5 Billion years ago> Earth created

65 million years ago> Typhon and the dragon folk (dinosaurs) ruled earth.

1 million years ago> Jahvé created the race of 'Man' at Eden. Satan walks the Earth.

1/2 million years ago (450,000BC)> Godmen leave the earth to Men. The Head of Baphomet to carry on 'the Great Satanic Plan'

400,000BC> Lucifer, sorceror--lst Satanic reincarnation

300,000BC> Belial ruled--2nd Satanic reincarnation

200,000BC> Be'elzebub--3rd Satanic reincarnation

100,000BC> Abraxas ruled high-tech Poseidonus--4th Satanic reincarnation

5200BC> Atlantis destroyed by Abad'don of the pit--5th Satanic reincarnation

1700BC> Sodom & Gomor'rah nuked by Ba'al & Baphomet--6th Satanic reincarnation A.D.

88> John (age 33) exiled to Patmos. His vision, writes the Book of Revelations.

1289> Head of Baphomet found in tar pits of Babylon by Knights Templar, buried for 2500 years

1312> Knights Templars accused of heresy and suppressed by Pope Clement V, they become a secret society: the Dark Templars.

1429>Sigismondo Malatesta born, to become Grand Master of the Dark Templars & progenator to Anton.

1462> Malatesta condemned by the Pope.

1467> Malatesta mates with Hecathé & dies 9 months later, age 39, just as Hecathé gives birth to twins.

1468> Antonia della Strega and Babylonia are born.

1480> Antonio & Babylonia are lovers, she must leave. Antonio rapes his mother Hecathé, who has him inducted into the Dark Templars.

1481> 'the Lump' born of Antonio & Hecathé.

1483> Antonio escapes the villa age 16. Off to find Babylonia, Renaissance Firenze. Fun years.

1495> Antonio's Satanic Spiritual awakening at age 27. Returns to villa to become Grand Master of the Dark Templars.

1500> Antonio sacrifices sister/love Babylonia, he too dies & becomes il Barone Grottesco.

1793> Christiana of the Angelic Race, daughter of Renata, daughter of Babylonia & Antonio, comes to Grottesco--who had searched 263 years for an Avatar mate.

1764> Sexless Ulfæ born, mother Christiana dies.

1791> Grottesco has Ulfo, age 27, brought back to the villa. il Grottesco killed by beast-Ulfo, who becomes lunar-powered UlfA, and conceives Anton.

1792> Anton Artemis born

1802> Anton escapes the Villa della Strega, travels to Firenze.

1803> Anton arrives in Boston

1804> Anton tracking in Dakotas @ 12, the LUST forces him to join Indians

1807-1812> Anton is "Zorro" for 5 years

1812-1818> Anton travels Orient 7 years, returns to Firenze. Checks out the Villa--Ulfæ gone, Head & Templars are there, but Anton rejects the Dark Templars

1823> Anton at Berlin University.

1830> Anton to Greek-Turk War, has Satanic Awakening, becomes Grand Master of the Dark Templars once again.

1848> Anton causes Italian Revolution. Flirts w/ Florence Nightingale

1854> Anton causes Crimean War.

1918> Anton with Allenby at MEGIDDO

1926> Anton conscripts Adolf Hitler to be his tool

1943> Mariangela born

1945> Mariangela found in Auschwitz

1848> Mariangela adopted by the Garibaldis age 3

1847> Mariangela levitates

1948> Anton in Jerusalem to create Jewish state of Israel

1849> Mariangela in special school age 6, meets Eva

1952> Mariangela's vision age 9

1959> Mariangela gets The Lust age 16 (Roberto Garibaldi age 36)

1964> Mariangela's nun's vows age 21. Assigned to hospital

1965> Mariangela on Cyprus

all dates from this point are calculated from the advent of ARMAGEDDON being an UNTOLD INDEFINITE NEAR FUTURE about 3 years on, upon March 21 (2000), the vernal equinox and Theron/Tazio's 18th birthday.

(1973)> Immanuel born December 25, Mill Valley, California.

