Here are some of the really great ex-BLURBS I've had on my Blurb Page over the years, re-posted here just because I didn't really want to take them down but had to make room for new eye-catching nonsense just to entertain fickle readers like yourself who can't stand to savor a classic for month after month...after month. 3R

Christmas Cheer

Santa stops by the Batcave for a little visit, they smoke a little weed-- which is okay these days. Earlier Batman had to bust anyone puffing a joint because it was illegal and he's pretty strict about breaking the law.


He can walk through walls -- and anything else

I've been writing these SWATH stories for over 20 years, without ever posting them on this 3R Home Page because I'd just never quite finished them, either text or intended illustrations. So it must seem that I haven't been especially creative for big chunks of time, but I always have some projects going on, and SWATH is one of them. Even now there is probably more coming, so we could say this collection is still "unfinished". Yeah, but here it is anyway.

T H E   S W A T H   R E P O R T


This was a sci-fi project I assembled way back in 1997, when I was learning how to write HTML, the story being more or less an excuse to click on icons and shuffle around pages. The intellectual challenge was to imagine Jupiterians living under gas giant conditions of crushing gravity and the constant mega-storms. Then mix in some Earthlings, maybe even throw in a sweet little romance just for fun.

Actually, the story was okay, I've only made some minor tweaks and corrections, but the original LOOK was too amaturish, awkward & ugly. So I've finally updated it with more illustrations, nicer colors, navigation cleanup. It's meant to be kinda fun.

Two Strangers Meet Christmas Eve

May I reiterate? Merry Christmas & Etc.


This might be embarrassing indeed for Adam: squatches are generally forbidden to use artifacts or technology, so how is he going to explain such an ultra-short haircut? Well, he's not, he'll just have to leave them guessing. But he discovers that squatch chicks like a well-trimmed guy, just like his human girl friends do. Yes, Adam's on a roll.


Although I'd finished my Adam Into Babylon novel a few months ago,
I felt compelled to draw just one more illustration for the free website version (right here).
So here's the rock-n-roll tour-bus that Adam and his band drive through Mexico and further on
to their concert tour around USA. Our heroes seen taking a break between cities.


Between the Corona Virus Thanksgiving and Donald Trump's malignant lust
for revenge our joyous holiday season may be in trouble.


One of Marianne's hobbies is to make hand-painted jigsaw puzzles for kids (or adults, who cares?). So I've done a few drawings for her, which she then paints onto a sheet of wood and jigsaws into about a hundred pieces; my drawings are mostly stuff that boys like: Tarzan, Superman, Batman, etc, all copyright-borrowing, I know. But this time I used original characters from my own Bigfoot novel,ADAM OUT OF EDEN, which can be found (for free!) on this one and only 3R Home Page.

I may as well mention that I have been working diligently on the sequel, ADAM INTO BABYLON, and it is almost finished and will be Coming Soon! Which means don't hold your breath just yet, there's lots of editing to be done and it all takes time (the first book took 38 years).

UPDATE: Never mind holding your breath, I just (9/5/2020) finished ADAM INTO BABYLON and it's already posted for your reading pleasure. Or disdain, we'll see. 3R

The Danish version of the Himalayas

Merry Christmas 2019 to Each and All!

Our son Mads is in the process of helping to establish a new restaurant/bar in Copenhagen:
They officially opened 1st of June in 2019.

Would you rather send a Drone or Fly yourself?

And a Merry Christmas 2018 to One and All!

Our Latest & Greatest Summer Vacation Report

Yet Another EUROTRIP
2 0 1 8

It's a shame that during Christmas we have to think about Trump
and all the damage he's causing, but somebody's got to do it.

But Merry Christmas 2017 anyway!

a Squatch story

Here is Chapter 37 (circa) from my (eventually) up-and-coming novel ADAM INTO BABYLON,
which deals with the social impact of Sasquatches coming in out of the woods to live as regular
American citizens. No, it's not a graphic novel, just this chapter. Kinda weird, I guess...
Just click on pic.

Mrs Santa feels that it's about time a woman takes the reins.

And a Mucho Merry Christmas 2016 to Each and Every!

