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Being the centralized information, contact and communications center concerning the predictions of
Steven Carpenter

This non-profit Organization exists only because so many of us have now become convinced that Steven Carpenter's descriptions of the impending future seem to be TRUE, dramatically and consistently supported by the body of evidence he has been delivering since 1983.

The function of this web-site is to amass and present that evidence. To prove the validity of his message by scientific means: accurate and systematic documentation. To notate which predictions have already come to pass. To present the impressive list of his technological designs and inventions, which are obviously far ahead of their time. And with anything else we can scrape up to get you people to believe him.

Why? Because if he's right, we're all dead by 2044! And yet, there is hope, because Steven Carpenter himself is living quite a different life than the other time. Which means-- that the future CAN be changed!

We know it's a lot to swallow, but we need you to help us to
But if this is FUTURE2
what WAS FUTURE1 ?
Why Change the Future?

Because THIS is it :

BY 2021: Arab martyrs carry Virus- Z in their own bodies to airports in the Western World, plagues ensue, killing millions.

BY 2028: All fresh drinking water will be owned by private industries, who will sell only to those who can afford it. 60% of the world's population cannot. Water wars ensue.

BY 2034: The rain forests have been so decimated that the oxygen ratio in the atmosphere begins to fall, year after year.

BY 2037: After an endless chain of smaller wars, comes an all-destroying World War between China and everybody else.

BY 2038: In an effort to destroy China, Iranian fanatics launch biogenetic bombs to destroy the rice crop, but which mutates and ends up destroying the photosynthetic ability of all plants. Contamination spreads the world over.

BY 2039: All plant life in open nature is dead and rotting. Methane ratio rises.

BY 2041: The oceans die completely.

BY 2043: The entire atmosphere of the planet Earth becomes poisonous.

BY 2044: You and everybody you know die.

BY 2050: Forget it, there is no 2050...
How do we know this?

We have an eyewitness.

In 1983 17 year-old Steven Carpenter was hit by lightning. He survived and lived to be 78, dying in the year 2044. Along with Everyone Else, because it was effectively The End of the World. But, somehow, he woke up again-- just after that same lightning had hit him, back when he was 17 and is now living a rerun of his own life. At least, that is his perception of what happened.

Now, at the risk of sounding like a fanatic who has allowed a delusional experience to take control of his life, he is trying to inform the world that he remembers the future. And that it has to be CHANGED.

Trouble is, no one could possibly believe his story and yet it's simply his duty to convince all of us that the future he has experienced is coming, or we're all dead.

Because by 2044 the earth will have been so poisoned from biological warfare and catastrophic environmental misuse that the oceans, the soil and the atmosphere can no longer bear life.

Steven's memories of all that have somehow been sent back in time-- don't ask him how, he certainly doesn't know --back to 1983, to when he was 17 years old, to when the world was still green & good, and could still be saved.

So what choice does he have? He has to do it. And we have to help him.

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