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Hi, Folx


I've been writing these SWATH stories ever since 2002, back when the Iraq wars were just beginning. The hero, or rather super-hero, starts out as a young (14-16?) guy who has an extremely dangerous ability and he offers to stop that war in Iraq from ever happening. But he is thwarted by the American government's determination to wage that war anyway, because of oil & money. Thus Weapons of Mass Destruction and other politically charged lies are put into play instead of young Mr. Swath. That's when they discover that he is actually quite unstoppable.

It was never meant to be a novel, I just wrote some short stories about a recurring character every now and then, to explore the idea of a guy blessed/cursed with some kind of symbiotic black hole living inside his body, allowing him to walk through walls (to cut a swath), to be bulletproof, to survive volcanoes and sky-diving without parachutes, even to survive getting nuked. For a long time I never quite finalized the stories, they were just amusing exercises about a superhero wannabee who kept on popping up over the years.

But now they are packaged and I can finally present to you


Re-update. I posted the SWATH REPORT just last October, saying there might come more-- and here is some already. WARMONGER is the 19th report, this one about our hero Swath stopping the Ukraine War.

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