Meet Our Hero, a modern Sasquatch

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Adam out of Eden is currently published as an E-Book on Amazon, but was originally composed as an HTML document for this web site. It was removed from my 3R Home Page for a few years so as not to compete with e-book sales. But now I'm putting it up again, hoping to promote interest in the e-book version, which can be found for $8 US at (or your local branch if overseas).

Yes, I know: the e-book costs money and the web site is free, but it is so much easier and handy to read an entire novel as an easily portable e-book than to be stuck in front of your computer for 100 chapters (900 pages). Besides, a measly $8 US is hardly expensive these days and you'd get to be a patron of the arts.

Or if you don't feel like buying an e-book you're absolutely welcome to read it here for free. I didn't really write it to make money. It was a fun story to play with and I feel that it's fun to read, so I'd like for people to discover it. I'm working on the sequel now.

As for the story itself, our hero is a young Sasquatch trying to survive in our world--he's the good guy, we're the monsters. It's an adventure quest in the background of the Great Pacific Northwest. I was living in Monroe, Washington when I first wrote it, where the story is also set, and where the Bigfoot myth has been going strong for a long time. It was easy to do research: besides lots of published documentation, I just talked to people-- seems everybody's either seen a Bigfoot or knows somebody who has.