wishing Tazio a
Happy 13th Birthday

from your Jytte
Beloved Tazio:

I wish I could say to you: Happy Birthday, Tazio. Thirteen years old, congratulations, you're a teenager at last.

Oh, how stupid that sounds, but today is the 21st of March, the vernal equinox. A year since I saw you last. A year since your 12th birthday and awakening of The Lust. A year since we finally had sex-- that one and only time. A year since that catastrophic battle against Ulfo's demon, when you unintentionally destroyed the villa and scattered your family to the winds. A year since we've all been hiding from you.

All that year I've been thinking about you, missing you, missing the life we had together. Especially just now, on this "multi-anniversary", so I'm writing this letter to you even though I may not send it. Maybe I can give it to you later, maybe not, but at this moment I can't stand not being honest with you, not letting you know where I am, or what has happened to me since we parted, or how much I still love you.

It has been horrible knowing that for most of that year you believed me to be dead, how guilty you must have felt for having accidentally killed us all, and it has been a deception I hated. I felt just as guilty for keeping you in the dark. But they-- The Angels --insist that it be so for now, and promise me that you and I may be together again after you have achieved your destiny. I take that to mean IF the world can survive your destiny, so we'll see.

At least some of my guilt was relieved last May when I was sent to La Destinazione to meet a British geologist named Peter, who was investigating the newborn volcanic crater centered in the ruins of our old villa. I was instructed to touch his hand and charge him with a psychic message, which I am informed he transmitted to you several months later somewhere in the Sahara Desert. So at least you know that we-- your mother, Buffone and I--are still alive. Ulfo is alive too, but I wasn't sure of that myself until recently and I don't know where he is.

But I had so much more to tell you than was in that message, which weren't even my words at all, but something "The Angels" told me to say. All the mystery is because Mariangela and I are now initiates among agents of the Angelic Race, the antithesis of the Dark Templars, and secrecy is what they are all about. "Secrecy is the root of magical power," they tell me.

It's even a secret that I have given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

She is an Avatar, a baby goddess, 3 months old now but as yet she only sleeps. We don't know when she will awaken, the mediums say she is still waiting for her soul to arrive upon Earthlevel. We don't know who she is, so she has no name yet, we call her "Our Child".

She was born last 21st of December, the winter solstice. Yes, exactly 9 months after that dramatic day when everything came to a climax in every way, including our sex life. So it's quite possible that she's your daughter, Tazio.

But only "possible", there's some confusion about the matter. You already knew that I also had sex with Ulfo two days earlier, so he could be the father instead. Well, it gets more complicated: you never knew about Anton. Yes, really, the weekend before... oh, maybe I'd better explain about Anton. Ah yes, now that's a secret I'd like to get rid of.

Do you remember when I took that trip around Europe to promote our new company, Dellaterra Spa? Yes, of course you do, you remember everything. But I need the words to remind myself of it all, so much has happened since then. It was December, you were almost 11 years old, my scandalously young super-genius boy friend. I was 30 years old then but looked and felt younger than I had at 20, and in was fact becoming a genius myself, all because of being close to the aura of your energy.

I needed to go to Rome to establish the special international bank account to channel some of that money pouring in from your various patents and inventions to the non-profit projects Dellaterra Spa was trying to set up, as well as make a PR presentation with a group of financial bigwigs to let them know who we were and what we were up to.

You had been concerned that because of my relationship with you I might be accosted by Anton Artemis and his Dark Templars if I travelled outside La Destinazione. But Ulfo had assured us that I would be safe, and as an extra protection had drawn that little magical tattoo on the back of my head, unseen under my hair. Well, you were right, Anton did approach me in Rome, but I never told you about it because he had commanded me not to. I couldn't disobey, he was a psychic lord like you, and I was just a puny woman. But now that I am also an avatar I can ignore his commands.

Another thing I hadn't told you was that just before Ulfa's transformation to Ulfo, at the peak of her cosmic empathy, she told me that I would definitely meet Anton in Rome. I didn't want you to worry, and I wasn't afraid since she also prepared me with a protective spell, a sort of post-hypnotic code or "magic word". So I thought I was ready for Anton Artemis when I went off on my trip.

I drove our little Fiat Uno up to Rome. I remember marveling what you had done to that little car with all your fine-tuning and tinkering, your carburetor invention, the digital timing system. I was stunned at how fast it was, trying it out on a long open stretch of the Autopista, chickened out at 225 kpm. One of my meetings was to be with Fiat Spa in Milano, so I had a confident feeling for what we were selling them.

But my first stop was to be at the World Assistance Convention happening in Rome. I was scheduled for a presentation the same afternoon I arrived, being held in the Eurostars Hotel & Convention Center. I had arranged a reservation at the Hotel.

When I arrived to check in, however, I discovered that my reservation had been "lost" somehow. The desk clerk was very apologetic, and tried to invite me to sleep with him that evening. Sweet, but no thanks. I had no time to do anything about a room since it was almost time for my scheduled presentation, and had to go directly to the convention center.

It wasn't a huge convention, being specialized to industrial support for the Third World and hardly a big draw for the public, but there were about eight hundred people there anyway. There were booths for the various companies represented, and a microphone podium and audiovisual equipment for the speakers. I came in just as the speaker before me was finishing and it was already my turn to set up.

I only had one compact efficient travel case to carry up to the podium, but to get there I had to pass through a gauntlet of men eagerly offering to carry it for me. At first I thought how friendly everyone is, and then I realized that all of these men were extremely attracted to me. Of course I already knew that rubbing up against your energy had somehow made me absurdly sexy, but I hadn't been out of La Destinazione for months, where they've become used to me. This was just embarrassing.

I finally arrived to the podium, and set up the laptop computer while trying to ignore all those men so focused on my every move. Finally I was ready and had to turn to face the crowd. Or thought I'd been ready, it was actually pretty shocking to come face to face with so many HORNY MEN, leaning towards me, stupidly gaping at my beauty (meaning boobs and butt), almost literally drooling with lust. I felt paralyzed, a playboy bunny in the headlights.

