The Cards

    The Tarot Cards are of ancient and officially unknown origin. There is a myth that the Gypsies brought them to Europe from out of Egypt, but that is only half true, for they are much older than the Egyptian ruins. They are, in fact, souvenirs of the antediluvian time lost to history, before Atlantis, before the ice ages wiped away the last traces of even earlier civilizations.

    The classic deck of Tarot Cards has been copied and popularized, also in many variations, but there are always the same recurring themes and characters in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, and the 52 symbols of the Lesser Arcana have become common playing cards in our time.

    But these ancient symbols tell a story from another age, when sorcerers still ruled by the power of Magic, and from a place long forgotten: the City of Tarro, once famous for a shining tower wherein, wait...

    The best way to tell that story is to lay out the cards for you. Here, pick a card, any card.

    Oh, that one: well then, it would have to show up at some time anyway, so let us begin with...