Actually, it's not just Denmark, but pretty much all of Europe that sports topless beaches and a general acceptance of nudity. It's only in fanatic fundamentalistic religious lands-- like the "Land of the Free" --where repression against bare skin threatens with arrest and exposure is "indecent" and equated with Sin.

The Danes do push it a bit though, magazine racks on the street show a vast array of porno and naked ladies. Children grow up with it all around them...and it doesn't seem to bother or hurt anyone, by the way. Girls go around wearing the most daring clothes--breasts are for showing off, either with a push-up bra or none at all, if you can't take it, tough.

That reputation Scandal-navia has had for "free sex" is true-- sort of --or at least, it was in the 50's and early 60's, back when the rest of the world was more or less officially puritanical. Since then, however, many cultures behave pretty much like the Danes. Sexual Morality has come to mean that you don't lie and hurt and cheat your lovers, rather than abstaining from having any. Danes generally seem to have a well developed sense of fairness.

There is a semi-underworld of seamy strip clubs and bars here, there are escort girls and prostitutes, but no more than anywhere else, and the Danes don't seem to be the ones most interested in them.

Just to show what you can get away with in Denmark, here's an advertisment for Triumph International women's underwear, that's recently been plastered on posters everywhere in Denmark, BIG posters, real traffic-stoppers. The idea is that the girl's bra is so "super-soft" that it melts onto her breast. Okay, doesn't make much sense, who'd want to buy a bra that melts...but isn't she cute?

I doubt if you could put this ad up on billboards in the States, even though it's actually pretty innocent.