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by 3R
first draft

1 EXT. SKY, blue. About noon. A somewhat futuristic Boeing 797 Super Jumbo Jet, El Al Flight 369 flying in over Israel. 2 INT, 797: Sitting in the back of the plane, CLOSE IN on a large man dressed in black, TEMPLAR 327, seeming to be a businessman at work with a laptop computer, but looking very fit and very dangerous. COMPUTER SCREEN readout: EL AL FLIGHT 396 LEBANON-TEL AVIV 20/3/2000 PASSENGER LIST (names by seat numbers run down the screen page) TEMPLAR 327 finishes studying the list. Loads another program onscreen. COMPUTER SCREEN graphic & text: (photo of a beautiful but totally androgynous 13-year-old with long black hair, peaked eyebrows, and catlike eyes.) Text scrolls up under the picture. TARGET SUBJECT/MAXIMUM PREJUDICE name: TAZIO DELLATERRA titles: "Beast of the Apocalypse", "Antichrist" photo taken Saudi Arabia 1995, age 13 no photos or description at present age 18 born: 21/3/1982, La Destinazione, Italy height, weight: Unknown coloration: Golden skin, black hair, yellow eyes sex: None--neuter, but variables possible race: Avatar psi factor: Maximum, Limits Unknown physical deformities: Catlike eyes, prehensile tail (CU of TAZIO's EYES, COMPUTER ZOOM-IN by steps. Then another picture: b&w drawing showing full-figure & tail) fathers: Multiple, undetermined, may include Avatars; Grand Master Anton, Ulfo, 400 Templars. mother: Mariangela location: probably attempting to enter Israel before 21/3/2000 COMPUTER SCREEN changes program again: (only briefly seen, a hint of danger) WARHEAD STATUS: Ready TEMPLAR 327 closes his laptop computer and stands up, taking it with him as he strolls toward the front of the plane, as if going to the toilet. He is obviously looking for someone among the passengers, but doing so surreptitiously, casually looking at faces. 3 TEMPLAR POV moving down the aisle, passing hundreds of seated passengers. An international assortment of businessmen, young tourists, fat Arab ladies, bearded Hassidic Jews, children, etc. Some are talking, some sleeping, no one stands out... ...although one passenger in an aisle side seat is just a blur, some visual distortion makes it impossible to clearly see him/her. The TEMPLAR passes on without noticing. 4 TEMPLAR 327 returns to his seat and opens his computer again, begins to type. COMPUTER SCREEN: Agent 327 to Op HQ No Sign of Antichrist on El Al Flight 396 to Tel Aviv No action required. TEMPLAR 327 (to himself) Thank Satan. COMPUTER SCREEN: Graphic of TAZIO rolls up again--B&W DRAWING showing catlike eyes looking off to the right, tail curling up behind like a question mark. TEXT: "An artist's rendition"
TEMPLAR 327 (studying picture) You're weird: sexless, but you've got a tail...and eyes like Lord Anton... A BLURRED, OUT-OF-FOCUS SOMEONE sits down in the empty chair beside the TEMPLAR, who does not notice, looking at his computer, which suddenly "beeps".. COMPUTER SCREEN: The picture of TAZIO changes from B&W to COLOR, then animates--TAZIO's eyes move, looking out of the screen at the TEMPLAR, a cold smile. TEMPLAR 327 rocks back in surprise. Then notices the BLURRED SOMEONE sitting beside him. Does a double-take, frowns, mouth open. The BLURRED SOMEONE comes suddenly and sharply into focus. A young man wearing sunglasses and a light sports jacket, long hair pulled back in a neat ponytail, a quite presentable airline passenger. Facing TEMPLAR 327, he removes the sunglasses to reveal catlike eyes, peaked eyebrows, and the androgynous, emotionless, beautiful face of TAZIO. TEMPLAR 327 (realizing) Satanas! It is You: Antichrist! Beast! TAZIO Just Tazio; I don't accept those other titles. The TEMPLAR ATTACKS: sudden left elbow karate blow aimed at TAZIO's face. TAZIO does not flinch or seem to move, but his TAIL whips up around the arm, instantly stopping the elbow and holding the TEMPLAR fast. TEMPLAR 327 gives a cry of disgust/fear, and tries to pull free, but the serpent-like TAIL is stronger than him. Suddenly he snatches a long plastic KNIFE out of his left sleeve and thrusts it at TAZIO. An effortless backhand wave; the knife disappears, and TAZIO has it weaved between the fingers of his left hand. Then his fingers flex, the plastic knife shatters and is gone. TEMPLAR hasn't given up, he has his computer on his lap, and he frantically punches it. COMPUTER SCREEN: WARHEAD STATUS: Ready. (beep) IGNITION SEQUENCE ENGAGED (beep) SYSTEM FAILURE (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) IGNITION SEQUENCE ABORTED TEMPLAR (amazed, confused) What? It can't... The COMPUTER starts beeping rapidly. The TEMPLAR looks at it in even greater wonder. COMPUTER SCREEN: Templar: I deactivated your bomb before we took off, as well as the 49 other bombs hidden around the Beirut Airport. You're all so busy looking for me--but you can't see me if I don't let you. TEMPLAR 327 looks over at TAZIO with horror. TAZIO (easy, not angry) Look, Templar: I know you guys have orders to keep me from entering Israel, but now you're going too far. I won't allow you to blow up an airplane full of passengers just to slow me down. So you're taking orders from ME now. The TAIL withdraws; the TEMPLAR's arm is free. He rallies enough nerve to sound arrogant. TEMPLAR 327 No, Antichrist! I am a Noble Knight of the Dark Templars, carrying out a sacred mission, dedicated and faithful to The Great Satanic Plan. Did you believe I would be like any other man, subject to your psychic domination? Untrained to deal with it? Ha! TAZIO Hand me your other knife. The TEMPLAR trembles with resistance, but his flesh obeys and pulls another long plastic knife out of his right sleeve and lays it on TAZIO's palm. TAZIO And let's unload that pen. TEMPLAR 327 withdraws a weapon disguised as a writing pen from his breast pocket and it comes up aimed at TAZIO. The TEMPLAR summons enough free will to fire. Snap of gas, zing of dart... TAZIO Thank you. Perfectly ready for it, TAZIO has caught the tiny dart nicely between forefinger and thumb. Looks at it closely and FRIES it with some telekinetic power. Sizzle, ash. TEMPLAR 327 You may be too powerful for me, Avatar, but The Grand Master Himself, Lord Anton Artemis, awaits you yet. He too is an Avatar, but with 500 years of experience to your 18. TAZIO Yes, I expect his attack in Megiddo. Anton somehow knows that's where I'm to meet Immanuel. He also knows that none of you comic book villains can stop me, and that neither can he. TEMPLAR 327 Our Grand Master has bested you before: we all know how he made you into this sexless...thing which you are--(sneers)-- without emotions, or desires or passions. Ha! TAZIO Is that how Anton tells it? Actually, I chose to be negasex and used Anton's sorcery to make me so. Then I made him OLD. I suppose he's still angry about that. TEMPLAR 327 The Grand Master always speaks of you with affection, and regrets that you will not join us, so that we have to kill you according to the Great Satanic Plan. Slowly, strenuously, the TEMPLAR is trying to stretch out the garrote-wire hidden in his wristwatch. He is trying to lift it toward TAZIO's neck but cannot. CU: TAZIO looking TEMPLAR 327 very closely in the face with his catlike eyes, very calm, emotionless, inhuman. TAZIO You can't kill me, Templar. Even if you could, by blowing up this plane and everyone else on it, including yourself, my flesh would heal when it hit the ground, and the Very Life-Force of the Planet, the URR, would flow up and resurrect me because I am an incarnation of the Earth's Own Soul. Got that? Give up. TEMPLAR 327 wheezes with the effort of resistance, then collapses, giving up as ordered. TEMPLAR 327 (defeated, whining) I'm not afraid of you, "Lord" Tazio! We all know about your little "promise to your mother". You can't hurt me! TAZIO Ah, yes, my "Promise". Well, I've got to go hijack the plane now. Templar: you just trance out and drool for a while. The TEMPLAR's face goes slack, and he slumps down into his seat.
5 INT: Control room, view of pilots and door behind them, which opens. TAZIO enters. Co-Pilot turns to look. CO-PILOT Hey! Passengers aren't allowed in... TAZIO Relax. CO-PILOT (visibly relaxing) Oh, okay, lord. PILOT Yeah, sure, lord. TAZIO I command you to deviate 15 degrees, fly 22 kilometers southeast of Haifa, then continue on your scheduled flight to Tel Aviv. PILOT Sure, lord. You want us to pass over Nazareth? TAZIO Megiddo. 6 EXT: View of airplane banking and flying SE. 7 INT: Back in the main passenger lounge, TEMPLAR 327 is still drooling. Tazio returns to him and speaks. TAZIO All right, Templar, snap out of it, stop drooling and come with me. TEMPLAR 327 (awakening from trance) Hunh? Uh...uh...where am I? TAZIO We've just crossed into Israeli Air-space. TAZIO starts walking toward the back of the plane, the TEMPLAR comes stumbling after him, confused but driven to obey. 8 INT: CORRIDOR. Computer-locked doors spring open for TAZIO's telekinetic powers. 9 INT: CARGO BAY. They descend a ladder to the cargo bay, to an escape hatch on the floor. TAZIO opens it. TAZIO I'm going out through the hatch. You're going to seal this airlock door behind me. TEMPLAR Out? 8 miles up? At 600 miles per hour? Without a parachute? TAZIO Concerned, Templar? I have an affinity with the Earth: it absorbs the inertia of my fall. TEMPLAR But the wind-impact, the decompression... TAZIO I'll black out for 23 seconds, but recover before I hit. TEMPLAR 327 But, Lord Tazio, why are you jumping out at all? TAZIO Because we're about to pass over Megiddo, Israel, and if I'm really supposed to be "The Beast", the LAST place I'd choose to make my stand is that Biblical "Armageddon". I've been there before, and learned that it's a trap for me: it's the only place on the earth where I can't call up the URR to give me limitless strength. Handy for Anton and his army of Templars. There's also a gargoyle of semi-living stone waiting to attack me. But Megiddo is where Immanuel arranged for me to meet him. So I'm going in with enough inertia--enough impact-- to let the URR know where I am. Ciao, seal the hatch. TAZIO descends down into the floor hatch. 10 WHEEL BAY. Dark, rumbling with unmuffled engine noise, giant landing wheels tucked up. TAZIO descends the ladder as the hatch closes, fading TEMPLAR's voice. TEMPLAR 327 Yes, lord... ELECTRONIC RELAY BOX beside the ladder, usual high-voltage warnings, closed panel, no switches. TAZIO looks at it: a relay clicks. The great bay doors begin to OPEN. ROAR of wind and jet-drives become vastly loud, darkness lit up from the open floor, TAZIO is buffeted by violent wind, hair and clothes flapping wildly. TAZIO releases his hold on the ladder, DROPS from the wheel bay. 11 EXT. Under the belly of the plane. TAZIO falls into the wind stream at 600 mph. Camera travels with him as the impact shreds his clothes apart, his hair undone, and sends him falling- spinning through the sky, as the jumbo jet recedes into the distance. 12 INT. FLYING HELICOPTOR, equipped for war and manned by a crew in black, obviously Dark Templars. A RADAR OPERATOR sees a blip on his screen and turns to report. RADAR OPERATOR Grand Master Anton! Something observed dropping from a jet liner--could be him! ANTON (offscreen) Oh, it is him. Let's'll take about three minutes to fall that far...yes, just enough time to pick him off with a salvo of missiles, before he can reach the earth. ANTON ARTEMIS, Grand Master of the Dark Templars, the earthly incarnation of Satan's Self, is revealed: gigantic, physically powerful, menacing. But old; his hair and pointed beard are white, he is very wrinkled. He seems to be quite calm, perhaps even unconcerned. 13a EXT. BLACK HELICOPTER flying, seen from beneath. ANTON'S VOICE Templars: Attack! TEMPLAR VOICES Yes, Grand Master! Ave Satanas! HELICOPTER swings sharply around and up into a climb. TEMPLAR VOICES Computer lock-in: engaged and fire! 13b EXT. PANORAMA: HELICOPTER pitched over sideways, the land of Israel beneath, a distant 747 jet plane upper left corner, a tiny spot upper right falling out of the sky. Rockets blast away from the HELICOPTER toward the spot. 13c CU TAZIO falling upside down, eyes closed. He OPENS his EYES just in time to see the rockets honing in on him. They are incredibly fast, he is falling and helpless. There is no way out of this mess. The ROCKETS converge and explode, but TAZIO's fall is deviated by some external force, he swerves to the left around the missile trajectories, and falls on past the explosions. TAZIO/mv What did that? 14 INT. HELICOPTER. Templars are enraged that they missed. RADAR OPERATOR Grand Master, how could we miss? ANTON (dramatically) Because Tazio is under protection now. (shrugs and grins) So that's it: we've lost this turn of the game. Oh well. RADAR OPERATOR Protection? But who...? ANTON Yes. Who indeed? (sly, evil grin, looks into camera with his golden catlike eyes just like Tazio's, hinting to us that it may have been himself) 15 EXT. TAZIO FALLING to earth, viewed from above, land rushing closer. Ruins, tents, many people below. 16 VIEWED FROM EARTH: TAZIO is a streak of speed that falls to the ground but INSTANTLY STOPS at impact, posed balanced like a ballet dancer, more or less naked, his clothes shredded into a few fluttering rags. SFX: Rainbow Shockwave Flashes of TAZIO's transferred inertia radiate from his feet over the ground. The EARTH QUAKES AND GRUMBLES, as if suddenly stressed, jiggling, buckling under TAZIO's feet. He maintains his balance, energy waves visibly churn around his feet and ripple the ground. TAZIO suddenly bends forward and plants his hand on the earth before him, and behind him, his tail. Sparks, subtle flashes. TAZIO (quietly) I call up the Urr! THE EARTH SPLITS OPEN under his hand and a silver light streams up from the earth and charges his body with the URR, so that TAZIO also GLOWS. TAZIO Well, it worked. Okay, now I can take on Anton and his Templars, the Gargoyle, Immanuel, anything or any...(looks up, surprised at what he hears and sees) THUNDERING APPLAUSE (Cheers) Bravo! Ave! Yea! Tazio, Tazio, Tazio! 17a TAZIO sees the MEGIDDO SCENE: Ruins of an ancient Israelite culture, fallen stone buildings, a temple, located among dry rolling hills. And FULL of people, of flags and signs, of great tents flying banners, of some enormous event, a gathering resembling a religious or a rock festival. Rows and rows of people facing TAZIO. > FOREGROUND: the HEAD OF BAPHOMET is perched upon its stand, a white stone goat's head with high pointed horns and a pentagram carved upon its brow. Glowing eyes. When it speaks the mouth and expressions will seem mechanical and slightly out of sync. > NEXT LAYER: THE 3 HELLMEN, identical servants of the Satanic Plan, overcoats and hats under the hot sun, slightly shining in negative colors, smiling like lunatics. > THIRD LAYER BACK: The soldier-priests of the DARK TEMPLARS, in a vast military formation, all dressed in black, resembling Nazi SS, saluting Tazio. > ANOTHER LAYER BACK: Ruins of a great alter-like temple. Upon the base MICHAEL, a huge fat half-naked Sumo-Oriental applauds; three WOMEN stand in hooded robes. > BACKGROUND: A million shouting, waving, cheering people. ANTON's black helicopter swoops in for a landing. VOICE IN CROWD Look! really has NO SEX! TAZIO is standing naked but for some tattered rags, revealing his sexlessness. A Templar runs up to him, kneels and hands him a black robe, which TAZIO accepts and dons. HEAD (voice of stone) Welcome to Megiddo, Lord Tazio. Your army stands ready for battle. TAZIO You are not my...(he is surprised to notice the 3 WOMEN up on the base of the temple)...hey! Cindy! Mother! Jytte! 17b CU of each of the three hooded women, as they are named. > CINDY, red hair, freckles, American, 23 years old, expression of hopeless love. > MARIANGELA, Tazio's Mother, wild black hair, dark around her eyes, Italian, in her 40's, stern expression of an enemy. > JYTTE, blonde, Danish, 30's, expression of serene wisdom. HEAD You may not approach them, Lord Tazio, they are with Immanuel. TAZIO Fine. So am I. 18a TAZIO begins to ascend the STAIRS to the Temple. MICHAEL (stepping in the way) Stop, Lord Tazio. Sorry but The Head spoke true, it is against the Rules for you to speak with your opponents. TAZIO Rules? Stand aside! MICHAEL Ha ha ha ha. Not so easy to dominate fellow Avatars, sexless one. Yes, even you must play by the rules TAZIO I'm here to meet Immanuel, not to play the game--and I don't know what all of this is about, but I'm going to see my mother and... MICHAEL Oh ho ho, no no. TAZIO looks up and they are gone. TAZIO ...never mind. MICHAEL You will see Immanuel tomorrow. TAZIO Yeah, that's what I figured: the vernal equinox. In background ANTON approaches from the landed helicopter. ANTON Hey, kid, maybe I'd better brief you before you make a total fool of yourself. MICHAEL Yes. Go along with Anton, where you belong. TAZIO I do not "belong" with Anton Artemis, nor with the Head of Baphomet, nor with the Dark Templars. MICHAEL Very sorry again, but according to the rules you do: you are the Antichrist. TAZIO I have not accepted that destiny. ANTON Come on, kid, I'll explain--urk! As ANTON steps forward TAZIO points down, the URR flows from his fingers and the ground splits open before ANTON, creating a crevasse, stopping him. The crowd goes "Ooooo!" TAZIO (calmly, in total control) As you attempt to kill me again? ANTON No, that's done with, kid. We were to test you to the absolute utmost. And we did. Heh heh. But now you've made it through to here, and now we serve you. TAZIO Anton, the last advice you gave me--before I made you old-- was "never to trust or forgive". ANTON Indeed: sound advice--nor have I changed, but the situation has. Now we are team-mates in the Game of the Gods--and don't say you won't play, because here you are, on time, in place, in accordance with your chosen destiny. TAZIO I came here on instinct, and a hint that Immanuel was ready to meet me. Otherwise I don't know what's going on here. Some sort of ceremonial event? 18b TAZIO turns and walks toward the tents. The crowd melts away before him. ANTON springs over the crevasse to follow him. ANTON Well it's the Apocalypse, kid. The winning of the game. The ending of the world. Judgment Day. Doom. Finitissimo. Avatars and their initiates gather for Armageddon. The ceremony begins tomorrow. TAZIO Tomorrow? How can that be? If Revelations is the Rule-Book, there are certain conditions, signs... ANTON Oh, they've been met-- --the revelations of "Saint John"--whom we know to have been The Ulfæ--was not simply a prophecy, but rather a history of what was, is, and will be; a symbolic overview of God's mistreatment of Man. Mostly old news. TAZIO Yes, Ulfo told me how the catastrophes and plagues of the "Seven Seals" destroyed Poseidonus fourteen thousand years ago, and the "Seven Trumpets" blew Atlantis away seven thousand years ago--but the "Seven Bowls of Wrath" should plague worshippers of The Beast before the armies are gathered at Har Megiddon. And if I am the Beast, as they say, I have no worshippers, I rule no nations, nor have I placed my "mark" upon any foreheads. ANTON You've won the trials of the Dark Templars; they worship you now. TAZIO Merda. ANTON Look, kid, I don't know--it's all a mystery to me too. Why not ask a real authority: the Head of Baphomet? TAZIO That ancient evil machine? I'm more inclined to destroy it. But sure, why not ask first. And if you attack me I'll just make you even older. 19 TAZIO walks back toward the HEAD,, ANTON follows respectfully behind at a little distance, hands in his pockets, very non-aggressive. 20 EXTREME CU HEAD HEAD O Master, it has been so long. TAZIO is studying the stone head closely. TAZIO (mental voice) An interesting artifact of "stone age" technology: a cybernetic crystal matrix, more like a brain than a computer. (spoken) All right, Baphomet, tell me how long it's been. HEAD You made me half a million years ago, before you and all the Godmen departed Earthlevel forever, as a device to organize your Great Satanic Plan. And now the end is nigh. The Great Satanic Plan is working perfectly--and we are together again, You My Lord and I. If I could feel an emotion, I wonder what it would be? TAZIO You've confused me with someone else, Baphomet. I'm not Satan. HEAD You have confused yourself. But that is all part of the Plan to win the game. Your Plan, Lord: Reincarnation as an evil monster, vain Theron; Transformation to the good hero, selfless Tazio; Rejection of the Lust, denial of all desire, feeling, emotion; Ennui, disdain for Games-- --and here you are, ready to surrender to Immanuel tomorrow. TAZIO And why not? The prophecy says "the Beast" will lose the battle anyway. HEAD Tell me. TAZIO Beast and False Prophet thrown into the Lake of Fire, Dragon into Bottomless Pit. HEAD "And the rest were slain by the sword of him who sits upon the horse." Revelations 19:21. ANTON "The Rest" being those who have the "Mark of the Beast on their foreheads". HEAD You do know what the Mark of the Beast is, don't you, Tazio? TAZIO Well, no, not exactly. HEAD Didn't Ulfæ teach you anything? But then he/she was under a compromise, wasn't he/she? Being both demonic and angelic, serving two masters. But I shall enlighten you. Look upon Anton's brow: behold the Mark of the Beast. TAZIO I mark. HEAD It is quite visible. TAZIO Just some...wrinkles. HEAD Yes. TAZIO But everyone has wrinkles--when they get older. ANTON Not everyone. HEAD The angelic breed does not age. Six hundred and sixty six: "a man's number". The number of months in an average life during the time Revelations was written--fifty five and a half years. The "sons of the beast" aged faster than the "sons of God", like Noah who lived 950 years. Thus were those marked recognized as abomination, as blasphemy. After the Great Flood the sons of Noah should have had the world to themselves and their 12 tribes. But no, many sons of the beast had survived--they too had boats--and they were of seven races from ten nations... TAZIO The beast from the sea with seven heads and ten horns. HEAD And the sons of God and of beast had wars, had sex, had babies, the races became impure, and now there are only 144 thousand with God's Name on their foreheads out of a world population of five and a half billion people. TAZIO Then those slain by the sword will be almost everyone in the world. HEAD Yes. ANTON You got it, kid. TAZIO So I ask again: why not just surrender? Avoid a war, save them all. HEAD No! They cannot be saved. Nor do they matter, it is the 144 thousand we want--annihilate them and we win the Game! TAZIO To kill everyone, then? That's the Great Plan? HEAD Yes! Everyone, everything! At last you have the power to absolutely destroy the very Planet: end of Earthlevel, end of Game. TAZIO Mm-hmmm, I see. And do you really believe I would help you do that? HEAD It is we who help you, O Highest Lord. You are the Seventh Incarnation of Satan's Self: you have his Eyes, his Tail--for in each life you have displayed some bestial aspect of Our Lord; horns or fangs or claws--but you have no memory of those incarnations. You believe you are Tazio only because you have not yet had the Spiritual Awakening which every adult Avatar experiences, when the sleeping Oversoul becomes super-conscious, and when you do--you shall remember everything: --The first six incarnations, the Original Godself, the Beyond Between where the Gods Play the Game, the Challenge of Jahve--and your Vow to Win! TAZIO And I suppose that this "spiritual awakening" is scheduled for tomorrow? HEAD Yes. March 21st, the Vernal Equinox, Judgment Day, your 18th and final Birthday. TAZIO Mm-hmmm. (very calm, almost unconcerned) Well, I guess we'll see what happens. I'm going to take a walk, check things out. TAZIO turns from the HEAD and motions the Templars to get out of his way, which they do. ANTON (calling) Do you have any commands...Master? TAZIO Yes. Don't hurt anybody. THE TEMPLARS (suddenly very agitated) Yes Master. Jawhol! Yes! Oh no, not...yes, Lord! Si, Si! Hai. Oui. But we're the Dark Templars! We...(sob!) 21 TOUR OF ARMAGEDDON FESTIVAL. TAZIO walks alone among the tents and people, tents for different religious groups and clubs; the Masons are there, the Vatican secret service, the Hell's Angels, IBM, shamans, monks, shaolin, sufi, brujos, voodooists, Golden Dawn, Hari Krishna. Food stalls, beer tents, drugs, gambling, whorehouses. Warriors practicing, Bibles being sold, musicians playing every kind of music in the world. VOICES IN CROWD (as TAZIO walks by) It's him! The Antichrist! I hear he's not a him, but a neuter. That little guy? Psst--look, he does have a tail! Doesn't look evil. Glows! Wow! His eyes... Then it's true, it is the Apocalypse! 22 TAZIO is surveying the multitude. AHAZVERUS, the Wandering Jew, a tiny wrinkled old man with a cane, speaks to him from behind. AHAZVERUS Quite a circus, eh Tazio? TAZIO (without turning to look) Shalom, Ahazverus. Yes quite. Are all these people really here to play the game? AHAZVERUS Yes, but most of them don't realize it this side of the veil. Their participation was arranged long ago in the Beyond Between. Over there are the military tents, and beyond them, the Big Finance Camp. TAZIO Finance? At the Apocalypse? AHAZVERUS It's only the end of this world. Ja, there's a lot of money changing hands, bets being made--redeemable on the next level. TAZIO looks out over the hills of Megiddo, toward the road from the mountains. People; walking, on mules, in cars, busses, airplanes, helicopters, coming as an endless stream into the growing city of tents. TAZIO I sense at least 300,000 people, and they're still coming in. AHAZVERUS By tomorrow they'll be over a million. TAZIO Ahazverus, can you tell me what happens tomorrow? AHAZVERUS The ceremony begins at noon: it's a passion play of the Apocalypse; the Court of God Almighty has Christ open the scroll; 7 seals, 7 angels, all that symbolic dum-diddly-doo- doo. Probably kind of dull until sunset--that's when the fireworks actually begin. That's when the First Angel pours his bowl of wrath upon the earth. TAZIO The Plague of "foul and evil sores"--you seem to be glad about it. AHAZVERUS I'm glad it's almost over-I'm tired of this one life after 2000 years. And yet, there's something about being near you--you're like a blazing bush, Tazio!--that makes me feel 150 years younger. Oh! (backs away from TAZIO's URR-glow) But O, if I could be young again I'm afraid my perspective would change. I don't want that. Not now. Do you have to show off your power all the time? TAZIO In Megiddo I do, but my URR is defense, rather than offence. AHAZVERUS Defense? But there is truce today. A time-out in The Game. Enemies meet one another for a beer and a song. Tomorrow, though...who knows, already? They wander through the crowd as the SUN IS SETTING, in the dimming light TAZIO's glow attracts attention, people notice them, point, stare. A COMMENTER Look, it's the Antichrist with the Wandering Jew! TAZIO Perhaps so, but if I slip the URR away, I can't be sure I can call it up again here in Megiddo. Nor do I trust the Templars, nor forget the angry stone gargoyle which hangs out here... AHAZVERUS Do you mean THAT dragon over there? The prop they'll use to symbolize the Dragon in the passion play, that is. 23 AHAZVERUS indicates a statue upon a nearby hillside, depicting a ferocious gargoyle about the size of a VW Van which young people are painting red. TAZIO runs to it with inhuman speed, shouting to the young people. TAZIO Get AWAY from that Gargoyle, it's animate and DEADLY! The young people look up at him, surprised, but do not obey. YOUNG WOMAN But Lord, it's only a statue. TAZIO I said to GO! YOUNG MAN But Immanuel commanded us to paint it red. TAZIO Then I'll remove it from you. TAZIO lifts the statue weighing many tons up over his head with a whiplike motion, paint cans go flying, the young people spring back. THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL comes running and shouting, a ridiculous jiggling sumo, but also amazingly fast. MICHAEL No, Tazio, do not violate the truce. But TAZIO's attention is for the gargoyle, which he balances over his head with one hand, the other pointing a glowing finger up toward the stone belly. TAZIO All right, Gargoyle, I've got the URR this time! If you attack me or anyone here, I'll crack you in... MICHAEL Tazio! This will not DO! Put that gargoyle down AT ONCE! You're breaking the RULES! TAZIO Don't interfere, "fellow avatar", this thing is dangerous! MICHAEL It observes the Truce, as you must. TAZIO I don't have time to argue, now stand back! MICHAEL Oh, but we shall not argue: *&^%$#@! TAZIO's URR-glow fades out, and the gargoyle becomes heavy for him, he trembles. TAZIO Uuunh...too heavy...look out, it's falling! TAZIO loses control and the statue topples, but MICHAEL catches it effortlessly and puts it down gently. MICHAEL Not to worry: I'll just take it from here. TAZIO All right, just who are you, Avatar, and why are you messing with me? MICHAEL (bowing oriental-style) Oh, I am but a humble guardian angel assigned to enforcing the rules here. AHAZVERUS (arriving) Humble, my ass! Tazio, this is the Archangel Michael: you've been arch-enemies in previous incarnations. He's on the committee, just like me. MICHAEL Oh, cranky old Ahazverus, you know how I'd rather keep things POLITE. I bear you no ill will, Tazio, but I AM here to control the Antichrist-- and if necessary, to force IT to play by the Rules: no cheating this time. AHAZVERUS (to TAZIO) There's a lot of betting going on that you'll make a sudden and dramatic personality change, from neutral to NASTY-- and that you'll attempt terminating this world to Win the Game. TAZIO The Head says that. I don't believe it myself. But we'll see...oh, by the way, which tent is Immanuel's? MICHAEL (holding up hand) So sorry, you may not approach the Christ until the ceremony calls for it. AHAZVERUS looks beyond MICHAEL at a gigantic white tent glowing with light, a cross atop it. TAZIO (also looking beyond MICHAEL) Ah, that tent there. TAZIO steps to go around MICHAEL, who steps in his way again. MICHAEL No no no, RULES... TAZIO Your rules are not my rules. MICHAEL Oh, but they are-- TAZIO springs over MICHAEL, who also leaps up and catches him in mid-air. --you see? Sorry. TAZIO Actually, it is I who should apologize--for this little trick: (c)(r)þ€µ¡ø¶[°] As he calls out the spell, TAZIO connects the tip of his tail to MICHAEL's throat. MICHAEL's eyes widen in surprise and shock and he passes out, falling to the earth like a ton of meat. TAZIO He'll be all right in a while. Now, excuse me. TAZIO calmly walks on toward the white tent as AHAZVERUS admires the fallen angel AHAZVERUS Hee hee--ja, ja, sure, anyway, I'm going to wander over to one of the gaming tents to collect on a little bet. 24 The white tent looms as TAZIO approaches. It is as tall as a four story building, and is full of light and song, a great neon cross can be seen inside the open flaps and many people singing in chorus. A MIGHTY CHORUS Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is to come Holy Holy Holy 25 ENTERING the great tent: hundreds of white-robed devotees singing in bleachers, and many technicians installing and setting up amplification equipment, lighting, scaffolds. TAZIO is noticed. COMMENTERS 1) Hey, isn't that...? 2) 2) ...the Antichrist? 3) Holy cow, it's the BEAST! 4) 4) Sacrilege! 5) Oh no. 6) 6) Gasp. 7) 7) Eeek! 8) But it can't come in HERE! A DEACON of the Church, tall, blonde, handsome, wearing white robes with gold trim, comes forward to stop TAZIO from entering deeper into the tent. TAZIO Where is Immanuel? DEACON You may not meet him yet, Beast. MARIANGELA (off camera) He's not here; he went out into the hills to pray. TAZIO turns to see his mother, who is wearing a red hooded robe, and who does not have a friendly expression on. She glares at him coldly and says nothing more to him. TAZIO Hello mother. Won't you speak to me? Well, anyway, it's good to see that you're alive. What about Ulfo? And Buffone? Receiving no answers, TAZIO turns away. Her face softens into sorrow when he's not looking. Well, see you. 26 EXT. NIGHT. Out in the hills, away from the tent city, TAZIO walks alone. The moon is almost full. A lone hooded figure is kneeling upon a large boulder atop the hill, clearly seen in the moonlight. TAZIO walks up from behind. TAZIO Hello...Jytte. JYTTE lowers her hood and turns toward TAZIO, she smiles. JYTTE Hello, Tazio, my love. Immanuel's not here now. He's gone down to the Jezreel Valley, you know, Esdraelon: the Battlefield. TAZIO Well, at least you dare speak with me? JYTTE I may say some things to you because I'm your cosmic mate-- "love you", things like that. TAZIO Do you? Even as I am: sexless and passionless, and with no love to give in return? JYTTE Oh, you're strange right now, but it's just a phase, like the Ulfæ's. By the way, I have become an angel, so we are more equal now than we were before. TAZIO But the angels are AVATARS. How could you be one of them, Jytte? JYTTE (CU) Your presence "adjusts" people; I lived with you three years. Physically, I'd BECOME an avatar.. And genetically...well, I had our child. TAZIO (CU) surprised Our...child? JYTTE We finally had sex once, remember? She's five years old now...but has no name yet. She's perfect, and an oh-so- beautiful vehicle of incarnation, but no soul has yet been assigned to her. She sleeps and does not dream. But I may not say more, secrecy is the root of magical power and we need all we can muster. We have arranged your forbidden meeting with Immanuel--down in the valley: now go! TAZIO goes toward the valley, turns to see JYTTE waving goodbye. And good luck, Tazio! Oh, how I still love you! I hope we get to be lovers again someday! He waves back to her but says nothing. Then turns toward the valley and runs down the mountain, leaping from cliffs and dropping great distances easily. 27 But as he flashes down past a rocky formation a short shadowy someone shoots out at him with blurring speed, a hand grabs his tail with superhuman accuracy, deftly flipping TAZIO head over heels, to crash into a large boulder, which absorbs the impact, then crumbles apart. TAZIO (still laying upon his back) Buffone? BUFFONE the Dwarf steps forward into the moonlight, grinning like a glad fool. BUFFONE Ciao, Tazio! Let's play, just like we used to. TAZIO Not you too, Buffone? BUFFONE Whaddya mean? I've always been playing The Game with you, remember? TAZIO I'd really rather not play right now: I'm on my way to meet Immanuel. BUFFONE Just like we always played: "Hero-on-Quest". I usually got to be your faithful companion and/or all your adversaries. (CU) But this time let's play that I'm the Hero! I get to be Alpha-Omega, that Cosmic Warrior who defends Christ from the Antichrist. I never got to play that one, remember? TAZIO stands and dusts himself off. TAZIO Yes, I remember: because you died when I...look, Buffone... BUFFONE ...when you called yourself THERON, yes. But I don't fear his name any more. Not since I realized that I'm actually God. TAZIO Uh...right... Buffone, I'd feared I might have killed you and the others, and here you are, part of the Apocalypse. Everyone knows what's going on but me. Will you tell me? BUFFONE Sure, but first we have to play. That's the Rules. TAZIO (sighs) Okay, okay. So I'm the villain? BUFFFONE The Antichrist: sneaking through Armageddon Pass, stalking after Christ, who is walking alone in the wilderness. TAZIO Okay, well, here I come. TAZIO starts forward. BUFFONE Oh boy! At last! Ahem... HALT, BEAST! Thou shalt not pass me! CU: BUFFONE has TAZIO pinned face down in the dirt, both looking slightly surprised. BUFFONE (disappointed) What's wrong with you, Tazio? You used to be better at this. You're not really trying. TAZIO All right, let's try it again. Three times TAZIO approaches BUFFONE and is tossed to the earth and pinned. TAZIO is clearly unable to pass him. TAZIO Well, we've always been physically matched, Buffone. I can't get past you...without hurting you, and I won't do that. BUFFONE Oh no, Tazio, you can't give up! Come on! TAZIO Why? I don't really care about The outcome is fixed anyway. BUFFONE (earnestly) Fixed? No, it's not! This is an honest game! I should know! It's my vocation, after all. There's even some betting going on that you could win it! Of course, the odds are not in your favor--many bet you'll never get past me to meet Immanuel. TAZIO Oh, I'll get past you--I'm just not "playing" any more. I guess I'm going to cheat. TAZIO holds his hand out over the earth and the Urr begins to flow up into him. BUFFONE No, that's fair: you call up your godly powers--and I call down mine... BUFFONE raises his right hand and the night sky is full of solar fingers and comets and fireworks of a cosmic nature. ...but of course, we might destroy this world if we play at these energy levels. TAZIO You said you were God? Which one? BUFFONE (glowing) THE ONE. Jahve. The Jew's Jehovah. God of the Bible. Surprised? I certainly was. But I'm incarnate as a silly dwarf because anything else is vanity, I guess. I'm only here so we could be Playmates. Remember how we Used to play Sinbad, Tarzan, David and Goliath? You played good then! TAZIO I was just a kid then...but, yes. My memory's quite perfect. It was kind to play then. Okay, let's give it one more shot. BUFFPONE Atta boy, Tazio! They take their positions. HALT, Beast! Thou shalt not pass me! TAZIO (arrogant voice) Oh yeah? Do you know WHOM you challenge? Fool! I'm Evil Incarnate! BUFFONE Ha ha! Yeah, well, I am Alpha-Omega, the Champion of Good! TAZIO You are but a silly dwarf: a creature I made. Ha ha, I love it! TAZIO pulls his hair back and lowers his face into shadow, only his eyes and teeth shining. The effect is very sinister. BUFFONE (suddenly worried) Y-y-you? Hey, Tazio, no fair! You can't be... TAZIO Ah, ha ha...but I AM! Boo! BUFFONE (shocked) (gasp) THERON! (urk!) BUFFONE collapses backwards as if dead and lays still. TAZIO You're a consistent player, Buffone. At least, I hope you're playing dead. TAZIO steps over BUFFONE and passes on. 28 Running down the slope, which is beginning to level out. TAZIO m/v Now down into the valley...what's that? A burning bush? He passes a bush glowing with a spectral flame, like the one Moses saw, but continues on. (to himself) Merda: don't fall for it! Keep going! 