Part 11: Homecoming

Hypernet News Service

: 23 Sept 2199 : @ 1830 wst


Marucia Alexandre, female Envoy to Jupiter returned, has given birth to a girl, named Juno Tordenskjold-Alexandre. The baby, her mother, and father Niels Tordenskjold, are being held in quarantine on Callisto Base by the authorities, who are concerned about a possible Alien Threat from Jupiter through the child, which was conceived on Jupiter under dramatic conditions.

Juno is the name for the wife of Jupiter, King of the Gods in Roman mythology. She was also called Hera, wife of Zeus in Greek mythology.

Hypernet News Service

: 01 Oct 2199 : @ 2400 wst


Jupiter explorers Niels Tordenskjold and Marucia Alexandre were married today on Callisto Base. They have been lost in relative time for 35 years, but most of their families are still alive, and attended the wedding by virtual 3V. The only family guest on base was their own newborn daughter.

Hypernet News Service

: 08 Nov 2199 : @ 1830 wst


After exhaustive testing of the Star Child from Jupiter by scientists and military personnell, no sign of abnormalities have been evidenced, except for unusually high intelligence and an especially sweet disposition. Public opinion has demanded the "release" of the Cosmic Couple, and they are due to arrive back on Earth very soon.

The military is against this and would detain them even longer, but they will have to bow to the decision the World Government make in the matter.

Hypernet News Service

: 24 December--Christmas Eve--2199 : @ 2100 wst


To great celebration, the famous Jupiter Envoys and their Star Child have finally arrived on Earth at Copenhagen. They received a hero's welcome that hasn't been seen in this century, which is almost over. Literally millions of people left the comfort of their 3V screens and came to Copenhagen to bid them welcome in a voice that shook the old Viking city.

Simultaneously, a bright light illuminated the night sky above: from Jupiter. They are obviously keeping an eye on their friends. And a New Message began broadcasting, music this time, like the singing of angels.

Hypernet News Service

: 01 Dec 31 2199 : @ 1200 wst


Tonight, over all our world, and the other worlds we have come to know, we will celebrate not only a New Year, but the beginning of the 23rd Century.

There will be lots of parties, but THE party everyone is interested in is to be held at the elegant fazenda of the Alexandre family, on the edge of São Paulo, Brazil. That is the celebration to tune in to, for although there will be no official 3V coverage, it is rumored that there will be live optical broadcasts by a multitude of undercover pirate newshawks. Included among the guests are presidents, royalty, dignitaries from many lands, musicians, artists, philosophists--and of course, the famous daughter of that familia, Marucia Alexandre, just returned from over 35 years in Jupiter, as well as her husband Niels, and their own 3-month old daughter, Juno.

This will be a strange reunion for most of Marucia's family and friends, who had waved goodbye to those brave young kids off on their romantic adventure over 35 years ago. Now, long after they were given up for dead, here they are again, not even one year older, due to
RTD. Marucia is still 22 years old, her friends are all in their mid 50's. Her mother, Enrica Alexandre, is 85, her father died 8 years ago, but which has only been recent news to Marucia. Her former fiancee, Eduardo de Ouro, who is now 60 years old, married another woman many years ago, and has 2 sons and a daughter around Marucia's age.

Adding to the confusing emotional situation, has been the news that the 3-month old baby girl has begun to talk to her parents, simply but coherently, in Danish, Portuguese, and WorldSpeak. This has upset some people--especially among the military, who had warned against letting the child loose on Earth.