MP3 Audio Files
of 3R Songs

These are some of my own home-studio recordings made over the years.

you may download mp3s: RIGHT-click on song link (instead of LEFT-click to PLAY), menu pops up, select "Save target as..."

My Own Stuff

I Want You With Me
wantwith.mp3   2.3 Mb

The Wandering Jew
wandjew.mp3   5.3 Mb

changes.mp3   4.3 Mb

Two Women Wait
2women.mp3   4.5 Mb

Where We Were Then
where.mp3   3.2 Mb

Trouble Town
trubtown.mp3   3.9 Mb

Teardrops of Love
tdrops.mp3   2.2 Mb

apology.mp3   3.6 Mb

Noble of Westerland
noble.mp3   13.8 Mb

The Marrying Kind
marryin.mp3   2.1 Mb

The Old Gun
oldgun.mp3   3.7 Mb

mitteil.mp3   4.1 Mb

Tell The Wind
tellwind.mp3   3.0 Mb

Hymns of Unholiness
hymns.mp3   3.8 Mb

Got To Go To Goa
jolly.mp3   4.6 Mb

The Jolly Highwayman
jolly.mp3   4.8 Mb

To Welcome You Home
welcome.mp3   3.0 Mb

Begrudge Me Not The Part I Play
begrudge.mp3   3.8 Mb

High Priestess
hprstss.mp3   4.2 Mb

My Prince Has His Thorn
myprince.mp3   4.7 Mb

I'm Thinking of You Now
younow.mp3   2.3 Mb

Circus of Paradox
circus.mp3   4.1 Mb

We Are One
wer1.mp3   4.8 Mb

On The Way
onway.mp3   2 Mb

Warm With You
warm.mp3   4.2 Mb

highway.mp3   4.8 Mb

Tell Me Of Your Fantasy
fantasy.mp3   4.1 Mb

(Can't Play The) Blues Blues
cantblue.mp3   3.0 Mb

On My Way To Limbo
limbo.mp3   2.8 Mb

Highway Romance
hiwayrom.mp3   3.8 Mb

Wild & Wooly
wooly.mp3   2.3 Mb

So Long Babylon
babylon.mp3   3.3 Mb

Winter With Me
winter.mp3   3.5 Mb

anyway.mp3   3.6 Mb

Lonelyman and the Self-Pity Blues
lonelyman.mp3   2.6 Mb

nukes.mp3   5.4 Mb
Take Me Seeking
seeking.mp3   3.9 Mb

Made Me Do
mademe.mp3   2.6 Mb

To Stop Loving You
stoplove.mp3   4.0 Mb

forast.mp3   4.0 Mb

5th Son of Elalai
5thson.mp3   6.7 Mb

Now Is All We Have Forever
nowisall.mp3   3.5 Mb

Missed You Right Now
missyou.mp3   4.1 Mb

Captain Sky
capsky.mp3   8.6 Mb

elaine.mp3   3.4 Mb

Beautiful and Free
beaufree.mp3   3.4 Mb

I Walked Away
walkaway.mp3   2.8 Mb

Poor Dominique
poordomi.mp3   2.1 Mb

foe.mp3   3.0 Mb

Disassociation With a Holy River
river.mp3   3.9 Mb

Things I Needed To Know
things.mp3   2.2 Mb

If It Can't Be Easy
easy.mp3   3.0 Mb

Who Were You?
who.mp3   3.3 Mb

proof.mp3   2.5 Mb

Morning Beside Her
morning.mp3   2.0 Mb

Instrumental Itch #1
itch01.mp3   3.8 Mb

Something New
snew.mp3   4.1 Mb

the Only Road
onlyroad.mp3   3.9 Mb

Every Time I See You
every.mp3   3.4 Mb

herat.mp3   3.4 Mb

hunger.mp3   3.0 Mb

I Just Wanna Be Lazy
lazy.mp3   3.0 Mb

Flesh Fit
fleshfit.mp3   3.7 Mb

I Need Some Love
needsome.mp3   2.8 Mb

Let Me Be A Fool This Time For You
fool4u.mp3   3.7 Mb

Sasquatch Moon
moon.mp3   4.1 Mb

Gotta Get A Goal
getagoal.mp3   2.1 Mb

Self-Same Trip
selfsame.mp3   2.9 Mb

Take Me Seeking
seeking.mp3   4.0 Mb

Mean to Me
mean.mp3   4.4 Mb

Mountain Forest
mount.mp3   3.1 Mb

Traveling Girl
travelg.mp3   4.5 Mb

98 Light Years
98ly.mp3   3.8 Mb

About Time
atime.mp3   1.1 Mb

Christmas Day in Kathmandu
kathman.mp3   1.1 Mb

Great Black Butterfly
gbbfly.mp3   .4 Mb

Gypsy Girl
gypsy   2.1 Mb

Horny Gringo
gringo.mp3   1.5 Mb

I Like To Run
run.mp3   4.0 Mb

Lovely Girl I Did Not See
lovely.mp3   3.4 Mb

Loving Is The Way
lovway.mp3   1.9 Mb

May I Stay?
may.mp3   2.0 Mb

Potential Duet
duet.mp3   3.2 Mb

Princess of Mushrooms
prncss.mp3   1.0 Mb

Romance of War
romwar.mp3   3.2 Mb

Romantic City
rmntic.mp3   1.0 Mb

Song of Lady Fireyes
fireyes.mp3   1.0 Mb

Song to Someone
some1.mp3   1.9 Mb

Still In Love In Mexico
mexico.mp3   2.4 Mb

That You Are
that.mp3   3.9 Mb

The 1 I Can't 4get
cnt4get.mp3   2.9 Mb

Wreck of the Starship Enterprise
enterp.mp3   3.9 Mb