Part 12: the Party


direct, live OptiVid coverage from the fazenda de la familía Alexandre.

NARRATOR: Hi folx, Dave Whipchuck, your Optivid Buccaneer, here in São Paulo, Brazil...welcome to the Party of the Century, perhaps both centuries, old & new, because this is the place to be. This is where it's at, this is where anyone who is anyone IS.

And that includes me and you, although no one knows that, because I'm OptiVidding this with my secret eyeball camera.

Hear that band: nostalgia or what? None other than the Golden StarGods, of course, orbiting right along with their classic "Dancing on the Rings of Saturn". Haven't heard them in years, but then they're here to play for a certain young lady who liked them a lot 35 years ago.

Look who's here: there's the famous Viddy instructor, Maurice Verne; and the president of the South American States Ramon Schwartzenegger; soccer champion Chung Wan Lei; oooo-hooo, blonde bombshellette Pixi Nairobi;and...and there HE is folx: Niels Tordenskjold, our hero from Jupiter--can SHE be far off?

Aha, there she is: Marucia herself. My God, she's a beauty! Surrounded by admirerers...but she doesn't seem too pleased about their conversation, let's get closer.

MARU:, we are not interested in contracting anyone exclusive media rights; we are doing our best to stay OUT of the media business!

STUDIO EXEC #1: But this one's got it all--The Cosmic Couple 3V Show--weekly sit-com...

STUDIO EXEC #2: I don't blame you, Maru, that guy doesn't appreciate what the Cosmic Couple is all about--Drama, Significant Themes, that's the way to go...

STUDIO EXEC #3: Don't listen to them, Maru, we can give you what really SELLS: Big Special-Effect Extravaganza...

STUDIO EXEC #1: You're both fulla kaka, bozos...we all know what REALLY sells...hey, Maru, come back!

Another meeting, Maru with an old school friend--well, the friend is old, anyway if Maru isn't.

MARU: Lindia, is that you?

LINDIA: Sí, it's me. A wonder you can recognize me.

Maru: No, I'm learning what to look for. People don't really change that much.

LINDIA: Well, you certainly haven't. But, as you can see, I look old now.

MARU: You're only 55, that's not old.

LINDIA: For a woman it is. You're so lucky.

MARU: People say that, they forget that they have lived those years, and I haven't yet. Please don't envy me.

LINDIA: It's not you I envy, it's my own lost youth I suddenly remember. Sorry, you must get a lot of that?

MARU: I get emotional confusion. For me too. But I'm glad to be back anyway. Glad I got back before it was too late--100 years, or even a thousand years.

LINDIA: You know, Maru--I'm glad you made it too. I'm glad you're alive, and that I got to see you again.'s 20 minutes to Midnight, there is a real buzz in the air now. The 22nd Century is gasping it's last...hey, there she IS: the Baby from Jupiter; Juno Tordenskjold- Alexandre. Marucia's holding her for the guests to admire. Let's pressss in a little closer.

MARU: ...she can be here with us for Midnight when the New Century comes in, and then it's time for little Juno to go back to bed..

Kid doesn't look sleepy to me, she's digging this--check out that smile, you know I don't think I've...ever...seen such a beautiful baby. Giggle giggle goo...uh, excuse me.

One Minute to Midnight! Everyone is watching the clock, champagne poised to wash down the last hundred years, 30...29...28...

Look at the beautiful baby Juno, she's enjoying this. Her mother is...what?...holy shit, the baby is shining, there's a light around her! Now she's...uh...rising up, floating up, yes she's really degravitating...

(uh, psst, are we getting this?--ok, just checking that I was really seeing it)...

...hovering over our heads now, above the cloud, shining like a Star Child SHOULD shine, eyes closed, smiling, beginning to turn, faster, to spin...