29 Camera looking up, TAZIO running with moon overhead. THREE BRIGHT DISKS OF LIGHT streaks across the sky from one horizon to the other at hyperspeed.. TAZIO UFO's? Or--Solar Fingers! He stops, looking up into the sky in wonder. 30 EXT: Valley floor, TAZIO stopped, standing in the middle of a road that crosses the valley. It is perfectly still, there is no movement, no sound, he is surrounded by wheat fields, but there are no houses, no cars, no people, he is completely alone. TAZIO m/v Jezreel Valley. It's all vineyards and wheat fields now, but it's been a battleground throughout history. Where Prophecy says that Christ and Antichrist must meet. So where is he? He turns around completely, looking, listening, sensing. There's absolutely no one here. The Camera is facing TAZIO straight on, he fills the screen. He draws a deep breath. (Calling out) IMMANUEL! IMMANUEL (voice offscreen) Seek and ye shall find. The camera moves slightly to one side, revealing IMMANUEL just behind TAZIO. TAZIO does not seem surprised and does not overreact. TAZIO So they say. IMMANUEL Hi, Tazio. TAZIO turns to face Christ. They stand there a meter apart, both relaxed, hands behind their backs, very casual and cool. TAZIO Yeah, hi. Suddenly IMMANUEL sits down upon the middle of the road, in one fluid motion, also revealing a bottle of wine he'd had behind his back, and deftly opening it with a corkscrew he'd had in his other hand. There is a succulent POP! IMMANUEL And that was THAT historic moment. I brought along a bottle of wine to break the ice. Come. We can pretend that it's a symbolic communion. TAZIO (also sitting) Uh...I do not drink wine. Only water--(a little embarrassed)--sorry. IMMANUEL (smiling) Oh, that's okay. I'll just--ha ha!--turn the wine into water. Hocus pocus. He touches the bottle with a finger. A spark of light inside the bottle. A sweet PING rings. There. Have some? TAZIO takes the bottle, sniffs it. TAZIO Pure water. Heh heh. Pretty cute. What the hell. He swallows. And is astounded.. Wow! That's GOOD water. IMMMANUEL Water of Life. TAZIO So we're supposed to be cosmic... adversaries? IMMANUEL Enemies, Tazio, mortal foes, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. (swallows) Mmmm, you're right, that IS good water. TAZIO And if you're supposed to be the present Incarnation of Christ, then I must be the "Wrong"? IMMANUEL Oh, I know you aren't Evil, Tazio. Nothing is as it's "supposed" to be--ha, nothing ever is! TAZIO Good, then let's call off the Apocalypse tomorrow, Immanuel. IMMANUEL I wish we could, Tazio, but it is our cup to drink More water? TAZIO Thanks, but I'm not thirsty. IMMANUEL Hearken: you thirst like no one I've ever met, Antichrist. You thirst for Emotion, Passion, Love. TAZIO Doesn't everyone? IMMANUEL No one with such power to quench. Why have you become what you are: Neuter, Unmotivated, Joyless? Why? TAZIO Because I could quench it all. So I refuse to be a slave to the Lust. It made me ruthlessly selfish. I was involved in a hundred projects to improve the world...but The Lust always interrupted my concentration, so I made myself free of it. IMMANUEL And what do you concentrate your godlike abilities upon now that you are free of human desires and ambition? TAZIO Well, actually...nothing. (As they have been speaking the night sky has become light and it is now almost sunrise.) But then, it seems you've also been hiding your light under a bushel, unrevealed. The long-awaited Christ has come, but it's a secret. IMMANUEL I've hardly been secretive: arrested lots of times, targeted for assassination, committed as insane, ridiculed--which, if you know your Bible, means that everything's going according to plan. TAZIO Luke 17: 20 to 30? IMMANUEL Ah, you're a scholar. TAZIO Once I was. But what about Mark 13:26? You're really coming in on a cloud? IMMANUEL Well, it says so, doesn't it? Say, I really enjoyed your theatrically dramatic arrival yesterday--just the right symbol: falling from heaven--hah!- -and everyone thought that Anton's Dark Templars HAD you! A shooting star falls from heaven. TAZIO They HAD. I was unready. Some other power protected me. Was it you? IMMANUEL Me? No, I may not--ah, look! Here comes God! The moment of sunrise illuminates the valley. "Let there be light." TAZIO Buffone told me HE was God. IMMANUEL Ha ha, that silly dwarf. He thinks so because he gets to play Jahve in the Apocalypse at noon today. Behold God: the author of the Cosmic Moment! The Big Bang. Rebirth. A sunrise. The beholding of which is raw JOY! TAZIO Joy? Well, it's just a standard sunrise. No surprise. IMMANUEL You're kidding? TAZIO That "moment" happens non-stop as the planet turns. IMMANUEL Really, Tazio, why deny yourself the good things like Joy? TAZIO It's part of The Lust. IMMANUEL Maybe so, but there is no value in unnecessary sacrifices when we must concentrate upon those great sacrifices required of us. TAZIO I have not agreed to any sacrificing, it's just playing the game. I am, in fact, morally opposed to the violence and suffering it has caused throughout human history. IMMANUEL Some call it The Game, others call it The Work. It is the same. It all leads to the Cosmic Achievement--which is realized when The Work shall be done and The Game shall be won. As Christ, I do not play The Game, but do The Work. TAZIO But the semantics are no justification for plagues and destruction and death. Where is your "Christian" love of Man? Why do you participate in this...Evil? IMMANUEL Oh, come on, Tazio: surely I don't have to quote the Bible to you? Or the laws of husbandry: the wheat must be harvested or it goes to waste, the weeds must be culled out or spoil the wheat. And now is the harvest! TAZIO I know the parable. But I am told that only the 144,000 "Elect" will be allowed to survive the Apocalypse, that the basis for Man's salvation is neither Faith nor Good Works, but Genetic: being born among God's Chosen People. That everyone else is automatically doomed. I need to know: is this true? IMMANUEL Do you question the "fairness" of God's Laws? TAZIO You bet I do. IMMANUEL You've been talking with the Devil, haven't you, Tazio? And, as usual, it told some Evil "Truth". Yes, only the Sons of God, of Adam, of Noah will remain on Earthlevel. All others will die. After all, it IS the end of the world. But what does that mean? Souls are the crop we work to harvest, breeding a new kind of god. That's the Achievement. The cycle continues, there is Karma to be worked out, and they shall return to Earthlevel later on: Second Resurrection, Book of Revelations. Of course, there are variations to that scenario. Such as if Satan wins The Game...or perhaps even...You. And IF you should win, you could write your own version--for the winner judges Mankind, you know. But to do that you'd have to wake up your competitive spirit, wouldn't you? TAZIO Well, according to that same devil, that's exactly what's supposed to happen--only not MY spirit, but... IMMANUEL ...I'm sure it said you'll become Satan Himself. That may be hard, but your personality can survive it, Tazio. Mine did. I experienced my spiritual awakening when I was twelve years old. Quite a shock. 30a FLASHBACK: INT: Young IMMANUEL in his bedroom in Mill Valley, California. He is reading a Superhero comic book. His head jerks up, mouth falls open in stupefaction, and his eyes become shining suns, the comic book falls to the floor. His eyes shine like headlights, a halo of energy surrounds him and he is lifted, levitated by some cosmic force, his body stretched upright, arms spread out, crucified within a swirling golden energy-field in the pattern of a cross. A chorus of angels singing becomes louder, more intense, overwhelming, the camera zooms back, revealing that the cross is of infinite dimensions, the room has faded into a night sky full of stars and comets. From above, the sun approaches, the screen whites out with blinding light. 30b BACK TO NOW: IMMANUEL Suddenly I remembered being Jesus! His entire life crashed through my brain from 2000 years before. And others: Adam! Enoch! Ra! Mithra! 16 Avatar Incarnations. I'm still Immanuel, but I am more than I was, for they are all parts of me, and I walk with their power. Remember this: if Satan awakens within your mind, take his power, but remain Tazio! Otherwise, we must indeed do battle, you and I. For I know the Great Satanic Plan. TAZIO I do not wish to battle against you, Immanuel. You're the only person for whom I seem to feel... IMMANUEL Go ahead and say it, Tazio. TAZIO ...anything. IMMANUEL Then let us hope we shall never be the enemies we're supposed to be. TAZIO May we not be friends? IMMANUEL Do you DESIRE that? TAZIO Yes! IMMANUEL Good. At least you can feel a desire again. IMMANUEL offers his hand to shake, and TAZIO takes it. TAZIO (responding to the contact) Oh! Why, you ARE Love! IMMANUEL You have said it. IMMANUEL gets up, passing the half-empty bottle to TAZIO. IMMANUEL Well, duty calls. I have to get back to camp, the Christians will go crazy if I'm not there for rehearsal. And you too--the ceremony begins at noon. TAZIO Well, I haven't yet decided... IMMMANUEL Look, I HAVE to do it--and you need to start having some FUN! IMMANUEL waves at a tiny cloud in the morning sky, which begins to drift their way. TAZIO Well... IMMANUEL Come on, please.. For me? TAZIO Well, okay. IMMANUEL Ha ha! I knew it! Once I turned on the charm you've already lost the battle! TAZIO Oh yeah? IMMANUEL Check this out. IMMANUEL points up at the cloud which is now over their heads. A powerful light shines down from within the cloud, and a gleaming MOTORCYCLE descends to the ground before him. It is a chopped Harley shining of White and Gold: Gold instead of chrome; all leather, trim, and even the tires, Holy White. Then the little cloud zips off across the sky and is gone. TAZIO watches it go, still holding the bottle. TAZIO Pretty good trick. IMMANUEL Power of God, old chap. Now, let us go to Megiddo. IMMANUEL gets on, motions for TAZIO to do the same. The motor is like thunder. They accelerate like lightning, TAZIO clinging to IMMANUEL. TAZIO (shouting over motorcycle roar) Couldn't you teleport via that Solar Finger instead of driving? IMMANUEL Sure, but the driving IS the journey! Wind in hair! Expanding Vision! Quickening Senses! This is Life! YA-HOOOO!!! TAZIO Ha ha ha! You're a fun guy, Immanuel! IMMANUEL Well, well, I guess--when was the last time you laughed, Tazio? TAZIO Oh...6 years ago: before I went negasex. They roar out of sight over a hilltop at breakneck speed. 31 EXT. DAY, MEGIDDO The rolling hills around the ruins of Megiddo are covered and crowded with millions of people, thousands of tents and vehicles, all gathered for the Armageddon Festival. Among the stone wreckage of ancient civilizations is a new city of tents, people hawking wares, signs advertising: BIBLES--Get Them While They Last LOANS, ODDS Buttons, Stickers, Everything Must Go! BEER, WINE, LOTTERY TICKETS MARRIAGES, DIVORCES DEN OF INIQUITY A traditional MAD PROPHET is waving a cardboard sign: THE END IS NIGH, shouting and waving his fists. MAD PROPHET Repent, Sinners! Repent for the Day of the Lord Has Come! TAZIO and IMMANUEL slowly weave the motorcycle through the teeming masses, but it is slow going. TAZIO Millions of people! It'll be a miracle if you can drive your motorcycle into the center of all this. IMMANUEL Hey, miracles are what I DO. But we have to split up here, Tazio. We're stationed in enemy camps, remember? TAZIO I'm not so enthusiastic about being on the side of Evil-- Anton, the Head, Dark Templars--they're a pretty shitty bunch of guys. IMMANUEL Ah, but you command them now. Ha ha! Don't you see any possibilities for fun in that? TAZIO I guess. Well, okay. (sighs) See you. IMMANUEL Later alligator. IMMANUEL waves, roars the engine, miraculously drives easily off through the crowd, and is gone. 32 TAZIO begins reluctantly to move through the tightly packed mass of people. Then he is recognized and the crowd makes way for him. VOICES IN CROWD It's The Beast! Oh, eek! It's IT! Evil! Look, the Antichrist! TAZIO (to himself) Merda. A PUSHER Lsd? Grass? PETER (as a yet unseen voice in the crowd) Tazio! Tazio, wait for us! YUZBASHI (unseen) [Arabic] Wait, Lord! ADRIAN (unseen) Tazio, it's us! Your disciples! TAZIO turns just as the three disciples wriggle their way through the crowd to join him: ADRIAN, British Archaeologist, age 58, stocky and stout, glasses, walrus moustache. Rumpled hat, khaki shirt. PETER, also British, age 29, tall and thin, crew-cut blond. T-shirt, jeans. YUZBASHI, Arab, Captain in the Egyptian Military, age 43, swarthy with classic little moustache, middle stature, in good shape. In uniform. TAZIO Well hello; Adrian, Peter, Yuzbashi. Disciples, eh? But how did you ever find me in all of this? PETER It bloody wasn't easy, mate! We've been trying to reach you for days--and suddenly, you're here! ADRIAN We tried to get into the Dark Templars Camp, but they wouldn't let us. So we've just been watching for you. TAZIO Why would you wish to be MY disciples? I'm supposed to be the Antichrist! Do you even know what's going on here? ADRAIAN Of course. I'm a Freemason--we have a tent over there. YUZBASHI By "coincidence" we three met here, and agreed that you deserve better friends than the evil Dark Templars and their ilk. TAZIO Well.. all right. And thanks. Let's go, Disciples. TAZIO turns to lead the way and the three smile and silently cheer and embrace one another in congratulations. They move through the tent city. More signs: SOUVENIRS WEAPONS DEALER, MONEY EXCHANGE. McRONALD'S HAMBURGERS BIBLES--Read "Em 'n' Weep! Sold Out FALAFEL DISCOUNT BIBLES Whorehouse of Babylon TACO TIEMPO VAST ROAR HALLELUJAH! ADRAIAN Hear that? The Christ must have showed up in his camp. YUZBASHI They were worried that "The Beast" had ambushed him. PETER They're also hungry: he's supposed to do the old Fish'n'Loaves trick for breakfast. Food is a problem now: supply trucks can't get through this crowd. TAZIO What about water? ADRIAN Water's no problem: there are "Elders" going around smiting stones with staves--there's one now. They see a Moses-like ELDER with long flowing robe and hair praying to the sky amidst the crowd. He strikes the ground with his staff and water comes gushing up like a fountain. CROWD Ooooh! Aaaaah! Miracle, miracle! TAZIO Are there sanitary facilities for so many? YUZBASHI Ah...well...they're using the fissure you made yesterday upon arriving. Christian infidels proclaim it appropriately symbolic. Works, though: it's deep. They pass a bus parked between tents, an Italian flag decorates it, around which is a group of people preparing food; spaghetti, etc. TAZIO Say, that bus is from La Destinazione. [calls out in Italian] Buongiorno Sindaco, come va? 33 SINDACO, the Mayor of Tazio's home town, standing among 20 others, turns to see who is calling him. (following conversations all in Italian) SINDACO Huh? Qui eh? Mamma mia! [It's you! Everybody, look: it's Tazio!] OTHERS [It's Him! There he is!] GUISSEPPI Ciao, Tazio! They swarm forward to greet TAZIO, obviously glad to see him, some clap him on the shoulder, he shakes hands with them. TAZIO [Guisseppi, Vito, Alfredo, Ciao everyone! What are you all doing here?] GUISSEPPI [Hey, paisano, we are here to see you play!] SINDACO [Your uncle, Signore Ulfo, organized this charter bus for our group from town.] TAZIO [Ulfo? Then he is alive?] SINDACO [Huh? Yes, of course! And he told me to tell you he'd meet you here tonight.] ALFREDO, holding a knife and wearing a butcher's vest splattered with blood (he'd been cutting meat for lunch) comes up and questions TAZIO intensely. ALFREDO [Have you seen my wife here, Tazio?] TAZIO [No, I've not seen Sophia in years, Alfredo.] ALFREDO turns and wanders off, looking a little psychopathic, mumbling to himself, holding the knife upright before him. ALFREDO [She's here somewhere, I know.] SINDACO (to TAZIO) [We're concerned about Alfredo--he's become quite obsessed with her.] GUISSEPPE [Especially since she's become famous: novelist, movie star, scandalous lifestyle.] (end Italian) 34 EXT. DAY: TENT of the DARK TEMPLARS, behind a compound fence with rolled barbed wire, armed guards in black uniforms, a press of people outside the fence, a black TANK blocking the entrance, ANTON's black helicopter behind the tent. TAZIO and his 3 DISCIPLES approach the entrance, a guard steps in the way but TAZIO does not slow down. GUARD Halt! Who goes--oh, it's YOU! P-pas, Lord...but they can't... TAZIO Let them enter. GUARD Y-yes, Lord! 35 INT. TEMPLAR TENT. CU of HEAD, behind which the 3 HELLMEN and ANTON stand, behind them a formation of DARK TEMPLARS at attention. HEAD Ave, Highest Lord Tazio. You have come to lead us into destiny. Ave! TAZIO You'd just better obey, Head. Now: what are the Rules? HEAD The Rules cannot be told, they must be understood, remembered from the Beyond Between, where the wager between Jahve and Satan amuses the Gods. ANTON Although actually, they are coded into the Revelation of St John. But Tazio--I mean "Master"--I must beg that you release the Templars from your command to "hurt no one" was a fine little joke, but there are intrigues, plots, evils crucial to the Plan, and they must not be interrupted NOW, of all times! TAZIO That would violate my own promise. ANTON They'll lose The Game. TAZIO They'll survive. ANTON No, they won't. TAZIO (walking on past ANTON) Then that's their Karma, as I remember you once telling me. ANTON Ha ha! You're so predictable, kid. I like that! 36 EXT. DAY, ARMAGEDDON FESTIVAL, camera starting down in crowd with the TENT of CHRIST in background and ascending and moving back for an overview of the people and tents, scene platforms, massive audio amplification towers, rolling hills, sky. A dark cloud begins to rise beyond the horizon. NUN #1 Does anyone really know what's going on here? NUN #2 Why, it's the APOCALYPSE, Sister. NUN #1 Yeah, yeah, I heard that too, but isn't that just media PR? BACKGROUND VOICES A: Why are you here? B: I just followed traffic. C: It's getting dark! D: Look at the sky! E: Speed? Coke? A: What time is it? B: Almost noon...hmmm, weird cloud! As THE CLOUD rolls up into the sky, like smoke, and on over the sky, over the ARMAGEDDON FESTIVAL, a band of black from the north horizon to south horizon, rumbling and thundering powerfully. There is blue day sky on each side of the cloud, but the noon sun above is obscured as if by night, and a great shadow covers the valley. There are flashes of LIGHTNING glimpsed within the boiling cloud, more rumblings. At noon a GREAT THUNDER CRACK, the cloud is split open by a LIGHTNING BOLT that strikes a CONICAL SPIRE on the ground, the clouds part to reveal a night sky, twinkling with stars, at the apex of which is manifest the THRONE OF GOD. VOICES 1: Ooo! 2: Aaaah! 3: In nomeni patris, et filii, et espiritu sancti... 4: Alla hu akbar! 5: Om Shanti! 6: Hari hari kriiiiiishna... THE THRONE OF GOD corresponds to the description in Revelations Chapter 4: an emerald edifice set upon a luminescent cloud, rainbow all around, and a great manlike being of pure light sitting there. DIRECTLY BELOW is the CONICAL SPIRE, the earthly base of the throne, at the center of a field of concentric circles containing the thrones of 24 ELDERS in white robes and golden crowns. Seven lamps burn brightly before the CONE. The crowd of people forms the outermost circle. A SMALLER CLOUD circles around the THRONE in the sky, upon which the 4 BEASTS chant (Lion, Calf, Man, Eagle), their voices amplified over the gigantic amp towers. CHANT Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come. ANGELIC VOICE (amplified) Worthy art thou, our Lord and God... The BEING upon the throne spreads his hands out, a silvery scroll in his right hand. ANGELIC VOICE WHO is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals? DOWN IN THE CROWD, people are reacting in different ways to the spectacle. 4 MEDIA FANS 1: What a show! Great special effects! How're they dangling that throne up there, anyway? 2: I've heard it's a remnant of Poseidonian technology--but that night sky is just a hologram, of course. 3: Well, I heard it's from Atlantis. 4: You don't believe that "Ancient Astronauts" crap? This is Mass Hypnosis, man. BELIEVERS OLD MAN: Behold the power and glory of God the Father Almighty! WEEPING WOMAN: (kissing a crucifix) Dios mio! WEEPING MAN: Oh, I DO repent! SWEATING FAT MAN: (removing sunglasses) Why, this is REALLY happening! BEARDED FANATIC: Mine eyes have seen the glory... BACKGROUND VOICES A: Acid? Pot? B: Who needs it? 3 ELDERS IN WHITE ROBES bring a young LAMB to the CONE, from its leash hangs a white banner with pictures of 7 horns and 7 eyes. BACKGROUND VOICES X: Look! It's The Lamb. Just like in Revelations. Z: Aw, isn't it cute? Wait! They're not... X: Of course they are. ELDERS lay LAMB down to sacrifice it. We see only their backs but hear the animal bleating. A huge knife is raised, then stabbed down, LAMB screams, blood spurts. Z: (gasping) How gross! How...SAVAGE! X: Well, it's a very old religion. ELDERS walk away from the dead LAMB lying before the CONE. A powerful lightning bolt zaps down from the THRON CLOUD and the LAMB is instantly burned into ash. Up upon the THRONE CLOUD, before the Emerald Throne, at the feet of GOD, a MAN rises standing half out of the white froth, wearing a luminescent LAMB-Mask, and a white robe with pictures of 7 horns and 7 eyes. Z: Hey, that's not really The Lamb, just some guy wearing a neon mask. X: Ever heard of "symbolic", guy? Z: The "24 Elders" don't look so old. X: Well, they are. ELDERS SINGING (vastly amplified) Worthy art thou to take the scroll and open its seals, for thou wast slain and by thy blood didst ransom men for God from every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and has made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on earth! GOD hands the scroll down, the LAMB-MAN reaches up and takes it. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing! CU LAMB-MAN, who holds up in his right hand the silver scroll with red ribbon and seal, and who peels off the mask with his left hand, revealing himself to be IMMANUEL. Lightning flashes behind him. VOICE OF THOUSANDS A M E N ! View of IMMANUEL full-figure before the throne, GOD above and behind. rainbow radiating, changing colors constantly. IMMANUEL's white and golden robe and long hair wafting in a breeze. He hooks his finger in the red ribbon of the scroll. IMMANUEL The Seven Seals have already been broken, for this is not the First Apocalypse, but the LAST. The First and Second Woes have passed. Now comes the Third Woe. As the generations of Poseidonus and Atlantis fell--so too must fall this generation of Babylon with the breaking of the Seal put upon the Secret of the Seven Thunders. CU IMMANUEL's hands. He breaks the Seal. In a dark place on some stage, before a large old-fashioned microphone, the gigantic, beautiful, muscular ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, wearing only a great bush of hair and a loin cloth poses ready to blow an enormous and exotic trumpet. VOICE (off camera) Gabriel, blow your horn. GABRIEL BLOWS. THRONE OF GOD, IMMANUEL standing on the cloud to the right. Flashes, explosions of light, lightning bolts, swirling colors, loud thundering, clanking sounds, shrieking winds. 37 EXT. CONTROL PLATFORM below: a DIRECTOR studies a SCRIPT in front of him, there are OPEN BIBLES on the desk. Beside him a TECHNICIAN wearing mike-headphones operates lightshow and audio controls. It is very dark and beginning to hail. DIRECTOR Lightning: check. Loud noises: check. Thunder: check. Hail:--ow!--check. Earthquake:...? TECHNICIAN Oh no! DIRECTOR Where's the earthquake? 38 The DIRECTOR runs to TAZIO, who is watching the show with the DARK TEMPLARS. TAZIO has changed from his ragged clothes, now wearing a t-shirt and jeans, shoes, all black. His hair is pulled once again back into a ponytail. And he is, by the way, still holding on to that empty wine BOTTLE which IMMANUEL gave him. DIRECTOR (waving his script) Hey, Beast! There's supposed to be an Earthquake now-- that's your CUE, dammit! TAZIO Me? DIRECTOR Well, who else makes them? TAZIO I'm not making an earthquake here among all these people. DIRECTOR Look, uh...Lord, it doesn't have to be a BIG one--just a tremor--to fit the Prophecy. TAZIO I don't believe this! TELEPATHIC IMAGE superimposed above TAZIO's head: IMMANUEL's face, half smiling. IMMANUEL (mental voice) Play along, Tazio, for me. TELEPATHIC IMAGE: Behind IMMANUEL, the sun-like face of GOD on the THRONE; a mask which is removed, and BUFFONE's face is revealed, eyes pleading. BUFFONE (mental voice) And me! C'mon, Tazio, please! TAZIO (to DIRECTOR) Oh, all right, a little one...ooops, no Urr in Megiddo, as usual. (shrugs) I can't make earthquakes without Urr. DIRECTOR No problem. Here comes a Guardian to take care of that. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL comes lumbering heavily through the crowd and hovering up behind TAZIO, glowering angrily down upon him. TAZIO cannot see him, but senses that he's there. TAZIO (turning only his head slightly) Hello, Michael. Sorry about last night. MICHAEL Hmpf! You have ten seconds of Urr! (he points his finger and says an unpronounceable magic sound-word) &*^(%)$_#+@|! TAZIO puts out his hand and the Urr zaps up out of the earth to connect with him. He concentrates, and a gentle EARTHQUAKE is generated; a trembling, rumbling that gets stronger and louder. The CROWD becomes more and more frightened, as the quake intensifies, until they are about to panic.. CROWD VOICES 1: Earthquake! 2: EeeeeK! 3: Praise the Lord, the Bible is TRUE! 4: We're all doomed! TAZIO snaps his hand up and the earthquake shuts abruptly off. There is total silence, especially in the CROWD. They look at TAZIO with real fear for the first time. Then some Hell's Angel BIKERS start clapping, and some others, revealing that The Beast does have some fans out in the CROWD. 39 CUT TO: ANTON standing among the TEMPLARS, talking with Tazio's three DISCIPLES. ANTON is now wearing a black suit & tie with chromium lapels. ANTON Now, gentlemen, comes the Pageant wherein St. John's "Portents" are revealed--do you know the Bible? PETER Saw the Movie. YUZBASHI I know only the Koran. ADRIAN I know it, and the Book of Revelations, but I don't understand it. ANTON Then allow me to explain: the visions of St. John called "Portents" are misinterpreted as pure prophecy, when they are in fact also Historic, for they symbolize a constant cycle of Realization. 40 HOLOGRAM IMAGES are cast up into the sky, visible against the black background of the Night Cloud that passes from north to south overhead. They originate from a great scene-platform perched above the CROWD. Technicians operate odd oversized TV cameras. A beautiful mature blonde PREGNANT WOMAN stands upon the scene before the cameras, wearing a Crown of 12 Stars, naked but glowing like the Sun, standing upon a half-globe moon model. A computer monitor merges that image into a Full-Moon version. The final image is projected overhead, filling the sky. The CROWD goes Ooooo and Aaaaah. ANTON (offscreen) Here is the "Woman Clothed in Sun""--the Solar Mother of us all, and "The Child", who is to be Mankind Itself. The woman who plays her in the Pageant, by the way, is Evangeleva, queen of the Angelic Race, and Mother to Immanuel. On SCENE, cameras zoom in around the STONE GARGOYLE, painted red. That image too is projected above. A computer trick distorts the GARGOYLE image threateningly toward the WOMAN. ANTON (offscreen) And the "Great Red Dragon" threatens her: the spirit of the Old Master Race of Earth, the de-realized Dinosaurs, who resent Mankind's ascent to power. Oh, yes--that painted statue symbolizing the Dragon is an artifact of the age of dinosaurs...Tazio insists that it's actually "alive" somehow. Jahve rescues her, Michael casts the Dragon out of Heaven; exiled to earth. THE SHOW IN THE SKY; Big fat sumo-MICHAEL grabs the GARGOYLE and tosses it. A meteor crashes flaming and explosively to earth. Up out of the smoking crater come 7 manlike monsters ANTON (offscreen) So the Dragon populates earth with 7 tribes of Beast-Men, who also breed among the Sons of God... 41 ANTON now onscreen, lifting the horned ceremonial hood of a Templar Grand Master to his head. ..culminating in ultimate Tribal Masters: Beast, 2nd Beast, False'll have to excuse us--come on, Tazio, we're on scene. TAZIO On scene? You're kidding! I'd rather not encourage this burlesque by advertising myself as your "Beast". ANTON Look, kid--I mean, Master--there are ceremonies, traditions, symbolic magics; the Show is part of The Game. All sporting events have bands, cheerleaders, parades, pomp, circumstance! That's what makes it Fun. TEMPLAR BUTLER (offscreen) Lord Tazio, your headdress. TAZIO turns to see BUTLER and another TEMPLAR holding up a gaudy headdress-cape of 7 brass masks connected by a Medusa-like tangle of horns and glittering crowns. TAZIO I'm supposed to wear that? BUTLER Oh, yes, Lord! It was designed exclusively for you by a major Hollywood studio, which has an interest in the movie rights. All the symbols are there; heads, horns, diadems, names of blasphemy... TAZIO Forget it, I'm not wearing that. BUTLER ...but, but Lord Tazio, the symbolism... TAZIO Not. BUTLER Yes, Lord. ANTON stands ready, his headdress on, taking the HEAD OF BAPHOMET by its perch-rod in his left hand, and looking back at TAZIO. ANTON Are you going to play the game or not, Tazio? It's now or never. TAZIO Then I'll play along for now--but on my own terms. LOUDSPEAKER (EVANGELIST) ...let him who has wisdom reckon the Number of the Beast, for it is a man's number... ANTON Come on, kid, we're gonna make you a Star! Ha! 42 TAZIO, ANTON, and THE HEAD pose before the cameras, the TEMPLE behind them. TAZIO looks up to see their images repeated gigantic in the sky above them. LOUDSPEAKER (EVANGELIST) ...Number is Six Hundred and Sixty Six... CROWD Booos and Hisses, a few arrogant cheers. 43 Down in CROWD an American TOURIST couple in their 50's: fat HUSBAND with cigar holding a video camera up high and filming over the heads of the mob; a thin WIFE, agitated and frustrated. WIFE TOURIST End of the world and I can't see a THING! HUSBAND TOURIST Aw, relax, relax, I'm getting it all on video. 44 A handsome golden haired EVANGELIST in white robe speaks into the microphone, images of a flaming Reaper of Death fill the sky above him. EVANGELIST The hour to reap has come for the harvest of earth is fully ripe. 7 DISCS OF LIGHT pass across the sky along band of darkness. CROWD gasps, etc. VOICES IN CROWD 1: (astounded) My God! UFOs! 2: (knowingly) Solar Fingers. 7 FEMALE ANGELS, Hooded and caped, sculpted breastplates of brass, glowing eyes, exit from the TENT of CHRIST and are given 7 brass bowls with large handles, which they carefully bear toward the TEMPLE. 3: (trembling) Oh Oh! This is IT! 4: (awed) The Seven Angels! UP on the THRONE CLOUD, GOD rises from His seat, stands raising his fists as if in anger, face blindingly bright, and speaks for the first time in majestically cosmic voice. GOD Go and pour out on the earth the Seven Bowls of the Wrath of God. 45 BELOW, looking up: TAZIO, ANTON, HEAD, DISCIPLES, standing before Templars. ADRIAN Just what ARE the Seven Plagues? HEAD One: Foul Sores. Two: The Sea Dies. Three: Water Becomes Blood. Four: Scorching Sunfire. Five: Technological Darkness. Six: War of the Demons Here at Megiddo. And Seven: The Ultimate All-Finishing Earthquake and Hailstorm. TAZIO Anton, are those bowls symbolic, or... ANTON Definitely symbolic--as the signal to fire off nuclear and biochemical weapons all over the world. TAZIO Man-made weapons? Aren't the plagues from God? ANTON Well, yes, but via Mankind: even God must obey the Rules of Play. And God's Rules...well, refer to the Story of Isaac, the Book of Job. TAZIO This is evil. I can't allow it. So: how do I play this stupid game? ANTON That will be made clear to you exactly now. 46 Atop the TEMPLE, EVANGELIST speaks into his microphone with theatrical flourish and holds his hand out toward the ANGELS, ready with their Bowls of Wrath.. EVANGELIST ...great and wonderful are thy deeds, O Lord God Omnipotent, just and true are thy ways, O King of Ages! WHO shall not fear and glorify thy name? WHO shall not accept the authority of God, the Father Almighty in all things? EVANGELIST staggers back a step, as TAZIO lands before him, having sprung up from the ground two stories below. TAZIO I shall not. EVANGELIST (recovering, even more theatrical) And WHO dares to challenge the Judgments of Jahve? TAZIO You know who. EVANGELIST (in mock fear) Saints preserve us! It's the fearsome, awful, evil B-B-B- Beast! CU: EVANGELIST offers the microphone to TAZIO, speaking secretly. Ok, your turn. Just put a little drama into it, ok? TAZIO Sure. I hereby challenge God's right to murder us. 47 CUT TO CONTROL PLATFORM. AHAZVERUS is sitting, smoking his eternal cigarette and speaking into a mike. Behind him busy technicians are at work, MICHAEL is in the background handing papers to the DIRECTOR. AHAZVERUS (into mike) The Committee recognizes Lord Tazio DellaTerra--Antichrist, Beast of Revelations, Ultra Master of the Dark Templars, Seventh Incarnation of Satan, etc--and acknowledges your challenge. And now we address Lord Immanuel Godson, PhD, Lamb of God, Messiah, Guru of the Army of Peace, 17th Incarnation of Christ, you accept this challenge? 48 CU IMMANUEL's profile, looking down upon the TEMPLE from the THRONE CLOUD. IMMANUEL Yea, verily, I do, and counter-challenge: Seven Tests of Power. 49 AHAZVERUS (over loudspeakers) The Committee concurs: 7 contests of power, each at noon for 7 days, or until 4 contests are won by either opponent. The Apocalypse is therefore On Hold until the outcome of The Game, which begins tomorrow. Lord Immanuel, you may designate the first contest. 50 VIEW OF ENTIRE MEGIDDO SCENE IMMANUEL (over loudspeaker) Let it be a soccer match--European Football. CROWD (vastly) H A L L E L U J A H ! 1: Doom has been averted--at least for today! 2: And tomorrow, The Game! 3: Let's party... 4: Bets? 5: Odds? 3: ...under the Full Moon! 51 INT. TEMPLAR TENT: A decadent party, rock & roll band playing on a stage, people dancing, drinking, carousing, flashing lights. In the foreground TAZIO is sitting at a sumptuous dinner table with his 3 DISCIPLES. That WINE BOTTLE is still with him, set upon the table. A WAITER approaches with a covered silver platter. ADRIAN Good Lord, what a party! WAITER Food, drink, Lord? TAZIO (bored) Nothing. WAITER nods worriedly, leaves. PETER (helping himself to more food) Eat, drink and make Mary, for tomorrow... YUZBASHI You're still into asceticism, Tazio? TAZIO I'm not ascetic. I simply have no cravings. PETER Still eating rocks? TAZIO Once in a while, for elemental mass. But it's the Urr which sustains me. PETER (shaking head, eating) To each his own. M-m-m-m! Several TEMPLARS come up behind TAZIO's chair, bowing subserviently, supplicating. TEMPLARS 1: Lord Tazio: if you can use me tomorrow--I was in die Deutsches Fussball Mannschaft... 2: And me! 3: Please! 4: Et moi! TAZIO (not even looking back at them) Not now. I'll choose a team tomorrow. TEMPLARS (all) Yes, Lord. TEMPLARS retreat, defeated. ADRIAN sips his wine, comments. ADRIAN Odd that Immanuel chose Soccer--I've heard that you were a formidable player when you were younger. TAZIO I quit at 9 years old because I was too good. It was neither fun nor fair anymore. YUZBASHI You cannot be too good tomorrow, Tazio. Inshallah! You will play against Angels and Avatars! TAZIO Yeah, and what have I got? The Dark Templars. PETER Hey, you've got US, mate! I've played the game--and you've turned us into supermen before. You could even make those bloody Templars into something better. ADRIAN But doesn't that rankle, Peter? Those Templars are bona fide Men of Evil--they don't deserve Tazio's power. PETER No, they don't, but...if the fate of the entire world is...Cor Blimey: look! 52 SOPHIA is approaching their table, long black hair flowing, hips swaying in short shorts, big breasts freely bobbing under a thin silk blouse: TEMPLARS are turning around to watch her pass, all men stunned by her beauty. One of them reaches aggressively after her, but another stops him. TEMPLARS A: Hands off THAT one. B: But.. 53 PETER What a fantastic, beautiful Woman, coming this way... SOPHIA comes up behind TAZIO, putting her hands on his shoulders and pillowing his head between her large breasts. TAZIO (without looking) Buonasera, Sophia. SOPHIA Darling Tazio. TAZIO Alfredo's here, looking for you. SOPHIA Yes, he wants to kill me again. Oh, thank you (to PETER, who frantically offers her his chair beside TAZIO). The 3 male DISCIPLES are obviously quite stunned by SOPHIA, almost drooling. But she is quite used to that, nods and smiles to them, then addresses TAZIO. SOPHIA Not all men like a woman to be what you made me, my beloved Lord Tazio. PETER (leaning toward her) Oh I do, I do! SOPHIA (friendly grin) I can tell. TAZIO (unaffected but friendly) I've heard that you are a successful media celebrity, and now an up and coming politician. Very impressive, Sophia. SOPHIA As you have made me. Have you read my novels? I wrote both of them to you. TAZIO No. I've read nothing in years. SOPHIA (frowns) You used to read everything. TAZIO I was interested in learning then. Now I know it all, so I've lost reading. SOPHIA You've lost TOUCH, darling Tazio...