But I managed to recall the "magic word" that Ulfa had given me to deal with Anton Artemis. I began my presentation by speaking it into the microphone, "Arranthaht." It seemed to work: suddenly every one of those men leaned back in their chairs and relaxed, as if they'd had their orgasms and were ready for a cigarette.

I continued with my standard speech: "Good day Ladies and Gentlemen: my name is Jytte Øgård. I am representing DELLATERRA Societe per azioni. We are a non-profit organization whose function is to analyze problems of a global scale and generate solutions. We offer the talents of a very high-magnitude young genius. I think you'll be quite impressed with what he can do."

Then I used the laptop you had so cleverly programmed for me to show them pictures of you, some of your inventions, the local projects you'd done in La Destinazione, and played that little video of you explaining your interest in designing some very large projects around the world to help the poor everywhere, free-energy sources, improved food production techniques, some of those surprisingly simple-yet-new ideas you come up with, etc.

I watched the crowd and noticed that most those men were just as tuned to your talk as they had been to my "beauty". Even through the filter of a video camera you had the power to influence people. When it was done they seemed to blink as if awakening from hypnosis.

As you know, there was a huge response to our presentation, many were interested in financing the projects you mentioned. Some genuinely wanted to help the poor-- although there was also a strong hint of greed for the profit they could make from your ideas. And of course, some negativity from those who might lose their power base, such as if free energy was suddenly available to all. I gave out business cards, e-mail address, said they could contact us, and let it all work itself out later.

Then I had to get out of there. All those men were gradually warming to me again, asking me to join them for dinner, discuss business in private, some ready to fight for the honor. I used Ulfa's magic word again and they relaxed, but it seemed impossible to come out of that conference room alone. Until a gentleman came and escorted me through the crowd.

He was a big man, quite mature but obviously in great shape, and he warded off the other men easily, more by a commanding presence than a show of force. Seems no man there wanted to challenge him, they allowed us to pass out of the crowd into the hotel lobby, where the crowd dispersed and I was free. Except from him, of course.

I'd noticed him in the crowd earlier. He looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen him before, assumed he was probably someone famous. Certainly important. Out of all those men he had stood out as the absolutely most attractive one despite his age: suave, elegant, handsome, physically impressive, magnetic personality. He had a dark dramatic face, van dyke beard, silvery temples in a mane of thick black hair, very sexy eyes. I'd also noticed that he was watching me in a different way than all those horny men, much more knowing, affectionate, and yet intimate, as if he knew me.

"My, those men were certainly closing in on you, my dear, that must have been upsetting. Shall I escort you to your room, Miss Øgård?"

"I have no room yet," I said, "my reservation was lost."

"Ah? Perhaps I can help-- allow me to present myself: Dr Gerhard Stein at your service."

The name rang several bells and I suddenly remembered everything about him: where and when I 'd met him before, having had sex with him, and finally realized just who that man really was. Just as suddenly it all made sense, the "lost" reservation, this wonderful gentleman who easily rescued me, and was obviously out to sweep me off my feet. Again.

I think my heart stopped for a second, I was assailed by a terrible wave of vast fear, yet even more intensely, an irresistible surge of sexual excitement, which you know so well as "The Lust". He saw it all hit me, smiled kindly, waved a hand like the Pope giving a benediction, and I was instantly calmed and comforted. Like magic.

Now in cool control I said, "Dr Gerhard Stein? Oh yes, I remember you. But wasn't that also your identity back when you were a revolutionary hero uniting the Jews to establish the new Israeli state in 1947?"

I was surprised not to be afraid of him, considering how dangerous everyone says he is. Instead I was being very cute, showing off that I knew who he was. I don't know, maybe I was flirting, he was certainly an attractive man. And we did have a history, although I had forgotten it entirely until just then.

But he seemed to like it, at least he smiled. "Oh, you know about that? And how about Erik Ubermann?"

"Ja ja, der Übermensch selbst. That was you also passing as a Nazi leader ruthlessly exterminating Jews. Playing both sides against each other, I heard. Totally evil."

"Just doing my job," he said modestly, "which at that time was to bring a Jewish state into existence located around the ruins of Har Meggidon and thus set the scene for the Apocalypse. I succeeded. And all that for your young lover, Tazio the Antichrist."

"I don't think he's interested."

"No, not yet. But that's fine, he'll come around later. As for here and now, Miss Øgård, may I invite you for dinner? I'd love to discuss some things with you."

"So that you can poison me? Or seduce me again?"

"Please, I mean you no harm, that I absolutely promise. As for seducing you, well I can promise that too, if you insist."

Of course I agreed to have dinner with him, he was literally irresistible anyway, and there had to be all those notorious Dark Templars lurking nearby to enforce his every whim if I refused. Besides, how often does one get a chance to date the Devil?

I've told you about when I was in those men's magazines and got voted as "sexiest girl of the year" in Denmark. I was barely 18, got photographed topless on the beach and was a "page 9 girl" in Ekstra Bladet. That led to offers from men's magazines, sessions with several professional photographers who took some very pretty pictures that made me look good. I only did it a few times for fun and a little money, it was never a career I wanted to pursue. I was studying to be a school teacher, so I tried to keep the scandal factor pretty innocent.

Actually I thought those magazines were rather adolescent- oriented. I've never had anything against nudity, having spent almost every summer with my parents in naturist campgrounds around Europe, but these pictures were the kind where you never quite showed it all, topless but always hiding your nipples with your hands. Just a tease, but some readers voted for me as the hottest girl that year anyway. I was flattered. Young and foolish, right?

But it was not all a tease, there were many less innocent offers and temptations: money for sex, hard-core pornography, sadism, drugs. I wanted nothing to do with any of that, but it wanted me, and one day at a photo shoot in London --where I'd been studying for two years-- a very rich man wanted to meet me because he'd seen my pictures. That's right, Sir Gerhard Stein himself. Not that he came for me himself, he sent a messenger. Of course I wasn't interested, I knew what it was about, so I said "No".

