3 November 2022

All right, folx, I just wrapped up my SWATH REPORT after 20 years in the making and posted it on this very 3R Home Page. It's a collection of short adventure stories (19 so far) about a young super-hero wannabee who calls himself "Swath". His name is significant because he has some kind of anti-matter symbiote living inside him that allows him to "cut a swath" through anything; walk through walls and ignore bullets. He tends to hang out in war zones, where he can do the most good by stopping wars.

11 February 2022

Okay, it's been a year and a day since my last report here, guess I'd better update the Updates. Not that there's been so much new stuff. Lately I've been modernizing the 1997 INTO JUPITER story presentation, otherwise it's just been my usual Santa e-card every Christmas and few ADAM OUT OF EDEN drawings just for fun. I'm between all the big projects, like Bigfoot novels or 900-page comic books, so I haven't been posting big clumps of 3R Stuff these days. Although Swath is lurking in the background...

I could just blame the Corona Virus as a handy excuse for wasting time, or that cerebral stroke I had two years ago, which pretty much wiped out any musical talent I ever had, or my own hoary old age of 80 years-- all great excuses for slowing down- But I'm pretty sure that some new project will soon occur to me and I'll be busy again. Promoting my ready-to-go pitch for the AOOE NETFLIX TV series, for example. We'll see.

10 February 2021

Not much going on just now, stuck in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything closed down here in Copenhagen. Also the middle of an exceptionally cold winter: a little too brisk to really enjoy being outside with no inside where we may go, except our own homes. Should be just perfect for an artist/writer/musician/website-monger... and actually, it is. All done with the epic bigfoot novels and the 900-page AQ comic book, so now I'm taking on some smaller projects: like the latest sasquatch illustration (New Stuff page), and finishing a series of short adventures about Swath, the anti-matter guy. Gotta keep busy-

20 December 2020

Posted this year's Santa E-Card, which refers to the pandemic of 2020 as something we'll probably remember for a long time. As well as the politics.

5 September 2020

Finally finished and posted ADAM INTO BABYLON after about 10 years of intense dedication and Herculean effort, as well as hours and hours of spell-checking (recently).

Looking back over this Updates Page I can see that I posted the original Adam out of Eden on 17 November 2010 and started working on this sequel right away.

1 April 2020

Just posted a new Bigfoot drawing. One of Marianne's hobbies is to make hand-painted jigsaw puzzles for kids (or adults, who cares?). So I've done a few drawings for her, which she then paints onto a sheet of wood and jigsaws into about a hundred pieces; this time I used original characters from my own Bigfoot novel,

13 September 2018

I guess it must be about time to take down last year's Christmas E-Card from the "New Stuff" Page, since this year's summer is almost over. Yes, I've been ignoring my poor old web site, but I really had nothing else to post, being caught up in several projects that take a long time to finish... and there is the problem that I'm kinda lazy. But now we've just come back from our summer vacation and I have pictures & text galore!

So you can check out Yet Another Eurotrip, to be found on the Real Stuff Pages.

9 February 2017

Okay, I've FINALLY finished a new project to post here on my website: a 16-page comic-book episode about Our Favorite Bigfoot, Adam Leroy Forest, whom you all know as star & hero of ADAM OUT OF EDEN (novel, e-book on Amazon), which is "soon" to be accompanied by a sequel. (Actually, the whole original story is also here, for free)

Sometimes a long while goes by between postings of any new stuff on this website (hmmm, maybe it's about time to trade out December's Christmas E-Card), mostly because I've been working on some big projects that simply take years to finish. Presently my biggest effort being the novel ADAM INTO BABYLON: a continuation of that Bigfoot-raised-by-humans story, focusing on the ramifications of Sasquatches joining our society, considering that they use magic instead of technology and have a very different morality.

That sequel is not yet completed, but just for fun, I've written & drawn Chapter 37 (circa) into comix format to be inobtrusively tucked between the pages of text, which I'll present here as a sampler of Adam's story.