(she pulls a BOOK out of her large shoulder bag and hands it toward TAZIO) You're a fast reader. TAZIO Not now, Sophia. SOPHIA Ho ho, yes, yes! As your loving disciple I so COMMAND you. TAZIO gives her a wry look, accepts the book. CU BOOK: Titled "Putanna di Babylonia". TAZIO begins to fan through the pages rapidly, as if not really willing but too polite to deny SOPHIA her wish. The camera slowly moves in on him as he slows down a little, eyes stopping and registering little tics of interest. We can hear the others speaking, but the camera remains on TAZIO, moving in closer to his eyes... PETER (offscreen)'re a disciple, Sophia? Hey, I'm Tazio's disciple too. SOPHIA (offscreen) Oh: let's embrace! YUZBASI (offscreen) Uh--we're disciples too--uh, Sophia, all--uh--Three! TAZIO (camera still moving closer in) Hmmmm...(definitely intrigued now) ADRIAN (offscreen) Yes, yes. Oh my! Ha ha! TAZIO's eyes fill the screen now: they widen, narrow--emotions long dead work across his face; anger, pity, then horror. TAZIO (mumbling) O no...they...can't do her... TEARS roll down from his eyes as he turns the pages, and then, as the screen is full of one eye, it widens in shocked surprise-- then closes as TAZIO begins to laugh. TAZIO Ha ha ha! Of course! Ha ha ha! DISCIPLES (offscreen, echoing TAZIO's laugh) Ha ha ha! Full Scene: TAZIO is holding the closed book up in front of his face, looking at it in genuine astonishment. Behind him SOPHIA is ending a wild rock & roll dance with all 3 of the other DISCIPLES. TAZIO Wow. What an ending! SOPHIA approaches, TAZIO turns to her enthusiastically. TAZIO Beautiful meaningful book, Sophia--I'm proud to have "made" you. He kisses her on the cheek, like a brother. She smiles but looks at him wistfully, longingly. SOPHIA Oh, Tazio: it's a SHAME you're negasex! TAZIO Maybe so. Now, I'm going for a walk--alone--I'll see you all later. SOPHIA Oh, it's a Full Moon night, so romantic! Take me... TAZIO No. SOPHIA Yes, Master. But won't you have a drink with us before you go? TAZIO No thanks. I've got my water bottle. TAZIO leaves. The 3 male DISCIPLES, still sweating from their dance, are watching SOPHIA, who watches TAZIO go. SOPHIA I thought it was a wine bottle. ADRIAN The way he always has it with him, you'd think it was the Holy Grail. PETER (to SOPHIA) I'm not negasex! YUZBASHI (handing SOPHIA a glass of wine) Nor I! SOPHIA laughs, accepts the wine, then starts to wiggle as another rock number starts up. 54 CUT TO: EXT. NIGHT. Camera low, looking up at the dark silhouette of TAZIO against the Full Moon, which is telephoto- enhanced. The BOTTLE in his left hand sparkles in the moonlight. TAZIO walking through the tent city, past parked vehicles, stacks of materials, sounds of voices, music, laughter, weeping. There are few other people out and around but several tents are lit up. TENT VOICES Religious: We pray for deliverance... Beer Garten: Trink, trink, bruderlein trink, lass doch deine sorgen zu haus... Music Scene: ...oh, woe, oh, Jokerman (Dylan song) He walks toward the center, where there are no tents and it becomes very quiet. He passes the THRONE OF GOD, neither floating nor shining, but sitting dead upon the ground, leaning against a stage, obviously a machine, wires trailing over to battery chargers, maintenance hatches open for repairs. No one is around. 55 He comes to the very center, the CONE-ALTAR, before the TEMPLE. All is still, but one shadowy figure is waiting there. TAZIO approaches. ANTON Great minds think alike, eh, kid? TAZIO Is Ulfo here? ANTON I'm not certain, but I bet he shows up quite soon, and this seems the most likely place--apexing Full Moon smack dab in the middle of Armageddon. TAZIO So why are you here? You aren't friends with the Demon either. ANTON So that you don't have to take on the Demon alone, kid. TAZIO The Demon in front and you behind me? No, thanks. ANTON I know, you think this old devil is just smiling and scheming for a glorious revenge, but I swear by all that is Satanic to serve you faithfully, kid. You've won me. And you know I'm tricky, but I never lie. Anyway, every time I got revenge on you it backfired: when I broke your legs you made me OLD; when I killed your Cindy she reprogrammed my Achmet. Hey, I respect that...someone coming here. TAZIO Yes. ACHMET approaches in his holy turban and robes, eyes shining. Behind him three ARABS in burnooses holding a dark manlike brute struggling in chains. ACHMET Leyltak sa'idah, Tazio, Anton. TAZIO Yes, good evening, Achmet. I see you have Ulfo in tow. CU ULFO/DARKBEAST: hairy, long toothed, foaming at the mouth, growling, a man-beast with no human mentality functioning. ARABS lock one of the chains to a metal ring in the stone floor, with great difficulty as ACHMET and TAZIO converse, then they release the other chains and run, obviously frightened. ACHMET He surrendered himself to me three days ago, while he could still think, and asked me to contain him and bring him here at this time: intfaddal! TAZIO Even though it serves the Demon. ACHMET No, because it serves Allah's will, as do I. Good luck, Lords. We wish no part of this. ACHMET waves and retreats back into the night. ULFO/DARKBEAST roars and screams as if in pain--then staggers, coughs, and flops prone to the ground and is still. TAZIO Well, that's it: Ulfo just died once again. An eldritch red glow surrounds the corpse of ULFO, then it starts to burn, flames flicker higher, and then up from out of the blaze rises ULFO's DEMON: Huge, muscular, yet insubstantial, burning, with "horns" of energy radiating out of his head, and an evil, evil smile. DEMON Yes, this is it: the moment I have arranged and awaited over 10,816 Full Moons--and here are both my "boys" to share it with me...but alas, I know you each will defy me, vex me, so I spurn you both. Spurn and burn. A charge of magical energy gathers around the DEMON's upraised left hand, it holds the right hand in a threatening gesture. ANTON Hold on, Demon, you're forgetting the part wherein the villain boasts about his nefarious scheme--and we, after all, are part of it... DEMON Villain? I? Anton, have you forgotten: YOU are the villain, I am the Angel Ulfæon, your sweet mother Ulfa. ANTON what PURPOSE did you "mother" us? DEMON Purpose? I am a demon--I abhor purpose. I just like to meddle. TAZIO Then you have no plan to "win The Game", or "dominate the world"? DEMON I seek only to be worshipped, feared and sacrificed to. You were both supposed to fulfill those functions...and both failed. No matter, for now I've got other Gogs to my Magog: the War Computers will sacrifice to me. The cybernetic networks of every automated weapon system in the WORLD have been linked up for this very Apocalypse--which is on Standby. That network has become a single data-log ENTITY, which will obey when I give the command to Fire. A COMPUTER GRID comes onscreen, showing trajectories and targets of various missile systems, text rolls up: TEXT: nato ready failsafe 7665ØØ await instruction usaf/conelrad ready failsafe sat/com 5 ready failsafe DEMON So I have no more use for either of you--nor time, the moon slides so swiftly and I thirst for my blood sacrifices, therefore I dispatch you both with a curse of utter disintegration... TAZIO Wait. I do have a blood sacrifice for you. TAZIO raises the BOTTLE. Blood drips from its mouth. The DEMON draws back in surprise. TAZIO swings the BOTTLE and blood sprays out upon ULFO's burning corpse. TAZIO In the name of Christ, and by his Blood, I exorcise, thee, Demon. ULFO's corpse jerks upward violently, the DEMON is tossed loose, showing a glimpse of cloven hooves, and then like a burning balloon set free, it flies circles around itself until pressure and gas are expended, shrieking loudly at first and fading away to silence: FEEEEEEOOOOooooeeeeeeooooeeee..... And the DEMON is gone. ANTON Well, kid, I must admit that was neatly done...but "Blood of Christ"? TAZIO Immanuel insisted I take this bottle. I figured it contained whatever I needed. ANTON But what about Ulfo? TAZIO He should become Ulfa in a few hours. ANTON (investigating corpse) I don't know, kid...I've never seen him/her do this before-- he's melting away! Flesh is dripping from the corpse, which more and more resembles a skeleton. TAZIO (alarmed) But--but Ulfo can't really die...can he? I didn't mean to...I'll raise him/her to life! ANTON Better do it fast, because soon there won't be anything left! TAZIO kneels and lifts ULFO's rotting head, he waves his hand over the body to pull the Urr up through it, but cannot. TAZIO MERDA! I can't pull up the Urr here in Megiddo... Behind TAZIO an object is shooting up into the sky from the tent city, arcing toward him, coming closer very rapidly. ANTON sees it, but there is no time for warning. ANTON Kid! The...gargoyle... TAZIO senses it, turns, but it is too late: the wide open jaws of the GARGOYLE are already upon him. The jaws close upon him as tons of living stone come crashing down upon him. Blood sprays. ANTON charges forward to help TAZIO. CU TAZIO's face, dying, blood running out his mouth, then image goes negative, screen FLASHES TO: 56 HELLSCENE, otherwise same CU TAZIO's face, now being strangled by a right hand. BACKGROUND, HELL: Flames, black asteroids, gliding serpent-creatures, distant explosions, etc. THERON (gloating) Oh, give up, Tazio--you ARE defeated! Upon one of the asteroids, THERON is easily strangling TAZIO with one hand, in his left hand he holds the SOULSTONE he has just taken from TAZIO. Their bodies are semi-translucent, for they are actually spirits here. THERON You are too weak to keep our soul! So I'm taking my Earthlevel incarnation back. And you can abide here in Hell forever. TAZIO manages to kick THERON in the head, ineffectively. Ah? A little spark of will-power? But too late, Tazio. You have neglected your appetites too long... THERON delivers TAZIO a smashing blow to the face. should have accumulated energy by eating pain, as I did. (kicks) TAZIO (struggling with THERON's foot) We don't have time for this, Theron--Ulfo is disintegrating back on Earthlevel--I've got to get back and... THERON Ha ha! Oh, you're just so selfless, Tazio! THERON kicks TAZIO away, then turns from him to look into the SOULSTONE, which is black with a golden spermatozoa of light swirling slowly around inside it. THERON But I shall not waste my Earthly incarnation upon others: I shall indulge and wallow in my glorious self! I love it! --Now, just how does this thing work, anyway? Camera moves in to THERON's eyes peering into SOULSTONE, closer, closer. THERON Swirling energy patterns...what do they...? Reminds me of something...awakens...memories...of... --Oh my God. CU THERON, morphing scene: THERON's face changes as he speaks, beginning as himself with a tragic expression, tears streaming down his face. THERON I...remember, Tazio. It's not fair! (THERON's face changes to that he was born with; the hairy, scaly reptilian mammal.) I'm nothing...nor were my other six reincarnations... (MONSTER FACES changing with each name.) ..Ba'al, Abaddon, Abraxas, Beelzebub, Belial, Lucifer.. (His hand comes up to cover his eyes, obscuring the final change, long horns, thick neck muscles hinted at.) ...for now I can remember my Original Godself: Satan. And HE is the only one who matters... The hand comes down, revealing the FACE OF SATAN. The Camera moves back, filling the screen with the majestic monster: great swooping horns, a gigantic frame, bulging muscles, a serpentine tail. SATAN SMILES with wicked pointed teeth. SATAN ...for all the others are gone--as Theron went, and as you shall go--thus only Satan remains. My Great Satanic Plan is going to win The Game after all, now that I can operate on Earthlevel--as you, Tazio. CU TAZIO, looking worried. TAZIO Merda! SATAN I am so eager to experience incarnation as my true self at last! Let me eat your pain now, so that you may become ME! TAZIO N-no! SATAN "No"? SATAN reaches out his hand and TAZIO is simply sucked into it with an irresistible magic force. SATAN's gigantic hand closes around TAZIO's little neck. SATAN Who do you think you are? TAZIO punches SATAN in the face with all his strength, and no effect except that SATAN smiles and closes his hand tighter. In the BACKGROUND a vast shape slowly comes up over the horizon, huge like a planet, not yet recognizable. TAZIO I'm Taz--erk! SATAN "Tazio" is only my game-piece. My pawn. My toy. DRAGON (a vast voice from behind) No, Satan, he's MY pawn now! THE DRAGON'S EYE is up over the horizon, as big as a moon. The camera sweeps back swiftly and dramatically away from the asteroid until it becomes tiny, in order to reveal the entire head of the DRAGON. DRAGON (smiling?) Breathe in my spirit and be delivered by my power, Tazio, both in Hell and on Earthlevel. Then you may discard Satan! The camera continues on back to show the entire DRAGON floating in the flaming soup of Hell. The asteroid is a tiny speck beside it. Blazing meteors crash into it unnoticed. SATAN (tiny voice) Discard ME, Dragon? Go back to your bottomless pit! DRAGON Never! I am FREE now and I shall have Tazio manifest the return of the Dragons! SATAN Back off, lizard, Tazio is mine! DRAGON Not so, ape-devil, I have his Earthlevel meat in my gargoyle jaws right now! If I bite down...and'll have only pieces of him! SATAN So? I need but the tail to call up ALL the Urr, and release it as the ultimate death-spasm. The planet will go into shock, explode, and fall into the sun. Thus may I take the field, and Win The Game. DRAGON Hear that, Tazio? Now hear me: I don't wish to Win and End the Game--I will allow a third of humanity to endure, they'll war with my Dragons--we'll wallow in The Game, and Save the World! --If you will but breathe in my Spirit! QUICK! CU TAZIO being choked, unable to breathe anything at all. SATAN Ah, but Tazio is indisposed to breathing just at present, reptile. --And I am ill disposed to interference from my de-realized former self: your day is done, Dragon! You don't even realize that you became me to Win The Game. Because if there's no winner... SATAN lifts TAZIO's body up to his mouth, preparing to Eat His Pain, pointed teeth shining. ...then it's all just pretend. SATAN bites into TAZIO's side. TAZIO stiffens and writhes in pain, lightning zaps out of the bite as well as his mouth and eyes. 57 DARKNESS, broken by sparks, zaps, crackling energy. TAZIO (mental voice) Ggg gggot to STOP IT!... Help! Immanuel! SPARKS STOP. Total blackness. TAZIO (mental voice cont.) ...Urr... MICHAEL'S VOICE (Magic Word) &*^(%)$_#+@|! Blinding whiteness. TAZIO (actual voice, shouting) Urr! 58 EARTHLEVEL: TAZIO's face comes up into the screen, bloody, eyes wide, tongue sticking out, but glowing with the Urr-charge. He is still in the GARGOYLE's jaws. ANTON is pulling one way, MICHAEL pulling the other, but the stone monster is stronger than them. MICHAEL You're back? Then kindly take over here--we can't hold it! TAZIO Huh? Oh...sure. Almost effortlessly, TAZIO jams the GARGOYLE's mouth open, then takes another hold and swings the monster over his head and to the earth with a thunderous body-slam. Before the GARGOYLE can move, lying upon its back, TAZIO straddles its neck and grabs a huge forepaw and twists it backwards, holding the monster down with one hand while his other hand is pulling up Urr. TAZIO Gargoyle: I can shatter you like glass! I don't want to, but I'll do it unless you surrender. Other people are approaching, drawn by the noise. SOPHIA and the 3 DISCIPLES, some TEMPLARS, and a CROWD forms around the scene. CU ANTON, shaking his fist. ANTON Tazio, you've already told it what you would do if it attacked you again--keep your word, kid: SMASH IT! You've got to learn to be ruthless! CROWD VOICES 1: Look! It stopped moving! 2: It's become a statue again. MICHAEL You may not harm it now, Lord Tazio: it is obeying the rules. ANTON That's not surrender--it'll just attack you again later! MICHAEL Anton, you know the Rules... ANTON Screw the rules! TAZIO sets the now static statue upright. TAZIO Enough. The Dragon serves me now. (turns swiftly)--But never mind that--what about Ulfo? TAZIO runs to where Ulfo lay. SOPHIA kneels there, but there is no body: just the empty collar and chain, and a figure drawn upon the ground in ash. SOPHIA He-he's gone, Tazio. He simply disintegrated. There's just that...dust... A slight BREEZE scatters the dust away and it is gone.. TAZIO NO! Maybe I can reconstruct his body with the Urr... MARIANGELA (offscreen) No, Tazio. Let it be. MARIANGELA, JYTTE and CINDY are here, in formation, arms crossed, like 3 hooded sisters of fate. MARIANGELA The Ulfæ has chosen to move on to a new incarnation..(CU: tears flowing) of the Moon and the Demon. Let him have it, please. If you must reconstruct someone, there's Anton, who is severely wounded from your struggle with the Gargoyle. ANTON is lying on the ground in pain, up on one elbow, holding his belly, blood runs out of his mouth. ANTON Should have (groans) broken it it did me. He rolls over onto his back as TAZIO approaches, smiles weakly. ANTON I'm not as fast as I was before you made me old, kid. Don't (cough) heal so well any more, either. So how about making me YOUNG again while you're at it? TAZIO Young? So that you can continue sacrificing a human life each day for the next 500 years? Causing wars? Doing evil? --Morally, I should let you die. ANTON MORALLY? Hey, kid..uh, master..I'm hurt defending your life! In your service... TAZIO No. You serve Satan, remember? And Satan plans to destroy this world to win The Game, so I oppose him. --But Anton, I'll heal you if you renounce your vows to him. ANTON (extreme CU) No (moan) NEVER! (cough) TAZIO (indifferent) It's your karma. Let me know if you change your mind. Take him to the tent. ANTON Ha ha, kid. At last (gag) you're learning to be ruthless! TEMPLARS bear ANTON away on a litter. TAZIO, still glowing with the Urr-power, faces MICHAEL. TAZIO Thanks for your help, Archangel Michael. MICHAEL My duty. The Gargoyle was breaking the Rules. TAZIO Perhaps, but without the Urr... MICHAEL Ah, yes: !|@+#_$)%(^*& The Urr-glow fades away. TAZIO Gone again. Well, thanks anyway. CINDY (approaching) Tazio! Anton also fought the Gargoyle for you--you will not thank him? MICHAEL Excuse, Angel Cindy--the Rules do not allow speaking with the Adversary, so sorry. CINDY Oh, Tazio's not really "the Adversary" and we all know it! MARIANGELA (touching CINDY's shoulder) But DO we know that, Cindy? The Evil Dark Templars have boasted that today was to have been the Advent of Satan's Awakening. Perhaps he has indeed already BECOME Satan. How would we know? TAZIO I did encounter Satan, but I've not become him...I'm not sure what happened, it's a little confusing... MICHAEL (shouting) Basta! Enough! You opponents are NOT to engage in conversation! The Rules! RULES! Everyone leave for their respective tents! EVERYONE leaves at once, except for TAZIO, who stands there alone. He looks down at the ash that was ULFO, picks up the chained collar that had been around ULFO's neck and regards it sadly. The sound of a MOTORCYCLE starting somewhere. TAZIO does not react, continues to study the collar, full moon above. The MOTORCYCLE revs up, then clunks into gear and becomes louder as it approaches. Shifts, accelerating rapidly. TAZIO releases the collar and turns and springs just as IMMANUEL comes accelerating past on his MOTORCYCLE. IMMANUEL Let's go! 59 TAZIO lands behind IMMANUEL, leaping onto the MOTORCYCLE as it passes at high speed, and they continue to accelerate. TAZIO Where to? IMMANUEL To the funkiest bar in Haifa. They rocket down the road, out of Megiddo, and over the horizon at incredible speed, shifting and winding through more gears than any motorcycle ever had. 60 CUT TO: EXT. NIGHT. HAIFA. BETH BAR, run-down, one battered lamp over the door. Jewish music can be heard. IMMANUEL and TAZIO pull up in front, park the bike. TAZIO "The funkiest bar in Haifa"? Is this going to be "Christ hanging out with the sinners night"? IMMANUEL That's every night. At least it's open. 61 INT. BETH BAR. Large room, warm colors, lots of people, young and old, a happy place. Rousing music, 3 piece band playing "Hevenu Shalom", people dancing, clapping, having a good time. TAZIO and IMMANUEL enter. A friendly waiter (GURI) waves and smiles to IMMANUEL. GURI Shalom, Yeshua. IMMANUEL (smiling and waving back) Shalom, Guri. (to TAZIO) Authentic Jewish music. On stage, the violinist, plump and jolly YAHUDI, who resembles Santa Claus, dances like a wild man. Bass player and pianist are also cooking. 62 IMMANUEL and TAZIO sit at a little table with one candle. IMMANUEL Still drinking water only? They have a nectar of the gods here I think we'd enjoy sharing. GURI arrives with a bottle and two glasses on a tray. TAZIO Enjoy? (shrugs) Sure, why the hell not? 63 CUT TO: LATER, same table, bottle between them, candle burned down halfway. TAZIO ...and all that happened within 20 minutes, from full moon midnight until you scooped me up. Merda! IMMANUEL Natch: cosmic moments are supposed to be intense. But as I recall, you don't FEEL emotions, you? TAZIO You know, I HAVE been feeling emotions since...since I met you. --I've been reacting to old...friends, lovers, enemies, angels, demons... I have felt fear of Satan, sorry for Anton, sadness for Ulfo...I even "enjoyed" a book! IMMANUEL But you don't need to feel sad for Ulfo: he's soon to be reborn as my little brother. TAZIO What? IMMANUEL Perhaps you noticed in the Pageant that Evangeleva--my mother--is pregnant. By Ulfo himself in one of his semi- divine phases. So he'll be back on Earthlevel in 3 months. But from what you told me about Satan I fear HE could be on Earthlevel right now: within YOU. Are you certain you have none of his memories? TAZIO Yeah, pretty sure. I saw those memories transform Theron, but I'm still me. Satan bit into my pain--although nobody else in Hell ever could--then I awoke to my Earthlevel pain. IMMANUEL Ever see the movie "Alien"? The incubating monster that breaks out of your chest later on? You may be incubating. TAZIO Right, or maybe I'm simply lying and pretending to be Tazio? IMMANUEL (CU) Oh no, you're not lying. As Christ I can see into your pure, pure heart, Tazio. Satan isn't there...yet. YAHUDI, the violinist approaches enthusiastically, violin in hand. YAHUDI Yeshua! Good to see you here again! IMMANUEL Shalom, Yahudi. YAHUDI O please, please, PLEASE, will you not give us the GIFT of your music and play us a song or two? IMMANUEL stands and accepts the offered violin. IMMANUEL You sure know how to ask, Yahudi, and so shall ye receive. (to TAZIO) Come, play with me, Tazio. TAZIO Me? But I don't play music. IMMANUEL Ah, NOW you're lying! I heard about you on the Spanish Steps: the magical musical Casanova. TAZIO Ok, I was driven by The Lust, but even then I never related to music. IMMANUEL "Relate"? Here, just let me "tune" you in. IMMANUEL draws the bow across the violin and generates a tone so perfectly beautiful that TAZIO's mouth falls open and he is entranced. TAZIO Wow! That's a nice TUNE! IMMANUEL This fiddle is fine for me. What'll you play? TAZIO Well, I once learned to play the piano. 63a They take position on stage, IMMANUEL confidant, TAZIO unsure. IMMANUEL We'll start easy. Do you know "Hava Nagila"? TAZIO Sure. I once studied music as an academic insert to my encyclopedic memory, I think I know everything. They PLAY. Simply at first, then warming up, hotter and hotter. The crowd begins to bob and clap along. SMILING MAN Oy veh, that Yeshua really plays a divine violin! SMILING WOMAN And now it sounds like the piano player is getting inspired. TAZIO is sweating, eyes closed, head back, becoming ecstatic, playing like a virtuoso. So is IMMANUEL. The music becomes more energetic. EVERYONE is dancing, twirling & swirling, lost in the best music they've ever heard. Then it is over. Roaring applause, waving arms, etc. VOICES l: Wonderful! Amazing! More! 2: Please, more! 3: Wheee! IMMANUEL Bless you all. TAZIO (reeling slightly) Whew! What was in that nectar? IMMANUEL That's the music you're feeling. So now let's jam some Blues in the key of B Sharp. 64 CUT TO: EXT, NIGHT, outside the BETH BAR. Music is filtering out and people are coming from everywhere, drawn by the sound. VOICES 1: My God, what music! 2: It's coming from here. Let's go in! 3: Oh, listen! 2 ARABS (in Arabic) A: Who could play such music? We must see! B: Yes, it's like the voice of Allah! 65 EXT. JUST BEFORE DAWN. Hills overlooking Haifa, lights of the city, moon setting upon the sea, a lonely road, headlight and sound of a MOTORCYCLE approaching at high speed. TAZIO (voice) Wow, that, Immanuel! IMMANUEL It certainly was. Sorry to drag you off the scene, Tazio... MOTORCYCLE approaches and fills up screen. ...but I've got duties back at camp. And so do you, in fact, if you want your team to win our cosmic battle today. TAZIO Why soccer? IMMANUEL To give you at least a chance. I've heard you used to be rather adept. Besides, it's a big crowd pleaser, just like the music was. Anyway, the loser gets to choose the next contest--so think of a good one. TAZIO (grinning) Hey, I might win, you know. IMMANUEL Not a chance! Haven't you noticed that I dominate our relationship, o sexless one? Ha ha ha! You've already lost! TAZIO You're trying to psyche me into believing that. But I've also noticed that you enjoy Earthlevel, and are not eager to destroy it...why, it could be you'll just let me win.. IMMANUEL (suddenly quite stern) No. --No, please do not delude yourself, I am the obedient Son of God: I serve only HIS Will. They are driving into the tent city of Megiddo now. TAZIO But do you even KNOW the Will of God? IMMANUEL Oh yes! That's what being Christ is all about: it is the Will of God that I defeat The Beast in battle, so that Judgment may close the book on this world. 66 EXT. DAWN. TEMPLATR TENT VOICES Many: AVE! AVE! Ave Lord Tazio! He's back! Thank Satan! 67 INT. TEMPLAR TENT. Frantic TEMPLARS are facing TAZIO, supplicating desperately. TEMPLARS 1: Lord! Let me serve! 2: Me too, me too! 3: Choose me! I'll DIE for you! CAPTAIN JERZY calmly approaches TAZIO, bows. JERZY Lord Anton has been asking for you. CU ANTON. Hurting, sweating, looking older than ever. ANTON (cough) We must discuss strategy, kid...not much time...I've assigned a team for you... TAZIO A team of Dark Templars? ANTON Yes (cough) of course. TAZIO (turns & walks away) I'll choose my own team. ANTON Don't be a ...(groan)...yes, master. 68 CUT TO: INT. Private tent. TAZIO spreads the curtains of and looks into a bedroom. Upon the bed, SOPHIA and the 3 DISCIPLES, all sprawled naked and unconscious. TAZIO (loudly) My faithful disciples, totally debauched. (louder, to wake them) Ahem! PETER (groggy) (snork) Huh? Whodat? 69 CUT TO: EXT MORNING. Outside the BUS from La Destinazione, the TOWNSPEOPLE gathered in conversation with TAZIO. GUISSEPPI is shaking TAZIO's hand. The 4 DISCIPLES are there, looking sleepy, but dressed and ready. (Conversation in Italian.) SINDACO [Certainly we'll play with you if you want us, but are we...good enough?] TAZIO [You will be.] 70 CUT TO: EXT. DAY. Looking down over Megiddo. BLACK HELICOPTER ascending, leaving TEMPLAR TENT. TAZIO (voice) Now let's get out of Megiddo for some special training. 71 CUT TO: EXT. DAY. The TEAM of 11 men: TAZIO, PETER, ADRIAN, YUZBASHI, GUISSEPPI, VITO, SINDACO, TICO, ARTURO, ALFREDO, BARTOLOME. They are standing in a little valley among barren hills, gathered into a circle holding hands. TAZIO is pulling up the Urr and they are all glowing with the power, shaking with the energy, stunned by the feeling. TAZIO (in Italian) [...the energy you feel flowing through you is the Urr--life force of the planet itself--feel it healing, tuning, strengthening your bodies...] GUISSEPPI (Ital) [Cazzo! This is better than sex!] TICO (Ital) [What a rush!] SINDACO (Ital) [It's raw power!] ADRIAN (English) I remember this feeling! YUZBASHI (Arabic) [It's like becoming a god!] 72 CUT TO: EXT. NOON. MEGIDDO. A European football field set amidst the thronging masses of the Armageddon Festival. The CROWD is ready, expectant. LOUDSPEAKER (AHAZVERUS) ...let the First Test of Power commence! In black, the forces of The Beast... 73 CUT TO: BLACK TEAM standing ready, TAZIO in the middle. CROWD BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PETER I don't get it: how can we be the Bad Guys if we're playing to save the world? GUISSEPPI (in English) Well, I don't feel bad, I feel GOOD! SINDACO (in English) We'd better BE good, look what we're playing against! 74 CUT TO: WHITE TEAM, 11 golden muscular men with glowing eyes and halos of light around their heads. LOUDSPEAKER White, Champions of the Son of Man. CROWD H A L L E L U J A H ! ! ! PETER (offscreen) Shit o dear! Those guys are all ANGELS! ADRIAN (offscreen) But it looks like Immanuel's NOT playing! 75 CUT TO: TV CAMERAS, REPORTERS, interviewing IMMANUEL. JOURNALIST Lord Immanuel, "The Beast" is playing along with his team, but it appears you are not? IMMANUEL It is a fool's strategy for the Coach to chase his own ego in the melee, when his duties are rather leadership and spiritual support. My strategy is to pray to My Father in Heaven for Victory. IMMANUEL closes his eyes, bows his head, touches his brow with two fingers of his right hand, and reaches his left hand up toward the sun. LOUDSPEAKER Play Ball! 76 CUT TO: BLACK TEAM [conversing in Italian] GUISSEPPI [Christ is praying against us? Dio mio!] VITO [We don't have a chance!] TAZIO Telepathic lock-in, as rehearsed. Let's go. ENTIRE BLACK TEAM Si, patron. [end Italian] Yes, Lord. TAZIO KICKS THE BALL OFF, which flies across the entire field to the opposite goal, but is caught. The 2 TEAMS charge the field.. LOUDSPEAKER The Beast kicks off and--wow--what a kick, Fans! From center field directly to the goal...but it can't get past Archangel Raphael's defense. 77 SCENES from the game. Both TEAMS running, BLACK sweating, WHITE laughing. And TAZIO flying across the field, cartwheeling, kicking or blocking the ball. LOUDSPEAKER Again and again The Beast drives perfect goal shots--to no avail. This game is clearly determined by who has the best defense. And Raphael seems to be... absolutely infallible. RAPHAEL, angelic eyes glowing, stands in the center of the goal, does not move. The balls flying toward the goal swerve, turn, and dive into his open hand. They never get past him. LOUDSPEAKER Can the same be said of the Black Team's defense? 78 CUT TO: YUZBASHI as Goalie. He is sweating, trembling. VOICE SOMEWHERE (offscreen) But he's only human! 79 CUT TO: TAZIO kicking ball over heads of White Team, PETER calls to him. PETER Tazio! We're running out of steam--how about more Urr? TAZIO Sorry. I can't pull up Urr in Megiddo. LOUDSPEAKER Goal! Score one to zero, White! 80 CU YUZBASHI weeping, beating his head. YUZBASHI [Arabic] I've FAILED Tazio! LOUDSPEAKER It's been a very fast, very intense game so far, and yet the White Team still dances across the field: serene, calm, perfect, like Angels charged with the Spirit of God. WHITE TEAM effortlessly leaping in formation, like ballet dancers. 81 CUT TO: IMMANUEL sitting cross-legged, hands folded before him, head bowed, eyes closed, praying. IMMANUEL Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... 82 BLACK TEAM, dragging their feet. LOUDSPEAKER But now we can see the Black Team beginning to wear down... PETER (tired) Oh fuck off! LOUDSPEAKER ...except for Tazio, who is coming on even harder, even faster... 83 TAZIO moves blindingly fast, running, leaping, flipping, turning. He leaps over the heads of the White Team again and again, kicking the ball while in the air, and makes a charge for the goal, right up into RAPHAEL'S face. Putting himself into a perfect set up, he kicks the ball from a meter before RAPHAEL, it has to go in. RAPHAEL gestures, his halo shimmers, sparks fly, and the ball swoops up toward his hand. CU TAZIO's eyes. Sparks, energy patterns, waves of light. The BALL swerves again, away from RAPHAEL'S hand and back toward the Goal Net. It almost makes it. Powerful sparks of magic light flash just as the BALL should hit, and it is shot back. 84 CUT TO: OVERVIEW of the field. The BALL shoots out of the White Goal, across the entire field like a cannonball, and straight into the Black Goal. It hits with a loud WHUMP! The players have to leap out of the way. LOUDSPEAKER Score! For White, two to zero. 85 BLACK TEAM, the men are shaken, look at each other. SINDACO [Italian] [That would kill a man to be hit by that!] ADRIAN (rattled) It ju-just missed me! LOUDSPEAKER The game is over: two to zero. 86 CUT TO: TV INTERVIEW of IMMANUEL JOURNALIST White wins the first contest. How do you feel about that, Coach Immanuel? IMMANUEL Yea, verily, it was the Will of God. 87 CUT TO: AHAZVERUS on the CONTROL PLATFORM, speaking into a microphone, smoking his cigarette. AHAZVERUS The Committee awards the First Test of Power to Lord Immanuel. Therefore would Lord Tazio please designate the Second Test of Power? 88 CUT TO: TAZIO surrounded by TEMPLARS, frantically calling out suggestions, begging. TEMPLARS 1: Lord: personal combat! 2: Large scale! 3: Use us! 4: Let us HARM again! 5: Lord, please give us a WAR! TAZIO (ignoring them all) Chess. Immanuel and I, one on one. AHAZVERUS (over loudspeaker) The challenge is acknowledged. 89 EXT. DAY. TAZIO & his 3 DISCIPLES approach the TEMPLAR TENT, where TEMPLARS stand in ranks. YUZBASHI walks with head down, as if disgraced. PETER and ADRIAN have taken off their black t-shirts and are soaked with sweat. PETER Chess? Against GOD? I hope you're bloody good at it, mate. TAZIO Never played the game in my life. ADRIAM WHAT? But...then...why...? TAZIO It seems God cheats. A lineal, logical board game might keep Him honest. ADRIAN But if you've never played it...he won't NEED to cheat! TAZIO Oh, I read some books on it years ago. 90 INT. They are inside the TENT now. SOPHIA looks at TAZIO with sympathy. CAPTAIN JERZY offers TAZIO fresh (black) clothes, but no sympathy. JERZY Books? Ever read about "hubris", Master? TAZIO Why does everyone ask me that? It's not "pride" that I can recite, by page number, anything I've ever read or heard or seen. I know the theory and applications of the classic games. Now I must simply learn to play it in practice. Captain Jerzy, procure me a chess computer and gather your best players. JERZY (bowing slightly) It is already done, Master, by order of Lord Anton, 100 boards and players await you. 91 CUT TO: TAZIO sitting down before a computerized chessboard. JERZY It's a Mephisto B 2950, very smart, very fast. TAZIO touches a square on the board, it BLEEPS. TAZIO Fine. Now leave me alone for a while. 92 FADE TO LATER: Chessboard viewed from above, TAZIO's hands. JERZY (offscreen) Are you ready for the players, Master? TAZIO (offscreen) Not quite. This machine is good, I only beat it less than half the time...ah, but of course, now I see...yes, that's better. I'll be ready for them in half an hour. 93 FADE TO: EXT. SUNSET. Outside TEMPLAR TENT, a crowd surrounding a long table with 100 chessboards, but only TAZIO and ANTON are playing. ANTON in a bathrobe, looking sick. ANTON Well, you beat your other 99 opponents, kid--(cough)--you're pretty good, but I can beat you! TAZIO No. The best you can do is a draw, Anton. ANTON Ah, that's the best YOU can do against Christ; you can hold him off, but you won't win. He doesn't even need to know the game, all his moves will be (cough) "inspired". And if you only tie the next 6 contests, then he has already won The Game. 94 FADE TO LATER: INT, ANTON's TENT, ANTON lying upon his bed with a chessboard between him and TAZIO. TAZIO stands up out of his chair. TAZIO That's 47 draw games. I've learned what I can. It's midnight. Enough. ANTON Wait, kid, I KNOW I can beat you...but I'm in pain, hard to concentrate...however, if you healed me, made me like young again---Master--I used to win against Ulfo in wise-phase. TAZIO (exiting) Sure, I'll heal you, after you renounce your vows to Satan. Good night, Anton, and thanks for the games. 95 CUT TO: EXT. NIGHT. CONICAL SPIRE, no one around. TAZIO walks up to where ULFO's chain still lies, and just stands there waiting. Nothing happens, no one comes. TAZIO Hm! He looks toward the TENT OF CHRIST, which is brightly lit, music can be heard, but nobody to be seen. TAZIO (mental voice) Maybe he's busy tonight. (sigh) A little telepathic probe... TAZIO closes his eyes, The TENT is seen superimposed with his face, little flashes of light. he's not there...he's... MENTAL PICTURE of MICHAEL, angry, sparks and energy-zaps radiating out. MICHAEL (mental voice) Stop that, Tazio! It's against the Rules! TAZIO is smitten by some invisible impact, flips backwards with a loud GRUNT. But continues into a complete flip, landing on his feet again. TAZIO (angry) Ok, that's IT! I'll... Stands poised for action, hands spread out to pull up the Urr--if he could. About to lose his temper, but he controls himself. TAZIO (mental voice) ...I' emotions: anger, frustration. Next I'll be feeling The Lust again. While now is the time for logic and cool. (now calm) Anyway, no Immanuel to confuse me tonight. Perhaps that's for the...