For all the good that did, I was kidnapped up on my way home by two very scary men-- probably Dark Templars, although I knew nothing about them back then --and taken to a mansion in the heart of London. Delivered to a huge bedroom, stripped of all my clothes, and told to wait. I was 18 years old, still slightly virgin, and absolutely afraid.

I wanted to escape, but when he came into the room I changed my mind. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my life, radiating that literally Satanic sexuality he has. I didn't have a chance, was instantly seduced. He said nothing, didn't need to. I felt no doubt or hesitation, and neither did he: he threw off his bathrobe and had me prodigiously, again and again until I finally passed out.

At that time I thought it had been my own desire, but now I know that Anton Artemis raped me with his power of psychic domination. I'd never told you because I'd forgotten all about it until that moment I met him again in Rome.

He had a special restaurant in mind, and a car waiting outside the hotel. And what a car! I'd been informed that Anton Artemis was secretly the richest man in the world and would have expected a chauffeured luxury limousine, something dignified, but it was an old beat-up open sports car. He told me it was the 250 Ferrari Testa Rossa that had won the Mille Miglia in 1957, which meant very little to me at the time, but I got in, he drove.

It was certainly exciting to ride in! Loud, rattling, windy, and heart-stoppingly fast. We got onto the Autostrada just after the Airport and were soon doing over 350 kpm. Anton looked relaxed, but there was a big grin on his face, he was having fun. I assumed he was something like you, superadept at physical skills such as driving, and that I could allow myself to enjoy the experience instead of being afraid.

It only took a few minutes at that speed to arrive at an exclusive country club. Luckily, I had been dressed in a nice business suit for the convention, but I saw my reflection in the window as we went inside: my previously brushed hair had become a frothy explosion of blonde. Oh well, I didn't care, I was the guest of a millionaire, nobody looked sideways at me.

The staff was obviously familiar with Anton, the service snappy and intuitive. He walked us to a table without asking and the waiters all fell in line, sliding chairs under us, knowing which wine to serve, lighting candles. Anton didn't bother with the menu, said, "I hope you don't mind but I've already ordered the same for us both, trust me, you'll like it. Try the wine."

I've always considered myself a "rødstrømper", the Danish version of a liberated woman, and can sometimes be antagonistic if a man comes on too sure of himself, too macho, too superior, too arrogant. I never allow men to order for me in restaurants, for example, or command me to drink their wine. But I let him. It didn't even occur to me to resist his game plan, Ulfa had also warned me not to: Anton Artemis was the most powerful avatar incarnate on the planet-- basically a god-- and had the power to do anything he wanted to anyone at any time. But I wasn't afraid because he seemed to like me, and funny enough I think I liked him too.

"You have cat-eyes like Tazio," I said, and sipped my wine. Wonderful wine, it hardly needed to be drugged, if that was his plan.

"You can see my eyes as they really are? I'm impressed Jytte, most people can't see anything but what I let them see."

"I know, just like Tazio."

"In fact, usually only an avatar can see through another avatar's psychic imaging. But you aren't one... or are you?" He studied me a moment, looked again quizzically, then smiled. "Ah... you're BECOMING an avatar, contact with Tazio's aura is transforming you gradually, and you've lived together about a year."

"You seem surprised, does that mean there's something you don't know about us?"

"Oh, I only know what my agents tell me. Viewed from afar, we can't get near the villa or La Destinazione, Ulfo's protective spell, you know. And I'm hardly interested in what goes on there until Tazio comes of age. Then I'll have to start paying attention."

Dinner arrived in grand style, I was amazed to see that it was classic Danish Flæskesteg with rødkål and new potatoes. I almost kissed the big bad Anton, at least I felt myself wanting to. This was a treat beyond wonder, this was-- like coming home, which I hadn't in over a year.

"So Jytte, who's been telling you about me?" he asked.

"Oh, everyone in the villa, you're mentioned quite often, since they consider you a threat."

He laughed the sexiest laugh. "Oh, I am, that's another of my duties. But that doesn't mean I don't love my family-- do say hi to my mother Ulfa next time you see her."

"Ulfa said to tell you that I am under her protection."

"I'm sure you are. I recognized that spell you used to cool down your erotic aura in that roomful of sexually ardent men. But surely you have more ammunition than that?" He was still smiling.

"Yes." I was reluctant to tell him about it, but Ulfa had instructed me never to lie to Anton, it wouldn't work anyway. "As Ulfo he gave me a little tattoo..."

The smile left Anton's lips. His hand went to his beard where, you know, Ulfa had also given him a tattoo over 200 years before.

"...but he also warned me only to use it as a last resort. Said it could hurt you, but probably just enough to really piss you off."

The smile came slowly back, he relaxed, changed the subject. "And that rascal Buffone, is he still pretending to be a simpleton? Never mind, Buffone probably doesn't know himself what he is."

Oh yes, since then I've learned that your old playmate Buffone is actually God the Father Almighty, incarnate as a foolish dwarf to keep himself humble. That's not a secret, Buffone tells everyone.

Anton went on to say, "You can tell Tazio not to fear me. I am to be his Adversary, not his Enemy. We are only opponents in a game, each with his part to play. Actually, he will need me when the time comes, and I hope we will be friends eventually."

"Then you don't really hate Tazio?"

"I don't even know Tazio, I've never met him. He sounds like a good kid. It was Theron I knew --and hated-- oh I really hated Theron, was ready to dump the Great Satanic Plan itself if I could just KILL him."

"I've heard Theron was pretty bad," I admitted.

"Evil incarnate. Yes, even more than I ever was."

"I've also heard you were just as bad when you were Il Grotezco."

"Oh that, well yes. The Il Grotezco incarnation was bred to be a monster, I couldn't help it. Poisonous brain, wrecked body, drove me insane." And then he changed the subject, "You know, Jytte, you're really a very lovely woman. And almost an avatar... I might even be able to impregnate you."

Of course I said, "I don't see how, I said, since I'm faithful to Tazio."

