The Jupiterian Symbiote Brain System

Standard low-grade jellybrains did the usual sensory processing of stimulii, calculating navigational data required to constantly steer this great ship through the AtmoSea. Clusters of yet another jellybrain race concerned themselves with the logistics of supplying foodstuffs down to all the various parts of itself, by coordinating all the different specialty species to each their function of the chain.

Seemingly sleeping are the jellybrains that take over if or when survival logistics are necessary.

Then come the higher grade brains to keep the lumbering hungry behemoth satisfying its own needs in harmony with the local ecology; specialist brainbanks doing calculations for the journey to Aldebaran IV; plans for future upgrades.

At the top of this highly sophisticated brain system, were social interaction with other Jupiterian Nations; and dedicated jellybrain batteries attuned to radio frequencies of stars, other planets, and especially Earth,
which broadcast those amusing 3V shows and scandal tabloids.

The radiobrain batteries deal Earth 3V entertainment to all parts of XOXLNDU, for the amusement of the masses, but more importantly, to follow the reports of their friends returning to Earth.

That's Entertainment
Jupiterians watch Earth 3V because they find the concept of an individual personality locked into one finite mortal body really quite comical. They were especially amused and involved while the Cosmic Couple was so popular, because that was THEM in the story. The Cosmic Couple are returning to Earth even now, and Jupiterians are looking forward to the new Cosmic Couple season with great anticipation.

Hanging Out
Well, what else do you DO for kicks if you're some kind of "arm-thing" mounted fast to a rib beside a bunch of other "function-things" who have no more personality than you do?

Size is not Important
Brain size means very little, although each of the jellybrains was hundreds of times larger than the little brain in Juno's little body, she had in fact much more personality and individual calculating power than all of the 16 put together. Alone, the jellybrains were not intelligent; alone, she was. The jellybrains were no more than a relay to the grater personality and intelligence of XOXLNDU.