power and sex of a man who truly lusts for your body and soul! ANGELA (thinking) (caressing herself into sexual frenzy) Oh my! I've never felt such desire before. (gasping) I have to do something about it... now! That man, maybe he will fuck me! (turning away from window, putting hand to head) No, what am I thinking? I don't know him or love him-- I'm in love with Peter! That's who I want to make love with! (frowning, suddenly aware that something is not right) This is strange...and what the hell is a naked man doing outside my window anyway? (turns to look out the window again, stunned by what she sees, speaks aloud) Oh God help me, it's... a Devil! EXT. DOWN IN THE STREET MALIGNAN seen as he really is, big ugly blood- dripping red demon with horns and floppy ears. MALIGNAN (wiggling come-here finger, evil smile) Come down virgin. I have need of you. INT. ANGELA'S ROOM She has turned away from the window, hiding in the darkness, horrified, afraid. MALIGNAN (O.C.) Oh virgin, there is no escape. EXT. DOWN IN THE STREET MALIGNAN You are resisting my power. Remarkable! That only increases the value of your soul to me. You cannot hide from me up there, or anywhere, I have your smell now. Come down to your destiny. ANGELA (mental) My destiny? Can it be this? There is something about that which rings true.. as if I have been kept apart for something.. (spoken aloud) ...but o God, not this! ANGELA (shouting down to MALIGNAN) What is it you want of me? MALIGNAN I lust, and only a virgin can satisfy me. I have been searching for one of you. I must plunder your fair young body and take your soul away with me when I am myself swept away by the dawn. ANGELA Go to hell! MALIGNAN Indeed I shall, and you with me, at dawn. ANGELA No, not me. MALIGNAN I am not to be denied, virgin. Although I can not come up there after you, since this flimsy edifice cannot bear my weight... MALIGNAN pushes a corner of the wooden building, and the wall goes to pieces. He does it again, and the wall is shattered apart, the building begins to sag. MALIGNAN (CONT.) ...I can bring you down to me by leveling this entire building! EXT. WINDOW NEXT DOOR APARTMENT The neighbor STEVE is leaning out his window to see what's making all the noise. STEVE'S WIFE (inside) What is it, Steve? STEVE Hey what's going on out there? ...omigawd, I think it's Frankenstein! Call the cops! MALIGNAN has now ripped the entire building from its foundation and lifts it waist high, just to let it drop. ANGELA is trying to hold steady in a room that is tipping and shuddering with violent shocks. The building is lifted and dropped several times, the floor collapses from under her and she is abruptly lying in the wreckage of her home at the feet of a horny devil. MALIGNAN (hovering over her with a huge erection) Now virgin, prepare yourself for a fate worse than death. Literally. ANGELA (cowering, tears, helpless) Why me? I don't want this. MALIGNAN That's why, it's the horror and the hurt I relish. Actually, any virgin would do-- unfortunately for you they seem to be rather scarce in this era. (reaching for her) Well, let's get on with it. WARLOCK (OC) Red one! A small silvery ball comes arcing in between MALIGNAN and ANGELA. A slow flash, an almost silent explosion of blinding white light, an image of MALIGNAN covering his eyes fades to white as the screen goes blank. MALIGNAN (in pain) Yaaa, Magic Light!! EXT. STREET - NIGHT Fading in from white to night, only blackness, in which ANGELA is running, being pulled along by some unseen rescuer. She stumbles, still blinded. ANGELA I can't see. The light blinded me... WARLOCK (unseen) Hold on to my hand. I'll lead, but RUN! EXT. WRECKED BUILDING - NIGHT. MALIGNAN is still blinking blindly in reaction to the magic light, unable to orient himself. MALIGNAN I know who that was, and I'll teach him to meddle with me-- just as soon as I can see. No one can escape me. EXT. STREET ANGELA is led to a car in the darkness. WARLOCK (unseen) Get in the car. I'll drive. We've got to keep moving fast. ANGELA Whatever you say! Whoever you are! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The car accelerates off screen from where we can see MALIGNAN approaching at high speed. INT. CAR DRIVING - DARK. WARLOCK (still unseen) The Red One is strong and fast, but he can't outrun an automobile at full speed. ANGELA My.. I can see again... oh, it's right behind us! Oh drive faster, it's coming! EXT. STREET - NIGHT MALIGNAN (from a distance) There is no escape, fools! INT. CAR DRIVING. ANGELA (sitting back, finally relaxing) I can't believe I'm safe. I thought that thing had me, whew! ANGELA looks over to see who has rescued her, but all she can see is a silhouette in the dark interior of the car. WARLOCK Consider yourself lucky, the Red One has consumed over 20 people already tonight, and will doubtless kill more before the dawn. ANGELA Con- consumed? As in EATEN? WARLOCK Yes, he eats people-- up entirely: flesh, blood, bones, hair, teeth, converting them into his own mass and strength and vital energy. All of which you have just witnessed in action against yourself. ANGELA What IS that thing? WARLOCK The Red One is a Proto- morphic Devil: a demon spirit which can take form on the physical level under certain conditions. It's only for this one night, so he's out to have a good time. Specifically killing, eating and sex. He is literally evil incarnate, absolutely malignant and self-indulgent, enjoying himself to the fullest, for when the sun rises he must return to Hell until the next time he is raised by arcane means. ANGELA That sounds pretty crazy, but I saw him-- I mean IT. That thing's sure not human! God, it's like some monster in a bad horror movie. Thank you again for coming to my rescue-- that was very brave of you. You're a very good man. WARLOCK Not necessarily, young lady... Passing some lights along the roadway, we can now see the WARLOCK, still in his sacrificial robes WARLOCK (CONT) I have my own motives. I knew he would smell out a virgin eventually, so I've been following him all evening. I must regain control of the Red One, and you are the means of doing that. ANGELA Me? All I want to do is escape him. WARLOCK Yes, of course you do, but you cannot. ANGELA According to what you said, all we have to do is avoid it until sunrise, and which is what I plan to do. WARLOCK I'm afraid you won't be able to do that because I am going to give you to him. ANGELA What? No! Why? WARLOCK Because you are going to conquer the Red One for me. EXT. FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD -- NIGHT. A Highway Patrol CAR with 2 OFFICERS hidden in some bushes. WARLOCK's car rushes past them at high speed. INT. HWY PATROL CAR. HWP OFFICERS getting excited, about to get a little action on a slow night. HWP BILLY-BOB Hey Ollie, there goes a customer. HWP OLLIE Sure enough. Let's go earn the city some money. (starts motor) HWP BILLY-BOB That guy was driving like the devil was after him... hey, what's THAT? EXT. HWY PATROL CAR. MALIGNAN comes running at high speed, still pursuing the WARLOCK's car. He spots the still parked HWY PATROL CAR and changes his course to attack it, lifting the car up with one hand and punching through the side window with the other HWP OLLIE (CU, shocked expression) Damn, Billy Bob, I think it IS the Devil! The OFFICERS are shaken and terrified by the sight of MALIGNAN's bloody face just outside the smashed window. HWP BILLY-BOB manages to aim his pistol straight-armed right at MALIGNAN's face. HWP OLLIE Shoot it! Shoot it! HWP BILLY-BOB (straining to do just that, but unable, his gun-hand trembling violently) I'm trying to pull the trigger... but I fucking CAN'T! INT. WARLOCK'S CAR DRIVING FAST. ANGELA You can't make me go back. Let me out of this car! WARLOCK Oh, I'll let you out soon enough, but Malignan will never stop following us, he will catch us. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon. But only a virgin may wield it. ANGELA (looks stunned, then speaks) This is weird, but I knew you were going to say that. And I'm tingling all over-- as if something important is going to happen right now, and I almost know what. WARLOCK (hands her a package wrapped in burlap) Unwrap this up and hold it. ANGELA (she takes it and freezes for a moment, then relaxes) Ah, I DO know what this is: She holds it up in front of her face, eyes closed. A GLOW suddenly seeps through the burlap. ANGELA (CONT) This is The Chalice of Christ: The Holy Grail! WARLOCK (astounded) What? The Holy Grail? What are you talking about? ANGELA You didn't know? No, I can see you didn't. WARLOCK What makes you think this is the Holy Grail? The wrappings fall off miraculously, to reveal the ancient CHALICE resembling translucent white porcelain, but now GLOWING with a golden light. We might also hear distant trumpets, a choir of angels. ANGELA (CONT) (eyes open now) I recognize it from previous lives, incarnations I have lived before becoming Angela Snow. Just seeing The Chalice peels back the shroud of mystery and memory. I am remembering... remembering.. VISIONS: a parade of women's faces from the past, historical and unknown, superimposed with the translucent glowing image of ANGELA's angelic soul coming nearer. ANGELA (CONT.) ...that I was Joan of Arc, and before that, the Lady of the Lake... and before that... I see all these women I have been... radicals, visionaries, priestesses, slaves and queens... always virgin, always pure... and all vehicles for this same magical and mysterious anima... the Angel ĂTHYR. WARLOCK (confused) I don't know what you're talking about. There is a ceremony I must perform first that will call forth your Guardian Angel to do battle with the Red One. ANGELA A ceremony will not be necessary for I am the guardian angel made manifest myself. I drink from the Chalice... (she does) WARLOCK (surprised) Drink? But there's nothing in it! ANGELA (sinks the CHALICE, red stain on her upper lip) ...tastes like blood and wine. (she swoons, as if instantly drunk) We see the WARLOCK CU, his face suddenly lit up by some very bright light in front of him, his pupils dilate, he is amazed. WARLOCK (awed) By Zeus! Now we see that the gold-white light is emanating from ANGELA, in waves of overexposed color, her skin becoming translucent, eyes closed, mouth open to vocalize a musical gasp. She is in a trance. Suddenly her eyes snap open, the Angel ĂTHYR has arrived and is in control now. ANGELA/ĂTHYR Stop the car. I wish to meet the Red One now. EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - NIGHT Lonely road through the woods, and here comes MALIGNAN in his newly stolen Highway Patrol Car speeding along in ferocious pursuit. INT. HWP CAR Not much room for big MALIGNAN inside the car, he's crunched over the steering wheel, but driving fast. MALIGNAN So where are you, Warlock? Steal my virgin, will you? He sees WARLOCK's car parked beside the road in a forest, screeches to a stop. EXT. WOODS & CLEARING - NIGHT Sniffing the air, MALIGNAN finds a trail leading into the forest. He follows it, creeping through the woods, until he notices a golden light just ahead. He parts the underbrush to view the clearing. There are two people talking, one of them glowing brightly, one seen from behind in silhouette. MALIGNAN Hmm... that virgin is glowing with holy light. Well, that can't stop me, nothing can! EXT. CLEARING The WARLOCK is kneeling before ĂTHYR, as if in prayer, or begging. She still has the CHALICE in her hand. WARLOCK (abject) ...and I would have used you in my plan to control the Red One as a slave, all for my own personal power, but -(sobs)- I did not know then who you were, nor the power that steered me and the Chalice to you. ANGELA (unsympathetic) You have doomed many people this night. WARLOCK Yes, I did. It was evil, I know, but you can't let the Red One get me. ANGELA I cannot save you, it is your well-deserved Karma. We see MALIGNAN approaching from behind the WARLOCK, who is unaware, but it's clear that ĂTHYR sees the devil. She says and does nothing. WARLOCK Well, I SHALL escape him, you'll see. After all, I am an experienced warlock, versed in arcane-- GRKK! MALIGNAN has taken him by the neck, which SNAPS, and the WARLOCK is dead. Then MALIGNAN casually eats the man in great bites, while watching ĂTHYR, who calmly watches him back. She seems unconcerned, emotionless, certainly not afraid. MALIGNAN So you're an angel, eh? ANGELA Yes, Red One, I am Ăthyr. MALIGNAN (sniffing) But you're still in the body of a virgin, I lust for you more than ever. ANGELA (wiggling a come-hither finger at him) Then come. MALIGNAN (advances, stops, confused) How odd.. I want you, but can't touch you. (he blinks at the brightness of her, it hurts, he has to cover his eyes) And you shine so brilliantly with the light of holiness... MALIGNAN finds himself cowering away from that light, regroups, draws himself up, flexing great muscles, and assumes an attitude of attack. MALIGNAN (CONT) The battle is on then: devil against angel. Good, I appreciate a challenge in this world of frail mortals. Let us see how frail you are against my strength. MALIGNAN launches a mighty fist straight at ĂTHYR's face with all his strength. It never touches her but is deflected back at himself, punching his own nose with a loud CHUD sound. He cries out and drops backwards into the grass. ANGELA (looking down on him without emotion) So now you understand the consequences of any physical attack against me? MALIGNAN (holding his face) O yeah, it's really quite clear. ANGELA At least you are not a stupid devil. MALIGNAN (angry) But I'm still a devil, and I do not have to rely on physical power; let us see how you fare against psychic domination: kneel bitch! Twin red rays of psychic energy zap from his horns up to the angel, ĂTHYR is surprised to find herself falling to her knees with a gasp. MALIGNAN sits up, ĂTHYR kneeling before him. They are very close to each other, it looks almost intimate. But she holds the CHALICE up between them, and the devil has to cringe away from touching it. He is shielding his eyes from it with his hand, which is beginning to blacken and smoke from proximity to the holy energy. ANGELA Very good devil, you do have real power. MALIGNAN It pleases me that you think so, angel. ANGELA (raising her open hand) Now I will smite you with MY mightiest blow. MALIGNAN Do your worst, madam, I suspect that I cannot stop you. ANGELA No, you cannot. Prepare to bear the burden of your own KARMA. MALIGNAN Karma? I'm a devil. I have no karma. ANGELA You HAD no karma, (she gently puts her right hand on his head/horns, like a benediction) but NOW you have. MALIGNAN's face registers the shock of having been HIT WITH KARMA. He collapses backwards and jerks in spasms, stunned. VISION: hundreds of faces, people MALIGNAN has killed, harmed, virgins he had raped, calling to him; Monster! Murderer! Villain! MALIGNAN (looking up from the dirt) What have you done to me? I'm not supposed to have a karmic soul. ANGELA The Universe is evolving, eternity changes, even devils. MALIGNAN (staggering to his feet, enraged) But I, Malignan the Bloody Red One, will not change! I shall continue to consume helpless victims and ravage innocent virgins! This is my pleasure and my WORK! ANGELA You will have no time for that. You are to be my slave. MALIGNAN Slave? You do not have such power, angel. I have shown you some of my own, I can dominate you too. I promise to be a very dangerous slave! ANGELA Psychic domination is a two-edged sword, devil, it can enable you to dominate yourself for me. You are to be punished for the evil you have done, you are to be made to suffer, and I am the instrument of your judgment. I remove this garment... (she now stands naked) that you may see the entirety of my beauty. MALIGNAN Yes, you're very beautiful but... (turns away, obviously suffering with desire) ...I am not made to feel this. (ponders the situation, turns back to face her) And of course, you do not love me in return? ANGELA How could I? You are horrible. MALIGNAN (hearty laugh) Ha ha ha, and I thought I was sinister. ANGELA (merry laugh) Ha ha ha. MALIGNAN (now sad) But if love creates this much sorrow... why do people allow themselves to feel it? ANGELA Because they have no choice. MALIGNAN This is awful. How is it that your appearance causes me pain? It is pleasant, beautiful, to be admired--and yet it tears my psyche asunder. ĂTHYR Because you cannot possess my beauty. MALIGNAN Perhaps I cannot possess your beauty-- but how about your body? There must be some kind of deal we can... ĂTHYR No. I don't need to deal, you are my abject slave, bound to me with passionate, desperate, helpless unrequited love. MALIGNAN Don't goad me, angel- virgin. Perhaps I can not harm you, but I can control my own actions, your power is not sufficient to make me serve. ĂTHYR My power? No, it is YOUR power that shall effect servitude: tell me, Malignan, don't you wish to serve me? MALIGNAN Only because I love you, but I resent it. Faugh! But wait: of what use could a devil be to an angel anyway, when harm and evil is all he is capable of? Shall I kill for you? For that is what I do best. ĂTHYR Yes, you are a magnifi- cent murdering machine, I grant you that. And yes again, there will be killing. MALIGNAN An angel on a mission of death? I thought your sort was out to protect mankind. ĂTHYR I protect the innocent. But to do so I must thwart the guilty, and resolutely, for there is a great evil out of balance on earth these days. Therefore have we been destined to become a team. MALIGNAN No, it won't work! It doesn't make sense! An angel and a devil? ĂTHYR Power in balance. MALIGNAN Really? And are you aware that with the dawn I shall cease to exist on this earthly plane? I must return to Hell until I am again aroused by human sacrifice. My great strength is the product of those I consume, I need vast amounts of human flesh and blood. I am therefore quite expensive to operate in coin of human life. Do you know that? (smirks) Can you really afford my servitude? ĂTHYR I have the Chalice. It can raise you without a sacrifice. It can sustain you without flesh and blood. MALIGNAN Oh great, besides taking all the fun out of being a Devil, you're telling me that this agony is not going to end at dawn? ĂTHYR No. We are eternal. MALIGNAN NO! To feel this ghastly unfulfilled ache all through eternity? It is too much! ĂTHYR You are being punished for all your evil acts, you are supposed to suffer. MALIGNAN But if I have been endowed with karma now... doesn't that mean I can work toward a change-- if I so desire? ĂTHYR That is true. MALIGNAN If I change... and become "angelic"... will you give me your body then? ĂTHYR Only my body? MALIGNAN No. You are right, your flesh is not enough. I must have your person, your being, your... love. ĂTHYR Listen Malignan, what you are suggesting could take millennia... MALIGNAN As you said, we are eternal. ĂTHYR Just so. However, at present you disgust me. MALIGNAN Why? What's so bad about me? ĂTHYR You're kidding-- you're the WORST! You eat people. You mercilessly kill and destroy with pleasure. You are physically hideous, and... and you are messy, dripping blood everywhere. MALIGNAN Hey, you left out sexual pervert. But don't you find a wicked magnificence about me? My strength? My purity of badassness? My ruthless intelligence? ĂTHYR Actually, yes, you are magnificent in your own grotesque way. And now you may demonstrate your virtues, for we have a task before us: the Warlock who raised you was employed by a group of ruthless politicians who wanted the Red One to wipe out the government of the United States by having you eat certain high-level officials from the President on down, leaving their group in power by default. We are going to destroy that group now, you and I. We have little time, for we must travel to Washington D.C., 4 time zones East from here, where it will be dawn in less than an hour. MALIGNAN Dawn? But I... ĂTHYR Don't worry, we'll come back here before it can catch you. Take my hand. When ĂTHYR takes MALIGNAN's hand he almost swoons with love, becomes docile. MALIGNAN How will we get there? SFX: With a wave of ĂTHYR's free hand a portal- sized hole in the air full of sparkling white light appears beside them. MALIGNAN (CONT) Oh, I see. ĂTHYR Yes, via the Cosmic Zone, which is equidistant to everywhere. Come. They enter the Cosmic Zone with a hop. MALIGNAN YOW! We're falling! ĂTHYR No, we are balanced between all sources of gravity. And here is our destination. Inside the Cosmic Zone they plummet down from the receding portal in the woods towards another expanding to reveal a city street. It takes about 5 seconds. They land in Washington D.C. and the portal fades away. EXT. BEFORE A GOVERNMENT BUILDING - NIGHT. ĂTHYR This is the place. The guilty ones wait within for word of success for their mission. MALIGNAN Good, we can surprise them. ĂTHYR No. I want them to understand that they have been judged. You wait until I call. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - NIGHT Elegant room, library of legal books, plush chairs, expensive trimmings. Three men, CONSPIRATORS, crooked politicians, Are waiting anxiously for a progress report on their plan of action. They had been wearing suits, but their jackets are off now, ties loose. CONSPIRATOR#1, a big fat man, is lighting a big fat cigar. CONSPIRATOR#2, big and beefy, is pacing the floor, hands behind, frowning. CONSPIRATOR#3 is slender, walrus moustache, holding a cup of coffee. CONSPIRATOR#3 (nervous) Shit, you'd think that we'd have heard one way or another by now. CONSPIRATOR#1 (confidant) Perhaps not. "Plan Red One" has until dawn to succeed. An hour to go... CONSPIRATOR#2 (negative) What a load of balderdash this is! Devils doing assassinations! I told you this was ludicrous! CONSPIRATOR#1 You haven't seen that Warlock do his stuff. He really does have magical abilities, I'll testify to that. A Great Man. Why once he... what? CONSPIRATOR#3 (interrupting) Who is THAT? All three men turn their heads to see ĂTHYR glowing brightly in their conference room. CONSPIRATOR#2 How'd she get in here? Guards! 