Portrait of the Artist as a Young Hippy

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This is a variation of the "3R Timeline" put together for Sirius Entertainment, published in Volume One of the Armageddonquest trilogy. This being more a personal artistic history than an autobiography, the background to AQ, as well as listing most of my other creative works.

6 Dec 41---I get born in Seattle, Washington. Pearl Harbor gets bombed next day. Probably unrelated events, but who knows?

---Growing up on Captain Marvel, Superman, Batman, EC Comics, Uncle Scrooge. Moving often: Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Bay Area.

---Age 10, become an Edgar Rice Burroughs freak, he had some snappy story-telling techniques, which I like to "borrow" sometimes (I also liked the original illustrations by J. Allen St. John).

---Age 11, living in Oakland, California, my father becomes extremely religious, affecting entire family, we move back to Seattle.

---Age 14, Dad gets a Texaco gas station, I work there as a member of the family business, learn about cars.
---And here's 3R age 15.

56---High School, interested in Gustave Doré's Biblical illustrations.
---Write/draw my first comic "stories", a series of 2-page "to be continued" jokes concerning the Man With No Face.

58---Made an 8-mm movie that summer, Superboy and the Killer Kids --since it was MY camera I got to be Superboy.

59---Graduate from Shoreline High in Seattle, if anyone cares. Junior College in Everett, etc.

61---Begin at Western Washington State College in Bellingham, majoring in English Literature. Become interested in the Book of Revelations. Educational overload--split for California in my Junior year.

62---Draw first "Son of Satan" pictures while living in Berkeley, first incarnations of a young hero strolling around in Hell, although I didn't yet know that he would become Tazio.

June 64---drafted into the Army, 2 years as a G.I. stationed in Fulda, Germany, assigned to PIO, produced the base newspaper for the 14th Armored Cavalry.
-----More important: learned to play the guitar.

June 66---overseas discharge from Army, went on the road: European cities (first came to Copenhagen, my kind of place, stayed a while in Denmark), then 7 months in Africa.

67---came back and got a summer job in Copenhagen, met that beautiful Danish Girl Marianne (who, 40 years later, is now my wife), then travelled on to India.

68---Katmandu, Ceylon, Student Revolution in Europe, hippies, me writing songs & playing music for a little money. Stayed at a Sikh Temple in Calcutta, hitched back through Europe to Denmark, lived in a student dorm in Nærum, studied Danish Culture.

69---broke, return to USA, get a job, earn just enough, off to Mexico & Central America for half a year. Loved Oaxaca, stayed a while.

70---return to USA, friends & a commune in Seattle (you know, the 60's), then back to college at WWSC in Bellingham, hippy days.

71---Write a series of Son of Satan Tazio stories for creative writing classes, including one 12-page comic book drawn directly on mimeograph paper.

72---Send a copy of the Son of Satan comic book to Marvel Comics (don't remember why), 6 months later Marvel begins publishing a series also called The Son of Satan, based on similar characters and situations. Probably unrelated events, but who knows?

72---Made several mimeo comics for creative writing classes, since they were so well received: a funny series, Captain Psychic Phenomena; and a continuation of Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, Alex Comix.

72---My first published comic story, Space Bum, appears in SPACED OUT Comics, published by Print Mint (the now-colored version of that story is in the Comix Section of this website).

73---my 2nd Space Bum story was a more professional production, but Print Mint never produced a 2nd Spaced Out comic, so they sent it back to my father's address--who opened it, was offended by my hippy humor, and burnt it. No copies remain.

(Although the WWSC campus newspaper printed an article about their local comic book artiste, along with a rather cool photo, and the first page of Space Bum 2 just happens to be in my hand.)

74---Graduation from WWSC with bachelor's degree in English & Art.

74-75---on the road again, 9 months from Mexico to South America, stayed a while in Ecuador, return to USA with no money but at least I had a pretty good case of hepatitus.

76---Return to WWSC and get a Secondary Teaching Certificate. Student teaching at a high school in Bellevue, Wash. Meet Helen, whom I marry later on.

