The Julianas

or here are Short Cuts for
those who know the way


Do you like the picture of Juliana? It could be better, you say? Well, okay, here's the version for PERVERTS.

some notes to COPIES:

Everybody's familiar with the Transporter Room in Star Trek, "Beam me up, Scotty!" etc. A handy story telling device for getting characters into situations right away. Their future technogy does the trick of zapping your molecules, breaking them apart, transmitting them to the next stop, and reassembling them. Sounds great, except that you'd never survive the part where your molecules get broken down. Oh well.... Ah, but what about sending similar data to assemble a COPY of yourself? You'd be fine and your copy would be transported to wherever it was needed. Of course, you do end up with a lot of extra yourselves left over.

Juliana, the heroine of the first set of stories, has therefore several Fates or Destinies to choose from. And the 5 Rickies are part of her story as well.