2 GUARDS enter from a side door, pistols in hand. They are surprised, but ready to go into action, looking for danger, they spot ĂTHYR. GUARD#1 (confused) What's up? GUARD#2 (to ĂTHYR) Hands up, lady! CONSPIRATOR#1 Wait, look: she's glowing! This is more magic. (confronting ĂTHYR) Are you... do you bring any word from the Warlock? ĂTHYR Yes, I do: he's dead. He was consumed by the Red One. So are all of his Coven who assisted him, and many others, innocent people. All victims of the evil you men have unleashed for your own egotistical ends. CONSPIRATOR#1 Excuse me, but just who ARE you? ĂTHYR I am the Guardian Angel Ăthyr, here to pronounce judgment upon you: as ye sew, so shall ye reap. Behold the Red One. MALIGNAN comes crashing through the heavy doors with great force, blood spraying everywhere, smiling and jolly. MALIGNAN Hiya kids, hiya hiya. CONSPIRATOR#3 Oh God in Heaven, NO! GUARD#2 What the fuck IS that thing? CONSPIRATOR#1 Our father, who art in heaven... ĂTHYR (calmly turns and leaves the room) I'll be waiting downstairs. I don't need to see this. CONSPIRATOR#2 Guards, blast that thing! Both GUARDS start shooting rapid-fire at MALIGNAN, the bullets hurt him, but he heals as fast as he is wounded. MALIGNAN Ow, that hurts! CONSPIRATOR#1 KILL IT! KILL IT! GUARD#1 Mommy! MALIGNAN rips the guns from the Guard's hand, then rips them both apart in 2-3 deft moves, starts eating them. We see the 3 CONSPIRATERS watching in horror. CONSPIRATOR#1 This is CONSPIRATOR#1 I... can't... move... MALIGNAN is finished killing and eating the guards, turns to the CONSPIRATORS with a toothy smile. MALIGNAN Next? EXT. BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT BUILDING - NIGHT/DAWN. ĂTHYR is waiting outside. MALIGNAN comes out of the building wiping his lips. MALIGNAN That was fun. Any more of those you need done? ĂTHYR No, you've done quite well. And the sun is coming, we'd better go. MALIGNAN (seeing red sky) Yes, this is cutting it close! FX: She waves her hand and a portal into the Cosmic Zone opens for her. ĂTHYR We'll jump back to the Pacific Northwest through the Cosmic Zone, where it is still 4 hours until dawn. In the middle of an awakening city street they step into the swirling Cosmic Zone... EXT. FOREST IN WASHINGTON - NIGHT ...and step out of it into the darkness of the sleeping green rain forest from which they had started their journey. MALIGNAN You know, if we kept jumping ahead of the dawn like that I would never have to return into the earth. ĂTHYR In theory, yes, but I am not interested. I too must retire to my dormant state and allow Angela to live her own life. MALIGNAN And then what? ĂTHYR That is up to her. MALIGNAN Aren't you and the virgin one and the same? ĂTHYR I am the soul within her, but she may choose to ignore me: many do, since human incarnation allows no memory of ultra-reality, it becomes lost in the confusions of mortal life. MALIGNAN So... when will I see you again? ĂTHYR That is up to Angela, I cannot say. MALIGNAN You're not so bad for an angel, no bleeding heart at least. In fact you're quite ruthless, I thought angels were supposed to be good. ĂTHYR Oh, I AM good, perfect and pure, and I obey God's instruction. You must know that Good and Evil are simply polarities in the game. What seems Good or Evil in one situation can be quite the opposite in another. So I admit that you and I are equals, although your power is Violence and mine is Love. MALIGNAN Then why does your power seem to be greater than mine? ĂTHYR Considering them equal, perhaps it's because you wish to give me power over yourself. MALIGNAN No, it can't be that! This feeling is terrible! Lonely, painful-- and yet... ...and yet, I feel that if you were to return my love it would be... I don't know, I have no concept to put in there. Since the beginning of Eternity, being a devil you know, I have never known love. Only lust. I would assume that they are quite similar, each agonizing if unfulfilled. I do know the glory of lust satisfied-- is love like that? ĂTHYR You're asking the wrong virgin. I don't know. MALIGNAN If so, it would be quite an experience to slake my love. You are so beautiful it hurts! Argh, Satan, Satan!! Help me overcome this love-lust, my spirit sears! Ăthyr, please fuck me, I beg you! ĂTHYR No Malignan, but I will hold your hand and wait for the dawn with you. MALIGNAN Ohhh. Thank you, thank you. They sit together in the grass, watching the horizon turning pink. ĂTHYR Here comes the sun. Dee dee dum dum doo (Beatles melody) MALIGNAN Yeah... ow! I can tell. Wait, what if we... if I don't see you again? I lov.. ah ARH G A H! SFX: Malignan flinches from the dawn, shielding his eyes from the sun. He is touched by the first rays of sunlight, becomes white-hot, and at flash-point is converted into a pyrotechnic cloud of smoke and fire, which swirls into the familiar form of the monolithic Hell-slab. Until the original stone is restored, and MALIGNAN is gone. ĂTHYR (to the slab) Good, Malignan, that should keep you out of trouble for awhile. Sleep tight. And now I must resume my own life of stone... ĂTHYR covers her eyes with her hands, the glow around her fades out, and it is ANGELA who looks up as if surprised. ANGELA Oh!! Was that a weird dream or what? Confused, she looks around the clearing to ascertain where she is, realizes she's out in some forest at sunrise wearing only a flimsy nightgown. Then she notices the blood on her hands, blood everywhere in the grass, including the bloody rag that was the WARLOCK's robe. She's beginning to register that it was not a dream. She turns to see that the stone slab is really there, and is ready to panic, until she notices that she is still holding The Chalice. She holds it up to study it, sees her reflection in it, the sun sparkles in her mirrored eyes, and she is calmed. ANGELA Or is this the dream? Less confused, she goes to the WARLOCK's car, gets in and drives off towards home. INT. P.O.V. FROM INSIDE CAR - DAY ANGELA is driving, she turns from the country road to where her apartment house had been. The house is a wreck, the roof is lying in the street. It is a scene of controlled chaos: blinking lights everywhere, Police Cars, Fire Department trucks, TV News trucks, people everywhere. ANGELA Oh that's right, I no longer have a home. EXT. BEFORE WRECKED BUILDING - DAY ANGELA gets out of the car and looks at the wreckage, slumping somewhat. But she looks at The Chalice in her hand, and straightens up again, realizing that she now has a spiritual power that makes any material possession insignificant. A NEIGHBOR (seeing ANGELA) That's her! A POLICEMAN She's alive! A NEIGHBOR Hey, Miss, are you all right? Did that Hulk- Thing get you? ANGELA No, it never "got" me. A NEIGHBOR (slightly embarrassed) Oh, I only meant... well, never mind, just that you're okay, that's all. ANGELA (she touches his shoulder in apology) I'm fine. Thanks for your concern. Two officers from the Sheriff's Department approach ANGELA. We recognize them from the crime scene at the Owl Tavern last night. SHERIFF #2 You are Angela Snow? ANGELA Yes, I am. SHERIFF #1 We'd like to get a statement from you. You saw the big red...thing that did this? Any idea what it was? ANGELA (pauses a beat, reluctant to tell the truth, unwilling to tell a lie) You wouldn't believe me. SHERIFF #1 Try us. ANGELA All right: it was a devil from Hell conjured up by a coven of witches. But they couldn't control him, and he went on a rampage, eating everybody. SHERIFF # (rolls his eyes) Uh, yeah, right. SHERIFF #2 (interested) So how do you know that? ANGELA Because I was rescued by the same Warlock who had raised the devil--which finally ate him too. That's his car, by the way, you can probably find his name somewhere in it. Oh, and when the Red One consumes people he just gets stronger and heavier, so he was pretty much unstoppable-- as you can see. (indicates wrecked house) SHERIFF #1 Do you happen to know where it went? ANGELA Oh, yes, it's gone now. It was driven back to Hell by the sunrise, so you can't find him. Luckily for you, he'd only have eaten you too if you did. SHERIFF #1 (impatient) Look, uh.. Angela, it's pretty hard for us to take what you're saying seriously. Now how about telling us what really... SHERIFF #2 (interrupting) Miss Snow, would you like to see a trauma councilor? ANGELA Oh, no thanks, I seem to be fine, considering. And I certainly don't expect you to believe ANYTHING I just said, but I'm just not up to fabricating some neat logical lie right now, sorry. PETER (OC) Angela! Are you all right? ANGELA sees PETER waving to her from afar, running toward her. ANGELA Peter! She looks at the SHERIFFS, #2 nods at her to go on, #1 putting his useless notebook back in his pocket. As ANGELA hurries toward PETER the two SHERIFFS confer. SHERIFF #2 So whaddya think? SHERIFF #1 (sarcastic) Case solved: as she said, the Devil did it... SHERIFF #2 Yeah, well, a lot like that phone call from the Owl Tavern. And pretty consistent with the other eyewitness reports: big red bloody monster with horns and tail. We might have to assume that whatever it is actually does resemble something like a devil. SHERIFF #1 Just like she resembles an angel. SHERIFF #2 Boy, I'll say! SHERIFF #1 . Yeah, no kidding. But angels and devils fighting it out? Somebody has got to be hallucinating around here. SHERIFF #2 Yeah but... (turns to regard wrecked building) ...that's last night's second very convincing hallucination. CUT TO: ANGELA and PETER reaching each other and embracing. PETER Oh God, Angela! I came back here about one in the morning and found this! (indicates wreckage) I've been going crazy trying to find you. The neighbors were all talking about some weird monster tearing this building apart. How are you? You're not hurt? ANGELA I'm just fine. Oh Peter, it was... (stops) PETER Was what? Funny, you don't look any the worse for it. In fact, you look even more beautiful than before... maybe just because I'm so glad to see you. So what really did happen last night? ANGELA I... I'm not sure yet. It was all so fantastic-- but you'd never believe me. Those Sheriffs sure didn't. PETER Well, I HAVE to believe that something heavy happened to your house. Man, is it trashed! ANGELA It was a devil. Named Malignan, the Red One. A real live devil. PETER No, I mean really. ANGELA See? No one's going to believe me. (looking at what's left of her apartment) Oh my poor apartment! What shall I do? PETER That's easy-- you're moving in with me now. Let's rescue what's left of your stuff. You can tell me about it all later, since you seem so reluctant. ANGELA Oh Peter, how nice. Thanks. You know, I was afraid you weren't EVER coming back. PETER Hey, I really did have to finish my paper. But if I had known THIS was going on, I'd have come right away. ANGELA looks at Peter with concern, realizing that he would simply have been consumed by Malignan. PETER (CONT) I'd like to get my hands on whoever did this. ANGELA (shaking her head) I'm glad you weren't here, you'd only have been... killed. But I'm really glad you're here now. PETER Yeah, me too. EXT. PETER'S HOUSE - DAY A little wooden house in a rustic neighborhood, PETER's Jeep in front of it, PETER and ANGELA carrying boxes of her clothes and books into the house. ANGELA How exciting, moving in with a man! I've never done that before. Just kidding, you don't have to keep me, just until I find a place of my own... PETER Well, I hope I get to keep you, Angela. I really am in love, you know. ANGELA Me too, I think. INT. HOUSE - DAY PETER (nuzzling her) In fact, maybe we should try again to consummate this thing. ANGELA Oh, Peter, I... I... Please, not right... yet. I had an experience last night that I have to sort out. I can't even talk about it until I know if I believe it myself. Is that okay? PETER Oh, uh. Sure it is, sure. Sorry, didn't mean to jump you so fast. ANGELA But do jump me later, please. Okay? PETER Oh, I promise. It's just that you don't seem to be especially traumatized, not freaked out or anything. Maybe you've been up all night, but you look like you've had a good night's rest. ANGELA Actually, I do feel quite refreshed. PETER Are you going to classes today? ANGELA Oh, my chemistry final! I'm supposed to be there at 10:00! INT. UNIVERSITY CLASSROOM - DAY ANGELA is sitting at a desk along with 30 other students, taking a written examination. ANGELA (mental) It's so hard to think about this stuff, it seems all too trivial... my mind is racing.. last night... Ăthyr could answer these questions without thinking. Perhaps I can too. Since I can't think, I won't even try, just mark blindly... (she rapidly checks off four pages of exam papers without reading them) ...done. INT. UNIVERSITY LOUNGE -- DAY An hour later, ANGELA is sitting alone at a table in the otherwise crowded student cafeteria, looking over her chemistry test papers. SALLY, a girl ANGELA's age, joins her at the table. SALLY (jolly) Hi, Angie. Got room here for me? ANGELA (gloomy) Oh hi, Sally, sure, help yourself. SALLY Hmmm. Sounds like you didn't do so good on that big Chemistry test today. ANGELA Oh, I did all right. I've just had a hard night, that's all. SALLY (intrigued) Oh? So is Angela finally learning to party like everybody else? ANGELA What? Oh, not really, I... well, never mind. SALLY (shrugs) Guess it must be the Chem test after all? ANGELA In a way. Take a look. (hands her the paper) SALLY (lifts eyebrows) Wow! A hundred percent! And you're actually gloomy about THAT? ANGELA It's just that it's so absurd! I never even looked at the questions. I've always been lucky at tests, but this is silly! SALLY Well, you were lucky again, what's wrong with that? ANGELA It's not really fair, I did not earn that score at all. SALLY. (rolls eyes) Aw, come on. Look, you DO study a lot, Angie, so I guess you'll just have to accept the horrible fate of being blessed. INT. PETER'S HOUSE -- DAY ANGELA comes into the house with an armful of books. PETER is cooking dinner. ANGELA Hi honey, I'm home! (laughs) Always wanted to be able to say that. PETER Angela! I'm almost done with dinner. You like chili con carne? INT. KITCHEN -- NIGHT They are seated at the kitchen table, the chili has been had, dishes pushed aside. ANGELA That was good. A man who can cook, lucky me. PETER So come on, tell me before I go crazy. ANGELA Okay, (sighs) here goes... TIME HAS PASSED: ANGELA has told her story, it is now time for PETER to react. He is trying to be nonjudgmental, but can't help being skeptical. ANGELA (CONT) that's what happened. PETER You weren't on drugs? ANGELA I've never "been on" any drug... ever. PETER Can I see this "Chalice"? ANGELA takes it out of a moving box on the kitchen floor, holds it up for PETER to see. It is not glowing yet. PETER looks puzzled, caught by surprise, as if it was not what he expected. PETER Hmm, it's... (then he seems to recognize something about it) The Chalice starts to glow very faintly. PETER (CONT) ...oh God.. (starts to panic, staring at The Chalice as if he feared it), no, I've got to get out of here... sorry, I... He jumps up from the table, rips the door open and runs off into the night without closing the door behind him, as if running for his life. ANGELA (surprised) Peter? (staring out the open door she realizes something) Oh... it's... night. Malignan can only live at night. She closes the door in sudden fear, backs away from it. ANGELA (CONT) But no, there is no one to raise him, except Ăthyr, and she certainly won't. And why should I fear him? I have the Chalice, I can handle any devil if I had to... Coming out of the dark behind ANGELA we see MALIGNAN creepily coming closer and into the light. She does not see him. He puts his big bloody hand on ANGELA's shoulder, she turns, thinking it is PETER, but SCREAMS when she sees that it is The Red One. ANGELA EEEK! Oh God! MALIGNAN (smiling wickedly) Yes, my sweet little virgin, it is I. ANGELA I... I... you scared me, I wasn't expecting... MALIGNAN You are not so composed when the Spirit of Ăthyr is not upon you. You fear me now. ANGELA N-n-no, not's just...just... MALIGNAN Well, you SHOULD fear me child, for I have come to ravage you. It is what I must do to escape the bondage Ăthyr places upon me. SHE I must love, but YOU I may plunder, for you are but a mortal, and easy prey without angelic powers. ANGELA But I am HER, you can't touch me! MALIGNAN (gripping her shoulder) I AM touching you. ANGELA How did you get back? You're supposed to be in the stone slab. MALIGNAN Oh ha, yes, do let me boast of how I outsmarted your angelic plans. When Ăthyr left me to consume the group of politically ambitious plotters in Washington D.C., I let one live... FLASHBACK to the scene mentioned. CONSPIRATOR#3 is on his knees pleading for his life. We see MALIGNAN finishing eating the other CONSIRATORS, but making a deal with #3. MALIGNAN (OC) The price of his life was for him to raise me again this night. I told him how to do it-- the words, the sacrifice-- and let him know that if he did not do it I would return some other way and eat him. But that if he did well, I would owe him a task. We see CONSPIRATOR#3 and his YOUNG ASSISTANT boarding an airplane in D.C., the airplane in flight, taking a taxi from SeaTac Airport. Coming to the stone in the woods, murdering the YOUNG ASSISTANT, MALIGNAN taking form once again, then eating CONSPIRATOR#3. MALIGNAN (CONT) He DID well: he had to fly out here from D.C to raise me at sunset, he sacrificed an innocent young assistant, and I was incarnate once again. Then I followed your scent to this place, after consuming him, of course. FLASHBACK ENDS. I know that without The Chalice the Angel Ăthyr must be dormant, so I watched to be certain that it was in the other room, so that you would be helpless. Now you are to be MY slave! Ha ha ha. ANGELA No, no! I don't believe it! Leave me alone! MALIGNAN Aw, it won't be so bad, little virgin, I'm really quite a lover... as you can see, I'm prodigiously equipped, and of course, I can go on all night long-- which is what I have in mind. (he rips her clothes apart and away in one sweep) I hope you survive long enough to experience most of it, being the last mortal experience you will have in this incarnation. (takes her knees and yanks her into position for raping) This might hurt just a little at first.. huh? (his great manly erection wilts like a wet noodle) What? This is impossible! This has never happened before! I.. I.. (flustered, embarrassed) ANGELA Oh, thank God. Thank God, I'm saved. MALIGNAN (enraged) Thank GOD, eh? I'll give you something to thank God for... how about Death? MALIGNAN gives ANGELA a very angry karate chop to the throat, breaking her neck. She makes one glug- sound and her head flops back, obviously dead. He jiggles her to make sure she is quite dead, then tosses her body away like a rag doll. MALIGNAN (soliloquy) Well, this is a partial victory at least: I am not her slave now. Although I did wish to soil her innocence. Then again, she was far too dangerous. And she still is. The war is not won as long as that Chalice yet exists. Ăthyr may be disincarnated for now, but she can no more be destroyed than I can. With that Chalice she could awaken again; a generation, a century from now. He turns to the fireplace to stare at The Chalice sitting upon the mantle. MALIGNAN It must be destroyed. But carefully, it is Holy and I am demonic, I dare not touch it. But if I can wrap it in something... MALIGNAN looks around, sees a blanket draped over an armchair, turns his back on The Chalice to gather it up, and hears something behind him, "SCUFF TINK!" He turns to look, and is startled by what he sees. MALIGNAN (afraid) Eeek! O, Satan! ANGELA is standing tall and straight and naked before the fireplace, head flopped to one side, neck obviously broken, a just as obviously dead blankness to her eyes. Her stance is threatening, holding The Chalice in her right hand. She thrusts with The Chalice, now full of Holy Bloodwine which splashes over MALIGNAN. He tries to defend himself with his hands, but can do nothing against this attack. The fluid splashes over him. MALIGNAN explodes into fire and when the smoke clears all that remains is a brand new ancient stone slab lying on the floor. ANGELA collapses backwards upon the stone slab, still dead, The Chalice dropping from her hand. It rolls away, stops, rocking slightly. INT. CHALICE - SFX Camera moves into a CLOSE UP of The Chalice, entering the cup itself, which seems to be an endless pit. In the distance there seems to be light, red/yellow flame light: we are falling into Hell. MALIGNAN drops past us at high speed, accelerating, beginning to burn with re-entry speed. ENTERING HELL He plunges into The Lake of Fire with a great splash, and continues down into the boiling depths like a torpedo. Once under that sea we see that Hell is a very crowded place. There are weird creatures everywhere, of all size and shape, swimming or floating or sinking in the burning brine. MALIGNAN crashes down through the crowds, losing velocity to the density of traffic, until he is caught up in a claustrophobic tangle of monsters.

Consider this version of Hell very much like floating inside a vast living creature turned inside-out: the sea being the blood, external instead of internal, although there are also some tunnel passages which resemble arteries and veins. Huge organs pump fluids back and forth as a heart would, great lung-like bags foam with bubbles, gland-like clumps seep colored fluids into the mix. It is a great open space that seems to go on for infinity in every direction except up, there is no bottom. Flaming clumps of crap shoot around like slow meteors, explosions happen frequently. PRIMORDIALS -- small snakelike swimmers with heads of bluish light seem to be the most common creatures, resembling a cross between blood cells and spermatozoa (or guppies), are the basic form of souls in Hell, and bottom of the food chain. In Hell, PAIN is food.
