Thursday, 13 September 2018

I guess it must be time to take down last year's Christmas E-Card from the "New Stuff" Page, since this year's summer is almost over. Yes, I've been ignoring my poor old web site, but I really had nothing else to post, being caught up in several projects that take a long time to finish... and there is the problem that I'm kinda lazy. But now we've just come back from our summer vacation and I have pictures & text galore!

Thursday 21 December 2017

Yessah, here it is-- I've finished this year's Chrtstmas E-Card and have posted it on "New Stuff". Every year I suffer the pangs of being pretty certain I just won't be able to pull it off this year, since no usable ideas seem to be dropping like manna from heaven, and then PLOP!-- it all comes together anyway. Miraculous, right?

We're having a low-key Christmas this year, just Mads, Marianne and me. Roast duck, etc. We'll even be staying home instead of speeding off to Berlin or Bali as we jet-setters so often do. Actually we were just in Berlin for a few days last week, so been there, done that. Although not exactly with jet-setters, instead the local Senior's Club because they offer cheapo charter tours and all we have to do is be tolerant with all those OLD farts (some even more ancient than us). Touring the Yule Markets rather than the beaches.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Okay, I've FINALLY finished a new project to post here on my website: a 16-page comic-book episode about Our Favorite Bigfoot, Adam Leroy Forest, whom you all know as star & hero of ADAM OUT OF EDEN (novel, e-book on Amazon), which is "soon" to be accompanied by a sequel. (Actually, the whole original story is also here, for free)

Sometimes a long while goes by between postings of any new stuff on this website (hmmm, maybe it's about time to trade out December's Christmas E-Card), mostly because I've been working on some big projects that simply take years to finish. Presently my biggest effort being the novel ADAM INTO BABYLON: a continuation of that Bigfoot-raised-by-humans story, focusing on the ramifications of Sasquatches joining our society, considering that they use magic instead of technology and have a very different morality.

That sequel is not yet completed, but just for fun, I've written & drawn Chapter 37 (circa) into comix format to be inobtrusively tucked between the pages of text, which I'll present here as a sampler of Adam's story.

These are the first comix pages I've produced in years (MOTHER INSTINCT, published in 1999) and I could feel how rusty I'd gotten at the medium: story flow, proportions, perspectives; everything took more effort, restarts galore. Oh, I still do drawings now & then, for local events & celebrations, and at least one of those Christmas cards every year, but those have only been one-off illustrations, not sequences of pages telling a story. I hope they're readable.

So go to NEW STUFF and check it out.

Later, Ron

Wednesday 21 December (solstice) 2016

Just posted the new 2016 Christmas Card. It can be found in NEW STUFF and the COMIX pages.

That's it, been a slow year.

Oh, I'm working on lots of stuff: a novel, with a comic book chapter in it, doing some music videos with a couple guys, but nothing is actually ready for posting just now. But yes, I'm still alive & kicking. It might be counter-productive that I finally got Netflix, but hey, I AM retired, you know.

Later, Ron

Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's been a long time since I've updated this web site. Not because I'm lazy, but because I'm busy. Pretty good excuse, eh? But a few weeks ago I WAS being lazy, that is, officially: on vacation.

Marianne and I went camping in Italy. Not very surprising, it's what we usually do, going on the road in Europe with our VW van. So I've posted a report of our Summer Vacation, EUROTRIP 2016, which is something I can finish and display right now, rather than waiting for those never-ending not-quite-finished novels that are keeping me too busy to actually post them.

Check it out under REAL STUFF, Eurotrip 2016.

Later, Ron

Thursday, 17 December 2015

This year's 3R Christmas E-Card has finally arrived!

You were awaiting it, holding your breath-- I know! After all, what Christmas would be complete without it? Well, it's HERE... or rather, a click away, just up there in the NEW STUFF box. Or you can click upon this here thingy-- ~~ --I don't care, whatever makes you happy.

Later, Ron

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

It may seem like I'm still ignoring this web site, but actually I've just posted a big section-- but it's all in Danish, so you might not notice it unless you go to the Danske Sider (Danish Pages). It's a section about Marianne's handicraft products, etc. And anyway, it'sbeen taking me a while to produce any new srories/drawings/music to be posted, since I'm busy doing other things. Actually, I've also been stuck-- creatively --so that has to be worked out. Hey, that happens sometimes-- it took me 38 years to finish ADAM OUT OF EDEN, 10 years to write/draw ARMAGEDDONQUEST. It's not like I'm working against a deadline (except that final one).

