Once upon a time some time ago, 
There was a Prince who dressed in gold,
And finery was scintillating from his sleeves,
He waved to people as he rode about the land 
Upon his horse called Ambergris:
Young Prince Noble, Lord of Westerland.

And his father, who was King at Castlepeace
Called him home to celebrate and feast
And thereby introduced him to
Princess Fair of Northersted, so beautiful,
With whom the Prince was to be wed,
Her with eyes so loving and so dutiful.

Ah, but lo! we meet the wicked Aloana now:
A dark and evil temptress from the South,
So beautiful that men would moan 
For a look, or her touch,
And she wished to have a kingdom of her own. 
And she liked the Prince's kingdom very much.

So Aloana met Prince Noble in the street and let him see 
Her wild magic beauty ringing free,
And he looked at her, but did not stop his horse
For he was on his way to Princess Fair
And he would not stop, of course,
Not until he waited on her stair.

But Aloana had a spell of wicked magic
And she cast it like a spiderweb
About our Prince to make him see:
And he spun around to stare,
        And he turned, rode back to where
        She stood with blazing hair
        No woman could compare
        He lusted then and there
So then he took her up to ride with him on Ambergris.
And he never made it back to Princess Fair.

He loved the evil Aloana, enchanted by her spell,
Though he could see her wickedness so well. 
And Aloana, well, she tried to rule him.
But he would laugh and spank her with a gentle hand.
And Aloana well, she tried to fool him,
But not Prince Noble, Lord of Westerland.

So wicked Aloana fell in love
With someone to be worthy of,
And all that wickedness within her ended then and there.
Thus she was Lady of the land,
While Princess Fair felt rejected and offended.
And she swore to wreak cruel vengeance on the pair.

Years passes, the old King died, and our Prince was King Noble,
And Aloana Queen, and they ruled together well,
And Westerland was a very happy place to live.
Ah, but no one lives that way forever after:
And can't you guess who'll do her best to come and wrest some vestiges
Of last laughter?

Princess Fair she had been called before,
But now Fair LaFell was the name she bore.
A witch she had become, oh yes, a sorceress,
Trained by those Gypsies who had adopted her
When she had run away in grief and shame from Westerland
Insane and wild with broken-heartedness.

And up to Castlepeace she strode on foot,
A Gypsy servant played the flute--
"I bring you magic tricks!" she cried,
And all the people gathered for the show.
And of course word got to inside
The Castle, and everybody just had to go.

Her magical performance was superb, and so
The Court insisted on a Royal Show
For the King and Queen of Westerland.
And thus came the Sorceress called Fair LaFell
To approach her victims and
To cast on them a cruel and awful spell.

She played with fire as if it were water in her hand,
Performed wonders none could understand.
Twirled like a dervish, until all were hypnotized.
Then she chanted out a mantra and a curse,
(The Kabbala also was applied)
And the audience did suddenly disperse.

And then there were but three there:
The Witch, the Queen, and he there.
"Would the good King Noble look upon his queen?"
Suggested Fair LaFell, as she rubbed a ring,
And when he looked he saw a terrible thing:
What Aloana had done to him, and what a fool he had been.

They could not look each other in the face
For what they saw was deceit and disgrace
And they cringed away behind their open eyes.
"Send her hence and for your Queen take ME!"
Cried Fair LaFell, whom they now recognized
As her golden tresses finally tumbled free.

Now, what could young King Noble do-
Caught between two magic women who
Would be Queen to him by spite or spell?
His love for Aloana, grown by years of near companionship,
And yet his love for Fair LaFell
Long suppressed by magic, awoke anew.

Well, it just so happens that our young King
Had some magic of his own to bring:
He whistled for his horse and mighty Ambergris
Came charging up the stairs with waving mane,
Right up to the throne, and then spoke fluently:
"I see my master needs my magic once again."

Two sorceresses could not believe the sight 
Of King telling Horse his plight
And then wise Ambergris was heard to say:
"With my own magic I dissolve all spells of wrong,
And/or afflictions, may they pass away."
And Noble saw his women clearly for the first time in so long.

Both had done him magic, and yet both were true,
Both had faults, yet both were perfect too.
Now, what would you have done had you been Noble?
Would your change your Queen and wife?
Would you go though all that trouble?
Ah, would you let this wreck your life?

And in a moment of Enlightenment and Revelation
King Noble said these words:
     "There is no good, there is no evil
     That cannot be destroyed by love,
     And vice versa."

Yes, he was Noble, King of Westerland,
And he took them both, a Queen upon each hand.
And the Kingdom was surprised, but their minds were free.
And he would laugh between them when they'd play
And ask whom he loved most, and he'd say, "Ambergris."
And so they all lived happily ever after, anyway.




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SUGGESTED CHORDS freely structured

F           G               C
Once upon a time some time ago, 

            E                     Am
There was a Prince who dressed in gold,

    F          C             F        G
And finery was scintillating from his sleeves,

   C               F           G
He waved to people as he rode about the land 

 F                    C
Upon his horse called Ambergris:

Bb                  F             G       C
Young Prince Noble, Lord of Westerland.

Bb - F - Bb - F - G - G7


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