77---Schools in recession, no teaching jobs, I work as a carpenter, living with Helen in the woods outside Monroe, Washington.

78---Several months in Mexico; touring with Helen in an old Chevy pickup w/camper to Oaxaca, go on alone to visit Ron & Kippie in San Christobal. Stay there to write my Son of Satan novel, but it becomes a prodigious songwriting period instead, no novel.

79---Back in woods in Washington, write "the great Sasquatch novel" Adam out of Eden, finish 1st draft, but not the rewriting.

80---Instead I write/draw a Sasquatch comic series , 5 stories over 200 pages.

Sept 80-Jan 81---Write/draw the Phæria stories, 200 pages of erotic fairy tale.

March 81---Write/draw Heroes of Elveland, a 75-page continuation of Phæia chronicle, while staying with Ron & Kippie in Mexico City.

May-Dec 81---Write/draw Agents of The Chalice, the relationship between the angel Æthyr and the devil Malignan.

81---Carpentry in recession, no jobs, I become a prison guard at Washington State Reformatory (everybody in Monroe ends up working there).

Jan 82---Write/draw a series of Prison Comix, starting with Slammer Comics, a tie-in to the Armageddonquest saga, introducing Immanuel, the 17th incarnation of Christ.

Nov-Dec 82---Write/draw Guard Comics, introducing the superhuman prison guard Officer Gargantua and the shamanistic Tattoo Master, 133 pages.

---Discover Japanese Barefoot Gen, the classic eye-witness history of Hiroshima in comic form.
---In real life, break up with Helen. Big changes.

83--Write/draw a series of shorts: some Captain Psychic Phenomena funny stuff, Cosmikids, the 3 Snail Tales.

83-84---Write/draw The Prison and the Planet, a 200-page graphic novel tied directly into the AQ saga, with Gargantua, Immanuel, and the 1st appearence of Tazio as he was meant to be.

March 84---Begin writing/drawing Armageddonquest.

Sept 84---on the road again--quit prison job to travel around the world. Get to Denmark, visit old girlfriend Marianne & her 5-year-old son Mads. Oops, never make it to Japan, end up living in Copenhagen. But I continue to draw AQ.

85---travel to SE Asia to visit my brother Owen, then return to Copenhagen. Marianne, Mads & I hitchhike Europe for several months, Spain, Portugal, and home to Denmark again. Here we are in Nerja, Spain

(Later, Marianne and I made a children's book about that trip, entitled Mads på Stop.)

86---money gone, lucky to get a job as a moving man. Marianne & I get married, so I can stay & work in Denmark. Okay, okay, also because we love each other. Continue drawing AQ in our little apartment, after work, but it ain't easy.

86-89---work, work, work--ok, some fun too, but almost nothing to do with AQ, until I build a "drawing studio" up in a tiny attic room over our apartment. I get a better job, driving for Roland music instruments.
---I also take time out from AQ to record some of my own songs on a 4-track I'd picked up in Singapore, and produce a demo tape with a comix-like song book

89-92---AQ insists upon being written: I work 6 months, take 2 months off to draw, fortunately Marianne backs me up, when broke I work another 6 months, take 2 months off...

9 Dec 92---"Finish" AQ.

Feb 94---Starhead Comix publishes Armageddonqest #1. But production halts at #2.

---Sirius publisher Robb Horan first reads the Starhead editions of AQ, contacts 3R.

95---Long process of cleaning up all the earlier pages of AQ for publication. (Whew! let's take a break here for 3R & family also having a life (Paris)

Aug 96---We move from our humble little 2-room on the outskirts of town into our new great big luxurious apartment in the center of Copenhagen. A major improvement in lifestyle, see the Lords of the Manor. Complete with cat, of course.

June-August 97---Sirius publishes ARMAGEDDONQUEST Trilogy. Yaayy! Wheee!

Feb 98---3R Home Page goes online

---Almost all my creative work since the launch of this web site is to be found here: stories, articles, travel notes, drawings, photos, whatever; this is where I dump it all. Each new entry is chronicled on my Updates Page, albeit in backwards order, since the lastest Updates get put at the top of the list.