Chapter 99:     Climaximum

ART reports events of Monday, 8 September--


I would like to say that Felix Sinsley was frightened about stepping into a 
crowd of sexually aroused and agitated hairy giants, but actually I wasn't 
a whole lot braver than him.  We were all equally intimidated.  

Elaine and I were accustomed to Nokhons, but never before so many of them at 
once--14 Bigfoot is a LOT of muscle, bone and hair--all of them critically 
aroused by shyøma, milling and talking excitedly.  The males were endowed 
with gigantic dripping erections, females fondling anything that moved, 
obviously exercising their very last vestiges of discipline and restraint 
before allowed to start the party.  Even though we were just as primed to 
copulate, we couldn't help wondering how aggressive or clumsy these huge 
people might become.

But Adam greeted us and introduced everyone, the Nokhons responding in such 
a polite and formal manner that reassured us they were hardly out of control. 
We were made aware that we were attending a respectable and proper social 
event, a cultural tradition observed for over a hundred thousand years, not 
a berserker gang-bang.

And a good thing too, considering the size of some of the newcomers.  Old 
Dannat was the largest Nokhon I have ever seen, but The Great Dambaraggan 
had to be the heaviest.  And the formidable-looking Alutna-Jii, Daklakht, 
was obviously the most physically powerful of them all.  I've never felt 
like such a little twerp in my life, even after having raised a Bigfoot as 
my son.

Especially when we saw the men wrestling with each other, gigantic bruisers 
throwing each other to the ground with earth-shaking thumps.  They were 
laughing and obviously having fun, but it was not fun we humans could ever 
participate in.  It was suggested that we Nokhso males could wrestle with 
each other, our own lightweight category, but since we were all naked and 
hampered with the stiffest erections of our lives, none of us were quite 
ready for that.  Sinsley and I looked at each other and shared a wince.

However, the Nokhontli were in no way threatening to any of us.  Every Nokhon 
present knew who Felix Sinsley was and what he had done, but none of them 
treated him with disrespect or accused him of murdering one of their own 
people.  They knew he was there to apologize.  Sinsley was humble and 
contrite, still afraid, of course, but also horny as hell, which had to be 
confusing for him all at once.

Sarah Sinsley was too concerned with her son Peter to fear for herself.  He 
was lying on the grass, his legs still unsteady after Dannat's bone-wrenching 
treatment, but apparently all right--if his erection was any indication.  
Overwhelmed with relief, Sarah almost threw herself upon him.  Being equally 
overwhelmed with shyøma, Peter had to tell her, "Not yet Ma, not until 
the Full Moon rises, that's the rule here."  Sarah was horrified to discover 
that she had been about to mount her own son, but he held her until she 
calmed down, saying "Don't fret Ma, it's not wrong here, none of us can help 
what we do now."

I wasn't focused on their conversation, which was probably about the same 
old incest/morality dilemma that we had all been discussing ever since our 
first encounter with shyøma.  I was overwhelmed myself by the 
incomprehensible BEAUTY of every female around me, human or squatch, and 
morality was no longer a concept of interest to me.  I was surrounded by a 
harem of twelve concubines I had to service one and all, eight Nokhons, five 

But not yet, we had to wait for some silly ceremony and that was almost 
intolerable--fortunately Elaine was gripping my dakh tight enough to keep us 
both distracted. At least until and Melly and Lissandra came running over to 
us, crazy happy and horny, they both kissed and rubbed up against me in a way 
that made me involuntarily react in a way that would have been extremely 
embarrassing under any other conditions.  

But those two imps just giggled, wiping it off and licking their fingers, 
Lissandra saying, "See, Mel?  Humans DO taste different!"

I was hoping Elaine hadn't noticed, and she hadn't because Doug was already 
nuzzling her from behind, kissing her neck and saying naughty things, holding 
her steady with two firm grips.  She was giggling too.  God, women are sluts.  
Excuse me, I meant THANK GOD women are sluts.