So instead of writing & drawing I've been traveling: Marianne and I just got back from camping in southern Italy. Good thing too, summer never really happened in Denmark this year-- oh, it was sunny, ok, but that wintery wind just never stopped blowing. So we went to Toscana, where it was warm, ate some pasta, drank some wine, did a little Germany and Switzerland along the ways down and back. We also traveled around Denmark a bit more than usual.

But now I'd like to get back into writing again. Let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I'm just now re-posting the HTML version of my Bigfoot novel ADAM OUT OF EDEN back onto this website. I'd removed it back in March of 2013 to give the E-Book version a chance, but so little traffic is happening there (at Amazon) that I figure I may as well just offer it in both formats to increase whatever exposure it can get. Maybe Amazon will get mad and remove AOOE from their shelves, or maybe not, it's still two different ways of reading a book, e-books being much more portable than computer screens.

I'm currently working on the sequel to AOOE, to be called Adam Into Babylon. For some reason(s) I write novels in HTML format, mostly because it's so much easier to flick through linked chapters of web-pages than one huge ungainly Word doc. Everything ends up in that format here on my 3R Home Page anyway.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I 've still been ignoring this website because I'm still writing that novel. You know, that continuation of Adam out of Eden, my Bigfoot story, this one called Adam Into Babylon. I'd like to say it was writing itself -- well, it WAS at first --but now it's getting complicated and going slower as I actually have to figure out What The Story Is before I can just write. Lots of new characters, generations of background. It's still fun, but beginning to resemble actual work a lot. No idea how it ends...

In the name of "research" I saw a new (2014) Bigfoot movie last night: "Exists" is a teen-agers-in-the-woods horror flick that actually does a pretty good job of documenting a believable Sasquatch. Doesn't exactly fit into my own version of the Bigfoot Universe, but close enough.

I've finally posted a new drawing on my New Stuff page, which I'd just made for our local neighborhood flea market here in Copenhagen. It was about time to switch out last year's Christmas card-- that was getting embarassing.

Around Christmas 2014

I 've been ignoring this website because I'm writing a novel. It's the continuation of Adam out of Eden, my Bigfoot story. This one will be called Adam Into Babylon. I'd say it was writing itself but I still have to sit down and physically do the writing myself for hours and hours, days and days, weeks and... well, I think you get it. Good thing I enjoy it. I have a vague idea where the story is going, but actually I'm being transported by the characters, so it's like reading a great book by a really talented author. I wonder how it ends...

I'm only taking time to write this because I also took time to do my annual Christmas Card: just finished minutes ago, so now I can post it. Merry Christmas. And if this new novel gets really long, well, Merry Christmas next year too.

21 April 2014

I've been writing a short story called WARRIOR, which is about Kla'Khitt, an African character barely-mentioned in the beginning of AQ, way back when Tazio was living among the Ma'waaluuki tribe as their earth god. Just one of those hinted-at characters who never got their story told, poor guy. Well, I've been at it all month--rather obsessively, actually--so it grew and grew, I had no idea all that stuff was going on...

Anyway, I've had almost no time for anything else, so it may have seemed as if I was, once again, ignoring this web site. But now I can post it as incontestable proof that I AM doing stuff. You can find a link on NEW STUFF or AQ STORIES if you really need to verify that I'm not as lazy as I seem.

Also a new song: not exactly a 3R original, Santiaguera is more a parody of Guantanamera, a residual effect of my visit to Santiago de Cuba last winter. Can be found in NEW STUFF or SONGBOOK.

Febrary 2014

I've been neglecting this website for over a month-- in fact, I haven't used a computer at all or even checked one e-mail in all that time. Actually, that's probably a good thing to do every once in a while, I can feel it was a welcome break for my pixel-fried eyes. Instead I've just spent a month in Cuba, for my first time ever, where there is basically NO Internet no how.

Since I've been almost everywhere else in Latin America, being an "old gringo" with years of Mexican travels behind me, Cuba was very comfortable and fun for me. Also, my Spanish is fluent again, after 30 years of forgetting it, que me allegre mucho.

And of course, this year's Christmas E-Card is a result of my new affection for Cuba and Cubans, who are generally very nice people but trapped in an awkward economic situation. You'll find my report of the trip in REAL STUFF. As well as a link to the Christmas Card, if you missed it (under BLURBS).

Friday, 9 August 2013

Just posted STARDIVER, a song I've been trying to write for 36 years. It just suddenly jelled and now it exists. Otherwise not much new going on on my home page these days, which is because I seem to be experiencing a period of almost Zero Creativity. That happens every once in a while. Normally I'm almost compulsively writing stories, drawing illustrations or making music-- stuff usually just keeps coming, can't stop-- but sometimes I burn out.