(notices someone coming)...ah, but she's coming instead. TAZIO turns as CINDY arrives. She is wearing her mysterious cowl, but lays it back to reveal her face in the moonlight. TAZIO Good evening, Cindy. CINDY Hi, my love. TAZIO You and Jytte call me that, but isn't Immanuel "your love" now? CINDY Oh, but EVERYONE loves him. Don't you? TAZIO Sure...just where is he, anyway? I sensed an emergency. CINDY Saigon: Trouble with the Khmer Rouge. TAZIO What? But why didn't he call me? I'd have helped him! CINDY Because you were practicing for your contest tomorrow, that was more important. Don't worry, he's quite capable of taking on the Khmer Rouge alone. TAZIO (to himself) Merda! (then, relaxing, to CINDY) Last time we met, your Cindy-self had been burned away by Anton and Achmet. I healed your body and brain, but you Weren't YOU any more, just your angelic soul-entity. CINDY Yes, well, that soul-entity joined Immanuel's group, to be one of your angels, and he healed me into me again. TAZIO My angels? Don't you mean his? CINDY Three angels among the Host of the Lord must pray for The Beast; that his sins be forgiven, that he receive some mercy at the end--sorta states advocates, that's us. TAZIO But...also Mariangela? CINDY Immanuel commanded her to it. TAZIO Does she still hate me? CINDY No. But she fears you. We all do. You're supposed to become Satan's Self. TAZIO (amused) If I was Satan I wouldn't let myself get pushed around like this. CINDY (reaching to him) Oh, I know, my love. --CAN you win tomorrow? TAZIO Hey, I might, who knows? I'm pretty super...although that's no big deal in this crowd. CINDY (now hugging him, cheek to cheek) No: you're especially super, Tazio. Remember the "Aids Antivirus" you developed, using me for inspiration through The Lust? --Well, you generated it inside ME--and made me horny--so I spread the Antivirus well. You've changed the world. --Now you've got to save it from Jahve's Judgment. TAZIO gently detaches himself and turns slightly away. CINDY Oh, too close? I'm...sorry... TAZIO Not your fault, I'm just reacting to you in a way I'm not ready for right now. CINDY The Lust? TAZIO No. Tangled emotions. CINDY Oh, well, Jytte and I agreed... TAZIO It's not Jytte. -Look, I'll see you later, Cindy. I need to be alone awhile. TAZIO walks away, but turns and waves to her. TAZIO (to himself) Away from Megiddo. Get some Urr. CINDY watches him go, then turns and heads back to the brightly-lit TENT OF CHRIST. As she comes nearer the cries of worship become louder, and as she enters the tent they become overwhelming. 96 INT. TENT WORSHIPPERS Hallelujah, Hosana! Holy holy holy! Glory! Praise! Holy holy holy! She passes the vast choir which sings beneath a towering shining cross, past stacks of amplifiers and scaffoldings, roadies attending to the ropes and cables and equipment, finally to a tent within the tent. MARIANGELA (from inside the tent) Mea culpa. Mea culpa... 97 INT. WOMEN'S TENT. JYTTE is nursing the GIRLCHILD, who seems asleep, MARIANGELA is praying obsessively before a curtained altar adorned with small crosses, pictures and statuettes of the crucifixion, candles. EVANGELEVA is sitting in a chair, drinking herb tea. CINDY enters. JYTTE Did you find Tazio? CINDY Yeah. --He's out there mooning over Immanuel. JYTTE Nå, poor Tazio. MARIANGELA (breaks off praying) ...mea culpa, mea karma--you mean "weak" Tazio! See how easily Immanuel seduces him? Won't he also fall when SATAN comes to claim his earthy incarnation? JYTTE Be reasonable, Mariangela, it's not the same. We know he will resist Satan. CINDY Besides, I once fell in love with Immanuel, way back in Mill Valley High School. We ALL did. And it made me strong: that perfect hopeless love--as karmic as you can get. MARIANGELA "Perfect love", our Tazio? You forget The Lust! CINDY But he's negasex. And he only liked girls, he's not gay. JYTTE You never met the Ulfæ, Cindy, but he/she began that incarnation negasexed. Yet constantly transformed from Woman to Man, Angel to Demon--and we think Tazio has all those same potentials. MARIANGELA Oh, he has--it's just that his demon is so much (throwing head back, arms wide) BIGGER than Ulfo's. JYTTE (remaining calm) You know, when Ulfo de-incarnated last night, I half expected Our Child to awaken (looking at the sleeping GIRLCHILD and laying her down in a crib), even though we knew that Evangeleva is to mother him this time. EVANGELEVA Got the little stinker tucked away right here. (pats her pregnant belly) CU GIRLCHILD's angelic sleeping face, JYTTE's hand strokes her cheek. JYTTE Yes, well, we don't really know it all: WHO shall Our Child BE? Or even if she's Tazio's child...or Ulfo's? Or a hybrid, like Tazio. EVANGELEVA Our agent among the Dark Templars reports that Anton may be dying. JYTTE (worried) Er du gal? She might just awaken as "Antonia Artemis"? EVANGELA (kidding) Hey, maybe some other Avatar will die first. MICHAEL (from outside, commanding tone) Angel Cindy! Come out here! CINDY opens the curtain. MICHAEL stands there imperiously, dwarfing her. CINDY Yes? MICHAEL You spoke with The Beast again: you've broken the Rules. CINDY (shrugging) Well, sorry. MICHAEL And I too am sorry, but I must punish you. --HE must be taught a lesson. (smirks) CINDY (angry now) You mean like when you ATTACKED him tonight? You're breaking the "Rules" yourself, big boy! MICHAEL I deemed it wise to check if he'd become Satan yet. CINDY Oh, great. What if he HAD? MICHAREL Oh, I have battled Satan before, long ago. But now, Cindy, I fear this is going to hurt... EVANGELEVA Michael! You are overstepping your authority! MICHAEL Ah, but that is for ME to determine, Holiest Mother. EVANGELEVA We'll see about that... MARIANGELA You're not punishing any... MICHAEL (amused) Oh, ladies, do not threaten me with your sons--I enforce the Rules for the committee, which even they two must obey. (wiggles finger) Come, Cindy EVANGELEVA Come, girls. MARIANGELA Take hands. JYTTE & CINDY Amen. The 4 WOMEN hold hands, forming a square with EVANGELEVA and MARIANGELA face to face, JYTTE and CINDY back to back, then chant a spell in unison. 4 WOMEN In the name of Mary, Hecate, Diana, Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Artemis... 98 CUT TO EXTERIOR: MICHAEL is smitten by some invisible impact, just as Tazio had been, grunts and goes flying backwards to land sprawling on his rump ten meters outside and away from the Women's Tent. EVEANGELEVA (from inside tent) "Sons" indeed. Hmpf! The other women are heard giggling. MICHAEL (lying there, waving fist) Accursed WITCHES! AHAZVERUS dodders up, rests upon his walking-cane, looking down upon MICHAEL with amusement. AHAZVERUS Really, Michael--what about the dignity of our committee? Hee hee! 99 CUT TO: INT Women's Tent. AHAZVERUS (from outside) Ladies? DARE I approach? EVEANGELEVA (opening curtain) Ahazverus! What's a Wandering Jew doing wandering around so late at night? AHAZVERUS Shalom, Evangeleva. Lots of time to sleep after the end of the world. I'm out making and taking wagers--you girls interested? MARIANGELA Hardly. We're gambling enough as it is. JYTTE Wait. I'd be interested to know how the odds are going. AHAZVERUS (knowingly) Depends on which Game: 7 to 1 Immanuel wins the contests in 4 events; 3 to 1 Satan makes a play; 2 to 1 Jahve wins The Game and the Apocalypse happens. As for tomorrow's chess game, there are no odds...everyone knows it' CINDY Fixed? AHAZVERUS ...predetermined. And it's too early in The Game to bet on Satan yet. CINDY Hey, it could be TAZIO who wins it. AHAZVERUS Want to bet? JYTTE Bet? That the world ends? Whatever for? CINDY Yeah, there's nothing to win and everything to lose. Great. AHAZVERUS Are you mad, my dears? If I win my bets it'll be Money, Sex and Power on Jupiter level 3. EVANGELEVA O, Ahazverus, I'll bet you end up a War-shark slave in deepest Saturn. CU AHAZVERUS' SMOKING CIGARETTE, obscuring his mouth with smoke. AHAZVERUS No, I CAN'T lose, I've bet upon all possibilities...except one--that either Tazio or Immanuel can save the world, in which case the Next Level doesn't matter to me: the Wandering Jew can't die..oh, God forbid another 2000 years...but the signs, and the odds, are with me. Just listen to all the news networks. Hee hee.. 100 CUT TO VIEW OF EARTH FROM SPACE NEWS VOICES 1. ...ex-soviet civil wars are totally out of control now... 2: guerra 3: Krieg! Krieg! 4: ...thermonuclear threat... 5: off the wire--my God! SWITZERLAND has just attacked... 101 CUT TO WTV NEWS BROADCAST, a dignified and mature Newscaster, John ANCHORMAN, sits before a backdrop of broad slanted stripes with a WTV logo and a back-screen, upon which roll film-clips of combat and destruction, with "WAR" texted in large red letters. ANCHORMAN ...reports of wars and mass violence are coming in from everywhere since yesterday. And all peace negotiations anywhere have been cancelled. Scientists say it's SUNSPOTS, others say it's ARMAGEDDON. The back-screen changes: an aerial view of a crowd of millions of people around a checkered field, text: ARMAGEDDON FESTIVAL? Accordingly, in Megiddo, Israel, there appears to be an "Apocalypse" happening going on: no one knows who is sponsoring this event, but it seems to be EPIC. Satellite pictures indicate a crowd of millions of people... CAMERA moves into the TV picture, into the back-screen, into the aerial view of Megiddo, down toward the checkered field, then flattens out to reveal a vast CHESSBOARD, built upon a platform the size of a football field. There are two TOWERS at each end of the chessboard, a WHITE and a BLACK, in which TAZIO stands alone. 102 CUT TO: 3 DISCIPLES & SOPHIA among TEMPLARS, watching. PETER I thought they'd just sit across a board from each other. SOPHIA So did Tazio. SWISHY TEMPLAR Oh, my, no! Where's the SHOW in THAT? This is big-time spectacle! You see? The pieces are hologrammed and it's all projected into the sky. A mirror-image of the chessboard floats above the platform so that all can see the play. The pieces are also giant animated holograms. 103 CUT TO WHITE TOWER. It has a cross atop it and Immanuel inside it. Four white banners furl in a gentle breeze. LOUDSPEAKER White makes the first move. IMMANUEL (amplified) Pawn King 2, 2 squares forward. 104 CUT TO chessboard, the PAWN steps forward. It looks like a soldier with a skull-face. The image is mirrored above. 105 CUT TO TAZIO. TAZIO Pawn F2 one square forward. 106 CUT TO CROWD. 2 CHESS ENTHUSIASTS, one holding a book: "Classic Chess", the other smoking a Meerschaum pipe. TAZIO (amplified voice) ...Black Knight takes Rook. SMOKING ENTHUSIAST Looks like the Petrosjan Maneuvre. 107 CUT TO T-SHIRT SELLER holding up shirt with "Apocalyptic Chess" across the chest. IMMANUEL (amplified voice) White Castles Queenside. SELLER T-shirts! Pounds, Dollars, Deutsch Marks, Yen accepted! 108 CUT TO CU TAZIO. TAZIO Black Knight takes Bishop. (then looks surprised) Hey, that wasn't my move! Knight takes...the board's responding incorrectly! SFX:A giant hologram of the Black Knight glides across the chessboard, but does not take the White Bishop. 110 IMMANUEL (in tower) White King checks Black King. (over loudspeaker) White King checks Black King. 111 TAZIO (in tower) I protest! The board is wrong. (false voice over loudspeaker) Black King forward. (in tower) No! King NOT forward. 112 CUT TO KING moving forward. 113 CU TAZIO, frowning, then resolute. TAZIO (mental voice) So the "good guys" are cheating again? Well, I can also manipulate electronics. Energy waves emanate from his head. 114 CUT TO CONTROL PLATFORM. TECHNICIAN at board, DIRECTOR referring to a script. TECHNICIAN The board's going haywire! DIRECTOR Right on schedule. 115 CUT TO VIEW from behind Black Tower, TAZIO facing CHESSBOARD, where the pieces are spinning out of control. THREE BRIGHT STARS appear among the pieces. Charges of energy zap out of them, joining into one ball of sparkling brightness which shoots at TAZIO, hitting him in the face with violent force, knocking him backwards. 116 CUT TO TECHNICIAN TECHNICIAN Wow, was THAT a power surge! But the board's on again! 117 CUT TO TAZIO, staggering, holding his head in pain, nosebleed. TAZIO Ohhh... That wasn't Michael! (mental voice) Immanuel: are YOU doing this to me? IMMANUEL's face superimposes with TAZIO's. IMMANUEL (mental voice) No, Tazio. 118 CUT TO 3 DISCIPLES & SOPHIA in the CROWD. IMMANUEL (over loudspeaker) White Bishop takes Black Queen. TAZIO (false voice over loudspeaker) Black King forward. PETER (wincing) Oh, no! SOPHIA Why is Tazio playing so BADLY? ADRIAN Yes, I could play better than that. 119 CUT TO ARIAL VIEW of board, showing White winning. IMMANUEL Checkmate. (loudspeaker echo) Checkmate. TAZIO What? AHAZVERUS (over loudspeaker) And the winner of Second Contest is...Lord Immanuel. CROWD H A L L E L U J A H ! Good guys win again, HOORAY! 120 CUT TO AHAZVERUS on CONTROL PLATFORM. SCOREBOARD visible, showing a Cross with 2 points, a Pentagram with 0. AHAZVERUS ...the Third Test of Power is to be determined by this committee, to be announced tomorrow at noon. TAZIO (offscreen, distant, feeble) Wait! I protest! 121 CU TAZIO, speaking into microphone.. TAZIO ...this "game" is a fraud! I never...they've turned off the mike! TAZIO leaps out of the Tower to the ground. He walks resolutely toward the CONTROL PLATFORM. Although it is crowded, people scramble out of his way, perhaps in fear. CROWD VOICE Better get out of his way--it's The Beast--and he might just be pissed off! TAZIO leaps 4 meters up to the CONTROL PLATFORM in one easy move, landing balanced upon the railing before AHAZVERUS and MICHAEL. TV CAMERAMEN in background rapidly turn their cameras on him.. TAZIO I demand a rematch: the moves on the board were not mine. MICHAEL (smirking) Rematch? O, ho ho, so sorry, no such thing here. AHAZVERUS (also smirking) These are tests of POWER, Tazio, and you lost...again. What did you expect? After all you challenged "God's right to murder us all", remember? MICHAEL Big words, little sexless one. Now leave us. (wiggles fingers dismissively) We must devise tomorrow's contest. TAZIO walks away through The CROWD in silence. One man dares to get up in his face to take a photograph. GROUP OF BIKERS watch TAZIO pass. BIKER # 1 I thought THE BEAST was supposed to be some bad dude--this guy ain't shit. BIKER # 2 Yeah! "I wuz robbed." Boo hoo! BIKER CHICK And some chess master: maybe he shoulda chose checkers instead. BIKER #2 What for? He'd lose anyway. OTHER VOICES A: ...loser... B: ...failed again... 122 INT. TEMPLAR TENT, all TEMPLARS gathered, silently watching as TAZIO walks in alone. CU TEMPLAR FACES, anxious, worried. TEMPLARS 1: Lord...uh...we've got to know--which side are you on? 2: How could you lose SO badly? 3: It's just that we're Satan's Templars...if you're serving CHRIST... TAZIO I didn't throw the game, the board was rigged. I didn't even get to play the game. TEMPLARS 5: What? Outrage! 6: Kill! 7: What an insult! 8: Those...villains! Oh, please, Lord: allow us to PUNISH them! 9: Yes! To avenge this foul indignity! CU HEAD HEAD Silence, fools. Our Lord will issue his commands as he sees fit. (to TAZIO) Oh, Master, we know these mortals cannot fathom your Great Satanic Plan, but I know that when your chosen moment arrives, Satan shall rise and strike the winning blow... TAZIO (walking past) Uh, yeah, sure. (signaling) Disciples: let's go in to Anton. 123 INT. ANTON's room, ANTON bedridden now, an IV stuck in his arm, blankets drawn high up over his chest. A beautiful NURSE waiting beside him with cups and pills. 3 DISCIPLES & SOPHIA look on sympathetically, but TAZIO ignores the pathos. ANTON ...there's only one way you can win a power struggle on this level, kid...(cough, cough) the Head says, you'll have to access Satan's power. TAZIO I want to save the world, not destroy it. ANTON Satan doesn't necessarily want to destroy the world, he only wants to Win The Game. I know, I've had my (cough) spiritual awakening, I have remembered being Satan. TAZIO Yes, I've wondered about that: how can we both be reincarnations of Satan's only soul? ANTON Only soul? Satan is in everyone--as is Christ--genetically descended from The Beginning. But WE are Avatars of the Satanic Race, focal points. And you even more so because of your tail Knowledge is (cough) power, kid, and if you tap Satan's memories you'll expand your own knowledge by six Avatar Incarnations and a million years of experience. Counting your own--heh--you'd be The Beast With Seven Heads. TAZIO Evil incarnations. I saw Theron consumed by them in Hell until only Satan remained. I am not eager for that experience. ANTON But if that's the only way to save the world...(groan).. TAZIO Well, then...there's someone I must discuss it with. A MENTAL IMAGE of IMMANUEL suddenly superimposes over TAZIO's face, surprising him. IMMANUEL (mental voice) Nazareth. TAZIO I'd like to borrow your helicopter, Anton. ANTON (groan) Sure, what's mine is yours. TAZIO & ENTOURAGE are on their way out of the tent. ANTON Oh, hey, kid, if I should (cough cough hack hack) die before you get agent among the angels tells me I might be reincarnated as your 5-year-old daughter. Heh heh. 124 EXT. DAY. SKY, BLACK HELICOPTER ascending. CUT TO CU MAP of Israel, PETER's hand pointing to NAZARETH. PETER (offscreen) It's only 12 miles to the North. ADRIAN Yes, but flying is the only way out of this crowd. 125 INT. HELICOPTER CABIN. TAZIO is piloting, a city can be seen out the windscreen below. TAZIO There's Nazareth below. YUZBASHI Do you know where to find him? TAZIO Not exactly, but... PETER Hey, what's that sign down there? 126 EXT. DAY. HELICOPTER descending towards a large walled villa with many vehicles parked around it, lots of people. A banner decorates the main entrance with the text: "WELCOME IMMANUEL" 127 EXT. DAY. HELICOPTER is landed in front of the villa. GUESTS look on apprehensively from a distance except for two old Jewish KABBALISTS, one of them RABBI AMOS, who wait to confront those inside the HELICOPTER. PETER exits first. KABBALIST (challenging but afraid) it Anton Artemis and his evil Templars who invade us? PETER No, no! It's Tazio and his disciples--we're friends of Immanuel. AMOS Oh, well then welcome! Shalom! Shalom! ADRIAN What is this gathering? AMOS We celebrate the impending marriage of The Lamb. ADRIAN Immanuel's getting married? To whom? CU TAZIO, looking concerned. AMOS Well, no one knows until after the Apocalypse. TAZIO Shalom, Rabbi Amos. Glad to see you're all right again. AMOS Oh, yes, thank you, Tazio. Immanuel healed me years ago. TAZIO And where is he? AMOS He is receiving guests in the garden. 128 CUT TO THE GARDEN. It is full of people surrounding IMMANUEL, who is sitting on the brink of a well with children sitting on his lap, clinging to him, a copy of that very Bible Illustration. Tazio is making his way through the crowd toward IMMANUEL. A MOTHER There's something about this scene that gives me a sense of déjà vu. IMMANUEL ...we are all the children of God. GUESTS walk across the screen, each expressing emotion. WEEPING MAN WITH BLUE EYES (holding sunglasses) I can see! It's a MIRACLE! MAN DROPPING CRUTCHES And I can walk! FAT MAN IN BUSINESS SUIT My sins have been forgiven! O joy! WOMAN WITH WISE EXPRESSION Why, I have become Enlightened! NUN (to BOY) You have been kissed by the Messiah, child: do you realize how blessed you are? BOY Does that mean I can get a Play Station now? TAZIO (to IMMANUEL) Quite a show. IMMANUEL Must be getting better at it. Used to be the folks in Nazareth wouldn't buy it. --But at that time I was just a local boy, now I'm a hot-shit prophet from exotic California. TAZIO We need to... KABBALIST (interrupting) Lord, the six stone jars are ready. IMMANUEL Oh, it's time for my big trick.. 129 EXT. DAY. COURTYARD inside the villa. GUESTS surrounding 6 large clay pots, empty. A stuffy-looking STEWARD in tuxedo formally asks questions as IMMANUEL steps into position behind the pots. TAZIO hangs back in the crowd to watch. STEWARD Are the jars authenticated? KABBALIST Indeed: inspected and analyzed; simple earthen pottery selected at random. STEWARD And the water source? KABBALIST City water supply--to be analyzed before, during, and after filling. IMMANUEL Fill the jars with water--then draw some out and take it to the Steward of the Feast. CU STEWARD carefully tasting a glass of wine. STEWARD Oh! What a...wonderful...what a GREAT wine! --Audacious, bold, and yet, playfully elegant! HANDS filling screen, some holding up wine glasses, others applauding. VOICES (offscreen) 1: Fantastique! 2: Mmm, good! 3: Bravo! STEWARD (offscreen) Let the feast begin! CU IMMANUEL'S HAND reaches across screen foreground and takes TAZIO'S, gently tugging it offscreen. IMMANUEL C'mon, Tazio, let's take a walk. 130 EXT. DAY. On a footpath, TAZIO & IMMANUEL walking away from the villa, which is now half a kilometer behind them. TAZIO Why the magicians act? IMMANUEL Because I am a magician. They are walking into the town of Nazareth, and pass the monument of MARY'S WELL. TAZIO So you're...getting married? IMMANUEL Of course: Revelations 19:5 "...for the marriage of The Lamb has come, and the bride has made herself ready..." TAZIO "...and I saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband..." But are you really marrying a city? --Or a woman? IMMANUEL I'm marrying my Cosmic Mate--at last. TAZIO On Earthlevel? IMMANUEL Yes. In this incarnation we get to be man and woman again. It is not often we are allowed that pleasure, our lives on Earthlevel are usually Duty and Sacrifice. Last time was 2000 years ago. When I was Jesus and she was Mary Magdalene. My apostles couldn't admit I was human and tried to cover it up in their scriptures, making me into some kind of untouchable god-monk. But I was not a Catholic Priest, I was a Jewish Rabbi. TAZIO Who...who is she now? IMMANUEL Well--ha ha--I don't know! --It's a surprise. But we have more important things to discuss, don't we? TAZIO I guess. I am considering a confrontation with Satan. I need his memories to, save the world from God. IMMANUEL And you come to me? TAZIO If I lose the confrontation and Satan takes possession of me, he--I--must be stopped by someone with enough power to do so. I do not trust the Templars. I trust you. IMMANUEL I'm sorry, Tazio. I cannot defeat that devil for you except in the context of the Apocalypse. As the Instrument of the Judgment of God, I must play by His rules. TAZIO (suddenly angry) RULES? Do you really call that swindle of a CHESS game playing by the Rules? IMMANUEL Not "the rules", HIS Rules--being God's, who may, by definition, write His own. TAZIO You mean He can CHEAT because He has the power to! IMMANUEL Was it cheating when the Pharaoh's armies were drowned? Or when the walls of Jericho fell to a trumpet blast? Or when Daniel was not eaten by the lions? "Acts of God" are even written into insurance policies as exceptions to rules. TAZIO But how could YOU betray me like that? IMMANUEL faces TAZIO and gently puts both hands on his shoulders. IMMANUEL Oh, Tazio, may I not relieve you of your anger? TAZIO You can try to, but I don't thmbf... IMMANUEL gives TAZIO a chaste kiss upon the mouth. TAZIO is frozen by surprise, looks up to see a halo glowing around IMMANUEL's head. TAZIO (confused, amused, relaxed) What...? (sigh) Tee hee. 131 They continue on into Nazareth. Stopping before the huge BASILICA OF THE ANNUNCATION. IMMANUEL points in that general direction. IMMANUEL You know, I remember this street from when I was young Jesus. Helped Joseph build a house over there...of course, it's gone now. but I can still see it. TAZIO Yes, so can I. TAZIO Oh yes, you can scan back in time: must be interesting. TAZIO Can't you? IMMANUEL No. My visions are mostly forward in time. --Come on up the hill, I'll show you where I grew up back then. 132 EXT. DAY. View of ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH. IMMANUEL (offscreen) We lived in a two-story house, my parents and I, right up here somewhere. TAZIO There--where St. Joseph's Church is now. IMMANUEL We lived simply, although my mother, Mary, had money--she was of the Angelic Race, you know. 133 FLASHBACK TO TIME OF CHRIST: house, carpenter Joseph hammering on some project, a shadowy Mary in the doorway, young Jesus playing ball with some kids offscreen. Sky is half-cloudy with Godlike rays of light shining down upon the house. IMMANUEL (offscreen) We were a respected family. Joseph was an elder in the synagogue and a skilled carpenter. No one knew that mother and I were Avatars, but they responded to our power by loving us, so I had a nice childhood. Even had friends, playmates, instead of disciples and worshippers, before I awakened to Who I was. There were ancient ruins over...there, where we'd play children's games--"Jews and Philistines"--I'd be Samson sometimes because I was so strong. Until they became frightened about just how strong I really was, being an Avatar, even as the original Samson had been. But I grew up fast, putting aside childish things, working with my "father", studying scriptures, looking to the future... 134 Now we see TAZIO and IMMANUEL, but also JESUS as a boy, tears running down his face, gasping, in shock. TAZIO Yeah, and there you are, seeing the future. Must be about twelve years old. IMMANUEL Hey, you're skipping ahead! 135 FLASHBACK OF DESERT. Young JESUS walking away toward the horizon. A light effect in the sky resembling The CROSS. IMMANUEL (offscreen) The fun was over after that. I went off to the desert to join the Essenes. And ended up crucified. Poor Jesus. 136 RETURN TO NOW. TAZIO "Poor Jesus"? You knew you were the Son of God, the Cross couldn't kill you, you'd rise again anyway. IMMANUEL You're saying I made no real sacrifice? Bullshit. I LIKED being Jesus. --And I was with my Cosmic Mate, the Magdalena, with whom I wished to marry. Instead I was obliged to martyr myself. But I was not some holy machine. Jesus was a MAN. Perhaps you forget what that's like in your negasex state-- wanting to be with someone. CU TAZIO TAZIO Actually, I think I have a pretty good comprehension of that. I... (suddenly turning, telepathically aware)...soldiers are about to attack the feast! IMMANUEL (also aware) Yes, Israeli troops! They run back through town at incredible speed. But being superhuman Avatars, they have breath for conversation: TAZIO And I suppose you know what this is about? IMMANUEL The Israelis don't like my Army of Peace. TAZIO What IS the Army of Peace? IMMANUEL An anti-military revolution to outlaw war. TAZIO Yeah? Good luck and fat chance! IMMANUEL Well, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. 137 CUT TO VILLA, surrounded by 80 armed soldiers, jeeps, APCs with machine guns mounted and ready. Their commander, CAPTAIN STEIN, is standing atop an APC and calling out with a bullhorn. STEIN (over bullhorn) Attention in the villa: you are surrounded by a task force of the Hagana--if you offer any resistance we will open fire! 137a EXT. Within the VILLA walls, KABBALISTS are reinforcing the main port. GUESTS are afraid. SOPHIA & 3 DISCIPLES stand together, concerned but not in panic. STEIN (over bullhorn) Send out the man called Immanuel. We know he is in there. You have 30 seconds to respond. 137b EXT. OUTSIDE VILLA. CAPTAIN STEIN looks forward, does not notice IMMANUEL & TAZIO walking up to his APC. IMMANUEL (up to STEIN) No need to bother all those people, Captain Stein. We meet again, Shalom. STEIN (looking down, surprised) Huh? --It's HIM! How did you...? I mean...COVER HIM, MEN! (to IMMANUEL) You are under arrest for terrorism, smuggling, illegal entry, and sedition against the State of Israel. And you'll not escape this time! (to TAZIO) And who are YOU? Never mind, you're under arrest too! TAZIO What for? STEIN For all the same things! (to soldiers) Arrest EVERYONE in the Villa! We'll make a clean sweep! TAZIO (hypnotically) Just a moment, Captain, let's DISCUSS this. Telepathic sparks flow between TAZIO and STEIN. The Captain staggers back and goes into a trance...then into shock, convulsing. STEIN Can't discuss...can't discuss...can't discuss... IMMANUEL He's been previously commanded by some other Avatar, Tazio! If you conflict those orders with you psychic powers... TAZI Yeah, I know: I'll fry his brains. (to STEIN) Hey, Captain: cancelled, snap out of it. STEIN ...cant...can't...hunh? Hey! They resisted! SHOOT THEM! SOLDIERS assume combat poses, aim rifles, and open fire upon TAZIO and IMMANUEL, who casually join hands. Lots of bullets, smoke, noise, etc. RELUCTANT SOLDIER Kill them? But I... TOUGH SERGEANT OBEY, private! Orders from VERY high up! But TAZIO has already pulled up the URR and he and IMMANUEL glow with the power of the earth. The bullets cannot reach them, inertia nullified, dropping harmlessly to the ground. IMMANUEL Usually, I just surrender, then escape later on. Looks like they're tired of that. TAZIO Well, I'm tired of being pushed around, and I'd rather it be they who surrenders. --First, a little diversion. Soldiers! I don't countermand your previous orders, but I DO command you each to...SHIT, right now! THE SOLDIERS OBEY, unable to resist TAZIO's power of authority. Horror and disgust show in their eyes as they each and every man uncontrollably cramps up and poops in his pants. Their rifle fire becomes very sporadic, discipline weakens. Many cry out in alarm and shame, drop to the ground and roll around. TAZIO Then I disarm them by an application of the Urr. TAZIO tunes the Urr, the glow changes color slightly. Then he points his finger and describes an arc with it. All the METAL the soldiers have responds; guns, knives, bullets, jeeps, APCs--all goes flying in that same arc, and smashes down into one spot on the earth with such violence that a crater is formed. SILENCE. Only TAZIO & IMMANUEL are standing before the VILLA. The SOLDIERS are lying down, still jerking to bowel cramps, smoke and flames roll up out of the crater. STEIN (on his knees) Sh..shooOOOt them... CONVULSING SOLDIER (grunt) Can we please stop shiIIIIitting now? TAZIO All right, soldiers, listen up: cancel shitting. VOMIT for a while instead. SOUNDS OF 80 SOLDIERS VOMITING. CU STEIN, lying in the dirt, his lips dripping and his beret filled with vomit. He looks miserable, almost crying. STEIN All right, all right--urb--we give up already! (barfs) May we go home and clean up now? TAZIO Please do. Behind TAZIO, the villa port opens, Rabbi AMOS waves, knowing the danger is over. AMOS Lords, lords, please come back to the feast! IMMANUEL Well, all of this certainly has whetted MY appetite. 138 INT. LONG BANQUET TABLE, sumptuously laden with traditional Jewish foods. There are many guests seated. At the head of the table stands IMMANUEL. TAZIO sits just to the left. An American evangelist, REVEREND SHAME, stands and speaks. R. SHAME May we offer the first toast to our Guest of Honor--the Cosmic Groom Himself, Lord Immanuel. LOCHAIM! GUESTS Lochaim! Cheers! Prosit! Skål¹ IMMANUEL Thank you, friends...but we would not be continuing this celebration were it not for my good friend Tazio--as you all have seen. Let us toast Lord Tazio DellaTerra: SALUTE! GUESTS Salute! Mazel tov! (whispered) Kid doesn't know what's going on... CU TAZIO taking a sip of wine, hearing the whispers. WHISPERS 1: So that's the Antichrist Immanuel is peddling. 2: Seems quite capable... 1: But he's not Immanuel! 3: They say he's a sexual neuter and in love with Immanuel. IMMANUEL Won't you break bread with us, Tazio? TAZIO But you know that I don't eat. Haven't in years. IMMANUEL Ah, but you were becoming more human, remember? TAZIO Humans NEED food, nor can they taste the Deaths of what they eat, as I can: the butchered flesh, the ravaged grain. IMMANUEL Ah, but I say that taste is of Sacrifice, which is to be appreciated. --But here, if you must be a fussy eater... IMMANUEL points to a spot just above his open right hand. There is a flash of light out of which a round bun materializes and drops into his hand. IMMANUEL ...MANNA from Heaven. No death-taste in this. Try it, you'll like it. GUESTS A miracle! Miracle, miracle! TAZIO (looking at the manna suspiciously) Are you "tuning" me again, as you did with the music? Playing me like a violin? IMMANUEL Yes, Tazio. Don't you want me to? Come on, eat it. TAZIO accepts it, tastes it, his eyebrows go up in pleasure. TAZIO Mmm! And now everything else smells so good. IMMANUEL (leaving) Well, I'd better mingle. Later. TAZIO Maybe I will try some of the fish. 139 INT. Away from the table, IMMANUEL is surrounded by a group of men talking business. In the background a waiter can be seen serving TAZIO more food. OFFICER Who tipped off the Hagana that you'd be here, Lord? PRIEST Yes, who is Judas this time? ATHELETE Oh, Lord, who dares betray you now? IMMANUEL Never mind. I know who and I forgive him. R. SHAME (piously) Forgive his SIN, perhaps, but not his STUPIDITY: you come this time in power and glory, to wreak vengeance... IMMANUEL That has yet to be determined, Reverend Shame. R. SHAME Oh, I have faith in YOU, Lord, and I've seen how you handle that "Antichrist" in Megiddo. You'll win ALL the Tests of Power, and then...(hands in prayer position)...Apocalypse! IMMANUEL Actually, I'm quite impressed by Tazio. You saw how he mastered those soldiers without harming any of them. He'd be an ideal leader for the Army of Peace. OFFIVER NO, Lord! YOU are our leader! PRIEST Only you! IMMANUEL But if something happens to me; if I LOSE the ultimate Test of Power... R. SHAME Impossible! You're the Son of GOD! IMMANUEL ...IF I lose, I want Tazio to take over. Got that? OFFICER But...but, how can we follow the damned Beast? IMMANUEL Just as you have followed me. I have spoken. PRIEST But Lord, for you to lose, that little shit would have to... R. SHAME Not so loud--he'll hear us. IMMANUEL (smiling as he moves on) Oh, he's already heard every word, Reverend: get used to that. 140 LATER. TAZIO is sitting alone on a sofa, holding his tummy. SOPHIA comes over to him, looking concerned. SOPHIA Are you all right, Tazio? TAZIO Guess I'm not used to eating --urp-- food. But I'm ok. 141 LATER. SOPHIA and PETER are standing together, each has a glass of wine. SOPHIA is looking wistfully offscreen. SOPHIA Immanuel certainly is a beautiful man. Think he'd go for me, mmmm? PETER ALL men bloody go for you, Sophia. --But I hope you're not thinking of seducing CHRIST! SOPHIA I don't "seduce" anyone. But I can't help responding to their lust. IMMANUEL is now approaching them, smiling. SOPHIA (to herself) Mmm--or my own. 142 CUT TO CU TAZIO, sweating, holding his head. TAZIO Ohhh...what is this? I can't get sick! IMMANUEL and SOPHIA come to TAZIO, where he is doubled over with nausea on the sofa. IMMANUEL He needs to lie down. I have a guest room down the hall... TAZIO (slightly delirious) no...NO! I don't dare sleep...hell... 143 INT. BEDROOM. TAZIO is being laid upon a bed. He is naked, revealing his sexlessness, just before SOPHIA covers him with a blanket. TAZIO (delirious) ...Satan waiting for me...if I sleep... IMMANUEL No, Tazio, you're safe--under MY protection. 144 EXT. NIGHT. VILLA viewed from outside. A bright star on the horizon. TAZIO (offscreen)'t that The LUST I smell? So tired... IMMANUEL & SOPHIA (offscreen) Goodnight, Tazio. FADE OUT. 145 WTV NEWS BROADCAST. ANCHORMAN ...the political and economical upheavals of the last 3 days continue to sweep the entire world: as of today, wars have been declared by USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Lichtenstein... TV MAP of ISREAL, which is an ISLAND now, texted "WTV WAR REPORT" A sign showing "Israeli Attack" with an arrow pointing south to Gaza. ...Israeli soldiers invaded the Gaza Strip today. This is the first border conflict on the Arabic Mainland since Israel became an ISLAND 5 years ago. Also in Israel today, the Mysterious, flashy "Armageddon Festival"... VIEW OF MEGIDDO, NIGHT. From the stage of a Rock Concert, musicians going berserk, CROWD of millions also berserk, night sky full of fireworks and solar fingers. ...continues into its 3rd wild night. It seems to be a passion-play-rock-concert-sporting party! Gambling is happening big here, and from all reports, drug abuse and sex-orgies. VIEW OF CROWD. Live coverage, night. Weeping, praying, hysterical people. There seem to be many who believe this event to be the REAL Apocalypse... ARCHIVE SHOTS, DAY: INDIVIDUALS: A Buddhist Monk, a Rastafarian. A Hell's Angel with marijuana tattoos. A spy in trench coat. Passing in the background unnoticed, TAZIO passing one way, MICHAEL the other. ...and some very interesting personalities have shown up... ARCHIVE SHOT of IMMANUEL. ...among them the 27 year old American who plays the part of "Christ", Immanuel Godson. --Actor? Magician? Terrorist? Messiah? Who is this enigmatic man? LIVE COVERAGE. VIEW from in front of the VILLA. A TV reporter is pointing at the crater, which is still smoking. Word Television Network Reporter Todd Wiley found him at a private party on the outskirts of Nazareth this evening... 146 INT. VILLA, Banquet Hall. IMMANUEL is seated on the sofa before a WTV camera, a reporter points a microphone at him. WILEY ...Mr Godson, do you actually believe yourself to be Christ? The "Lamb"? The Son of God? IMMANUEL You have said it. 146a FADE FORWARD WILEY ...well, so then, how can we change the world? IMMANUEL By changing yourselves. 146b FADE FORWARD IMMANUEL ...die for your faith; it's strong --kill for your faith, it's wrong. WILEY (stunned, experiencing enlightenment) Why, this guy IS Christ! Omigawd, is anybody writing this stuff down? 147 FADE IN TO DAWN, EXT. VIEW OF VILLA. The black HELICOPTER is still parked in front, but most of the cars are gone. 148 INT. BEDROOM, morning light. TAZIO still lying in the bed, covered, just beginning to stir. TIGHT CU TAZIO's face, eyes just awakening. Lying on the pillow. Lots of hair. So much that TAZIO is tangled in it, confused by it. There are also teeth lying on the pillow. Eyes widen in surprise. Holds up hand: the fingernails are all 6 inches long. TAZIO rises up from the bed, naked body shrouded in the hair that has grown so long overnight, and looks into a full-length mirror. Is amazed.