These are the first comix pages I've produced in years (MOTHER INSTINCT, published in 1999) and I could feel how rusty I'd gotten at the medium: story flow, proportions, perspectives; everything took more effort, restarts galore. Oh, I still do drawings now & then, for local events & celebrations, and at least one of those Christmas cards every year, but those have only been one-off illustrations, not sequences of pages telling a story. I hope they're readable.

So go to NEW STUFF and check it out.

21 December (solstice) 2016

Just posted the new 2016 Christmas Card. It can be found in NEW STUFF and the COMIX pages. That's it, been a slow year.
Oh, I'm working on lots of stuff: a novel, with a comic book chapter in it, doing some music videos with a couple guys, but nothing is actually ready for posting just now. But yes, I'm still alive & kicking. It might be counter-productive that I finally got Netflix, but hey, I AM retired, you know.

18 September 2016

It's been a long time since I've updated this web site. Not because I'm lazy, but because I'm busy. Pretty good excuse, eh? But a few weeks ago I WAS being lazy, that is, officially: on vacation.
Marianne and I went camping in Italy. Not very surprising, it's what we usually do, going on the road in Europe with our VW van. So I've posted a report of our Summer Vacation, EUROTRIP 2016, which is something I can finish and display right now, rather than waiting for those never-ending not-quite-finished novels that are keeping me too busy to actually post them.
Check it out under REAL STUFF.

17 December 2015

Just posted this year's Christmas E-Card, a few days after the Climate Conference was taking place in Paris. So it seemed like a worthy topic, although Santa doesn't present an especially usable solution to the world's CO2 situation. As an artist I'm usually just grateful for any idea coherent enough to make a drawing work (for which I have to thank Marianne this time), but of course it would be best if the idea actually was effective enough to save the world-- and be funny! Maybe next time.

6 June 2015

Not much new material being posted these days, although I have re-posted my Bigfoot novel ADAM OUT OF EDEN, to which I have been spending my time writing the sequel (another 900-page novel, I suppose), and it's been taking a while. So there's been no new songs or short stories popping into existence in the meantime. Hey, I got no deadlines to meet (except the final one we all have to deal with at some time or another) so there's no hurry.

21 April 2014

Posted a new AQ short story, WARRIOR, this one about a minor-minor-mini-minor character obliquely referred to in Books 1 & 16. Kla is a disgruntled African warrior whom Tazio had enhanced to become a Perfect Warrior, but is forbidden to wage war. Hey, it's an idea, generated lots of words anyway. Also a new song: Santiaguera.

19 February 2014

Since last notation I have posted 2 more AQ short stories, continuing the girls of AQ concept. AN ANGEL LOOSE IN ISTANBUL, as told by Cindy Suthers, was posted right about New Year's Eve 2014. And Mariangela: THE HUT was posted today.

I haven't announced them anywhere because I'd also posted a report of My First Trip To Cuba and I'm not ready to drop that from the NEW STUFF page just yet.

8 October 2013

After a long unwelcome spell of uncreativity, simply not being able to guess where a story was supposed to go, I've suddenly finished and posted a new AQ story, 3 ANGELS OF THE ANTICHRIST. It's about the women in Tazio's life, mother & lovers, who had to abandon him and prepare themselves for the Apocalyse coming in 6 years. I'd always wondered whatever happened to them.

27 July 2013

I finally finished recording and posting my STARDIVER song. Is that a big deal? you might ask. Well, I started working on it in 1977, it's mid 2013 now. The first part came all at once and seemed inspired: great story concept about a cosmic pony express rider, complete with a nice little melody & some dramatic chord changes, snappy lyrics, fun stuff. I've been working on the rest of it ever since, occasionally playing & singing the one part I did have, certain that the rest of the song would come to me in a blast of "3R" creativity, but was unable to expand it. Well, here it is anyway. It just showed up. No hurry, I guess.

28 November 2012

I'm on a roll for writing AQ short stories these days. SINDACO is the latest, narrated by the Mayor of La Destinazione, who gives us his own special perspective of mysterious events going on around him. This story popped out of a scene in the "Mariangela/Jytte & Angels" adventure I'm in the middle of writing. The Mayor's story wrote itself at high speed, so maybe now I can go back to finishing the girls' story.

