Yeah, Adam here, who's calling? Oh, hi, how's it going?

Me? I'm up in the Cascades right now, supposed to meet some friends--yeah squatch friends, so I'll have to dump my clothes and this phone for a while, just to be polite. Not all of the Nokhontli are as adaptable as me, most of them still shy away from technology and civilization.

Oh, the book, yeah, thanks. We'll see how that goes as an e-book. Well, I didn't exactly write it all myself, you know-- especially since I can't even read or write. It was mostly Art & Elaine's project while I was the Baby Bigfoot growing up with them, and then Melly got involved, and everybody else, until it grew into what we were calling "The Document". It was considered private and Top Secret until recently, but because of what's going on with the Nokhon Nation just now we decided to publish it.

Actually, I try not to think too much about all the extremely personal and intimate details in the book; it's kinda embarassing. Especially Melly's nakedly passionate confessions about our love-life, that girl knows no shame. But I had to be just as candid about my experiences among the Nokhontli: I couldn't just ignore shamanistic drug-magic or those all-out sex orgies every full moon if I was going to accurately describe Bigfoot culture.

Yeah, all right, thanks for calling. I'll come by the UW when I get back, we can take a lunch at the Hub. It's one of the few places in Seattle where I can show my face without people getting silly about autographs and taking pictures. But that's more due to the Squatch & Friends concert album than the book. Ah yes, the price of fame.

Okay, later.

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