AQ & Dawn

Joseph Michael Linsner, who also painted the 3 covers to the AQ Trilogy, is most famous for his "Dawn" series, and there have been some other collaborations between him and me.

Crypt of Dawn #2, pictured above, was a collection of short stories, in which appeared a 12-page AQ story entitled Mother Instinct. This was published just prior to Sirius' release of the entire Armageddonquest Trilogy, as a teaser to whet the appetites of potential buyers out there in comics land.

Mother Instinct is a story that dovetails into the AQ mythology, taking place in the period when Tazio has moved out of the Villa to live in La Destinazione with Jytte. It tells of the last time Mariangela actually tries to kill Tazio.

A more recent collaboration was when Joe invited me to contribute to his WIZARD / DAWN project, a collection of various guest-artists illustrating each a line from a Dawn story, to be released in May 1999. Here are the 2 AQ / DAWN illustrations I sent him, which he has colored beautifully.