The Interstellar Project

53 of your "light years" away, the 4th planet orbiting the star Aldebaran is a gas giant where the Original Race had left a colony millions of years before. They are about to expire: their stock is depleted and they cannot regenerate without fresh input. We must send some of us.

We have the knowledge, but cannot do this without technology, for which we need men. You can build the machines for us: a battery of MEST-projectors that will convert us into HyperLight and transmit us to that planet via hyper-MEST techniques. You may come along. The 3rd planet from that star is like your own Earth, primitive and without a dominant intelligent species.

There are also other stars with useable planets, some of which we would like to colonize, some of which you could use.

We cannot use your planet type any more than you can use gas giants, so ours can be a mutually beneficial cooperation without the threat of competition.

However, first we must assure that our hearts are pure, that we do not take with us the destructive seeds of greed, or anger, or fear. These things cause war, misuse of power, wasting of planetary resources, and must not be spread throughout the universe.

We shall discuss this.