(1982)> Mariangela taken by Dark Templars (@ 38) Satanic ceremony, conception of THE BEAST upon a SUMMER SOLSTICE, June 21, a Full Moon night.

(1982)> THERON BORN, vernal equinox, MARCH 21 ...and Tazio's TAIL, of course.

(1984)> Theron changed into adult age 2

Theron destroys Abaruzzi dam age 3

(1986)> Theron self-destructs age 3 Sept 22 (autumnal equinox)

(1985)> Immanuel receives ENLIGHTENMENT, age 12, December 21

(1987)> Mariangela returns to villa in August, sees Tazio formed as a sleeping 5-year-old.

(1988)> Tazio AWAKENS as 6-year-old, March 21, as his mother is stabbing him. He escapes, lives like a beast.

(1989)> Padre Giorgio visits the villa.

(1990)> Tazio leaves villa & goes to school, age 8.

Immanuel with Cindy, both age 17, Muir Beach, California

(1991)> Mariangela burns Tazio, two weeks healing. Tazio is transferred from 4th grade to high school age 9, turns statue in La Destinazione

+6 mo> Mariangela tells of Theron (18 days before new moon, 4 days before full moon)

full moon, a friday> Tazio goes to football game in Montevecchio. Tazio meets Ulfo's Demon, dies, goes to Hell. Ulfa tells hris story

sunday> Tazio comes out of dungeon, first Helldream that night

monday> Luigi's funeral & Mariangela's tale

tuesday> Tazio meets Jytte Øgård: she's Danish but teaches English at his school

5 days later, sunday evening>Tazio visits Jytte, they become lovers. Helldream: he learns to control pain. Jytte gets scared. Tazio heals Alfredo of alcoholism. Battles Hellmen

tuesday> Big Game, la Destinazione against Ondiari, Tazio commands the team to victory. Jytte & Tazio become a couple, Coach Carlo interferes

friday> Tazio goes home to villa. midnight, new moon: Ulfa achieves godlike state, tells Tazio all

saturday> descent into Hell: Dragon, Theron (3 days)

tuesday> (after school) Jytte comes to visit villa

wednesday> Tazio moves into town with Jytte (they are together 2.5 years until Tazio is 12 years old)

***...open period...

(1992)>Tazio age 10, music lessons, becomes computer nerd. Events in MOTHER INSTINCT: Mariangela tries to kill him for last time.

***...open period...

(1993)> Tazio age 11, political aworeness, starts dellaTerra Spa starts garbage dump project in La Destinazione

***...open period...

(1994)> (january) Mafia comes after him, Enrico Palermo

***...open period...

Feb 22> full moon., Alfredo murders Sophia, Tazio resurrects her

Feb 24/25> weekend at Villa, Tazio learns to scan time, gets threat from Demon. That Sunday evening in town, visits Alfredo & Sophia

weekend> at Villa, discuss Demon's plans

Mar 6> (wednesday) vandalism in town, local cop, Bartolome, allows Tazio to handle it. Tico adjusted. Jytte upset.

March 7> (thursday) new moon Revelation that the Demon will kill Jytte, Ulfo's mad laughter drives everyone away from the villa

Mar 8> (friday) next day Mariangela & Buffone in town, ascension in church. Tazio heals Guisseppe's father. Mariangela age 49 meets foster father, Roberto Garibaldi age 69, she heals him, goes back to Ulfo in the villa

Mar l5th> (friday) night, Jytte made brave, they hear of/from Enrico Palermo

***...open period...Mar 18/17 weekend.

Mar l8th> (monday) journalist Narcello Massimo interviewing town about Tazio

Mar 19> (tuesday night) Beast Ulfo screws Jytte (conceives Artemis? maybe)

Mar 20> (wednesday) Tazio practices Urr-powers, causes an earthquake. He & Jytte almost break up, reconcile, he sleeps for lst time in 2 years.

Mar 21> (thursday) BIG DAY! Tazio's 12th birthday, Full Moon & Demon Tazio age 12 suddenly feels THE LUST, & finally consumates his 'marriage' with Jytte. The Demon strikes at sunset, Jytte goes into a coma. Tazio drives to Villa to do battle, kills Beast-Ulfo. Demon kills Tazio, sends him to Hell, where Tazio's earth powers are released: The villa is destroyed by Tazio's volcano

March 22> (friday) Anton wakes Tazio, who sees destruction & seems that all are dead, Anton takes him to town, then to Rome.

