Real København

Since I live in København, that city also known as Copenhagen, and since I like it here, I wanted to link my home page with some great local web-sites to show family & friends where I live.

But all I could find were those sites geared to high-end tourists or international businessmen looking for commercial connections or blonde Scandinavian-type escort girls.

There seemed to be nothing about this city we who live here like or experience. København was presented as "Copenhagen", an upper-class bourgeoise, eminently respectable metropolitan cultural center-- no farting here folks.

True story : when Queen Elizabeth of England visited København once back in the 60's, she was to take a tour of Danmarks Radio Building, wherein there are elevators. When an elevator is operating there is an indicator message that lights up, signifying "in motion", which in nice respectable Danish translates as I  FART. Well, they taped over each and every indicator in the building because the Queen of England was certainly not going to be allowed to enjoy that little amusement.

Are the Danes always so "proper"? Not really, in fact they consider the American extremes of political correctness to be quite funny. Most Danes I know are quite unabashed, irreverent, ready to make fun of anything, dare I say... cheeky? But I still couldn't find a properly improper Kbh web site that I could use (at least not in English).

So I guess I'd better just do my own version of a København showcase, since I can't expect anyone else to show it the way I see it.

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