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Back in the 60's-80's I was being a singer/songwriter, just like everybody else, and in the process I wrote a whole bunch of songs. Here are some I consider OK to foist upon an unsuspecting world.

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The Songs

98 Light Years *
About Time *
Anyway *
Apology? *
Beautiful and Free *
Begrudge Me Not *
Blues Blues
Captain Sky *
Changes *
Christmas Day in Kathmandu *
Circus of Paradox *
Danish Pastry *
Disassociation *
Elaine *
Every Time I See You *
Fifth Son *
Flesh Fit *
Foe *
Forastero *
Got to go to Goa *
Great Black Butterfly *
Gypsy Girl *
Herat *
High Priestess *
Highway *
Highway Romance *
Horny Gringo *
Hunger *
Hymns of Unholiness *
If It Can't Be Easy *
I Just Wanna Be Lazy
I Like To Run *
I'm Thinking of You Now *
I Need Some Love *
I Walked Away *
I Want You With Me *
Jolly Highwayman *
Let Me Be A Fool *
Lovely Girl I Did Not See *
Loving Is The Way *
Made Me Do *
Marryin' Kind *
May I Stay? *
Missed You Right Now *
Mitteilung *
Morning *
My Prince *
Needed to Know *
Noble of Westerland *
Now Is All We Have Forever *
Nukes *
Old Gun *
On My Way to Limbo
Only Road *
On The Way *
Poor Dominique *
Potential Duet *
Princess of Mushrooms *
Proof *
Romance of War *
Romantic City *
Santiaguera *
Semi-Sad *
So Long Babylon *
Something New *
Song of Lady Fireyes *
Song to Someone *
Stardiver *
Still In Love In Mexico *
Teardrops of Love *
Tell Me of Your Fantasy *
Tell The Wind *
That You Are *
The 1 I Can't 4get *
Til Iani *
To Stop Loving You *
To Welcome You Home *
Travelling Girl *
Trouble Town *
Two Women Wait *
Wandering Jew *
Warm With You *
We Are One *
Where We Were Then *
Who Were You? *
Why Not Spend The Winter? *
Wreck of the Starship Enterprise *

words & music © Ronald Russell Roach

Song Categories
Exotic * = Road, travel, other places, other cultures, songs of adventure.
Passion * = Love, lust, erotic, seduction, all that stuff men & women feel for each other.
Cosmic * = Sci-fi, fantasy, magic, spiritual, maybe even religious on some level.


This online Songbook is the definitive collection of my songs, 93 at present.

If you're interested enough to actually be reading through them (maybe you're a musician, or a band looking for some fresh new 60's songs) you're invited to use them. You can check out the home-studio mp3s I have recorded for my own versions of the melodic details.

And, of course, for commercial or professional use, please do contact me at "ron*3rhp.com". (*=@, of course, it's just asking for waves of spam to post one's actual e-mail on a web site)