3 November 2012

Just posted I Like To Run, a remake of one of the songs from Adam Out of Edern, so you're supposed to imagine a Bigfoot singing it as he strides over hill and dale. This recording was recently made in studio with the B-B-Band and replaces the first version I recorded about 20 years ago.

29 October 2012

I have UN-posted two novels on my home page: the big one ADAM OUT OF EDEN (674 pages); and the novella CROWN THE CLOWN (178 pages). But they are now published as Kindle E-Books on the various Amazon web sites around the world. Why did I do that? Hmmm, you figure it out. Yes, to earn some money if possible, we'll see how it goes. You can check them out:

1 October 2012

Another AQ short-story suddenly popped up out of nowhere: BUFFONE'S JOURNEY, I seem to be on a roll here. Actually, this was something I've been intending to write for years--someday, you know. In the AQ graphic novel there's a 6-year gap for several major characters who vanish from sight, only to show up later at the Armageddon Festival with a 2-picture reference to where they'd been. Always seemed to me that they might have some good stories to tell, this is Buffone's. Others will speak up later, I suppose.

23 September 2012

First new (old) song in a while: Trouble Town. It's one of my very earliest, written Aug 66 when I'd just gotten out of the Army in Germany and was starting my World Traveller Phase. So of course I had to be a singer-songwriter travelling troubador (just like everybody else hanging out in Paris). It's been kind of a forgotten song (perhaps for a good reason), but I've finally recorded it anyway.

15 September 2012

Just got back from a month's vacation, driving & camping around Southern Europe as usual. Taking a break from recording music, I found myself writing a short AQ story about Tazio at age 11, back when he was the world's hottest computer nerd. He gets hacked, overwhelming virus attack kills his website--so he reacts. That's the story. ANTICHRIST & ANTIVIRUS

29 July 2012

Captain Sky is yet another of those epic-length fantasy songs I wrote years ago and am finally getting around to recording for the first time, mostly because I now have the time & equipment to do so. I've got several more stacked up waiting. This one's about a flying Super-Hero.

14 July 2012

Noble of Westerland is a fairy-tale song I wrote long long ago and far far away. I don't think I've ever performed it live; it's composed of several musical themes and variations over 20 verses and takes a while to sing/tell (this mp3 is 15 minutes and 9 seconds long). It was a monster project, confusing and tricky, assembled in bits and pieces since it was too big to fit onto the Band-in-a-Box interface all at one time. Okay, it'll never be on Top of the Pops, but I think the story being told is fun enough to hear at least once.

30 June 2012

I've just posted HEROIC DREAMS, a short story that has sort of fallen together over several months, starting with a silly fantasy about dreaming superheroes into existence, letting it lie for months, then weaving in a few news headlines and borrowing/adapting some of my Facebook friends into a mixmash that kept growing and resolved itself in an ending that seems to work somehow.

9 June 2012

Still working on recording all my old songs, one at a time. This week I've posted: Mitteilung, written for a cute barmaid way back when I was a GI in Germany, 1965; and Poor Dominique, about the true case of a mind-boggled French chick mentally stranded in Katmandu, 1968. As usual, I'm not quite satisfied with the results, but at least the songs finally exist, since they can now be heard.

6 May 2012

Marianne, Mads and I kept a journal of our whole-damn-family hitching trip through Spain & Portugal way back in 1985, when Mads was only 5 years old. It evolved into Mads På Stop, a Danish children's book, which we photocopied and gave to friends. Now we've polished up the text, colored the illustrations, converted it to HTML and posted it here. Still in Danish, though. So far.

29 April 2012

Just posted my old song Got To Go To Goa, written during my travels in India long long ago, but recorded this week with modern ministudio equipment.

2 April 2012

I've just posted the all-new DANSK section, consolidating various Danish-language projects, including the children's books Marianne and I have produced together and a Copenhagen-local website I am webmaster for. If you're not Danish-fluent you can still look at the pretty pictures.

