Exchange  rates  for  Danish  Kroner 
$ 1 US
1 British
1 Euro
4.77 kr
3.8 kr
9.42 kr
100 kr
100 kr
100 kr
$ 20.93 US
10.60 British
13.39 Euro
Sorry, all you eager budget travellers, but Denmark is not cheap. Then again, the prices here are pretty much the same as in all of Central Europe. Dinner in a resturant here is about the same as in Paris or Rome, drinking is a bit more expensive. You have to go out to Portugal or Greece or Eastern Europe to find cheap tourist paradises these days.

Of course, the reason Denmark and Europe are so expensive for Americans is the declining value of the US Dollar. For very many years the Kroner rate was 7 to the Dollar, for a short while up over 10, but now it's fallen to well under 5 (actually 4.77 as I write this). This fluctuates constantly, could change for better or worse at any time.

However, even here you can find bargains and good deals, there are cheaper places to eat than in resturants downtown--the classic solution is to eat where the locals do: smørrebrød shops are pretty reasonable, the ones where working people pick up a lunch pack and take it with them. As everywhere, truck stops are quite reasonable, although you do have to be out of town or in an industrial area to find them. And there's always McDonald's, where the skimpiest hamburger costs $1.50 (although a standard Big Mac Meal costs $10, so watch it). You can pay up to 45 kroner for a beer in a popular cafe, or 5 kroner in a supermarket.

As for staying a while, hotels can be pretty
expensive: I've heard many cost about $200 USD a day, although there are also a few for half that. A better deal is Private Housing, where normal Danes rent you a room in their home for about 300 kr ($42) for a double, an average price for anywhere in Europe--you find them thru the Hovedbanegåd (Central Train Station). There are also Youth Hostels and Sleep-Ins for about 150-200 kr with breakfast, and several campgrounds around the city.

But by far the best solution to living cheaply in København is to breeze into town, meet a beautiful Dane who takes you home, treats you really good, and makes you fall in love with her/him & the whole Life-in-Denmark scene. Of course, that does require a little luck, but it happens all the time, it's a pretty romantic city. I'm still here.

and yes, you can also use Euros in most international stores
Dollars, not so much