Our Summer Vacation Report


Our Eco-Hero at the Paris Climate Conference

And a Very Merry Christmas to One and All!

Yeah, Adam here, who's calling? Oh, hi, how's it going?

Me? I'm up in the Cascades right now, supposed to meet some friends--yeah squatch friends, so I'll have to dump my clothes and this phone for a while, just to be polite. Not all of the Nokhontli are as adaptable as me, most of them still shy away from technology and civilization.

Oh, the book, yeah, thanks. We'll see how that goes as an e-book. Well, I didn't exactly write it all myself, you know-- especially since I can't even read or write. It was mostly Art & Elaine's project while I was the Baby Bigfoot growing up with them, and then Melly got involved, and everybody else, until it grew into what we were calling "The Document". It was considered private and Top Secret until recently, but because of what's going on with the Nokhon Nation just now we decided to publish it.

Actually, I try not to think too much about all the extremely personal and intimate details in the book; it's kinda embarassing. Especially Melly's nakedly passionate confessions about our love-life, that girl knows no shame. But I had to be just as candid about my experiences among the Nokhontli: I couldn't just ignore shamanistic drug-magic or those all-out sex orgies every full moon if I was going to accurately describe Bigfoot culture.

Yeah, all right, thanks for calling. I'll come by the UW when I get back, we can take a lunch at the Hub. It's one of the few places in Seattle where I can show my face without people getting silly about autographs and taking pictures. But that's more due to the Squatch & Friends concert album than the book. Ah yes, the price of fame.

Okay, later.

A D A M     O U T     O F     E D E N

here's a poster drawing I made for our local Flea Market, which in Danish is called a LOPPEMARKED             the text reads as: "How much will you have for that nice flea there?"
Which is silly, of course, you don't really buy fleas at a Flea Market-- they're usually included for free.
Even more silly, the sign is advertising "Used Fleas".

Hey, I just though it was time to put something new on this page instead of last year's Christmas card.



Remember how AQ begins in Africa? Tazio living with the Ma'waaluuki tribe?
Remember some subtle hints about a disgruntled Perfect Warrior forbidden to wage war?
Well, even if you don't remember, here's the untold story of Kla'Khitt anyway.

Travel! Adventure! Coconuts!

My First Trip To Cuba

Hardy and I spent the month of November 2013 in Cuba:
2 old farts on the road, just like when we were young... sorta.

Here's this Year's Christmas E-Card

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Having just come home to Denmark from a month in Cuba (first time ever), I'm still feeling the difference between winter here and winter there. Also, it was a good idea for the new Santa card, verdad?



A chronicle of the missing 6 years after the cataclysm.

All the women in Tazio's life popped up for the Armageddon Festival
(in AQ, remember?), but where had they disappeared to for 6 years?
Mariangela, Jytte, Cindy & Sophia finally tell their collective story.


Finally finished this song. Is that a big deal? you might ask. Well, I started working on it in 1977, it's mid 2013 now. The first part came all at once and seemed inspired: great story concept about a cosmic pony express rider, complete with a nice little melody & some dramatic chord changes, snappy lyrics, fun stuff.

I've been working on the rest of it ever since, occasionally playing & singing the one part I did have, certain that the rest of the song would come to me in a blast of "3R" creativity, but was unable to expand it.

Well, here it is anyway. It just showed up. No hurry, I guess.

Midsommernat i Danmark

The Danes celebrate the Summer Solstice on the 24th of June (instead of the actual longest-day 21st) calling it "Sankt Hans Aften". On that evening people all over Denmark go out into nature to throw big parties around big bonfires, a symbolic witch is burned at the stake, ceremonial alcohol is imbibed, pretty pagan.

This picture is from last year's Skt Hans (note: bonfire, symbolic witch, pagan playing guitar). The kid is Oliver, grandson to our friend Asta, who was with us in Dresden.

Semi-Sad The trouble with falling in love is that it can screw up your emotions, huh?
The Wandering Jew Dramatic symbolism, mythic character, allegorical innuendoes--- yup, rock & roll cliché.
Made Me Do A bluesy grove from Band In A Box has rescued this old song from the graveyard of unsung songs.

We took a little winter trip to Dresden...