TAZIO has become female. (As a girl, her name becomes TAZIA.) TAZIA Merda! This won't do! I'll change back Although...(poses prettily before the mirror)...maybe Immanuel will LIKE me like this. Who knows? I might even BE his own Cosmic Mate. 149 LATER, same room, DOOR OPENS. YUZBASHI enters, followed by PETER and ADRIAN. YUZBASHI Tazio, are you...? By Allah's balls! ADRIAN Who is that? YUZBASHI It's...or is it? TAZIA has had a shower and is wrapped in a large terrycloth towel. She is clipping her long fingernails short. TAZIA Yeah, I turned into a girl. Have you seen Immanuel yet? ADRIAN He...he's already gone into Megiddo, as we...should... TAZIA (shaking the floor-length hair back) Where's Sophia? Maybe she can help me with all this hair. YUZBASHI She...uh...went with Immanuel. PETER She's in love with him, you know. ADRAIAN Yes, we'll (sigh) miss her. TAZIA frowns, turns from them and takes a pair of scissors to her hair. She incautiously clips off huge chunks. TAZIO Has she...changed sides? PETER (looking sad) Who knows? ADRIAN Poor girl--can you imagine how confusing it must be to be in love with CHRIST? 150 CUT TO HELICOPTER zooming almost recklessly into Megiddo. 151 INT. DAY. TEMPLAR TENT. The TEMPLARS are gathered, chanting as TAZIA and the 3 DISCIPLES enter. TEMPLARS Ave! Ave! Ave Lady Tazia! Captain JERZY bows to TAZIA. The HEAD is just behind. TAZIA You don't seem surprised by my transformation. JERZY It is as the Head foretold. HEAD All goes according to the Great Satanic Plan! --Templars, Servants of Satan: can you feel the presence of The LUST? JERZY is sweating now, breathing heavy, as are the TEMPLARS behind him. They are all, in fact, getting pretty excited. JERZY Yes! The Lust! TEMPLARS 1: Yes (groan) 2: I want... 3: We want... 4: We want her to... 5: fuck us! Many: The Lust! Of her! For her! TAZIA STOP that! --Templars: I COMMAND each of you not to feel that for me! JERZY (wiping sweat, clutching crotch) Yes, Lady. --whew! TAZIA Now: Captain Jerzy, is Sophia here? JERZY (calm now) No, Mastress. ADRIAN (sweating) Uh, Tazio, maybe you'd better command US that're just so CUTE that... PETER Unless maybe you'd like us to...? YUZBASHI Please? AFTER, 3 DISCIPLES looking relieved. ADRIAN (wiping sweat) (gasp) That's a relief! YUZBASHI (shedding a little tear) Although bitter-sweet. PETER Whew! Uh, any clue as to what that Contest will be? JERZY That is the Committee's secret until noon. But they have sent this for you to wear, Mastress. (offering a stack of folded black clothing) 152 EXT. NOON. At the CONICAL ALTAR. The CROWD surrounds, but only TAZIA and IMMANUEL stand in the circle, on opposite sides, facing away from each other. Each wears a long cloak, one white, one black. 153 Upon the CONTROL PLATFORM, AHAZVERUS and MICHAEL are ready. AHAZVERUS (amplified) The Third Test of Power as ordained by the Committee: an overland obstacle race. West to the sea and back to Megiddo. 56 kilometers. 154 TAZIA takes off her cloak and stands ready to run in black track suit, shorts and sleeveless shirt, revealing her now-girlish figure. CROWD 1: Look--he's a GIRL now! Many: Girl? ...fille! ...madchen! ...mujer! ...flikka! ...woman! ...ragazza! ...bint! TAZIA does the classic one-hand-up-to-the-hair female pose. TAZIA (mental voice) Has HE noticed? IMMANUEL turns his head slightly. He hasn't looked at TAZIA yet, but he's aware of everything. IMMANUEL (telepathic voice) Really, Tazio, I know you love me, but isn't this going too far? TAZIA (turning, insulted, telepathic) What? --YOU did this to me, Asshole! Your manna, your wine... LOUDSPEAKER Get ready, get set... TAZIA (telepathic) ...your kiss. LOUDSPEAKER ...GO! 155 TAZIA and IMMANUEL start RUNNING side by side down a corridor through the CROWD that stretches away over the horizon. The CROWD ROARS. Racing into the camera, they pace one another. TAZIA (telepathic) Well, you're actually going to run against me? Or is this a trick? A solar finger is waiting to... IMMANUEL (tp) No. I've insisted upon an honest game. But then you go's the first obstacle! A high stone wall looms up before them. TAZIA (tp) An honest game? We'll see... Without a pause, TAZIA scales the wall like a squirrel, leaving IMMANUEL behind. TAZIA (tp) ...especially as I EXIT Megiddo... 156 TAZIA runs alone now, the CROWD thinning out around her, past the last tents. The ground begins to slope up into the hills. TAZIA ...and can use the Urr! A charge of Urr-light flickers beneath her feet, at first weak, then very bright. She begins to glow as she runs. TAZIA (shouting gladly) Got it!. Laughing, TAZIA accelerates like a rocket up the hill, a cloud of dust in her wake. She tops a mountain and comes to an almost sheer cliff on the other side. There is a panoramic view of a valley. Helicopters follow above.. Without pausing, she leaps off the cliff and drops hundreds of feet to the rocky ground below. TAZIA Wheeeee! She lands easily and continues running across the valley. 157 CUT TO view from open helicopter. There is a PILOT and a CAMERAMAN, tracking her with a TV camera. The motor and blades make a lot of noise, they have to use an intercom to talk. CAMERAMAN Goddam! She's pulling away from us! PILOT That's impossible! (looks at instruments) We're doing 97 miles an hour! 157a TAZIA comes to another sheer cliff on the other side of the valley, this time going up. She climbs as fast as she runs, glowing with Urr-power. At the top she comes to a ravine a hundred meters wide. There is a checkpoint where several REFEREES wearing baseball caps and dark sunglasses check off the time, then point to the next obstacle. A thick TIGHTROPE stretches over the span. TAZIA Oops. Can't use Urr here. She senses something, looks over edge, down into the deep ravine. Two men, half-hidden, wait with telescopic rifles. TAZIA (mental voice) And those snipers down there KNOW that. Another "obstacle"? Well, I don't want them shooting me--or Immanuel... She locates a huge BOULDER weighing many tons, lifts and balances it effortlessly over her head, and walks to the edge of the ravine with it. The REFEREES step back in awe and fear. TAZIA (calling down) Hey, boys! 157b CUT TO VIEW FROM BELOW: She tosses the BOULDER, which goes crashing down into the sides of the ravine, breaking smaller stones loose. The two SNIPERS toss their rifles and run, even as TAZIA dashes across the TIGHTROPE above. 158 CUT TO: UNDERGROUND, CAVERNS, tunnels running every which way. TAZIA runs through without slowing down. WALKIE TALKIE #1 (offscreen) Maze checkpoint: Beast is blasting through--seems to know the way. 159 CUT TO: EXT. DAY. CROWDED STREET SCENE, town of Zikhron. People waiting for sight of the racers. Helicopter overhead. WALKIE TALKIE #2 Zikhron checkpoint: Beast passing over town fast... FROM STREET BELOW, looking up, TAZIA is seen leaping across the street from one building roof to another, and is gone. WALKIE TALKIE #2 ...avoiding crowded streets. 160 CUT TO: VIEW FROM SHIP OFFSHORE. Camera crews, referees. TAZIA springs like a dolphin, out of the water and onto the deck. She slaps the checkpoint contact and turns to leave. Food and water are offered to her but she passes it by, leaps back into the sea and swims toward shore. WAKLIE TALKIE #3 Turnaround checkpoint: Beast Arrived/Departed, on way back to Megiddo. As of yet, no sign of Immanuel. 161 EXT. DAY. CLIFFSIDE overlooking coastline. IMMANUEL climbing down, deftly, athletically, but not with TAZIA's speed. TAZIA comes up to the same level with a spring. IMMANUEL Hi, Tazio. TAZIA (stopping to talk) You're just coming down? CU IMMANUEL, sweating, breathing heavily. He's in good shape, but also having a real workout. IMMANUEL Hey, I don't have the Urr, Tazio. gimme a break. TAZIA It's Tazi-A now, and no breaks; I'm out to save the world. IMMANUEL Well, may the best man win. TAZIA Very funny. Ciao. 162 EXT. DAY. VIEW FROM MEGIDDO. The CROWD is waiting, looking toward the hills. Two helicopters are approaching. WALKIE TALKIE #4 The Beast is already approaching Megiddo. A corridor opens in the CROWD and TAZIA comes running at incredible speed. CROWD 1: Already? 52 kilometers? 2: Scheisse! Look how fast she runs! 3: Wow, she's a great looking chick now! 4: Yeah, dude! TAZIA runs across the magic border of Megiddo and her Urr-glow sputters and dies out. Her speed drops off at once, lacking the power to drive it. She almost stumbles. TAZIA (mv) Whups! Just lost the Urr! No matter, I'm only 5 kilometers from the finish. I could WALK it from here and still win. She runs at a more human rate of speed, still very fast, not tired yet. Through the corridor of shouting, cheering, booing people. REFEREES point the way. There is a dark open doorway in an ancient ruined building, she runs inside, as indicated. 163 INT. Half-dark STONE HALLWAY, turning to the right at the end.. TAZIA runs to the end. TAZIA But I'm not falling for that Tortoise & Hare trap, I'll run all...oh oh! When she turns at the end, she is stopped by a door of iron bars. TAZIA Merda. 163a VIEW FROM OUTSIDE. TAZIA comes to the bars and looks out. MICHAEL is standing beside the door. The CROWD watches. TAZIA What is this? MICHAEL Obstacle. TAZIA tries to bend the bars with all her strength. TAZIA Gnaaaaahh! No use--I can't budge it without the Urr. MICHAEL (smugly) I could...but then you're just a weak slip of a girl now. Tee hee! TAZIO Really? Will you please evacuate this area? TAZIA disappears back into the dark tunnel. MICHAEL frowns, then calls after her.. MICHAEL What are you going to do? TAZIA Simple: back-track to the Urr and send a little Earthquake to rattle this building asunder. MICHAEL (smiling wickedly) Oh, allow me. MICHAEL runs at the side of the building and crashes his shoulder into it. His enormous bulk and strength buckle the stone wall. INSIDE, the tunnel collapses in front of TAZIA as she would pass. She leaps back to keep from being crushed by the great blocks of stone. Back at the barred door, she confronts MICHAEL. TAZIA Michael, you've trapped me here! Isn't interference against your Rules? MICHAEL Not this time--the final obstacle you must pass is...ME! TAZIO (shouting to CROWD) I COMMAND you people to FREE me! The CROWD reacts to TAZIA's power, surging forward. CROWD Yes, Lord-Lady! Ay-wa! Hai! Ja! Oui! Si! MICHAEL (also shouting to CROWD) And I command you NOT to! The CROWD stops, staggers. People shudder, spin, drop, go into convulsions. TAZIA Michael, you can't do that! You'll short out their brains! MICHAEL (unconcerned) Yes. You'd better save them. TAZIA I CANCEL my order! People in CROWD are released from their conflict, stagger around gasping, holding or shaking their heads. CROWD 1: What just happened? 2: Holy shit, that was weird! 3: For a second I...but I'm all right now. MEANWHILE, MICHAEL is watching the people, and TAZIA is concentrating on a junction of the parallel and vertical bars. Tiny sparks swarm from TAZIA's eyes, the junction begins to glow red hot, then white hot. MICHAEL turns, sees what is happening and shouts a magic curse. TAZIO shouts a magic defense. SPARKS fly around the doorway as magic forces clash, spells being shouted each against the other, but neither able to break through the other's defense. They both give up. TAZIA GARGOYLE! Come to me! MICHAEL (giggles) O silly girl, you've not even CONQUERED the Dragon yet. TAZIA (determined) I MUST not lose this test of power, Michael. (concentrates) Hrrr. MICHAEL What? Was that supposed to be "The Lust", child? Ha ha ha! --Ha! How cute, how innocent... (reacting) Gnnnnah! --Do you know what you're doing, Tazia? I'm a male AVATAR! TAZIA Yes, and I'm a female Avatar. MEN IN CROWD are sweating, holding their crotches, groaning, and leaning toward TAZIA. MICHAEL I'm not sure you know what that means. --I'll show you. MICHAEL lunges for TAZIA inside her cage, smashing through the iron bars. She moves back just fast enough to avoid his hand. CU MICHAEL, sweating, eyes rolling up, out of control. MICHAEL It means angelic sex. Oh mm. (pant wheeze, drool, slobber) TAZIA (dodging him again) How can an Archangel be so disgusting? MICHAEL Angel, devil, all the same... MICHAEL turns very fast, grabs TAZIA, rips her clothes away in one sweep, and his own with another. MICHAEL ...when it comes down to The LUST! TAZIA is spread out naked on the ground and MICHAEL is ready to rape. ANTON (offscreen, behind MICHAEL) Oh, Michael? MICHAEL (glancing back) Hrrr? ANTON, dressed in a bathrobe, just out of his deathbed, kicks MICHAEL's big fat naked butt. MICHAEL OYK! (sounds like a pig with a Japanese accent) MICHAEL sprawls on his belly. ANTON offers naked TAZIA his bathrobe, standing skinny and frail in just shorts. ANTON Make your run, kid! I'll (cough) hold him off. MICHAEL (getting up already) Not likely, old one. TAZIA Anton, I... ANTON (sweating) Run, kid! Before I (sniff) start to rape you myself. ANTON turns to take on the approaching MICHAEL, who is twice as big. MICHAEL Oh, Anton, you old fart--you're no threat any more. MICHAEL straight-arms ANTON and the older man crashes backwards to the ground, and lies there, groaning. Blocking the doorway, MICHAEL stands triumphantly over TAZIA, who sits looking up at him, docile and pretty. MICHAEL Aren't you even going to TRY to run? --I'd like that. TAZIA Sure...(stands up close in front of MICHAEL)...but first let's finish what we started. (moves even closer) MICHAEL Huh? (hopeful look in his eyes) You mean...? TAZIA (seductively) I mean old Anton was interfering. I wanted to get close to you... But then TAZIA spins around and jabs her tail into MICHAEL's chest. Sparks fly. MICHAEL staggers backwards. TAZIA that I could zap you with my tail. Don't you know how Anton GOT old? MICHAEL reels, but recovers, holding his headache, squinting from one eye. TAZIA faces him, with ANTON lying on the ground right behind her. MICHAEL Clever bitch. --But not clever enough--I've prepared a spell against that. All you've managed to do is make me ANGRY! TAZIA I know that, but it gave me the chance to reach Anton--and touch HIM with my tail. But this time I'm giving back the Avatar-energy the tail took from him before. Her TAIL touches ANTON's foot. Sparks. ANTON's eyes suddenly open wide and he gasps as his old vitality returns with the impact of an electric shock. His muscles bulge with strength. He rolls easily into a combat position, obviously full of power. ANTON Ha ha ha ha--I just knew you'd fix me up, kid. --Now, Michael, where were we? ANTON springs and straight-arms MICHAEL with a superhuman blow that smashes the huge Archangel backwards off his feet, and the battle of the giants is on, smashing the stone building in superhuman ferocity. TAZIA grabs Anton's bathrobe and heads for the door. TAZIA Have fun, guys--I've got a race to run! 164 EXT. SUNDOWN, outside the ruin. TAZIA comes out the doorway as she ties the bathrobe closed and is about to really start running when she notices IMMANUEL sitting on a block of stone beside her. TAZIA You're here! Have you already won? IMMANUEL No. I've been waiting for you. I promised you an honest race: there's 4 kilometers to go, no tricks, no Urr, just you and I. Are you game? TAZIA You're on! IMMANUEL springs off the block and together they face the open corridor through the CROWD. They NOD to one another and start off slowly, pacing one another, then faster, faster. CROWD (thunderously) GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! They are running flat out now, faster than humans ever could, two Avatars at full speed. But IMMANUEL is taller, male, and begins to pull ahead slightly. Half a meter... 165 CUT TO FINISH LINE: IMMANUEL, leading by one meter, breaks the ribbon. LOUDSPEAKER Here they come! --And the Winner: Lord Immanuel! 165a CUT TO VIEW OF SCOREBOARD with the crowd hopping and cavorting beneath it. Cross:(changes to) 3, Pentagram 0. CROWD All: H A L L E L U J A H ! ! ! 1: We good guys win again! 2: Praise the Lord! 165b CUT TO CU TAZIO, looking defeated. Behind her we see IMMANUEL being congratulated and interviewed up on the CONTROL PLATFORM. IMMANUEL (telepathic) I'm sorry , Tazia. If you hadn't become a girl you might have had a chance. TAZIA (telepathic) I know. --And now if I lose ONE more contest the world will be destroyed. 166 EXT. EVENING. Sun just set, glowing red against a dark blue sky. tent city of Megiddo lighting up, CROWD milling. VIEW FROM CONTROL PLATFORM. AHAZVERUS speaking to CROWD via microphone & loudspeaker. AHAZVERUS The Fourth Test of Power is to be determined by popular choice: The Committee will accept proposals until midnight, to be voted upon at noon tomorrow. --Upon which, being the Sabbath, there shall be NO contest until the NEXT day, allowing for any elaborate preparations. CROWD 1: Poker? 2: Billiards? 3: Hockey? 4: The $64 Question? 5: Charade? 6: Come on, something EXCITING, flashy... 7: Uh, war? 8: Did you say "war"? 9: Guerra? 10: Krieg? 11: Harp? 7: Yeah, War! MANY: War war war! GUY LISTENING TO A GHETTO BLASTER Hey, did anyone else hear that on the radio? About the NUKE in Jerusalem? 167 INT. NIGHT. TEMPLAR TENT. TEMPLARS and HEAD waiting for TAZIA and ANTON to show up. They are grumbling, morale is low. JERZY Lady Tazia must win ALL of the next four contests or the Game is Lost. TEMPLAR # 1 But as a girl, she's weaker, slower... DISGRUNTLED TEMPLAR Yeah, she'll LOSE them all. HEAD The Great Satanic Plan cannot fail! All this is to make our "holy" opposition arrogantly overconfident. DISGRUNTLED TEMPLAR "Arrogantly Overconfident"? And why NOT? JERZY Sergeant, punish that Templar for irreverent speech against the Head. SERGEANT (shrugging, defeated) Punish him? HOW? We may not HURT anyone! SEVERAL TEMPLARS She comes! And...and...the Grand..(incredulous)..Master? ANTON ENTERS TENT ahead of TAZIA. He is swaggering with power and pride, wearing only his shorts (TAZIA still has his bathrobe), posing to show off his muscles, and grinning like a fool. He has a black eye, but shows no other sign of battle. TEMPLARS MANY: Ave, Anton! Way to go! AVE! 1: He's back to supernormal! 2: Well, at last a good sign! The 12 beautiful WOMEN of Anton's COVEN come rushing to ANTON and fondle his muscles, giggling and smiling, pressing their bodies onto his. They are glad to see their Lord back in sexy form. ANTON Now calm down girls, must take care of business before pleasure--Templars: arrange an orgy. (to TAZIA) Kid, we have to talk. TAZIA I guess. 168 INT. ANTON'S TENT. Just ANTON and TAZIA changing clothes. ANTON (lecturing) Odds are the next contest will be a War between the forces of Christ and Antichrist. TAZIA Yes, I picked up on that. ANTON By now it must be clear to you that your way isn't working, kid. You've got to release the Templars--and me--from that silly command not to "hurt anybody". --And then you've GOT to get into Satan's head. --And stop messing around with Immanuel! TAZIA I did not revitalize you to dominate me, Anton. ANTON Perhaps not, "Master", but it is my DUTY to advise. I have had 500 years of experience; as Tazio you've had...12? TAZIA 500 years of Evil expertise I can do without. My command still applies, also to you--if you commit any more sacrificial murders, I'll make you OLD again. ANTON don't NEED me? TAZIA (smiles a little) I didn't say that. You were pretty handy against Michael. ANTON (grins) Yes, I saved your cherry, kid. Your Lust-trick backfired, if I hadn't been there... TAZIA Oh, I projected the Lust TO you: I knew you'd roll out of your "death bed" and crawl up behind me. ANTON Oh, you're THAT smart, eh? And how did you know I'd crawl there in time? I WAS dying, you know. TAZIA You were faking. ANTON (grinning, shrugging) You seem to be handling The Lust better this time, kid. Don't you feel it yourself? TAZIA Oh, I feel it, but control it. It's different as a woman. It's more specific, more...exclusive. ANTON (sweating, grinning seductively) those worthy of our carnal glory, our sexy new bodies. Oh, Tazia...? TAZIA (amused) Sorry, Anton. Not you. ANTON (serious) Immanuel is making a fool out of you. Seducing you into being "his girl". TAZIA As you have tried to? ANTON Yes, well, at least I would have USED your sex, he won't even do that. TAZIA (shyly) Maybe he will. ANTON Ha ha ha ha--no, it's too sad--haw haw haw! Poor Tazia. -- Well, I'm going to the orgy. Ta ta. TAZIA Remember my command. ANTON (nonchalant) Oh, sure, kid. ANTON EXITS. TAZIA alone, now dressed in a snug black sleeveless v-neck jump suit, kinda sexy. She turns her head as if hearing something. TAZIA (suddenly looking up) What? RADIO VOICES Jerusalem today...nuclear bomb... 169 CUT TO TV BROADCAST. Video, poorly lit, of RAMUD, a Palestinian Terrorist, face masked in bandana, sitting before an INTIFADA poster and technical drawings of Russian H-Bomb, Cryllic text. RAMUD ...we of the Fanatic Arab Coalition have positioned a 50- megaton Hydrogen Bomb in Jerusalem, to be detonated in 48 hours if the State of Israel does not meet our demands: immediate dissolution of the Jewish State and establishment of Palestine Rule... TV images of Israeli combat jets flying in formation. NEWSCASTER --The Israeli Air Force is on Red Alert, airborne and armed with nuclear warheads intended for major Arab capitals if the Tel Aviv bomb is exploded--Cairo, Alexandria, Beirut, Algiers, Damascus, Tripoli, Baghdad, and Tunis are targeted: if the Jewish world goes, so does the Arab world... CU TAZIA, frowning. TAZIA That's too much! I'm butting in. Jerusalem is only 90 kilometers away... (telepathic) Immanuel: do you telep? TAZIA hurries into the main tent. The orgy is in progress, there are bodies writhing everywhere. TAZIA (mental) Immanuel doesn't respond. ADRIAN comes in from outside, very agitated, waves to TAZIA.. ADRIAN Tazia: have you heard about Jerusalem...? 170 EXT. NIGHT. BLACK HELICOPTER just lifting off. TAZIA and 3 DISCIPLES can be seen inside. We can hear their conversation from outside. YUZBASHI But can we enter Jerusalem airspace? The Israeli Air Force... TAZIA Nobody ever messes with Anton's 'copter. ADRIAN How do you plan to find the bomb, Tazia? TAZIA I sense radio waves: a critical mass of radioactive isotopes is like a signal beacon to me. 171 ARIAL VIEW, NIGHT, directly over Jerusalem. Streets are brightly lit and jammed with automobile traffic. PETER Will you bloody look at that traffic jam! ADRIAN Everyone wants OUT of Jerusalem! 171a INTERIOR VIEW OF HELICOPTER. Faces lit from beneath. They all peer down. TAZIA You pilot, Yuzbashi. I need to concentrate on turning in on the bomb. YUZBASHI [Arabic] Ay-wah. (yes) TAZIA There's something to the south... They fly past a tall hospital building. TAZIA, just a hospital, medical west. Hey, Peter, turn on the radio, please. RADIO BROADCAST ...the United Arab Front has threatened to shoot down Israeli fighter jets circling over the Mediterranean, armed with nuclear warheads...the United States has intervened for Israel, offering to defend the fighters in the interests of world peace...China has now declared that if the USA takes action in the Middle East, they will support the Arabs with nuclear weaponry for the sake of world peace...36 hours remain until the deadline for the Tel Aviv bomb... TAZIA And I've only got 30 hours before the 4th test of power back in Megiddo. 172 EXT. MORNING. ELEVATED VIEW OF JERUSALEM. The BLACK HELICOPTER flies onscreen, pulls up hovering midscreen. 172a INT. HELICOPTER TAZIA I've got a feeling...drop me off in the Moslem quarter. 172b EXT. VIEW FROM ABOVE HELICOPTER down over tightly packed rooftops and streets 80 meters below. TAZIA has the door open and is looking down. YUZBASHI (offscreen) We can't land here. TAZIA This is fine--I'll call when I need you. She casually springs out of the helicopter and drops the 80 meters to the street below. 173 CUT TO STREET LEVEL VIEW. There are several BYPASSERS: Arabs & Jews, women shopping, men walking, talking. TAZIA drops lightly to the street, falling fast but stopping instantly, the Urr sending out waves of sparks as her inertia is neutralized by the earth. BYPASSERS jump back, surprised, frightened, some crying out. TAZIA Pretend you didn't see me. BYPASSERS (all) [arabic/hebraic/english] Yes, Lady! 174 CUT TO a narrow street ending at an abandoned-looking shop building with door and windows boarded up. TAZIA stops to regard the building. TAZIA (mental) The tape was recorded on this block...there! 175 INT. DAY. CELLAR, only light sunshine from upstairs, shadowed by TAZIA descending. RAMUD, the masked TV terrorist is tied to a chair, dead. On the wall behind him are the Intifada poster and the Russian H-Bomb schematic, revealing that the video recording was made here. TAZIA He WAS expendable. --Hmm, I can't seem to scan what happened here... merda, just like LAST time I was in Jerusalem. CU RAMUD. TAZIA pulls the bandanna mask open, revealing a dark bullet hole in RAMUD's forehead, dried blood, tongue out, flies swarming. [all following conversation between TAZIA and RAMUD is in arabic] TAZIA (pulling up Urr) I command your heart to beat, your flesh to heal...your voice to speak. RAMUD twitches as the Urr pulses through his dead body, then he coughs and is alive, although still in bad shape. RAMUD ...itbah al JAHUD! TAZIA Where is the bomb? RAMUD ...itbah al jahud, itbah al jahud, itbah... TAZIA Bomb. RAMUD ...itbah... TAZIA (mental, in english) Lots of brain cells blown away. Being dead all day didn't help either. --I'll have to rewire his neurons around and hope not to scramble too much memory. TAZIA touches RAMUD's head. Sparks. RAMUD continues to rave "Itbah al Jahud" ("Death to the Jews") in a trance, then jerks as some brain relays connect, and rambles madly. He stares zombie-like as tears run down his face. RAMUD (arabic) [Mama!! Oh, beautiful Naimi! Oh, rejection, heartbreak...but then...the CAUSE: I...I, Ramud of...Tunis, swear to MARTYR myself for the destruction of Israel....] TAZIA (arabic) [Ramud: where is the bomb?] RAMUD [I don't know. It was supposed to be in Tel Aviv, but they betrayed us. And...didn't they kill me? Mama! Naimi!] TAZIA [Who are "they"?] RAMUD [ intrigues between East and West, Arab and Jew, Allah and Shaitan--"They" offered us a bomb stolen from the ex-Soviet arsenal to use as Allah inspired us- said they believed in the Fanatic Arab Coalition...but there were problems--the bomb was delivered and assembled...but the Plutonium core did not arrive...TONIGHT, they said.] TAZIA [When tonight? Where?] RAMUD [I don't remember. Tunis?] TAZIA [I command you to remember.] RAMUD [Yes, now I remember--I died a martyr--is this Paradise? Are you one of my houri? --Oh, I hope so, I want you doggy style--erk!] Impatient, TAZIA pulls RAMUD to his feet by his bandana, shaking and slightly choking him. TAZIA [The Plutonium!] RAMUD (startled, frightened) [A..a Russian-trained Lybian should bring it into Jerusalem this evening--don't know how, where, when, why or for whom!] TAZIA releases RAMUD, who staggers away, frightened and confused, reaching inside his military jacket for something. TAZIA (mental) I have to wait for it to arrive tonight--then I can sense it to track it down. --I can't get any more information out of this clown...but what should I DO with him? He is dangerous. I'd better rewire his persona... RAMUD (mumbling) [Mama, Naimi, in Tunis...] RAMUD pulls a plastic bottle out of his jacket as TAZIA ponders, screws off the cap, and DASHES A FLUID into TAZIA's face. TAZIA (surprised) ...merda!--ACID!... TAZIA concentrates her telekinetic powers upon the fluid spraying into her face; and the droplets coagulate into a jello-y blob floating just before her eyes. She looks relieved. But RAMUD slaps the blob with his left hand and it explodes into TAZIA's face. HISSING, FUMES. TAZIA folds over, her head in a cloud of SMOKE. RAMUD holds his left hand up, also smoking, and SCREAMS in pain. RAMUD runs up the stairs and away, as TAZIA straightens up, revealing in CU her horribly burned face, her eyes dissolved. TAZIA (mental) Cancel pain. Neutralize the acid. Now...merda, I'm blind. She is quite calm. Turns her head calmly in the direction RAMUD went. TAZIA (mental) And he's I've lost his psychic signal--what have I done to his brain? --I'd better catch him. (reaching out, she pulls up the Urr) Urr. Heal. She glows with power, but does not heal. She becomes less calm. TAZIA (mental) What's wrong? I'm not healing! How can that be? --Heal! HEAL!! TAZIA drops blind to the floor in despair. TAZIA (mental) Oh no...NO! I'm I'll lose everything: the Bomb...(boo hoo hoo)...the Fourth--and thus FINAL--Test of Power...(sob)...and...and... A shining mental image of IMMANUEL superimposes over TAZIA's ruined face. IMMANUEL (telepathic) You called? TAZIA Immanuel! 176 CUT TO EXT. VIEW OF JERUSALEM. (offscreen Telepathic conversation) IMMANUEL (telepathic) I sensed that you were nearby, Tazia. TAZIA (telepathic) Where are you? IMMANUEL (telepathic) Jerusalem. Apparently we've both traced the bomb to...Tazia, are you HURT? 176a IMMANUEL stands regarding the abandoned shop with boarded windows. The door is open and dark. TAZIA (telepathic) Yes. IMMANUEL (telepathic) I'll come to you. TAZIA (telepathic) No! I don't want you to see this! 176a IMMANUEL descends the stairs to the cellar where TAZIA sits holding her face away from him. IMMANUEL (spoken voice) It's only flesh, Tazia. I'll see beyond that. He turns her around, holds her tenderly, looking into her ruined face. IMMANUEL Oh, you poor thing. --Heal. IMMANUEL passes his hand over TAZIA's face, and with the passing she is healed--more than healed--she is more beautiful than before. She looks up at IMMANUEL with her new eyes. TAZIO (calm) I can see again, thank do I LOOK? IMMANUEL smiles and offers her a hand to help her to her feet. IMMANUEL You look good, Tazia. Her clothes are burned almost away by the acid, so she is only wearing the flimsiest of rags, revealing her femaleness. Her tail swishes like a cat's as she is pulled to her feet. TAZIA (flirtatious smile) Oh, do YOU think so? IMMANUEL Believe me, you're my kind of girl, you little bitch--now, come on, we've got an H-Bomb to find! 177 EXT. DAY. Narrow street in the Old Town, Marketplaces, Bazaars. IMMANUEL and TAZIA walking briskly. IMMANUEL ...I knew somehow to come directly to Jerusalem--but something prevents me from using all my powers here--as if the place is CURSED, TAZIA For me too--I can't scan, I couldn't even heal myself. But I do have that clue about the Plutonium this evening. --And we'd better find Ramud as well, he's dangerous. IMMANUEL Maybe we'd better start with buying you some new clothes. TAZIA (looking down at her near nakedness) Oh, that. Doesn't matter, people can't even SEE me unless I let them. IMMANUEL Well, you're letting ME! TAZIA looks over at IMMANUEL. A single drop of sweat rolls off his brow. She smiles, pleasantly surprised. TAZIA (teasingly) I thought you saw beyond flesh. IMMANUEL Well, yeah--here's a shop. 177a They enter a stall in the Bazaar with dresses hanging out. TAZIA takes one down and inspects it. TAZIA Well, I am kind of bored with black--maybe some bright colors...a cute top. TAZIA comes out of a changing booth wearing a skimpy little skirt and halter set. She does a photo-model pose, her tail waving. TAZIA Is this ok? IMMANUEL Too sexy. TAZIA I'll take it. Pay the man, Hon. IMMANUEL Yes, dear. 178 LATER, still in Old Town, they walk through crowded streets. TAZIA dances and swirls a bit, to experience how her skirt flutters. MEN turn around to watch her; Arabs, Hassidics, tourists, all are attracted to the sexy girl in the skimpy clothes. IMMANUEL So how do you like being a girl, Tazia? TAZIA Oh, I like it, but I'm not sure how to react to it yet. --I'm much more emotional: just before you healed me, I was as afraid for my beauty as my vision... Several sweating MEN approach TAZIA. She waves them off. ...Nix, guys... but I really don't want all these men to lust after me like they do. IMMANUEL Sounds pretty normal to me. But you were totally promiscuous as a boy, why not now? TAZIA Was I? It's different now: I was the powerful male then. But there are no mortal MEN who can be powerful to me. Only another Avatar... like you. IMMANUEL Are you saying that you desire me sexually, Tazia? TAZIA I'm not sure. Maybe. How about yourself? IMMANUEL Maybe me too, but I am faithful to that Cosmic Mate of mine, you know. TAZIA (sly) Found out who she IS? IMMANUEL No, but...I think it may be Sophia. There's something magic there. TAZIA (hurt) Oh. IMMANUEL Sorry. TAZIA But...but Sophia's not been faithful to ANY "Cosmic Mate"! IMMANUEL Hey, I forgive sins. TAZIA Sins? But she's not even responsible for what she is--she was just some poor, fat, murdered housewife I remade. IMMANUEL As was her Karma. Tell me, don't you love Sophia too? TAZIA Well, yeah,, sure. She's wonderful. I'm just...jealous. IMMANUEL (taking TAZIA's hand) Tazia, I love you as well. TAZIA (looking down) But you love everyone. IMMANUEL Oh, listen to yourself. TAZIA Yeah, pretty silly. 179 They come to a wider street. TAZIA We're on the Via Dolorosa. Can you remember this as Jesus? IMMANUEL You bet: "Way of Pain" it was indeed, I...Wow, I just remembered something else.. ...I remember seeing YOU here, through time, 2000 years into the future; dressed as you are. It was one of my visions. Then again, as I hung upon a cross... but you were male then, dressed differently. TAZIA Well, I "spoke" with you on the cross years ago, on my first trip to Jerusalem. It was the only place I could scan you. IMMANUEL Try now. It was down this way. TAZIA I have trouble scanning, there it is; big crowd, Roman soldiers, a man with a log on his back...yes, it's Jesus, coming this way... SCENE of JESUS bearing the cross superimposed over modern street. IMMANUEL It's hard to remember this part: I was in the Spirit. TAZIA Want to see it? Take my hand. IMMANUEL No. A ghostlike JESUS passes before TAZIA, who watches.. TAZIA He's here...stopping...looks at me... IMMANUEL What do I...what does HE say? TAZIA Nothing...he looks pretty out of it--wait... JESUS stops in his procession and looks TAZIA. Roman soldiers pull him along by a rope around his neck, the cross-spar seems heavy, ancient disciples weep and wail beside him.