"Faithful to? Heh heh, you mean celibate with, don't you? He can't service your sexual needs. I could, though, like you've never dreamed."

"I thought you weren't paying attention to the details of our life."

"Oh, I hardly need to peek, I was a young avatar myself: I know that nothing happens until you're 12 years old. And then, watch out!"

That sounded very interesting to me, "Are you saying that when Tazio is 12 he will become... sexually active?"

"He will endure The Lust. And if you're still with him, so will you."

"Mariangela talks about The Lust a lot. She seems to think it's pretty terrible."

"Terrible, wonderful, good, bad, that's all relative to who you're with. Mariangela was with Theron, and that was so bad it drove her mad, poor girl. I tried to protect her, but... couldn't."

"I thought the notorious Anton Artemis was supposed to be absolutely evil, you don't seem that way at all."

"Oh, I AM, I assure you. But then again evil is just as relative as good or bad, right or wrong, depends on who's judging and how much they know about what's really going on. As for The Lust: you saw how men reacted to you at the convention, you are already generating a mild version of it."

"Oh that, yes, men do get pretty silly around me these days-- but I don't feel that way about them. Only Tazio."

"You feel lust for Tazio? Even though he can't do it for you?"

"Are you kidding? He... well, never mind."

"No, tell me. I'm open minded about that sort of stuff, heh heh." Perverted old goat. I wasn't going to tell him anything.

But I heard myself telling him anyway, how "we don't have actual... standard sex, but he makes me come again and again, until... anyway, he takes good care of me."

"But he's impotent." Anton seemed indignant about that.

"Oh he's potent! His touch... it's electric, and there's that trick he does with, you know... his tail."

"His tail?" Anton's eyes almost went glassy imagining it, "That little rascal, heh heh heh." His laughter seemed strained now. "Tell me more." It was a command.

I felt this was getting too personal, so I tried to resist. Which wasn't easy, I felt compelled to do what he said, feeling an unpleasant buzzing in my brain. And I suddenly remembered you once commanding me with your avatar voice: "Jytte, you will not reveal my secrets in any way." Then there was confusion, and I could hear myself gagging on words I could not say, and it HURT!

"All right, STOP!" Anton said, and the buzzing pain stopped. When I looked up I saw that he was rubbing his beard and tears were in his eyes. He had obviously also been hurt.

"What happened to us?" I asked.

"For you, conflicting commands from two different avatars, I suppose. For me: that tattoo Ulfo gave you...?"

"Oh yes, it might be best to let you know that if you harm me, it causes your own tattoo to react in some way..."

He nodded, "Burns like Hell."

"...and that if you kill me, it will never stop."

Anton nodded in appreciation of a good plan. "Better not kill you then." His smile came back, "Which was never my intention anyway, you are much too nice a piece of female flesh to waste."

"I'm hardly going to waste," I assured him.

"You know of course that what you feel with Tazio is only an illusion of real sex."

"Works for me, I'm happy."

"Yes, ignorance being bliss and all that. But now, with all this talk about sex, I find myself becoming quite aroused. I must warn you Jytte, I'm a pretty horny devil." He was smiling, but it was a wicked smile. "And you really are, by far " then his voice went down an octave, "the most desirable woman in this restaurant."

Then I felt the power of his desire warming me from across the table. "Oh no, don't do that!" I told him, but it was too late, he was coming on and so was I, right in the middle of an elegant restaurant. Warm, hot, felt I needed to get my clothes off, needed to have sex right then. You know what it's like, we shared The Lust once, powerful stuff. And Anton was suddenly looking very good to me just then, the animal inside me wanted him oh so badly. But at the same time, I knew I really didn't.

He was obviously sexually aroused as well, so much that he stood up and unbuckled his pants, and out popped his huge erection. Impressive, frightening. I still had enough presence of mind to be shocked and look around the restaurant to see how many people were staring at us. Exactly none. I understood that Anton was controlling what people see, just as you do.

Then he laughed and whisked the tablecloth away, sending all the dishes and glasses crashing to the floor, leaving us with a bare table between us. Still no one looked, nothing interesting going on over there. "Come here," he commanded with a wonderfully charming big smile.

I hadn't moved so far, but now I stood up, half-against my will. Wanting to and not, I found myself unbuttoning my clothes. His Lust was too powerful to resist. Until I said Ulfa's magic word again: "Arranthaht."

Instantly The Lust evaporated and was gone, both his and mine. And there we were, looking at one another across a polished naked tabletop, two suddenly not-horny people. Anton looked shocked and surprised. Perhaps angry.

I felt afraid, I knew he was dangerous, this might have threatened his masculinity. As I wondered what he might do, I let my hand go up to the nape of my neck, almost touching the tattoo Ulfo had put there to protect me. I didn't want to use it unless I really had to, actually hurting Anton might not be smart.

Then he laughed, as if it had been a very funny joke. Tucked his limp penis back into his pants, and cinched them up. But there was no humor in his command voice when he said, "I hereby forbid you to mention me to anyone," and walked out the door, leaving me alone there.

I went out another way, surprised to find my car parked there, someone had driven it to the restaurant for me. I looked under it for a bomb, then drove away thinking I'd find a hotel somewhere, but changed my mind and drove to Milano. As far from Anton Artemis as I could get.

"Sir Gerhard Stein" kept me as his "guest" in that London mansion for 3 days, although he was away most of the time. He would just show up, screw me, and be off again. Sound familiar? Yep, just like you with all those girls in Rome. I also remembered that every time I saw him I felt absolutely in love, worshipping him like a God. The kidnapping was forgiven-- forgotten --I never even thought about it.

The third day he spoke to me for the first time, surprisingly in perfect Danish. "Det har været hyggeligt, kære Jytte, but now I must now leave England for a while, and you too."

"Leaving me? Oh no!" I said automatically, the devoted slave girl. But just enough of my own self awakened to realize that I was yearning for escape from his clutches, I wanted out of there.