Right now I'm in the middle of about 4 stories (novels/shorts, who knows yet?), 3 song recordings, etc...but can't find the next line in any of them. So I just have to accept that it's time to take a break, read some books, see some movies, summer vacation is coming, etc.

Tuesday, 23 March 2013

We took a little winter trip to Dresden in the ex-DDR. Cold? Naw, just -15 °.

I'm still on a roll for AQ stories. The latest was SINDACO, following hot on the heels of BUFFONE'S JOURNEY and ANTICHRIST ANTIVIRUS. I've got a 4th in the workings now. Busy, busy, busy.

Otherwise, the most recent major changes to this web site are that I have REMOVED two stories from the TALES pages because they are now published as Kindle E-Books on the Amazon web sites: my Bigfoot Novel ADAM OUT OF EDEN and the Tarot Card novella CROWN THE CLOWN.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Mostly these days I'm still working on producing those old songs I wrote way back when it seemed easy to write stuff like that (ah, yes, the passions of the young and stupid put to music!), but I do occasionally write entirely new short stories (instead of songs) every now and then. HEROIC DREAMS is the most recent example of such a thing, found in NEW STUFF and TALES sections.

Another fairly new addition is the DANSK section, consolidating various Danish-language projects, including the children's books Marianne and I have produced together and a Copenhagen-local website I am webmaster for. Even if you're not 100% Danish-fluent you can still look at the pretty pictures.

And, of course, I keep posting new MP3s in my Song Book as I get them recorded. 78 so far--lots to go yet.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Big Changes! For one thing, is a new URL because I've moved my website. And as you can see, I've even redesigned this frontspiece for the new, bigger & better 3R Home Page: bright colors, lots of pictures, whee!

But the most significant update is that I've finally posted ARMAGEDDONQUEST: this is the first time the entire book has been online. And a major project it was indeed--846 TIFFs had to be individually resized into JPGs (@ 12 mouse/key-clicks per image), 450 pages of HTML had to be hand-generated with specific links and a Page Menu with links to each of those pages had to be composed. There might be some software somewhere that could have automated the processes, but I never found any. So it took a while.

Another new addition is the DANSK section, consolidating various Danish-language projects, including the children's books Marianne and I have produced together and a Copenhagen-local website I am webmaster for. Even if you're not 100% Danish-fluent you can still look at the pretty pictures.

And, of course, I keep posting new MP3s in my Song Book as I get them recorded. 62 so far--lots to go yet.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Not many changes happening on the web site lately, but that's hardly because I haven't been working on it. Actually, everything I work on eventually ends up here, but none of this is magic: all the writings, drawings, songs or whatever take time to produce.

Lately it's been mostly music, I'm making home-studio recordings of all my songs, just so that they actually exist as more than a dry page of text with chords. They've been coming up on the site one at a time without much fanfare. Although I am slightly proud of some of the new recordings, check them out in the MP3 Audio box of the Songbook.

In April I posted Den Magiske Tommelfinger, one of those Danish-language children's books Marianne and I have made together. Since then I've been working on coloring an earlier kid's book we made about our little family hitchhiking to Spain and Portugal back when Mads was only 5 years old (1985), so there are new postings on their way. Just takes a while.

Still tweaking and fixing my Great Bigfoot Novel, ADAM OUT OF EDEN, which is as yet posted on this web site. It might have to be removed for some commercial interests to pan out, but you still have this chance to check it out for free. I am, of course, hoping for feedback and constructive (rather than destructive) criticism.

There are 13 songs within AOOE, and ever since having posted it on this web site I've been working on producing recordings with my home studio so that I could present them as mp3s. Finally finished the 13th (and most difficult), so now every song in Adam's Songbook has a "Play mp3" link.

Also 5 new short (and not-so short) ARMAGEDDONQUEST adventures have recently been posted in the AQ Stories section.

The video interview I did for Dave Baxter's ARMAGEDDONQUEST project can still be seen at the following link:

3R Video Interview

--Later, 3R

Wednesday, 1 December 2010 Hey, you know how I keep insisting that I'm ALMOST finished writing that same old Bigfoot novel ADAM OUT OF EDEN? (30 years now) Been saying that for years--almost done now; just a little more, coming soon, just wait...


If you don't believe me (and why should you?) just check it out for yourself: it's here now, all 100 chapters. Okay, it might need more work, some tweaking and fixing, probably does. You are hereby invited to read it and let me know.

(I will, of course, be doing updates currently as I find and fix errors.) --Later, 3R

Sunday, 19 September 2010 Just got back from our (late) Summer Vacation in southern Toscana, camping in a national pine forest (see picture next page) on the west coast. It was nice and warm until the rain started, so we took it easy driving the 1800 kilometers home, stopping in 4 German cities on the way just because we like Deutschland.

