Although I'd finished my Adam Into Babylon novel a few months ago,
I felt compelled to draw just one more illustration for the free website version (right here).
So here's the rock-n-roll tour-bus that Adam and his band drive through Mexico and further on
to their concert tour around USA. Our heroes seen taking a break between cities.

I've been consistently recording all my old songs (most written in the 60's & 70's), and now I've got 87 MP3s posted here, but I've just about finally run out. Of course, I can always can start replacing the worst-sounding versions, but do I regard any of them as finished products? Sure-- not that they're perfect studio masterpieces --but some of them worked out surprisingly well. Here are a few personal favorites.

Santiaguera NEW! Clever (?) parody of Guantanamera
Tell Me Of Your Fantasy Hey, isn't that Elton John backing me up?
I Want You With Me A simple song, but it works, especially with seagulls.
Can't Play the Blues Classic non-blues--or is it antiblue?
The Wandering Jew Dramatic symbolism, mythic character, allegorical innuendoes--hey, this is ART!
Nukes Nuclear Doom, Rock & Roll, they go together so well.
STARDIVER Tok me 30 years to write this song, that's all.

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