"But don't you worry, my dear, I've enjoyed ravishing you so much that I have decided to keep you."

I could feel his will closing in on me. "Yes, lord, wonderful."

"My yacht, the Charon, is harbored in the Aegean Sea," he told me, "it is crewed by 12 of the most beautiful women in the world. They sail the ship and service me..."

"You mean... sexually? All of them?" I was so naive as to ask.

"Of course, I require many women to slake my Lust. Oh, I treat them fairly, each of them is given a salary of a million Pounds per year for their time. But one of them is retiring now and I need a new girl, so you shall be her."

"But I know nothing about sailing ships," I wanted out of this, "Besides, I'm studying to be a teacher, I can't just sail away..."

"Ah, but you shall, I insist."

"Yes, lord." He was a god, I was only a little girl, I had to obey, didn't I?

On the evening after the convention in Rome, I called you on my cell phone and told you about the meeting, but never mentioned anything about Anton Artemis. It never occurred to me to say his name, I seemed to have forgotten everything about him while I spoke with you. It was only after I hung up that I once again remembered that I had met the dreaded Grand Master of the Dark Templars that very afternoon.

The next day I had an appointment with Fiat Motors Spa in Milano to discuss your new carburetor design, using our own little Fiat Uno to demonstrate how it worked in real life. A race driver took it around a circular track for many laps, and was amazed. The engineers went crazy, saying the car was "impossibly" fast. They tested the fuel for non-standard chemicals, but the car passed every test. I had a contract when I left. We were rich.

Now to give it all away. I had another conference meeting in Berlin the next day, so I left my car in the Milano Airport parking and took a plane. Being December it was much colder up north, but I didn't mind after a year in southern Italy, I had missed the seasons. At the next meeting I made the same presentation, I had but the men were nowhere near as sexually aggressive towards me as they had been in Rome. It may have been the difference between Italian and German passions, but I believe that Anton Artemis had deliberately worked the room up to a frenzy by the power of his psychic domination.

I kept a nervous lookout for Anton, expecting him to show up again, not sure what to expect if he did. He had me a little spooked. Or did I hope to see him? I wasn't sure. Anton may be a physically beautiful man, but there's also something repulsive about him. I was looking over my shoulder a lot. But nothing.

Another stop in London, where the men were definitely interested but far too polite to be aggressive to me, and then the destination I'd been looking forward to the whole trip: home to Copenhagen for Christmas.

I hadn't been there in almost 2 years, and was planning to spend the holidays, about 10 days in all. It was too bad that you couldn't come home with me, but you couldn't leave La Destinazione in those days. Besides, I knew that you had never celebrated Christmas anyway, growing up in that ancient Atlantean villa where miracles happened every day.

I too had experienced a miracle when I arrived at Kastrup Airport: it was snowing. A white Christmas just for me.

My parents were still living in the big old apartment in Østerbro, even though both my little brother Anders and I had moved out years before. My parents, Poul and Ingrid Øgård, were both university teachers, intellectuals branded "68'ers" from back in their revolutionary hippy days. They're great parents both of them, I love them, and sometimes feel guilty for having moved so far away to Italy. At least they still had their son nearby, I had thought.

Of course I hadn't known then what a jerk Anders had turned into, dropping out of school and losing jobs, getting involved in drinking and drugs, small-time crime. When I arrived he had just moved back in with our parents because he had no money for rent and had lost his own apartment. The worst was that he wasn't especially nice to Mor and Far, being an ungrateful asshole.

But my coming home smoothed things over for a while, Anders was glad to see me and my folks were overjoyed that I was visiting them. Also that I was having such "success" at my new job, PR manager for Dellaterra Spa, whatever that was. I had brought them some nice gifts, so the money was evidently good.

Of course they asked about you: why you hadn't come along. They knew I had an Italian boy friend who was a genius, and that he was slightly younger than me, although I certainly hadn't told them that you were 9 years old when I met you. I didn't want to lie to my family, but there was so much I couldn't tell about you that I had to make do with half-truths and, well, some little fibs. As to your age I mentioned that you were not quite 20, and wouldn't say more, as if it embarrassed me. I totally avoided any mention of the Antichrist, godlike powers, and that you couldn't leave La Destinazione without being attacked by an organization of Satan-worshippers. Or that I had now piqued the interest of the most evil man in the world. I let those things glide on by.

When they heard of your accomplishments and inventions they assumed you had to be mature for your age, and I confirmed that you were, so they were satisfied for the moment. However, then they hinted at coming to visit the both of us in La Destinazione sometime, but I wiggled out of setting any date. Speaking of age, they also made a fuss about how I looked. How young! How beautiful! Okay, I've always been considered a pretty blonde girl, I got used to that, but they hadn't seen me since a year of living with you, which had enhanced me in many different ways. My brother couldn't stop sneaking peeks at me, in fact, neither could my father, it was a little disconcerting.

I arranged a night on the town with my oldest friend, Anne Mette, whom I'd known since we went to Inger Jespersen's Gymnasium together. We'd talked on the phone but hadn't seen each other until we met under the clock in the Hovedbanegård. We hugged and talked girl-chatter and everything seemed like the old days, but when we went for a drink in Mama Rosa's she started studying me closely.

She asked me if I'd had my face lifted and a boob job. I was only 31 at that time, hardly old by Danish standards, so I was a little surprised. Anne Mette was the same age as me, and she looked good. Some lines around the eyes and mouth, but then she does smoke cigarettes, but still young and pretty. But she seemed to think I must have done some major surgery to look the way I did. I told her that I was living the healthy life, good basic food and lots of exercise, which is pretty much the truth. I also mentioned that I had a somewhat younger lover and that made me feel me young, which was true as well. But I couldn't tell anyone the real truth: that I was becoming an avatar because I was living with a god.

Of course there had to be a distance between Anne Mette and me, our lives had gone different ways ever since she had gone into fashion and I teaching, but there was also a new conflict. My enhanced beauty was making her both jealous and horny. When the rapport between us began to turn negative I whispered my little magic word and the rest of the evening was much more relaxed.