Mar 23> (sat, lst day in Rome) Tazio explores, Meets Cindy Suther

Mar 30> (sat, 8th day) Takes Cindy to bed

Mar 31> (sun, 9th day) Godwalk in Rome

Apr 1> (mon, lOth day) seducing girls on the Spanish steps

Apr 2> (tues, 11th day) Sophia comes to Rome

***...open period...Apr 5 (Good Friday)...?

Apr 6> (sat, 15th day) Cindy goes, other girls come

***...open period...Apr 7 (Easter Sunday) ...?

Apr 8> (mon, i 7th day) Enrico Palermo killed by Anton. Anton then tells story of Antonio della Strega, who becomes il Barone Grottesco (1468-1792)

Apr 8-15> (17th-23rd days) Anton gone a week

Apr 16> (tues, 24th doy) Tazio goes sailing on ship Charon with Anton

Apr 18> (thurs) Full Moon, ceremony, Tazio becomes negasexed. Anton tells story of Anton Artemis (1792-present)

Apr 18> (friday, down) Anton attacks, Tazio jumps overboard

Apr 20> (saturday) Tazio ascends out of sea at Patmos, scans 'St John the Divine' (Ulfo) writing the Book of Revelations

***...open period...

weeks later> Sahara, Tazio tests earth powers, attacked by Anton in a jet, 3 weeks later builds a stone home. Experiments with catalytic generators, etc. 6 months pass.

***...open period...

(1994) December> Adrian & Peter arrive with news of Achmet Khaddam,Mahdi. Tazio takes on Islamic jihad (holy war). Anton & Achmet murder Cindy, whom Tazio ressurects with angelic powers.

(1995) January> Tazio splits Israel free of the mainland. In a trance for a week. Tazio time tourist, scanning Meccca, Israel, Jerusalem. Tazio meets Kabbalists, Ahazverus. Visits Megiddo, attacked by Gargoyle.

***...open period...(l994-1998)next few years Wandered, superhero adventures, etc. This corresponds to NOW/TODAY

to Copenhagen, Jytte's parents.

(1998)> Immanuel in Prison in USA

(1998)> Tazio lost all drive, goes to desert, sits for unspecified time (a month?) Helldream: Theron overpowers Tazio, takes amulet

(1999)> Shamon Wa'lahkhabi comes to awaken & challenge Tazio to be village god. 1 year Tazio lord of African tribe Ma'waaluuki

***...open period...

(2000) March 8> Hans Klauser comes to attack village, becomes Tazio's mental clone, gives message that Immanuel awaits at Megiddo. Tazio leaves

March 20> 1 week later Tazio arrives at Megiddo, & the ARMAGEDDON FESTIVAL

day l> Meets old friends, finally meets Immanuel that night.

day 2, March 21> Tazio's 18th birthday. Apocalypse-destruction of the world begins, Tazio steps in. Ulfo's demon attacks Tazio, gargoyle (in Hell, Theron & Satan attack) Immanuel & Tazio play music together.

day 3, March 22> Football Game

day 4, March 23> Chess game. Party at Nazareth, Tazio eats Immanuel's manna, gets sick.

day 5, March 24> Negasexed Tazia wakes up a GIRL. The race. Bomb threat, Tazio goes to Tel Aviv.

day 6, March 25> Saturday, Jewish sabbath. Tazio in Jerusalem, flirt with Immanuel, they do battle.

17:OO --Ramud detonotes the h-bomb before sundown. Helldream: Tazio resolves Satanic problem, becomes enlightened

day 7 March 26> 18 hours after blast, Return to earthlevel time @11:00--1 hour before noon

Noon- -War begins as Tazio arrives, stops it

15:OO--Final contest: Tazio wins, announces that he's taking over the world, thank you.

ARMAGEDDONQUEST ends at 15:00 hours, 26 March (2000)

(***...open periods...untold stories may be inserted here)