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This is a chapter of the ADAM INTO BABYLON document. Which is a text file, not a "graphic novel", although I do tend to illustrate my stories with at least one drawing just to set the scene. But this time I got the amusing idea of composing one of the chapters in comix form: a sort of "graphic chapter", not only showing the characters and locations, but also furthering the story itself.

AIB is the sequel/continuation of ADAM OUT OF EDEN, the first book about Adam, the Bigfoot orphan who was adopted and raised by a modern couple and considers himself a regular American guy. He has by now become the Negotiator for his own Sasquatch people and is organizing the Nokhon Nation Project so that those squatches who choose to come in out of the rain.

Thus have Sasquatches become political, like foreign immigrants although actually born in the USA. What are their rights? Grants have been applied for, and at this point in the narration Federal Observers are visiting to see just what the NNP really is.

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