19 March 2012

Big Changes! For one thing, www.3rhp.com is a new URL because I've moved my entire website. The old www.danbbs.dk/~3r had an upper limit of 200 Mb, which was fine for years, until I started loading in all the new MP3s I've recently been recording (putting me at 350 Mb, although nobody said anything). But now I've just finished processing almost 100 Mb more of my graphic novel AQ and there was no way I could squeeze that in.

But the posting of AQ is the most significant update: this is the first time the whole book has been online. And a major project it was indeed--856 TIFFs had to be individually resized into JPGs (@ 12 mouse/key-clicks per image), 450 pages of HTML had to be hand-generated with specific links and a Page Menu with links to each of those pages had to be composed. There might be some software somewhere that could have automated the processes, but I never found any. So it took a while. Check it out

And hey, this new URL is much easier to remember.

2 March 2012

I've been busy recording and posting music on this site, although I haven't mentioned them here for a while-- the latest being If It Can't Be Easy, as well as 8 other songs, all found in order of posting on the MP3 Audio Files page of the Songbook. I'm also working on a redesign of my "index" page to give this website a fresh new look-- coming soon. Oh yes, also posted the latest re- re-editing of Adam out of Eden, so it's completely up-to-date.

18 December 2011

Today's upload is the song I'm Thinking of You Now (written in Malmö, Sweden in 1968 as a pompous 5-minute demonstration of "how-easy-it-is-to-write-a-song"). I don't think I've played it since then, but hey, it must be great if it's from the '60s, right?

7 November 2011

I used to write lots of songs: it was easy. Then, it suddenly wasn't--and 10 years have slipped by, busy with other stuff. But even farther back in time, Marianne and I got married on September 27th, 1986, and at our recent "Silver Wedding Anniversary" party she gave a very flattering speech about her husband of 25 years (me), so I was expected to respond somehow. Fortunately, I had somehow managed to compose a new song dedicated to her and that saved the day. I delivered an acoustic performance at the party, but have since recorded a ministudio version of Every Time I See You.

29 March 2011

I've been busy with music, mostly concerning the 13 songs connected to the AOOE novel (So Long, Babylon, Mean To Me-- and just finished Sasquatch Moon), but also other original songs written long ago (like Nukes and Winter With Me) finally recorded and posted here as MP3s. Been posting them regularly and will continue to do so-- it'll be a while before I run out of material.

The newly posted songs can be found at the top of the list on the MP3 Audio Files page.

24 March 2011

Just posted an illustrated children's book that Marianne and I created together a few years ago. den Magiske Tommelfinger. Yes, it's in Danish-- which is no problem for our local friends-- but included is a synopsis in English for everyone else.

11 February 2011

After most of a year ignoring my website because of writing AOOE, I've recently been quite diligent about updating and spell-checking old texts, posting new mp3's of songs and writing new stories. Today I've added another chapter (CELEBRITY) to the Copies story-series found under Tales.

I've also posted 8 new MP3s in the Songbook, found at the top of the list.

16 January 2011

I've just reposted all of my old comic books which had been temporarily taken off this website because of a promotional project for a planned reissue of ARMAGEDDONQUEST, check out COMIX.

I also wrote several short stories to be included in those new issues, but now we're going in a different direction, so I'm posting them here now; to be found in AQ Stories, the last 5 stories listed. I've just finished coloring all the illustrations for the 4-part "Ghost's Story", so I can finally present them to the world.

17 November 2010

Wow, has it really been a year since I last posted a major update for this web site? Well, that's because I've been obsessively working on one project for most of that year, everything else fell by the wayside. You wouldn't believe how many hours--or years--I have invested into this novel, ADAM OUT OF EDEN and here it is at last.

I wrote the first draft in 1978, started rewriting it in the 90's and have just finished it after 5 months of virtually non-stop typing. A computer crash didn't help much. God, I hope I'm really done with it! I mean, except for small tweaks, adjustments, error fixes...

19 December 2009

Posted this year's Santa E-Card on the Logo Page, so that should make your Christmas Very Merry Indeed! Also updated the AQ info page, concerning the web-comic site and new issues of reprints being made available. Also a first glimpse of how the AQ mythology is being expanded with EXCITING (I guess) NEW MATERIAL.