...and man, was it cold (-15 °). Here we are, checking out Frauenkirche, bombed in 1945 along with everything else, now amazingly rebuilt in the original style after being a pile of rubble during the DDR years. Oh well, enough of that, better find a way to keep warm-- hey, Marianne & Asta have the answer!

Everyone changes over the years, whether for the better or the worse is only a matter or perspective...hey, that sounds really deep--if only I'd actually written this song so philosophically.

THIS WEEK'S NEW MP3:   To Stop Loving You
Unrequited love, agonies of the heart, the misery of being rejected--I'm out of touch with all that, so I gave this one a jolly rock beat. Seems I'm getting to the bottom of my pile of unrecorded songs.

THIS WEEK'S NEW MP3:   The Fifth Son of Elalai
One of those ponderously epic fantasy/sci-fi songs I wrote years ago, rarely performed, far too complex and ambitious for me to ever make a workable recording of...and yet, here it is.


Sorry, there's nothing we can do about it, just have to deal with it.

Here's Marianne and me giving Santa a hand delivering presents around Copenhagen. Oh yeah, we do that sort of stuff all the time. What? You were expecting us to say "Merry Christmas" or something like that? Well...uh...okay, consider it said, I guess...

THIS WEEK'S NEW MP3s:   Where We Were Then   and   Now Is All We Have Forever
Big fat romantic ballads with lots of drama and reverb and mush and gush. In other words, a couple of songs I wrote long ago but never actually played much, now revived as recordings anyway.


Yes, yes, yet another new ARMAGEDDONQUEST story. This one is narrated by
the Mayor of La Destinazione, who gives us his own unique perspective of AQ events.

Just click on pic and be teleported to a small town in Italy! Virtually, that is.

THIS WEEK'S NEW MP3: I Like to Run
This is a remake of one of the songs from Adam Out Of Eden, so you're supposed to imagine that a Bigfoot is singing it out loud as he easily strides over hill and dale.

Mads På Stop
is a children's book Marianne and I made together many years ago: now updated and finally posted online. Located in the "Dansk" section, which means that it's written in Danish, but hey, the pictures are in pretty colors.


A new ARMAGEDDONQUEST story about where Tazio's little buddy Buffone has been for the last 6 years.

Just click on pic and away you go!


A new ARMAGEDDONQUEST story about Tazio at age 11:
computer whiz-kid, getting hacked. He takes up the challenge.

Just click on pic and away you go!

THIS WEEK'S NEW MP3: Teardrops of Love
Nasty parody of a gushingly romantic love song--hey, somebody's got to do it.

Jeff Dunder is a hopeless geek who wastes his life dreaming up super heroes for comics that he never gets around to writing. A new story written by a hopeful geek who actually does get around to writing stuff every once in a while.

Just click on pic and away you go!


I used to write lots of songs: it was easy. Then, it suddenly wasn't--and 10 years have slipped by, busy with other stuff. But even farther back in time, Marianne and I got married on September 27th, 1986, and at our recent "Silver Wedding Anniversary" party she gave a very flattering speech about her husband of 25 years (me), so I was expected to respond somehow. Fortunately, I had somehow just managed to compose a brand-new song dedicated to her and that saved the day. I delivered an acoustic performance at the party, but have since recorded a ministudio version of Every Time I See You (I Just Fall In Love).


Speaking of all those other songs I've written, been recording and posting on this website, here's the entire MP3 collection so far. Most recent on top of the pile, which keeps growing week by week. Not done yet, got a ways to go.


Den Magiske Tommelfinger / The Magical Thumb

So what's new? Well, check out this children's book Marianne and I made together: it's about a kid hitchhiking around Sicily. Of course it's written in Danish, but an English text is also provided, just in case that might work best for you.

the reluctant Antichrist
has just arrived back to Earthlevel
after adventures in Hell--
only to find Hell on earth!

has also arrived! For the first time ever,
the entire graphic novel is finally online.
Just click on pic and away you go!

A D A M    O U T    O F    E D E N


In November of 2010, after 30 years of shuffling around a big messy pile of faded typewriter paper, I FINALLY finished writing/re-writing My Great Bigfoot Novel and here it is.

Just CLICK on PIC.

