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Hi, Folx


So what am I doing these days? Well, mainly just writing Volume 3 of my great big Bigfoot story, I mean what else is there time for? Seems I just can't end it. Probably because I can see that it's heading towards becoming an authentic EPIC: the story's almost there, even though I don't ever get to know what happens next until I've already written it.

Besides, what fun to immerse myself in a world of Sasquatches and Yeti, noble shamans and wicked racial supremacists, spirit visions and ancient cultures who still have enough secret power to stop Man's greed-destruction of this planet, but at the cost of wiping out all technology and therefore civilization. Meaty themes, musical interludes, a healthy dash of porn. Amusing stuff.

So I write non-stop for an 8-hour day, until I tell myself, "Okay, okay, that's enough for today, time to go for a walk in the real world or do some kind of physical exercise." So I turn off the computer-- but then --an absolutely essential line of text immediately pops up into my head. "Ooops, better write it down or I'll forget it!" And I restart the computer. Several times per day. Then I come back and write another 4 hours into the night.

But compared to having writer's block, it's just great! Anyway, that's what I'm doing with my time: enjoying it.

And you can too: it's posted here as a "work in progress"
Look under Volume 3 of AooE:

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