16 June 2009

It must seem as if I've been ignoring this Home Page for a while, but actually I've been busy working on stuff that will end up here. However, my latest time-consuming project has been setting up a completely different web site in cahoots with Dave Baxter, a guy who really believes in WEB COMICS.

22 November 2008

Just posted a new short-story in the AQ Tales section, MIDSUMMER KNIGHT, featuring one of Tazio's old enemies, a Dark Templar, now commanded to enforcing law instead of doing evil-- he hates it, but does it well anyway.

12 August 2008

Updated my section on København, which was several years too far out of date, and replaced the tiny gritty modem-catering .gifs with some newer- bigger- better recently taken digital .jpgs.

21 March 2008

A new AQ text story, a letter from Jytte to Tazio on his 13th birthday, while he's off wandering the world as a sexless superhero and she's becoming initiated into The Angels. Jytte's Letter can be found in the AQ Tales section.

13 February 2008

Here's the upgrade of my AQ Movie Script, posted long ago but now polished up with a prettier font and colored illustrations. Maybe some famous film director will read it now.

5 January 2008

Just posted Stress in the Slammer, a little "infotainment" brochure I once drew for prison guards, back when I was one myself.

As you can see, I haven't been noting any additions I've made on this home page over the last six months, mostly because it's just been one picture at a time, no big projects. But I've been diligent, honest I have... occasionally.

12 July 2007

I've been updating my Cartoon Gallery, rescanning and polishing drawings, coloring them, and finally posted the whole thing today. Not that I'm ever really finished with it, I'll be coloring more of the b&w pictures as I go along.

21 June 2007

Hey, it's the Summer Solstice today! It's still early in the morning here in Copenhagen, 06:45, so I just realized that as I wrote the date. I've got a few minutes before I go off to work, so I thought I'd note that I've just posted Demigod , the sequel to the graphic novel AotC mentioned below, making it an even Bigger Comic Book. Just not for kids. All of this and more to be found in the "Bigger Better New Improved Comix Section".

14 June 2007

Scrounging around in my old backlog of comix I rediscovered Agents of the Chalice, a 200-page graphic novel I had written 1981, but never got around to cleaning up enough to publish. It's about an Angel and a Devil who team up as hit-men for God. I'd been considering doing a movie script of it, but for now I'll post the original comic book as is.

27 May 2007

I've just posted Artificial Love, a science fiction story I started in 2004, but didn't know how to finish and just sort of forgot on my hard disk until a week ago. Takes place on a Star Station, involving a cop and a sexy pleasure robiot. Suddenly it all jelled, I wrote the rest of it, whipped out an illustration, and
here it is.

5 May 2007

Updated my Armageddonquest pages at last: rewriting out-of-date text, replacing the small gritty old Amiga .gifs with bigger better shiny new .jpgs, added new pictures, coloring some of them, putting everything onto .html pages for better presentation and navigation links. It's still pretty much the same AQ Showcase it was before, but looking and working better, more professional. Anyway, I'm happier with it now. Still adjusting minor details, coloring a few more of the b&w pages, etc, but that's a constantly ongoing process.

10 April 2007

Posted lots of my old comix, hundreds of pages, in fact. All of the Prison Comix are here now, Guard Comix, The Prison and the Planet, still in black & white, wayyyy too many pages to color. That was driven home to me when I decided to post Mother Instinct, a 12-page AQ teaser I had drawn as a warmup to the publication of the Armageddonquest Trilogy. I must have spent a month of evenings coloring those 12 pages-- they look good, I'm quite happy with them-- but what a lot of tiny-detail work it took! All of this cornucopia can be found in the Comix section of this very website.

1 February 2007

Having had some time off my everyday job, I foolishly used it to polish and color old comix I drew years ago, having just finished the set of 3 SNAIL TALES shorts, and so here they are. They replace the old b&w Nukemare pages I had originally posted, being a sparkling color upgrade of that story and the other 2 chapters never before presented. But Man, coloring is a lot of work, I was just about falling asleep in front of the computer night after night.