MALIGNAN muscles his way through the crowd, bigger and stronger than most of the others, although everything in Hell is just as ferocious and vicious. He bites things, eating their pain, and they grow smaller as he sucks them dry. Suddenly he has room to move, in fact he's alone, the other creatures have spread away from him. He looks up to see something big coming at him. A huge DRAGONSNAKE, 4 times MALIGNAN's size, comes rushing at him, jagged jaws open wide. With a deft move he gets past the jaws and claws, straddles it, then bites the great beast on the back. There is a great zap of energy around MALIGNAN's mouth, the monster struggles, but is drained of pain and shrinks to half its size, goes limp. MALIGNAN releases it and swims away rapidly. He comes into a slipstream that pulls him along, accelerating within the flow, along with others. Being pulled toward what resembles a wall of pulsing meat, towards a slit that opens and closes with vast muscular clenching. He is caught up in the diastole of a gigantic heart beating with huge FTOOOM FTOOOM sounds. INT. HEART CHAMBER - TIMELESS MALIGNAN is sucked into a ventricle, deftly avoiding being crushed between the slabs of meat crashing together. He dances zigzag to come to a stop in a chamber of flesh. He staggers slightly, obviously weary from his trip, but continues along inside an artery. 20 weeping EX-VIRGINS, with each a heavy chain fastened to their left ankles, are sitting with backs to MALIGNAN. Another devil, BADASS, is standing over them, tail switching sinuously back and forth MALIGNAN is offended and enraged. He makes a scene as would a cuckolded husband. BADASS turns to face him, looking worried at first, but he sees that MALIGNAN is thin, his energies depleted, and he smiles, ready to do battle for the harem. MALIGNAN attacks the other devil, but BADASS easily counters, stopping him. It's quickly obvious that BADASS is much stronger. MALIGNAN struggles, knees BADASS in the crotch, but is himself thrown to the chamber floor and battered. MALIGNAN looks up at his opponent from the floor, well aware that he is losing the battle. EXITING HELL. INT. PETER'S HOUSE - DAY The front door opens, PETER comes in, looking apologetic. PETER Angela? I'm back! Sorry I ran away like that... are you here? CU PETER. His face freezes in horror at what he sees. View of PETER from behind, still frozen, looking at the scene of ANGELA'S NAKED & DEAD BODY sprawled backwards upon the Hell Slab in the middle of the living room. PETER (covering his eyes) O-hoo! If only I hadn't run away! I've failed her. The room brightens behind PETER, who senses it and turns to see the golden glowing & semi-transparent ANGEL ĂTHYR. PETER Angela? Are.. you a GHOST? She does not speak but points across the room to where The Chalice is lying upon the floor beside the Hellslab. PETER looks at The Chalice with fear. PETER That Chalice... but it... (realizes what he must do) ...but HELL, I'm not going to fail her again! He resolutely approaches, then takes up The Chalice, lifting it high. It begins to glow. Now PETER can hear her: ĂTHYR Do you remember who you are now? PETER (eyes closed, entranced, now perfectly calm) Oh, yes. Many lifetimes, often in service to the Angel Ăthyr. That is my karma, and I am here to assist you once again, my lady. ĂTHYR Do you recall your True Self? PETER Yes. My True Name is Aurthur, and I have a destiny. It is I who must one day battle the Antichrist. And I who shall... (he lifts ANGELA'S body to lay her out properly) resurrect you. Angela cannot die yet, there are destinies to be weaved. Knowing exactly what to do, PETER pours Bloodwine from The Chalice upon ANGELA'S body, her broken neck heals, becomes straight again. PETER the power of The Chalice and the cosmic forces flowing through me, I tell you Rise And Live Again! ANGELA (gasps, coughs, opens her eyes) Am I alive? I was in Hell... (suddenly afraid) ...Malignan! He's not here, is he? Don't let him get me! PETER He's nowhere around. ANGELA Peter! It's you! (notices that he's holding The Chalice) So now you're involved too... PETER At your service, my lady. ANGELA What happened? Did you heal me or something? PETER I am just an instrument of cosmic forces. The Chalice healed you. ANGELA "An instrument of cosmic forces", yes, that says it all, doesn't it? O God, who asked for this? (about The Chalice) Take that damned cup away from me, please. PETER I believe Christ said words to that effect while hanging on the cross. INT. KITCHEN -- NIGHT. They are now sitting at the table, drinking tea. ANGELA You know, I'm remembering all my past lives... Dorotea in Babylon, Mirla in Delphi, Joan of Arc --and in each life I was always a virgin. I have been nuns, holy priestesses, crusaders, sorceresses, you name it. I have died as innocent girls on sacrificial altars, and I have died as spinsters and old maids. Always pure, ever a virgin. Never have I been a lover, or a mother, or a whore, in all eternity I have been denied the experience of womanhood. What if I want to break that mold? To change? To be a wife and a mother this time? To Hell with the Angel Ăthyr! I am also ME and I claim my own life! If she is incarnate within me she's welcome to come along for the ride, but I want to control my own destiny this time! I want out of this circus-- I tell you, I'm afraid... because Ăthyr has this horrible AFFECTION for the Red One! We see that PETER is listening intently, but seems to have nothing to say. ANGELA (cont) Peter! Let's break free from these "cosmic forces", we are people! Make love to me! Please! NOW! PETER I... I'd love to, Angela. But I can't even try just now. I'm too overwhelmed by all that I've seen. Sorry. ANGELA (boo hoo) The Red One told me "sorry" too! (sob) PETER These destinies frighten me too, but I have just seen you return from the dead, and I see that our human viewpoint is so shallow. Our lives don't matter. ANGELA Well, my life matters to ME! Why can't I live it? Why can't we just be who we want to be? PETER Because we have no choice. INT. PETER'S APARTMENT - DAY But first, all we see is the TV SCREEN: Newscast in progress, Logo: "KVOS TV NEWS". NEWS GUY standing in front of the wreckage of ANGELA'S apartment house in daylight. NEWS GUY Two nights ago the Whatcom County Sheriff's office received an anonymous call that a "blood dripping devil incarnate" was EATING people alive in the Owl Tavern just outside of Alger. Upon arrival at the site police found the Tavern totally destroyed, leveled to the ground, with several cars apparently TOSSED onto the heap. Later that same night the Camelot Apartment House outside Bellingham was attacked by what witnesses described as "a devil", a manlike creature with horns and a tail-- and "dripping blood". An inaccurate Artist's Rendition of MALIGNAN comes onscreen. So far there have been no bodies found, but those missing in relation to this incident number 18, including two Bellingham policemen... ANGELA (OC) And they don't even know about the Drug Addict, 13 devil worshippers, 5 men in Washington D.C... CUT TO : ANGELA and PETER sitting on the sofa, watching the TV news broadcast. ANGELA (CONT.) ...and the assistant who was sacrificed last night. Oh yeah, and the Warlock himself. PETER My god, all that carnage in one night. So now what? ANGELA Now nothing as far as I'm concerned. Finished! PETER But The Chalice, our destinies... ANGELA I'm not going near that chalice! PETER It's saved your life at least twice... ANGELA And now it wants to take over my life. To turn me into a monster as hard and ruthless as Malignan. An avenging angel. If I become Ăthyr again it can only be to command death and destruction with that devil as my hit-man. I won't do it! TV In El Sagrado today the death-toll continues to climb as the farmers continue to be shot by the government army on one side and the revolutionaries on the other... PETER Now, there is an evil worse than your devil. ANGELA Really. If I had the power... PETER You DO have the power. ANGELA Yeah, too bad I'm rejecting it. Night is coming. I feel afraid. PETER Of what? You can't even die. ANGELA Of...for my sanity, I guess... no, for my SELF. I'm afraid that big stone slab in the living room is going to become the Red One again. I'm afraid the Chalice is going to drag me to it without any choice on my part and turn me into Ăthyr. I'm afraid I will simply step into El Sagrado and have a hundred men consumed in the name of justice. Let's get out of here.. escape. Go see a movie or something. PETER I'll wait here and see what happens. ANGELA (soliloquy) He's hypnotized by that Chalice. Peter's changed, unemotional, obsessed. But who wouldn't be changed by all this? EXT. SHOPPING MALL - DAY ANGELA walks into a shopping mall, checks out the movie posters at the multi-bio. ANGELA I could really use a little escapism just about now. She wrinkles her nose at "Hearts and Flowers", but averts her head from "Zombie Gore", and covers her eyes from "Satan's Minions". She is about to give up when she sees "Too True Love", billed as "this year's romantic comedy". ANGELA Okay, this might do it. MOVIE SCREEN: FINAL SCENE FROM "TOO TRUE LOVE". Hero and heroine embracing, everything has worked out. Comedy relief guy comes running in to them, says something funny. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Credits begin to roll up. INT. MOVIE THEATER - DARK ANGELA is smiling, at peace with the world for the moment. The color of the light upon her face changes abruptly, the music suggests a preview of coming attractions. She looks interested, "oh boy, previews!" MOVIE SCREEN: Fade in to a view of the Earth from space, the moon behind. Deep overdramatic voice hyping the coming attraction ANNOUNCER Soon there will be walking this planet a new creature of unspeakable power for good or evil. And it shall be called DEMIGOD! (CU DEMIGOD'S Face, looks like a morph of Angela and Malignan) Part Human, part Angel, part Devil. CU ANGELA. She does a disbelieving double-take, looking scared. She looks around her in the theater, sees that all the other people are frozen in time, nothing is moving. She studies the screen again. MOVIE SCREEN: CU eyes--clearly MALIGNAN'S, the mouth, clearly her own. ANGELA (closing her eyes, turning away from the screen) No. I won't watch any more of this. ANNOUNCER Action! Adventure!! See the forces of good and evil match powers and wits... ANGELA stands, a black silhouette against the screen image of DEMIGOD making a stand among explosions and rocket trails, shooting rays of light from his/her fingers. ANGELA's own fingers are clenched into fists, her silhouette signals distress. ANNOUNCER (CONT) the struggle for mastery of the planet. And the unique relationship of beautiful Ăthyr and hideous Malignan. CU ANGELA looking up at the screen in horror. The color of light on her face suddenly changes, and her expression goes from horror to absolute dismay. She covers her eyes ANNOUNCER (CONT) See the blooming of their forbidden love and the awakening of Lust within the Eternal Virgin... ANGELA O my God, o no no no no! ANGELA turns to run from the theater. Behind her we see the screen, full of the image of bodies that could be MALIGNAN and ĂTHYR (although we see no faces) having sweaty bloody passionate sex. ANNOUNCER (CONT) ...see their frenzied passion culminate in the creating of the Demigod and the strange destinies that are woven for them... INT. THEATER LOBBY - NIGHT ANGELA comes out of the screening auditorium and sees that people are still frozen in time. She allows herself to react. ANGELA (in a fit of rage) NO! NO, NO, NEVER! USHER Excuse me...are you all right, Miss? ANGELA sees that time is suddenly working again and that people in the Lobby are looking at her. ANGELA (startled, but trying to compose herself) Huh? Oh-- oh-- uh... sort of. Yeah, I'm okay, don't worry. USHER Can I help? ANGELA Uh... thanks but no one can help... I just got some bad news. EXT. STREETS OF TOWN - NIGHT Dark, except for streetlamps, shop windows. Everything is closed, lonely, spooky. ANGELA is walking home alone, but she's not afraid of the dark, too busy ranting to herself. ANGELA (soliloquy) "I'm okay"? What bullshit, I'm cosmically DOOMED is all! Where does this "angel" trip draw the line? What about my love life with Peter? Although he seems to be more in love with Ăthyr than me. Just like... like the Bloody Red One. Nobody wants Angela Snow. She should just cease to exist, then all would be in harmony. (waves her arms in frustration) But I can't even cease to exist: even if I did consider suicide to keep that devil out of my pants, I'd just come back to life because Destiny and That Chalice says so. No choice. (she stops to think) Except that doesn't make sense. If anyone on this planet has choices it should be me: I'm a goddamn angel incarnate! Funny, though: what is an angel doing being incarnated? She should be above going through Karmic Lessons by now. Get a hold of yourself Angela baby. Think! What are your options? Escape! I could go to... San Francisco, change my name, dye my hair, get rid of my soul... nope. Or... destroy The Chalice. If it can be. Or put it somewhere safe... like the bottom of the sea! (now moving toward home with resolution in her step) I'll take the Ferry to Port Townsend and half way across, just toss it overboard. Yes, that's what I'll do! Oh, I feel better just having a plan of action! EXT. PETER'S HOUSE, FRONT PORCH - NIGHT ANGELA approaches boldly, resolutely, up on the porch, reaches for the doorknob-- and hesitates. Suddenly she's wondering what's waiting for her in there. She vacillates, but finally she forces herself to go in. INT. PETER'S HOUSE. PETER (turning to see ANGELA opening the door) Hi, Angela. I'm glad you're back. I was getting worried. ANGELA (still hesitating in the doorway, nervous) Oh Peter, uh, hi. Uh... the stone slab? PETER Everything's the same. Slab and Chalice. We see the slab laid out on the living room floor, neatly aligned with the fireplace, on the mantle of which The Chalice is glowing slightly. Looks like an altar in a cathedral. ANGEL (unenthusiastic, but relieved) Mmm. Well, good. (she studies The Chalice from a distance) PETER Are you feeling better? ANGELA Not really. But at least The Chalice doesn't seem to be controlling my mind just now. Although I do keep remembering past lives when I look at it. PETER (almost entranced) So do I. ANGELA Yes, well, there's none I want to repeat. (turns away) I'm not interested in dealing with all this tonight. I'm going to bed. The last time I slept I was dead. (looks at PETER hopefully) Are you... do you want to come to bed with me? PETER (hypnotized by The Chalice) Huh? Ah... in a bit.. I... want to look at The Chalice... for a while... ANGELA (giving up, leaving the room) Okay. (sighs) INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT ANGELA in bed, struggling to get comfortable with covers and pillow ANGELA Boy, he sure is romantic. Looks like I'm going to be a virgin one more night... mm.. tired... FADE OUT/ FADE IN SFX DREAM: ANGELA sees her hands before her, flying through the Cosmic Zone. It is wonderful, lights, sparks, streaks of energy. A bright uplifting music reverberates all around her. Then we see a swirling whirlpool of fire below. Hell, of course. We see ANGELA's hands trying to steer us away, but we fall into it anyway. The roaring noise of Hell soon overwhelms anything like music. We fall faster, past all kinds of monsters in the fluids of fire, entering vast tunnels interlacing the vast muscle of Hell. Our velocity increases until everything is a blur. And then we STOP. INT. CHAMBER IN HELL We are behind MALIGNAN, who is sprawled out on the floor, BADASS holding him down with a heavy foot as he sucks pain from a pretty blonde EX-VIRGIN. Recharged with fresh pain, BADASS goes back to work on MALIGNAN, who hasn't the strength to stop him. ĂTHYR suddenly allows herself to be seen, her golden glow illuminating the chamber with holy light. EVERYONE notices her, all freeze. The EX-VIRGINS lift their heads, suddenly filled with a feeling of wonder. BADASS cringes back, instinctively knowing not to touch an angel. MALIGNAN looks confused. ĂTHYR moves through the chamber, graceful and unafraid, to the prone MALIGNAN, kneels down to his level. The roar of Hell is too loud to allow speaking, but ĂTHYR lifts her hand, the tip of her index finger becomes a bright white point of light. She writes a message in the air, which lingers long enough to be read as sentences before fading away. ĂTHYR'S TEXT "Shall I help you?" MALIGNAN nods eagerly. BADASS scowls, looks nervous. ĂTHYR'S TEXT "OK, if you free your harem." Some of the EX-VIRGINS understand the text, look at each other in surprise and wonder, and even a tiny bit of hope. But MALIGNAN frowns, shakes his head an angry NO. He struggles to his feet while BADASS dares not approach the angel, ready to make his stand alone. ĂTHYR and MALIGNAN face each other for a second in silent challenge. Then she gently blows out the bright light at the tip of her finger as if it were a match and walks away backwards. Her glow fades away and she seems to vanish from the chamber. BADASS sees that the angel is gone and he has a open path to get at MALIGNAN again, smiles an evil smile and resumes his attack. BADASS punches MALIGNAN with blow- that- would- fell- ox, MALIGNAN responds by quickly getting a good firm bite on BADASS' leg, sucking pain. BADASS winces and then knees MALIGNAN off him. BADASS grabs nearest girl and sucks pain. MALIGNAN entreats one of the girls of his harem to give him some pain, but they avoid him. No one comes to help MALIGNAN, and in a moment BAD ASS is empowered with fresh pain. Then he grabs MALIGNAN, bites arm, is surprised at the good taste of Karma. But MALIGNAN is soon drained. BADASS lifts a totally limp almost weightless MALIGNAN over his head with one hand, and strides out of the chamber. EXT. ABOVE BOTTOMLESS PIT We are on the edge of a vast crater, impossibly deep, looking down into a distant darkness, unlit by the usual flames of Hell. Several tunnels lead into the Pit, from which flow streams of flaming blood, afloat with struggling creatures and chunks of matter, all dumping into the Pit, falling and falling into infinity forever. MALIGNAN is tossed, begins to plunge down into The Bottomless Pit along with all the other doomed souls. He rebounds off a wall, giant EATERS attack him, biting him and holding on. First one, then another, then they come swarming, hundreds of eaters biting him until he can no longer be seen in the cluster. We cannot hear MALIGNAN screaming, but he is obviously in pain, unable to fight them off. INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT ANGELA sits up, suddenly awake. ANGELA Whew! What a weird dream. (mental) At least, I think it was a dream. But I'll bet it wasn't, probably another vision. Poor Malignan. (reconsidering) Huh? What am I saying? It couldn't happen to a nicer devil. That monster is EVIL. (she looks around the room, realizes that she is alone) Peter? ANGELA gets up, puts on a bathrobe, and goes out to find PETER. INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT ANGELA sees PETER asleep on the sofa. ANGELA There he is, King Arthur reborn. Some romance. She looks at the Stone Slab, the Chalice upon the TV, everything as it was. She turns away from them to go back to bed, but as she does so, a golden LIGHT begins to glow behind her. ANGELA Oh no! ANGELA turns to face The Chalice, which is glowing brightly now. ANGELA Of course. I should have expected this. She approaches it, looks down to see that it is now full of bloodwine, seeing the reflection of her eyes on the surface of the liquid. She grabs The Chalice, considers, then turns it over to dump out the magic wine. But is surprised to find that it's empty. Looks inside it again. ANGELA That's weird... oh, it's full again! It's really full! She throws The Chalice from her, which is suddenly empty again. It lands right side up, and big drops splash up out from it. She looks, finding that it is full again, kicks it, but nothing splashes. The Chalice lands on its side, so she lets it lie there. ANGELA Now you CAN'T be full. Har dee haw haw, as Badass would say. ĂTHYR (voice from CHALICE) Angela. ANGELA pressing her head against the wall and her fist in her mouth, tears running down her face. ANGELA Damn damn damn damn. I heard that. ĂTHYR (voice from CHALICE) Angela, please. This is Ăthyr. ANGELA (astounded) Ăthyr? Wait, I do want to talk with you, or myself, or whatever it is that we are. ĂTHYR (voice from CHALICE) Then look into The Chalice. ANGELA stands The Chalice on the floor and kneels above it, looking down into it. She sees her reflection on the bloodwine once again. ANGELA My reflection. ĂTHYR (voice from CHALICE) As you are mine, Angela. ANGELA (to The Chalice) No! I am not your reflection, Ăthyr. I am a real person: I have my own personality and desires. But now my whole life has been rendered worthless by this Chalice, by you, the Angel Ăthyr, by The Red One, by "Aurthur", and I resent it! Until two days ago I was looking forward to some sort of love-life, only to discover that I am locked into permanent holy virginity. And then Peter gets turned into a celibate "King Arthur". Two days ago I was a hard-working Poly Sci Major, but now I see that my studies are meaning- less because I already know everything through you. At least I wasn't a Theology Major! Thank God for small favors. ĂTHYR If you truly knew every- thing now we would not be having this conversation. Pain and confusion are common reactions to new knowledge, but the result is to be Enlightenment. You are indeed a student, Angela, an eternal student whose previous lives upon Earthlevel have been cosmic classes. You are enrolled there not to control the class, but to learn the lesson, to endure the experience and to strive for the ultimate goal. ANGELA Goal? What goal? ĂTHYR Why, to get an "A", right? ANGELA An "A"? I'd think Enlightenment would have more value than one measly "A". ĂTHYR Pretty much the same, actually. ANGELA Then I want to drop this class, take an incomplete, change my Major. I saw that pornographic prophecy of me--or rather YOU--having sex with the Red One! I hate him! That could never be my choice! I want out! I want to chose my own destiny! I want to be free! ĂTHYR Your wish is to be free of yourself. However, the choice is yours. You probably have, in fact, more power of choice than almost anyone else on Earthlevel at this moment. ANGELA Then I choose to be free of all this cosmic drama. I choose to be an ordinary woman with husband and children this time. I choose to be free of the Bloody Red One. I choose to evolve! At this moment the TELEVISION turns itself on with a good solid CLICK. The screen lights up with news