He can walk through walls -- and anything else

I've been writing these SWATH stories for over 20 years, without ever posting them on this 3R Home Page because I'd just never quite finished them, either text or intended illustrations. So it must seem that I haven't been especially creative for big chunks of time, but I always have some projects going on, and SWATH is one of them. Even now there is probably more coming, so we could say this collection is still "unfinished". Yeah, but here it is anyway.

T H E   S W A T H   R E P O R T

I've been consistently recording all my old songs (most written in the 60's & 70's), and now I've got 87 MP3s posted here, but I've just about finally run out. Of course, I can always can start replacing the worst-sounding versions, but do I regard any of them as finished products? Sure-- not that they're perfect studio masterpieces --but some of them worked out surprisingly well. Here are a few personal favorites.

Every Time I See You The cute little song I wrote for our 25th Wedding Anniversary
Santiaguera Clever (?) parody of Guantanamera
Tell Me Of Your Fantasy Hey, isn't that Elton John backing me up?
I Want You With Me A simple song, but it works, especially with seagulls.
Can't Play the Blues Classic non-blues--or is it anti-blue?
The Wandering Jew Dramatic symbolism, mythic character, allegorical innuendoes--hey, this is ART!
Nukes Nuclear Doom, Rock & Roll, they go together so well.
STARDIVER Took me 30 years to write this song, that's all.

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