2 January 2007

I've just posted SLAMMER COMIX, one of my old (1982) 3R Cosmix stories. It's 48 pages, B/W, PG-rated, and drawn in a prison (I was a guard, not a con, all right?) It happens to be the prequel to AQ, introducing the character of Immanuel, 17th incarnation of Christ. You can find it in the Comix pages, or you can click RIGHT HERE.

28 November 2006

I know it's been a while between updates, so it may seem as if I've forgotten my poor old home page, but actually I've been coloring some of my old comic art with Photoshop, which simply takes a lot of time. I've just finished the new color version of Cosmikids. Before that I polished up my only attempt at a Superman story, written years ago but never before posted. I also upgraded my oh- so- famous ATR&E Songbook to sparkling technicolor last summer without mentioning it here. All this and more can be found in the Comix section.

2 July 2006

One of my wife's hobbies is making hand-painted wooden jigsaw puzzles, and sometimes I help as guest artist. So here's a little illustrated chronicle about Marianne's Puzzles.

12 March 2006

Just posted a new story, the first in a long time. REPLAYERS is a time-twister adventure about a super-agent whose secret is that he can undo events by manipulating time, which is great until he comes up against an opponent who can do the same back at him.

12 February 2006

At this moment the Moslem World is in uproar over the 12 Mohammed cartoons published in Denmark. We live in Copenhagen, so we're in the eye of the storm. Here's a newsletter I wrote to family and friends about our perceptions of it all. Letter from Denmark under siege

5 June 2005

I'm still ignoring this web site for a while, busy doing other stuff. Just started a new comic book, but am nowhere near ready to post a presentation of it online yet. But I did post a little drawing I did while trying to come up with something for Marianne's birthday invitation. It's called Yoga Diva and is found in the Comix section. That's about it for now.

25 December 2004

Merry Christmas, once again. As you can see by this Updates Page, I haven't been paying much attention to this web site for a while, been busy with other projects-- which will end up here, but I have to finish them first. But I thought I'd better post this year's Santa E-Card for Christmas, found on the logo page, as well as along with all the earlier E-Cards in the Comix section. Happy New Year too, by the way.

23 May 2004

We just spent a few days in Berlin, for the 3rd time in 38 years. It's funny, but the place keeps changing. Wonder why that is? Anyway, you can share the ride with us by checking out BERLIN 2004.

25 December 2003

That's right, it's Christmas Day. So I've posted this year's Christmas Card in the Comix section.

4 November 2003

Scanning everything I can find, I came upon that comic book I once packaged with my musical demo tape -- sort of a "paper video", y'know -- and it can now be found in the Comix section, entitled Adventure, Travel & Romance, Etc.

26 October 2003

Now that I've finally gotten a new scanner that works with XP, I've been busy posting some of my old comic stories in the Comix section, specifically Cosmikids and Space Bum.

27 July 2003

I've had my film manuscript for AQ - the Movie lying around for awhile, so I thought I may as well post it. It's only the last portion of the Trilogy, which would certainly be too long for a movie. Even this script is too long, I'd guess at 4 hours, but no use polishing it any more until some studio tells me what they want (holding my breath now...) Actually, it would probably be best as a TV series.

2 February 2003

Just posted the film manuscript for OFFICER GARGANTUA--The Movie. Gargantua is the superhero of GUARD COMIX, which I drew while working as prison guard myself back in the 80's. I always thought the story would make a great movie, so here's the treatment.

15 November 2002

Finally posted a page about our trip to Budapest last year. For the first time composed on a PC instead of my trusty old Amiga, using Microsoft Front Page. It was okay, although I feel it adds a little too much extra coding.
26 September 2002

Last spring we drove our van from Copenhagen to Jutland, all the way up to the northern Tip of Denmark. Having just done our Postcard 2002, I was inspired to finally get around to posting that story and pictures in the REAL STUFF slot.
9 September 2002

Marianne and I've just come back from van-camping in Slovenia and Croatia, so here's our summer 2002 POSTCARD to our friends: strange lands, 80% rum, nudity. Ya shoulda been there.
14 July 2002