coverage of a Latin American village full of soldiers. TV VOICE the Latin American country of El Sagrado today, even now some fifty farmers are being held for execution by government forces. It seems that the entire population of Tlecatle is to be punished for local guerilla terrorist activities. International protest seems to be of no avail... ANGELA Oh no! Evil! (resolved) The night is half-gone already. No time for personal problems. ANGELA takes The Chalice from atop the TV, and without the slightest hesitation, drinks the contents of the cup. She immediately becomes ĂTHYR, glowing, entranced. ĂTHYR Malignan! She twirls around to face the Hell Slab in the middle of the room. She chants arcane phrases in an unknown language as she POURS bloodwine from the Chalice upon the Hell Slab to call up MALIGNAN. But there is no reaction, nothing happens. ĂTHYR (waits, then realizes:) Malignan cannot emerge from the Bottomless Pit. (calmly sits in an overstuffed chair, relaxes, closes her eyes) Nothing else to do but go to Hell. SFX. HELL: THE BOTTOMLESS PIT. ĂTHYR is diving downwards through the flames, somewhat faster than all other objects and monsters also dropping into the Bottomless Pit. She passes one after another, then catches up with the large cluster of Eaters swarming at MALIGNAN. LARGE EATER tries to attack ĂTHYR, but is repelled as its jaws try to close on her. They can't bite an angel. As she moves into the cluster of Eaters around MALIGNAN they too are repelled, scattering away, leaving him alone. But still helpless, falling endlessly down into the depths of the Bottomless Pit. ĂTHYR moves in close to MALIGNAN, falling along with him, sees that he is emaciated, drained of energy. She actually seems sympathetic. He seems unconscious. She touches him, shakes his shoulder to awaken him. MALIGNAN is confused, then realizes that ĂTHYR is with him. Then he is even more surprised to realize that she is pressing her arm to his mouth. She is offering to feed him on her pain. he bites firmly into the juicy arm. Weakly at first, then ferociously, greedily. ĂTHYR allows him to take enough to revive his strength, even though it clearly hurts intensely, until she signals for him to stop. But MALIGNAN is quite enthusiastic now, and greedily into getting all he can get. He makes a ferocious "rrrNNNN " sound and sucks pain with redoubled enthusiasm. ĂTHYR begins to struggle against him, now, seeming to be afraid now. She tries to break free of his bite, but he has a good grip now, and continues to drain her. CU MALIGNAN smiling wickedly, chuckling evilly, no intention of stopping yet. They fall and fall and fall, the devil sucking her pain, ĂTHYR's struggles become weaker. Suddenly he stops biting, looking quite satisfied, as if he had just eaten the best meal of his life-- which he probably had. ĂTHYR is limp. MALIGNAN shakes her, signals for them to go up now. ĂTHYR does not respond. He slaps her until her eyes flutter open, then jabs a thumb upwards. ĂTHYR shakes her head, meaning she can't take them up, he had drained her of too much power. MALIGNAN grins, shakes his head no, and jabs up again. ĂTHYR is almost unconscious, but she manages to Open a port into the Cosmic Zone, they fall into it and are gone from the Bottomless Pit. EXT. COSMIC ZONE They blink into the sparkly space between worlds. They can speak now. MALIGNAN All right, angel, now take us back up to my old turf, I have some un- finished business there. ĂTHYR (helplessly limp) ... I'm not sure I can. You were too greedy, you pig, took too much... MALIGNAN Naw, I'm expert at sucking pain, you've got just enough energy left. Now come on! ĂTHYR I'll try... They Cosmic Zone is suddenly right beside MALIGNAN's old turf. MALIGNAN (robust, full of vim and vigor) Thanks. I'll get back to you in a minute. This won't take long. He continues on through the exit port and is gone. INT. HELL, CHAMBER OF EX-VIRGINS. BADASS is feeding on one of the girls, who is dangling weakly in his grip, when MALIGNAN comes flying out of the Cosmic Zone at high speed, skip- landing to continue into BADASS like a battering ram. BADASS is knocked flying. They wrestle, but it is immediately clear that BADASS is no match for MALIGNAN and is absolutely overpowered. BADASS is surprised. He is clearly wondering how MALIGNAN gained so much power. MALIGNAN nods over at ĂTHYR, looking quite smug. BADASS understands that his opponent has fed on angel pain. MALIGNAN squeezes BADASS like putty into a little ball which he holds compressed in his left hand. BADASS is grunting and whining as he is mashed, but these guys are devils, can't be killed, not even by drastic shape changes. MALIGNAN casts the BADASS/BALL out into Hell. It flies out of the Chamber, ricocheting off several walls on its way toward infinity. The EX-VIRGINS, seeing that BADASS is gone, come rushing to MALIGNAN, bowing and pleading for mercy. EX-VIRGIN "A" points to her chained foot, raises her eyebrows: clearly asking if she can go free now. The other girls join in, they all hope to be released at last. MALIGNAN shakes his head, spreads his hands, a clear refusal. The girls are crestfallen. EX-VIRGIN "B" points at something behind MALIGNAN. He turns and sees: ĂTHYR lying weak and helpless on the chamber floor, struggling to sit up, but cannot. She seems to be dying. He rolls his eyes, assuming she is faking. MALIGNAN turns to ignore her, he grabs a girl and bites her arm to suck pain, thus re-establishing his territory. She does not resist although it hurts her. But he frowns, stops sucking and makes a face as if he has just tasted the misery of the girl for the first time. He releases her, grabs another girl, bites again. Same distaste, same lack of satisfaction. He is confused Now he turns to look at ĂTHYR. She is lying quite still. His face reveals some concern. He approaches her, gives her a little prod with a toe. Then shakes her carefully. No reaction. MALIGNAN kneels down beside her, holds her upper body in his arms, caresses her arm. Finally he looks sorry for what he has done. Her eyes flutter slightly open. She looks at the EX-VIRGINS, then at MALIGNAN. Set them free? MALIGNAN understands, but shakes his head. ĂTHYR closes her eyes and her glow fades away to nothing, as if she had died. MALIGNAN panics, shakes her, tries to revive her. Then he makes the big Karmic Decision: closes his eyes with the effort of it, puts her hand on his head so that she can feel him nod it "yes". But she does not respond. MALIGNAN sets her down and turns to the EX-VIRGINS, gesturing that they can go. He releases their chains with a touch of his tail, there are sparks and the heavy links fall free. They are free! The girls are excited, uncertain, disbelieving, afraid and confused. But they do not run off, since they have no idea where to run to. They turn to the Angel ĂTHYR, who is lying still. MALIGNAN has his back to ĂTHYR, he has given up all hope. Then he sees the girls point past him, and he turns in time to see: ĂTHYR suddenly springing up into an athletic double- flip, landing on her feet with a flourish of limbs, obviously full of energy and in perfect control. She seems to be giggling. MALIGNAN scowls, having been made a fool. ĂTHYR comes to him, touches his and smiles. He can only discard his anger and smile back. The EX-VIRGINS crowd around the Angel and the Devil, also smiling now, but also entreating for help in escaping Hell. ĂTHYR points in the direction they shall go, and everyone follows her from the chamber. EXT. HELL-TUBE / ARTERY We see ANGELA and MALIGNAN leading 20 EX-VIRGINS, all flowing like a school of fish in the powerful current gushing through the artery system of Hell. They move rapidly and gracefully. VARIOUS MONSTERS ATTACK the group. MALIGNAN is now their protector, heroically fighting the monsters. VAMPIRES attack, he thrashes them too. Then DEMONS, he punches them out too. EXT. WELLSPRING At last the group arrives at the Wellspring of Life, an enormous thundering geyser of life-fluid-energy shooting up out of Hell (like an upside-down waterfall). We see millions of primordials being streamed up into The Light Above. The girls are going "Oooo" & "Aaaa". They are also afraid. ĂTHYR gestures to them that it is this way they must go to reincarnate onto Earthlevel once again. The girls are determined to leave Hell, EX-VIRGIN "A" offers thanks to ĂTHYR, and even gives MALIGNAN a goodbye embrace, then steps into the roaring flow and is immediately sucked up toward the light. Once the first has departed, the other girls follow her. We see the EX-VIRGINS stepping into the upflow and be swept away from Hell one at a time, until only one EX-VIRGIN remains. YASHUKO is reluctant to leave MALIGNAN with no one, even after having been his slave for a thousand years. She offers to stay with him. MALIGNAN behaves like a real gentleman, gives her an embrace and sends her off into the foaming flow. We see her ascending in the upflow of the Wellspring along with all the other girls until only MALIGNAN and ĂTHYR remain. ĂTHYR gives MALIGNAN a nod, a smile and a thumbs up. MALIGNAN nods back, wondering what next. Once again, ĂTHYR writes in the air with a glowing fingertip: ĂTHYR'S TEXT "Now I need your help on Earthlevel." MALIGNAN (nods) ĂTHYR'S TEXT (also nods) "I will send for you from there." ĂTHYR opens a port and vanishes into the Cosmic Zone. MALIGNAN is standing alone, watching the Wellspring churn and flow. He steps closer, puts a finger in the upward flow and contemplates being transported up to an incarnation on Earthlevel. Then he steps back, awaiting Ăthyr's call. A voice suddenly calls out behind him, a voice so powerful that it can be heard even over the cacophony of Hell. SATAN (OC) (powerful, thundering voice) Malignan! MALIGNAN turns to see SATAN as a gigantic demonic FACE floating in flames, rather like the Wizard of Oz. SATAN You are in disfavor, Malignan: you have allowed the unauthorized escape of your harem- souls, you have taken karma upon yourself, and you consort with an Angel. You are not fit to be a Devil. Now you shall ascend to Earthlevel in the service of that Angel, but you may never descend again before you defeat her. Until then, you are banished from Hell! MALIGNAN tries to answer back, but his own voice is lost in the roaring noise. SATAN Yes, you certainly might burn in sunlight. Perhaps even perish. If so, good riddance... SATAN fades away, leaving MALIGNAN alone. MALIGNAN tries to call "Wait, WAIT!" to no avail, he cannot be heard, even if SATAN was still there. He is visibly upset, looking around for a way out. Once again he notices the Wellspring. He focuses upon it, studies it, contemplating just hopping into another life to get out of the mess he's in. Cut away from Hell. INT. PETER'S HOUSE - NIGHT We have returned to ANGELA/ĂTHYR sitting in the same overstuffed chair, same position as when she started her dream of Hell. She begins to glow, opens her eyes. ĂTHYR (looks at a clock) That was quite an adventure, considering that no time has passed here. But time is passing now. (she stands up, reaches for The Chalice, which begins to glow) If we are to do any good in El Sagrado I'd better get Malignan up here now. PETER (OC) Angela? PETER is lying on the sofa across the room, having been awakened by ĂTHYR'S bright glow. He sees her from behind standing over the Hellslab with The Chalice held above it in her right hand. She is chanting softly. PETER (CONT) Wait, you're not Angela at all now, are you? you must be the Angel Ăthyr! What is going on? What are you doing? ĂTHYR I am raising the Red One. PETER What? The... that Devil? But it will KILL people. You can't, Angela, no! (getting to his feet, moving toward her) I won't LET you do that! PETER runs at ĂTHYR from behind to grab The Chalice from her hands. Without looking back she raises her left arm and he is cast back into the sofa by an invisible force. ĂTHYR You cannot interfere, Peter. (chants) Absa Latha Rangar-rathana! (pours the wineblood from The Chalice to splash onto the Hellslab) Rise, Red One. EXT. HELL, AT WELLSPRING MALIGNAN is still facing the thundering upward flow of the Wellspring, still torn about his next move, just doesn't know what to do. Then the loudness of Hell fads away, ĂTHYR's chanting can be heard all around him, like music, points of light flash at his feet. ĂTHYR'S CHANTING (OC) Absa Latha Rangar-rathana! Rise, Red One. MALIGNAN looks wistfully at the Wellspring, then resolutely upward, obviously choosing the Angel, and braces himself for the journey. SFX: MALIGNAN abruptly ASCENDS, launched upward, becoming warped (elongated) as his velocity increases to warp speed. We see him from a distance, flashing up through a cutaway of all the geological strata of the earth. To suddenly erupt up through the Hellslab and arrive in the living room of PETER'S house with a great spraying of volcanic ash from the Hellslab, which has suddenly converted from stone into demonic flesh. He ends up standing between ĂTHYR and PETER. MALIGNAN (flexing his bulging muscles, feeling good) Say, that Chalice Blood- wine is powerful stuff! That was the fastest ride up-- ever! And I feel great, strong... PETER (eyes bulging with disbelief ...or fear?) My.. my... my God! It's really a REAL devil! And dripping blood- yuk! MALIGNAN (leaning toward PETER with a greedy hunger) Ah, you have a sacrifice ready for me, good girl! PETER rocks back in horror and fear. MALIGNAN hovers threateningly, ready to grab and eat. ĂTHYR (calm) No, do not touch him. He is our ally. MALIGNAN (disappointed) Ally? What do we need him for? He's only a man. ĂTHYR His karma is connected to mine. MALIGNAN (suspicious, jealous) Do you love him? ĂTHYR Angela does. MALIGNAN (more suspicious, more jealous) And Ăthyr? ĂTHYR Ăthyr loves all life. MALIGNAN (challenging her) Even mine? ĂTHYR (ignoring his temper) We must make haste. There is a situation in El Sagrado that calls for our talents. Come. A point of light upon ĂTHYR's fingertip expands into an open port to the Cosmic Zone. ĂTHYR and MALIGNAN step into it and are gone from the living room. Left behind alone, PETER is upset and confused. PETER No, Angela-- Ăthyr-- don't do it! Don't go... (recognizing the futility) ...she's gone. Off to be the Avenging Angel again. And with that... Monster! (mental) Holy shit, was that thing a disgusting horror! All that blood, those black soulless eyes-- and he would have "consumed" me like fast food. (shudders, shakes, is really rattled) I've never really faced something so obviously EVIL before, that was pretty chilling. And Angela is swept away by the Power that thing gives her, she seems to have no compunctions about using him. (realizing) He's perverting her! But what can I do? (suddenly turning to face The Chalice) The Chalice! When Angela drinks from it she becomes the Angel. If I drink from it... (reaches for it, looks into it) ...empty. (giving up, defeated) The Chalice serves Ăthyr, not me. (refusing to accept that, resolving his will) But I've got to do something to kill off that Monster before it destroys Angela. I have no choice. EXT. TROPICAL FARMLAND - NIGHT We are in El Sagrado now, surrounded by hilly farm land, not far out of the jungle, palm trees scattered around on the horizon beneath a scintillating starry sky. No buildings here, no people. SFX: A shimmering circle of blue light, a hole opens in the air, and ĂTHYR and MALIGNAN come gliding out of the Cosmic Zone to land gracefully. The hole closes and disappears behind them. ĂTHYR We have only a few hours until dawn. We must work fast. MALIGNAN So this is El Sagrado. (not impressed) ĂTHYR The town of Tlecatle is over the hill. They walk that way. MALIGNAN Do you have a plan? ĂTHYR Not exactly a plan. We'll just go with the flow. MALIGNAN So do you really expect me to take on an entire army? ĂTHYR Oh, I have no doubt that you could do it, Red One, but that would be inefficient. We'll focus on the top of the chain of command. They come over the hilltop and are looking down on a small village. It is late at night, but there are lights everywhere, military vehicles, people clustered in the middle of it all. ĂTHYR Oh, but first...there is the rape of an innocent virgin about to occur among the hostages. I wish to prevent that. MALIGNAN Huh, why? ------------------------------------------ (note: all text in brackets [] is spoken in Spanish, subtitled in English) ------------------------------------------ EXT. VILLAGE - NIGHT We are suddenly among the 25 VILLAGERS being held prisoner by 15 armed SOLDIERS, they are all quite awake, there is a drama going on. Capitan ORTEGA, a fat older man, is pulling young and pretty ROSALIA by the wrist. Her parents, old man LAZARO and MAMACITA, are trying to stop him, but SOLDIERS are holding them off. MAMACITA No, por favor, senores, [not my daughter! This is a crime in the eyes of God!] SGT PELOTA steps up and brutally pushes MAMACITA back by her face. SGT PELOTA [Shut up, slut!] ROSALIA (struggling against the Captain) No no, dios no! Por favor! ORTEGA (merciless) [Come with me, whore, I'm gonna screw you!] ROSALIA Senor Capitan, isn't it enough that you are going to kill us all in the morning? Why must you dishonor me as well? I beg of you in the name of God to let me die pure.] ORTEGA (sarcastic) [Just relax and enjoy it, little one. There's no way out of this... what's that light?] ĂTHYR is the light, she and MALIGNAN have just arrived at the scene. SGT PELOTA (turning, surprised) Que? ĂTHYR Enough of that, Capitan Ortega. VILLAGERS (amazed) 1. [God protect us-- a devil!] 2. [And look-- an Angel!] ĂTHYR Take him, Malignan. MALIGNAN Aw, can't we watch him do it first? ĂTHYR (surprised) What? MALIGNAN (shrugging) Well, raping a virgin makes him my kind of guy, after all. ĂTHYR Do it. MALIGNAN Yes dear. Sorry, guy. MALIGNAN reaches over and crumples ORTEGA'S steel helmet with one hand, head along with it. Then he pulls the dead Captain to him and starts eating him up in big bites. SOLDIER #2 [Dios mio, I'm sick.] SOLDIER #3 [It's EATING Capitan Ortega!] SGT PELOTA [Shoot! Shoot! That bloody monster has killed our Capitan-- and shoot her too.] ĂTHYR [Do not shoot me if you value your lives, for any violence you offer me shall return to you.] SGT PELOTA [Shoot it!] SOLDIER #3 [, s..senor.] The SOLDIERS open fire on MALIGNAN. Bullets rip into him, he heals immediately, but it does hurt. MALIGNAN Ow! Hey that stings ORTEGA [Perhaps bullets can't stop that devil, but we can stop HER!] ĂTHYR [As ye sow, so shall ye... reap.] SOLDIER #1 [She IS an Angel! We are in combat with agents of God and Satan!] MALIGNAN Run, cowards- hey, look at them go. ĂTHYR Fine, let them go hide until dawn... but not that man, Arturo Mendez. Bring him to me. MENDEZ is running, but MALIGNAN a hundred times faster, lifts him by the collar and carries him back to ĂTHYR with one hand. MENDEZ tries to struggle, but he is shaken silly and ends up dangling helpless by his collar before the Angel. ĂTHYR [You are a serial killer, Arturo Mendez. You've been misusing the militia to murder innocent women and children, just as you have gladly engineered this official execution for tomorrow. Your karma is very dark. You shall be punished now.] MENDEZ [No, por favor, no!] MALIGNAN [Sorry man, she shows no mercy, you know.] From behind we see MALIGNAN gobbling up MENDEZ all in a few fast greedy bites, and the officer is gone. When MALIGNAN turns, wiping meat from his face, he sees that all the VILLAGERS are kneeling and praying before him and ĂTHYR. Chanting "Ave Maria" and "Dios Mio". MALIGNAN Looks like we made a big impression on the local yokels. ĂTHYR Yes, these poor people are more frightened of us than the soldiers who were to shoot them at dawn. (to VILLAGERS) Arise! You need neither fear nor worship us, we have come to save you. ROSALIA [...forgive me for my sins ...ave maria, ave maria, ave, maria...] LAZARO [Excuse me, senorita Angel, but why are you with a devil? We understood the threat of the soldiers, but this we do not understand.] ĂTHYR [Your immortal souls are safe, as are your bodies. Yes, I am an angel of the Lord. This devil is my teammate, our work is to restore the balance of good and evil.. for there is too much evil happening just now.] MAMACITA [You saved the purity of my daughter, Rosalia, and I am grateful. But we all fear that devil-- we just saw him EAT a man!] ĂTHYR [Those men had karma that called for such a punishment, and that is this devil's work.] MALIGNAN (mental) (leering at ROSALIA, sniffing) The smell of this virgin we saved is driving me mad, and she's so cute! I want her, I want her, I want her...