INTRO, Once Again, 3rd Time

ART FOREST reporting--

It's been a while since we ended our ADAM OUT OF EDEN and ADAM INTO BABYLON volumes of this continuing document, but new chapters/reports keep coming in, so I guess we'll just add them to the pile and start a new book. Maybe we'll call it ADAM KEEPS ON TRUCKING, or something like that.

(But as you can see we've settled for SQUATCH & FRIENDS.)

Ideally, our audience (you) has already read the first two volumes, but in case not let me offer a quick resume. Also in case it's been a while and you've forgotten some details.

Okay, even if you haven't read those particular books, you've probably heard about that baby Bigfoot who was orphaned about 20 years ago, but then raised as an American kid and turned out to be just as human as you or me. You may also have heard about him becoming a successful singer/songwriter with his own band, Squatch & Friends, on tour together with veteran rock band Chrome Pie. He gets in the news a lot. Anyway, that's Adam Leroy Forest, my adopted son.

And yes, he's still a Sasquatch, huge and hairy at 8'3" tall, 535 pounds, but fortunately a nice guy who can neither tell a lie nor break a promise.

It took Adam almost all of those 20 years to find his own Nokhon people, but now he is advocating their acceptance into American society, having established the Nokhon Nation Project (NNP). In our own modern world, Adam is a professional musician, as well as studying anthropology at the Univerity of Washington in Seattle. Among the Nokhontli he is learning magic to become a Sha-haka (shaman). But there is an innate conflict between those two worlds because artifacts and technology are strictly forbidden in the Nokhon culture.

But the "primitive" Nokhon culture is not the only restrictive and judgemental mentality Adam has to deal with, "humans" are just as problematic. We have documented much of his uniquely special life story, which we have kept private-- or let's say "confidential" --not for public consumption. But the social media (especially The National Inquisitor tabloid) has been dissatisfied with our desire for privacy and have therefore leaked their own version of the document, gleefully exposing our scandalously improper (in their opinion) lifestyles, I shall not list their insidiously nasty accusations here, which shall be better served in a court of law, if and when that time comes.

So Adam and the band are encountering moral indignation from the kind of people who believe every conspirations theory suggested by the NI or Faux News. As could be expected, acts of violence have occurred.

Last reported, Adam and the band were heading north out of Pittsburg to perform their next concert in Akron, Ohio. While as we here in "the Hacienda" outside Monroe, Washington had just survived a paramilitary attack instigated by a deeply corrupt US Senator, who has now been arrested but may still have some tricks up his sleeve. We've also had some problems with a Mexican drug cartel as well as a powerful American lumber company (Herz Industries) who don't want any "indigenous primates" interfering with their God-given right to cut down any and all trees in the land.

Welcome to the fray!

Chapter 1

the Adam out of Eden series