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SLAMMER COMIX was the first of the Prison Stories, followed by the adventures of Officer Gargantua in GUARD COMIX, and then the 192-page epic PRISON AND THE PLANET, in which Immanuel and Gargantua teamed forces to deal with the Apocalypse, therein Tazio's first appearance.

Of course I'd love to post more of the old 3R Cosmix stories, but it's really a lot of pages (about a thousand, if I can find them all) so besides all the work and time of scanning them in, cleaning them up, maybe even coloring them, and finally processing them into HTML format, that many .jpgs would certainly fill up a lot of megabytes on my home page.

Oh, I guess I'll probably get around to doing it anyway. Who knows, maybe there's even a fan base for all my old crap?


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