(groan) LAZARO [But nothing like this has ever happened in the Holy Bible, how can we have faith in what you are saying?] MALIGNAN (still mental) But it would probably piss Ăthyr off if I did rape that little chica... and besides, when I look at Ăthyr I see what I REALLY want: that body, that soul...Satanas am I frustrated! All these bodily drives, grr, grrr! ĂTHYR [I do not wish to offend your faith, but it does not matter what you believe or not.] MALIGNAN (mental) Oh yeah, I want Ăthyr, but I know I can't have her. Not the way I want her. Now this Rosalia chica would be easy: some psychic domination, a sweet little raping, and her soul would be mine for eternity. Second best is not so bad... to maintain some semblance of self-control and discipline. But she's so cute, that sweet smell! Arrgggh! I can't stand it! Look away! Get my mind off it! Do SOMETHING! LAZARO [Faith not matter? Then you are certainly not an angel of the Lord, and we must reject your rescue!] MALIGNAN [Oh yeah? You think you know it all with your ridiculous misinterpreta- tion of religion? Let me explain this: if you screw up our rescue I'll simply EAT you all! Have faith in THAT!] All the VILLAGERS cower and cringe before MALIGNAN, whimpering in fear. MALIGNAN (to ĂTHYR) I think they see the light. ĂTHYR [Go up to the hills. You shall not be here for the execution at dawn. The firing squad will find only me.] LAZARO [But the army will only pursue us.] ĂTHYR [I shall stop them.] LAZARO [There are also guerillas, revolutionaries, waiting out in the hills. There is no safe place in our country any more, the government and the outlaws are united against us.] ĂTHYR [You will be safe: Malignan shall protect you.] LAZARO [And now there are angels and devils to plague us.] MALIGNAN [Silly old man, we are here to help you.] LAZARO [Help us? Will you give us freedom? Will you find us food? Do you have work for us? How can you truly help us?] ĂTHYR [We will destroy the power of the Fourteen Families this very dawn.] LAZARO [Oh... then... then perhaps you DO know how to help.] MALIGNAN What is this? Are you really going to trust me alone with all these tasty people? ĂTHYR Yes, and even with Rosalia. MALIGNAN But I could consume them all. Then ravish the virgin. None among them could stay me. ĂTHYR But you won't. I have looked into your karma, Malignan. You are not so bad. MALIGNAN Hey, don't insult me. I'm still a devil, you know. And say, I haven't had a chance to talk with you about something... ĂTHYR About being exiled from Hell? MALIGNAN What's this? you know everything? ĂTHYR I think so, but I could be wrong. MALIGNAN Then you probably also know that I am supposed to defeat you before I can go back to Hell. I don't wish to do either-- but when that sun comes up over the horizon I will burn. I don't know how much of that punishment I can take, and I can't escape it by returning to Hell. ĂTHYR I'll take care of it. MALIGNAN Well, good, but just don't forget: It's only about a couple of hours before the dawn. (turning to VILLAGERS) [Okay, let's go, folks] ĂTHYR Now I shall prepare for an execution... EXT. ALONG THE TRAIL - NIGHT. THE VILLAGERS are moving quickly along the trail, especially because MALIGNAN is right behind them, shooing them to hurry and they are still quite afraid of him. They look back, see the devil, and hurry even faster. MALIGNAN (mental) This is madness! What am I doing protecting these people? I should be terrorizing, consuming, ravaging them. I AM Malignan, he Bloody Red One! (aloud) [Shoo along now, that's right, keep going.] (mental) At least they're afraid of me, there's some comfort in that. Suddenly a band of guerilla REVOLUTIONARIOS step out of the jungle and block the trail, weapons ready. The first of the VILLAGERS stop. LAZARO (warning, not a greeting) [Los revolutionarios!] REV LEADER (strutting, a wannabe Che Guevara) [Halt! What are you people doing here? Are you not the villagers who were to be executed this morning?] VARIOUS VILLAGERS #8: [SÝ, we have escaped!] #21: [And we are fleeing from the junta now.] REV LEADER (suspicious) [The junta would never let you go free, so if you are not to die honorably for your country, you must have made a bargain with the junta. Have you betrayed us, the Liberators of the People?] LAZARO (now moving to the front) [How could we betray you? We don't even know who you are, there are so many different bands of guerillas in our land.] VARIOUS REVOLUTIONARIOS [We are "Los Hermanos Salvadores por la Gente de la Patria"! SÝ, los Hermanos Salvadores!] LAZARO [Never heard of you, but anyway, we have been rescued by others.] REV LEADER ["Others"? Who dares to cut in on our territory?] LAZARO [You were coming to rescue us?] REV LEADER [We... considered that, but decided that it was not a feasible military action-- there are too many soldiers and they have a helicopter at ready. --But we would have avenged you later.] LAZARO [Muchas gracißs, cabrˇn, but later would have done us no good.] REV LEADER [To be martyr for The People IS a great good.] LAZARO [FOR the people, what are you talking about? We ARE the people.] REV LEADER [Who are these "others? We must teach them that they cannot interfere in our territory.] VARIOUS REVOLUTIONARIOS [SÝ!] [Yeah, right!] LAZARO (with a knowing smile) [Who are they, se˝or? Why, we were saved by an Angel and a Devil, that is who.] VARIOUS VILLAGERS standing behind LAZARO chuckle and giggle, ROSARIA smiles like Mona Lisa. REV LEADER [You know, I respect you for your age, old man, but I do not like your way of lying to the People's Saviors. You should be taught a lesson! (to ALFRDO) I think he is guilty of... something.. and should be shot, don't you Alfredo?] REV ALFREDO [SÝ, como no, jefÚ!] Now MALIGNAN arrives at the front of the crowd of VILLAGERS, to see what is blocking the way, gently pushing his way through the crowd. REV LEADER can only watch MALIGNAN approach, mouth open at the surprise of seeing a real live Devil, bloody and huge, suddenly towering over him. He is paralyzed with raw fear as MALGNAN bends down to look at him face to face, inches away. MALIGNAN (slow wicked frown) [These are My people to play with.] REV LEADER [Sh... she... shoot, Alfredo.] MALIGNAN [I don't wish to be shot. so no one will shoot, you got that?] REV ALFREDO [A todo Madre, I can't shoot!] LAZARO [Hee hee hee. You see? We have not lied. And even if you could shoot it, bullets do no more than arouse his anger-- and then it will EAT you, se˝or!] REV LEADER (afraid) [I... I believe you, old man. (then indignant) You people must have sold your souls to Satan if this diablo serves you!] LAZARO [No cabrˇn, an angel sent him with us. And besides, this diablo is not so bad. HE saved us, and you who profess to fight "for the people", did not.] MALIGNAN [Enough discussion! And I assume we'll have no trouble with your punk army, right cabrˇn? Or I WILL eat you.] REV LEADER (afraid) [Oh n.. n.. n.. no, Se˝or Diablo!] REVOLUTIONARIO LOPEZ is back in the crowd, standing far enough away from MALIGNAN to be less affected by psychic domination. He manages to ready his machine gun. REV LOPEZ (mental) [Our leader is a coward! I, Garcia Lopez, shall show my courage and kill that monster. And soon I shall be the leader of our band-- a hero!] REV LOPEZ makes his move, braces himself and fires about 20 rounds at MALIGNAN. REV LOPEZ (shouting triumphantly) [Take that, diablo!] MALIGNAN rocks back , the bullets obviously causing him pain. But he is not damaged, the pain only makes him angry. MALIGNAN Ouch! Well damn, there's always one, isn't there? (advances towards his attacker, ignoring the bullets) CUT TO: CU MALIGNAN gobbling some last chunks of LOPEZ meat. He swallows, looks rather content. MALIGNAN (to entire crowd) [I was hungry anyway.] OC VOICES sounding shocked, disgusted, frightened retching, whimpering. ROSALIA (proudly) [That will teach them to respect Our Diablo!] MAMACITA [Rosalia, silencio!] ROSALIA [Well, he deserved it, those men would as soon shoot us as not. El Diablo is our friend!] (she turns to speak to MALIGNAN, offers him a smile) [Right?] MALIGNAN (studies her, then smiles back) [Seguro, Chicita.] (mental) Urhh! Would I like to befriend your sweet virgin flesh! This is hard, I've never had to restrain myself before. It feels so unnatural to be near a virgin and not rip right in. But... I'm succeeding! What damn good Karma I must be building! Ăthyr was right, I'm becoming Good! Now I'd better get out of here before I blow it! (turns to crowd, speaks aloud) [All right, you Revolution- aries, listen up: YOU protect these people now. I'll be back soon, and if they aren't safe I'll -- well, you know, eat you ALL UP-- understand? Bueno, adios.] EXT. TRAIL - NIGHT Alone, MALIGNAN strides back up the trail he has just come down. ROSALIA comes running behind him, trying to catch up with him. ROSALIA (calling) [Wait, Se˝or Diablo, please!] MALIGNAN (stops, faces her) [What is it Rosalia?] ROSALIA [Se˝or Diablo, those men will take my chastity, I know it. I would rather give it away. To you.] MALIGNAN [Huh? But do you not find me terrifying?] ROSALIA [Oh yes, at first, and VERY disgusting. But you have saved me --and the lives of all my village. And... and... well.. (she can't help it, firmly grabs and squeezes his big penis) are the most Macho Hombre I have ever seen! Take me! Smear me with your bloodiness, ravish me! Por Favor!] MALIGNAN (mental) O Satanas, and I was resisting temptation so well! What do I do now? END OF SCENE. EXT. MILITARY COMPOUND - NIGHT. It's just before dawn, but lots of pre-mission activity is going on: armed soldiers are climbing into Jeeps and Trucks, motors are revving to warm up. A tall severe-looking PADRE stands waiting for his ride. He is joined by a portly well-dressed DON RICO. PADRE [Muy buenas dias, Don Rico.] DON RICO [Ah, salutacciones, Padre Jalape˝o. It's not even day yet, why did they have to schedule this silly execution for dawn? Why not noon? Or better yet, early afternoon!] (yawns) PADRE [Why are you here at all, Don Rico?] DON RICO [La Do˝a insisted that there be at least one of the Fourteen Families to witness the execution.] PADRE [And La Do˝a herself, will she be there?] DON RICO [Oh I imagine she will. She seems to have a taste for this sort of thing.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO (coming suddenly from behind) ["This sort of thing" is of paramount importance in the controlling of the masses.] DON RICO [Ah, Commandante. Good morning.] PADRE [Commandante Odioso, buenas.] DON RICO [You are a military man, good Commandante, and I would not consider questioning your methods, but I am of the idle rich... I would rather sleep late than witness the execution of helpless and poor villager.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO ["Poor villagers", hmpf! Terrorists, enemies, no less.] PADRE [We must each make our sacrifices to do God's work, Don Rico.] DON RICO [Yes (sigh), I suppose so.] (big yawn) SOLDIER 82 [The firing squad is prepared, Commandante Sir.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO [Very well, go on.] Military Convoy driving through farm lands in the pre-dawn. CU LEAD JEEP. INT. INSIDE LEAD JEEP - NIGHT DON RICO [Look: there is the limousine of La Do˝a. She IS here.] PADRE [Ah yes, La Do˝a.] A mysterious extra-long white Lincoln Continental has joined the convoy. EXT. VILLAGE - NIGHT The convoy stops inside the village. There is no one to greet them. The DOLDIERS are confused. A soldier runs to the LEAD JEEP, salutes, reports, looking in to COMMANDANTE ODIOSO. SOLDIER 15 [Sir, there's a strange bright light shining in the center of the village --but no sign of our troops.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO (quickly getting out of the jeep) [Something is wrong. Where is Captain Ortega?] DON RICO [What IS that light?] The LIGHT is approaching them. COMMANDANTE ODIOSO (confused, irritated) [What the hell?] The LIGHT has arrived, it is ĂTHYR, shining like a star. ĂTHYR (friendly, amused) [It's only me, boys.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO (angry, arrogant) [Arrest that ...woman. Bring her to me for questioning. Now!] SERGEANT [SÝ Commandante, at once!] The SERGEANT starts after her briskly, but when he comes up to the glowing ĂTHYR, he is unsure of what he is facing, hesitates. ĂTHYR [You may not touch me, Sergeant Ortice. Nor do you need to, I wish to speak to the Commandante anyway.] SERGEANT (intimidated by her power) [Uh... sÝ, pues, como no, se˝orita.] ĂTHYR approaches the army, then squares off before the COMMANDANTE. ĂTHYR [I am the Angel Ăthyr, Commandante Odioso. An Avenging Angel, I balance good and evil-- which is out of proportion in San Secreto at present. The villagers have been rescued by myself and my companion. The only target you will find for your firing squad is myself.] DON RICO (whispering) [Padre Jalape˝o, is she truly an angel? She looks like one.] PADRE [I have never seen an angel. They do not exist.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO [Take her and torture her until she tells the truth. And search the area for the villagers-- and our own soldiers.] SOLDIERS 15 & 16 [SÝ, Commandante!] ĂTHYR [Really boys, do you think you CAN torture an Angel?] SOLDIER PALAMINOS (hesitating) [But... but what if she really IS an angel? I'm a good Catholic, I can't torture an angel!] SOLDIER 16 [Me neither.] PADRE [She is no angel! I should know, I am a priest.] SOLDIER 15 [The Padre! SÝ, he would know! He says she is not...] SOLDIER 16 [But the glow? The HALO?] PADRE [A trick. No doubt there is some new technology creating her "aura", but it is clear to me that no angel would oppose us, for we do the work of God. She is a blasphemous harlot, no more.] ĂTHYR [Padre Jalape˝o-- you are an evil priest who has misused the Word of God throughout your priestly career. The karma you bear is heavy indeed, and today it is to be harvested. Look and see, look and see.] SFX: ĂTHYR assumes the position of a crucifix, her aura expanding. In the light behind her appears a vision of Christ on the Cross, and BIG GODLIKE EYES look back at the PADRE. PADRE (turning away, horrified) [No! I... I don't want to see that! (breaks-- turns and runs away in absolute terror) Yaaaaa! I see the nature and depth of my sins-- I am DAMNED! Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa!] (then is gone) SOLDIERS look at one another, uncertain, worried. DON RICO [Gracious indeed! Padre Jalape˝o has cracked up. What did he see? I saw nothing.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO [No matter. That woman has proved herself to be dangerous: SHOOT HER!] SOLDIER POLAMINOS [Shoot an Angel? We cannot do that, it would be a sin!] SOLDIER 15 [God would destroy us!] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO [Superstitious louts! You have been given a direct order! I'll have no dereliction of duty in my ranks. You-- Private Palominos, shoot her or I will shoot you instead.] SOLDIER PALOMINOS [Better to die at your hand, sir, that doom my soul for eternity.] ĂTHYR [Private Palominos, you have my protection.] COMMANDANTE ODIOSO [Then demonstrate your protection against a .45 slug in the heart: DIE, PALOMINOS!] ODIOSO fires his pistol at PALOMINOS, and is immediately hit by his own bullet-- right in the heart. He falls, dead. COMMANDANTE ODIOSO (last gasp) [GNNNNNGKahhh... mi.. mi corazon...] SOLDIER 15 [The Comandante's bullet came back to kill him when he shot at Palaminos.] SOLDIER 16 [It is the protection of the Angel!] THE SOLDIERS panic, shout and run in every direction away from ĂTHYR, just as their fellow troop had earlier. Jeeps, Trucks, all drive away as fast as they can. DON RICO runs around confused and afraid. The Jeep he'd arrived in was the first to flee, without him. He looks around, discovers that he is alone with the Angel, the dead COMMANDANTE, and... sees the WHITE LIMOUSINE, which has patiently waited for all the commotion to end. DON RICO [La Do˝a! (starts running to the car) She must have told the driver to wait for me. That good, brave woman!] (huffing and puffing) Arriving at the WHITE LIMOUSINE, DON RICO tries to open the back door, but it is locked. The windows are opaque white, he can't see inside. He starts hitting the roof of the car in panic. DON RICO (shouting) [Let me in, let me in! Before the Angel gets me! Por favor!] LA DOĐA (inside car, unperturbed) [Be calm, Don Rico.] The door OPENS, the tiny frail figure of LA DOĐA comes out, slowly taking a standing position, facing ĂTHYR's direction. Wearing a hooded cloak that hides everything, stock in hand to support her weight, she seems to be very old and feeble. But absolutely unafraid. DON RICO [Do˝a Aristica, what are you doing? We must flee the power of the Angel-- the Avenging Angel! Tell your driver to...] LA DOĐA [Don't be a fool, Don Rico, you cannot flee the power of an Angel.] DON RICO [She comes! She comes!] LA DOĐA [Yes. And good. I am intrigued. I wish to meet this "Angel".] ĂTHYR arrives. DON RICO is so afraid that he jumps past LA DOĐA to get into the car and slams the door leaving the two women to deal with each other. ĂTHYR (speaking English) Do˝a Aristica, I have come for you. I know who and what you are, Iazo. CU: LA DOĐA-- we finally see her face: she looks like a mummy, inhumanly old and wrinkled, ugly and gray. But clearly not feeble or helpless. Very bright eyes. LA DOĐA Ah, then you ARE an Angel. I knew you would come eventually-- or someone like you.] (squaring off to do battle, now moving like a cobra) Of course, you realize this is to the death. ĂTHYR (also ready to rumble) That's why I'm here: to exercise a demon, to destroy a monster. LA DOĐA You may have prevailed against those mortals, Angel, but I am something else, and more than your equal. SFX: LA DOĐA makes an evil magic sign with her right hand, deadly RED ENERGY RAYS zap at ĂTHYR, who easily deflects them with a wave of her hand. ĂTHYR Oh, really? I know well that La Do˝a Aristica is possessed by the Devil IAZO, and that the evil regime in El Sagrado is the work of that same entity who also once perverted Nazi Germany in the incarnation of Adolph Hitler. As well as other tyrants throughout history. Yes, you've been bad. But more than my equal? We'll see... EXT. ALONG THE TRAIL - NIGHT. MALIGNAN is facing ROSALIA, who is reaching up to embrace him. He is conflicted, doesn't know what to do. ROSALIA Ahora! Ahora! You must do it to me now or I'll die of Lust! MALIGNAN (indecisive) [But.. but.. but.. (makes firm decision) Look Rosalia (gulps) you are ravishingly lovely and I'd love to fuck your brains out, but... ...but I just can't right now, I have to go. For lots of reasons. Thank you for your very nice offer, but sorry. (authoritatively) Now go back.] (pointing back down the trail) ROSALIA obeys, weeping and holding her face in her hands. MALIGNAN looks at the sky. It is becoming pink on the horizon, he starts running up the trail, increasing speed. MALIGNAN The dawn is coming, I'd better get to Ăthyr quick! EXT. VILLAGE - DAWN ĂTHYR and LA DOĐA are still doing battle, angelic and demonic energy-bolts crackle in the air. Now they have each grabbed the wrist of the other and are physically wrestling, but they seem to be at a standoff. LA DOĐA So we both can reflect the other's psychic blasts, and have more- than-human strength, it seems a stalemate, Angel. But not for long, if this is the best you can do-- I shall bring forth my army of mortals to kill you. ĂTHYR No, the best I can do is bring forth my own army. And here he is now... MALIGNAN is suddenly upon them, charging at full speed, having seen the women fighting. He leaps at LA DOĐA with a ferocious roar. LA DOĐA turns to face him, but MALIGNAN is 3 times her size, she throws up her arms and gives a tiny squawk. MALIGNAN snatches her up by the neck and lifts her up to as if she weighs nothing, cocking his right hand back to deliver a real monster punch that should take her head off. LA DOĐA Why it's Malignan! Hey, Mal, wait! MALIGNAN (hesitating with his punch) What? How do you know me? LA DOĐA It's me, Iazo! I've possessed the body of this old se˝ora. Hey, devil, how ya doing? MALIGNAN Iazo, you old turd! I haven't seen you around Hell for a while. So this is where you've been. LA DOĐA Yeah, up to the same old tricks, you know, causing trouble. Hey, this is great, you can help me beat this Angel Bitch. MALIGNAN Well, sorry, Iazo, but I'm sort of on her side. LA DOĐA Whaddya mean? She's an Angel, and I'm your own kind. How can you be on her side? MALIGNAN Well, I guess I love her. LA DOĐA Love? Hahahahaa, that's a pretty good one. Devils don't love anything. MALIGNAN I. Love. Her. LA DOĐA O Satanas, you're serious! Don't you know that's just psychic domination she's laying on you? MALIGNAN Well... yeah, but I don't mind. I like the feeling. LA DOĐA No, devil, you've got to fight that. Next you'll be wanting to go to Heaven. MALIGNAN Could be: Ăthyr has given me Karma. LA DOĐA Yeah? Karma? And you love her for that? Look, answer me one question and we'll skip all the philosophical bullshit-- does she return your love? MALIGNAN Well, no -- not yet. I AM a devil. But... LA DOĐA But nothing. Don't you see? You're being played for a sucker, Mal old pal. Taken for a ride. Keep this up and you'll get kicked out of Hell. MALIGNAN I already have been. LA DOĐA Aha! See? Look, this is your big chance-- help destroy her and you can go home to Hell. MALIGNAN I don't WANT to go back there. LA DOĐA Well, I can understand that: Earthlevel is where it's at: power, lust, pleasure... but what happens to you when that sun comes up? MALIGNAN Ăthyr gets me out of here. ĂTHYR Speaking of which, there is no time to spare. You had best kill La Do˝a now. MALIGNAN Sorry Iazo, see you later. MALIGNAN chops LA DOĐA at the neck with a powerful blow. SFX: In slo-mo we see LA DOĐA falling backwards, killed, then the EVIL SPIRIT that is IAZO shoots out of her body as a comet of red energy. It flies past MALIGNAN, and over the ground, passing THROUGH the Angel ĂTHYR, and continues on... IAZO (spirit voice) Okay, Mal. Kill that old body, I don't care, I'll just get another one. But since you want to play rough, I'll just take the Angel out when I go. If I slam her with the total discharge of all my psychic energy on my way by... SFX (CONT): ...there is a PSYCHIC IMPACT of cosmic spirits, and ĂTHYR's transparent golden SOUL is knocked OUT OF her physical body. We hear a spirit GASP, see a nebulous glimpse of both ĂTHYR's and IAZO's faces flying off screen, and they are gone. ANGELA (staggering) Oh my God, I'm MYSELF again-- and I'm stuck in El Sagrado with only a nightgown... (realizing) ...and that bloody devil! He'll rape me.. he'll kill me AGAIN! MALIGNAN (approaches, notices the difference) Hey, you're just the girl now. That doesn't do us any good. ANGELA Don't hurt me! Don't TOUCH me! MALIGNAN Hey, it's okay, I won't hurt you. You don't have to be afraid of me any more. I know I've been kind of rough on you before, but I'm a changed devil. You're safe. I want to work out my Karma so that Ăthyr will love me in return. ANGELA You don't want to rape me? MALIGNAN (sniffs, winces, turns his head away in denial) Sure, I want to. But I won't. After all, you're ĂTHYR. ANGELA Not right now, I'm not. MALIGNAN Right, so do us both a favor and become Ăthyr again... the dawn is too close for comfort now. I'll burn if sunlight touches me. ANGELA But... but I need The Chalice to do that... and it is 4 thousand miles north of here. MALIGNAN (looks at the sky turning red) Oh-oh. I'm fucked. (looks back at ANGELA) Look, The Chalice is just a catalyst to release your powers. You are the earthly incarnation of Ăthyr, she is always inside you. (gently put his hand on her shoulder) Try to let her out, please, for the both of us. ANGELA Eeek! Don't touch me! MALIGNAN (snapping hand away) Okay, okay, sorry. ANGELA Yes, okay. I'll try. (tries, strains, grunts) I can't do it. Please don't get