Just posted TIMEDANCER, a new time-travel romance. Actually, it's been a long time since I've posted anything on my home page, because I've been working on longer stories. I'm still trying to finish ADAM OUT OF EDEN, but in the meantime I whipped out this shorter story that's been in the back of my mind for over 30 years. Whew, there--so now, back to ADAM...
7 August 2001

I've been re-editing INTO JUPITER, which was my first enthusiastic creation of an HTML presentation, with lots of playful link-zapping to pictures and every page a flashy different color, which was fun but which now I find interruptive to the actual telling of story. It was also created on an Amiga and I found that it didn't work optimally with MS Explorer, so I've been cleaning up code and got into making some changes along the way, adding new drawings, etc.
15 June 2001

I've finally gotten Book 2 of Adam out of Eden ready to be posted here. Can't promise that this is the last rewrite, but that won't happen before I've finished the entire story--Book 3 being the grand finale of the novel. Already on it.

But that's why there goes so much time between updates these days. Ah but I've finally gotten a Digital Camera, so I might be quietly upgrading photographs here and there as I go.
4 March 2001

It's been a while since I've updated this home page because I've been working non-stop on my Sasquatch Novel, and now here is the completed & re-re-rewritten Book 1 of Adam out of Eden. It took longer than I thought it would, because once I got into it I just had to expand it from a teenage high school love story to an adult (very adult) novel. More to come.
16 September 2000

Been retouching the 3R Songbook, which were the very first HTML pages I ever wrote, having discovered that there were some old tag codes which probably won't work with Netscape...oh, is a poor web master's work never done?
30 August 2000

Starting a rather ambitious project: a Novel in Progress, to be posted here chapter by chapter.
Adam out of Eden is the story of a Sasquatch raised by humans, which I originally wrote years ago, and am now at last doing the final rewrite. Located in Tales.
27 August 2000

Just posted a short story, and surprise surprise, it's NOT a sci-fi. Was camping in Italy, which inspired a little story called TENTS, to be found in Tales / Short Tales.
1 August 2000

Had to add some more stories within stories to Copies (see below), it's turning into enough material for a weekly TV series. Also illustrated a title page and fine-tuned the navigation system. I think it's ready now... until some next episode refuses to allow me to ignore it.
12 July 2000

More sci-fi, just can't stop writing the stuff. And it's always just going to be a short piece, but then it takes off and I can't stop it, no matter what I do. This time it's Copies. Yeah, people duplicating, which suggested so many variations that I had to write several of them and link them all together.
14 June 2000

Yet another new sci-fi story in the Tales pages. Change the Future is about a guy who wakes up back in his own youth, knowing just how bad the future is going to get. One of those story lines I'd written notes for while doing AQ and put aside-- then suddenly just HAD to write it NOW.

Usually I illustrate the stories, but this time I made a bogus f2o home page instead, as referred to in the story, just for the fun of designing it.
22 April 2000

Just posted my latest sci-fi story Transplantee in the TALES section. It's about a man from around our time whose memories are uploaded into another man living about 100 years in the future. It was supposed to be a quick little story, but ended up taking a long time to write the 20,000 words.
21 February 2000

Did a rewrite of the Hi, Folx intro letter, and the connected About... pages, to bring them up to date. So then I just had to polish up the silly little Zap! page, just for fun.
8 February 2000

Still piddling with the MP3 Audio Page, they weren't downloading correctly...although they used to be, hmmm...stupid computer, keeps making computer errors... there, I think I've got half of them working now (they're on 3 different web sites spread out over the planet to have enough megabyte space, you know). Wait.. wait...

...by Jove, I think I've GOT it!
23 January 2000

Yes, my trusty old Amiga survived Y2K. Then again, who didn't?

Added 10 more of my own songs to the MP3 Audio page. To get room for all those Big Fat Megabytes I now have 3 different web sites linked together, spreading out & over the planet. Empire growing, power expanding, and it's all mine, Mine, Mine! Ya ha ha ha ha!
11 November 1999

Added 10 drawings to my Cartoon Gallery, which Marianne had saved from those I had given her in the 60's, now scanned in 30 years later. Being those from "After the End" to "Wanting".
27 October 1999

The original AQ website, posted in 1977, is no longer online. So I got permission from Sirius to put a copy of it here on my own 3R Home Page, as an "historical AQ document".