Anders had been on semi-good behavior when I had arrived, but after a few days he was coming home drunk at night and behaving like an asshole again. He was really rude to my mother. He was always nice to me, probably because he was so fascinated by my bigger-and-better breasts.

Anders seemed to have picked up a real drinking problem, and some half-criminal friends who weren't making things better. I met some of them one evening and they shared a pretty crude attitude towards women, including me. They almost got physically threatening, but I used my magic word once again and it made them docile.

Anders almost got into a fight with Far one evening, so I decided to have a serious talk with him. I was 9 years older but we'd always gotten along pretty well when we lived together, I hoped I could get through to him. I went to his room, it was a mess, he was 22 but lived like he was 13. When I tried to ask him what he was doing with his life he became belligerent, saying I should go back to my Italian sheik who is such a success at everything.

Finally I'd had enough and thought: well if I really am becoming an avatar maybe I've also picked up some of Tazio's techniques, so I grabbed both my brother's arms (he was surprised at how strong I'd become) and forced him to look me straight in the eyes as I said: "Anders, I COMMAND you to be honest with yourself and fix your life!" He got very angry, or perhaps it was panic, and struggled against me, calling me names and stupid, until I let him go and walked out.

When you command people they just say, "Yes, lord Tazio," and obey, so I had to assume that it hadn't worked on my brother Anders.

He was gone for two days after that. On Christmas Day we were having a big family dinner, 16 people, cousins, aunts and uncles, Anne Mette. Anders finally showed up, quite sober, and announced that he had just gotten a job with Politiken, the newspaper. Far congratulated him and Anders pulled him close and apologized for almost getting into a fight with him, and promised that it wouldn't happen again. It was a miracle, the prodigal son come home!

So we all sat down to a feast of pickled herring and roasted goose, snaps and beer, everyone feeling that famous Danish hygge, and happy to be together. Anders gave me a special "thanks Sis" look, and it was just perfect.

But then the doorbell rang. "Yet another guest, but who?" my mother said, "we're all here already." I froze, I knew who it was, just SENSED it, avatar telepathy or something.

And sure enough, it was Anton Artemis who stood in the doorway, wearing a thick winter overcoat and holding a fabulous bouquet of flowers in his hand, which he handed to my mother. "Goddag," he said in fluent Danish, but this time with an effected Italian accent (just for fun I suppose), "traffer jeg frøken Jytte Øgård her?"

He followed my mother into the living room, smiling like a jovial old friend. "Ah, there you are, Jytte my dear! Introduce me to your wonderful family, won't you?" Thrusting me into some absurd charade, since I dare not say who he really was.

I played along, "Oh, yes, this is.. is Uncle Anton, everyone..."

"An uncle on Tazio's side, of course," Anton explained, helping me out, "we're all just so glad to have Jytte in our family. She's such a prize, our Tazio's a very lucky guy." He shook hands all around, instantly charming everyone.

A moment later he had pulled me aside to talk. Once again it was as if we were in a private room, all heads were turned away from us.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, as if I didn't know.

"As if you didn't know," he said, "I feel compelled to fuck Theron's mistress."

"Theron? But I'm not..."

"Theron, Tazio, same guy. Just because he can't remember doesn't mean I can't. Besides, I am also quite smitten by your juiciness."

"I've already told you..."

"Women do not TELL ME, and no woman MAY deny Anton Artemis what he wants. To make that point, I suggest you look out the window."

Looking down from 3 stories up, the street a snowy winter wonderland, I saw a big black military-looking vehicle come to a stop before our apartment building. I'd never seen a car like that, wasn't Danish military or police. Six men got out in formation, holding machine guns, wearing black uniforms with red trim looking up at our window. They resembled a Gestapo troop, sinister and dangerous.

"Those are my Dark Templars, Jytte, they obey my every whim, and I can command them to come up and kill everyone here if you use that damned witch-word again." He looked around, "Isn't this where you grew up? Show me your old bedroom."

"What? So you can rape me there?"

"Not at all, my dear. I don't need to rape you." He smiled, and the Lust came over me again. Suddenly I wanted to have sex with that man once again, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Except to use Ulfa's word, which would have meant death for my family.

So I showed Anton my room. We had sex. I don't suppose you want to know all the small details, but it was fantastically intense, super-orgasmic, erotic overload. On and on, for an eternity of bliss. Eventually I passed out. When I awoke Anton was gone.

Actually what had seemed like hours had evidently only taken minutes of real time. When I came out of my room all the guests were still gathered, and no one even had noticed that I'd been missing. They had absolutely no memory of Anton having been there, of course, so my reputation was intact. I had to wonder if it had actually happened!

But it had, and did happen again and again over the next year and a half, right up until everything changed with your cataclysmic showdown with Ulfo's Demon. Almost every time I travelled out of town on business Anton showed up and had me. It became something I looked forward to, our little thing, and I was even disappointed the few times he didn't make it. Of course I couldn't tell you, in fact I never thought about Anton at all when you and I were together, any of those memories were simply missing at the time. Only when I was alone could I remember anything about him.

Understand me Tazio, I'm not confessing having been untrue to you, because I never was. No woman could resist Anton's lust power, any more than they could resist yours, so I had to accept my fate. Well, it was hardly a fate worse than death, in fact, it was pretty good. I even enjoyed it, but it was never love. Love was with you.

Yes, I know about your stay in Rome, when The Lust had caught up with you. You had 116 women in those 2 months, some of them you shared with Anton, such as Sophia from La Destinazione. You couldn't help it, I know, so I never considered you untrue to me. Especially since you thought I was dead, and I let you go on thinking that. Which I couldn't help either.

I heard you got along with Anton pretty well, until he took you out to sea on the Charon and broke your legs, so you know what he's like. I was glad to hear that you defeated him, even though you did it by becoming a sexless neuter, and making him into a feeble old man. He was angry with you for a long time, although really he was more afraid.