angry. MALIGNAN It's not your fault. This is Iazo's doing, the turd. And Satanas, has he done it! You know, it's funny that I'm NOT angry: I've been kicked out of Hell, I've abstained from raping virgins, I've protected people instead of consuming them, I've fought against other devils-- all this in faithful service to the Woman I Love... ...and for all that, I'm just going to get burned. Some Karma. ANGELA I'm sorry. MALIGNAN Well, it must be my Karma. I've been --ha ha-- pretty bad through eternity so far. ANGELA But you've been good to Ăthyr, and she has failed you. I feel so badly. MALIGNAN You don't still hate me? ANGELA Not so much anymore. But I'm still afraid of you. MALIGNAN Well, good. At least I'm still devil enough to scare someone. ANGELA Oh yes, don't worry about that. MALIGNAN So... do I still disgust you? ANGELA Yes, sorry... all that yucky blood. MALIGNAN That virgin we saved, Rosalia, she wanted me. No virgin has ever done that before. I thought maybe I was less horrible now, or something. ANGELA (looks down to avoid saying anything, then) What will happen to you when you burn? MALIGNAN I don't know. I've been burned before-- it's the worst pain I know-- but I've always escaped to Hell before I could be burned up entirely. ANGELA Will you be... destroyed for eternity? MALIGNAN Maybe. I doubt it, but who knows? I'm an elemental devil, don't have a soul independent of this body. Ow! It's getting hot! ANGELA O no! MALIGNAN Damn! I should have taken Rosalia up on her offer... ouch.. ooo.. at least... ANGELA Quick, get out of the direct sunlight! Into this house, hide! (she touches his shoulder, snatches her hand away) Ow! you really ARE hot! MALIGNAN That does no good. It's not the light that burns me-- gahhh! --it's the high-frequency radiation that penetrates everything but the thickness of the Earth itself... ahhh... AAA... MALIGNAN is ignited with a loud FOOMF, he is a flaming torch burning ferociously. He thrashes wildly, screams in pain, falls to the ground and rolls around, but cannot extinguish that fire. ANGELA runs around too, in panic. She looks around for anything that might help. Sees LA DOĐA's limousine. ANGELA Fire extinguisher? She runs to the limousine, jerks open the back door, looks in. CU ANGELA's face, shocked, surprised. She freezes for a second. INSIDE THE LIMO, the CHAUFFEUR is dead, head hanging back over the driver's seat. In the back seat DON RICO is prone and writhing erratically, as if struggling with something invisible. His eyes are rolling madly, tongue out of mouth, sweat gushing. DON RICO (mumbling, looks crazy) [No... demonio ...nunca... Dios salvame mi alma! Iazo... Iazo.. no... soy Don Rico... soy Iazo...] CU: ANGELA's EYES. Horror: as she suddenly comprehends that IAZO is taking over DON RICO's body now. DON RICO [I am Don Rico... I am Iazo... I am Don Rico...] (expression changes, he looks right at us and smiles wickedly, speaks English) I am IAZO. CU: DON RICO's hand grabbing ANGELA's. She cries out. DON RICO / IAZO yanks ANGELA into the car, onto his fat body. INT. LIMO - MORNING DON RICO / IAZO Come here, my dear. Now that I have this new male body-- fat though it is --it occurs to me what pleasure it would be to ravish you. Hee hee. He has ANGELA atop him, as she is struggling to break free, but he is too heavy. He reaches up and firmly squeezes a breast, like honking a horn, smiling and enjoying himself. DON RICO / IAZO I prefer this new balance to our strengths, girl. ANGELA Let me... GO! DON RICO / IAZO Speaking of letting go, it may interest you to know that Don Rico was putting up a valiant battle for possession of his own body. But that jolt of raw fear he felt when he saw the dreaded "Avenging Angel" open the car door was just enough to topple his soul over the edge. I have YOU to thank for my new conquest. So now I shall repay you-- devil- style. He grabs the font of ANGELA's flimsy nightgown, ripping it to shreds in one jerk. There is nothing left to wear, she is now naked. In another violent jerk he has pinned her under him on the wide limousine seat and is holding her down. ANGELA struggles, whimpers, but DON RICO now has IAZO's superhuman strength. He is enjoying himself, and is clearly horny now. DON RICO / IAZO Oho, what fun! I was that feeble old woman for too long. (about to take off his pants, he notices something odd) It seems so hot in here. What's that light? Sweating profusely, DON RICO turns to see the flame- colored window behind him. Then the door of the limousine is RIPPED OPEN with a shredding and shattering of metal and glass. We suddenly see a BURNING MALIGNAN in the opening, the ruined door in his left hand, as with his huge flaming right hand he grabs DON RICO / IAZO's head and plucks him backwards out of the limo. DON RICO / IAZO screams as his entire head is incinerated from the eyes up, ANGELA rolls out from under him as he is pulled away. EXT. VILLAGE - MORNING. BURNING MALIGNAN swings DON RICO's body out of the limo and dashes it flaming-head-first to the ground in one smooth arc. That's clearly it for DON RICO. Then MALIGNAN collapses himself, crashing to the earth, and just lies there, still and still burning. Maybe dead, who knows? DON RICO is dead for sure, flat on the ground, head burning merrily. SFX: IAZO's evil red spirit drifts up out of DON RICO's body like smoke, coalescing into the ghostly demon-head we have glimpsed before. IAZO (spirit voice: Another mortal body bites the dust. I'll just have to find a new one...) ANGELA comes carefully around the limo, clutching the useless rag of her nightgown to cover her nakedness. She sees the two burning bodies. ANGELA Oh, Malignan... IAZO (spirit voice O.C.) Ahaa! How convenient: a healthy young female body to possess. Now that she has no angelic powers to protect her... SFX: IAZO's spirit shoots at her like a wispy comet, and passes INTO her body. ANGELA cannot see it, but staggers back when it hits. ANGELA Aieh! What is hurting ---so much...? INT. BLACK SPACE -- TIMELESS SFX: a distant pinpoint of red light appears in the blackness. It grows in size and intensity, revealing the red-glowing demon-face of IAZO rapidly coming at us, like a train in a tunnel, until it is so close that we are in his mouth, pointed teeth flashing past us. IAZO (tiny) Hah! (closer) She is weak, frightened.... (bigger yet) easy prey for the power of... (huge) ...Iazo! Hahahahaha! Then darkness again. EXT. VILLAGE - DAY ANGELA looks confused, then smiles one of those smug evil smiles, you know. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) I am here, in possession. Strange: it has never before been this easy. There is almost always a struggle. When I ejected her angelic self I must have weakened her resistance. (looks down to admire her naked beauty) And what a good body it is. La Do˝a had lost all her sexual power half a century ago, but this one is just ripe! She looks down at MALIGNAN's body, still burning intensely on the grass, not moving. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) Too bad about old Mal. What a way to go. Although he deserved it for messing with ME. Actually, he has done me a great service instead. I shall return to San Secreto and resume command of the 14 Families. And then this entire country can BURN. She turns to the limousine, the door is gone but otherwise it is intact enough to drive. She pulls the dead CHAUFFEUR out of the driver's seat, dumps it in the dirt near DON RICO and MALIGNAN. ANGELA / IAZO I had probably best not arrive at the capitol naked-- although it's tempting in this nice body. She strips of the driver's clothes, and puts them on herself. Then she gets into the limo and drives away, passing a final image of MALIGNAN still burning. EXT. MAIN ROAD CHECKPOINT - DAY. 2 SOLDIERS on duty controlling access to the city of San Secreto. LA DOĐA'S WHITE LIMOUSINE drives through at full speed without stopping or reporting in. NEW GUARD [Hey! Shouldn't we stop and search that car, Sergeant?] OLD GUARD [No way! That is La Do˝a's car! No one interferes with the head of the 14 Families.] EXT. PORTWAY TO EL PALACIO -- DAY The WHITE LIMOUSINE finally stops before the solid metal gates of LA DOĐA'S city palace. The GATEMAN recognizes the car and opens the gates, but notices the damage to the rear door. He goes to the driver's window to ask a question, but when the window rolls down he sees ANGELA, whom he does not know. He reaches for the pistol in his belt, but stops when she speaks. ANGELA / IAZO [La Do˝a instructed me to tell you:] (magic words) Won sdnammoc lrig siht. GATEMAN [Oh? I mean OH!] (snaps to attention) ANGELA / IAZO [Gather the heads of the Fourteen tonight. We will have a meeting. I am assuming command now. La Do˝a is gone, but I have been appointed to her place.] GATEMAN (unquestioning obedience) [Yes, madam!] She drives into the palace grounds. ANGELA / IAZO Hahahaha, life is wonderful! There are so many choices. INT. PETER'S HOUSE - DAY PETER is in the living room pacing the floor, looks at his watch, out the window. He is clearly worried about ANGELA and frustrated not to know where she is. PETER Damn! Angela, where are you? El Sagrado? On your way back? Hell? (turns on the TV) Maybe there's something on the news... He flips through several channels: commercials, cartoons, reruns, but no news. Turns the TV off in disgust, walks away from it. PETER Man, wish I had Internet out here... The TV turns itself on again. Surprised, PETER turns around to look at it. The sound warms up and he hears exactly what he had been searching for. TV COMMENTATER ...seems that the 50 villagers in El Sagrado were NOT executed at dawn today, although there is some mystery as to just what HAS happened to them. The government of that country has censored all news coverage of the situation at this time. But there are some strange rumors circulating about Angels, Devils, Mad Priests and Possessed Souls. Now to the Dow Jones... (TV turns itself off again) PETER No, wait! More about Angels! Angela, what about her? (turns on the TV again, only to hear about hair shampoo) Come on, TV, what are you doing? I want more News about... (realizing) Gah, I'm talking to the TV. Cracking up! (pacing the floor again) What the hell am I going to do? She's in El Sagrado, I'm in Bellingham, can't do shit! (stops) Although... (wondering) ...what turned the television on? --and off? (realizing) The Chalice! I'll try to use it one more time. PETER dashes to the mantle over the fireplace. The Chalice is glowing. As he comes nearer he can see down into it, see that it is now full of red Bloodwine. PETER (hesitating) This is the scary part: touching it and dying all those times... (takes it up with both hands) ...and remembering... my lives... my duty... that I am the Knight of the Angel Ăthyr! (ceremonial) In her service I drink of The Chalice. Quickly, PETER quaffs all of the Bloodwine in one take. SFX: CU PETER'S FACE, eyes getting stoned, a red droplet running down the corner of his mouth: behind him a ZOOM EFFECT of Dreamlike Flashbacks of previous lives-- King Arthur reaching for Excalibur as a woman's hand holds it up out of the lake; he is a Knight in Armor in a battle beside Joan of Arc, a scene from Atlantis, other wars, cultures. PETER (soliloquy) Now it comes to me: nothing is wrong, the Plan is working. That which seems tragic is no more than a move in the Game. Our personal desires, our lives mean nothing, there is only Duty. And mine is to serve the Angel Ăthyr. As when I was King Arthur and she was the Lady of the Lake. As when I was a captain in the army of Joan of Arc. As when I was Timonea and she was High Priestess of Atlantis. SFX ENDS. We see PETER in his house again. PETER (CONT) Always have I served her. Always have I been the man behind her. But always as a soldier, a warrior, a knight-- never as a lover or a husband... ...although I have always loved her. (takes his shirt off, moves ahead resolutely) But no matter, there is a job to do, and I am he whose duty it is. I must transport The Chalice to her. Which means I go to El Sagrado immediately. I must prepare for the journey. SEQUENCE OF QUICKLY SHIFTING SCENES: PETER (voiceover) (now taking a shower.) ...cleanse myself for my Holy Mission... (now elegantly dressed in suit and tie, gathering items on a table) ...fresh clothing, a knife, a lighter, passport, The Chalice... (now tipping The Chalice to catch a handful of the gold coins rattling out) for the voyage --thank you Chalice-- I can sell this gold in a jewelry store in Seattle for dollars and pesos.. (now driving his scooter south on Highway I-5, checking watch) ...I should make it to Sea-Tac Airport by noon and catch the flight to Mexico City... (boarding an airplane) ...transfer and be in San Sagrado by evening... (jet airplane taking off) ...and from there The Chalice will lead me to Ăthyr. END OF SEQUENCE: Boeing 747 in flight to El Sagrado. EXT. THE VILLAGE IN EL SAGRADO - DAY CAMERA POV: the village is quiet, still deserted, temporarily a ghost town. We see houses, palm trees, smoke. The smoke is coming from a fire burning at the bottom of a deep hole in the ground. The fire dies out, the smoke lessens, dissipates. Approaching the hole, we look down about 3 meters. A semi-human shape is down there, glowing red-hot, seeming to flicker in and out of existence. MALIGNAN has burned down into the earth. INT. PALACIO BATHROOM - DAY CU ANGELA / IAZO laughing, but not nicely. ANGELA / IAZO Tonight I shall make history among men and devils. It's all so fun. Now we can see that she is lying naked in a large tub of soapy water in an extremely luxurious bathroom. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) When I am finished with this country there won't be a decent soul worth saving. Pure human wickedness will destroy them all. These people will be my greatest moral success since the Nazis. That will teach them to name a country "The Sacred", indeed. But that's tonight, for now I want to enjoy the luxury of this lovely new body. Angela's memories tell me that she is still a virgin. I must remedy that immediately. (shouts) PABLO!!! PABLO (arrives, not expecting her naked) [Yes, Ma.. ma.. madam?] ANGELA / IAZO [Bring me some handsome young stud in off the street. I want to get laid.] PABLO [Uhh... yes, Madam.] (leaves) A moment later PABLO returns, a handsome young CAMPESINO in tow. PABLO [Will this one do, Madam?] ANGELA / IAZO [Just fine, Pablo. You may go.] PABLO leaves. The young CAMPESINO is confused and nervous, hat in hand. ANGELA / IAZO stands up in the tub, soap suds sliding down her naked body. CAMPESINO (gulps, clutches his hat harder) [I'm not sure I understand what it is the se˝orita wishes of me. Your butler said you had a job for me...] ANGELA / IAZO [Yes. I want you to fuck me now.] CAMPESINO [Oh, Se˝orita, oh my, I couldn't! You are one of the Fourteen, I am just a poor campesino.] ANGELA / IAZO [You don't want me?] CAMPESINO [I.. uh.. well... sÝ! SÝ, se˝orita, I want you! (embracing her passionately) You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!] ANGELA / IAZO [Yes, yes, DO go on.] INT. BEDROOM - DAY CAMPESINO is now lying naked atop ANGELA / IAZO on the bed ANGELA / IAZO [All right, do it now.] CAMPESINO (unable to get it up) [SÝ, unnh... unnh.. I don't know why... but I can't do it. Oh, I'm sorry...] ANGELA / IAZO (impatient & intolerant) [PABLO!] PABLO (arriving) [Madam?] ANGELA / IAZO [Have Franco take this miserable excuse for a man out and shoot him.] CAMPESINO [What? Why? Se˝orita, no!] PABLO [Very well, madam.] Seconds later the 14 Family hit-man FRANCO comes into the room, a pistol in hand. He grabs the young CAMPESINO by the arm and drags him out the room, pistol to his head. CAMPESINO (struggling) [Por favor no! It's not my fault.] (then gone) ANGELA / IAZO (mental) Interesting: the protection system for Angela's virginity is still active... (putting on a bathrobe) She cannot be sexually violated. So is she --am I-- also immune to bullets and physical harm? She hears voices Off Camera, noises CAMPESINO (OC) (pleading) [No, no, por...] BANG-- a pistol shot. THUD-- a body falling. "Ahrghhh!"-- a mortal groan. ANGELA / IAZO smirks cruelly. Then frowns, something not quite right. She goes to investigate. EXT. COURTYARD - DAY ANGELA / IAZO finds FRANCO dead, his pistol still in hand. She can see the young CAMPESINO running and vaulting over the fence, escaping to safety. She does not bother with him, FRANCO seems much more interesting. She studies the bullet hole in his chest. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) Hmmm, Franco was killed by his own bullet when he shot at the boy-- a miracle saved the innocent. (nods to herself) It seems the angelic protection system is VERY active! (CU eyes) That means other aspects of angelic power could be here as well. This could either be of great advantage to me... or a trap! CU EYES zooms in closer, to one eye, until an iris fills the screen and further, into the blackness of the pupil. INT. BLACKNESS - TIMELESS IAZO's red spirit glides briskly past with a soft SHWOOSH, delving into the center of the darkness. ANIMATED SEQUENCE: IAZO's head (red outline) arrives at ANGELA's figure (blue outline). IAZO Her soul remains dormant. Wake up, slut. ANGELA Oh no, when am I going to be free of angels and devils? IAZO That's what I want to know. ANGELA (suddenly conscious) Get out of my head, leave me alone! Or Ăthyr will destroy you. IAZO (looks around at the nothingness) Will she? Where is she, then? ANGELA (bold posture) She is ME. I am Ăthyr, the Avenging Angel. Run, demon! IAZO Sorry Dear, can't fool Iazo. You don't have the presence of an angel. ANGELA (grabs IAZO-head, rattles it) Well, I have my OWN presence, and now that you've awakened me you'll have to fight for possession of my body! IAZO How bold of you, my dear. But I am Iazo, master of this game, and you are young and inexperienced. Off you go to sleep again. (blasts her with eye-rays) RETURN TO REALITY, CU ANGELA / IAZO, face in dark shadow, still revealing a reddish outline of demon face. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) That wasn't as easy as I pretended. Good thing she wasn't fully awake. I don't dare dig too far back into her consciousness, might awaken the Angel. She seems defeated so far, but it might be wise to do some psychic research. EXT. VILLAGE - DAY. The hole in the ground is barely smoking now. We hear a groan. PINK FINGERS suddenly grab the edge of the hole from inside. EXT. AIRPORT, MEXICO CITY - DAY. Boeing 747 from USA lands. Among other passengers, PETER steps out of the airplane onto the disembarking ladder in hot sunlight. PETER (mental) By "coincidence" there is a special extra flight leaving for San Secreto in fifteen minutes. (moves on) INT. A DOĐA's CHAMBERS - DAY CU PAPER on a desk, a HAND is dangling a PENDULUM over a cross written on the paper. The Pendulum swings to answer questions, yes or no. ANGELA/IAZO (OC) Is there yet some danger from the Angel? From her source of power? The pendulum says "yes". Is this in the form of a person? "Yes." A woman? "No." A man? "Yes." We now see ANGELA /IAZO in her bathrobe, holding the pendulum to work arcane magic. ANGELA/IAZO To sum it up: I must expect interference from a very special agent who will arrive from the North this evening? "Yes." So is there any other angelic agent or assistance sent against me? "No." All right, I can deal with this. (puts pendulum away) Angela's memories tell me all I need to know: the agent will be Peter and he will be bearing The Chalice. That could be a real threat. She is now speaking into a telephone and brushing her hair. [Yes, Colonel Porofio, this is Iazo: (magic words) Yes, that's right. Now some special orders: this evening a tall blonde American man will fly into San Secreto via Mexico City. He will be transporting a large... Cup, probably wrapped or concealed. His name is Peter Knight. Arrest him and kill him as soon as you can. Put the Cup into a safe until further orders...] EXT. OVERVIEW OF PALACIO - DAY. ANGELA/IAZO (voiceover) This is wonderful. I thwart them at every move. EXT. VILLAGE - DAY. View of still-empty village, we can see the hole burned in the ground, a few wisps of smoke drifting up. CU old man LAZARO's face moves into picture from the right. He is carefully looking for trouble. REV LEADER also moves into view, machine-gun ready, also suspicious. REV ALFREDO moves in next. LAZARO [The soldiers and angels and devils all seem to be gone... maybe we can come back home now.] REV LEADER (seeing the burned hole) [What IS that?] (moves toward it, gun ready) POV: INSIDE HOLE LOOKING UP. Blackened walls, thin wisps of smoke drifting up. Faces of men above moving into view, looking down. REV LEADER [What the hell made such a deep hole? It looks as if it were scorched into.. DIOS!] LAZARO (astounded) [Look!] REV LUIS [Caramba!] OTHER VILLAGERS come to look down and see what the fuss is all about, among them ROSALIA. ROSALIA CU (amazed) [Se˝or Diablo! What has happened to you?] We now see MALIGNAN lying at the BOTTOM OF THE HOLE. He is alive, but drastically changed. Emaciated, almost skeletal, and he is no longer bleeding all over: he now has soft --quite pink-- skin. MALIGNAN [Oh, hi there Rosalia. Well, I'm still alive. But the dross has been burned away. All mass and energy I have ever consumed as human flesh has been razed away by the sun. All that remains is of Ăthyr's Chalice, which is holy. I have been purified. But now I'm so fucking weak...] ABOVE, where VILLAGERS and REVOLUTIONARIOS crowd together, they begin to discuss this development. REV LEADER [Did you hear that? It's weak! This is our chance to kill it!] ROSALIA (to LAZARO) [Did you hear that? He is Holy now!] ROSALIA suddenly leaps into the hole. MAMMACITA [Rosalia! No!] LAZARO [Child...] REV ALFREDO [Stop her!] DOWN IN HOLE. We can still hear people shouting "Save her!" "Rosalia!" and so on. ROSALIA herself is fine, of course, kneeling by MALIGNAN and touching him sympathetically. ROSALIA [Oh, you poor thing. How you must have suffered.] MALIGNAN [Oh, it hurt like hell, all right.] ROSALIA (gently hugging him) [But look! You are no longer bloody. You have soft pink skin now.] MALIGNAN (weakly lifting a hand to see it) [Oh my, so I do.] ABOVE. REV LEADER [There is no danger. It