So you chose THIS Ending: a wise move.


...the baby Juno shining and floating and spinning with her arms outstretched, a tiny gyroscopic Christ-figure: eyes still closed, but mouth opened, from which resounded a very deep very cosmic voice:

"Happy New Century, People of Earth. Jupiter sends you all a blessing in this child; who is Our Bride. Treasure her as we do, and she will become your own geatest treasure." she's coming out of the trance, descending lightly into her mother's arms, the light fades...

Marucia is holding her baby very tightly. We are all looking, silently, in awe, dumbstruck.

Except for little Juno. She opens her eyes, looks up at Marucia and Niels beside her, and speaks: "I don't want to go to bed yet. I want to stay up for the New Century party with you all. Ple-e-ease, Mommy and Daddy?"

Silence. All over the world. Then laughter, merriment.

Niels says, "It's just after Midnight, Juno. It is the 23rd Century already."

"But you're all so quiet! You're supposed to celebrate!"

Marucia laughed, "She's right! Come on everyone, let's say the magic words!"

And we all knew somehow that it really would be a Happy New Century.


well, that was THE NICE ENDING..
..there is THAT other ending, NOT so nice...