But I couldn't defeat him, the last time I had sex with Anton was the weekend before it all ended. Two days before Ulfo and then you. Busy me. You know what an extreme situation it was: Ulfo's Demon was threatening to kill me, I should have been afraid but you had made me brave, so I drove over to Monteveccio for some printer supplies, business as usual. I did my shopping and when I got back to the car Anton was waiting for me. It was a surprise, he had never done that before, but we were just outside Ulfo's protective zone for La Destinazione, so there he was.

He was concerned, he knew that the showdown with Ulfo's Demon was coming-- even HE was afraid of the Demon --and he was worried for me, and Mariangela. I knew that he liked me, but he loved your mother as no other. He said: "When the moment comes, so will I, right after. Wait for me, both of you, I can protect you from whatever happens next." Then he fucked me and was gone.

I tried to resist him. By then I had become almost an avatar myself, and Anton's commanding presence no longer had as much power over my feelings as when I'd first met him a year before. But he simply took me for granted and took me, probably hardly noticing that I was trying to ward him off. He IS evil, you know. Anyway, he got me too, just about the time that I became pregnant.

Three avatars, an avatar baby girl, which one was the father? Or was it all three? Avatars seem to do that sometimes, they're just not normal people. I was normal, but now I'm an avatar, carrying that cosmic embryo for 9 months charged me up all the way. So now I've got psychic powers, superhuman strength, all sorts of upgrades and improvements. When we meet again, Tazio, I can be a proper mate for you, if you still want me then. Or if the Earth still exists.

But now is not the time. You are being prepared to meet your destiny, and I've got my own work to do. Besides, I don't think I want to be in love with a negasexed Tazio, I liked you better macho. I'm rather asexual myself as well these days, being more or less a High Priestess among the Angels. But eventually I want us to get back to our sex life.

So I was commanded to simply leave everyone and everything I knew and join the crew of the Charon, to tell family and friends that I had a teaching job abroad so that no one would consider me missing. I was also forbidden to mention anything about him or a yacht off the coast of Greece.

Tazio, you know more about the Charon than I do, you were on it, you met Anton's slave girls. You even had sex with them all. It could have been there that you and I had finally met: that was the fate Anton Artemis had planned for me. And why? Because he had been shown a picture of the current "sexiest girl in Denmark" so he thought he'd fuck her? Or because he knew our future and was going to change it?

I was delivered back into London, ostensibly free, but still Anton's slave girl. I was to prepare for my departure and set about it as commanded. Even through the fog of Anton's domination over my own will I understood that I was going to a wrong place, but was unable to avoid it.

Anton had instructed me in a cover story for my disappearance: "Just say you've got a teaching job in some place so boring nobody would go there to find you. A dead-end town somewhere in... oh, Italy, for example, someplace like..." and here he smiled at some private joke, "...tell them you're moving to La Destinazione." It was funny the way he seemed to pull the name out of a hat, as if it had just suddenly occurred to him. I was given false papers to document the cover story, including a letter of employment from the local school.

I had said my farewells to friends in London, called and lied to my parents in Copenhagen, and was on my way to Heathrow Airport to take a flight to Athens. Anton was nowhere around at the time, I was to get to the Aegean Sea and find the Charon on my own, I think it was a test of some kind.

I'd taken the Underground from Piccadilly Circus, the only luggage I had was a backpack, travelling light to limbo. I was not happy to be going on that trip, felt very alone, detached, maybe slightly in a trance, almost unaware of people around me.

A girl asked me, "Where are you going, Sister?"

I answered without looking at her, without thinking, "To Hell," I said.

"Do you really want to go there?" she asked. So I finally looked at her.

She was an angel. I mean, she was really An Angel: she looked like any slender pretty girl, but her eyes were brightly burning blue-white lights, almost blinding to see, and light flashed from her mouth when she spoke, as if she was all sunlight inside her skin. "Well, do you?" she asked again.

"No," I said, entranced by her, "but I am compelled to."

"You may allow yourself a detour, Sister, follow me," she said, and got up to get off at the next stop at Earl's Court.

I found myself following her. She led me to an apartment, and it was there I met Evangeleva for the first time, and two other Angels. We spoke for a while, but I couldn't remember any of it then because it was on another plane of consciousness. They spoke to my soul, and my soul took over my brain to answer them. Now that I'm in touch with my soul I can remember: it was about Anton Artemis and the coming Antichrist and the part the Angels will play, including me.

They knew about Anton's plan to make me his slave on the Charon and were intent on foiling it. Although not even the Angels could nullify the psychic domination of such a powerful avatar as Anton Artemis, they could tamper with it, scramble the command and adjust it. Then they blessed me and sent me on my way.

Travelling in half a trance, I flew out of London that evening, not to Athens, but to Rome, and by the next day I was nowhere near the Aegean Sea, but in La Destinazione. My compulsion to obey was satisfied and ended upon arrival. Without understanding what had happened, I suddenly found myself in that Italian town with absolutely no memory of Anton or the Angels, wondering why I was there at all. And wondering why I had such an inexplicably intense feeling of freedom and joy.

I walked around La Destinazione, wondering where I was and why, but also slightly charmed by the place. As you know, it's never been much of a tourist town, and back then it seemed even more old-fashioned and run-down, but I liked the timelessness of it all. I was also quite high on that wonderful feeling of being so FREE, so I was seeing things in a positive light.

I found the false papers Anton had given to me, which confused me, so I looked into the school where I was supposed to have a teaching job, although I had no interest in such a thing at that time since I was only 20 years old and had no such qualifications yet. I was still trying to understand what I was doing in this town I'd never heard of, so I ended up speaking with some of the locals.

I wasn't exactly fluent in Italian back then, but I'd been camping in Italy a lot with my parents, so I could at least communicate basic concepts. Enough to understand that all was not perfectly idyllic in La Destinazione, the citizens were uncomfortable about something sinister going on around their town at that time.

