You chose THAT Ending? You FOOL!


...the baby Juno shining and floating and spinning with her arms outstretched, a tiny gyroscopic Christ-figure, spinning yet faster, with blinding speed until we cannot see her as anything but a violent blur. Then she stops suddenly, hanging in the air.

Everyone silent except Marucia and Niels, she screams "Junoooo!", he shouts "Nooooo!" Then everyone screams in horror.

The child has swollen up to many times its size, and is now round like a blown-up baloon ready to burst, blood and shit and drool drip from every stretched out orifice, her eyes bulging and ready to pop out of her deformed head. It croaks a weak, pathetic "Mama..." and then splits open, almost exploding.

Something white and bulbous and veiny bulges its way out of the blasted baby body, an ugly floating THING that has never before been seen upon Earth, an alien life-form. It throbs, sucks the ruined baby flesh inside its membraneous skin by osmosis, and grows very suddenly to twice its size. A writhing whipping ganglia spurts out of the round bulk, grows, and waves around the room like a tentacle.

Pixi Nairobi is too close--it lashes out at her and makes a whiplike contact. She screams once, then the beautiful blonde bombshellette explodes, or seems to turn inside out, and is sucked instantly into the tentacle.

Now people are really screaming--me too--we all panic. We run for the door, but the monster has again become larger, and another three tentacles have erupted out to catch more of us. It moves after us aggressively, reaching out, flicking people into itself.

My god, it's working so fast now. 20 people...40, scooped up, consumed. I've got to get out of here. Wait, Marucia is confronting it...I've got to get this...she's commanding her daughter to behave...oh no!!! That was gruesome, poor Marucia--here's Niels, he's got a weapon! Shoot the fucker, man!

He did shoot, it just oozed pus out and healed itself. Aw, no, Niels too! That's it, I'm outta here. That thing--God, there are tentacles everywhere now, filling up the entire building, there's no way out! And it's grown so BIG that the building is being ruptured open. Can anything stop this horror? Can! not me not m****

(transmission failure)

Hypernet News

1 January 2200, 0900 wst


It is hypothesied that the alien creature that manifested itself in Brazil at Midnight last night is in fact a form of "virus" from Jupiter. In the 9 hours since it appeared it has consumed or killed everyone in São Paulo and grown to a breadth of 9 kilometers. All efforts to stop it have failed: it absorbs projectiles into its mushy body; it melts before fire, then reforms unharmed; is immune to poisons; and any parts cut off continue to live and begin operating independantly.

The Solar Rangers are ready with a nuclear missile, but it is feared that if it is blown into pieces, each piece will become a creature like the one we already can't deal with. However, it is growing at such a rate that it will consume or smother all life on Earth within 6 weeks.

Lt R. Sheckley of the Solar Rangers, who was among the Jupiter Return team, has this to say: "We feared something like this when we knew how the child was conceived on Jupiter, and we had decided to keep it in isolation on Callisto Base, but your god-damned civilian "Popular Opinion" took the authority out of our hands and you got your Jupiter baby down to Earth after all.

"Now we have to figure out what to do if it DOES kill all life on Earth. Can it leave Earth? It hovers, it may have MEST capabilities. Will it visit all of our colonies one by one? Is it a bomb the Jupiterians have dropped on us, or is it an accidental virus, like when the Spaniards wiped out the Aztec with smallpox? Do we go to war with Jupiter? Can we win a war against Jupiter?

"If you ask 'Do we have the resources to war against Jupiter?', the answer is obvious: they have two-thirds of all the resources there are in the Solar System, and we have about one millionth, if we even have the Earth any more; they gave us MEST, so if they attacked us they probably have something bigger and better. No, I don't think we'll even bother attacking a Gas Giant."

Hypernet News

19 February 2200, 2300 wst


It has been confirmed that as of 2 hours ago The Jupiter Virii have consumed the last bit of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere and that all surface and sea life have been extinguished.

The virii have since been leaving the Earth and seem to be moving toward our colonies. Space City is now being evacuated.

Last man turn out the lights.


o what a HORRIBLE ENDING, Sob, Oh no, Weep, Moan, Gnash, Wail.. pick another, any other...