Diligently working on finishing the ADAM OUT OF EDEN novel, now have all the chapters in place. A few minor tweaks to go: editing the 120 chapters, cleaning up, discarding, rewrites, fixing, deciding, changing, improving, etc. Hardly anything-- few weeks, months, years, whatever. Oh yeah, and a bunch of illustrations... Yep, almost done. Sorta almost.

The video interview I did for Dave Baxter's ARMAGEDDONQUEST project can still be seen at the following link:

3R Video Interview

Mentioning once again that I've had to restructure this 3R Home Page somewhat by plucking out most of the free comic stories I had posted here, in case you feel that something is missing. You'd be right, something is. --Later, 3R

Sunday, 22 August 2010 --Where's the Summer gone? It's raining a LOT in Copenhagen, going for the record, in fact. And we haven't even gone on Summer Vacation yet, but maybe next week, if all goes well.

Yes, STILL still working on finishing my Sasquatch novel, which is coming right along-- except that I'm rewriting chapters already written, just because I foolishly want to get it right. ARMAGEDDONQUEST, however, keeps getting in the way now and then with stuff that needs to be done for Dave Baxter's mountain-moving efforts to get it republished. One such item was a video interview of me about AQ, which can be seen at this link: (3R Video Interview)

I'll mention again that I've had to restructure this 3R Home Page somewhat by plucking out most of the free comic stories I had posted here, in case you feel that something is missing. It is. --Later, 3R

Saturday, 10 July 2010 -- It's Summer in Copenhagen-- at last, after a long drawn-out cold spell-- and it has arrived full blast along with the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the World Soccer Championship Games on big screens all over town, so the streets are full of people in a party mood.

Yes, I'm STILL working on finishing my Sasquatch novel, if/when I get the time. Recently, however, my buddy Dave Baxter in California needs me to do some ARMAGEDDONQUEST stuff for him, with the purose of actually earning some AQ money someday (?!?). Because of that I've had to restructure this 3R Home Page somewhat by plucking out most of the free comic stories I had posted here. Changes, adjustments, oh, can I survive them? --Later, 3R

Monday, 3 May 2010 -- Just got back from a little four-day break in Berlin. We were there for the 1st of May, which is a big political day in most European countries, including Germany. Lots of demonstrations and even more Polizei, mostly equally peaceful, but the troublemakers always have to make a play at night, throwing bricks and smashing things so that the police have to go to work. We avoided the troble and just had a nice time bicycling around town and tuning into the music and food. --Later, 3R

Back home in Copenhagen again, I'm still working on the Sasquatch novel, but also working full-time at a real job again, so production has slowed to a crawl. Instead of a chapter a day I'm down to writing less than a chapter a week. But still at it. --Later, 3R

Saturday, 12 February 2010 -- I've been diligently working on finishing my Sasquatch Novel, ADAM OUT OF EDEN, which has been lying dormant for years, half of it posted on this web site. But the story had gone in a direction I didn't like, so had to do an extensive rewrite to get back on track. Books 1 & 2 are done, and now I'm working on the final Book 3. I hope to post the entire novel within a month..or so. Gotta be realistic. --Later, 3R

Monday, 14 December 2009 -- The Copenhagen Climate Conference is going on right now, activists are demonstrating in the streets, police are everywhere, arresting thousands of people (literally!) and presidents and prime ministers are arriving from everywhere in the world to make some kind of decision about how to save the world and who is going to profit by it. Marianne and I are not directly involved, although we have been to a demonstration (peaceful) and have one of the delegates staying with us during the conference. Our guest is a nice young man from China and when he saw how many innocent people had been arrested the other day he said, "Oh, this is just like China!" --Later, 3R

Saturday 10 October 2009 -- Real Life has been happening here in Copenhagen: the International Olympics Committee has just held their big meeting, choosing Rio de Janeiro for 2012; USA's President Obama was here for that (and Oprah!); Kultur-Nat was last night. Marianne and I have been on our usual Road Trip around Europe in August & September and I've finally gotten around to writing & sending mails to family & friends. Also working on a cover & short story for the upcoming AQ Book 7 (check out All that stuff takes time, so once again there's not so much happening on this particular web-site these days. --Later, 3R

14 sept 2009 -- Okay, it must seem that I've been ignoring my Home Page for awhile, but actually I'm working on it like crazy. Bigger projects take more time: and the ADAM OUT OF EDEN story is nothing less than a thick novel. I'm also spending a lot of time on the OTHER website,, in cahoots with Dave Baxter presenting the entire 850 pages of AQ as a web-comic AND published issues. -- Later, 3R