On the other side of the Hovedbanegård from the bright lights and action of family entertainment in Tivoli, are the darker streets and alleys of Vesterbro, where you find another kind of action, although NOT family entertainment.

Go down Istegade if you want to find the porno shops, the Eastern & Asian grill bars, the hookers, the heroin, and the heaviest bars in town. It's not a big area, but it's there.

Kbh has crime and prostitution and drug addicts just like every big city, and most of this goes on in that area, but Denmark is a rich little country, and people really can't get as desparate as in many other countries. The worst part of København isn't that bad: not especially dangerous, lots of people live there because they like the mileau, which is relaxed and raunchy. Of course, some people don't like it at all. Junkies stealing their stuff and all that, occasional murders...but hey, only once in a while--it's not like NYC or LA.