Part 6: a Year

the DIGITAL DAILY news----1800 World Standard Time----3 Nov 2164

Female Envoy Begins Training

Marucia Alexandre begins training in space today. The Brazilian Envoy Selectee has been too busy up to now, but the Committee for Interplanetary Diplomacy has finally convinced her to make the plunge into high vacuum. Both she and Lt Tordenskjold will train on the WSS Heinlein, a Planeteer 412 with a crew of 10.

the CYBERSCANDAL EXPRESS----2000 wst----31 Dec 2164

Niels and Eduardo Battle for Marucia

We hear that handsome young Lt Niels Tordenskjold has been a guest in the family home of Marucia Alexandre in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And that there has been a conflict between him and millionair Eduardo de Ouro intended groom to the beautiful Marucia. Word is that Niels tried to assure Eduardo that he and Marucia were just friends, but the jealous latin lover would not be convinced and they ended up in a brawl.
the DIGITAL DAILY news----2000 World Standard Time----4 Aug 2165

One Year to Go

There is only one year left before the scheduled Descent of Earth's Envoys into Jupiter. The 3rd Convention for Interplanetary Diplomacy was held in Sydney, Australia. Among the distinguished speakers were Professors L. Niven and J. Pournelle, as well as Chairperson Dr Jeena Asimov.

Of primary interest was the almost-finished Jupiter Descent Craft (popularly called the "Jupship"). There are still arguments as to the technical plausability of surviving the extreme atmospheric conditions of the giant planet. In speaking of the problems presented Professor Niven mentioned that "It is almost like descending into a star!"

"Everyone knows that we could never build a material shell capable of withstanding the physical battering of 1000 kph windstorms at pressures that mash gas to liquid, nor insulating the passengers against the deadly radiation field surrounding the planet. But the Jupship technology, also given to us by the Jupiterians, is a further expansion on the MEST-applications which...somehow...put the craft 'out of phase' with the physical realities of Inertia and Gravity and Raw External Violence."

The Envoy Selectees also made their appearances. Lt Tordenskjold returning to Earth again after a journey to Mars, and senhorita Alexandre arriving from Brazil, where she has finished her Doctorate in Environomics. They gave short cameo appearences. Contrary to the romantic notion of their Cosmic Couple-ness, senhorita Alexandre's fiance accompanied her. She is to be married in two weeks.
the CYBERSCANDAL EXPRESS----2000 wst----17 Aug 2165

deOuro-Alexandre Nuptuals Postponed Yet Again

Well, they've called it off again, MARUCIA & EDUARDO. Everyone knows why. He just can't get NIELS out of his mind, or is it her who can't?

the CYBERSCANDAL EXPRESS----2000 wst----30 Aug 2165


An exclusive Interview

"Look, it's nobody's business why we cancelled the wedding, can't you people just back off and leave us alone? Of course Eduardo and I have problems when the entire TelComNet Media World is pressuring me to be part of some Hollywood Cosmic Couple! Niels Torden and I have become FRIENDS--and why not: we've been put into the same glass bowl--but we are not lovers. Never have been. He's a nice boy, but...well, no comment."

the CYBERSCANDAL EXPRESS----2000 wst----3 Sept 2165

Niels admits Interest

Moonbase Tycho Brahe: our on-the-spot reporter cornered 1st Lt TORDENSKJOLD in a decompression chamber.

REPORTER: Didya hear what she said about you? "He's a nice boy, comment." Whaddya think? Doesn't that burn you a little, "Boy"?

TORDENSKJOLD: Don't you guys ever give it a rest? What is she supposed to say when every word gets transmitted worldwide? And now you want me to say something insulting about her to feed to the Media. Well, forget it. She's a friend.

REPORTER: You're not interested in her as a woman? A babe like that, come on...

TORDENSKJOLD: She's a very lovely woman, so sure, I'm automatically interested, just like you are--but so what? I'm NOT interested in messing up her life, and she should be married to Eduardo by now anyway.

REPORTER: Nah, haven't you heard? They called it off again.

TORDENSKJOLD: Really? Oh, well...well, that's got nothing to do with me.

REPORTER: Hey, that's not what the world wants to hear.