Sixteen kilometers out of town, the Villa della Strega had been occupied for several months by a mysterious army of men in black uniforms, sometimes passing through the town in powerful military vehicles, but never speaking to the locals. They were not Italian troops, nor NATO, not state police, no one would say who they worked for or why they were there. They were Top Secret. You know who they were, of course.

I saw a couple of their black convoys pass through town, which gave me a pretty creepy feeling, like they were the ghosts of Mussolini's Fascist troopers, still driving around and dangerous. Or that I'd slipped 50 years into the past and those were Nazi storm troopers passing by on their way to doing evil.

This was 13 years ago today, 21st of March. Yes, Tazio, it was THAT day I spent in La Destinazione, so you also know exactly what was happening out at your villa just then: you, or rather, Theron was being born. Poor Mariangela was, well never mind, you know the story better than I do.

But on that day I knew zero: mysterious bad guys were moving around but they had nothing to do with me. Not until I heard the sound of a large helicopter passing overhead. I was on the Piazza Centrale, there were people all around me looking up at the sky, they began to fall on their knees and cross themselves as Catholics do to ward off evil.

I looked up at the Black Helicopter above me, heard several voices crying "É Il Maestro Grande!" And although not having the slightest memory of Anton Artemis, Grand Master of the Dark Templars, I felt a huge dread and hid in the cathedral until the helicopter had flown off toward the villa.

I met an altar boy also hiding in the cathedral, he told me that the mysterious troops were Agents of Satan, and that throughout history they had convened at the accursed Villa della Strega every now and then to perform profane rituals and do black magic. Something very bad was being done by them even now, but no one knew what. I asked about the black helicopter, but he was afraid to answer. I assumed he was a superstitious simpleton. That was Padre Giorgio before he became a priest, by the way.

I hid myself for an hour after I was sure the helicopter was gone, then immediately took a taxi to Monteveccio, where I spent a fearful night, and next day went to Firenze, where I calmed down, met some people, got a job and studied art for a couple of years.

Eventually I went home to Denmark and finished getting my teaching certificate. But did no more sexy pics. I taught school for several years in Denmark. Travelled a bit, Paris, New York. Somehow, I never forgot that quaint Italian town of La Destinazione, although somehow I did forget about the black helicopter, and years later I found myself applying for a teaching job there, and finally met you.

And now, here we are, separate but connected by our cosmic fates.

We get reports about you. You handled Achmet Saddam's jihad beautifully, with power and restraint. I was so proud of you. Achmet has been here among us, by the way, having been converted from Anton's right hand man in the Dark Templars into one of our Angels. Splitting Israel off from the Arabic lands was also impressive. All the adventures you're having, it's like an American TV series: Tazio, the travelling hitchhiker superhero, righting wrongs, fixing things, saving the day for so many.

My parents said you came by them in Copenhagen looking for me. They thought you were pretty weird, "Zero emotional," my dad said, "we couldn't tell if he was male or female." I feel kind of guilty for not having seen them either since all this started, I call them once in a while, tell them I'm very busy working for a charitable organization-- which I am --and that I can't get any time off right now.

Upon arriving at the secret retreat of The Angels both Mariangela and I were initiated and accepted into their ranks, discovering that we are considered to be key persons in their plans and we have been assigned certain executive duties. It seems that my having met you, us becoming a couple and my miraculous transformation into an avatar, was anything but random circumstance. It's all part of some great plan... which nobody understands yet, certainly not me.

I wish I could let you know where I am, what I'm doing, but it's so secret I can't even write it in a letter I'm not going to send you. There are people passing through here you are not allowed to know anything about just yet: ancient gods, modern gurus, famous saints. Some you already do know, like Mariangela, we work together. Some I had met before, like Evangeleva, who is as close to a leader as the angels have. And yes, we've also met her son Immanuel, the 17th incarnation of Christ, he's really nice. And Ahazverus, the 2000 year-old Wandering Jew, he told me how he'd met you in Jerusalem.

Oh, and that murdered American girl, Cindy, the one you'd turned into an elemental soul entity, she's here too. She had no human memory after Anton and Achmet had burned her brains away, only divine consciousness. The poor girl was a non-stop cosmic event, rather like Ulfa at the New Moon just before she would transform into God. Even for the Angels she was almost too angelic, and we knew that she had to burn out, no Earthlevel incarnation can manifest that kind of power for very long. Luckily, Immanuel healed her and now she's a normal avatar like the rest of us.

I haven't seen Anton since we came here. He's not allowed to know where to find The Angels, being our worst enemy. I hear he's slowly healing from the damage you did him, becoming less feeble, but he may never again become the powerhouse he was. I suppose I should say "Good, evil A.A. got what he deserved", and I'm sure he did for hurting you --and Cindy, and oh yeah, the millions of other murders he's been responsible for-- but he was always nice to me, was such a magnificent MAN, that it's a shame to think of him as weak and impotent.

Oh, I know, he's a rat, raped me again and again while making it all seem like my own desire, but he never hurt me. I think Anton actually likes women. Loves women. Exploiting and killing them is just part of his job.

Well, that's as much as I can tell you, even though you won't know that I have. I hear it will be another 6 years before I can see you again, when the Apocalypse will begin.

Unless you can avert it, as you used to say you would. But you're not the boy I knew any more, are you? You've changed into someone else now, not even male, and all that creative drive you used to spend on designing a better world has been abolished along with The Lust.

Some people are afraid of what you will change into next. Mariangela fears that you will change back into Theron, which would not be good, but others fear that you will become the Very Incarnation of Satan Himself, which could be even worse. I have more faith in you than that, I know how good you once were and assume that you will try to avert the Apocalypse and save the world, just as you told me back when.

So I am working to that end: I have made investments for Dellaterra Spa, the company still exists and is making a lot of money. Many of your inventions are going into production, and some of them will change the technological level of the world. When you do come back to us, we will have a very strong economic power base to work from. I am confident that you will improve the world.

I am less confident that you will come back to me as the man and lover I am waiting for, but I really do hope so. In the meantime I'm busy getting the world ready for you.

Again, Happy Birthday, beloved Tazio.

Your Jytte