IMMANUEL (not seeing JESUS) Now I remember, I--he said... JESUS I recognize you, o vision of the Apocalypse, for I am with you even now. --And what must you sacrifice when..?...Oh no! Not that! (to MARYs; mother & Magdalene) Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but for yourselves and your children! For behold, the days are coming... They are stopped before a shoemaker's shop, and out walks a young AHAZVERUS, only 40 years old 2000 years ago. He is angry. AHAZVERUS Away from my shop with your ranting, Yeshua--you are a false prophet. JESUS After so many signs and wonders you still doubt me, Ahazverus? AHAZVERUS Illusions! Magic tricks! The TRUE Messiah would prevail over this evil by the power of God. (indicates crucifixion procession) JESUS As I shall. ROMAN CAPTAIN Come on, move along. AHAZVERUS LIAR! And I was a fool for having ever believed in you! AHAZVERUS slaps JESUS, whose arms are bound upon the cross spar. ROMAN CAPTAIN Hey! JESUS has had a hard day and loses his temper. JESUS Then YOU shall BE my proof! One last little trick to amuse these bloodthirsty fans: (announcing) Ahazverus may NEVER DIE, but shall wander the earth forever until the very Apocalypse. (he is shoved) Amen. The ROMAN SERGEANT who roughly shoves JESUS on his way also pushes AHAZVERUS back and almost over. ROMAN CAPTAIN Back off, little Jew, you're interfering with Law and Order. AHAZVERUS (shaking fist) Damn you, Yeshua! JESUS turns, to speak to TAZIA, his cross spar bumping the ROMAN CAPTAIN hard enough to knock him off his feet with a loud "Ooof!" JESUS (to TAZIA) You know, I don't really HAVE to take this crap from them. There is a difference between a victim and a sacrifice. The ROMAN SOLDIERS are trying to pull JESUS along by the rope they have around his neck, but although 5 men tug with all their strength and weight, JESUS stands like a tree, totally unaffected. ROMAN CAPTAIN (getting up) Sergeant, get somebody ELSE to carry the cross spar! He's dangerous! BACK TO NOW, TAZIA is watching the invisible procession walk on down the Via Dolorosa. TAZIA ...he's continuing on out to Golgotha...out of sight now... IMMANUEL Life is too short: we'd better find that bomb. TAZIA But Jesus said something about what I must sacrifice...what did he..?...just a moment. ADRIAN (radio voice) Helicopter calling Tazia! TAZIA (mental voice) I read you, Adrian. Go ahead. ADRIAN Anton called; he needs the helicopter in Megiddo. 180 CUT TO INT. HELICOPTER. 3 DISCIPLES, ADRIAN speaking into a mike, radio carrying TAZIA's voice. TAZIA (radio) Take it in, I'll be here all day anyway. Out. PETER Her voice sounds bloody weird. YUZBASHI Mu'akkad, that's not her voice, but brain waves on a radio frequency. 181 CUT TO RAMUD, EXT. DAY, walking the streets in a modern part of Jerusalem. He looks totally insane, lurching along, his acid-burned hand stuffed into his jacket. People passing by turn to look at him. He is mumbling. RAMUD Tunis Tunis. Jerusalem. Tel Aviv. Bomb. 182 EXT. DAY. TAZIA and IMMANUEL walking up on the old wall that surrounds Jerusalem. They are passing before Al Aksa Mosque. TAZIA No sign of the bomb--or Ramud. We've been all over town now. IMMANUEL Yes. It's odd: usually the Holy Spirit reveals whatever I need to know. TAZIA Perhaps Jerusalem IS cursed--by all the religious conflict over WHOSE Holiest of Holies it is. According to scriptures the Temple of Israel must stand right there where Al Aksa Mosque is, so actually the Dome of the Rock should be removed before the Apocalypse can happen. IMMANUEL Actually, that's right. Let's take a break. 183 EXT. DAY. STREET CORNER. They are EATING falafel, standing at a booth among others who pay them no attention. IMMANUEL Well, you seem to have all your appetites back. TAZIA (enjoying, nodding) Mm-hmm! Thanks to you. Mm! IMMANUEL We can only wait it out until evening. Some friends have an apartment in the Christian quarter... 184 INT. DAY. MODERN APARTMENT, slightly expensive. No one present. The DOOR OPENS, ENTER IMMANUEL and TAZIA. IMMANUEL ...I usually stay here when I'm in town. TAZIA Nobody home? IMMANUEL No, they're all in Megiddo right now. --One o'clock: let's check out the news. IMMANUEL picks up a TV remote control, aims and fires, and the TV comes to life. WTV's JOHN ANCHORMAN is reporting. A back screen shows fighter jets in the air and the text: CRISIS. ANCHORMAN (TV) shots have been fired as yet but with 29 hours until the Tel Aviv deadline, international tension is screwed up to Apocalyptic hysteria. "A hell of a lot of firepower going amok." Meanwhile, that epic Armageddon Festival is still going strong and reportedly preparing a symbolically appropriate pageant of gargantuan proportions for tomorrow's event... We are shown what seem to be Crusaders in armour, armed with broadswords and crossbows, but their eyes glow with inhuman light, for they are ANGELS. TEMPLARS also prepare primitive weapons of hand-to-hand combat. ANCHORMAN (tv) ...a biblical WAR between the forces of "Christ and Antichrist": 12,000 combatants on each side armed with ancient weapons, to be fought upon the historical battlefield of Jezreel...local authorities are concerned about the possibility of over eager participants... IMMANUEL So that's the Fourth Test of Power, by popular demand. TAZIA War. Merda. (then looks disbelieving at IMMANUEL) REAL war? Killing? IMMANUEL Nothing else can satisfy the mob, I'm afraid. Thus is Mankind. TAZIA But...but I won't DO that! --Nor can the Dark Templars: I've forbidden them to harm anyone! IMMANUEL Then you shall LOSE the Fourth Contest--and the Apocalypse must begin, for the time has come to judge the quick and the dead. TAZIA Immanuel, what should I do? IMMANUEL Is it wise to ask your adversary for advice? TAZIA But I trust you, believe in you--help me, please. IMMANUEL I may only advise you to surrender to God's Will. TAZIA (close to IMMANUEL, head bowed) Then, may I surrender to YOU? Here and now, Lord? IMMANUEL Let us pray. TAZIA Pray? IMMANUEL You seem reluctant. TAZIA I suddenly recall how my mother invited me to pray, then baptized me with petrol and set me on fire...she did it in the Name of Christ, who would one day cast me into the Lake of Fire. IMMANUEL Am I guilty of all the evil and insanity done in my name? You said you trusted me. (holds out his hand) TAZIA Yes. Ok. (she gives her hand to him) IMMANUEL Let us go up on the roof. 185 EXT. NOON. ROOFTOP of a modern 5-story building. THEY arrive up the stairs. TAZIA Do you actually pray to the Sun? IMMANUEL The Sun is the power-heart of the Solar Being, from which I receive power, as you do from the earth; but I pray to the All-Father, Jahve, through the medium of the Holy Spirit. THEY sit upon the roof in lotus-like positions and chant "OM". IMMANUEL (head bowed, eyes closed) Father, please enlighten us as to your...(opens eyes, looks over at TAZIA)...ah! You're praying to the wrong god, Tazia! TAZIA How can that be? IMMANUEL You must turn from the earthly to the Solar. TAZIA But I am the Earth's persona. IMMANUEL Thus you pray only to yourself. TAZIA (bowing head, trying again) Our...Our Father, who art THUNDEROUS NOISE, THE BUILDING SHAKES. All of Jerusalem shakes. TAZIA and IMMANUEL roll around the roof. TAZIA ...earthquake! TAZIA plants her feet and tail solidly and pulls the Urr up through the minerals of the building and then waves her hand over the city of Jerusalem with great authority. TAZIA STOP! The EARTHQUAKE STOPS immediately. THEY look over the edge of the building. A large crack runs up the wall now. IMMANUEL The earth is also a jealous god. TAZIA I guess this won't be easy. IMMANUEL No, it won't...His Will HAS been revealed to me: we two must battle for the fate of the world...and when I win I MUST cast you into the Lake of Fire, as written. --Still wanna surrender? TAZIA And if I win? IMMANUEL Then there are no conditions upon you, the earth would be yours. But IF you should win, I would ask a favor of you-- to please take command of my Army of Peace. TAZIA Why can't you just command it yourself? IMMANUEL Because for you to win, I would have to go to another level. TAZIA covers her face with her hands and begins to cry. TAZIA No no no no no! This is HORRIBLE! I don't want to fight you at all! --I only want to love you! Boo hoo hoo. IMMANUEL takes her in his arms and comforts her, TAZIA weeping into his neck. A brace of fighter jets roar across the sky behind them. IMMANUEL There there, it's only Earthlevel. --Let's go downstairs and just be together. 186 INT. DAY. APARTMENT LIVING ROOM. TAZIA I feel grubby. May I use the shower? IMMANUEL Sure. I'll fix us some tea. 186a SHOWER, water running, TAZIA's naked back, tail swaying. 186b APARTMENT LIVING ROOM. IMMANUEL is setting the table for tea. TAZIA enters behind him, wrapped in a large towel. TAZIA Immanuel, I've decided to join battle NOW. IMMANUEL (turning to look at her) Oh? TAZIA Not against you. But FOR you. She drops the towel and stands naked, very female. IMMANUEL Really, Tazia, don't be silly. WAVES OF LUST ENERGY radiate from TAZIA. TAZIA Silly? I am a female Avatar with the power of the Lust, baby. IMMANUEL You are the baby, one who's been a girl for ONE day, and I am the 17th incarnation of the Son of Man, do you really think you can seduce me? TAZIA My soul is as old as yours--and I've learned what girls can do for a horny male Avatar while I WAS one. IMMANUEL (beginning to sweat) I do not want this, Tazia--it is wrong! TAZIA Wrong? Ah, rather war and world annihilation than sex and love? Isn't THAT more wrong? IMMANUEL (crossing arms, turning away) You know WHO I am and WHAT I am! Now I command you to stop this! TAZIA (posing, radiating energy) And I command you to KNOW me--in the biblical sense. IMMANUEL (resolute pose) I know you quite well enough already. TAZIA Oh, do you? She does a HANDSPRING across the room, landing with IMMANUEL's head between her thighs, toppling him to the floor where she sits on his chest. IMMANUEL (quite calm) Is this rape? TAZIA Oh, I hope so. IMMANUEL This won't work, Tazia, I mastered The Lust long, long ago. TAZIA Maybe not, but I must try for the sake of the world...and my own selfish inter-whooops!! IMMANUEL flips her over his head with a deft flick of his legs; TAZIA whips her TAIL around his feet; he is pulled along and ends up lying atop of her, wrapped inside her legs. TAZIA/IMMANUEL (simultaneously) Fool! Do you not realize what I could DO to you? TAZIA You could un-heal me, or wither me with a glance, and I could crush you with the Urr or--oh, Yeshua, we're both cyclotrons of cosmic power, why can't we just generate happiness and joy together? IMMANUEL Because...(turning suddenly)...hey! Do you sense THAT? A wave of public horror... TAZIA Yes--something's just happen...merda! Tunis! TV COVERAGE: Images of an Israeli jet being shot down, releasing two rocket missiles at a city, a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. ANCHORMAN (narrating TV) Israeli jet fighter was shot down by Tunisian air defenses over the Mediterranean Sea just a few moments ago. Before the plane crashed it fired two 5-megaton nuclear missiles into the city of Tunis and the capital city of Tunisia was disintegrated... TAZIA and IMMANUEL are sitting on the sofa, both stunned. TAZIA, still naked, is clutching IMMANUEL's shirt as they watch the TV. ANCHORMAN (TV) ...this is the first time since Hiroshima in 1945 that a populated city has been destroyed by a nuclear... CU TAZIA's eye, a tear, TV reflecting mushroom cloud. TAZIA I'm too emotional as a girl--feel it's my fault because I didn't find the Tel Aviv bomb in time. CU TAZIA's EYE opens wide in amazement, reflects sunlight. TAZIA The Plutonium! I sense it! She springs up off the sofa, and into action. TAZIA Let's go get--huh? IMMANUEL has stopped her by grabbing her tail. He looks very businesslike. IMMANUEL Not just now. We have to battle first. TAZIA Now? IMMANUEL You began. But anyway, it is Jahve's Will that we battle for Jerusalem. THIS is the Fourth Test of Power: You to destroy the city, I to save it. TAZIA (scowling) And if I refuse to destroy Jerusalem? IMMANUEL Apocalypse, of course. TAZIA What kind of cruel god are you serving, Immanuel? IMMANUEL All gods require sacrifices. TAZIA If I won't DO it, you can't SAVE it. We're even. IMMANUEL It's not that simple: the destruction is arranged for sundown and is engaging even now. TAZIA "Arranged"? Oh oh--sundown; bomb; plutonium; Tunis--Merda: RAMUD! 187 CUT TO CU RAMUD, looking really insane; shaking, sweating, weeping, nose running. We hear other voices [speaking arabic] but see only his face. He is making a rendezvous with the LYBIAN who has the Plutonium.. RAMUD (mumbling arabic) [Tunis. Jerusalem] LYBIAN (arabic) [Salaam, Comrade., where are the others?] RAMUD [Babylon. Babylon.] 188 CUT BACK TO TAZIA, getting dressed, angry. TAZIA I won't allow this! You tell "God" he can SHOVE His Apocalypse--I'm not cooperating anymore! Next He'll "require" that I eat babies! --I'm going to stop Ramud, and you can't stop me! IMMANUEL If you do that you will fail the test: Apocalypse follows. Jerusalem will remain, while a myriad of other cities disappear--nuked, gassed, leveled: call it the "Fall of Babylon". TAZIA That may happen anyway. At least I will have saved the 400,000 people in this one city! TAZIA is dressed and stands at the door about to leave. She looks over at IMMANUEL, who stands by the window, hands behind his back. TAZIA Well, are you coming to help? It's supposed to be YOUR job to save the city. IMMANUEL Verily, it is I who must save the city, but YOU may not leave until we finish our battle. She gives him a cold look. Reaches for the door handle. TAZIA Some Mister Wonderful you turn out to be. Ciao and fuck you. Her hand closes on the door handle. ZAP! Big charge of voltage. TAZIA rocks back, hurt but still standing, holding her burned hand. Then she swiftly turns to confront IMMANUEL. TAZIA (angry now) How do we do this? Physical violence? Psychic brain-burns? --It's just that I've promised never to hurt anyone, and you are supposed to turn the other cheek. IMMANUEL (raising his hand to her) YOU have chosen the battle: to possess me--physically, emotionally, spiritually--and I have denied you. It's my turn to counter-attack.... CU TAZIA, not moving, tears running from her eyes. IMMANUEL's hand gently touches her cheek and wipes away a tear. IMMANUEL ...which I do in Love, Tazia. You'll see. TAZIA is slapped and zapped by some cosmic force. She winces, writhes, her fingernails and hair grow rapidly longer, sparks, blinding light. FADE OUT. 190 TV BROADCAST: Images of Arabs rioting in cities all over the world, soldiers with grim expressions. ANCHORMAN (narrating) ...the voices of reason are being drowned out by the voices of rage. The Arab world wants to declare war upon Israel immediately. Egypt and Lybia announce that they also have nuclear weapons. Only the holy authority of Achmet Khaddam, whom Moslems call their Mahdi, has prevented Arab counterattack--speaking from the Armageddon Festival taking place in Israel... TV IMAGE EXT. AFTERNOON: ACHMET being interviewed at Megiddo. His eyes glow even in daylight. Behind him we see the tent city and millions of milling people. Among them, off to one side, ANTON, watching the interview. On the other side we see BUFFONE with the three priestesses, MARIANGELA, JYTTE and CINDY. ACHMET All of this is the Will of Allah being fulfilled--stand back and watch, or cover your eyes. Do not interfere. 190a CUT TO JOHN ANCHORMAN in the WTV studio. Back screen illustrating his words. ANCHORMAN Israeli spokesmen say the pilot of the downed jet was under orders NOT to fire his warheads without official command, but did so in an act of personal revenge. Israel's Parliament feverishly debates the recalling of their air force before there is a total holocaust. --But the Tel Aviv Bomb clock is still ticking, and the sun soon setting on the last 24 hours before... 192 CUT TO TAZIO in APARTMENT, lying unconscious on the floor in the tangles of his own hair grown two meters long. Yes, "his" because TAZIO is male now, which will soon be revealed. His fingernails have also grown 15 inches. He stirs, as if awakening. TAZIO Whew! Metabolism...slowing down at long have I...? IMMANUEL is standing by the window, looking out at the sunset over Jerusalem. IMMANUEL It's almost sundown. TAZIO (sitting up fast) WHAT? Have you neutralized the bomb yet? IMMANUEL (turning to look at TAZIO) No. We have to finish our battle, Tazio. --The bomb's part of that. TAZIO is standing. He looks at his long fingernails with a TELEKINETIC glance, and they clip themselves off short. Then he tears off the "cute top" he had worn as a girl, revealing a very masculine chest. TAZIO I thought you'd already won. IMMANUEL Not quite: you were supposed to become negasex--but you thrust on through to MALE. TAZIO looks down into his little skirt, then smiles dangerously, as if snarling. TAZIO I thought I'd go for the aggressive edge testosterone gives. IMMANUEL Good move. But perhaps I have won after all: do you still LOVE me? TAZIO Sure. As you love me: equal points! IMMANUEL Spiritually, then... TAZIO (interrupting) We don't have TIME for this! IMMANUEL This time IS this! Now, spiritually: do you have faith in me? Accept me as your Savoir? --Will you OBEY me? TAZIO (hesitating, then asking) If I say "Yes", I lose? IMMANUEL Absolutely. TAZIO Then I say "No". IMMANUEL (sly smile) Then the struggle continues, ad infinitum. TAZIO We don't HAVE infinitum! It is sundown! ONE of us had better get that bomb! IMMANUEL Not until you surrender to... TAZIO MERDA! TAZIO loses his patience, pulls up the URR, and charges towards IMMANUEL. But he continues on past and crashes out through the window. 193 CUT TO EXT. VIEW of APARTMENT BUILDING. TAZIO is diving out from the 5th floor. IMMANUEL comes to the window looking down. a SOLAR FINGER swoops into sight above the building and projects a TELEPORTATION BEAM down at the falling TAZIO-- 193a CUT BACK TO APARTMENT: the TELEPORTATION BEAM shines down from the ceiling, dropping TAZIO to the floor on his back. TAZIO rolls over instantly and plants one hand firmly on the tile floor. URR flows up into him. He raises his other fist and cries out a loud sound. ONE MIGHTY EARTHQUAKE JOLT instantly rattles the room. Furniture scatters, windows shatter, cracks run across the walls and ceiling. 193b CUT TO EXT VIEW, building, streets of Jerusalem. The quake is over, but glass is still falling, people are screaming, cars have rolled over in the streets. VOICES #1: Help! Help! #2: Boo hoo hoo #3: I'm scared! #4: ANOTHER Earthquake! #5: Mommy mommy #6: Anyone hurt? #7: Run! #8: Where to? IMMANUEL (offscreen) Pretty sloppy way to do battle, Tazio! TAZIO(offscreen) That was for RAMUD, not you... 193c INT. APARTMENT, looking out over the city. TAZIO points into the distance, still glowing with the URR. TAZIO ...he's assembling the bomb right now, I can sense it over there. I tried to rattle him, but if you prevent me from getting to him I may have to FLATTEN all that part of town from here! TAZIO turns and walks to the door. IMMANUEL steps in front of him, holds up his hand. IMMANUEL Sorry. TAZIO Me too. --I didn't want to use my Urr-Strength against you... TAZIO pushes IMMANUEL back with such power that IMMANUEL goes flying across the room, landing in the sofa, which crashes over into book- shelves. With his right hand TAZIO pushes the door, splintering it apart. TAZIO's equal to the mass of the planet itself. TAZIO EXITS. CU IMMANUEL lying in a pile of books. THE HOLY BIBLE is on one side of his face, MEIN KAMPF on the other. IMMANUEL (low, as if to himself) Of course you're superior on the earthly plane--but that's not what this is about: *^(%)$_#+@|! (urr-curse) VIEW of DARK DOORWAY where TAZIO went out. TAZIO (offscreen, distant) What? You can't do that! This isn't Megiddo! --Give me back my URR! TAZIO comes charging back into the room, leaping it with one bound, and grabs IMMANUEL by the shirt with both hands and drives him back down to the floor. TAZIO This is madness! That bomb is almost ready to blow--neither one of us will win this contest if we're both vaporized! IMMANUEL (calm, knowing) One of us will win. TAZIO You're committing suicide! And taking Jerusalem with you! WHY? oops... IMMANUEL flips them both up on their feet with one deft jerk. Their hands are locked together, they struggle, pulling and pushing one another. IMMANUEL A great sacrifice is necessary: whether mine or thine will be the JUDGEMENT of mortal combat. TAZIO MORTAL? But...but I can't kill you! IMMANUEL Not even to save the world? --For if I die the Apocalypse is cancelled--until I return, of course. TAZIO Asshole! And if I die, so does the world? Thanks a lot! TAZIO kicks like a ninja, but IMMANUEL dodges it effortlessly. IMMANUEL You're an adroit fighter, Tazio, but you heart's not in it. If you could remember your past lives, as I can; of having been warriors and martyrs, battle skills, combat experience.. IMMANUEL delivers three perfect blows that send TAZIO staggering backwards. They crash together again, TAZIO catches both of IMMANUEL's wrists, but IMMANUEL raises one finger, which begins to glow with a HOLY LIGHT. 194 CUT TO TV BROADCAST. ANCHORMAN ...Europe is afraid: if the Mediterranean is afflicted with nuclear war, Europe will certainly be contaminated by radioactive fallout. The United States and China are both ready to...just a moment... ...a special transmission? From a local TV station in Jerusalem? RAMUD comes onscreen, once again masked in his bandana. Behind him the BOMB is assembled, an instrument panel is lit. 195 BACK TO TAZIO & IMMANUEL: They are sweating, straining their superhuman bodies to the limit, TAZIO trying to hold back the finger of HOLY LIGHT. Suddenly TAZIO looks up from their struggle. TAZIO Ramud is on TV! IMMANUEL Then he's going to do it NOW! TAZIO releases IMMANUEL and steps back, closes his eyes, assuming a defenseless position. TAZIO Save Jerusalem and yourself, Immanuel: DO what you have to do. IMMANUEL. What I come to DO is end this world and raise a new one. What have YOU come to do with this world? (whispered) Pssst: God is listening. 196 CUT TO TV IMAGE OF RAMUD: He pulls down his mask, revealing his weeping, insane face. He has a black glove on his acid-burned left hand. RAMUD TUNIS! Mamma! Naimi! Boo hoo! --Itbah al jahud! Jerusalem! Babylon! 195a CUT BACK TO CU TAZIO, who is surprised by IMMANUEL's question. TAZIO DO? Me? --Why, to SAVE the world! IMMANUEL To what end? 196a CUT TO TV RAMUD. Now he has an evil expression on his face. He is about to push a RED BUTTON on the BOMB housing. RAMUD Ku'us er-mah, Israel. ["your mother's cup"] 195b CUT TO TIGHT CU TAZIO. TAZIO If I were to DO what I should, there'd be an END to the GAME as it is now played, by political oppression, economic ruthlessness, and religious fanaticism. The GODS, as well as Mankind, need to be taught to BEHAVE. IMMANUEL puts his hand on TAZIO's shoulder. IMMANUEL Bless you, Tazio. Now I must cast you into the Lake of Fire. TAZIO Better hurry... IMMANUEL picks the unresisting TAZIO up in his arms and bears him toward the window. TAZIO ...I don't want YOU to die too. 'Bye. IMMANUEL For now. IMMANUEL holds TAZIO outside the window, and opens his arms. TAZIO drops toward the earth, looking confused. IMMANUEL It is done. 196b CUT TO TV IMAGE: RAMUD's finger PUSHES the BUTTON. An LED indicator begins to flash and bleep a countdown at 59 seconds, 58... 195c CUT TO IMMANUEL looking down. His EYES LIGHT UP with a HOLY LIGHT and he cries out-- IMMANUEL !|@+#_$)%(^* (URR counter spell) CUT TO TAZIO, landing easily on his feet. The URR surges up and into him. TAZIO Huh! The URR! But why...? The BOMB! 196c CUT TO LED COUNTDOWN: 31...30...29... 197 CUT TO TAZIO on the street, running at impossible speed. TAZIO (mental) I sense it over there somewhere, but not exactly where. I can't make it in time, there's only seconds! I'll have to SMASH it before critical mass is attained. But all the PEOPLE in the way: I've promised never to... TAZIO stops, drops to one knee on the street, plants his tail, raises his fist...hesitates a second. TAZIO (aloud) ...a child's promise. Time to grow up. He STRIKES THE GROUND with his fist. THUNDEROUS EARTHQUAKE, Jerusalem moves, people cry out everywhere. VOICES #1: Yet another earthquake! #2: Eeeek! #3: This one's BIGGER! #4: Oh no oh no #5: We're all going to die! Sob! #6: God help us! 196d CUT TO RAMUD, in a CELLAR. Everything is jiggling and crashing, the ceiling is giving, dust fills the air, RAMUD can't stay on his feet, the BOMB is rocking. CU LED: ...13...12...11... 197a CUT TO VIEW DOWN STREET, showing TAZIO kneeling and glowing with URR, seismic waves buckling the asphalt before him, rippling away from him into the distance. Buildings are falling apart, glass is spraying everywhere, a tower falls, people rolling around unable to flee, screaming, crunching concrete, explosions. 196e CUT TO LED: ...6...5...4... RAMUD (offscreen) Babylon THE BOMB ROLLS over, crashing around the cellar, RAMUD tries to escape, wires whip through the air, sparks, dust cloud. CU LED: ...1...0 CLICKING SOUND. A FLASH OF FIRE, brighter and brighter. 198 EXT. SUNSET. DISTANT VIEW OF JERUSALEM. Then it is blown apart by a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. 199 CUT TO SFX of TAZIO's perception: blazing light waves streaming at the camera, and then a dark haze, a black hole that grows and spreads until the screen is black. (we hear TAZIO's thoughts) TAZIO Can even the Urr sustain me through this? No..... 200 CUT TO MEGIDDO: Scenes of characters turning to see the powerful brightness in the eastern evening sky. MICHAEL & AHAZVERUS standing together. MICHAEL Jerusalem. AHAZVERUS I should have been there. KAPITAN HANS KLAUSER & WARRIORS OF THE MA'WAALUUKI, just arrived from Africa. KLAUSER (covers his heart) Lord Immanuel. THE 3 DISCIPLES standing in the crowd. DISCIPLES(synchronously) Tazia. 201 VIEW OF EASTERN HORIZON OF MEGIDDO. Beyond the darkened tent city, beyond the hills, The Mushroom Cloud rolls up and up, lit from within. SOPHIA (weeping) No. No. 202 CU ANTON in the TEMPLAR TENT, looking grim. The HEAD just behind him. HEAD Excellent. The Great Satanic Plan is... ANTON Please shut up, Baphomet. 203 INT. WOMEN'S TENT. GIRLCHILD stirs, yawns. JYTTE comes to her, stunned. Behind her, MARIANGELA and CINDY also turn in amazement. JYTTE Look! Our Child awakening! 204 CUT TO INSIDE NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. A windstorm of fire, the very ground shredding away, only one thing resisting that force--a bubble of URR force, TAZIO inside. Or what remains of him, he too is shredding away, bones showing, flesh disintegrating. Finally only his TAIL remains intact, the URR flowing up it. But as the body is ripped apart, the TAIL burrows down into the ground. Darkness, URR-glow, rushing silence. 205 SUDDENLY TAZIO is in the FLAMES OF HELL: CU of him UPSIDE DOWN, SCREAMING in pain. Then lightning bolts of energy zap out of his eyes and mouth as the camera moves back, showing TAZIO in the clutches of SATAN, who is biting TAZIO, eating his pain. SATAN (stopping to savor) Ah, the sweet savor of Thermonuclear Death: I love it. I want MORE! (then regarding TAZIO hanging limply in his hands) I accept your sacrifice, Little Tazio, now accept mine: EAT MY PAIN! TAZIO (struggling) I made no sacrifice to you, Satan! SATAN Oh, but you did--and you shall.. For now you must sacrifice Yourself so that I may take your Earthlevel Incarnation, and Win The Game. TAZIO The joke's on you, Satan! There's no incarnation left to take: I was Nuked. SATAN All part of My Great Plan, little fool: as your body burned away, the tail burrowed deep into the earth, safe from the blast. Thus your Avatar DNA has survived, from which I am now already growing your new body. 206 CUT TO X-RAY VIEW INSIDE EARTH: TAIL burrowing down. It stops, curls around. The URR is flowing mightily, and an EMBRYO begins to form at the base of the TAIL. 205a RETURN TO SATAN pressing TAZIO's face into his belly. SATAN Now: eat my pain! TAZIO No--mbphf... IN BACKGROUND: a vast out-of-focus shape has slowly filled the screen behind TAZIO & SATAN. This is seen to be the DRAGON, upside-down, filling up the cosmos of Hell, as big as a planet. DRAGON No! If I can't have Tazio, neither can you, Satan. DRAGON swings its immense TAIL, smashing the Hellrock SATAN & TAZIO stand upon. SATAN & TAZIO go flying through Hell, driven by the blow, along with the flaming Hellrock debris. SATAN Idiot lizard. Satan rules Hell!.. CU TAZIO, flying/falling helplessly--notices his AMULET falling along with him, just beside his head. He reaches out, takes it. Sees that it is now glowing. SATAN looks to a corner of the Hell-Sky, and Hellrocks begin to gather there. More and more, as if a planet is growing, which builds up speed in the opposite direction, back towards the DRAGON. SATAN ...I must remind you of that, Dragon. The PLANET of Hellrocks becomes huge, growing bigger and bigger, getting faster and faster, flying through Hell like a "bat out of". It SMASHES into the DRAGON, coming from behind at colossal speed, striking with cosmic force, folding the DRAGON over backwards, breaking its back. CU SATAN, smiling. SATAN I am the best at being the worst. (turning) Now Taz... TAZIO calmly facing him, wearing the AMULET, which is glowing. TAZIO Yes, now.. SATAN You don't really believe that "compass" will protect you against me? TAZIO No. It only shows the way. SATAN (as if amused) My agents, the Hellmen, gave it to's not a weapon... TAZIO No, it's a tool. Come on, let's finish this. SATAN Wait...there's something wrong, I... TAZIO You commanded me to eat your pain: I obey. TAZIO takes Satan's arm and bites deeply into it. Sparks. 207 FADE INTO collage of faces corresponding to TAZIO's narration. TAZIO (narrating offscreen) His pain tastes infernally guilty, I don't like it, but I swallow the Truth of it, which I may no longer deny. I remember Who I Am. The horror of being evil. Theron: that little shit--I really WAS him. Merda! And those other six Satanic Incarnations, Avatar warlords, playing The Game for keeps--Ba'al of Sodom and Gomorrah; Abad'don of the Pit; Abraxas who destroyed Poseidonus: Villains! And the Demon Mages at the dawn of Man, possessing forbidden powers--Be'elzebub; Belial; vain Lucifer: Monsters! They had each lived vast epic lives of pure evil intention. Theron's guilt insignificant. --All that guilt, all that sin, and all that experience: mine now; mine again. --As bad as I'd feared. And there, millions of years back, when the Godmen walked the earth, I remember being an arrogant and angry young god Satan. 208 FADE INTO misty flashback scene, silhouette of SATAN walking out the fog, into a fantastically lush GARDEN. There are various GODS and GODESSES working on horticultural projects. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is there, and ARTEMIS, VENUS, etc. SATAN comes to where JAHVE is tending a luminescent marijuana plant. JAHVE is a silhouette of light in the form of a man, 7 chakras glowing in 7 colors and connected by an arc of lightning, an emerald aura around him. JAHVE (without looking) And here come Our old adversary, back on Earthlevel. We see he has finally taken on an INSPIRED form--much like Our Own- -except for those clumsy horns and that silly tail. SATAN Equipped to WIN The Game, Jahve: let's finish it! JAHVE Finish it? Come on, you LOST 30 million years ago, when your dragons all died, like extinct. You've got nothing to play with. SATAN (showing a fist full of snakes) Wrong! My SERPENTS have survived, and I can evolve them. JAHVE Oh? Well, then, you're on! ARTEMIS walks by, holding a clump of earth with a flower growing out of it. She is a classic bare-breasted goddess with long flowing hair and glowing eyes. ARTEMIS You guys may NOT play so wild this time! Earth was all but disintegrated in the last game. JAHVE Artemis is right, we both should grow up a little: a little less power, more finesse. SATAN Power's what it's all about, Jahve--why, if I had yours... JAHVE "If"? If you'd WON it you'd HAVE it, you know. --Anyway, you challenged Us, so We call the play...hmmm... ...Two Races of "Man", Angelic and Satanic, made in Our image, but mortal, weak, ignorant. They shall act out Our interesting new concepts of Good and Evil. ARTEMIS And the good guys and bad guys slug it out, toe to toe. That's REAL finesse, Jahve! SATAN Okay, but I get to be the BAD guy this time. JAHVE (spreading his hands) Amen. MICHAEL (etching on a stone tablet) Who's ready to play? GODS OFFSCREEN Yo! Yo! VENUS Damn! There goes the Garden! ARTEMIS Always the Game, what about The WORK? SATAN Butt out, Artemis. GARDEN FADES into mist, SATAN turns toward camera, into CU. Sly smile. SATAN (to us) So we play The Game again. Jahve, too proud of HIS "man- design", could only see that I had copied it, not that I had IMPROVED it: cased within my "clumsy horns" the greatest, most powerful BRAIN ever, with which to plan outrageous Evil. Kind of fun, really. And with my great brain I calculate this moment, Tazio... 205b RETURN TO NOW IN HELL: TAZIO eating SATAN'S pain. He releases his bite and throws his head back. Lightning arcs between his mouth and SATAN's arm, but flickers out, the circuit now broken. TAZIO Whaouw! --EnoUGH! CAMERA moves back, they are still flying (floating?) through the flaming void of Hell, but now we see SATAN as a withered shell of his former self; thin and frail. SATAN (desperate) E-enough? No! You can't stop now.. you have to take it ALL! TAZIO I've had all I can stand--it's like eating dirty laundry. SATAN (pleading) You HAVE to take me in--I COMMAND you to be me! I... TAZIO Oh, hush. Satan, I've got enough of your pain. I'm stronger than you now. (CU) But I've also got your sins! I hate myself. --How could I have done all that cruelty and destruction and murder in the name of a "game" between two cosmic BRATS? TAZIO folds up into a fetal position, giving up. TAZIO I can't go on. SATAN (jerking TAZIO by the tail) Pull yourself together, fool, you've got to go Win The... TAZIO (snapping) I HAVE pulled myself together, damn it! --Now I want to rip myself apart--starting with you, Satan! Enraged, TAZIO grabs SATAN by the neck. SATAN smiles madly, nods approvingly. SATAN Yes, yes, eat my pain! TAZIO No, wait! I'm NOT yet complete! Maybe there's hope...the Dragon! SATAN Oh no, not the lizard! TAZIO takes SATAN helpless by the horn and waves his hand at a HELLROCK which is passing like a flaming comet. TAZIO Now I can control the Hellrockoids. The HELLROCK swings from its trajectory to swoop in under TAZIO's feet. Once landed, TAZIO points back in the direction he had come from. TAZIO Thataway. The HELLROCKOID takes off, once again a comet, disappearing into the distance with TAZIO & SATAN aboard. 