is too weak even to harm a mere girl.] REV ALFREDO [What should we do with it, jefÚ?] REV LUIS [Destroy it! It ATE some of our men. Revenge!] MAMMACITA [No, help it! It saved the lives of everyone in this village.] MIXED VOICES [Kill it! Save it! Sell it! Let it go!] REV LEADER [You Villagers have no say in this, we have the guns, and now that this diablo can no longer command us to protect you, so we are taking charge here. I am leader, and I say we destroy this monster. Remove the girl from the pit.] ROSALIA (struggling as they pull her out) [No! No! No por favor!] REV LUIS [Come on, se˝orita.] REV LEADER [All right, start shooting.] MALIGNAN [Aw, guys...] REVOLUTIONARIOS open fire, shooting down into the hole with pistols, rifles and machine guns. MALIGNAN yells with pain as hundreds of bullets rip through him. POV: HOLE LOOKING UP. REVOLUTIONARIOS stop shooting to look down and admire their work. REV JOSE [Guess we showed him, eh, hermanos?] REV ALFREDO [Thus will we rid the world of capitalistic running dog... diablos.] REV LUIS [Yeah, that was fun.] REV LEADER [A good job, muchachos. Well done.] REV JOSE [Hey! He's not dead.] REV LUIS [And look, all the bullet holes are healing up!] LAZARO [Of course, tontos, he's a diablo. You can't kill a devil.] REV JOSE [It can't be killed.] MALIGNAN [I tell you guys, when I get back on my feet again, you are all in trouble. I am tired of PAIN!] REV JOSE [Dios mio, if it can heal that fast, maybe it will regain its strength too...] REV LUIS [And if we can't kill it, maybe we'd better...] (gulp) PADRE (OC) [REPENT!] PADRE JALAPEĐO has just arrived from wandering the hills, ranting and raving. He looks insane: his hair is wild and dirty, clothes in tatters, obviously a priest from the Old Testament. CARPINTERO [It's Padre Jalape˝o!] PADRE [REPENT SINNERS! (very theatrical) I tell you, I have seen the Face of God, and I have known Judgment. Do you know who judges each of us? Not God, for He is Love. Not Christ, for He is one of us. We judge Ourselves, sinners! It is WE who witness our each and every act and deem them Damned!] REV ALFREDO [He's mad.] PADRE [Mad? Yes, and who would not be? If the Angel had shown you the Face of God?] REV LEADER [Yes, well, mad or not, he is still a priest. (waving him over) Padre, come here and look into this pit. We have work for you.] The PADRE looks down into the hole and is astounded to see a thin pink diablo lying on the bottom. MALIGNAN (offering little wave) Hi, guy. The PADRE backs away in terror and confusion, says nothing. Seems catatonic. REV LEADER [We can't kill it. Do you think you can exorcise this demon?] PADRE (blank-- then suddenly euphoric) [Now I see the Mission of My Life! It has all led to here. I have been an evil priest, living a hypocritical lie, but now... We shall crucify this devil.] LAZARO [What? This is more madness! Blasphemous! We won't permit it!] ROSALIA [No! He is good! He has saved us all, he is not a BAD diablo. You can't...] REV LUIS [Crucify it? I don't know, doesn't that seem sort of...blasphemous?] PADRE [I have had a vision, it must be thus! We must crucify this devil in perfect imitation of Christ's tribulation. Nothing else will kill it!] REV LEADER [Well hell, he's the priest. It might just work. Bullets don't.] REV ALFREDO (to villager CARPINTERO) [You're a carpenter. Build a cross.] CARPINTERO [I refuse. This is sacrilege. And this diablo has been our friend...] REV ALFREDO [We'll kill anyone who disobeys.] CARPINTERO [I'll get right on it.] EXT. VILLAGE - DAY An hour has passed. A heavy WOODEN CROSS has been built and lies upon the grass. They have also finally pulled MALIGNAN up from out of the pit. He is sprawled full-length on the ground, too weak to crawl. The REVOLUTIONARIOS are taking no chances, surrounding the diablo with weapons ready REV LUIS [It is too weak to carry the cross.] REV LEADER [Have the mouthy old man do it.] SCENE: LAZARO bears the CROSS on his shoulders, it is heavy, he has to drag it to the hilltop. MALIGNAN is stumbling on his feet, pulled along and held up with ropes held by VILLAGERS, REVOLUTIONARIOS playing the part of Roman soldiers. SCENE: MALIGNAN is laid out on the CROSS. Big nails are pounded into his wrists, seen close-up. He winces in pain, but does not scream, although a simple "fuck" can be heard. EXT. HILLTOP -- SUNSET The CROSS is erected on a hilltop, with a crucified MALIGNAN nailed to it, a classic image. It is a tall cross, so he's right up in the air, in the middle of that sundown, pretty colors. On the ground below are two people fervently praying, ROSALIA right-hand side, PADRE left hand, all wonderfully symbolic. PADRE [In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, may the soul of this damned creature be dashed forever into the Lake of Fire, may his suffering be eternal, may he die forever and forever, may his body be crushed...] ROSALIA [Blessed Virgin, Holy Christ, I beg of you to save my friend. Take my soul instead of his, for if it is a sin to love a diablo, I have sinned. He has saved me, my family, and he has awakened my body to womanhood. Please please save him...] MALIGNAN (mental) Actually, being a devil and all, this really an embarrassing scene. And it HURTS! This must be the most painful day I have ever experienced in all of eternity, and yet... (turns his head to see the sky) all of eternity I have never before seen a sunset. (a jet plane passes the sun at that moment) It's beautiful! ZOOM IN ON JET PLANE AURTHUR (V.O.) We'll be landing at San Secreto in 3 minutes. INT. AIRPLANE - SUNSET AURTHUR sitting among other passengers, a Chalice- sized package in his lap. AURTHUR (mental) I suspect that I am going into a loaded situation. Well, that's why I'm coming as Aurthur instead of Peter. The Chalice has tuned me, physically I'm ready for anything. Wish I had more information though. Where is Angela? What has happened to her? Has The Red One harmed her? Or someone else? INT. SAN SECRETO AIRPORT - NIGHT AURTHUR is passing through Customs. He hands his passport to the ADUANA. ADUANA [Tourism or business?] AURTHUR [Just a tourist, sir.] ADUANA (studies passport, raises an eyebrow) [Uno momento, se˝or.] The ADUANA presses a button under the counter. A moment later 6 SECURITY POLICE arrive, all bearing machine guns. SP OFFICER Would you be so good as to come with us, se˝or? Routine customs check, that's all. AURTHUR Who, me? Why, of course, officers. AURTHUR is escorted to a back door, down a hall, to a special room far from any other passengers. INT. SPECIAL ROOM - NIGHT SP OFFICER Give us the Cup. AURTHUR The Cup? Oh no, it's far too valuable, I'm afraid. SP OFFICER (to SP #2 & #3) [Get the Cup from him, then take him out back and execute him. No questioning.] AURTHUR You're going to have me killed just like that? No trial, no crime? SP OFFICER Sorry, se˝or, I have my orders. AURTHUR Oh, that's all right, I understand, I've been a soldier myself...] (kicks SP #2, snatching his gun and smashing SP OFFICER in the face with it) ...many times, in many lives.. (as the other SPs begin to react, he's already taken down SP #3) I've been knights, ninjas, ghurkas, samurai... (the remaining 3 try to grab him, but he SWIMS through them, SP #4 goes flying) ...horseman, pilot, gunner, archer.. (elbow to the solar plexus for SP #5, karate chop to the throat for SP #6) ...I've had a lot of training and experience you amateurs will never achieve. Sorry. AURTHUR has taken them all out so fast that the SP OFFICER is wondering why his face hurts, where his men are, and how this Gringo ended up holding him off balance by the collar. AURTHUR I left you alive so that you can explain why you had orders to kill me. SP OFFICER I... I don't know, we had orders from Colonel Porofio, that's all... AURTHUR And where do I find HIM? EXT. OUTSIDE AIRPORT - NIGHT Quite unruffled, AURTHUR hails a cab. Gives directions in fluent Spanish. AURTHUR [To the Seguridad Nacional Compound, driver. Command center.] DRIVER [SÝ, se˝or.] INT. OFFICE OF COLONEL POROFIO - NIGHT The COLONEL has just gotten up from his desk, alone in his office. He HEARS a door open behind him. Turns, sees no one. COLONEL [Who's there? I gave orders not to...] When he turns back he is facing AURTHUR, who has already grabbed him by the shirt and bent him over backwards. AURTHUR [Why did you order me killed, Colonel Porofio?] COLONEL [What? Who? How did you get in here?] AURTHUR [Past all your guards, Colonel, through all your security. Now, why did you order me killed?] COLONEL [I can't tell you. That's a secret.] AURTHUR [If you do not tell you will die.] (pinches a nerve in the COLONEL'S shoulder) COLONEL (screams, then grits his teeth) [If I DO tell I will also die. I cannot betray or disobey my Master. (gets another nerve pinch) AAIEEEE!] [No! I cannot speak of that devil!] AURTHUR [DEVIL? Is it Malignan whom you serve?] COLONEL [Malignan? Who is that?] AURTHUR [Not Malignan? ANOTHER devil? Which?] COLONEL [No, I cannot say the name.] AURTHUR [Where is Ăthyr?] COLONEL [Who? I don't know WHAT you're talking about!] AURTHUR [The ANGEL, you fool! Where is she?] COLONEL [Angel...? Wait... there WAS mention of an Angel... this morning, the Village of Tlecatle...] EXT. HIGHWAY OUT OF SAN SECRETO - NIGHT The COLONEL's private car driving to the village of Tlecatle. INT. CAR - NIGHT COLONEL is driving, AURTHUR sits beside him, The wrapped-up Chalice in his lap. COLONEL [This is madness.] AURTHUR [Just drive to Tlecatle, Colonel Porofio.] COLONEL [But there's no one there any more...] INT. PALACIO BALLROOM - NIGHT. The CONGREGATION of the Fourteen Families is gathered in the Big Hall of LA DOĐA's palace, about 30 people. They are the upper class and the idle rich of El Sagrado, elegantly dressed and accustomed to an opulent lifestyle. Champagne has been served, and they mill, waiting for their hostess to make her entrance. CURTAINS are swirled aside, and their hostess has arrived with a grand flourish. ANGELA / IAZO swishes onto the floor wearing a daringly transparent dress. She knows she is sexy, and there is no one in the room who disagrees-- there are gasps of admiration from the men, scowls from the women --and they have no idea who she is. She poses majestically and announces her advent. ANGELA/IAZO Hearken, one and all: La Do˝a was the matriarch of the Fourteen Families. Now she is gone. I am her replacement. As she was, I am, adept at the same arts, and Highest Priestess to the worship of Iazo. Call me Angelina. CONGREGATION Cielos, que linda! THAT is La Do˝a's replacement? Much nicer on the eyes TrÚs chic. DON GUILLERMO Well, I must say you are much more beautiful than La Do˝a, but we do not know you. Do you have any proof of your authority over the Fourteen Families? DOĐA DELOROS [Yes, you must demonstrate your power.] ANGELA / IAZO Of course, Don Guillermo and Do˝a Deloros. I shall speak the Words of Power: (magic words) CONGREGATION (awed) OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH... (chanting) To Iazo! To Iazo! To Iazo! To Iazo! To Iazo! To Iazo! To Iazo! To Iazo... ANGELA/IAZO Now to prove my power to bestow Pain or Pleasure, I shall give both. First just a little sample of Pain: (magic word). SFX: Nebulous red lightning arcs through the Ballroom, the entire CONGREGATION is suddenly writhing in intense agony, nerves short-circuiting, people falling to the floor, thrashing out of control, all dignity gone. Screaming: "Yaaeeeh! Ow ow ow! O no, the pain! Stop, stop! Help me! No more, no more!" Etc. After 5 seconds ANGELA / IAZO speaks another magic word: the lightning instantly vanishes, the pain goes away. The screaming dwindles, but people are still sobbing and sprawled on the floor, some have passed out ANGELA / IAZO (smiles) There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? CONGREGATION tries to be gracious, knowing she can do it to them again, although some are still suffering the aftermath: "I'm sick! Que terrible!" sobbing, whimpering. Then silence. ANGELA / IAZO Soon I will give you The Pleasure... but first, Business. FAT MAN [Oh boy, The Pleasure. Mmmm, soon!] MAN WITH EYEPATCH Let's get the Business over with. DECADENT WOMAN [SÝ, we want The Pleasure!] ANGELA / IAZO All right. As of tomorrow we are going to begin a purge of "communists and revolutionaries. Every person in El Sagrado not spoken for by a member of the Fourteen Families, or in our military service, will be EXECUTED. Profound silence as the CONGREGATION stares at her. No one dares say anything, until finally: DOĐA DELOROS [But that's... crazy.] DON GUILLERMO [The Americans-- no, all of the world --will protest! The Gringos will bomb us! The Brazilians would invade us!] MAN WITH EYEPATCH The Guardia would not obey. DON RAFAEL [There would be no Workers any more. It would mean economic ruin!] ANGELA / IAZO [Speak for those workers you wish to save, they will be your slaves. The rest will be a sacrifice to Iazo.] DON PEDRO [Yet another great sacrifice to Iazo? This is insane!] MAN WITH EYEPATCH How many deaths does Iazo require? A million? ANGELA / IAZO The more people we sacrifice, the more power we give to Iazo-- and he to us. HE will protect us from the Gringos. HE will defeat the Brazilians. HE will make us even richer than we are... ...and HE will give us PLEASURE. CONGREGATION [Placer, placer! SÝ, give us pleasure now, por favor! The Pleasure!] INT. COLONEL'S CAR - NIGHT AURTHUR and COLONEL PORFORIO arrive at the village. It is dark, but there are a few lights in some windows. COLONEL [Here is Tlecatle. Hmm, there are lights. Someone is here after all. The villagers must have returned.] They are standing in the headlights of the car, suddenly surrounded by REVOLUTIONARIOS. REV LUIS [Halt or die.] REV LEADER arrives to see who the new prisoners are. REV ALFREDO [Look, jefÚ, a Guardia Colonel and a Gringo. Should we shoot them now or take them prisoner?] AURTHUR [Leave the Colonel alone, he is MY prisoner.] REV LEADER [And just who are YOU to be giving orders?] AURTHUR [Aurthur, agent of the Angel Ăthyr. Where is she?] REV LEADER [The Angel? (cautious) There's no...] LAZARO (arriving to interrupt) [She was here! This morning, she and the diablo. But she is gone. I don't know where.] AURTHUR [And the devil, is it with her?] REV LEADER [The devil has been taken care of.] COLONEL (muttering) [What IS this madness?] LAZARO [These cabrˇnes crucified the poor devil. Just up the hill from here.] AURTHUR [Crucified Malignan? How?...never mind, take me to him.] REV LEADER [Un momento, se˝or, you are our prisoner now. No one takes you anywhere without my permission. And first I have to decide if we are to shoot you or not.] AURTHUR [Then give your permission or shoot. I go to see the devil now.] REV LEADER (impressed that AURTHUR is so macho) [And why do you wish to see the devil?] AURTHUR [To find the Angel.] REV LEADER [All right then. I am interested. I too would like to see this "Angel" for myself. Let us go up the hill...] EXT. HILLTOP - NIGHT It is dark. AURTHUR and REV LEADER walk up to the CROSS, but cannot see much yet. They can hear PADRE ranting. PADRE [...death sin eternity god jesus holy ghost torment forever hell...] AURTHUR [What is that man doing?] REV LEADER [That is Padre Jalape˝o, he is quite mad.] They arrive at the foot of the CROSS, where PADRE carries on praying. PADRE [...kill and maim things most foul and degraded, pestilence, leprosy, cruelly evil and odious, death and defeat, eternal fire and brimstone...] AURTHUR (looking up, seeing MALIGNAN) By The Light! Malignan! (speaking *Ancient Babylonian) *Look down here!* MALIGNAN Who...? (groggy, looks down, answers back in * Babylonian) *Who speaks Babylonian any more? Do I know you?* Oh... yes, you're Peter. AURTHUR *Aurthur at present. Where is Ăthyr?* MALIGNAN *I don't know... last saw... when I saved her from Iazo... I passed out... she was gone!* REV LEADER (suspicious) [What language was that? What are you planning together?] REV LEADER raises his machine gun threateningly to remind everyone of who's in charge here. In a move so fast that it blurs, AUTHUR has TAKEN THE WEAPON away from him, and is in the process of expertly disassembling it as he continues speaking to MALIGNAN. AURTHUR *What has happened to you?* REV LEADER is confused by suddenly having no weapon, he doesn't understand how it is now in AUTHUR's hands. He dumbly watches all the bullets being strewn out into the darkness, the clip in another direction, and the firing mechanism in yet another. MALIGNAN *Sun... Ăthyr knocked out by Iazo... another devil... Angela couldn't get us into the Cosmic Zone. Stuck here... sun burned me all up! This is what I have left. Being crucified for the sins of this mad... priest.* AURTHUR *We have to find Angela.* MALIGNAN *Then rescue me. I can't do much from here.* REV LEADER watches the last piece of his machine gun be flung far out into the night, too intimidated by AURTHUR to protest or do anything about it. Especially now, being disarmed. REV LEADER (pathetically muttering) [Hey... that was my baby.] PADRE [Die, demon, die. Expire, wither, disintegrate! O Heavenly Father, rend this monster and cast it into the Lake of Fire! Give us a sign! Give us a sign!] Still holding the wrapped package in his hands, AURTHUR obviously feels it become heavier --looks down at it, swigs it a bit, we hear it "gurgle". AURTHUR *The Chalice just filled up with Bloodwine. That means someone is to drink it.* MALIGNAN [I thirst.] PADRE [He thirsts! Did you all hear that? As Christ said near the end. Oh-- if we only had some vinegar to give him, then he would give up the ghost!] AURTHUR takes the wrappings off The Chalice, revealed shining so brightly the entire scene lights up. AURTHUR [Here is some.] REV LEADER [Wow, that's quite the flashlight you have there.] PADRE is now holding a long shaft of wood with a rag on the end up to MALIGNAN's face. PADRE [Here, devil, drink from this rag torn from my holy gown and dipped in the "wine" of this odd Cup. Oh, this is wonderful, I'm so happy, this should really finish him off. And so symbolic...] Half-groggy, MALIGNAN takes the soaked rag in his mouth, sucks the "vinegar" from it. And is GALVANIZED. His eyes pop open wide, sparks fly, a giant breath of air inflates his chest, the muscles of his body thicken and ripple with new power. MALIGNAN grips the ends of the CROSS and pulls them forward. The heavy wooden structure creaks, groans, then BREAKS ASUNDER with a very loud "SNAP!" that echoes over the hills. Now free, MALIGNAN lands on his feet. REV LEADER (missing his machine gun) [Shit, the diablo is free. I've got to... (deciding) ...RUN!] (runs away into the darkness) AURTHUR offers The Chalice to MALIGNAN, who approaches it with wonder. PADRE (cringing with fear) [No, please don't kill me, don't kill m...] MALIGNAN (brushes past) [Just get out of the way.] MALIGNAN takes The Chalice and swallows an entire 2 liters in one GLUG. Bloodwine spills and runs down his chest- His muscles swell even more, until he is as big and bulky as ever. Then he looks down into the empty Cup with vast appreciation, as if he had drunken an incredibly fine wine. MALIGNAN (eyes sparkling) Ahhhhh. Power, pure power. PADRE (still cringing) [Don't kill me, por favor, don't...] MALIGNAN (hand on PADRE's shoulder) [Oh, I forgive you, Padre, for you know not what you do. Har de har har.] (to AURTHUR) I feel great! Strong again, no pain. Thanks Peter-- I mean Aurthur --it was a very bad day for me until you showed up. Say, how did you GET here, anyway? AURTHUR I was led here by The Chalice, it seems. Now we must find Angela, tell me what you know. MALIGNAN Last seen she was stuck here-- no wait, there was a car, La Do˝a's limousine. She must have taken that. AURTHUR Who is La Do˝a? PADRE (butting in, speaking English) She is the secret commander of everything in this country-- the Head of the Fourteen Families --until this diablo killed her this morning. MALIGNAN (shrugs) Because she was possessed by the Devil Iazo-- an old acquaintance of mine from Hell, by the way --who is actually the one responsible for all the death and violence in El Sagrado. PADRE La Do˝a was possessed? (sees the light) [Oh... sÝ, of course!] AURTHUR I don't believe Iazo is gone. I was ordered killed by some authority who knew I was coming. Angela may be in danger. MALIGNAN Let's find La Do˝a's car. PADRE La Do˝a, La Do˝a! She was so evil! Now I see the light: it was she who perverted me so many years ago. She who led us all to evil. AURTHUR Do you know where she lived? PADRE Oh yes, of course. And tonight --right now, in fact-- there is to be a meeting of the Fourteen Families. La Do˝a will be there. AURTHUR But La Do˝a is dead. PADRE She will be there nevertheless. AURTHUR And so shall we. Vamanos. EXT. VILLAGE GROUNDS - NIGHT A CROWD OF PEOPLE is still standing outside the houses, waiting to see what happens. ROSALIA is trying to go up the hilltop with a jar of water, but REV ALFREDO is holding her back by her arm, a rifle in his other hand. ROSALIA [But I only wish to take El Se˝or Diablo some water to ease his poor suffering.] REV ALFREDO [No! That diablo is hung up to die-- and to dry. Ha ha ha! And besides, my sweet one, you will be too busy easing my own suffering.] POV: FROM BEHIND ALFREDO, we see ROSALIA angrily struggling against him. Then seeing something, she suddenly relaxes and turns on a very happy smile. ROSALIA [Ah. Oh!] REV ALFREDO [Huh?] Before ALFREDO can look behind him to see what she's looking at, a LARGE PINK HAND claps easily down on his shoulder. ALFREDO freezes, understanding just whose hand it is. MALIGNAN (softly, patiently) [Now, I distinctly remember telling you guys to protect these villagers, but NOT putting you on a throne. So unless you are all good boys, I'm going have to EAT you. We don't want that, do we?] REV ALFREDO (gulps) [, Se˝or Diablo.] (a tear runs down his cheek) MALIGNAN [And as you can see, I did not die nor dry, because not even your best shot can stop me. So you can count on me coming back to get you if I must. (amiable pat the back) Heh heh heh. Got that?] REV ALFREDO (gulps) [S..sÝ, Se˝or Diablo.] MALIGNAN (to LAZARO) [Old man: you carried my Cross, you defended me, and you tend to speak with the voice of reason. I'm putting you in charge. Anyone who disobeys the old man answers to ME. Now we're going away, but -- heh heh --I could be back any time.] LAZARO [Did you kill the Leader of the Revolucionarios?] AURTHUR [No, he's probably still running from Malignan. He is disarmed, though.] LAZARO (disappointed) [Oh well. (shrugs) Then my first order is to the rest of you Revolutionaries: get the hell out of our houses!] COLONEL POROFIO is in the crowd, not certain if he is a prisoner or not. AURTHUR turns to him. AURTHUR [We're borrowing your car, Colonel. You stay here until this is over.] COLONEL [Fine. I think I'd prefer to stay out of all this anyway.] They drive away in the COLONEL's car. ROSALIA (wistfully watches them pass into the night) Vaya con Dios, mi amor. INT. CAR - NIGHT Inside the car, AURTHUR is driving, MALIGNAN filling up the back seat, stretched out and relaxed, hands behind head, feet up over the front seat, crowding PADRE JALAPEĐO, who has come to lead them to the 14 Families. MALIGNAN You know, I like cars. I think I'll get me one now that I'm Earthbound. PADRE (La Do˝a's Palacio is just up the street here. There-- the big one. The evil one!] EXT: PORTAL LA DOĐA'S PALACIO - NIGHT The port gate is locked, 2 GUARDS on duty. AURTHUR and MALIGNAN have left the car (and PADRE), and are now studying their target from some bushes across the street. AURTHUR Looks like a tight security set-up. But nothing we can't handle. MALIGNAN Oh, allow me. A little psychic domination is all it takes. MALIGNAN walks directly to the gate, speaks through the bars. MALIGNAN [Hey, cops: you may not move.] GUARD #1 (startled) [Eeek, un diablo! Run!] GUARD #2 (paralyzed) [I can't move!] MALIGNAN And this steel gate is no problemo either. (spreads the metal bars apart, rips gate off hinges) Shall we enter? They pass into the portal toward the main building, which is brightly lit with many cars in the parking area. AURTHUR Malignan, you might be a very useful ally after all. I'm beginning to understand what Ăthyr sees in you. MALIGNAN (sniffing a scent) She's up this way. INT. HALLWAY TO PALACIO BALLROOM - NIGHT They spread a CURTAIN they are behind to see into the Ballroom. MALIGNAN Look, it's... er... (embarrassed) ...Angela. AURTHUR (surprised) THAT is Angela? INT. PALACIO BALLROOM - NIGHT The room is churning with 30 naked people in the throes of an ORGY. The CONGREGATION are now receiving "The Pleasure" they had wanted. They are drinking and screwing, rolling around on the plush carpet, orgasms are happening everywhere, simultaneously or in chain reactions. They are entranced, they are rushing, we hear them chanting: "the pleasure". CONGREGATION "el placer" "el placer" "aahhh" "el placer" "el placer" "oooo" "el placer" "el placer" "el placer" "el placer" "moan" "el placer" "ha ha ha ha" "el placer" "oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah eeeeeeee" "el... placer" "el placer" ... And in the middle of it all, ANGELA, just as naked as the others, with several men caressing, kissing and licking her body. AURTHUR (stepping into the room, shouts) ANGELA! ANGELA / IAZO turns to see who has called, is surprised. Freezes. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) That's Malignan! So he did not perish! And I recognize Peter from Angela's memories. Satanas! AURTHUR comes to her. No one else in the room notices him, they're all too taken by The Pleasure. AURTHUR Angela, are you... all right? ANGELA / IAZO (recovering, playing the part) Ohh... ahh... Peter! What are YOU doing here? And Malignan, you are still alive! (evil look-away) Oh, thank goodness! AURTHUR What's going on here? It looks like an orgy. ANGELA / IAZO Well, yes, I guess, it is. Okay, you caught me--- oops! Heh heh. (pretending embarrassment) It's just that these nice people have been taking care of me and they had this big party... I guess they're all stoned out of their heads. Wow, me too. AURTHUR (frowning) So you joined in an orgy? ANGELA / IAZO Uhhh... well... (pretending honesty) ...oh, all right, Peter, you know how I want to break my curse of virginity. I thought this might do it... but none of them has the virility to break through my angelic protection. Too bad. (comes on to Peter) But now that you're here, how about it? Want to make love with me now, Peter? Please? AURTHUR At the moment I am Aurthur, and I may not. ANGELA / IAZO (shrugs, plays the bitch) All right then, Malignan --this is your big chance. Want to fuck me? MALIGNAN I... uh... er... AURTHUR This is neither the time nor place, Angela. We have come to rescue you. Here is The Chalice. ANGELA / IAZO (mental) The Chalice! No! It is Holy, I dare not touch it... (spoken) This IS the time and place! The Chalice can wait. I want to be in control of Angela's life just now. And look at all this sex-- I want some too! AURTHUR You're behaving like a fool! The Demon Iazo is here somewhere, Ăthyr must help us conquer it. ANGELA / IAZO I'm behaving like a woman. Peter, you wait here, Malignan, come with me. AURTHUR I am Aurthur, and I obey only Ăthyr. ANGELA / IAZO Well then, do as you will. (takes MALIGNAN's hand) Come Malignan, let's go to one of the bedrooms in this house and do it. Show me your power. (pulls him) MALIGNAN (immovable) Uhh... sorry, Angela, it's Ăthyr whom I love. It would just be animal lust for your virgin body. ANGELA / IAZO Wha-a-at? Oh come on, you're a DEVIL. Animal Lust is all you ever want! MALIGNAN Yeah well, this Karma thing... ANGELA / IAZO Ăthyr, Ăthyr, nobody wants poor Angela! AURTHUR Not true. Peter loves and desires you very much. ANGELA / IAZO But you are Peter and you won't even try. AURTHUR As Aurthur I feel no desire, no lust, only Duty. Sorry. ANGELA / IAZO So become Peter! Right now. AURTHUR No, this is a place of danger. Peter has not the abilities to deal with it. ANGELA / IAZO Well then, I'll just find some other man to have sex with me. See you later. She steps over to a nearby OLDER MAN writhing around on the floor, sits on his face. OLDER MAN [Oh, Angelina, Angelina, por favor.] ANGELA / IAZO [You want to fuck me? Let's go, to my bedroom.] Observing this, our heroes finally become suspicious. MALIGNAN Hey, Angela doesn't speak Spanish that well... AURTHUR ...and she isn't acting like Angela at all. More like... MALIGNAN ...she's pretending. (to ANGELA/IAZO) Nice try, IAZO! ANGELA / IAZO turns, shouts a MAGIC WORD to the CONGREGATION and runs to escape. The CONGREGATION changes character from Lovingly Ecstatic to Violently Aggressive. All 30 of them are physically attacking AURTHUR and MALIGNAN, charging at them as a wave of naked bodies. MALIGNAN Yeah, she's possessed by Iazo, all right. That was a Satanic Word of Power. The wave of human flesh hits them, AURTHUR efficiently deflects them with one hand, holding The Chalice with the other, the attackers drop to all sides. MALIGNAN is a wall they cannot rock, he sends them flying. AURTHUR I don't think I need to hear the translation. You take care of this crowd, I'll deal with Iazo. Oh, try not to kill them all, we might need some of them later. MALIGNAN I guess you won't hurt her? AURTHUR is already gone. MALIGNAN gives the entire CONGREGATION a series of hugs, squashing groups of them just enough to make them faint. MALIGNAN [All right, little ones, come to Malignan.] INT. CORRIDOR - LIGHTED ANGELA/IAZO runs down the long hallway, AURTHUR closing in behind her. They are both very fast, but he is faster. AURTHUR (running) There's no escaping me, Iazo... (unwrapping the Cup) ...nor the power of The... (slinging the Bloodwine ahead) ...CHALICE! BLOODWINE splashes on ANGELA / IAZO's naked back. She howls, a MAGIC WORD is half-spoken... ANIMATION. BLACKNESS: IAZO's nebulous Red Spirit is gliding into the black, as before. He aims for a tiny blue spot. IAZO Holyfire! I can't stand the psychic pain... can't go out through it... (nearing golden spot , it is ANGELA's bluish Spirit) ...must retreat into Angela's psyche, past her sleeping soul into her... (she grabs his horn, he is stopped) ANGELA No you don't. CU: IAZIO's evil eyes. IAZO Don't interfere with me, I don't have time to be gentle with... oh oh! CU: ĂTHYR's glowing eyes. ANGELA/ĂTHYR Oh, you have time, you have all of eternity, Iazo. Blue Angela transforms into golden glowing ĂTHYR. IAZO stares, cannot escape, is heard to whimper. ĂTHYR Fear not, Iazo, I am quite grateful to you for playing into my hands all the way along. You have been instrumental in completing my Karma... well as teaching me your Words of Power and giving me total control of El Sagrado. So I shall not harm you, instead bless you with a gift that you may cherish throughout eternity. As I did with Malignan, I now bequeath you the gift of Karma. IAZO No! No! Not that! (magic word) ĂTHYR Now be gone to Hell and go to work on it. IAZO flies off into the blackness, screaming all the way. END OF ANIMATION/SFX. RETURN TO CORRIDOR. AURTHUR is holding the swooned ANGELA, bringing The Chalice to her lips. AURTHUR Angela. Drink from The Chalice. ANGELA Ohhh... hi. Yes.. okay... SFX TRANSFORMATION: ANGELA to ĂTHYR, glowing. Gracefully standing up. ĂTHYR Thank you, Aurthur. Once again you have performed valiantly and perfectly in my service. Everything is working out as it should. Now let us conquer El Sagrado and set this country straight. And then we shall do the same with our own lives. AURTHUR I hope Malignan has not killed and consumed everyone out there. ĂTHYR You gave him Bloodwine from The Chalice? AURTHUR Yes ĂTHYR Then he has not. He will be too full to eat human flesh, nor shall he ever again. AURTHUR Here. "Angelina"s gown. You might wear it. ĂTHYR Slightly better than nothing, I suppose. INT. BALLROOM - NIGHT They return to find the entire CONGREGATION cowering before MALIGNAN. CONGREGATION Angelina, Angelina! Save us with your words of Power! ĂTHYR That is exactly what I intend to do: (magic word) CONGREGATION Speak, o Master, and we obey. We obey. Command us. ĂTHYR Those of you who command the media will inform this city of a public meeting at Noon tomorrow, announcing the dissolution of the existing government, the disbandment of all armies, and introducing the New President of El Sagrado, appointed by Angelic Decree. Then each of you shall surrender yourselves for crimes against this country. The killing has come to an end. CONGREGATION Yes, Master. We will obey. ĂTHYR turns to her companions as she waves a sparkling Portal to the Cosmic Zone into the air beside her. ĂTHYR Come. We shall step through the Cosmic Zone to the village of Tlecatle. We must inform the new President of El Sagrado of his duties. The 3 of them step into the swirl of light, then are gone. INT. LAZARO'S BEDROOM - NIGHT. ĂTHYR, AURTHUR and MALIGNAN are in the dark room beside the bed where LAZARO is sleeping. ĂTHYR [Wake up, Lazaro. You have a mission.] LAZARO [Hmmfff... que pasa? An Angel, a Devil! Oh my, have I died? And you are taking me to..? Oh, I hope it's not Hell.] ĂTHYR [You have not died. Quite the opposite: you are about to begin a new life: as President of your country.] LAZARO [I? But no, that cannot be, the Fourteen Families...] ĂTHYR [They are finished.] AURTHUR [So now a President must be elected.] MALIGNAN [And an Angel has elected you.] LAZARO [But I am old and feeble, without strength or true wisdom...] ĂTHYR [Drink of The Chalice.] LAZARO drinks. Uncertain. Decides it tastes pretty good. Takes great gulps. Drinks it all. SFX: ALTERNATE DIMENSION. LAZARO is in a landscape of pyramids and sky ships, images of an ancient King of Atlantis. LAZARO It seems that I once was a King, many ages ago in fabled Atlantis. I knew how to rule then... END SFX: BACK IN HOUSE. LAZARO (CONT) ...and now I feel strong. Full of energy and mature wisdom. Yes, I am ready to govern my poor country. EXT. EL PLAZA MAYOR - DAY TEXT ON SCREEN: "Noon, El Plaza Mayor, Ciudad de San Secreto" The great town square before the Cathedral is completely filled up with people. There is a podium erected right in front of the Cathedral, and the crowd is waiting for an announcement to come from whoever will be speaking there at Noon. Every social class in the country is represented today: rich and poor, workers and students, Mestizos and Indians, as well as the Government Military and their enemies, the undercover Revolutionaries. It's a nice day, not a cloud in the sky. IN THE CROWD: A GROUP OF MILITARY OFFICERS. MAJOR ["Disbandment of all military forces" indeed. We shall see about that.] CAPITAN ["By Angelic decree" the News said. Hah!] GENERAL, [The Fourteen Families have gone mad. We shall carry on without them. A coup may be in order.] IN THE CROWD: A GROUP OF REVOLUTIONARIES MARXIST [The moment of Revolution is at hand, comrades.] LENINIST [This will be a bloodbath, but so be it.] IN THE CROWD: A GROUP OF CIVILIANS FAMILY MAN [Is there any hope that things will change today before we are ALL killed?] SHOPKEEPER [Hope? I don't know.] IN THE CROWD: A REGULAR GUY (pointing up) [Look!] A bright light gradually appears ABOVE THE PODIUM. We recognize it as the Cosmic Zone Effect, but these people have never seen such a thing before. VOICES IN CROWD [Look! Up above the Podium: a light! Cielos! It'd brighter than the sun! It's the Angel! She is real! And the Devil too!] ĂTHYR, MALIGNAN, AURTHUR and LAZARO have materialized up on the podium, the glow of the Cosmic Zone dissipates, but the glow of the ANGEL remains, even directly under the tropical noonday sun. The CROWD goes silent, awed by what they are seeing. ĂTHYR [People of El Sagrada, I am the Angel Ăthyr. I have come here to counterbalance the forces of evil that have run rampant in this part of the planet. Today you shall have a new government, led by a man chosen by God-- until you elect your own candidate. As of today, you are free from the terror of La Do˝a and her Fourteen Families. I introduce Se˝or Lazaro, el Presidente de El Sagrado.] There is a hesitantly erratic applause, but it is "shushed" away by people being careful of who hears them. LAZARO [People of my country: I did not assume to take this authority over your lives, I was chosen and had to accept to save your lives. Now, there are those who will RESIST this change...] IN THE CROWD: A TROOP OF ARMED SOLDIERS SERGEANT ["Resist"? Hah! Troop: ready arms!] Every SOLDIER brings his rifle up and cocks it. LAZARO (CONT) [...and we all know how ready those men are to KILL, so I give them this message: you must defeat this Angel before you can stop the changes coming. Some of you were involved in the ordered execution at Tlecatle yesterday, so you know that to shoot at her is to die by your own bullet. If you don't believe that, go ahead and shoot her-- it would be good for country to be rid of as many murderous men as possible.] ĂTHYR [I see the guns out there. They are useless against me, but you may think "kill Se˝or Lazaro", or kill anyone who opposes you, and what can an Angel do against you anyway? She has no weapon.] IN THE CROWD: A GROUP OF CAMPESINOS They have guns, but only ONE of them is aiming at the podium, while his companions urge him on with conflicting suggestions. The ONE is sweating, his gun is shaking, he doesn't know what to do. And who could blame him? CAMPESINO #2 [Shoot Se˝or Lazaro now!] CAMPESINO #3 [No, the General of la Guardia Civil, kill HIM!] CAMPESINO #4 [No, the Angel! Quick, blow her away!] CAMPESINO #5 [No, you fool, hear her out!] UP ON THE PODIUM. ĂTHYR (CONT) [...but I have no need of weapons, I am an Angel. If I need help, I simply pray for it. Lord, thy work is ready, Thy time is night. I wait to serve Beneath thy sky.] CRAAACK, RUUMBLE! Shattering thunder out of that clear blue sky. Lightning crisscrossing the heavens in symbolic patterns. IN THE CROWD: EVERYONE LOOKING UP. Screaming. Genuflecting. Praying for forgiveness. A MOTHER (sobbing into her hands) [O no, my godmygodmygod-- I surrender into your m... mm... mercy] POV: LOOKING UP. WHAT THEY SEE Directly above the Cathedral, most of the sky is opened in a REALLY VAST Cosmic Zone Portal. Within that circle we can see SQUADRONS of FLAMING ANGELS BRANDISHING SPEARS flying in formation. But what really disturbs the people below is the GIANT FIST OF GOD pointed down at them, shaking with anger, so BIG that the ARM reaches down from many kilometers above, fading into the mist of cosmic distance. IN THE CROWD: People running, but in circles, they don't know where to escape. People fainting, praying, weeping, laughing insanely, it's a circus. CU: A WEEPING MAN [BASTANTE, POR FAVOR!!! You win, you win, let it be as you say. Let your Se˝or Lazaro be the Agent of God, none will say you nay. Eh? The Angel is gone... and the Devil... and the other man... only Lazaro remains.] UP ON THE PODIUM LAZARO [So People of El Sagrado, Compa˝eros, let us set things right in our land. Now that the murdering has stopped, we must have JOBS, because there is much WORK to be done!] CROWD VOICES [SÝ, compa˝ero! He's right!] INT?/EXT? WHEREVER THE COSMIC ZONE IS SFX: ĂTHYR, MALIGNAN & AURTHUR soar in a graceful arc across the screen, from a portal in San Secreto (you can see part of the Cathedral), through the sparkly swirly zappi-ness of the Cosmic Zone, to another portal in Bellingham (we can see Peter's house). INT. PETER'S HOUSE -- DAY They are in the living room, AURTHUR putting The Chalice up on the fireplace mantle once again. AURTHUR Home. Another adventure completed. ĂTHYR Almost completed. There are details yet to attend to. Rewards. MALIGNAN Rewards? To whom? ĂTHYR We have each of us yearned to alter the patterns of our lives. Our destinies converge at this point, and now we may become something new. Aurthur: as Peter and Angela we may become mortal lovers for the first time in innumerable lifetimes. It is time for us to experience that union. AURTHUR I am glad for Peter. He does love and desire her. ĂTHYR They shall consummate their love tonight. AURTHUR Then I shall sleep and rest this mortal body, and be Peter when I awaken. AURTHUR goes upstairs without further elaboration. MALIGNAN Well. Peter is a lucky lad. (sighs) ĂTHYR Ah, do you also desire the virgin Angela? MALIGNAN What? No. My once- uncontrollable lust for any virgin seems to have been burned away by the sun. ĂTHYR Yes, you have been purified, Malignan. It was meant to be, and now it is so. MALIGNAN Meant to be? Then this was all part of your plan? ĂTHYR Not MY plan, THE plan. Yes, we have a mutual destiny. MALIGNAN And what IS that destiny? ĂTHYR To become ONE. MALIGNAN And how do we do that? By holding hands and chanting "Om", perhaps? ĂTHYR That would take too long. It would be best if we just made love instead. MALIGNAN (turns around, astounded) Huh? Make love? You and me? But you do not love me. ĂTHYR Oh, I shall. MALIGNAN But I am disgusting. Evil. Cruel. Etc. She comes to him and touches his face affectionately. ĂTHYR With your new skin you are not so bad. Quite handsome, almost. MALIGNAN I? Me? I.. I.. Don't tell me that you feel lust for ME? ĂTHYR Not lust really, more a desire to be ONE with you. MALIGNAN Well, er, um...okay. But shouldn't we go somewhere else? What if Aurthur...? ĂTHYR Aurthur understands everything and has gone to sleep. They are on the floor now, embracing. Camera ZOOMING into them, so that they fill the screen. MALIGNAN Are you afraid? ĂTHYR Not at all. I am intrigued, interested-- excited! MALIGNAN Does it hurt? ĂTHYR (gasp) No. It is if I were being unlocked. BOTH Never before have I felt so close to...ha ha ha ha! ĂTHYR So strange. So wonderful. NOW I feel the lust. BOTH Oh, this is it... the.. orga... smmmm... SFX: BLACKNESS. A GUSH of white goo (sperm? I'm not telling) in upper left corner of the image. ĂTHYR (OC) Now we MALIGNAN (OC) are One. FIREWORKS of many colors erupt lower left. Out of which DEMIGOD flies up, coming closer. We can see the he/she is a blend of ĂTHYR and MALIGNAN, a sexless long-haired young GOD in an empty universe. DEMIGOD (V.O.) We are now Demigod, master of a universe we have yet to create. All this formless energy is ours to work and play with. It IS us and OF us. Here, shall we create worlds, peoples, anomalies. This is our next Karmic Lesson in the learning of becoming a Companion to God. A NEW SUN explodes into life and light in the upper right, blazing yellow and red. DEMIGOD soars up out of sight. Zoom into the BLACK. INT. PETER'S BEDROOM - NIGHT ALSO BLACKNESS-- until PETER suddenly JERKS up sitting in his bed, lit up by a glow from the window. PETER (crying out) ANGELA! Oh, I was dreaming. Or wait-- didn't I actually become Aurthur and go to El Sagrado to rescue Angela... and the whole country? Or was that a dream? He moves the curtain to look out the window at the last traces of a sunset. PETER It's sunset. I slept all day. Which means that if it all really happened... and if Ăthyr's promise is true... Angela should be here! INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Coming downstairs, PETER finds ANGELA sleeping on the floor, still wearing that skimpy gown. MALIGNAN is gone, as is the Hellslab. PETER (gently shaking her shoulder) Angela? Angela! ANGELA Oh Peter! Thank God it's you! PETER I guess so! Where is the Devil? ANGELA Gone with Ăthyr to some cosmic realm. They've become some kind of New God, so they're off creating a new universe. PETER But.. but she's your own soul, she can't be gone. ANGELA Oh, she's here too-- I don't understand it really, something to do with Eternity equaling a Zero- Time Factor. They'll be back eventually. But for now I can just be Angela Snow for a while. PETER (lifting her into his arms) Then good. Because I love Angela Snow. ANGELA (snuggling in his arms) And I love Peter Knight. EXT. VIEW OF HOUSE - NIGHT We see the cozy little student house from the front, Dark except for a candle light in the upstairs bedroom window. We hear the lovers cry out "Oh!" and "Ah!" INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT. PETER holding ANGELA in bed. They look very happy. PETER An ex-virgin twice. Good going. ANGELA (contented sigh) Yes, and a woman at last. She sits up, naked and beautiful in the moonlight, to look out the open window at a starry sky, and the crescent moon, just as a shooting star whizzes down from space and vanishes. ANGELA You know, I kept hearing that there was "no choice" in any of this. I still don't know if there is or not. But if there is-- then this is what I choose.