Part 5: the Couple

the DIGITAL DAILY news----2000 World Standard Time----4 Aug 2164

Cosmic Couple Meet in Space

The 2nd Convention for Interplanetary Diplomacy was held in SpaceCity. The Cosmic Couple were joined once more, and the rest of the world tagged along via TelComNet.

Among the subjects discussed was the agreement that neither of the two Envoys should appear in the Advertising & Entertainment Medium, so as not to cheapen their image as the Representatives of Earth. It was also decreed that Niels would resign from the Solar Rangers before the Descent, re-enlistment afterwards his option, so that the mission itself would not be under Military Authority.

After the official program, Niels invited Marucia to see his quarters, and of course, the cameras of the world followed them to his humble Lieutenant's cabin in SR Section of SpaceCity. His fellow officers were all lined up to meet the Brazilian beauty. The young pilot then invited his guest on a quick orbital flight, and was granted permission to take out a 2-man 627 Zipship. Ten minutes into flight Lt Tordenskjold turned off the TelCom transmission. The Cosmic Couple was out of contact with their audience for almost 2 hours. Transmission was restored ten minutes before re-docking.

the DIGITAL DAILY news----2400 World Standard Time----4 Aug 2164

Eclipsed Orbit

TelComNet agents were visibly upset with Lt Tordenskjold's manouevre: 2 hours of airplay is a very expensive commodity. They had to fill the airtime with news briefs and commercials.

Lt Tordenskjold responded to ther complaints that it had just been agreed upon that he and senhorita Alexandre were NOT to be considered media entertainment.

Beside him, the lovely Marucia grinned and said, "My Hero!"

the CYBERSCANDAL EXPRESS----0600 wst----5 Aug 2164


Oh, they got away from us last night, didn't they, folks? They're just so cute, flashing around the Universe in a souped up Zipship and turning US off like that! What do you suppose they did in those two hours of perfect privacy? What did they talk about? Did they talk?

Let's make it a contest: send in your opinions, folks, we'll broadcast the best of them. Contact us:
BZX# 3364 5756 5759457NY



the CYBERSCANDAL EXPRESS----1600 wst----10 Aug 2164

Wedding Postponed--again

We've heard from a reliable source that the impending wedding of Marucia Alexandre has been postponed again. She is engaged to marry the fabulously rich Eduardo de Ouro, but word is that he's become quite jealous about you-know-who, and that the "Orbital Quickie of the Cosmic Couple" was too much for him.


location: SRspacecraft #Z369 type Zip 627. orbital flightregist # 315 NSW @800 km. 1811(wst) 4/8/64

NIELS: There, how about some privacy?

MARUCIA: Did you really just turn them off? Muita obrigada!

NIELS: De nada.

MARUCIA: Fala português?

NIELS: No, working on it, but don't quite speak it yet. Anyway I figured you must be about as tired of all the attention as I am.

MARUCIA: They're everywhere; journalists, cameramen, people with opinions. I never knew how far one had to go to get away from them.

NIELS: Well, we're on a two-hour orbit 800 kilometers above them all now. Let's hope that's far enough. If not, there's always Jupiter...hey, we'll be reaching Sunrise in 15 seconds. Watch this.

MARUCIA: Oh! It's so beautiful. O Deus mio.

NIELS: First time in space?

MARUCIA: Yes. I've been putting it off. I've always been afraid of it. Like the ocean, an entity of nature too vast to challenge.

NIELS: It's not so dangerous any more, not since the Jupiterians gave us MEST-technology. It's fantastic: the Universe is really finally open to us, and it's just Now that it's all beginning to happen. I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of it!

MARUCIA: I wish I had your attitude, that would make it you really WANT to meet the Jupiterians?

NIELS: Yes! Absolutely! Don't you?

MARUCIA: To me they seem even vaster than all the other forces of nature: huge, eternal, superintelligent, godlike. I don't know what they want with people. Because we TASTE good, who knows? And why ME specifically, why us? Don't you fear them even a little?

NIELS: Yes, sure. But we can't let that stop us, can we?

MARUCIA: No... Well, no, of course not.

NIELS: Sometimes...sometimes being afraid makes an experience really GREAT, really powerful, when you ride it through to the other side with everything screaming and rattling and about to explode, and you MAKE it! It can be a rush.

MARUCIA: Is that what you tell all the reluctant virgins?

NIELS: (laughs) I don't know any reluctant virgins.

(26 seconds of silence)

MARUCIA: That must be Denmark.

NIELS: Yeah, that little spot.

MARUCIA: It's all one spot now, that World down there.

NIELS: So are you getting married with Eduardo as planned?

MARUCIA: I suppose. (pause) Why do you ask?

NIELS: Just seeing if the Scandal Rags have their facts straight.

MARUCIA: Would they lie? Are you really sleeping with that Porno Queen?

NIELS: Hah, I was just at the same party, I know you better than I know her. And all I know about you is what I read in the Media.

MARUCIA: Same here.

(13 seconds of silence)

NIELS: You know they'll say about this little trip: "Cosmic Couple Escapes Chaperones: for the first time in a year they get away with shutting the bathroom door."

MARUCIA: I can hardly wait to read it.