209 CUT TO: DRAGON, broken upon the great rock SATAN had cast after it. Millions of PAIN-EATERS of all sizes and shapes are gorging upon the wrecked DRAGON, which seems unable to defend itself. TAZIO's HELLROCKOID shoots past, tiny in comparison to the DRAGON, and loops around. TAZIO All the gluttons in Hell are gathering for this feast of pain. (calls out) BOO! The PAIN-EATERS flee, frightened by TAZIO. The HELLROCKOID flies past the DRAGON's huge eye. DRAGON (weakly) Tazz... NOW LANDED UPON THE DRAGON'S HAND, TAZIO BITES. Lightning flashes as TAZIO eats the DRAGON's pain. 210 FADE INTO: Prehistoric Earth, various species of dinosaurs wander around, and several that resemble the DRAGON. A SHAFT OF LIGHT beams down out of the sky. Where it touches the earth a cloud of DUST explodes. The DRAGON-DINOSAURS look upon this with surprise and wonder. Up out of the Dust Cloud levitates the YOUNG JAHVE. He is just a boy at this time, smaller, voice younger. YOUNG JAHVE Hi, Earth-God! I'm Zeus-Jahve, and I've come to play with you! DRAGON-DINOSAUR Play? What are you babbling about, little Solar God? YOUNG JAHVE Don't you remember? We agreed to play for domination of Earthlevel! DRAGON-DINOSAUR Oh, vaguely, but that was long ago. And aren't you kind of SMALL to "play" with me? YOUNG JAHVE (flying around) I'm just RIGHT--light, agile, MUCH superior brain-to-weight ratio, and look: (holds up HAND) prehensile thumb! INSPIRED design, don't you think? DRAGON-DINOSAUR Not as inspired as the Classic Dragon form, masters of... YOUNG JAHVE (interrupting) Masters too long! AFRAID to compete? YOUNG JAHVE flies around the DRAGON-DINOSAUR's head like an irritating fly, tempting the monster to bite at him. DRAGON-DINOSAUR Dragons fear NOTHING, upstart! 211 SHIFT TO SCENE AT END OF WAR OF GODS. Explosions, flames, mushroom clouds on the horizon, the world is ruined. TWO wounded DRAGON-DINOSAURs exchange farewells. FEMALE DRAGON-DINOSAUR (dying) The...the Godmen have breached our last defenses with their Techno-Magic, Lord Tyfon! They've destroyed our culture, killed all our children, and they'll soon be here to kill us. Farewell, my beloved husband. MALE DRAGON-DINOSAUR (enraged) All is lost for NOW, but I'll show Zeus-Jahve and his ilk! I shall return to Earthlevel for a rematch--and revenge! But I must redesign: next time I will have the superior brain. Mists roll in, everything is clouded. TAZIO (offscreen mental) Is that it? No, wait--another set of memories--from way back, long before Dinosaurs and Godmen, before LIFE! Slow, dim, ponderous... 212 FADE TO COSMOS: Black sky, Stars, UNIVERSE. A newly- formed planet EARTH, a MOON, the SUN. MOON Mbf? EARTH SUN Ah! You're conscious at last--want to play? 205c RETURN TO TAZIO IN HELL: His back is toward us. He is finished eating the DRAGON's pain and is reflecting upon what he has just experienced. TAZIO Poor Tyfon. Poor Satan. Merda: poor ME! --It's all a game of cheat and dishonor played by KIDS who don't know better! DRAGON (stronger now) It'sss not too late, Tazio: breathe in my spirit! I will give you power. We can take Earthlevel. Take revenge. TAZIO No, Tyfon. I have your power, and I do not want the rage in your spirit. I sympathize, but it is infantile, to no avail. DRAGON It will avail the Dragons! TAZIO The Dragon souls became human souls long ago. They've all changed--except you. It's all about change. DRAGON Yes! Change! Change BACK! SATAN No, it's about AVOIDING change, stupid lizard! TAZIO Grow up, you two. SATAN & DRAGON (in chorus) Yes, Lord. TAZIO, who had been looking away from them, turns, surprised. Both SATAN and DRAGON are bowing to him. SUDDENLY TAZIO'S AMULET FLASHES. TAZIO (looking at AMULET) My compass is calling me to the Court of Dis in the City of Hades. 213 EXT. HELL. Distant view of the CITY OF HADES; a vast metropolitan skyscraper slum built upon the flat bottom of an upside- down mountain balanced upon another mountain peak, steadied by two colossal black wings slowly flapping against the eternal firestorm of Hell.. TAZIO'S HELLROCKOID flies to it and LANDS. 214 EXT. HELL. COURT OF DIS. TAZIO is facing a gathering of HELL CREATURES. TAZIO Well? The MINOTAUR points to his mouth. TAZIO Ah, yes. I can grant you all the power of speech again. Speak, then. ALL HELL CREATURES (cacophonously) ME! Me! me me me moi mich memememememememememe... TAZIO covers his ears at the onslaught of noise. TAZIO STOP! Now I recall why the voices of Hell were silenced! Minotaur: just you speak. MINOTAUR A challenger contends you for the Mastery of Hell. You must respond, Lord. TAZIO Merda. No, no. Not interested. Forget it. No more games! (crosses his fingers as if warding off a vampire) --I've already lost them all! ULFO-DEMON (offscreen) You haven't lost ANYTHING yet. TAZIO turns to see Ulfo's DEMON standing behind him. ULFO-DEMON Ah, but NOW you shall. TAZIO Merda: Ulfo's Demon! --But you have been defeated already, Demon. ULFO-DEMON And cast into HELL, where I am--ha ha ha-- Master! SATAN (shaking fist) And what makes YOU Master here, Magog? This was MY domain until Tazio took it! ULFO-DEMON It was I who first sent him here, as punishment. Remember, Tazio? --I who interfered with Satan's Plan--and reprogrammed Theron into Tazio, to defeat Satan, which I could not. Tazio, of course, being designed to be defeated by me! --I who constructed Tazio's Brain; a data-modern advancement over Satan's overstuffed horns. Smarter, faster, better. --I, Ulfo, who was his mentor, who taught him and trained him, who sent a GOOD Antichrist upon his Armageddon Quest. --And does anyone know WHY I did all this? Hmm? TAZIO & EVERYONE IN HELL No, why? ULFO-DEMON I don't know either! I was hoping you could tell me! ha ha...reminds me of the Great Cosmic Joke! Heh heh ha ha...ha...h-rr! Hm! But I can't quite ever remember the punch line... ..hrRRR! No matter...this is all that matters! (leaps to Attack TAZIO)--EN GARDE! TAZIO punches ULFO-DEMON square on the jaw in classic hero style. The DEMON is driven backwards. TAZIO Ah, you're substantial here in Hell, Demon. (punches again) ULFO-DEMON (hit, but smiling) It only seems that way. But actually all of this is symbolic. TAZIO Oh, I know that. ULFO-DEMON (lifted finger, lecturing) Then you know how powerful "symbolic" can be--my "horns", for example, symbols of my Evil Will emanating... ULFO-DEMON turns his head and the horns of light shine right through TAZIO's chest. TAZIO is taken by surprise. ULFO-DEMON ...which pierces and penetrates. 215 CUT TO TAZIO's EMBRIONIC NEW BODY taking form underground. It jerks and a light corresponding to ULFO-DEMON's horn rays shines out of it. A bolt of URR lightning zaps out of the head toward the earth's surface. 216 CUT TO CU COMPUTER SCREEN. A warning siren screeched "HOOOGA HOOOGA!". In the background we see the interior of a MILITARY BUNKER, red lights, technicians, other computer screens. TEXT ROLLING UPSCREEN worldwar cyberlink standby data check confirmation 23:58 usa: ready 7090 jpn: ready 9328 nato: ready 0007 cdn: ready 3434 confirmation 23:59 aus: ready 4835 chin: ready 9351 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! incoming order 24:00 27.03.00 code MAGOG 666 666 666 666 666 ----------- VOICE OFFSCREEN O shit, it's the LAUNCH code! 217 CUT TO: Several Large Warhead Missiles LIFTING OFF. 218 RETURN TO HELL: TAZIO punching ULFO-DEMON again. TAZIO You've fired Earthlevel's worldwide ICBM network through me! ULFO-DEMON Oh, only a couple, if you'll just...stop...squirming, I can set them ALL off! TAZIO No you WON'T! TAZIO twists ULFO-DEMON around and gets a grip from behind. They go crashing through a crowd of MINOR DEMONS & DEVILS. ULFO-DEMON You can't beat me, I made you! TAZIO The ULFÆ made me, and your holy phases taught me things you don't remember; like the Great Cosmic Joke; like this hold! TAZIO gets Full-Nelson. ULFO-DEMON HRRRRR! TAZIO YOU taught me how to fight demons: "Grab it and DO hang on until it surrenders!" Remember? THIS demon will never surrender! Can you hold me for an eternity? TAZIO If I must. ULFO-DEMON If you CAN! The DEMON cries out an ATTACK SPELL. TAZIO counters with a DEFENSE SPELL. Sparks, fireworks. TAZIO I learned the defenses for Evil Magic from your very own Hellbook, thank you. ULFO-DEMON You MOCK me! I'll... TAZIO Idiot! You don't even know...oh my God!...hah ha! ULFO-DEMON You laugh? This is serious! TAZIO Excuse me, I (ha!) GREAT COSMIC JOKE! (pshaw)'s in the Hellbook...ha ha...oops.. ULFO-DEMON Good! Laugh yourself silly! Laugh yourself WEAK! I' TAZIO Demon: the punch line: hee hee hee--- ULFO-DEMON (suddenly interested) Hellbook? TAZIO --it's (whispering in ULFO-DEMON's ear) pssst psst... CU ULFO-DEMON: he gets the punch line. Smiles, snickers, guffaws. A light flashes out of his mouth, brighter and his laughter becomes louder. When the light dims, Ulfo's DEMON has transformed into the ANGEL ULFAEON, whose eyes (including Third Eye) glow with holy light, and whose aura ripples outward in waves of color. He speaks with a voice of many trumpets. ULFAEON (wisely) But a demon cannot realize that without becoming Realized. Camera moves back from CU to show that TAZIO's Full-Nelson is now an embrace, and THEY BOTH LAUGH heartily. DEVILS & DEMONS shy away from ULFÆON's holy light, hurt and blinded by it. DEMON VOICES Holy light! Ow! ULFÆON turns to TAZIO. ULFAEON Tazio, beloved child, you have passed this penultimate test. --There remains but one test for you to become the Master of Earthlevel. TAZIO But I am unworthy. I have seen the depths of my own soul, and I am indeed "the Man of Sin". --I am too Guilty to Walk the Earth, much less Rule it. Let Immanuel do it. ULFAEON Immanuel is no longer on Earthlevel. He was Nuked. TAZIO WHAT? But one of us was supposed to survive! ULFAEON Yes, YOU: it is your Destiny. The Tail has regenerated your body. TAZIO But...Immanuel dead? O such a SAD Destiny. IMMANUEL (offscreen, behind) The price of redemption, Tazio. DEMON VOICES Even HOLIER Light! Run! Run! TAZIO turns to see the shining spirit of IMMANUEL, radiating Holy Light, with halo and a CROSS OF LIGHT blazing behind him. DEVILS & DEMONS stampede away, unable to bear the sight of Christ in Hell. TAZIO IMMANUEL? IMMANUEL (spectral) We have been him, and others. Even as you have been others. TAZIO Yes. To my shame. IMMANUEL As Tazio, do you repent of your sins? TAZIO (surprised) Yes...YES! IMMANUEL Then your sins are forgiven. And your Demons are exorcised. IMMANUEL raises his hand and power flows out thereof. TAZIO goes rigid, then trembles, caught up in a cosmic transformation. TAZIO's mouth and eyes wide open become BLACK, and out of them flows a BLACK SMOKE-ENERGY, which rolls behind him. The BLACK SMOKE-ENERGY collects in the center of the Court of Dis, and 7 FIGURES appear, indistinct at first. When the flow STOPS, TAZIO turns to see what has happened and is amazed: there stand HIS 7 EVIL INCARNATIONS, no longer a part of him. THERON It's not FAIR! ABRAXAS They can't do this to us...can they? ABAD'DON ...intrigue... BE'ELZEBUB Tazio, we'll get you for this! BA'AL ...plot... LUCIFER Next time you come to Hell, Tazio--Look Out! The 7 EVIL INCARNATIONS wave their fists at TAZIO, but dare not approach IMMANEL or ULFÆON. TAZIO Hey, I do feel better now...unburdened. 219 And TAZIO begins slowly to LEVITATE, drifting up from the Court of Dis. IMMANUEL & ULFÆON accompany him. IMMANUEL Good, for you are to bear other burdens, on Earthlevel. Go and take them up! TAZIO But what about you? IMMANUEL I have borne my burden. TAZIO And got burned for it? IMMANUEL The choice was mine: to Reap the Harvest or buy more time for a higher quality yield. Now they are high above the City of Hades, and still rising into the flaming sky of Hell. TAZIO But how could you take JERUSALEM with you? IMMANUEL I told you a great sacrifice was necessary. Three Cities: Tunis, Jerusalem, and one more very soon--Ulfo's Demon has arranged that. TAZIO (comprehending) A Trinity Sacrifice! Enough to open the portals of the Beyond Between: a Major God could come into Earthlevel on THAT energy wave! ULFAEON You've learned much from your Satanic Experience. Yes, or a Goddess.. TAZIO ARTEMIS! ULFÆON Clever. IMMANUEL A New Age begins--at least we all Hope so--it's time for Mankind to grow up, or never get to. --As Satan has finally matured through you, as even Jahve has changed from the Wrathful and Jealous God to a God of Love, so must Man mature beyond his own conception of maturity. Now, Tazio: will you accept the Destiny God has assigned you--to be The Beast? TAZO Yes. I accept my Destiny. IMMANUEL Good. Now here's the plan--bzz bzz (fade out) 220 LATER: The 3 of them floating far above Hades. ULFÆON gives TAZIO's feet a gentle push upwards and TAZIO begins to accelerate away from him and IMMANUEL. ULFAEON Now go! The missiles are flying! Wars raging! Evil is afoot! Have a good time. --We'll meet again when I reincarnate in three months. TAZIO (calling down to IMMANUEL) But when will...will I see YOU again? IMMANUEL When we conclude The Work--or maybe Play The Game. Who knows? TAZIO (disappointed) Oh. IMMANUEL Tazio, I am the Spirit of Man, I am in Everyone. Love me in them. --Bon Voyage, my friend, and the same to your awakening Daughter. IMMANUEL spreads his arms out in line with his CROSS OF LIGHT and they are like wings, he does a flying loop. 221 Now TAZIO is accelerating faster and faster, FALLING UP OUT OF HELL. He sees IMMANUEL wave his wings once, then fly off in another direction. ULFAEON does a supernova effect and is gone. TAZIO (calling out too late) "Awakening daughter"? His speed is very high now, streaking up through Hell's flaming atmosphere, past gigantic SERPENT MONSTERS, PAIN-EATERS, Hellrockoids, explosions, vortexes. Suddenly TAZIO BURSTS UP THROUGH THE SURFACE OF THE LAKE OF FIRE. He is out of Hell now, surrounded by blackness. The Lake of Fire drops away rapidly, becomes a pinpoint of light. He drifts upward offscreen except for his TAIL. SUDDENLY the TAIL crinkles, as if TAZIO had slammed into something. We hear a solid "OOF!" 222 X-RAY VIEW of TAZIO's BODY buried underground, between rocks, immersed in sand, seemingly trapped. TAZIO (mental) Flesh! I'm alive again. But buried 200 meters underground. Urr! --Ascend! The URR fills his body and the rocks move aside for him. 223 EXT. EARTH SURFACE. FLAMING RUINS. Buildings lying flattened and smashed, metal girders twisted, total destruction. A HOLE appears in the ground and TAZIO climbs up out of it. TAZIO Huh? Am I still in Hell? No, this is Jerusalem. Still burning 18 hours after the blast, according to the radios. All those people, all that history, gone. "Alas Babylon". I won't let this sacrifice be in vain, Jerusalem. I vow an END to terrorism and war. And out of these ashes will arise a NEW Jerusalem. I'll...wait a minute...what is this? (noticing he still has his AMULET hanging from his neck) My Soulstone Compass never existed outside of Hell before! 224 Camera moves into AMULET, which is black and sparkling, like a night full of stars. We can see the EARTH and the MOON pictured inside. We approach Earth. TAZIO (offscreen) A gift from Ulfæon or Immanuel? Hm, I wonder what it does here on Earthlevel? --Well, I guess I'll find out eventually, no time to play with it now...I've got a world to conquer. Before they lay it ALL to waste. EARTH almost fills the screen. We see a television satellite orbiting above it. And we hear the voice of a WTV TECHNICAL PERSONNEL preparing to broadcast the news. TECHNICAL PERSONNEL ...satellite approaching Jerusalem window...stand by reception: 3...2...1... 225 TV IMAGE of JERUSALEM viewed from TV SATTELITE in orbit. Crater, smoke, buildings flattened. The voice of JOHN ANCHORMAN is heard narrating the news. ANCHORMAN (offscreen) A vast flaming crater is what remains of the Holy City. Destruction is total 23 miles from the detonation epicenter. Survivor rescue impossible as millions flee radioactive fallout... Now we see ANCHORMAN. Behind him the WTV logo and a back screen with the text "DOOM" under a picture of Jerusalem's Mushroom Cloud. ANCHORMAN is slightly disheveled, tie loose. ANCHORMAN (onscreen) all-too-suddenly, all-too-familiar scene of horror as of yesterday: 3 Cities in one day annihilated by nuclear weapons; Tunis, Jerusalem, and now Seapolis in the USA... CU ANCHORMAN, tears running out of eyes. ANCHORMAN ...and each seemingly without Human Intention or Reason: accidents, mistakes, computer errors! We ask "Why"? --Ask "are we NEXT?" --But the only answers we hear are cries of "Apocalypse!" "Ragnarok!" "Judgment!" And in Megiddo, Israel, literally under the shadow of the mushroom cloud that was Jerusalem, the Armageddon Festival continues with fanatic resolution... 225a TV IMAGE of Megiddo: two armies are squaring off on the battlefield, the WHITE and the BLACK. We see ANTON giving orders to his TEMPLARS, and a POPE instructing the forces of Christ. ...where in a few moments a "mock Biblical War" will begin, symbolizing a final battle between Good and Evil. --And futile voices cry out in the wilderness: "Can no one stop this madness?" 225b TV IMAGE of JOHN ANCHORMAN in the WTV studio. Someone offscreen hands him a piece of paper. Uh...just a moment...Jerusalem surveillance reports something MOVING in the crater... 225c TV IMAGE: view of the flaming landscape that is JERUSALEM. A shadowy FIGURE is seen moving through the flames. Image magnification brings it closer, more in focus. looks like...a...PERSON...walking through the molten slag...wading across a Lake of Fire. But is that possible? The heat! The radiation! --An impossible image, flickering, disappearing, reappearing in the storm of fire, apparently immune to the worst weapon on earth. 225d CUT TO a FAMILY watching the broadcast on TV, MAN, WOMAN & CHILD. (this is the author's family, a little in-joke) MAN Oh my God! Why does that figure make me feel HOPE? 225e TV IMAGE: TAZIO now in black silhouette against the flames. Coming closer, nearing the camera. ANCHORMAN(offscreen) emerging from the flames! We can only wait for him-- her?--to reach an area of lesser radiation to find out who it is. At this moment no reporter could survive an interview. He's reached the remote-controlled television camera unit...he seems to be...wait a minute...he's detaching the monitor microphone! Perhaps he is going to speak! 226 EXT. DAY. TAZIO stands on the flattened outskirts of the flaming city, facing a mobilized TV robot vehicle. He has the microphone in his hand. TAZIO Testing, testing...ah, it works, good--hello out there in Television Land. Now that I've got your attention I'd like to make an announcement:
I, Tazio, hereby take command of this entire planet. Of course, I'll have to show come clout to back that up-- three Earth Tremors, everywhere at once...Now! 227 VIEW FROM SPACE: Looking down upon earth. A nearby NASA satellite goes gliding past in orbit. A gentle but huge THUMP THUMP THUMP sounds, the EARTH SHIVERS visibly three times. RADIO VOICES God! Dios! Allah! Vishnu! 228 TV IMAGE of TAZIO against the background of flaming Jerusalem. TAZIO You see, the Earth is ALIVE, incarnate in me. And I am here to protect it from YOU. --Think of me as your new Landlord. I hope to fix the place up so that everything works right at last, instead of ending up like that CITY behind me: Hell on Earth. You guys have got to STOP doing this! So I shall demonstrate that I do have the AUTHORITY to stop you. 229 INT. N.O.R.A.D. WARBUNKER. Red lights, several MILITARY TECHNICIANS watching TAZIO on a large monitor. TAZIO (on monitor screen) You have an on-line nuclear weapons network which threatens all life on MY world. DISMANTLE it now--because you can't control it... MILITARY TECHNICIAN #1 Hey, he's talking about US! MILITARY TECHNICIAN #2 Who patched this in? MILITARY TECHNICIAN #3 Is this guy for real? MILITARY TECHNICIAN #4 I dunno, but he DID just walk out of Hell! TAZIO ...someone like ME could break into the data stream, program any target anywhere--say, MOSCOW--and shoot off some missiles, easy as...(snaps fingers)...engaged. The WARNING ALARM goes off with a loud "HOOOOGAAA! HOOOOGAAA!" MILITARY TECHNICIAN #3 Launch code! OPERATIONS MONITORS flash "MAGOG" logos, code numbers roll upscreen, then "MAGOG" becomes "GO". MILITARY TECHNICIAN#4 (nose to monitor) He...he's...DOING it! TAZIO (on monitor) ...ah, a Big One: 250 Megaton ICBM out of NORAD. Better try to stop it, guys. 230 EXT. DAY. MILITARY BASE. Horns are HOOOTING, lights are FLASHING, MISSILE SILOS ARE OPENING. MISSILES are trollying up from underground, giant scaffolds sliding back. Up in the TOWER, men are frantically doing what they can to stop the process, but to no avail. TOWER VOICE #1 Abort! Abort! TOWER VOICE #2 We CAN'T! Something's overriding the controls! TOWER VOICE #1 Oh, not again! TAZIO (radio) Who knows, if those working in the War Industry got very BUSY, maybe they could stop it... 231 EXT. DAY. JERUSALEM. TAZIO speaking directly to us. TAZIO ...maybe they could shut down the whole system before it's too late. To those in Moscow: I'm being FAIR--Jerusalem was nuked by one of YOUR bombs. It also killed my beloved friend Immanuel, a Christ once again sacrificed for the Sins of Man. But Man still won't follow a Christ, so they sent ME. TAZIO turns from the camera toward the flaming ruins of Jerusalem. He raises his hand and the URR flows brightly. Behold: Jerusalem, The Holy City. A WAVE OF ENERGY flows from TAZIO's hand and ripples along the ground into the distance to Jerusalem. There is a great "SNUFF!" sound, a last puff of smoke rolls up, and that vast fire is simply extinguished. 232 VIEW OF TV FROM DARKENED ROOM. MAN and WOMAN in silhouette against TAZIO's picture onscreen. TAZIO (on TV) I have effected an energy transfer: the heat and radioactivity has been absorbed into the Earth's Mass. Jerusalem is no longer dangerous. WOMAN IN SILHOUETTE Yaaay! He's neutralized the radiation! that possible? MAN IN SILHOUETTE Naw, got to be some kinda sci-fi hoax...(shifting channels)...but how can it be on every station? 233 CUT TO DARKENED ROOM lit by TV light. Four men in MILITARY INTELLIGENCE are watching the screen, a bushy-browed and bespectacled LONG-HAIRED SCIENTIST and 3 GENERALS. LONG-HAIRED SCIENTIST I do believe he's just made a Black Hole, gentlemen. GENERAL #1 (enthusiastic) What a weapon!! Imagine it used upon a LIVING city! GENERAL #2 (desperate) We must HAVE him! GENERAL #3 (sweating) Or KILL him! 229a BACK TO N.O.R.A.D. WARBUNKER. The TECHNICIANS are agitated. TAZIO (over monitors) Now, how about a status report on that Moscow Missile? NORAD Control, confirm! The monitors flicker and TAZIO's picture is replaced by that of MILITARY TECHNICIAN #3, who is seeing his own profile on the monitor, then up at the wall-mounted camera facing him, with its little yellow light on. MILITARY TECHNICIAN #3 Uh--what the fu...? We're on live TV! MILITARY TECHNICIAN #1 Impossible! This is a closed circuit security system! MILITARY TECHNICIAN #2 Well, SOMEBODY patched us in! TAZIO (offscreen) Status please, Lt...Jacoby? MILITARY TECHNICIAN #3 looks down at his name tag, "JACOBY", then up at the screen in fear. MILITARY TECHNICIAN #3 O's launched! We couldn't stop it! Impact in 25 minutes! 234 CUT TO WTV STUDIO, where ANCHORMAN and his broadcast crew are also watching all of this on their monitors. TAZIO (on one monitor) Okay, then: let's check in with the Moscow Defense bunker. (in Russian) [Moscow Post 712, come in.] A surprised RUSSIAN MILITARY TECHNICIAN appears on another monitor. RUSSIAN MILITARY TECHNICIAN (on monitor) Uh...da? WTV TECHNICIAN He's on our network, but WE'RE not doing this! ANCHORMAN HE's doing it--this "Tazio"--he's manipulating all Telecommunications over the world--and doing it WITHOUT equipment! 235 CUT TO INT. MOSCOW WARBUNKER, where Russian soldiers are also seeing TAZIO on their monitors. (The following dialogue is in Russian.) RUSSIAN MILITARY TECHNICIAN [Are you authorized to be on this channel?] TAZIO (on monitor) [You bet, Comrade--status?] RUSSIAN MILITARY TECHNICIAN [Classified.] TAZIO (on monitor) [Does that really matter just now?] 236 CUT TO MISSILE screaming through the sky, coming nearer, so near we can see the graffiti written on the hull: "EAT IT RAW!" RUSSIAN MILITARY TECHNICIAN (offscreen) [No...all secrets will be blown away soon--American missile incoming Moscow. Retaliatory strike in progress. Shit, we're ALL going to die!] 237 CUT TO TAZIO, facing camera outside Jerusalem. TAZIO [Oh, not yet. Your big computer just rejected the Strike Command.] (then in English) Well, good luck, everybody. (TV IMAGE CU TAZIO) I guess you can see why I think we should get WAR off the streets. --Anyway, I'm kind of busy right now, but I'll address the United Nations in three days. Ciao. TV IMAGE GOES BLANK. 238 CUT TO WTV BROADCAST CENTER. Frenzied activity. The Broadcast Crew is trying to locate TAZIO, who has disappeared from their monitors. WTV TECHNICIAN He's gone Northwest! EDITOR Follow him! This is the biggest story EVER! WTV TECHNICIAN If he'll let us. COPY EDITOR What about Moscow? ANCHORMAN (to himself) "Tazio"--sounds familiar. And I've seen him somewhere before...hmmm...(to TECHNICIAN)...can you play back a tape of that silly "Armageddon Festival"? 239 EXT. DAY. OUTSKIRTS OF JERUSALEM. No longer burning, but a flat wasteland of molten and smashed stone ruins. TAZIO, still naked, is walking briskly away from the city. We almost don't notice A LITTLE WHITE CLOUD off in the distant sky. Something offscreen catches TAZIO's attention, he changes course. He climbs a pile of rubble that had once been several buildings. A sign hangs by one hinge, in Hebrew and English: "WHOLESALE CLOTHING". With URR-strength he brushes a broken timber aside and descends into the pile of stones and steel. The weak voice of a JEWISH MAN can be heard below. JEWISH MAN (unseen at first)'ma sabach tha'ni? TAZIO finds him under a chunk of brick wall, which he thrusts aside. The JEWISH MAN is burned black on his left side, hair and clothing gone. The right side is that of an old Hassidic Jew, with long white hair and beard. CU TAZIO'S HAND: the URR flowing up into it. The JEWISH MAN sits up, healed and amazed. His burns are gone and he seems to be a younger man. He looks at TAZIO in wonder. (Their conversation is in Hebrew.) JEWISH MAN [Are you the MESSIAH?] TAZIO [Whatever. Anyway, I need your help, so get up.] The JEWISH MAN stands up, healthy and strong now. They climb up out of the hole he was buried in. The JEWISH MAN looks around in awe at the destruction. TAZIO sees a pair of shorts among the clothing scattered around the ruined shop and takes them. TAZIO [Find survivors--I've given you the power to heal them as I did you. They will also receive the power.] JEWISH MAN [Yes, Lord, but what about you?] TAZIO [I've got to hurry to Megiddo and stop a war.] 240 EXT. DAY. HIGHWAY OUT OF JERUSALEM. Cars and trucks lie about, smashed and rolled, the road is cracked apart, there is no sign of life except for TAZIO. He is now wearing shorts, and comes up a hill to the road at a fast lope. He looks over several cars, but they are all junk now. TAZIO (mental) Actually, I'm cutting it a bit thin--90 miles to Megiddo and the war starts in a half hour. 241 CUT TO TV BROADCAST: Images of fighter jets chasing the Moscow-bound ICBM, but it pulls away from them. ANCHORMAN (offscreen) ...all efforts to abort or shoot down the runaway ICBM targeting in on Moscow have failed. The 250 megaton nuclear missile has already crossed the polar cap and is approaching Russia at Mach 3. Impact is feared in 4 minutes... 242 RETURN TO TAZIO, who is rolling a car over, trying to find one he can use. He finds melted tires, blown gas tanks. THE LITTLE WHITE CLOUD seems to be getting nearer. TAZIO Nothing but junk! And time is running out. Also in Moscow. Time for a miracle. (bows his head, as if in prayer) Immanuel: if you read me, I can't wait any longer for you to act...(puts out his hand and pulls up the URR)...I know we need to scare them, but... RADIO VOICE (heard by TAZIO) ...the Moscow ICBM has dropped from radar surveillance--it is believed there has been a malfunction! It's a miracle! TAZIO (smiles, relieved and satisfied) Ah! Now THE LITTLE WHITE CLOUD moves quickly through the sky to stop and hover over TAZIO. RAYS OF LIGHT shine down, and a gold & white MOTORCYCLE descends out of the CLOUD, landing right in front of TAZIO. TAZIO (surprised) Immanuel's motorcycle! (looks up at the CLOUD) Thank you! 243 EXT. DAY. HIGHWAY running through the dry rolling hills of Israel, farther out of Jerusalem. The sound of TAZIO's MOTORCYCLE approaching at 300 mph, then streaking past with a loud "ZZZOWW!" 244 TAZIO's POV: Road rushing up at blinding speed, hills, curves, motorcycle shaking, speedometer over 330. TAZIO (mental, offscreen) Bike's FAST: runs on the Power of God! A road block on the horizon is suddenly approaching very rapidly. 245 TAZIO slides the motorcycle into a dramatic sideways stop just before a striped barricade across the highway. There are Red Cross tents and an entire Refugee Camp behind the barricade. MEN IN RADIATION SUITS are waiting by the road. (They speak Hebrew) MAN IN RADIATION SUIT #1 [A survivor!] MAN IN RADIATION SUIT #2 [Looks in better shape than the others.] MAN IN RADIATION SUIT #1 [We'll see: check him for radiation.] MAN IN RADIATION SUIT #2 moves toward TAZIO with a Geiger Counter. TAZIO (from motorcycle) [The radioactivity has been neutralized. You can forget it.] MAN IN RADIATION SUIT #2 (checking Geiger counter) [He's right! How can that be?] MAN IN RADIATION SUIT #1 (to TAZIO) [Have you seen other survivors?] TAZIO [They'll be gathering on the outskirts of what was Jerusalem. Go there.] 246 CUT TO: inside an open Red Cross TENT nearby where several NURSES, a bandaged FEMALE PATIENT and a pretty young WOMAN JOURNALIST from WTV are all watching TAZIO. The JOURNALIST is talking on a portable radiophone. WOMAN JOURNALIST (in English) ...on TV? Why, that must be HIM! 247 RETURN TO TAZIO, revving up his motorcycle. TAZIO [Now, clear the way! I'm in a HURRY!] MEN IN RADIATION SUITS (spring aside) [Yes Lord!] The JOURNALIST comes running out after TAZIO, tape recorder and microphone in hand, eager to do an interview. WOMAN JOURNALIST Oh, Mister "Tazio"? (coming nearer) Could I ask you a few...(then stunned)...oh, what a beautiful man you are! I...I've never...oh...(sweating, blushing) TAZIO turns to look at her and he too is stunned. TAZIO (mental) Hrrr, nice girl! --Oops, The LUST is back! CU TAZIO, wincing, sweating, struggling with The Lust. TAZIO (mental) No! I've just LOST the only one I really wanted! (aloud, to WOMAN JOURNALIST, but without looking at her) Uh, no time now--later. WOMAN JOURNALIST Ohh, YES Lord! 3 NURSES and the FEMALE PATIENT come running up, also affected by TAZIO's Lust Power. NURSE #1 Me too! US too! NURSE #2 NURSE #3 Lord, we ALL want the midst of this nuclear terror... TAZIO revs up the engine and does a motorcycle wheelie to escape. TAZIO (losing patience) Merda! ASIDE! NURSES Yes, Lord, boo hoo! 249 EXT. DAY. A CROWDED CITY. Lots of traffic, jammed. TAZIO roars on through town down the center line between lanes, passing the highway sign: "SHEKHEM & NETANYA". 250 EXT. DAY. Out in the country, traffic is stopped; people who were fleeing the radiation. TAZIO drives off the road and roars past them. 251 EXT. DAY. ROAD & ROADSIGN: "MEGIDDO". TAZIO streaks past so fast we never see him, but the ROADSIGN quivers with the windblast. 252 EXT. DAY. TAZIO has stopped the motorcycle and is looking down on the valley of Megiddo from a hillside. The black belt of night-cloud passes overhead from horizon to horizon. Distantly, The THRONE of GOD can be seen floating above the crowd. It is solidly packed with people, tents, cars, trucks, busses. He can see the WHITE & BLACK ARMIES lined up and ready to begin their war. But there is no way through the crowd in time. TAZIO Merda! I'll never get through THAT crowd! And the battle's about to begin. --Or...wait a minute--IS it possible? This road is aligned just right! (looking back and forth) If I take the hill FAST fast? (CU TAZIO calculating, then incredulous expression) Six hundred and sixty six miles an that a coincidence? Or a joke? Can this machine DO that? (turns motorcycle) Why even bother asking? Better take a long run. 253 VIEW OF ROAD where the hill peaks. We do not see, but hear the MOTORCYCLE shifting and winding through the gears, absurdly overdriven, getting louder, coming our way fast. TAZIO (mental, offscreen) ...6th gear, 333 mph... ...7th, 8th, 9th...where are all these gears COMING from? 10th...555mph... 11th, 610.5... 12th gear... The MOTORCYCLE is a blur, shooting past us and arcing into and across the sky above the valley of Megiddo at 666 mph. 254 VIEW OF TAZIO MOTORCYCLE-JUMPING IN THE SKY. The tires are burning, white-hot sparks and flames and smoke spray out of the motor, which has exploded. And TAZIO is grinning like a fool. TAZIO (shouting) Wow! What a thrill! YA-HOOOO! IMMANUEL (telepathic) Enjoying your resurrection? TAZIO looks around, sees that he is arcing past THE LITTLE WHITE CLOUD. TAZIO Immanuel? IMMANUEL's face appears superimposed before the CLOUD. IMMANUEL We could have transported you by Solar Finger, but I felt that a little wind in your hair would do you good. Rekindle your joie de vie. TAZIO My joie de vie is running full blast! Thanks for coming through on that Moscow missile. IMMANUEL Oh, that went quite well: there are advantages to the Spirit Form--I appeared to many people in many places, all simultaneously, and led them in psychic anti-ICBM-prayer. Now the physical part is up to you. TAZIO On my way. (raising a finger as he drops out of sight) 255 CUT TO: BATTLEFIELD. Under the night-cloud, the WHITE and the BLACK ARMIES are lined up and ready. ANTON ARTEMIS, in a black costume with horned headdress is drawing a shining broadsword. ANTON TEMPLARS! Make ready for WAR! ALL TEMPLARS Ave, Grand Master! 