I was tempted to "update" it a bit, but then it wouldn't be very "historical", so I left it as was-- except that it appears here inside the frameset of my home page.
20 October 1999

Posting a new Tazio short story, SPANISH STEPS in the Tales / AQ Stories section.

It's an eyewitness account from a woman among all those girls Tazio had in Rome. Hey, I tried not to make it too sexy, but, aw shux...
26 September 1999

I just couldn't find a suitable website about Copenhagen to show family & friends the city I live in as I know it. So I had to make one myself. It's stashed under Real Stuff and is entitled Real København
11 July 1999

Ok, new high-tech addition to this home page: MP3 Audio Files. So now you can download and play some songs from the Songbook.

But MP3s are BIG & HEAVY, and at first I had no room for any on my home page, until I got yet another website, giving me 20 more MBs to work with. So now I can post 9 songs, and that's what I start with. More songs later, when I can scarf up some more MBs of webspace.
1 June 1999

Finally got my flatbed scanner working again, thanks to my PC-smart buddy Torben, so I dressed up the AQ Exhibition pages with color pictures.

I've also added a new document about our trip to Prague and put it under Real Stuff.

And a Reader Response section to the AQ Gallery, selected from my favorite AQ fan letters.
8 May 1999

Just posted a section on my current AQ Exhibition in the Copenhagen Library. Otherwise, just some general improvements in the AQ Gallery, Crown the Clown, here and there.
1 April 1999

So for April Fool's Day have I finally posted Crown the Clown, my Tarot-novelette complete with a set of Tarot cards illustrating the adventures of The Fool.

31 January 1999

Made a few changes in the
AQ pages, added an AQ Gallery Thumbnail overview, modernized the overall look. A Home Page Owner's work is never done.
24 January 1999

Added some new drawings to the Comix / Cartoon Gallery, as well as a Thumbnails page for all the other drawings.
20 January 1999

Just posted a new Tazio novella, WANDERING SUPERHERO HITCHHIKER, under Tales / AQ Stories. A story I wrote rapidly during summer vacation, and then took 6 months to rewrite again and again to get it right. But now it's posted--it must be right. Right?

And I removed the Christmas E-Card, of course (you had your chance, maybe next year).
24 December 1998
Merry Christmas!

I've posted my Christmas E-Card on the Logo page, otherwise, I've been working on other projects.
11 October 1998

I've added more pictures to the AQ Sample Pages, and colored some that were black & white, which should make them pretty complete now--I don't really want to put all 900 pages of AQ online, you know. So now I can concentrate on expanding the non-AQ Cartoon Gallery.
20 August 1998

Having gone amok with my new scanner since we got back from Italy 2 weeks ago, I've been processing countless photos and drawings far into the wee hours of night after night. So now I've expanded the History document with links from most of the references to pictures thereof. That "done", I think I'll take a break.
19 July 1998

All right, I finally got a flatbed scanner, so I've been busy adding lots of drawings to the Comics / Cartoon Gallery and AQ Sample pages, staying up late at night to get them posted before I leave for a few weeks vacationing in Italy (just thought I'd mention that).
6 June 1998

Just posted the Tazio story DISCIPLES under AQ Stories, continuing the prose tradition from which the AQ Trilogy originated. Also put the updated frames version of the packed 3R Songbook into Downloads.

20 May 1998

I've made several changes in these pages since I first posted it, fiddling, adjusting. There were some coding problems with Netscape browsers, which should now be solved (I hope--I can't run Netscape on my Amiga to test it). And I've added some category links, the most recent being REAL STUFF: Non-Fiction essays and general writings. Other additions include EXTERNAL LINKS, and changes in the TALES area, such as the ad for CROWN THE CLOWN, with more to come.

I also want to expand my COMIX section with more drawings, but guess I'll have to get a scanner first.
4 February 1998

Having just posted this brand new Home Page online, there are NO updates as yet. That makes sense, doesn't it?