Adam has described several Kha-rats, so any reader is probably familiar with the usual ceremonial details, but this was a unique situation with us Nokhsos attending. For example, this was also a brand new mlønoli (community) so everyone was officially an applicant for acceptance into the fold. There had been a question about whether or not the "magic mushrooms" should be given to everyone (meaning us humans), and it was decided that we all should go into this as equals. So we were served psilocybin mushrooms as it grew dark. Magga was the officiating Sha-haka-ma for her first time, having been newly graduated. If she was nervous I couldn't tell, everything seemed to go quite smoothly. The sun went down in the West, Full Moon up in the East. Being surrounded by mountains it took a while before we actually saw the moon, but the ceremony began at sunset. The Nokhons chanted, taking a moment to teach us the words ("Ma-ket, Ma-mløt- klys") and the three tones, too deep for our human vocal chords, but we found a harmony that added an effect the Nokhons were happy to hear. Magga chanted a counterpoint cadence, the Nokhons start doing a simple shuffling dance so we follow suit. Faster and faster, getting frenzied, even more excited than ever--so much that even us Wee Folk forgot to worry about getting stepped on by a Big Foot or two. You already know what happens next: Big Orgy, etc. But I might have to disappoint those especially lascivious readers expectantly awaiting a fully pornographic report of "Who Did What With Whom and How Prodigiously". For while I might squelch my own shy sense of propriety, perhaps even BRAG about how potent I was and how many women I had again and again (and, yes, again), I'm not sure I have the right to expose the actions of everyone else involved. (All right, I know I wrote about Pokey and Lissandra, but he was so damn proud of finally nailing her that he practically insisted I put it into the document and she didn't mind.) So in summary: everybody had everyone else, I hope you're satisfied (I certainly was). Pokey and Maki arrived too late for the beginning but just in time for many climaxes. I think every male's eyes lit up at the sight of cute little Maki running enthusiastically naked into our shyøma-cloud (although some of the larger Nokhons wondered what to do with a woman SO small). Lissandra and Melly launched themselves onto Pokey simultaneously to--oops, I was going to steer clear of all that wasn't I? So moving right along: after a few hours of wild sex most of us were pretty well used up and collapsed onto the meadow grass, looking up into the Full Moon directly above us. Everyone was naked, but if it was chilly none of us seemed to be feeling it. At least we had some mattresses to lie upon, which the squatches didn't need. There was live entertainment: the world-famous Squatch & Friends band played for us, Adam and Melly sang in English, Masnia in Nokhontli, so everyone could relate to the text. After three or four greatest hits they did some loose jamming that got even looser as the psilocybin was kicking in and then none of them could play anymore. Far out, just like last time I tripped on this stuff back in college! I had once tried magic mushrooms in my youthful semi-hippie days, o yes, many years ago, but it still seemed quite familiar: the electric trails of light across my vision, the amplified colors. But there was something else going on as well, something I'd never experienced before, perhaps because of shyøma: I seemed to be picking up on the hallucinations of everyone else around me. That "contact high" Adam had mentioned before was definitely telepathic. Then Magga announced that it was time for the Vision and stepped back for Dawalasat--my own Uncle Wallace--to take over. Although had always looked like a scrawny little old coot in his mountain man rags, he certainly did not now. Naked, his ancient but wiry muscles and dynamic posture revealed that this was a man of great power, capable of defeating age itself, perhaps the only Nokhso Sha-haka in the world. Dawalasat spoke Nokhontli while Adam translated to English, appropriately symbolic for this unique Nokhon-Nokhso Kha-rat. They announced that The Mother's Meadow was a sacred place, where a young Nokhon mother and her child had come upon a mission almost 20 years ago. The child had met his destiny, but the mother had perished. The Nokhons started murmuring, "Mayala." I recognized Dagrolyt's voice saying, "She was a good yøramma!" Daklakht responding, "Ra, she was my beloved!" Almost every male Nokhon present commented about how good she had been to yøramma, clearly a respectful homage in their culture. The women chanted "Mayala, sister, sister!" Not only Mawa, all the women, including the humans. Dawalasat proceeded to speak through the chanting and Adam's usually dignified orator's voice was unsteady when he translated, "We are here to honor her sacrifice." Felix Sinsley was asked to stand before the congregation. He was startled but not surprised. I was near him so he said to me, "I don't know if I can do this." I offered to stand with him--yes, I'd always disliked the guy, but we had evidently gone through some kind of bonding while...uh, while sharing each other's wives, there I said it, sue me. But he said, "No, I've got to be a man about this." So I said, "Once a macho bastard..." and he was cool enough to chuckle as he stood up. But it was a pathetic bastard who faced the Kha-rat, his head hanging in shame. Old Wallace switched over to his own special brand of English, "Awright, sonny, rekon ye can recall what happened here?" "I'll never forget it. Wish I could." "This ain't 'bout forgetting, boy, but remembering. Why were you there on that partic'lar day at that perxact time?" "Why? I was hunting for... I can't remember, deer maybe." "On another man's land?" "I didn't know where I was, I'd started higher up the hill and wandered down to.. to here." "Where ye saw Mayala and her wee babe?" Sinsley broke down and wept, but did manage to nod. "Why did ye shoot her?" "I didn't WANT to, she was absolutely magical! Maybe to see if she was real or not, I don't know, it just happened!" I think that's what he said, he was blubbering too much to be coherent. Then he regained control, like a real man does, and spoke in