256 CUT TO CU's of: PETER Bloody hell! I don't think our Tazio is going to make it in time! HEAD The Satanic Master shall arrive at the perfect moment and strike the Winning Blow. ADRIAN At least we know he's alive--he was just seen on TV. YUZBASHI And MALE now--thank Allah!--instead of a nymphet. 257 CU of THE THRONE OF GOD, hanging in the sky, glowing like a Holy Rainbow. A FEMALE ANGEL stands upon the cloud beside the THRONE, arms spread wide. ADRIAN (offscreen) It's noon. Look! FEMALE ANGEL (amplified) Come: gather for the Great Supper of God--to eat the flesh of Kings and Captains and Mighty Men... VIEW OF SKY filling with large birds, an endless stream of them coming from the horizon. PETER Vultures! Millions of 'em! 258 CUT TO: the POPE'S HAND holding a chrome CROSS, thrusting up as if it were a weapon--which it is. Distantly, we can see TAZIO & MOTORCYCLE arcing through the sky toward the BATTLEFIELD. POPE ATTACK! 259 ELEVATED PANORAMIC VIEW: the TWO ARMIES charge across the battlefield towards one another--hundreds of thousands of would-be-warriors. TAZIO comes arcing down across this scene, his motorcycle trailing burning behind him, both dropping towards the line where the ARMIES will meet. WHITE VOICES Kill for Christ! No survivors! BLACK VOICES Ave Satanas! We Play The Game! 260 CLOSER IN, GROUND LEVEL: the ARMIES are just about to collide. TAZIO easily drops to the ground between them, the URR instantly flashing up into his body. Behind him the flaming motorcycle crashes down with explosive impact. TAZIO spreads his arms, in total control of the situation, and speaks his command in a voice like a thousand trumpets. TAZIO S T O P ! The EARTH BUCKLES AND RISES UP beneath his feet, like two plates being thrust together along the line where the armies would have met. But they do not meet, they can't: an earthen ridge has suddenly thrust itself up between them, and all those warriors are toppled backwards. And TAZIO, elevated 3 meters above them, is the only one left standing. He walks along the ridge he has created, surveying the shambles. A TEMPLAR recognizes him and calls up to him. TEMPLAR What happened? TAZIO The war just ended. 261 CUT TO: a TEMPLAR and a CHRISTIAN are lying tangled together on the ground, CROSS and SWORD lying unused around them, both stunned and confused. CHRISTIAN Who won? TEMPLAR I think HE did! (pointing up at TAZIO.) 262 WALKING along the ridge toward the central temple of Megiddo, TAZIO is confronted by the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL also walking the ridge towards him. MICHAEL looks quite angry. MICHAEL Ta-A-azio! --Interference with The Game is against The RULES! You're going to be PUNISHED for this! &*^(%)$_#+@|! (anti-URR spell) TAZIO, still glowing with the URR, brushes nonchalantly past the giant sumo god, who is surprised. MICHAEL Oops! You've still got the URR? TAZIO Forget those old spells, Archangel, I remember the Counter spells now. MICHAEL (nervous) Ah so, you've experienced your Satanic Awakening, then? TAZIO (walking on past) I've remembered my childhood, yes. 263 VIEW OF TEMPLE FROM THE CROWD. Up upon the flat roof a PRIEST is posing for the hologram cameras. TAZIO scrambles 10 meters up the sheer wall and joins them there. The CROWD murmurs, two young DUDES comment. DUDE #1 Uh--she's a GUY again! DUDE #2 WAS he a guy before? 264 UPON TEMPLE TOP. TAZIO has the microphone now. PRIEST and ANGELS are standing back, afraid of him. The Hologram cameras are trained upon him. TAZIO I have taken over the world today, and I'm cancelling Armageddon, thank you. PRIEST (excited) But you can't just DO that, Antichrist! Not without having won the Seven Tests of Power, as ordained by GOD! TAZIO holds the microphone to the PRIEST and waits his turn. He is obviously Playing The Game now. 265 CUT TO AHAZVERUS on the CONTROL PLATFORM. AHAZVERUS (into microphone) Yes, Tazio, the Fourth Test of Power was chosen by popular demand, and it must be played out, or you will never have the cooperation of the Avatars. 266 CUT TO CU TAZIO TAZIO The Fourth Test of Power HAS been played out--but it was assigned by God, not Man: Beast to destroy the Holy City, Son of Man to save it. --Jerusalem is gone. As is Immanuel. It seems I have WON. Let us have a moment of silence in respect for his sacrifice. 267 OVERVIEW OF SCENE from above & behind the CONTROL PLATFORM & SCOREBOARD, looking toward the TEMPLE. The CROWD is still, silent. The SCOREBOARD shows Cross 3 to Pentagram 0, but CHANGES with a ringing cash-register-like "KA-CHINK" to Pentagram 1. 268 On the CONTROL PLATFORM hologram cameras are taking in everything, AHAZVERUS sits silently, as do the others of the Christian Team and TEMPLARS. Suddenly REVEREND SHAME runs forward to the microphone and breaks the silence. R. SHAME FOOLS! (now CU) --Fools! Christ cannot die! He is already RISEN! He led us in prayer not an hour ago, to destroy that missile this BEAST fired at Moscow, after he'd MURDERED our hero, Lord Immanuel, by ANNIHILATING Jerusalem! --Oh, hearken, sinners: the Forces of GOD will prevail and WIN today! REVEREND SHAME hands the microphone back to AHAZVERUS with a smug expression on his face. The others on the Christian Team clap him on the back, as if he'd played his part well. AHAZVERUS (into mike) Ah, thank you, Reverend, Lord Tazio, the Committee accepts that the Fourth Test is YOUR game. And reallocates today's War to the Fifth Test. TAZIO Which I have also won. --Anton: what was the War's objective? ANTON, who is also on the CONTROL PLATFORM, steps forward, smiling wickedly. AHAZVERUS swings the microphone up to him with a well-choreographed flourish. ANTON Why, the same as in The Game, Master: to Take The Field. TAZIO (CU) Are there any who doubt that I have "taken the field"? (he raises his hand, calling up the URR, and points to the Battlefield) If so, I give you a SIGN. 269 VIEW OF BATTLEFIELD, where the newly-raised RIDGE divides East from West of the great flat plain. A few stragglers are out there, gathering up weapons, otherwise it's very still and empty. There comes a RUMBLING SOUND, gentle at first, but growing in intensity. TAZIO (offscreen, mike) Clear the area, please. The ground begins to SHAKE. The few stragglers run away. Then the RIDGE seems to COLLAPSE, the ground shakes harder, motion- blurring, dust-clouding, the RUMBLE gets louder; overwhelmingly loud. The field then buckles and RIPS IN HALF along the seam of the RIDGE and a GREAT CREVASSE opens up in the earth. Volcanic smoke belches up. Then all is quiet again except for the bubbling hiss of the earth's exposed core down in that hole. SEEN DISTANTLY, a TINY MAN runs to the edge of the crevasse and looks down into it. TINY MAN (distantly) It's bottomless! TAZIO (CU) Revelations 13:4--"Who equals The Beast, and who can war against him?" There's your Battlefield. OFFSCREEN VOICES #1 Not me, Lord. #2 Count us out! #3 You win, Lord! 270 ON THE CONTROL PLATFORM the members of the Christian Team are rather agitated. PRIEST He used to be a pushover: promised his Mother "never to hurt anyone"...but now--Jerusalem, Moscow--I don't know... POPE And all those missiles were launched earlier, including the one that destroyed Seapolis--did he do that? R. SHAME There are still two more contests. THE POPE is holding his chrome cross in a defensive position and looking rather worried. ANTON is standing back and chuckling evilly. AHAZVERUS pushes the microphone at the POPE. POPE Uh...oh well, we concede the battle. SCOREBOARD changes again with that cash-register sound: Cross 3/Pentagram 2. AHAZVERUS Moving right along, the Sixth Test of... TAZIO Stop. No more Games. There's Work to be done. ENTIRE CROWD (thunderously) B O O O O O O O O O O ! CROWD VOICES Cheat! Chicken! C'mon, Taz--one more! It's only two to three! CU TAZIO smiling as if he has teased the CROWD, gotten the reaction he expected, now Playing The Game. He holds his placating hands up. TAZIO All right then, just to even the score, ONE more little test. --Ahazverus, go for the Sixth. CROWD Y A A A A A A A A A A Y Y Y Y ! 271 CUT TO BIKER CHICK & GUY in the CROWD. CHICK (snapping fingers, doing a dance step) Wheeee! Viva la party! GUY (swigging a beer) Hey, maybe this "Beast" dude IS cool after all! 272 CUT TO HEAD. The 3 DISCIPLES in background. HEAD Yesss. Most excellent, Master. Almost all according to Your Great Satanic Plan. 273 CUT TO CHRISTIAN TEAM. They are confused, in panic. R. SHAME is looking through the Bible for something they can use, the PRIEST is shaking his fists, the POPE is wringing his hands. AHAZVERUS (offscreen) Loser last game designates next game. POPE (flustered, not ready) Uh, we need half an hour to confer. AHAZVERUS (offscreen) Granted. 274 EXT. DAY. Outside TEMPLAR TENT. The TEMPLARS stand in formation as TAZIO and ANTON arrive, walking briskly together. But the TEMPLARS break with formality and spontaneously raise their swords in salute, cheering and calling out in enthusiasm. TEMPLARS AVE! AVE! AVE! Welcome back, Lord! Good show, Lord! Our Hero! TAZIO waves to them offhandedly, conversing intently with ANTON. TAZIO Anton: I commanded the Templars to do no one harm--how could they, or even you, go into battle? ANTON (smiling & waving to TEMPLARS) Well, since the enemy was free to kill us, it was a suicide mission, of course... (turning to TAZIO, not smiling now)...many of them chose it. Those who would be Dark Templars cannot live under that command of yours. They had lived for EVIL, now they would sacrifice themselves for it. TAZIO They may not do that just now. I'm taking over the world, so I'll need them. They are passing CAPTAIN JERZY, who overhears this and turns to his fellow TEMPLARS, announcing loudly: JERZY Did you hear that, Templars? Lord Tazio NEEDS us! TEMPLARS Us? He does? At the entrance to the tent, the HEAD waits perched upon its stand. HEAD Master! Awake at last. TAZIO stops to regard the HEAD, as if he would have simply passed it by if it had not spoken. TAZIO Yes, Head. HEAD Over five hundred thousand years I furthered Your Plan, and now... TAZIO (interrupting) Indeed, Head, it has already been too long. But it's just about over now. HEAD Yess yess yess. 275 INT. TAZIO's quarters inside the TEMPLAR TENT. His 3 DISCIPLES greet TAZIO as he enters alone. PETER Tazio! It's bloody good to see you alive! ADRIAN We'd feared you'd been killed in Jerusalem. TAZIO I was. No problem. YUZBASHI Tazio, there's from.... TAZIO I know. TAZIO walks past YUZBASHI and the camera follows him to reveal KAPITAN HANS KLAUSER, huge German with long blond hair and handlebar moustache, wearing a faded and tattered soldier's uniform. YUZBASHI ...Africa... TAZIO and KLAUSER meet in physical silence, but carry on a telepathic conversation. TAZIO (telepathic) Well met, Klauser-Self. KLAUSER (tp) Wouldn't miss it, Tazio-Self. Nor would the Me'Waaluuki warriors. TAZIO (tp) Good. BOTH (simultaneous tp) Let's correlate memories. They shake hands: there is a spark show of psychic electricity. Then KLAUSER turns and leaves the tent without a word. The DISCIPLES watch him go. PETER Bloke doesn't say much. TAZIO On the contrary, we just updated mnemonic psyches--not much to discuss after that. PETER Who is he? TAZIO Me. --Hans Klauser is a psychic copy of myself, thus will be one of my HEADS in the world government. ADRIAN My GOD! If you can do THAT...Presidents, Kings, could turn them all into YOURSELF! TAZIO Sure, but I consider it murder to erase another's persona with my own. It can only be those 6 others with that specific Karma. --There are Rules. Got to go by the Book: "7 Heads, 10 Horns..." TAZIO turns, sensing a presence behind him. In the entrance to his tent stand his 3 WOMEN; JYTTE, MARIANGELA and CINDY. MARIANGELA is presenting in front of her the little GIRL-CHILD, (ARTEMIS), who stands now awake, wearing a white sleeping gown. ARTEMIS (CU, smiling) Hi, Daddy. TAZIO Hello, Artemis. ARTEMIS (offering her hand) Is that who I am? TAZIO (smiling, bowing to kiss her hand) Yes, don't you remember? ARTEMIS Not yet. Just fuzzy stuff. MARIANGELA (astounded) How do you know she is...THE Goddess? TAZIO The Angel Ulfæon told me. And I recognized her...(looking from ARTEMIS up to MARIANGELA)...from memories of my Satanic Awakening. --Yes, it's happened, mother, so you can stop worrying about it now. MARIANGELA But you've not really BECOME Satan...have you? TAZIO Satan matured a million years to become me. And endowed me with great power. But not even I can become the Child I once was. MARIANGELA (resignedly) Who can? Theron. My son...really gone. ARTEMIS looks up at MARIANGELA and tugs her sleeve. ARTEMIS Theron's Tazio now, and that's the son you've got. And he's got ME, Grandma. MARIANGELA Oh, GODDESS, I can't be his mother now--after treating him so BADLY; murdering him, maiming him... TAZIO I'll forgive you if you forgive me for having been Theron. I remember all of that now: what he--I--did to you. Sorry. Now, help me take over the world. MARIANGELA (looking at TAZIO with a sad smile) Ok. Behind them, CINDY sniffs and wipes away a tear. JYTTE steps forward, looking deep into TAZIO's eyes. JYTTE We've all come to help you, Tazio, if you'll have us. CINDY (head bowed) Please have us. TAZIO is suddenly shaken by The Lust. TAZIO (mental) Oof! Here comes The Lust! (aloud) Well, I'd love to...have you, girls. JYTTE feels it too, steps aggressively forward and puts her hands on his shoulders, pressing her body up against him. JYTTE Oh, Tazio! It's so nice that you're MALE again! Rruf! Hmmmm! I can FEEL it. Can't you, Cindy? CINDY (shy, hanging back) Y-yes. JYTTE Don't worry, Cindy. We've got him by the balls now. He's going to NEED us... JYTTE is sweating. She thrusts her hand into TAZIO's shorts. He RUMBLES, glassy-eyed with Lust. JYTTE ...and LOVE us again. TAZIO (sweating, breathing heavy) I...ok, I NEED you, but I must be HONEST about love...I still deeply love...someone else. JYTTE Oh, we ALL still love Immanuel, Tazio. But we can still love you too. It's not so hard. --You always had a good memory: can you remember how you once loved me? TAZIO MEMORY? Ha! I've got a million years of memories to sift through now that...although, now that you mention it, I DO remember... TAZIO's eyes widen as Enlightenment hits. He takes JYTTE's head in his hands and stares at her in happy wonder. TAZIO ...that I did... JYTTE! THEY KISS PASSIONATELY. Psychic sparks explode all around them. ARTEMIS looks up at them with satisfaction. ARTEMIS Ah, young love. TAZIO & JYTTE end the kiss and look at each other at arm's length, sweating and squirming with The Lust. CINDY, also sweating, finally steps nearer. CINDY Remember me too? You're going to need LOTS of wives, you know. JYTTE Cindy's right: the Tantric powers within The Lust must be developed. TAZIO embraces CINDY, who weeps with relief. TAZIO Cindy, I remember you too. CINDY O, Tazio, it's been so long! TAZIO Yes, it has! Hrrr! JYTTE Tazio! There's just enough time! CINDY Yeah, come on! TAZIO Hrrrr! The three of them EXIT, rushing into TAZIO's sleeping tent and close the flap behind them. MARIANGELA (taking ARTEMIS by the hand) Better come with me, Goddess. ARTEMIS is very interested in what's going on inside TAZIO's tent, sucking her thumb, but allows herself to be led off. Only the 3 DISCIPLES remain, looking comically abandoned, hands behind their backs, not sure what to do. They observe the tent, which jiggles every once in a while. Sounds like "oooo" and "aaaahhh" can be heard. ADRIAN Well, I daresay, our Tazio does seem to have the world by the...tail. PETER Well, as long as he WINS that bloody last test. YUZBASHI Inshallah! Otherwise: Apocalypse! ADRIAN Then it's good that he's relieving tension. PETYER Yeah, good. YUZBASHI Anyone seen Sophia? 277 CUT TO: INT. Another tent somewhere. SOPHIA is passionately weeping, hands covering her eyes. SOPHIA Boo hoo hoo. Immanuel, my love. Behind her, a curtain parts, and ALFREDO comes sneaking in. He has a psychotic expression on his face and a butcher KNIFE in his right hand. SOPHIA continues weeping as he approaches her and raises his knife to stab her in the back. SOPHIA (not looking) Go ahead and do it, Alfredo. I want to die! ALFREDO (angrily) You DESERVE to die, untrue wife! Whore of Babylon! Liberated woman. --But worst: you even seduced Christ Immanuel! SOPHIA I didn't seduce him, only loved him absolutely and utterly. And he DIED in a nuclear explosion. Along with my also- beloved Tazio! Or "Tazia", as I heard SHE called herself as a girl. She loved him too, poor kid--at least she got to die with him. (sob) So kill me. ALFREDO Oh? Haven't you heard? Tazio is BACK! And a MAN now! ALFREDO'S KNIFE has paused, trembling, but it raises for the killing blow, and comes down hard at SOPHIA. ALFREDO Like I am a man now! SOPHIA (eyes opening wide) What? Tazio? I must go to him. SOPHIA moves like an Avatar, too fast to be stabbed. In one deft instant she is standing and is leaving, holding ALFREDO's wrist, having effortlessly disarmed him, and drags him along. SOPHIA Come with me. He'll fix you up. ALFREDO (helpless) S-si, Sophia. 278 EXT. DAY. MEGIDDO. MARIANGELA and ARTEMIS are walking through the tent city. MARIANGELA Whew! I had to get away from all that Lust! ARTREMIS Don't you like sex, Grandma? MARIANGELA Not with my son, thanks. ARTEMIS Oh. ANTON (offscreen) Mariangela? MARIANGELA (turning) Who..? Oh, it's YOU. Evil Lord Anton: hmpf! ANTON (grinning wickedly) Yesss, it is I--the SECOND most Satanic Guy Earthlevel. -- You're still desirable after all these years, Mariangela. MARIANGELA I AM an Avatar, after all. ANTON Hey, so am I! We should MATE sometime! MARIANGELA (turning shoulder to him) O, really? Why? Love? ANTON You don't feel the cosmic bond between us? Love, Lust, Karma: I'll bet you're my Soul Mate. MARIANGELA Ha! Is that what you tell all your harem girls? ANTON No, I just tell them what to do with my... ARTEMIS (innocently interrupting) It's true. --He's telling the truth, Grandma! You were born twins one time: progenitors of the Angelic and Satanic races. ANTON looks at MARIANGELA with a sudden confusion and wonder. ANTON Babylonia? Is that you? MARIANGELA (shrugs) I guess. ARTEMIS It is! And this time you two are going to have a baby. Tee hee! MARIANGELA I thought you only remembered "fuzzy stuff". ARTEMIS Oh, my OWN lives are fuzzy, but it's like I've read about YOUR lives in this really GREAT Comic Book. ANTON looks down at ARTEMIS in total amazement, for he has just recognized who she must be. ANTON Artemis? Is that YOU? 279 The camera moves back to show the whole panorama of the Armageddon Festival; people making bets, snack bar tents selling food, religious groups gathering in groups. Signs reading: REPENT TOILETTES, WC, BANOS, DOUCH -- BEST ODDS HERE SNACK BAR, SOUVENIRS LAST CHANCE PUB GET IT NOW 280 INT. TEMPLAR TENT, EXT. TAZIO'S TENT. It is still jiggling. We can hear sounds of passion getting critical now. TAZIO (inside) Ohhhh, Wives... 281 INSIDE, CU TAZIO above JYTTE & CINDY, obviously having three-way sex, but not clear as to who is doing what. TAZIO Adesso! JYTTE Nu! CINDY Now! The tent fills up with psychic sparks & lights as the three share a cosmic orgasm. The screen whites out. TAZIO (mental narration) Upon release from the Chaos of The Lust comes Super- Awareness. The white becomes the Sun, the camera pans over to the planet Earth, the Moon just beyond. Then the camera RUSHES down into Earth's atmosphere. A WTV broadcast can be heard. ANCHORMAN (offscreen) ...a total worldwide cease-fire has held for two hours, since "Tazio's" appearance... (now onscreen)...but it can't hold much longer; literally ALL armies in the world are positioned and primed for ATTACK! Could be the end, folks. 282 CUT TO INT. RED LIGHTING. N.O.R.A.D. WARBUNKER, Tactical Office. A BLACK MAJOR rushes in to a 4-STAR GENERAL. BLACK MAJOR Sir, we've got to SHUT DOWN this "WorldWar System"--whatever THAT is--we can't control it! 4-STAR GENERAL (gritting his teeth in fear) We REMAIN on Red-Standby, Major. Orders from VERY high up! 283 CUT TO: EXT. DAY. MEGIDDO, CONTROL PLATFORM. The Christian Team is looking more relaxed, smiling again. AHAZVERUS, puffing his eternal cigarette, observes them from a few meters away. POPE I think we've got him boxed in with this one. PRIEST Yes, he LOSES no matter what he does! R. SHAME Hallelujah! The Day of The Lord has come! AHAZVERUS Yeah? Too bad he got killed. 284 CUT TO: EXT. DAY. MEGIDDO. CROWD. Bookmaker taking bets, money being handed to him franticly. BETTER #1 Tazio's gonna win this! BOOKIE Odds say NOT. BETTER #2 Aw, he can't lose: he's the HERO! 285 CUT TO: EXT. NIGHT. ABOARD A SHIP. Two Japanese people on deck in the moonlight, both wearing black, as if NINJA. JAPANESE MAN is mature, looks serious. JAPANESE WOMAN is weeping, trying to control hysteria. (They are speaking Japanese) JAPANESE WOMAN [It's true. They've got Enzyme Omega aboard ship!] JAPANESE MAN [I was afraid of that. If it gets loose at sea it could turn ALL the oceans into a red organic plasma--like...] JAPANESE WOMAN [Hai: like BLOOD!] 286 CUT TO: EXT. DAWN SKY. A British Jet Bomber flying standby. Text upon the fuselage reads: R.A.F. BIODEATH UNIT. 286a Inside, 3 men: a PILOT and CO-PILOT at the controls, behind them a WING COMMANDER in arrogant military posture. CO-PILOT Bloody risky us flying about with wing tanks full of mutated disease bacteria, isn't it, sir? WING COMMANDER Ours is but to do and die, Leftenant. CO-PILOT Oh, right, sir. 287 EXT. TAZIO'S TENT. TEMPLARS are waiting. The HEAD is borne upon its pole by two men. The TEMPLAR SWISH approaches the entrance flap and calls in. TEMPLAR SWISH Lord, the Committee is ready to announce the Sixth Test. TAZIO (from inside) Fine. I'm ready too. The flap is thrown back and TAZIO stands ready in ceremonial costume. He is wearing the MASKED HEADDRESS with 7 Heads and Ten Horns that he had refused to wear before. Also his TALISMAN, and black clothes with a Pentagram on his chest. TEMPLAR SWISH (surprised) You're going to wear that after all? TAZIO (flourish) All in playing The Game. 288 EXT. DAY. MEGIDDO. PASSAGE of TAZIO and the TEMPLARS from the TEMPLAR TENT to the TEMPLE, along a corridor through the CROWD of millions of people. As they start, the CROWD is CHEERING. All their fans are at this end. TAZIO, in the lead, waves as if it's all great fun. His ITALIAN friends hold up a banner as he passes: BUONA FORTUNA TAZIO-- LA GENTE DI LA DESTINAZIONE SINDACO, GUISSEPPI, VITO (shouting) Ragazze Nostro! Ragazze Nostro! TAZIO Eh. grazie, paisani! On the other side stand the AFRICAN WARRIORS and KLAUSER. WARRIORS Ma'Waaluuki kana-Tazio mkungwa! TAZIO Hey, kowabonga, Ma'Waaluuki! CROWD H E R O ! H E R O ! H E R O ! But as they near the TEMPLE the CROWD changes in character. CROWD B O O O O O O O O O O ! BEAST! BEAST! BEAST! A HYDRAULIC LIFT raises TAZIO up to the roof of the TEMPLE. The CROWD roars and roars as he takes his place before the Hologram cameras.. 289 Up upon the TEMPLE stand the SEVEN FEMALE ANGELS with the 7 BOWLS OF WRATH ready in their hands. And there is a mysterious large OBJECT hidden under a canvas SHROUD. 290 FROM CONTROL PLATFORM, looking toward the TEMPLE. The POPE holds his chrome cross upright and speaks into a microphone. R. SHAME represses a giggle. POPE The Servants of God personally challenge The Beast of the Apocalypse to a Test of Spiritual Power! We already know and FEAR the Earthly powers that God has allowed The Beast to command, but more we fear the spiritual ABYSS of this creature who would avoid God's Judgment of all you sinners, who would DENY God's Will that this earthly coil now be ENDED in fire and brimstone. CROWD B O O O O O O O O O O O O O ! TINY VOICE IN THE CROWD But...doesn't that mean The Beast is trying to save our lives? POPE (CU, malevolent) BEAST: we demand that you SUBMIT to the Will of God! --That is the Sixth Test of Power. 291 The hologram image of TAZIO's masked head (X7) appears in the sky against the Night-Cloud. TAZIO (amplified) I already have. That's why I'm here. Look it up-- Revelations 13:7. POPE (CU mouth & Mike) Excellent! Now prove it with a sacrifice to God: by casting the Dragon of Satan into the Bottomless Pit! 292 The SHROUD is pulled from the large OBJECT, which is now seen to be the STONE GARGOYLE. Down in the CROWD people discuss this. GUY #1 Hey, that's too EASY! He's already made the pit! (points toward the crevasse TAZIO had made earlier) GUY #2 Yeah, and with his Urr Strength... 293 UP ON THE TEMPLE. TAZIO approaches the GARGOYLE and regards it. Then turns back to the CROWD. TAZIO But this dragon is not mine to sacrifice. "Angel with chain," Revelations 20:1. And besides, it is the last remaining artifact of the Dinosaur-Folk, which were exterminated by Jahve's Godmen. 294 CUT TO CONTROL PLATFORM. POPE It is demonic! I have seen it MOVE! PRIEST It is the symbol of EVIL! R. SHAME Hark! It gives The Beast great AUTHORITY. Revelations 13:2. TAZIO (CU mask, eye & mouth, smile) Oh, it's MAGICAL, yes. I definitely refuse to waste it as a sacrifice. 295 VIEW OF NIGHT-CLOUD. There is a RUMBLING in the heavens, and a rainbow light shines through the blackness, like the moon coming from behind a cloud, and THE THRONE OF GOD is now floating up there. ANGELS CHANTING Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God Almighty, who was and is to come. We see GOD closer than ever before, sitting upon the THRONE, his figure translucent light, the shakras glowing with each their color, his face blindingly bright. VOICE OF GOD BEAST: THOU SHALT SACRIFICE UNTO ME, OR THIS WORLD BE JUDGED BY THE WEIGHT OF MY WRATH. TAZIO (CU 7 Masks) All right. Let's play that game. 296 CUT TO: view from TEMPLARS, looking up to TAZIO upon the TEMPLE roof. They hold the HEAD's pole stand. TAZIO Templars: bring me the Head. A TEMPLAR We obey, Lord. A TEMPLAR hands TAZIO the pole upon which the HEAD is fastened. HEAD O Master, it's now, isn't it? You're going to Win The Game at last. Have I not been faithful to Your Plan? TAZIO You bet. And you deserve a moment of glory. (to CROWD) Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the TRUE symbol of real evil, that mean machine of the Great Satanic Plan--let's hear it for the Head of Baphomet! ONE DISTANT VOICE Yaaay! HEAD O Master, you honor me. TAZIO holds the HEAD aloft, up before the open mouth of the stone GARGOYLE, and spreads his arms theatrically. TAZIO Built and programmed a half a million years ago by the historical "Satan", this crystal cybernetic brain still functions, it still TALKS. Now that's engineering, folks. Say something to the audience, Bapho. HEAD Ah, yess, time to gloat over the Victory. Since the beginning, I have sold Men knowledge--secrets of the power of destruction--at a price which would drive them crazy enough to use it absolutely. --I thank you all for your co-operation. In a moment the destruction will begin and this planet falls into the Sun, and then Highest Lord Satan Wins The Game. TAZIO Sorry, Head--THAT game is rescheduled until some "Christ" returns. We're playing ANOTHER game now. HEAD You're not really going to sacrifice ME? TAZIO What did you expect of Satan? HEAD Winning. TAZIO It may happen yet. There's more than one way of winning... TAZIO is holding the HEAD high upon its pole, beside the GARGOYLE's head. Suddenly the GARGOYLE COMES ALIVE; EATS the HEAD OF BAPHOMET in one mighty bite, then returns to its original pose and is dormant again. TAZIO ...a...oops. TAZIO does a little comedy, where he peers at the mangled pole, which is bitten off at the top. TAZIO Hey, it's gone! BAD Gargoyle! Merda, folks. (shrugs) I guess that was the sacrifice, eh? TAZIO tosses the pole away and takes off the 7-headed HEADDRESS to reveal his grinning face. TAZIO Well, show's over. 297 CUT TO Christian Team. POPE (offended) Sacrilege! He has sacrificed to the Dragon! PRIEST (enraged) He MOCKS God! R. SHAME (overjoyed) That's it! He's LOST the Sixth Test! 298 CUT TO: Full view of the THRONE OF GOD. THUNDER crackles and LIGHTNING zaps down from the cloud. Closer CU of GOD, his face a bright light, with even brighter lights shining from his eyes, mouth, and third eye. Colors swarm over him, green, red. Angry, He waves his hand out over the world. VOICE OF GOD I AM A JEALOUS GOD. POUR OUT ON THE EARTH THE SEVEN BOWLS OF MY WRATH. 299 CUT TO: the 7 FEMALE ANGELS as they pour the bloody- looking fluid from their 7 BOWLS. The nearest of them sheds a tear. 286b CUT TO: INT. R.A.F. BIODEATH Bomber Jet. CO-PILOT Sir! The...signal WING COMMANDER (reading a Bible) "A plague of foul sores"--blow the tanks. 285a CUT TO: EXT. NIGHT. MOONLIGHT AT SEA. JAPANESE SHIP. UNSEEN VOICES (in Japanese) [Captain-san: the signal!] [Ah so, how unfortunate: we must turn the seas into blood. Start the pumps!] 300 CUT TO: N.O.R.A.D. WARBUNKER. RED LIGHTING. BLACK MAJOR Signal coming...launch EVERYTHING! Oh no! What are we going to do? 4-STAR GENERAL Amen. Fire all Nukes. 286c CUT BACK TO: R.A.F. BIODEATH. CO-PILOT Computers won't respond to that command, sir. (ironic grin) Some kind of virus. 285b CUT BACK TO: JAPANESE SHIP. INTERCOM [Pump room: why aren't you pumping?] Two members of the CREW lie bound and gagged on the deck, while the JAPANESE MAN & WOMAN are busy smashing the pump motors. 300a CUT BACK TO: N.O.R.A.D. WARBUNKER. The BLACK MAJOR is pointing a pistol at the 4-STAR GENERAL, arresting him. Other soldiers stand behind the MAJOR. BLACK MAJOR Been too many fired already, sir. 4-STAR GENERAL This is treason! BLACK MAJOR No, sir, this is reason. 301 CUT BACK TO: Christian Team. REVEREND SHAME is listening to reports on a portable telephone. He looks crestfallen. Then he reports to the POPE and the PRIEST. R. SHAME Nothing is happening! WorldWar Cyberlink is KAPUT! They've shut it down! 302 VIEW from TAZIO's position atop the TEMPLE, facing GOD up in the sky. The THRONE OF GOD is surrounded with agitated rainbow waves rapidly changing colors, lightning bolts zip and zap out in vast energy displays. TAZIO (calling up to GOD) This is a test of POWER, remember? (then pulling up the URR) Extreme CU GOD's face, three eyes like white-hot black holes, angry sparks, rays blasting out of his mouth. VOICE OF GOD INDEED! 303 OVERVIEW of scene: TEMPLE, THRONE OF GOD, CROWD. A great LIGHTNING BOLT flashes down at TAZIO. The TEMPLE is shattered, splits in two. 304 VIEW of TAZIO, as the smoke clears, still atop the TEMPLE, calm & cool, even though it is blown away right beside his feet. He turns his head and speaks one word. TAZIO Gargoyle. The GARGOYLE comes ALIVE again, LEAPING up into the sky with colossal strength. 405 It grabs the THRONE OF GOD and takes the top in its jaws, then RIPS it in half. Machine parts come sprinkling out. GOD leaps out. 305a TAZIO (CU, looking up) Well, a dragon DOES lend one a certain "authority". 305b OVERVIEW of entire scene, smoke in the sky, THRONE , GOD and GARGOYLE falling. 305c Now TAZIO is running on the ground. He catches GOD in his arms. Behind him the THRONE crashes to earth with spectacular pyrotechnics. The GARGOYLE also drops to the earth but simply stops without impact (just as TAZIO always does), once again dormant. 306 The figure who was GOD, lying in TAZIO's arms, is not so impressive now. The costume is without special effects since the electricity is shut off, the mask revealing four lamps. GOD Wow! That was really fun! TAZIO Yeah, it was kinda. GOD Can't we play some more? TAZIO Later, Buffone. Right now there's a lot of WORK to be done. BUFFONE removes the GOD mask and smiles at TAZIO. BUFFONE Work? Oh boy! I'll help! They look up at the SKY above Megiddo, as the Night-Cloud dissipates and only blue sky remains. Then their friends close in on them. ARTEMIS comes and embraces TAZIO's legs. MARIANGELA, JYTTE and CINDY are there. ANTON from the other side. Approaching we see KLAUSER and his WARRIORS, SOPHIA and ALFREDO, the 3 DISCIPLES, followed by the entire town of La Destinazione, and the thronging millions in the CROWD who have just been saved from the Apocalypse. 307 Through the swirling CROWD we catch glimpses of spectral figures: IMMANUEL & ULFO, both smiling and glowing with a holy light; SATAN, not sure whether to be mad or glad. 308 TAZIO kneels to speak with ARTEMIS. TAZIO Guess I win? ARTEMIS (touching his nose) I KNEW you would, Daddy. TAZIO I'll BET you did, Artemis. AHAZVERUS arrives, limping on his walking stick, shaking and beating his head in misery as old Jews do. AHAZVERUS Oh, don't mention betting. Oy veh, oy veh! ADRIAN (amused) So how BAD did you lose, Ahazverus? AHAZVERUS Everyone lost to one BIG winner. Now we're all SLAVES! In hock to the WITCHES who manipulated the odds! CU: CINDY (who titters), JYTTE (who smiles silently) and MARIANGELA (who chuckles and smirks) JYTTE It was an honest game, Ahazverus. We only placed the bets for our star player. CU of ARTEMIS (who giggles). AHAZVERUS 2000 years and no end in sight--oh, I'm tired of all this shit. ARTEMIS It won't be so bad, Uncle Ahazverus: you'll work for Tazio, 'n' he'll make you younger. TAZIO looks at ARTEMIS somewhat surprised to hear her already calling the shots. 309 EXT. DAY. UPON the CONTROL PLATFORM. TAZIO is being applauded, holding a microphone, waiting for the noise to die down. 309a CROWD W I N N E R ! W I N N E R ! W I N N E R ! 309b TAZIO Thank you, thank you. Now let's get down to business--this world needs to be fixed right now. It's a big job. I'll need help. VOICES FROM CROWD The Templars serve, Lord.. The Army of Peace' Hell's Angels, yo! The Cabbalists are with you! Let's do it! Us! us! I! I! Me! JOURNALIST IN CROWD Tazio, are you really going to abolish WAR? TAZIO I wish I could, but we'll never get rid of war because the Gods LOVE it... 310 CUT TO: DARKENED SMOKE-FILLED ROOM. Heavy-set men in military uniforms and expensive business suits are watching TAZIO on TV. They have drinks and cigars. TAZIO (on TV) I've assigned Anton Artemis to organize War as a Media Sport. Political and military THEFT, however, will no longer be allowed. All armies answer to ME now. FAT GENERAL He won't get away with this! We'll battle him to the end! CHINESE DICTATOR Uh...I think this IS the end. A fat CORPORATION MAGNATE is smoking a cigar as the tears run down his face. TAZIO (on TV) I'll be presenting my New Laws to the United Nations in 3 days. 310a CUT BACK TO MEGIDDO. A JOURNALIST Lord Tazio: do you have a MESSAGE for the world? TAZIO (CU) The Armageddon Quest is done. Now we begin the Quest for Paradise on Earth.
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