My intention is, of course, to publish it commercially at some point. But first I'm posting it here FOR FREE in the hopes of getting some feedback, criticism (although kind!), flaws and errors pointed out, stupid mistakes located, repetitions revealed, movie offers, etc.

Hope you like it anyway. --3R


In the Adam out of Eden novel, Adam's band (Squatch & Friends) gives a concert of 13 songs, and ever since having posted the story on this website I've been working on producing recordings with my home studio so that I could present them as MP3s. Finally got the last (and most difficult) one done. So now every song has a "Play MP3" link.

CLICK on PIC to check out Adam's Songbook.

However, that doesn't mean I'm done: the mini-studio recordings are okay for rough presentations of the songs, but now I'm rehearsing them with a BAND to make live recordings which will (hopefully) sound better. And if not, we'll have fun trying.

Translation? Well, if you REALLY need it...naw, you can figure this one out. I'm also assuming I don't have to explain what "Copenhagenize" means? (Hint: CNN recently did an article about it)

Toscana Sundown

September 2010. Camping near San Vicenzo, Italy, in a national forst of pine trees. Marianne took this picture while we were cooking something tasty for dinner. We usually prefer to do that instead of going out to eat in a restaurant, it's one of the fun things about camping. --3R

Berlin by day

Marianne is enjoying being alive in the sunshine at the Holocaust Monument in Berlin, after a tour below left her reflecting upon how many were denied that pleasure. Berlin is such a blast of history--the entire 20th Century more or less happened right here. The Alexanderplatz tower in the background confirms that. 3R

Ghent by Night

Our little family of 3 (Marianne, Mads & I) spent a Christmas Vacation
in the amazingly pretty city of Ghent in Belgium, just to go somewhere
new & interesting. Here's a photo we took from a bridge one night. 3R

has been ressurected!

Originally published as a graphic novel in trilogy form anno 1997, AQ is back once again-- but as a WEB COMIC in this incarnation.

This cosmic event is the result of a collaberation between myself (brilliant author/artist 3R) and Dave Baxter (devout evangelist & fearless champion for the web comics concept).

A two-page spread is posted every day, in the tradition of a good old-fashioned newspaper comic strip. One advantage of being online, however, is that you can always click to the backlog and catch up on everything you've missed so far. AQ is almost 900 pages long, so it will run for about a year and a half.

And in the tradition of good old-fashioned paper comic books, each of the 20 Chapters/Books will be available for purchase after having been posted online.

So if you've never read AQ, you can now check it out at:

check out the all new bigger & better newly-illustrated update of the

movie script!

Everybody knows how the biggest blockbuster movies are taken from Comic Books these days: X-Men, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Officer Gargantua, Hulk...

...what's that? You haven't seen Officer Gargantua yet? Or even heard of him? Oh, yeah, that's probably because they haven't made the movie yet. But I've got it right here. Well, sort of. The script, anyway. You just have to imagine the rest.

O F F I C E R   G A R G A N T U A
The Movie

Be the first to "see" it! Sort of.

from the innocent little
land of Denmark:

this is NOT a
drawing of Mohammed!

Yes, about all that...

Here's a poster for the dumpster sheds in our housing committee:
"It's just so cool that folk OVERfill their dumptsters---crunch munch."
"Yeah, so they can't close the tops, and we can get in--- slobber."
"And they do it even though it costs them an extra 800 kroner to the garbage collectors."
"They pay an extra 800 kroner for US? They must really like us!"

Oh no! It's already time to write a blurb to this year's Christmas Card! Will there be no end to these demands? Every year another and another!

Although, hmm... maybe I could dust off an old blurb from 10-15 years back, nobody would remember what I'd written then (except the most hard-core fans), it might even seem fresh and new to them, words from back when I was inspired every now and then. Yes, yes, a message delivered with all the passion of energy of youth, I'm feeling it now:

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

Hey, pretty original, eh?

Here are Mads, Marianne and Ron standing in the woods just outside Holte, Denmark. As you can see, it's bloody cold, just what are those fools doing there anyway?

Why they're wishing you a
Happy Year 2008!
what else?

the fantasy novelette

the real story behind

2 new 3R science fiction novellas,
hot off the (virtual) press:

Change the Future!



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