I do comix, been doing them for years as a hobby, published a few times, but mostly unpublished until I was "discovered" by Sirius Entertainment, who printed the AQ Trilogy. Here are some examples from various illustration projects.

introduction, notes, pics & pages from the AQ Trilogy
Mother Instinct
a 12-page ARMAGEDDONQUEST teaser introducing Tazio and family.
a peek into the life of Adam Leroy Forest and his Bigfoot friends-- and hey, his girl friends.
Cartoon Gallery
diverse cartoons, gags, illustrations, advertisements, etc, I've drawn over the years
Snail Tales
3 short stories about Snails of the Future, double page spread
Cosmikids & Maturity
2 short adventures with those cute & dangerous space brats, Zaf and Swiif.
Space Bum
8-page story,interplanetary hitchhiker stuck on Meximundo
Adventure, Travel & Romance, Etc.
the Paper Video to my musical demo album
The Truth: a Superman story
My unofficial contribution to the mythology of comicdom's greatest icon.
Slammer Comix
Immanuel in prison-- a prequel to AQ-- double-page spread.
Guard Comix
Another Prison Comix: The Origin of OFFICER GARGANTUA
The Prison and the Planet
My Epic Graphic Prison Novel: 192 pages
Agents of the Chalice
An Angel and a Devil team up: 200 pages ...uh, not for kids
Sequel to AotC: 40 pages of metaphysical monsterpiece
Stress in the Slammer
An educational info brochure about Stress: 8 pages

ok, all done here