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Hi, Folx


Yessah, here it is-- I've finished this year's Chrtstmas E-Card and have posted it on "New Stuff". Every year I suffer the pangs of being pretty certain I just won't be able to pull it off this year, since no usable ideas seem to be dropping like manna from heaven, and then PLOP!-- it all comes together anyway. Miraculous, right?

We're having a low-key Christmas this year, just Mads, Marianne and me. Roast duck, etc. We'll even be staying home instead of speeding off to Berlin or Bali as we jet-setters so often do. Actually we were just in Berlin for a few days last week, so been there, done that. Although not exactly with jet-setters, instead the local Senior's Club because they offer cheapo charter tours and all we have to do is be tolerant with all those OLD farts (some even more ancient than us). Touring the Yule Markets rather than the beaches.

, Later, Ron

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Originally Posted 4 February 1998,
@ in Copenhagen, Denmark
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