ruthless accusation of himself, "But I did it: took aim and shot anyway, like I had no choice. I've... I've never gone hunting again since then." "I gotta ask again," Dawalasat reiterated, "WHY were ye there that partic'lar day at that perxact time?" "Why? No reason, unless you believe in Fate. It was just a stupid unlucky coincidence that our paths crossed..." "And them paths brought ye here tonight, whilst we commemorate that very day: you rilly think tha's just 'nother stupid coincidence?" "But we only came here to find our son, Peter..." "Yep! Who also shot Mayala's son," Dawalasat pointed out. "What do you mean?" Felix looked confused. So did Sarah and Peter, I noticed. Hell, I was confused too. At that point Doug Wielson could not contain himself anymore and jumped up to shout, "He means that there ARE NO COINCIDENCES!" He sounded delighted: one of his favorite theories having just been justified. "But if it's not all coincidence.." Sinsley had nowhere to go with his logic, "...look, I'm sorry for what I did." "Don't tell US that, sonny, tell HER!" Wallace pointed toward the withered old apple tree in the middle of the meadow. Mayala was there, under the tree. It was night but she and the tree were standing in daylight. A stubby little baby bigfoot was beside her, she was looking up into the tree branches. I saw the younger version of myself toss an apple down to her. I knew what was going to happen next and did not want to see it. Neither did Sinsley. "No! Stop!" he shrieked, "Don't let it happen again! Please! Mayala, Mayala, come away! Quick!" His voice cracked. As Adam had always said, squatches are not cruel. The vision faded from daylight to moonlight, from then to now. Except that Mayala was still there, now alone and looking back at us. The Nokhons were still chanting her name, except for Adam who was on his feet and staring at his mother's ghost in awe, obviously wanting to approach her but uncertain if that was allowed. He started to take a step, but then Mawa stood beside him, gently holding him back. "Not yet," she told him. Actually, I felt a twinge of confusion here: were we all standing or lying down? Where did the Vision start and reality end? Was this a collective vision or only my dream? I was too stoned to be certain of anything. "Felix lad, go to Mayala and atone for what you did," Old Wallace told Sinsley, who hesitated, then began to stagger out across the Mother's Meadow toward the tree and the ghost awaiting him. The old apple tree was in reality (?) only a hundred feet away from where we stood/laid (?), but appeared to recede further and further away as Sinsley moved toward it. He'd been hesitant at first, but broke into a brisk walk, still without getting any closer. So then he began to run, calling to her "Wait, Mayala, please wait for me!" He finally did arrive to collapse at her feet, but he was a hysterical man by then, obviously afraid he was never going to be allowed to atone, now totally unconcerned about how severe it was going to be. We could not hear them but they appeared to be speaking, although in what language I could not say. Then Sinsley stood up to face her directly as she squatted to his level. Mayala put her hand on his head as he wept and wept and wept. Then she embraced him tenderly and it was over. She sent him back to us as she waited under the tree. Adam was practically panting to go down to Mayala now, but Mawa still held him back, still saying "Not yet, Dadamet." Then he noticed another hand on his other arm and was surprised to see Peter Sinsley standing on unsteady legs beside him, gazing imploringly up and begging, "Me too?" Adam couldn't help frowning down at his worst enemy and pretending he didn't understand, "You too what?" "I know I don't deserve it, man, but I'm asking you to forgive me too." Adam winced, it was clear that he had no desire to forgive Peter of anything. "And then I should trust you behind my back while you plot to steal Melly and murder me?" Peter looked down, then up again with tears streaming from his eyes but also with a ferocious resolution. "Adam," he said, "I know that you can hear the difference between truth from lie, so listen: I'm going to be your friend now, no matter if you want me to or not. So use me! Let me serve in your Nokhon Nation project! Let me make up for every wrong I've ever done you and Melly and I promise that you will never regret it!" Melly was now beside them. "I think he means it," she said. "Oh, he means it," Adam confirmed, still reserving judgment. Then he noticed Mawa looking at him as if she had some advice. He showed her the "okay, what?" hand sign. "Ø'ø'e'rah!" she said. Which is the phrase from the Atli meaning "Be Nice". Adam sighed, nodded and shrugged, hate was never an emotion Adam's gentle squatch persona could maintain. He took Peter in a beefy one-armed hug and gave him a comradely knuckle-rub on the head. "Okay Peter, consider yourself forgiven." Peter hugged Adam back, "Thank you, man." Mawa said to Adam, "Now we can go see Mayala," and pulled him along with her toward the tree where the ghost was waiting for them. They did not have to walk as far as Sinsley had before Mayala received sister and son. Then, one after another, the other squatches went down to greet their old friend: Dagrolyt, Misma and Mryølla, Dannat, Mabna, Dawalasat, Dabronat, Malasna, Daklakht...
Perhaps I'd eaten too many little blue flowers and wasn't in as deep as the others. Although I wanted to believe, I couldn't actually accept that I was seeing a ghost. So I pulled back from the vision somehow and was suddenly awake under the Full Moon sky, surrounded by squatches and humans lying with their eyes closed, all breathing to the same heartbeat. I sat up and looked around, the only person doing so. Of course, I looked over to the apple tree to see if there was indeed some nebulous thing there, a ghost, a will-of-the-wisp, anything spooky. But not. Once again, my Western empirical mind-set had to go and ruin a perfectly good miracle with an unreasonable demand for scientifically observable data. But then I saw something else. I know I saw it, although I seem to be the only one who did. It was amazing, unbelievable, but believe it I do. What I saw was... No, wait. No. One does not reveal his Vision.

Chapter 100

Adam out of Eden