Armageddonquest is my biggest opus so far, at 859 pages of story, about another 40 pages of covers and extra art, it took me over ten years to produce-- in fact, I'm still not quite finished with it, stories keep insisting on being written (check out Tales : the Enlightenment of Immanuel, & Disciples).

Anyway, Sirius Entertainment published it in 1997, so you can rush out and BUY it now. Unfortunately, Sirius seems to have evaporated over the past 10 years, but you can still get copies of AQ at

(Another artist did the covers, Joseph Michael Lindser of DAWN fame, here seen his 3 covers for the AQ Trilogy.)

what the story of
is all about

AQ is a 900-page graphic novel about Tazio, the reluctant Antichrist. He is the paradoxical Good Beast of the Apocalypse, who challenges that Evil Destiny laid out for him.

The story is based upon the Biblical Book of Revelations, wherein the end of the world is prophecied as a great final battle between God and Satan. That final battle is supposedly destined to occur at a place in Israel named Har-Megaddon, popularly misnamed "Armageddon". The major antagonists of that war are to be God & Christ against Satan & his Beast/Antichrist-- who are among the characters in Armageddonquest.

Ever since that Book of Revelations was written 2000 years ago, the BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE has been perhaps the most notorious and mysterious figure in Christian mythology: that dramatic monster with the symbolic 7 heads and ten horns, the infamous 666, the Man of Evil, the Agent of The Dragon, the incarnation of Satan; the Anti-Christ, etc.

Historically, Biblical scholars have always been ready to interpret the signs in Revelations as PROOF that the Apocalypse is even now upon us, and the faithful have always fallen for it: -- Nero was certainly the Beast --later on it had to be the Pope --no wait, it's gotta be Hitler-- maybe Saddam Hussein?.. it's a never-ending list.

Such a compelling character just had to show up in literature, and has indeed: in books, movies, music, art, even comic books. Remember "The Omen"? Stephen King's "The Stand"? Yvengy Zamyatin's "We". Actually, there are thousands of stories based upon the Book of Revelations, usually featuring the Worst Villain There Ever Was or Ever Will Be, for everybody agrees on one thing: that the Beast is the Ultimate Bad Guy.

So here's Armageddonquest, yet one more Beast/Antichrist Story, right? Sure, but in AQ The Beast is the Hero. Tazio is just a nice kid; he's the Good Guy, unfortunately destined to be the Antichrist, but he does NOT want the job. He's an Avatar, a god incarnate, with magical powers...but does he have enough power to escape that fate? And therein lies the story.

A big story, lots of characters, spanning the history of Earth from Creation until Apocalypse, as perceived by our young Tazio. We follow his quest from childhood to maturity, including previous incarnations. He's superhuman, sure, but then so are all the rest of the family:

  • his mother Mariangela, the ravaged nun who is obsessed with killing him;

  • his mentor Ulfo, the guru/demon who changes with the phases of the moon (male/female, good/evil);

  • his playmate Buffone, the simple dwarf who may actually be God Himself;

  • his enemy, the all-threatening Anton Artemis, present Incarnation of Satan and Grand Master of the Dark Templars;

  • and his destined adversary Immanuel, the 17th Incarnation of Christ.
It took 859 pages to tell the story, so far at least.


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